Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

August 31st, 2007
Two Good Movies son of parnas (7 comments)
Good song on youtube Bot (1)
oldie but a goodie sharkfish (1)
Time's running out... Philo (4)
Ok, weed messes with your brain Bot (4)
after 20 years of work experience sharkfish (8)
topless? sharkfish (13)
snacking sharkfish (13)
I love it, my kind of chick; poor, smart and oblivious Bot (4)
monthly death threat worldsSmallestViolin (18)
Commute to more than double AMerrickanGirl (28)
Street person sharkfish (6)
Bourne Ultimatum (no spoilers) Philo (15)
"Two weeks arrears" sharkfish (49)
The Beach sharkfish (23)
Radical dudes obsessed with radness hello. (0)
Goto guy pissing me off Bot Berlin (12)
Everyone's taking a long holiday weekend, right? bon vivant (4)
So the Padres game was kind of exciting in the end bon vivant (0)
How to get members of congress, just throw some sex at em. Bot Berlin (14)
Local Boy Makes Good Clay Dowling (2)
I should get one of these xampl (0)
Ducks obsessed with their duckyness son of parnas (6)
Buy Houses in Detroit for $1500 Michael B (8)
Damn recruiters ..!! Clue Phone Operator (2)
Don't worry, the Feds will save you! xampl (10)
De-sucking my server Clay Dowling (8)
bluebeard - tables/CSS stuff $-- (1)
Gays obsessed with gayness Michael B (66)
Six Flags was surprisingly neat muppet (20)
New Orleans:  fix it or abandon it? AMerrickanGirl (23)
Ruby on Rails is... worldsSmallestViolin (21)
initial website design/layout program worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Effort Expended vs Value Added Tapiwa (94)
Prague what are you reading for? (4)
Developer poetry Uninstaller for Vista & XP (2)
I don't think I could find the U.S. on a map either XYZZY (7)
August 30th, 2007
Getting rid of the poor XYZZY (21)
possibly, if I were dead. worldsSmallestViolin (6)
why is bon vivant so dumb? (6)
electronic freshness date sharkfish (18)
Aesop Fables and the likes Rick 曾 (17)
Texas Governor & Parole Board do The Right Thing Stephen Jones (11)
CNN vs BBC - or why the US is jumping the shark AMerrickanGirl (22)
Back from Six Flags muppet (27)
Doing stuff with parents Ward (1)
Wsv is lucky Rick 曾 (2)
England v. India 4th ODI $-- (6)
Atheists get read the riot act Bluebeard (2)
Supporting parents Rick 曾 (20)
We should jump in first, middle class and poor should give more Bot Berlin (25)
Now I know why all these women tap their feet when I walk by The Lucjy Guy (1)
Getting rid of the rich Tapiwa (62)
religious people are fat and stupid sharkfish (14)
Solution to taxes, a fair tax Bot Berlin (30)
Can you really toilet train cats? son of parnas (10)
Watch what you click man on the stair (1)
My server sucks Clay Dowling (9)
Does sticking to web standards mean going the css route? Bluebeard (7)
'Well, food is no different: You get what you pay for.’ worldsSmallestViolin (22)
Is tapping your foot really code for public sex? worldsSmallestViolin (6)
...and then he gave me a leg of lamb... worldsSmallestViolin (9)
August 29th, 2007
Smoking Homos Cry Foul Clay Xampl Dowling (4)
The Beach sharkfish (3)
cry me a river Kenny Foster gfg (1)
"social graph based search" gfg (1)
Bot vs. Buffet sharkfish (31)
...and the #1 article on Reddit now is... sharkfish (3)
Watching the detectives - trollop (9)
Step up to the board and write this 50 times: xampl (1)
no offense to you sods gfg (4)
It's the one between speech and quartering - maybe you missed it Philo (4)
Larry Craig in rehab! Iron Man is Here (6)
So I used paypal on ebay and they still haven't taken the $$$ Iron Man is Here (2)
the tinkler sharkfish (16)
What unzip/untar for windows? son of parnas (15)
Strong handshake wtf (7)
I'm going on the all Coffee diet Iron Man is Here (3)
Yay! bon vivant and sharkfish Rick 曾 (11)
speaking of "that's why we call it work" sharkfish (4)
Stories from Chicago Colm (15)
type defaults to `int' in declaration sharkfish (24)
PMS sharkfish (13)
When the dog gets more inheritance than you xampl (9)
Oh Amazon, you're so funny muppet (8)
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life DF (7)
What I hate son of parnas (6)
Well, the great job interview I had last week muppet (58)
Cool, I had this idea son of parnas (3)
The Rules son of parnas (6)
Kucinich Candidacy Looking Better Clay Dowling (3)
Homos cry foul Clay Dowling (4)
