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August 31st, 2014
And now we know why MS (8 comments)
High school music bands Q (4)
cool science site eek (0)
NSAID: Why/How do most cause heart disease vs. Aspirin ? - (13)
Office gossip anon (12)
second esoteric mic amp just fixed ... eek (10)
Sir Isaac Newton vs. Bill Nye xampl9 (0)
Monster vs the best of the rest. trollop (13)
An actual good reason to use web services Shylock (25)
So, a young kid, about 9, with one leg Shylock (62)
August 30th, 2014
Holy crap Frank (5)
Saturn propulsion systems xampl9 (5)
the hook Craggie (10)
george galloway attacked on street holy joe (1)
modern crap quality standards eek (15)
August 29th, 2014
Hand of God xampl9 (5)
Eek is ducking brilliant Walter (1)
Is he wrong? Frank (12)
Palestine Free, From the River to the Sea Shylock (12)
Alexandre Dumas explain why Gitmo is still running Quant (1)
Programmers: A Dime a Dozen? hoyZa (85)
1,400 children exploited by Asian gangs Tennis (14)
SC loses massively to Texas A&M xampl9 (2)
Technology Secrets Brice Richard (40)
16 pounds of synthetic wig hair muppet (11)
"A land without a people for a people without a land" Quant (23)
August 28th, 2014
Typing with people you agree with is boring Shylock (28)
Simple C hash map Frank (2)
Electron microscope in the living room Q (6)
The Last Walk of Syrian Soldiers of the Tabaqa Airbase Tennis (0)
Fiery Exchange Between Fox News Hannity and Imam Anjem Tennis (28)
Star Wars I to III: the emperor's perspective hoyZa (22)
Junkyard economics trollop (4)
The most unhappy country in the world Quant (8)
Sydney median house price to income ratio = 9 Cran Cup (3)
August 27th, 2014
Technical interview xampl9 (11)
Worst smell in the office xampl9 (Windows Phone) (6)
Whicn one of you is the grumpy programmer? asdf (14)
Brice is simpleton and overvalue and overestimate his ability! WildRiver (18)
E-Cigarettes Bill42x (8)
Is C. McGhee lurking in the shadows? Jack (8)
Girl (9) accidentally shoots dead gun instructor in US Canned Gods Inc. (24)
TWC down nationally this morning xampl9 (5)
if only this were sarcasm eek (4)
August 26th, 2014
Databases should give back exactly what you put in. Legion (57)
Web Services - Another Bad Idea Brice Richard (34)
Pondering a move to NC/SC but muppet (61)
project manager != manager dave (12)
Visiting the US and immigration asked me how long I was staying Home Despot (14)
Is that mother fucker Muppet still lurking here? Jack (39)
August 25th, 2014
Movie: Godzilla Kenny the Robot (10)
Extraordinary IT Marketing Term Brice Richard (44)
Current state of micro payments xampl9 (5)
I have forgotten how to work xampl9 (24)
I launched a service today hoyZa (35)
Shevbrill - is he a troll? WildRiver (5)
child bored with paid extracurricular activity newbie dad (14)
Irish Reparations! TheIrish (5)
Richard Attenborough has died Bill42x (1)
August 24th, 2014
ISIS: The Richest Islamic Army of All Time? Chanselor (7)
What are your favorite programming blogs & sites? Five Finger Death Punch (36)
When will Europe Learn? QuantsMother (15)
The N word and hypocritical rap music marketeering QuantsMissingLeftNut (16)
The Decline of the West WildRiver (8)
August 23rd, 2014
ferguson fines Frank (16)
Yellowstone isn't going to explode xampl9 (7)
trouble in finland Frank (15)
Why Africa has many exotic diseases? WildRiver (10)
The Dr Who thread Cran Cup (13)
Judge Harter: Go ahead. Brutalize them. Colm (3)
August 22nd, 2014
Enjoy xampl9 (7)
ebay wtf eek (6)
Mind pixel 2.0 Steel Mc (2)
Mythbusters staff changes xampl9 (8)
Tour of the new Tardis xampl9 (0)
