Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

August 31st, 2011
Is it racist to say that Ed (19 comments)
may not vote for Paul Idiot (10)
Today's diet and activity levels MobyDobie (25)
Salesfoce CEO inspired by Arab Spring Rick Tang (4)
Social conventions Bill42x (41)
muppet Bluebeard (36)
more samosa related news the great purple (15)
Anti-Trust suits against AT&T and T-Mobile merger Rick Tang (0)
Oreo Shake WTF MobyDobie (20)
oops. eek (2)
Bluebeard Rioting PigPen (2)
August 30th, 2011
So Dick Cheny is on a book tour hoyza (6)
Fucking power outages Shylock (16)
The problem with people xampl (iPhone) (14)
"Since $99 touchpads are popular we'll make more!" Idiot (4)
CoT Advice of the Day Bored Bystander (1)
kids raised by single moms are delinquents Idiot (13)
Global Warming Bot (46)
CoT for Obama.  What can you do. SaveTheHubble (13)
Obama.  Inept, but he means well. SaveTheHubble (8)
Ron Paul, the candidate for CoT Bot (16)
And that solves the extradition problem MobyDobie (0)
Racism in TV Scifi MobyDobie (28)
Libertarians against Freedom Shylock (9)
Damn Noisy Kids MobyDobie (5)
Samosas - a tool of the decadent godless West MobyDobie (22)
Many Ron Paul followers are nuts Idiot (16)
space station to be abandoned; manned space program ends Idiot (8)
August 29th, 2011
Middle aged dating lament Bob. (65)
Just Yes or No - no pontification, no comment, no nothing Pollster (31)
is gold useless? Idiot (24)
Nice Firefox add-on: Update Scanner Rick Tang (0)
met with little purple's new teachers the great purple (4)
Boards of Directors Rick Tang (4)
"Can anyone assist (sic.) a problem?" Rick Tang (10)
Online review results in libel charge Bored Bystander (13)
Let's do it Bot (4)
August 28th, 2011
What government programs do we like paying for? Bot Berlin (8)
Tax Dollars at Work Bot Berlin (5)
Does anyone here fall in the top 2% household Bot Berlin (74)
Latest news from the democratic secular revolution in Egypt MobyDobie (20)
Jobs Death Pool ? (3)
STH, Colm, would you be OK with reforming the tax system? Bot Berlin (32)
Am I crazy for not wanting to be a manager? . (9)
Quelle surprise: Americans DO support higher taxes on wealthy Colm (19)
Huge cursor problem on Thinkpad T42 Dr. Horrorwitz (22)
Asperger's diagnosis (not spam) Hawthorne Abendsen (19)
To fellow New Yorkers... LemOnde (4)
television (the actual device) sierra (6)
I am a crime victim Fan boy (11)
August 27th, 2011
Jobs: Bad Luck or Karma ? (4)
Irene xampl (4)
GOP Presidential nominees voting based on looks Bot Berlin (9)
"planned obsolescence" scammer near death Dr. Horrorwitz (15)
$400 million bonus Idiot (15)
it's time for Irene sierra (22)
August 26th, 2011
Car Leasing Economics Fan boy (30)
More stupid Paul shit Shylock (0)
In-Reply-To brone (2)
Etrade Baby JoC (0)
Eichman oops I meant Cheney's book is out Obama is shit (5)
Anyone live in UK? Peter (7)
Gaddafi's defense attorney Io (14)
too much cool stuff. eek (3)
When conversions look stupid df (14)
Self Organization Bot (1)
Should we even be reusing flash cards? Idiot (29)
Learning and designing and creating Michael B (18)
Justin Bieber looks old! Rick Tang (13)
Internet Explorer in Windows 7 Io (14)
Can you setup a business to offset computer book expenses Bot (10)
The price of gas-that's-not-gas (again) brone (10)
Is there any benefit to getting a masters degree in this situati Mick (13)
August 25th, 2011
this is not gay Idiot (11)