Smoking xampl (26)
Favourite people who didn't make it here from ?off? man on the stair (19)
Dammit I'm not gay (2)
dammit people worldsSmallestViolin (11)
heh.  whoever said getting a valuation was essentially the same worldsSmallestViolin (14)
Dear Miss Manners anonymous (10)
August 28th, 2007
Predictions on the New Google Phone son of parnas (8)
I want to work for Comcast Bot (6)
Cathy spits the dummy trollop (3)
its a hardhitting investigative look at the problems jews cause. worldsSmallestViolin (2)
Quote heard on TV bon vivant (4)
When rabbit howls worldsSmallestViolin (5)
Business/Office person skills for computer nerds Rick Zeng (5)
Am I being Dan Denman (4)
Just what we need, yet another "Green" candidate Plato (2)
Working in Fortune X companies Rick 曾 (3)
Why no comments on Bush's latest speech on Iran? (12)
Postcard from Chicago Colm (3)
Best new music artist ever muppet (4)
new job oppt'y for Bot sharkfish (8)
So it's been almost a year since our vacation muppet (29)
LOL muppet (6)
Disgusting right wingers son of parnas (2)
So what does a bull in a china shop really do? son of parnas (10)
The Golden Rule son of parnas (8)
I'm voting for Kucinich sharkfish (9)
My preorder of Metroid Prime 3 on Amazon got delayed a week :P muppet (0)
Windmills - I still don't get it. Philo (42)
At what point did we all get so jaded? muppet (22)
What exactly did Gonzales do wrong? Bluebeard (18)
Used CD store xampl (7)
wSV I want to emigrate to New Zealand and steal your job Bluebeard (6)
Mooning trollop (0)
rot in hell you lying bitch worldsSmallestViolin (3)
If it looks like a duck, squarks like a duck trollop (1)
OMG - Son of Parnas reveals a personal detail AMerrickanGirl (4)
sharkfish watch, on reddit two days Bot (8)
sun java - how can you tell when the application is worldsSmallestViolin (2)
August 27th, 2007
Daddy's house frustrates me. XYZZY (2)
Senator Pleads Guilty After Arrest at Airport Larry E Craig, Republican of Ida (5)
So far not impressed with gmail. son of parnas (16)
Traditional vs. Roth 401k Michael B (14)
So what happens when US withdraws from Iraq? Michael B (4)
French conservative leader didn't waste any time. Bot (10)
Use a broker to lease commercial property? anoneemouse (3)
Thumbs up for Harry Reid, WTF for Nancy Pelosi Philo (14)
Should I spend the damn 2500 bucks on MSDN or not? Cheapskate (9)
Life expectancy on the decline in America xampl (3)
Californians for Equal Representation heartsheep (21)
Where is your 401(k) compared with your peers? xampl (9)
Single $314m Powerball winner xampl (3)
Apparently, nursing really sucks LH (9)
Does Norton Ghost do this? Michael B (2)
Meerkat Manor Ads Clay Dowling (11)
Kind of funny but not really, 70% gain less than average income Bot (4)
done with 4 CDs out of 17 the great purple (5)
Summer is ending DF (8)
Awwwww all references on treskstor.de to iBeat.blaxx have been muppet (5)
repost pussy heartsheep (16)
Recommended XBox 360 Live games? Scott (5)
Gonzalez Resigns! Gonzalez Resigns! SaveTheHubble (21)
Gonzo Gone! <bgsound src="http://tinyurl.com/ywwubc" loop="99"/> arg! (1)
damn worldsSmallestViolin (2)
<iframe src ="http://reddit.com/" width="100%"></iframe> worldsSmallestViolin (1)
For Bot... Eonix (1)
Hey muppet - remember when your PC updated itself? Philo (2)
Best Summer Show son of parnas (5)
August 26th, 2007
Where google pack saved the downloads before the installation? TheUser (1)
<blink>What's up at blah</blink> guess worker (3)
Smart, but not too cute worldsSmallestViolin (0)
Cute, but not too smart xampl (1)
PDF Creator Clay Dowling (5)
So when the US government is going to Dan Denman (3)
How many anti-Bush songs do you know of? Bot (5)
Is there any reason to learn something new? Bot (15)
what does yoink mean? cot historian (5)
The best thing about not being on COT, JOS, add favorite here LORB (0)
Holy fuck <br /> You're all a bunch of idiots. Impractical Economist (1)
Am I the biggest asshole on COT? gfg (6)
here's wish <br> ward was never born not really (3)
More on Mother T and Her Dark Night of the Soul son of parnas (5)
120mph idiot xampl (11)
Talent hits a target no one else can hit. son of parnas (3)
I thought napolean was a great general? worldsSmallestViolin (4)
blade: trinity worldsSmallestViolin (4)
August 25th, 2007
subversion $-- (2)