isis in ferguson? hoyZa (9)
How is it that this woman is Obama's national security advisor? WildRiver (19)
Arial attacks df (5)
Hamas and torture, part 3 Quant (5)
Tech workers of America unite. Matchu (29)
When buying a car, how much of a discount can you.... Thomas (39)
Why STEM degree holders are unemployed? WildRiver (44)
The sum of all fears Quant (5)
Visual Studio Online - Awesome Idea Bluebeard (16)
Manager from another department requests access to database.... ? (24)
August 21st, 2014
Menopause in males? WildRiver (7)
on a music tip eek (4)
Can you sit on the floor with your legs crossed? Michael B (11)
Side work while working full time job? George (22)
For British guys - Ireland WildRiver (29)
Visual Studio Online - Bad Idea Brice Richard (36)
Dog just got sprayed in the face by a skunk df (11)
August 20th, 2014
This kind of leak gotta stopped! WildRiver (11)
2:28pm Bot Berlin (24)
Failure to Launch Brice Richard (17)
nostalgia Uppercut (0)
minecraft hard drives n/a (4)
Solution to Islamic terrorists WildRiver (42)
Crowdfunding for College xampl9 (3)
AAPL df (19)
Ferguson 2009 Walter (1)
James Foley hook (2)
I can't figure out this dude at work confused (20)
August 19th, 2014
One for Quant trollop (6)
Balmer off the board.  Also xampl and pigpen are stupid Frank (12)
Redneck Pawn Shop Reality Show Bored Bystander (1)
No Journalism Helicopters Over Ferguson? hoyZa (6)
An American Journalist was killed in the middle east WildRiver (4)
molotov cocktails jimbo (4)
Instead of making progress on civil rights by banning guns Michael B (27)
Federal autopsy on Michael Brown's body also shows 6 gunshot WildRiver (3)
Another shooting at the same place! WildRiver (13)
Back to this Michael Brown guy Bot Berlin (29)
Wilson injuries Walter (0)
Six day week xampl9 (14)
Ebola in Berlin Quant (4)
Darren Wilson's side of the story(probably) Walter (19)
Any news on ebola in Poland? Bill42x (5)
Munich Linux migration update Quant (29)
news from sweden Jab (4)
August 18th, 2014
It was more than just a couple... Colm (39)
Wonderfully batshit YouTube comments Q (15)
holocost victim arrested in Ferguson hoyZa (14)
I see the wankers on here are deleting threads again Bill42x (6)
self harm pride and acceptance movement n/a (8)
DUI WildRiver (27)
Rick Perry indictment xampl9 (Windows Phone) (9)
Reddit AMA - Long Corporate, Now Entrenched df (2)
Green energy advocates want to destroy nature df (5)
nostalgia dave (4)
Shot six times, incl. twice in the head Quant (41)
Centuries of prejudice and discrimination finally nearing end Quant (2)
Literally unbelievable Colm (6)
August 17th, 2014
Unboxing videos Walter (8)
9pm curfew in North Korea Taxpayer (7)
ebola ward raided n/a (18)
August 16th, 2014
disturbing child abuse n/a (22)
The sad part of the 21st centuary... Wayne (8)
One of the benefits of living in East London Michael B (14)
Should there be a right to anonymity on the internet? Michael B (21)
Robin Williams loved his kids Walter (6)
Thankfully global warming isn't real Colm (19)
You know you're screwed when xampl9 (0)
Britons are brain washed to give away speech and freedom 1890 (13)
American engineering still rocks Quant (13)
August 15th, 2014
Cloud SAAS companies WildRiver (6)
Is freedom of speech really so great? Michael B (53)
Isis and freedom of speech Quant (6)
August 14th, 2014
Robin Williams -- WoW player xampl9 (15)
Hello CoT friends LeMonDe (11)
HoyZa on Ferguson hoyZa (17)
That moment ... hoyZa (5)
Who is this guy? Never (1)
veterans on Ferguson eek (11)
ORM survey WildRiver (53)
Alamo Drafthouse xampl9 (2)
