Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

August 31st, 2017
fuck the police - NYC weed Bob B (17 comments)
Southern states that I haven't been to. WorldRoverski (23)
Run on gasoline NPR (18)
Same old same old debate. WorldRoverski (1)
Coming to a store near you. WorldRoverski (0)
Did you know the Soviet Union shot down many US aircrafts? WorldRoverski (6)
Current computer performance. WorldRoverski (10)
Most software developers are retarded. WorldRoverski (9)
Where are you on this scale? WorldRoverski (5)
I visited this museum. It is a cool place to checkout. WorldRoverski (2)
Working on Wall Street - you don't need respect. You just WorldRoverski (0)
Civil engineers aren't real engineers. WorldRoverski (7)
Biomedical engineers get no respect. WorldRoverski (13)
Dumbass failed assassination attempt NPR (9)
August 30th, 2017
Floods X (7)
Don't sort it in the database. Get all rows, and let client sort Legion (35)
Good news, Regulation A+ NPR (19)
Once Antifa is declared a terrorist organization... NPR (11)
Sour dough starter Simulacrum (13)
Today's breakfast NPR (12)
Motorsport Manager Lotti Fuehrscheim (12)
Reddit access xampl9 (1)
Men work twice as much as women in NL Lotti Fuehrscheim (7)
You guys would like this book NPR (1)
that first photo from the NYT is really goood X (18)
August 29th, 2017
Hey, German speakers Shylock (4)
Do a majority of people support Donald Trump? X (7)
Houston took them in after Katrina, then Harvey hit NPR (29)
Do we need these deputies? X (1)
So, my daughter's taking her first ever CS class... Shylock (38)
Dutch five-seater solar car sexiest evah , Cup (1)
I don't agree X (8)
Magnets ICP Acolyte (2)
Best kind of money Cash Money FTW (3)
It's time to give Jeff Bezos a kick in the ass! WorldRoverski (3)
Japanese and S. Korean Rk (5)
What do you now wish you had for breakfast? Simulacrum (6)
So what is the strategy for living in an area that is prone WorldRoverski (15)
Evacuation of Houston X (0)
Trump heading to Houston xampl9 (8)
What was/is for breakfast today, if anything Simulacrum (24)
Are all salespeople congenital liars? Another Demented Fat Oaf (14)
August 28th, 2017
Charlottesville Planning X (23)
boterkoek , Cup (3)
Berkeley Riots? FSK (16)
Houston Mayor tells residents don't leave, ride out the storm NPR (22)
Single Payer for the US? Shylock (19)
Is UPS selling concert tickets? Reality Check (3)
Sometimes, you can't depend on the gov to help you. You have to WorldRoverski (18)
Just finished a Codility test Io (10)
Glasgow Celtic fans for Palestine Wick (2)
August 27th, 2017
So, I wonder... Shylock (14)
Southern legacy Yoda (4)
Presidential Do nicks matter? (3)
Dylan Roof Bob B (3)
Common sense prevails Yoda (16)
Chinglish Io (1)
The gal who named curiousity for NASA X (1)
Halt & Catch Fire, episode 3 (SPOILERS) Reality Check (8)
Trump's core support pollbot (19)
Stoned hawk incapable of flying home, , Cup (6)
Which job skills are most employable? Io (31)
August 26th, 2017
Apple rant xampl9 (11)
You can go to jail for writing code the boss tells you to write Yoda (17)
Deranged engineers weighted down with severe mental illness Trog (0)
The fall guy Bluebeard (1)
Anyone using Azure databases in production? Home Despot (6)
August 25th, 2017
C Tristan (26)
North Korea Nuked Guam Today Reality Check (11)
Mark Lilla , Cup (7)
The ultimate inclusive tech community Yoda (38)