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Indigo Children heartsheep (14)
Book authoring tool Michael B (14)
misogyny lubber (8)
cruise ships ward on a treo 700p (5)
Good international bank Citibank vs. HSBC Michael B (3)
What are you entitled to? Entitlement (16)
feeling like betting on the market? worldsSmallestViolin (1)
How could MS mess up hardware and nobody say anything; xbox died Bot (2)
cheney on invasion of iraq gfg (4)
Favorite free porn resource Michael B (5)
He gets it (6)
two of the best brands on the internet gfg (9)
Dear Senator Reid Philo (0)
David Cross & Ron Paul vs. Giuliani Philo (2)
not understanding the world of spammers bob (6)
suspect girlfriend crushed (46)
Your thoughts on the technological Singularity Kevin (10)
The Harbingers of Outcast Crew son of parnas (2)
Indirect Travel Practical Economist (4)
August 24th, 2007
What's different about coding for a large project? Michael B (18)
So why are YOU home on a Friday night? Michael B (8)
dressing your tweens worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Talking about massage by "escort" Rick 曾 (3)
<blink>HO HO HO HO HO</blink> worldsSmallestViolin (7)
hallelujah worldsSmallestViolin (20)
Taking a piss DF (5)
RIP Usenet Philo (11)
COT search sucks donkey balls Cheers (11)
OMIGOD.  this is beautiful. worldsSmallestViolin (3)
so whats happenened to sharky? worldsSmallestViolin (7)
"why so much anger? and paranoia? and ego?" worldsSmallestViolin (3)
OMG! We are internet celebrities! anoneemoose (6)
Another guy in java dev leaves Bot Berlin (3)
Pushy salesman Michael B (8)
The perfect woman for Bot Bluebeard (0)
Mother Teresa the Atheist son of parnas (10)
Dealership called muppet (21)
Great script for reading ebooks at work Bot Berlin (6)
Could potentially work out casual shagging Bot Berlin (26)
Isn't this just freaky to read? Philo (15)
graham $-- (12)
Kid Nation - um, duh. Philo (6)
the reg knows what's up $-- (1)
neat handstand video $-- (3)
World upside down trollop (2)
I don't know who Amy Winehouse house is... son of parnas (11)
I know there's such thing as a lorb, but is there such thing as LORB (1)
August 23rd, 2007
Police State Canada Practical Economist (1)
So hot Michael B (3)
how much should you give? zed (21)
Expecting the marines to wade ashore next trollop (5)
Muppet's Irving SaveTheHubble (2)
One inch square inertial sensor Ward (14)
Stating the bleeding obvious category: old people have sex bon vivant (2)
Car True Cost to Own Calculator, or Economics Lesson Michael B (31)
Using Out-of-body Experience to Make Better Games son of parnas (5)
Atlanta is such a dirty city Bot Berlin (5)
film recommendation: "why we fight" arg! (2)
Military Coup Planned for Iraq? son of parnas (7)
The dream of free wireless Internet Wayne (21)
Is it morally wrong to take someone else's wireless internet? son of parnas (25)
Parents pick baby names with available URLs Wayne (6)
I am done, done, done Bot Berlin (20)
The car has been dropped off at the dealership muppet (6)
About guns Blue Caterpillar (12)
Donations in the checkout aisle DF (11)
toddler taser Blue Caterpillar (5)
Couple of database oriented questions (mysql) Bot Berlin (16)
There is no inventing video overlay ads son of parnas (4)
Great psychic/psychedelic experiences Bot Berlin (9)
Codeine is good but you have to take twice what the doc says muppet (34)
"  I had just started writing a post about time travel using ... worldsSmallestViolin (2)
if thats a review then my ass is... worldsSmallestViolin (2)
Why god, WHY???????????????? Bounthunter (4)
Is math too successful? son of parnas (6)
Unite Oh Reality Based Community son of parnas (4)
August 22nd, 2007
non http server? worldsSmallestViolin (16)
Your career will be over in 10-15 years Bot Berlin (17)
Most good movies are foreign, imagine that Bot Berlin (13)
Stars xampl (2)
Ann Coulter finally grew tits! LeftWingPharisee (2)
Twist endings Ward (8)
internet relationships R not real Practical Economist (17)
I had a fantastic 3 hour job interview today muppet (17)
who is into dom/sub stuff? anon for this post (13)
Democrats need to wake up Philo (9)
Thing 1 & Thing 2 in hospital worldsSmallestViolin (21)
internet dating advice secret admirer (8)
Another piece of stupid software Rick 曾 (5)
Pretty picture of earth from shuttle son of parnas (3)