Ed Snowden photo shoot xampl9 (16)
I never trusted this "Christian rockers" Quant (15)
If this happens to a journalist... Quant (11)
Happy 88th birthday Fidel Castro David (4)
August 13th, 2014
Pipe Guy Brice Richard (2)
Am I an open minded person? WildRiver (32)
A boy betrays his tribe, crowd demands punishment Quant (0)
Interesting mash-up possibilities xampl9 (6)
This is posted on slashdot. Spot the stupidity? WildRiver (23)
Q to UK guys Bundy (4)
Old methods work best Quant (28)
August 12th, 2014
You can't get there from here. Legion (19)
Law students sue when software fails Tom (24)
Dave, how do you like LA? WildRiver (14)
Miss Bumbum 2014 Sir Mixalot (2)
From the "Watchmen", very much to the point Quant (2)
Dell Venue tablet xampl9 (5)
On suicide Kenny the Robot (14)
Who Will Commit Suicide Next?!?!?!? DeadStarsSellNoTickets (17)
The Muppet saga reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode Jack (2)
August 11th, 2014
Bike to work? LeMonde (14)
Tried my first e-cigarette Kenny the Robot (13)
Uber being nice guys again Begins with a C (8)
one last thing muppet (21)
Robin Williams just bought it... Canned Gods Inc. (16)
Somebody, you have a habit of not answering my questions. WildRiver (9)
The thread about a programmer interviewing for C level job Bored Bystander (19)
Entry level e-commerce site SSL certs? Bored Bystander (14)
Hilary shoots self in foot SaveTheHubble (10)
Anyone own a Surface Pro? WildRiver (8)
Peace out guys muppet (24)
Tony Stewart runs over driver and kills him at race on Saturday Tom (22)
Would someone kindly help me restore muppet's post? Canned Gods Inc. (48)
Rogue waves meet Schroedinger Atlanti Cup (3)
A hawk or a hen? Quant (7)
My software is getting blamed for process failure Leon (15)
August 10th, 2014
"Please send salary requirements" xampl9 (28)
How to convince a Republican that gun control makes sense Quant (35)
Window into the minds of the westboro baptist church Colm (0)
The True Cost of Commuting Mustache (13)
Another racist cop kills an innocent young black man :( David (23)
August 9th, 2014
Last confilict Song by the Hammas (original version) CORE (0)
Funniest thing I've seen in a while Bluebeard (8)
Hot Crazy Matrix - it's misogyny minute on CoT Bluebeard (3)
Hello to my friends from COT forum LeMoNDe (6)
ISIS behading of christians Kant (2)
August 8th, 2014
Revive Muppet's Programming Post -- (7)
Computer desktop, laptop, tablet, and cell phones are slowing... WildRiver (11)
Quant, Colm, Gens.... CORE (11)
Offworld Trading JoC (9)
Gazans return home to find faeces and graffiti racism Colm (29)
Bradford is an occupied land AtM (1)
Windows 8 xampl9 (7)
Colm will cum in his pants when sees that Quant (0)
Quant encouraging people's self determination Colm (14)
An actual real coding question/problem from muppet, whoa muppet (28)
Are all civilians really civilians? Quant (15)
The polar vortex is not going away anytime soon dude (3)
Interview with a Delphi Advocate Bored Bystander (63)
August 7th, 2014
HBO TV Show: The Leftovers Kenny the Robot (3)
Today in classic rock... brone (4)
My grandfather's watch xampl9 (19)
Coworker's wife won the lottery xampl9 (17)
Whenever I see an IT job that says " you will be working with... Ken Anderson (71)
Uber xampl9 (6)
holocracy hoyZa (8)
UK government television defends racism Quant (2)
Really, Wayne, muppet? hoyZa (23)
This time... Homegrown Terror... Don't miss SecurityGuy (0)
August 6th, 2014
Brice, I want you to know that I still bolieve in you! President of Brice Fan Club (13)
Dependapotamus * (16)
Ninja Turtles xampl9 (9)