The accused man responds Yoda (3)
How to lose friends & alienate people Yoda (5)
Another day at the office for aloha snackbar! WorldRoverski (2)
Why the fuck is he doing this? Shylock (34)
Things that I wished I knew at 18. WorldRoverski (3)
To what extent are you friendly with your co-workers? Corporate Slave (21)
You know what's creepy? Shylock (4)
Boot Camp fad now over Reality Check (13)
August 24th, 2017
a pro bono prosecutor?? X (0)
USC type C Tristin (6)
Meat is murder Yoda (15)
Why does the EU think the UK will owe it money? Shylock (42)
Yoda's "future" ... *chortle* Bluebeard (1)
Does anyone know the names of Asker (16)
Advice... chizy (11)
Australia's got its own mishegoss Shylock (20)
Here comes the hurricane xampl9 (3)
Copy Pastas: Bears Chatting WorldRoverski (2)
OK, this is a pathetic way to make money. WorldRoverski (3)
RP, is she just average? WorldRoverski (0)
What makes Australia so special? , Cup (7)
Nuestra otra lengua Shylock (5)
Do you ever watch a show as a marathon Simulacrum (16)
August 23rd, 2017
Wow, a kettle really does make better tea Shylock (35)
Excellent rant Shylock (8)
Amazon and Google are two serious "monopoly" WorldRoverski (1)
Jim Wright Shylock (36)
Are these guys slave owner/traitor admirers? WorldRoverski (2)
Which Ramen noodles brand and flavor do you like? WorldRoverski (8)
Question about cars in New York City Just Cur (20)
Welcome back Kotter! I mean my friend RP. ;-) WorldRoverski (0)
Israel's best friends in Europe Yoda (110)
Node.js shitstorm Yoda (50)
Wow, the liberals are completely insane. WorldRoverski (13)
Headless body identified newsbot (8)
Nazis are up Yoda (7)
August 22nd, 2017
This was some storm Shylock (0)
I am in need of a personal tech/computer project. WorldRoverski (6)
The screening LeMonDe (2)
Am I a germaphobe or is my friend unsanitary? Germaphobe (20)
Cryptocurrency security Yoda (2)
How to win in Afghanistan? WorldRoverski (26)
Ugly bags of mostly water Black oil slick creature (1)
One honest question. Do you think the gov won't be able to WorldRoverski (10)
People Start Hating Their Jobs at Age 35 libtard_uk (24)
Divorce decision Io (28)
Better survey than racist/minority discussion. WorldRoverski (4)
Tech reading for Tuesday. WorldRoverski (2)
What does CoT think of tin foil hatted tracking avoidance? Bored Bystander (11)
Minorities and women are getting all the promotions Lost (22)
boxing chizy (3)
Token programming post xampl9 (Moto phone) (7)
August 21st, 2017
Uber is an old scam NPR (9)
Alice and Bob Wick (26)
Hurray for the judge! 2nd admendment forever. WildRiver (21)
2017 Eclipse in US xampl9 (Moto phone) (27)
Hello, nice to meet you Stacy Adam (14)
It is Ok to punch Nazis Rk (10)
I am taking an year off from CoT. Adios Muchachos (6)
Microsoft and T-bills Yoda (6)
I have lots of business Blue8eard (0)
After due consideration libtard_uk (1)
Poll: both sides by party pollbot (1)
Taking my summer vacation xampl9 (3)
I am on a flight to nam Bambo Rambo (0)
Interesting fact about Confederate monuments Yoda (10)
I'm tired lately NPR (3)
I'm Joining Lemonde mission El Bango (0)
I will not be here for a while Glengo (0)
How a Jewish cockney lad fucked up German radar Yoda (0)
Freedom of Speech vs the Thought Police (5)
August 20th, 2017
Freight ships the new deadly weapon Tristin (24)
american inventors What's up with that? (16)
List Of People It's OK To Physically Assault? FSK (25)