America's answer to Japanese toilets xampl (4)
Google getting rid of playgrounds? Idiot (9)
Ron Paul stocks up 300-2000 percent Bot Berlin (0)
I've missed you, Bay Area Michael B (3)
No, seriously, Pigpen... Retrohipster (9)
After 14 years and over 15,000 stories posted, it's finally time Rick Tang (3)
Team: I am looking forward to the amazing opportunity of Rick Tang (2)
It's Paul vs Obama Idiot (13)
Should women be allowed to drive or own property? Idiot (9)
calculators Idiot (15)
Corporate inbreeding xampl (3)
iPhone users Wayne (9)
Condaleeza was a secret Libyan agent? Idiot (6)
The most disappointing President, ever Shylock (7)
tax-ing article hoyza (4)
For all the gold bugs Shylock (22)
What money buys df (28)
I'm a bit scared here now Dr. Horrorwitz (9)
Cause of the earthquake? gay marriage! USA!USA!USA! (6)
How is Tokyo's radiation? Fan boy (29)
August 24th, 2011
Spike TV's Alternate History - if the Nazis Conquered America Bored Bystander (22)
Countrywide taking BofA down Idiot (9)
Steve Jobs Resigns Wayne (18)
Daddy can become even RICHER! Rick Tang (1)
Coworker trolled his kid xampl (9)
Give the Government More Money Plan Bot (0)
Dangerous Mexican prison chicks Idiot (7)
Judge banned Samsung Galaxy phones, defeat for Apple Attila (3)
Plain packaging legislation passes Lower House less is more (12)
President Paul? Seriously? Shylock (32)
Let's ban swearing ... trollop (0)
Japan's debt downgraded PigPen (3)
August 23rd, 2011
moving follow up, xampl sierra (4)
new highway to be built from russia to the us Idiot (11)
What gets you out of bed in the morning? Michael B (15)
Facebook starts approaching privacy somewhat sanely Colm (2)
Krokodil addicts Michael B (1)
Tax the Rich leMonDe (37)
Hipster motivator Io (2)
Duck is a Bird Rick Tang (23)
Earthquake PigPen (7)
How useful is an MBA if you want to be self employed? Steinbeck (18)
Hacker Evolution JoC (0)
Maturing ratings in the Android market df (3)
Tuesday boobies xampl (7)
Kim Jong Il travels by armored train xampl (4)
Algorithms rule the world Serverside Troglodyte (2)
August 22nd, 2011
Stupid baby boomers xampl (8)
Richard Branson doesn't backup his data Bob. (4)
Americans slaughtering innocent civilians in Libya Idiot (2)
This is just unacceptable Bot (11)
TV mismanagement creates piracy burst Idiot (13)
HPQ is in a free-fall xampl (4)
The price of gas df (28)
Just needed to be said Rick Tang (2)
Firefox is really starting to piss me off Q (13)
Arranged Marriage Matchu (0)
Veterans Io (2)
New Microwave df (16)
Planet of the apes (2011) - vote now - yes or no LemOnde (10)
UK riots & child protection MobyDobie (6)
August 21st, 2011
Anyone live in SanFran Bot Berlin (30)
Strong AI vs Aliens Bot Berlin (14)
What's an idea for an ISV that Michael B (10)
Socialism, STH loves it Bot Berlin (26)
Marriage Bot Berlin (5)
Have you ever had sex... Michael B (17)
new shows this season Idiot (11)
August 20th, 2011
thrifty startups charter private jets rather than buy Idiot (4)
Donate today for Ron Paul Bot Berlin (6)
Terrence McKenna is underrated Michael B (21)
In case you need more evidence, gayness is not a choice Michael B (15)
Android Camera App Rick Tang from Nexus S (1)
What's he saying? jings (7)
US "hikers" sentenced to 8 years USA!USA!USA! (10)
Andreeson reads CoT df (12)
cruel intentions Idiot (10)
GM stands behind its product 100% Idiot (5)
Ron Paul talking to liberals like Colm Bot Berlin (6)
Funny thing about Ron Paul Bot Berlin (11)