Wola massacre Quant (2)
Psychedelics & Sex Sextronaut (6)
Stunning 3d editing of photos... Bill42x (1)
Russian Hacker Attack RRX (1)
August 5th, 2014
"He says we've already got one" xampl9 (1)
Islamic State advance in Lebanon,Kurd front and threat Kuwait WolfDog (9)
Israel / Hamas! df (44)
Response to the Brice Naysayers Brice Richard (8)
When hackers build hardware Quant (1)
canned goods and df, what is your problem? Bo Dallas (0)
Education is NOW OFFICIALLY Decommoditized Brice Richard (51)
Hamas and torture, part 2 Quant (8)
Can a disabled model make it in advertising? Quant (3)
A breakthrough? Quant (5)
August 4th, 2014
You people need to bolieve in Muppet Scheme Gene Okerlund (0)
A metaphor for CoT Q (2)
CoT Status Updates Available CrazyOnTap Reporter (1)
Jim Brady has died xampl9 (6)
Affluenza strikes again! This time it's fatal R (3)
This place looks desolate now David (8)
Mutually Assured Destruction Quant (35)
In case anyone missed it, the user Somebody made this post yo (3)
Only Muppet is allowed to have an opinion here yo (2)
So this is what the forum has come down to... , (13)
Censorship! Quant (10)
Russia encouraging people's self-determination Quant (81)
Revenge for FGM? Quant (19)
Deleting posts about deleted posts? Bill42x (1)
we just lost another thread Bot Baden (1)
Americans, this is your best ally Quant (9)
August 3rd, 2014
US President and Above Top Secret ? (6)
does every site in the world host malware? CoT Regular (4)
Are Aliens Real? ETBoneHome (21)
People dying of Ebola at UK airport!!! SmokeABowlaOfEbola (9)
Studio Ghibli to close xampl9 (9)
end of macintel? Bot Baden (11)
This reminds me a bit of those N.Korean videos... Bill42x (1)
i am banned again McG (3)
4 or more threads lost today Bot Baden (3)
Why are posts about the deaths of board members being deleted? C. McGhee (8)
Genocide of posts update Walter (1)
Guardians of the Galaxy xampl9 (4)
Now that we drove off all the Zionists the forum is way better Q&A (0)
Nice people df (3)
CoT member dies in a car accident Dan 9 (Karate) (4)
The Zeitgeist? Bill42x (12)
Forum Bill42x (14)
August 2nd, 2014
Prison term for homeless man that ate cookie at church C. McGhee (25)
Android Cell Phones Grey (10)
What's your printer at home? Lee (28)
A metaphor for something Colm (1)
Do you use sorting algorithms for physical items? Quant (9)
Gentlemen's club df (22)
August 1st, 2014
How to have cybersex on the Internet! Q (0)
If you guys had the choice to elect a new mod, who would it be? hey (8)
So you banned McGhee because he used profantiy? hey (2)
Radio Shack: Circling the drain xampl9 (6)
Why the does McGhee keep getting banned? answer the question this time (1)
KKkkkkrist it's cold. trollop (5)
CoT is a dead forum Dan (2)
I was sorry to hear about this forum LeMoNDe (0)
Cornify is busted JoC (2)
Muppet is a lousy moderator.  Who votes to impeach him? Alrightie (11)
Muppet reminds me of the guy that works in a parking lot ..... (7)
Google's Barges C. McGhee (9)
Has anyone applied for jobs on stackoverflow? Man of Question (15)
The kids growing up today are 100X better programmers.... Vince (23)
Feds order Ebola patients transferred from Africa to Atlanta C. McGhee (25)
A question about the MBA Tom (23)
Android at 85% C. McGhee (23)
youtube has gone even more to shit C. McGhee (16)
Muppet is a bad mod Bot Baden (3)
CoT censorship (no 6) L (7)
Senate blocks aid to Israel Colm (12)
Drunk trucker hits bridge df (18)
So I keep having these dreams that I'm back in college keep on dreaming (12)
Node.js Legion (21)
Muppet question thread Q (3)