Work hours Io (13)
In comparison to Trump, Pence xampl9 (13)
Place: Barcelone Time: now - 1 year Glengo (17)
Code Ownership Io (13)
Transitioning from child to adult Bluebeard (1)
August 19th, 2017
Bring'em all down Yoda (7)
Operator error? Yoda (1)
Shunned in his own country Yoda (27)
The World Trusts Putin More Than Trump on Foreign Affairs Lotti Fuehrscheim (1)
Will there be a riot? X (64)
A young Musk Bluebeard (0)
creepy ad tracking, how does it work? Reality Check (8)
Don't miss the nexe weekly episode of... "Lemonde"... 20 Cent Fox (0)
Interviews wisdom - syllabus Io (26)
The praying mantis principle Glengo (0)
Under the Puke-Volcano — A Bender with Steve Bannon Bluebeard (2)
August 18th, 2017
Google Play Store Bans Gab App FSK (12)
Pleasure Donkey = Rabies Shots NPR (23)
I wonder what nonsense Shylock (2)
Good shooting Yoda (2)
Important ruling Yoda (9)
Karl Popper: tolerance X (27)
Bannon fired libtard_uk (25)
So have you seen Game Of Thrones episode 6? Io (9)
DF on the block chain X (28)
Now it is Finland turn. WorldRoverski (6)
'Europe is Lost' Shylock (57)
Byte magazine from 1979 Io (25)
August 17th, 2017
Barcelona van attack X (45)
The Most Powerful Person in the US of A Simulacrum (13)
Car as a weapon. WorldRoverski (6)
Enough of politics! Yoda, tell us what you are working on. WorldRoverski (0)
Name one country that is successfully run for black people by WorldRoverski (16)
Martin Shkreli jury selection transcripts Yoda (4)
Fine peopet Rk (1)
Stonewall Jackson's Great Great Grandsons speak Shylock (2)
The mistake of the praying mantis Glengo (2)
August 16th, 2017
Shylock, you know this guy? WildRiver (10)
Even Ivanka's Rov is mad at Trump Shylock (1)
Video that vindicates Trump? (7)
How to Respect Robert E. Lee Reality Check (2)
Adam Savage Chewbacca at Comic Con xampl9 (0)
30 years overflow (3)
What is the border between North and South in the US? , Cup (34)
video of charlottesville 'rally' Reality Check (19)
How to intimidate people Yoda (13)
Toys, out of the pram Yoda (0)
why do people like bash? Reality Check (17)
NPR -- start that website Bob B (15)
American Nazis libtard_uk (10)
Nosy Wednesday! WorldRoverski (1)
Catholicism: even child abuse is cool with us Yoda (28)
Best dating tip EVER Yoda (1)
Cool stuff about Israel Yoda (3)
Anti-Semitic Swiss hotelier Yoda (18)
Blue collar work vs white collar maintenance Io (14)
question about domains Chico (7)
August 15th, 2017
The question is do you judge people in the past by today's WildRiver (26)
Ask Me Anything (as long as it's not criticism) Yoda (0)
VICE News' Inside Account Of The Charlottesville Protests Almost Anonymous (0)
Happy Tuesday to my friend RP. WildRiver (8)
Transcript of Prez Trump's news conference. You tell me if he is WildRiver (8)
How to avoid food that are bad for you? WildRiver (8)
Did Police Intentially Provoke A Riot In Virginia? FSK (3)
Microsoft in 1994 xampl9 (3)
Backsies Shylock (2)
You've been a developer for 15 years and you've xampl9 (11)
Web server files transfer (download) confusion. WorldRoverski (22)
Interviews wisdom Io (8)
Yo, what's going on with .NET Core and all that? WorldRoverski (12)
Skylock to Shylock Skylock (1)
Diversity Trog (5)
Trump approval new low Libby (7)
Fab one-stop optical networking tutorial Trog (0)
Making America great again Trog (11)
August 14th, 2017
Apparently google targets me Rk (8)