webOS Idiot (10)
August 19th, 2011
So is USA done yet? USA!USA!USA! (6)
Literacy Fan boy (8)
Hey df el (7)
The Big Apple Serverside Troglodyte (1)
I like commercial software from big vendors Bot Berlin (5)
Stop Global Warming - to save us from alien attack! MobyDobie (16)
Anyone here run an ISV on the side? Duke (5)
Welcome to Montreal, asshole! Retrohipster (1)
9 lives of chloe king Idiot (6)
Neoliberalism trumps Neoconservatism, always. trollop (1)
August 18th, 2011
Logitech Revue as Media Extender df (9)
48 days later after TouchPad released in the US; WebOS is dead Wayne (27)
more regulatory capture greatest hits Idiot (0)
Google Weather! Idiot (3)
5% drop Io (8)
What's your shattered dream? Michael B (22)
Firefox 6 el (7)
EU funds Io (5)
Egypt vs Israel Idiot (4)
stripbadcharacters() xampl (3)
drive your trucks through this loophole Idiot (0)
Daylight robbery, meet night time robbery Colm (13)
August 17th, 2011
moving revived sierra (2)
brand loyalty is loyal Idiot (3)
Find -- Show me WHERE you found it df (0)
Pleasure doesn't scale Michael B (20)
Warren Buffett: Please raise my taxes - I'm rich MS (10)
Cute overload xampl (1)
old boss trying to recruit me dot (28)
Firefox team loses it Fan boy (47)
Dog bites siter in the face... Retrohipster (8)
anti paul message, secret talking points Idiot (25)
4 years prison for riot inciters Idiot (17)
August 16th, 2011
Treat him ugly President Perry USA!USA!USA! (3)
This thread should be on the Daily WTF Q (13)
LinkedIn Bot Berlin (9)
I changed my mind, I'm voting for Michelle B... Shylock (13)
Venting JoC (15)
I found this interesting so I though I'd share... Morons (5)
movie: rise of the planet of the apes Kenny (14)
What ever happened to... xampl (7)
There's a good JoC (13)
speaking of hammers and nails the great purple (4)
Screw you government, we do it better Bot Berlin (20)
Jet Engine Shylock (29)
Tuesday boobies xampl (2)
sigh Bluebeard (1)
I thought I might be done today. Fan boy (14)
Adjustment Bureau Bill42x (1)
today the most embaressing thing happened to me in my life... . (9)
Green Lantern less is more (4)
August 15th, 2011
Goodfellas Bot Berlin (5)
Redneck revolution Bot Berlin (11)
$100,000 camera Idiot (6)
Belated happy birthday, Rick Tang (1)
"the same as ..." Rick Tang (7)
Noscript Rick Tang (8)
Buffett - Stop Coddling  Billionaires LemOnde (18)
squirt gun fights == terrorism in UK and Iran Idiot (6)
Times have changed Fan boy (10)
Google buys Motorola df (18)
Al Gore calls for "American Spring" xampl (8)
firebug ... eek (0)
August 14th, 2011
Why do these nuts keeping gaining in power? Bot Berlin (13)
Entrepreneurship: The New Bubble The E-Myth (10)
Source Code df (38)
August 13th, 2011
moving sierra (22)
Limbo df (5)
Happy Birthday Fidel Just Sayin' (5)
Corporate Police state blocks protests with cell nix Idiot (12)
Zardoz Idiot (2)
Minecraft Idiot (1)
August 12th, 2011
3D movies Fan boy (4)
Gas costs $8.41 Q (12)
NATO's fascist war Just Sayin' (10)
new law for small USA town (Draft) LemOnde (3)
Riffgat Attila (3)
Iran Ready to Dispatch Peacekeepers to Britain Kenny (16)
What an obnoxious asshole df (6)
Governor Good Hair announces run for President xampl (12)
High tide, low tide Rick Tang (27)
The Memory of Computers df (15)
discipline in the schools Idiot (8)
Comp Sci degree still in demand according to this... Bluebeard (11)
Why Oslo police let Breivik kill for 1.5 hours Dr. Horrorwitz (0)