Raznt of the Homely Clay Dowling (15)
Latest nominations for the Abuse-Of-Technology award xampl (0)
Why shouldn't I access the database directly from the UI again? son of parnas (22)
Frustrating MS Explorer "thumbnail view" slow_day@the_office.com (6)
How the Emperor Avoids the Taint of the People son of parnas (4)
i heart Japanese tv heartsheep (1)
XBox 360 or Wii ? Patrick (9)
I miss web 1.0 son of parnas (7)
Somebody pretend to be sharkfish Bot Berlin (4)
stupid question worldsSmallestViolin (12)
If Ann Widdecombe was.. man on the stair (6)
Microsoft gets Der Fuhrer all worked up Bluebeard (0)
CoT monthly death threat worldsSmallestViolin (5)
House Sale update:  Offer received worldsSmallestViolin (11)
I'm the go-to guy for San Francisco tourists. hello. (7)
Eclipse good and bad Bot Berlin (10)
Why do I prefer hanging out with women? Michael B (15)
Poll: ever hit your child? Patrick (7)
August 21st, 2007
How much to spend on education? bob (5)
Wrap you finger around this one, Martha Stewart dating Simonyi Bot Berlin (11)
Bill Clinton is too cool Bot Berlin (6)
Can I sue a dumbass debt collector? Duff (16)
I got a death-threat spam the other day Ward (10)
So I just spent almost an hour on the phone with my mother muppet (24)
New idea - encrypted, unreadable spam bon vivant (14)
Real time tracking of FedEx packages is fun bon vivant (12)
Seriously, most of you are so fucking stupid muppet (17)
What a stupid, 1950s comment Bot Berlin (26)
Shuttle lands OK xampl (11)
What's the diff between a habanero and cayenne based hot sauce? son of parnas (27)
Dan Denman, rational question on JoS, wtf? Bot Berlin (9)
So I've been wrong every time. son of parnas (35)
Recycling Billboards trollop (3)
See, this is what I like. Flasher T (10)
real 100 buck pc $-- (16)
Anything to be done for puny arms Bot Berlin (47)
Drupal, Joomla, blah blah blah Bluebeard (15)
So 51% are like Bush, scary indeed... son of parnas (9)
Home pulse oximeters start at around $125 muppet (4)
August 20th, 2007
Okay, if they're not microsleeps, what are they? Philo (5)
Beautiful Colm (6)
Can't breathe muppet (46)
Pretty amazing (there were 13,470 drunk driving deaths in 2006) Bot Berlin (10)
neutral net worldsSmallestViolin (5)
Hahahahah - you're ALL republicans!!!! Philo (50)
You ever wonder Bot Berlin (3)
Dr J Goebbels as prophet Bluebeard (3)
Michael Vick bites the dust, pleads guilty Bot Berlin (4)
Craig was in line for coffee in front of me, this morning. hello. (16)
I am lonely tonight jingalala jingalala ™ (39)
Speed Humps Clay Dowling (9)
kefir sharkfish (13)
I was going to post a link xampl (10)
Will someone start corporatist.com? Michael B (6)
So my friend whose boyfriend wouldn't kiss her in public ... AMerrickanGirl (17)
Is it art, or... what? man on the stair (2)
The 64 Million Year Death Pulse son of parnas (37)
kucinich $-- (8)
Mike Huckabee for President! worldsSmallestViolin (1)
$4100 a month for iPod service Practical Economist (11)
Disney, making the world just a little bit more gay Bot Berlin (8)
It is official, drugs/alcohol don't make you cool. Bot Berlin (9)
They Really Like US son of parnas (31)
Ethanol - Killing our topsoil worldsSmallestViolin (2)
Is this you bot? son of parnas (4)
August 19th, 2007
Kind of amazed, 5 year old tennis star Bot Berlin (4)
"I started the fucking thread, asshole." worldsSmallestViolin (13)
Will be AG's favorite movie Bot Berlin (1)
I was caught spamming, sort of. Bot Berlin (15)
The Democratic debate LORB (23)
I want to be violated by sharkfish (13)
fucking hate you guys bob (28)
elderly woman dies from pet camel rape Practical Economist (12)
See, can only try this on freenode Bot Berlin (0)
ok unix geeks $-- (6)
Why we couldn't all go into business together... Wayne (6)
how long has it been Mary J Blige gives me a hardon (3)
Classic Muppet forThis.Anon (19)
1984 is now AMerrickanGirl (28)
Democrats on FISA revision: "Our bad" Philo (11)
Hipster handbook Bluebeard (6)
Puzzled: Why do dowries happen? bon vivant (14)
Oh thank god - I thought I was hallucinating Ms. Wsv (20)
mmmmm. sharkfish (24)
sex survey Sex survey (11)
She's gonna be the happiest sharkfish in the world... Philo (8)
Perl Success Stories LORB (3)
Why no new children song anymore Patrick (8)
The elephant in the room sharkfish (36)