Eclipse: Dumb people Legion (26)
Ohio fentanyl epidemic Why? (10)
Code jam results: Yikes! (11)
Vinod Khosla is an arsehole trollop (5)
Before and after Visitor (0)
FSK lamenting on external blog Io (30)
August 13th, 2017
The Test Shylock (6)
Do you know me? Are you my employer? Shylock (20)
JP Morgan Io (13)
Ambien Simulacrum (6)
The effectiveness of camouflage Glengo (8)
If you look in the abyss... Yoda (6)
AI Shylock (0)
Myth of the loner genius nerd Bluebeard (3)
What happened in VA is a reaction to years of simmering tension. WildRiver (23)
A monument I can get behind Bluebeard (0)
Meanwhile, this Shylock (2)
20 years xampl9 (14)
What happens when bills are not paid on time Yoda (8)
"White people are inbred and soon to die out" Paid by libtard_uk and Yoga (18)
August 12th, 2017
Trump signs bill to fund veterans medical care program President of the Brice Fan Club (9)
Watch these guys work xampl9 (5)
Very not good lie The Intelligence Man (2)
Trump is a coward Yoda (36)
Ready Player One xampl9 (1)
Dialog Mixer (0)
South American state collapsing into chaos libtard_uk (39)
Restaurant phone charging xampl9 (Moto phone) (9)
A brief history of women in computing Yoda (12)
August 11th, 2017
jogger and the bus UK Putney (14)
It's nice when you have money right? WorldRoverski (4)
"Think Different" Sign in front of Google's office (3)
Sixteen Saltines Bluebeard (0)
Contaminated eggs from EU. Netherlands and Belgium blame each WorldRoverski (5)
Bored Bystander, here is a book you might like President of the Brice Fan Club (20)
Quick Critique of Alien Covfefe, er, Covenant (spoilers) Bored Bystander (9)
Do Germans like torch or something flaming? WorldRoverski (1)
RP, wanna move to Guam with me? WorldRoverski (0)
I have a friend who works at Google Bill (5)
More American Wuss Shoes Bambo Rambo (7)
Corporate outing MobyDobie (2)
August 10th, 2017
Liberal mainstream culture has hijacked everything including WildRiver (9)
Google Chickens Out Of Employee Meeting FSK (20)
Cool new toy Bambo Rambo (2)
RP, relax. Think about ocean when you are in landlocked TN. WorldRoverski (0)
Bringing down Facebook Io (4)
Finally, a cryptocurrency that cannot fail Yoda (4)
Alien Covfefe Bored Bystander (1)
Pestular, tell us... Bluebeard (32)
What is wrong with men today? Bambo Rambo (35)
Leaks Yoda (8)
Who is Lemonde? Bored Bystander. (7)
Lemonde old stories Samuel Richard Trautman (1)
August 9th, 2017
Apparently not hiring the old is ok in code of conduct Rk (16)
All hands meeting at Google Rk (16)
The full memo , Cup (31)
James Damore, the fired Google engineer, faked his resume. WorldRoverski (22)
Our Trump Bluebeard (0)
personal request Pestular Croaker (6)
I should ask my friend Samuel Richard Trautman (1)
Goddam, let start the North Korea firework show already! WorldRoverski (3)
Do you tell your co-workers where you go on vacation? dude (14)
Is the site being attacked? NPR (17)
Where is Bob? NPR (2)
Pestular has disappeared NPR (15)
Diversity inclusion for today - Gipsies Io (8)
Interview with Anti-SJW Googler James Damore NPR (8)
Study your algorithms ! Job Con (10)
Why some of the best developers keep quitting Io (4)
I never liked Yoda Samuel Richard Trautman (3)
The Google guy Io (6)
August 8th, 2017
Italy The Intelligence (4)
Archer on the beach Bluebeard (1)
The English and Frisians were one and the same people. Lotti Fuehrscheim (5)