August 11th, 2011
What's the last good non-fiction book you read? Michael B (22)
Capitalism vs Govt Bot Berlin (0)
"Corporations are people" Some Dude on the 'Net (15)
Technology that learns your tastes Michael B (5)
child's life worth between $500 and $750 the great purple (4)
Almost past out Bot Berlin (6)
News fast (day 10) Michael B (6)
Post-PC vs PC-plus Rick Tang (16)
Must see scifi on DVD Bot Berlin (32)
The Dougherty cop shooters hater (3)
Why is it that the biggest POS code is xampl (53)
Mad Men df (13)
August 10th, 2011
Is our banking system corrupt?  And how so? Bot Berlin (22)
Rioter profiles MobyDobie (31)
How Cisco increase its profit Ray Guy (8)
It's the economy, dummkopf. brone (6)
Is Ruby on Rail mainstream? Rick Tang (4)
Question for USian shavers Shylock (14)
Cameron takes decisive action eek (0)
And they say Islam is unamerican Shylock (9)
Super-severe punishments for young UK rioters MobyDobie (34)
Eureka cancelled? muppet (13)
Why is so hard for you all to understand PigPen (6)
Your intarwebs are belong to us PigPen (4)
US debt - see you lunch being eaten in real time! Bluebeard (5)
Germany RiddleMeThis (7)
12 AM, it's Sarah's 13th birthday muppet (8)
August 9th, 2011
London insurrection same as Syria Idiot (16)
Reviewing games / video games after game comes out Bot Berlin (2)
Netbook purchase, same as a notebook Bot Berlin (9)
Java features not in Scala Rick Tang (8)
New riot tactic MobyDobie (1)
New topic button MobyDobie (9)
Owning a private weapon in the UK Serverside Troglodyte (6)
Scrum Master is just another name for xampl (7)
Sierra, and anybody else who was inclined to help muppet (5)
Boobies Tuesday Matchu (4)
Englands next PM ... eek (4)
Dietary challenge Michael B (31)
Scumbag Neighbour df (4)
The market has bipolar disorder Kenny (4)
I found a safe place to hide out from the London riots MobyDobie (6)
I saw this broken bruised guy in a wheelchair MobyDobie (1)
Muslim women wearing burqas to deter men MobyDobie (0)
LMFAO Iran trolls the UK muppet (1)
Owning a private weapon - a handgun LemOnde (58)
"People think I'm crazy, like Hitler" Idiot (3)
London riots 2011 LemOnde (21)
new Olympic event to be added next year ... eek (2)
rumsfeld can be sued! worldsSmallestViolin (3)
Remember cartoon series Pinky & the Brain? LemOnde (4)
damn, this is interesting. worldsSmallestViolin (1)
Real beer vs. Corporate piss water DrinkDrankDrunk (3)
QE III less is more (3)
11 million people in London, and they cannot handle... worldsSmallestViolin (26)
Back in the 70's and 80's, people weren't as fat...why? Bob. (26)
Do not like hardware with custom drivers Idiot (3)
I went down to the basement and this is what I saw . (1)
August 8th, 2011
"No other president hater (9)
Has S&P committed an act of terrorism? Idiot (6)
BAC is a buy!! Bot Berlin (2)
USA gets... car insurance comparison website. brone (10)
TSA scanners cause cancer, TSA agents dying Idiot (4)
trouble down 't mill eek (6)
Rant I wrote on reddit muppet (17)
Markets are not rational Shylock (17)
More on Fox Bot Berlin (30)
How old were you when you watched Rick Tang (8)
Oh, the other thing that happened muppet (7)
mac users ... eek (3)
Off the junk Michael B (24)
The S&P Downgrade df (35)
World class trolling at daddy's MobyDobie (2)
I say execute the lot of them Retrohipster (35)
So, what does CoT think? muppet (41)
Now I don't know how much status to give muppet (3)
Apple's new cable Idiot (7)