Not understanding the miner's story? Bot Berlin (13)
Amazon UI, what do you think? Bot Berlin (18)
I've destroyed sharkfish (14)
read a book, nigga! sharkfish (2)
Merv Griffin sharkfish (8)
August 18th, 2007
Ordering food, how to keep from getting screwed? Bot Berlin (11)
Indians terrorizing my neighborhood sharkfish (52)
media mind warp worldsSmallestViolin (0)
So who is actually programming today? LORB (27)
Good sci-fi movies out Bot Berlin (17)
Why I Will Never, Ever, Get Laid Again Bot Berlin (17)
Funniest Video I've Seen This Month Michael B (5)
Battle Cry for a Generation sharkfish (17)
"I do waaaay stranger things which I haven't mentioned..." Impractical Economist (4)
What does this mean? Colm (26)
And you thought the English possessive was hard ipmal (6)
Poor daily lolcat LORB (0)
Michael Vick LORB (10)
August 17th, 2007
so I'm not crazy sharkfish (7)
they are right, it is the best post ever sharkfish (14)
Michael Parenti on Lies, War, and Empire Dan Denman (0)
Good Christ muppet (36)
idiotocracy worldsSmallestViolin (2)
Pro Israeli candidate Dan Denman (7)
How much of your fuel tax xampl (5)
Tree hugger xampl (1)
I watch news to see if I should care Bot Berlin (5)
CoT apology Bot Berlin (10)
Slava rips on gcc, open sores software Bot Berlin (9)
Free terrarium AMerrickanGirl (2)
trying this Saturday night sharkfish (16)
before you go out to a bar or on a date sharkfish (12)
Well, Obama it was fun while it lasted.  Did better than Al? Bot Berlin (5)
Reddit is toast, I hate it now (more on what DF said) Bot Berlin (5)
Free file hosting Michael B (3)
Utah Mine converted to Tomb Clay Dowling (2)
Non-homo oriented question, men look better older then women? Bot Berlin (20)
UN - Oppressed people of the world (0)
grammar question heartsheep (6)
couple things sharkfish (3)
Romeo and Juliet were in a "psychopathological prominent stage" son of parnas (2)
lol ... alexa on tap $-- (1)
Fed: Here you go, sheeple Michael B (22)
Back to the Cold War xampl (1)
My fellow Americans... Philo (30)
Cool threads trollop (1)
What I Hate About Reddit DF (27)
damn that maddox $-- (0)
flicking the bean goes green $-- (0)
english language irregularity $-- (19)
You might have a problem Clay Dowling (3)
nice piece of lateral thinking $-- (11)
Wayne, what happened to your anti-spam campaign? AMerrickanGirl (5)
BBFCCCC's trollop (0)
Gotta love the Tories Colm (5)
New trend in secondary education AMerrickanGirl (20)
Police State? Practical Economist (2)
Wild night, hottest girl in the city, more details Bot Berlin (16)
Bush for life? son of parnas (5)
Alyssa Milan has hairy arms Ward (8)
Finite Fossil fuels and global warming Practical Economist (9)
August 16th, 2007
I was watching Slacker Cats sharkfish (7)
5-star accommodation is so cheap trollop (1)
AMerrickanGirl Abe Foxman is a fluffer (3)
Spook Country Blue Caterpillar (4)
some gmail invites bob the builder (3)
Scientists break the speed of light Blue Caterpillar (4)
Saudi Arabia's Myth of Moderation LeftWingPharisee (7)
about to do Maxwell's 300 Basic now sharkfish (26)
Gamma rays are bad, ummmkay? xampl (5)
In there anything morally wrong with partaking of human flesh? Practical Economist (22)
Kittehmus Prime xampl (3)
"Pump and Save" trollop (0)
Sheppard Smith could replace the unfunny Half Hour crap on Fox Bot Berlin (5)
Words that really speak for themselves bon vivant (1)
Bush (about to) declare war on Iran ??? (15)
Creationists ??? (8)
They vs his/her Practical Economist (20)
its vs it's AMerrickanGirl (35)
So who in Vancouver is going to Joel's world tour? Wayne (25)
In support of wSV's theory about why we post... Bluebeard (6)
Not a happy bunny what are you reading for? (0)
Global warming or global cooling? Bluebeard (6)
"Mathematics is quite easy" bon vivant (8)
Philo made a joke!!! Rick 曾 (4)
[p&p] awww. Thing 1 and Thing 2 are playing beside me.. worldsSmallestViolin (9)
The interesting thing qabout Clays pictures is... worldsSmallestViolin (6)
My oversized, redneck-looking head now on my website Clay Dowling (13)
my grandma sharkfish (6)
Newer Fantasy Writers Kenny (2)
true, dat sharkfish (5)
how we are paying our mortgages sharkfish (4)
Amen brother.. son of parnas (2)
copycats sharkfish (11)
Music to Program By son of parnas (9)
Sheesh, the markets look like crap today Abstract Typist (17)