Someone needs to speak up. WorldRoverski (10)
Do you go to your company picnic, Christmas party, etc? Bob (13)
San Francisco! LOL WorldRoverski (3)
Alien Covenant Simulacrum (5)
John is gone Samuel Richard Trautman (2)
CoT Disaster Recovery Shylock (12)
August 7th, 2017
Google Engineer Potty Mouth FSK (37)
I'm starting to hate bitcoin , Cup (10)
FSK, apply to be on your former co-worker's team (ML) NPR (14)
Hey greenies, can you help to keep our parks clean and green? WorldRoverski (2)
How I wish that Python had... Tristin (8)
Trump's twitter Simulacrum (2)
Did Obama eliminate poverties by creating lot of jobs? WorldRoverski (10)
The Dutch Reach , Cup (11)
Where is Lemonde? Samuel Richard Trautman (0)
Star Trek Continues: "What Ships are For" (Spoilers) Bored Bystander (8)
August 6th, 2017
Whew!  COT is back! Legion (40)
August 5th, 2017
European Union Debt by Country (2005-2016) Io (18)
So have you seen Game Of Thrones episode 4? Io (11)
Shkreli guilty of securities fraud Bluebeard (12)
August 4th, 2017
Poland going to dogs Yoda (4)
LMGTFY Legion (9)
mup Bluebeard (19)
So this is why you don't want to marry a curvy woman Joe (25)
Farewell, my son Bluebeard (17)
Tough times for Indian programmers Yoda (38)
Turns out it's OK to shoot civilians Yoda (1)
Frightening realisation Io (10)
August 3rd, 2017
"The part where Mexico pays for it is yet to be figured out... Almost Anonymous (35)
Surprising arrest by FBI Yoda (14)
Russian Propaganda Dashboard titpyd (0)
I recommend you to watch this free movie and see if you need WorldRoverski (2)
Venezuela vs Chile Left vs Right (10)
Good job! RP. Enjoy your vacation. WorldRoverski (1)
I never have been jealous of anyone's wealth Centrist (30)
Venezuela before and after Chavez (9)
I am a guy and have used online dating for the past few years Not Joe (4)
Happy Thursday to my friend RP! WorldRoverski (0)
Jim Acosta is extremely rude! (2)
AI Crisis Io (7)
August 2nd, 2017
The Out and Proud State Shylock (6)
Another one down... Alfie McBeal (9)
I don't want to jinx it but... Alfie McBeal (28)
The World At War Bluebeard (2)
So. Venezuela. xampl9 (20)
Trumpism can be cured Markowitch (8)
I listened to this bullshit on the way home from work. WorldRoverski (2)
The Dems are throwing everybody at the wall to see who sticks mup (63)
I salute Prez Trump again! WorldRoverski (0)
Do you feel guilty about taking your EARNED vacation time? . (8)
Hey Hubble. Have you seen the black bikers often on the Beltway? WorldRoverski (1)
LOL just saw the two threads below mup (2)
So are Michael and wsv done mass deleting me or what? mup (26)
Wayne, CoT API The Intelligence (15)
Hubble, as a navy guy, what do you think about the new shop? The Intelligence (8)
Stripe brain fuck Markowitch (8)
August 1st, 2017
Applying to work with my bud Hubble! Pestular Croaker (0)
Emails! Emails! Emails! Shylock (2)
Electric vehicles? Where are we today? Any stat on which country WorldRoverski (10)
Libertarians believes the crazy shit WorldRoverski (19)
Conversatives believe the craziest shit. Almost Anonymous (17)
Liberals believe the craziest shit. Almost Anonymous (20)
Be polite and ask for permission always when you are in TX. WorldRoverski (8)
Black Lives Matter - Sweden Must see (0)
College students going full retard: July 27 / 2017 (14)
Fog Creek responds to new open floor plan of Apple Markowitch (38)
Why I choose Delphi July 27 / 2017 (15)