Google strange ui Rick Tang (3)
August 7th, 2011
CHKDSK - anybody still run it? trollop (12)
Which nation has the best healthcare? Idiot (10)
Top Gear (oh dear) trollop (5)
Bored, for what it's worth muppet (20)
I'm going to be a different photographer. Fan boy (11)
Except for some slight moonface.. muppet (8)
why we prefer to download software LemOnde (1)
New Macs are Lemons Idiot (8)
Feds in petty he-said/she-said blog-o-war with S&P Idiot (13)
Why do people ask for advice from strangers on the Internet? . (13)
The trouble with self publishing worldsSmallestViolin (2)
August 6th, 2011
how about Sarah, muppets daughter sierra (22)
I might break 340 in karma on new.ycombinator.com worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Only 295 dollars Bot Berlin (10)
Ming Na FrakBuccaneer (7)
About that chopper shootdown in Afghanistan Dr. Horrorwitz (13)
Does the 'organic' moniker exist in Europe? Michael B (10)
New taste sensation worldsSmallestViolin (6)
This is coming towards us Attila (0)
August 5th, 2011
US loses AAA credit rating xampl (16)
Sarah Palin Palin's PR agent #21 (2)
obvious but ... eek (2)
To those of you bitching about your CUSHY IT jobs TOM (9)
Ukrainian's new car xampl (27)
What is an MBA worth these days? Doug (11)
Flash Rob df (1)
1 in 6 clergy are atheists Idiot (5)
American Black People... What if... LemOnde (11)
Sarah is really, really sick again muppet (33)
NYTimes : America sucks Bot Berlin (5)
Free Computing Software LemOnde (1)
2008 is calling... Bluebeard (4)
August 4th, 2011
moving sierra (11)
Real Intellegence test: Adobe icon on desktop Fan boy (16)
Market drops 500 pts xampl (7)
New machine at work the great purple (37)
Meat addiction, what are the effects Bot Berlin (5)
Thursday boobies Matchu (5)
Why is the market still tanking? (Part II) Kenny (13)
Passionate Employees - the worst kind Idiot (20)
Right-wing apostasy Shylock (2)
MBA... LemOnde (19)
Microsoft vs. Google on patents... Wayne (25)
Collar bomb df (11)
Withdrawal (Week 2) Michael B (29)
August 3rd, 2011
Tree-Style Tabs df (4)
A success story from China Rick Tang (5)
Linus is the MAN Rick Tang (3)
He's also a badass secret agent... JoC (0)
NDP Interim leader with Bloc Separate Parties ties Rick Tang (3)
IQ and browser choice? Rick Tang (3)
I'm thinking of taking advantage of Best Buy's exchange policy muppet (13)
My degree is in Information Technology and it was a mistake Chuck (52)
Strabos and the tides Attila (10)
Tea Party betrayal by the Republicans is complete xampl (5)
Completely wiped Kubuntu/Ubuntu off my notebook muppet (5)
Walker's Wisconsin MS (4)
Neanderthal Attila (11)
Horrowitz nightmare Shylock (4)
Mubarak now in court - may get death sentenceFi Dr. Horrorwitz (29)
I think it's time to let the dogs loose trollop (16)
August 2nd, 2011
Shit, I have Chandler's job... Shylock (12)
Bot's Electronic Music listing Bot Berlin (6)
Poltical Mail Fan boy (2)
Bad discs in Netflix xampl (12)
Software Rules the World df (16)
Saint Lu Attila (0)
Why is the market still tanking? Kenny (31)
Handy tip for those of you who use GCC Matchu (4)
Steve Jobs income Idiot (74)
August 1st, 2011
MIDI programming in Visual Studio eek (11)
ZAZ Attila (4)
Bot's emusic thread Bot Berlin (via Idiot repost) (27)
Google+ Fail Lee (1)
winehouse again eek (75)
Run down on the high frequency trading Bot Berlin (15)
black people preparing to feed their child Idiot (3)
A full Republican victory? Attila (13)