And you thought solving global warming would be hard ipmal (11)
American food sucks Bot Berlin (30)
Perennial WTF Clay Dowling (6)
Maskman son of parnas (3)
Could we even program a computer to fake reality? son of parnas (13)
Poverty of Philosophy Michael B (2)
allofmp3.com acquitted. RIAA appeals. Peter (5)
Newer SciFi writers trollop (13)
most interesting/useful thing Ive learnt from the internet... worldsSmallestViolin (6)
phrase of the day LITEON (1)
Bush Knocked Down The Towers worldsSmallestViolion (26)
I miss 'hello' worldsSmallestViolion (3)
Idiot America worldsSmallestViolion (5)
wow. google doing scary things. $-- (6)
nice site galinagirll (9)
A well-a bird, bird, bird, the bird is the word trollop (3)
bin laden achieved his objective sharkfish (5)
why we don't like smart people sharkfish (20)
At which... son of parnas (7)
August 15th, 2007
there is nothing you can't find on the internet sharkfish (17)
talking of excel ... utf8 support? $-- (20)
has anyone read this Cormac McCarthy book sharkfish (7)
Learning Excel Michael B (14)
exciting night sharkfish (5)
Good lord Philo (17)
"I only have diamonds, clubs and spades," said Tom heartlessly Ward (0)
Where are the drums? sharkfish (8)
Death in Iraq Bot Berlin (6)
Just received son of parnas (3)
PlentyOfFish, one developer, 6 million Bot Berlin (7)
You'd think they'd learn to cover their tracks a little better Impractical Economist (4)
how can this be? (file perms) $-- (30)
Bored.  So Bored. Clay Dowling (4)
Officially number 3 Bot Berlin (11)
Voluptuous DF (19)
could someone set up a new forum please? worldsSmallestViolin (5)
<blink>Blinkety Blink</blink> worldsSmallestViolin (15)
sharky $-- (13)
Dear Flasher worldsSmallestViolin (0)
Chomsky is a brilliant linguist, but his politics are moronic Rick 曾 (7)
HumVee rollover simulator xampl (2)
Happy Indian Independence Day xampl (3)
Visio2003 sucks too Bot Berlin (4)
indicator #67 that I'm getting old sharkfish (2)
<marquee>boycott the boy who abuses hisself crazytown (3)
Where's my jet-car? xampl (2)
<marquee>OK so script probably doesn't make it through muppet (8)
<script language="Javascript">alert("eat me blah!")</script> arg! (14)
It's time to go to bed. Ward (0)
<span style="font-size: 84pt;">Good morning Blah! muppet (28)
Do you know any smart people (in real life) Bot Berlin (24)
Southpark just restored my sanity LORB (2)
August 14th, 2007
Hey Philo sharkfish (3)
Sam Sullivan is Dan Denman (3)
Do you know Full name (2)
No.  YOU are the pussy. sharkfish (7)
A question for Libertarian like Tapiwa Rick 曾 (4)
Here's another new law I want Philo (15)
Good god there is a lot of spam today.. Wayne (5)
Ok, this'll help me sleep tonight Mongo (6)
xp backup $-- (9)
Postal customers screwed by big business bon vivant (4)
I <pre> arg! (8)
Testing \n\n\n\n\n\n Test test test muppet (4)
so rather than fix it, the wealthy are sharkfish (6)
52 pages iPhone bill Rick 曾 (2)
Bot, write a compiler tutorial compiler curious (12)
Wikipedia conspiracy theories turned fact Bot Berlin (3)
constants in php/any interpreted language php curious (2)
voicemail for a psychiatric office sharkfish (1)
Oh great, the wind is picking up Scott (7)
No keyboard shortcut for Rick 曾 (7)
erin gray buck rodgers spandex tight deering Bluebeard (5)
I really don't understand the mindset of the credit industry Philo (8)
manager  <br />\n Let me try too Bot Berlin (0)
Ok <br /> trying again Aaron (9)
Wait<br/>a<br/>minute Aaron (0)
Developer with who developed code base for 7 years Bot Berlin (14)
do you have what it takes to be rich sharkfish (20)
Don't read this sharkfish (14)
which comes first sharkfish (15)
Mattel recalling more Chinese-made toys Full name (4)
Man, I hate it when this happens Aaron (13)
Rove isn't leaving because of xampl (10)
trying for a baby the zen way the great purple (22)
Religion is a viral Cargo Cult Tapiwa (40)
sell wikipedia sharkfish (15)
If you became poor... xampl (15)
Using Second Life to simulate schizophrenia and raise awareness muppet (0)
Threads man on the stair (14)
Wow, neat middle of the night hallucinations muppet (4)
javascript $-- (8)
On Jesus LORB (87)
Kissing yourself Locutus of Borg (5)
Sharkfish, you are kicking my @ss LORB (10)
Giuliani: I will protect those who Submit to my Authority Practical Economist (26)
Asians Locutus of Borg (7)
August 13th, 2007
African, American and European Rick 曾 (6)
for the courteous sharkfish (27)
Sharky what are you training for? Michael B (36)
American alpinists sharkfish (6)
My super sexy SL avatar muppet (5)
Diminishing returns on getting you laid Michael B (29)
Rock is going to looooooose in Hell's Kitchen Bot Berlin (9)
Cheerios for dinner Michael B (17)
Hi. I'm a pocket sized tool that will let you .... Impractical Economist (16)
Poor ass bot cooks something Bot Berlin (40)
Flashpoint sharkfish (2)
Bye Bye Tony_Wilson... RIP Bluebeard (5)
muppet Bluebeard (2)
One more stupid, mindless, IQ depleting LOLCat comment... Bluebeard (4)
Bad rich, good rich; 400k car smashed Bot Berlin (11)
Don't drink too much coffee bon vivant (9)
I somehow missed the news that US postal rates went up in May bon vivant (6)
Sc*red to talk to boss Bot Berlin (1)
Going Eco Friendly with Frodo (or how I built my hobbit hole) Gandalf the Green (12)
1 species extinct per 1 million barrels oil pumped heartsheep (4)
This is why I dont like the concept of "just tax the rich" Bot Berlin (88)
peace in the Middle East, and ending dependence on foreign oil Full name (20)
Bye Bye Rove. Don't let the door hit your butt on the way out... Peter (11)
Firefox bug muppet (1)
Yes man on the stair (17)
Meltdown man on the stair (23)
Why is Eclipse free? man on the stair (13)
whats wrong with this article? $-- (0)
This is what I find weird about American "justice" LORB (21)
Can one use master pages in PHP like in ASP.Net 2.0 ? Bluebeard (15)
Second Life is actually pretty darn sweet muppet (25)
Fault tolerant software not so fault tolerant Bot Berlin (2)
August 12th, 2007
There is something kind of funny about this. Bot Berlin (1)
Male rape victims Michael B (19)
Look at this sh*t.  Captain Picard gets his groove on. Bot Berlin (12)
agelesss actresses heartsheep (15)
Ads that wouldn't work today xampl (8)
PNAC counter group? arg! (3)
The Birchers have a new home xampl (9)
ID3 tags on iTunes xampl (0)
winxp sw to time sync to ntop server $-- (7)
Your Second Life spouse sharkfish (26)
Cowboy Yawning from all those speeches (6)
We shall not flag nor fail. cowboy (0)
Gettysburg Address cowboy (5)
Freedom, schmeedom sharkfish (2)
For the drinkers, mileage with beer a lot longer. Bot Berlin (7)
afganistan war gone wrong politico (5)
Red Bull LORB (3)
I'm confused LORB (14)
My Life As a Hot Woman Practical Economist (26)
I bet I earn 12% less than you son of parnas (6)
Reality TV Guerilla Marketting Practical Economist (15)
August 11th, 2007
religiousness = proud of ignorance sharkfish (54)
I need a workout buddy sharkfish (9)
oops livingwell (4)
Hot Fuzz Blue Caterpillar (6)
Just so that you aren't shocked LORB (10)
Why return a zero on no error? LORB (25)
We might forget about Iraq Clay Dowling (13)
Great Speech by Warren Buffet to MBAs Michael B (18)
living well, we got it Bot Berlin (4)
so deeply fgun== livingwell (0)
How do you prevent the theft of shampoo? son of parnas (71)
Is blah down? bob (12)
Why can't we have a candidate that opposes crap like this? Philo (55)
how to be a threat sharkfish (15)
off topic was a mullet wa (0)
milk is the ideal post-workout drink Blue Caterpillar (25)
Caturday! Blue Caterpillar (2)
How Bacteria Nearly Destroyed All Life Blue Caterpillar (6)
HAHAHAHAHA - SUFFER, bitches! Philo (4)
Transformers Review (yeah, I know it's old) Ward (0)
My Summer at Christian Camp Practical Economist (11)
Radio/Cd player on in the car? Bot Berlin (7)
August 10th, 2007
Debate fatigue, wtf? Bot Berlin (5)
I feel good Bot Berlin (1)
quote of the day sharkfish (14)
I think I'll go sharkfish (5)
Worst science page EVAR Philo (0)
Jim Cramer Rage Bolton (28)
how is our currency trader doing? zed (0)
traffic what is DF? (0)
$25,000 sharkfish (14)
Headfirst down the Alps xampl (1)
Bush: Military Draft is Needed Practical Economist (25)
Russia in the News (insightful comment by Aaron) livingwell (10)
I called my old job sharkfish (12)
cuba gooding in sharkfish (2)
My liqudity has dried up. What shall I do? son of parnas (8)
Mamet likes repeating lines Philo (3)
A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention. son of parnas (5)
extreme sharkfish (12)
India is about to learn xampl (11)
.485 sharkfish (11)
MS Excel - Why in the name of all that is good and dear? Tapiwa (16)
Where Monty Hall Doesn't Work son of parnas (2)
I already know I can't bargain son of parnas (12)
Anyone here know braille? Philo (17)
What it's like to be a man Bolton (4)
Waddya mean rude, you fat drongo? trollop (6)
How LotR should have been man on the stair (4)
tits most often studied by scientists heartsheep (0)
Err.. NSFW links in the sidebar should be labelled as such muppet (7)
LOL, Gmail ads for the win! muppet (1)
Friday joke el (8)
On new passports Locutus of Borg (33)
What is the point in this? man on the stair (8)
The Wealth Gap Needs Braces son of parnas (15)
And Kissinger smiles... Aaron (11)
Ticks trollop (2)
August 9th, 2007
Daughter just got her passport LeftWingPharisee (23)
The best feeling Philo (14)
is this real? sharkfish (4)
Spot the boobies trollop (15)
More black self-hate?  Blacks most murdered in US? Bot Berlin (18)
Why are people using feedburner? Bot Berlin (1)
Let's just get it out in the open sharkfish (55)
LOL  'we like our stickers better' livingwell (6)
How to not waste so much time on line AMerrickanGirl (9)
...and here's where "global warming" falls apart... Philo (17)
my sperm is my gift to you sharkfish (2)
So. I went to lunch with... sharkfish (8)
Ectopia we hardly knew ya? Bot Berlin (8)
So I went to another interview today muppet (38)
My sweat is starting to smell like Michael B (7)
Donald Knuth pioneered a currency? Michael B (5)
do you ever feel that your sexual needs sharkfish (16)
this will be worth hours of entertainment sharkfish (1)
After looking at daily lolcat LORB (8)
How do you manage money? Colm (34)
What didn't your parents teach you Michael B (13)
Barry Bonds sharkfish (14)
Bush is probably awesome at parties Michael B (8)
uh, 'dick wars' sharkfish (5)
Seriously, this black cloud thing is getting old muppet (50)
Ugh muppet (9)
Senor LORB (2)
What's wrong with this photo? ipmal (11)
This should be illegal Bot Berlin (4)
Sharky, you need to catch up to GWB Impractical Economist (5)
August 8th, 2007
a reminder for Michael B sharkfish (3)
I could Google it but... bon vivant (3)
reddit people hate me sharkfish (6)
the noisy asshole upstairs sharkfish (13)
is this guy shy or not attracted? AMerrickanGirl (38)
China threatens 'nuclear option' of dollar sales Oy- (14)
A German farmer angry with police... Blue Caterpillar (2)
suggestions for venison recipes embodiedStupidity (7)
Any Torontonians on this forum? Need some advice (15)
Tornado in Brooklyn LeftWingPharisee (4)
Frederick Beigbeder Blue Caterpillar (2)
So yeah it was not about oil huh? Dan Denman (3)
Lt. Col. Bob nails it LeftWingPharisee (4)
Update on "What Sci-fi story is this?" Ward (8)
I was reading the sidebar and sharkfish (12)
The new 'worst thing' for me about working in office high-rise. LORB (9)
Don't use this on your cat sharkfish (8)
Is 40 the new 25? sharkfish (19)
botlist has more ram, enjoy Bot Berlin (0)
FYI when writing a job ad. LORB (7)
here you go, fashion plates sharkfish (6)
If you liked Diablo 2 JoC (0)
Damned hot xampl (9)
Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra -- moment Bot Berlin (11)
What if you could sell your vote? Kenny (3)
I wonder if I'm in trouble now sharkfish (24)
Cat of the day xampl (1)
The discovery of mutton and wool Clay Dowling (1)
I really like Cheers (6)
This is what I did today Bot Berlin (6)
Atheism *IS* A Religion DF (95)
Just got back from the dentist Michael B (24)
1977 Goldwing for sale cheap Clay Dowling (13)
Kind of pissed Bot Berlin (3)
god help me I love people embodiedStupidity (0)
Does this bother you? Bot Berlin (24)
I was shocked today LORB (13)
Bot language version 0.000000000000001 Bot Berlin (28)
What is this Sci-Fi story? Ward (10)
August 7th, 2007
Web page discovery of the moment (food, salsa, guacamole, drink) bon vivant (5)
Vote swapping's legal Rick Zeng (2)
because this gem won't last on Jos mental (1)
The Interweb Can Destroy You! DF (11)
everything I think I was taught by my TV bob (3)
So gripped by the problem, I had to load JoS & post crap bob (0)
Get unionized Rick 曾 (6)
BTW SSI, PE heartsheep (0)
Castration on demand xampl (3)
The Decline of Western Civilization Ward (6)
Vices you secretly think of as personal virtues embodiedStupidity (6)
Maybe we can get Elizabeth Edwards to run, seems witty? Bot Berlin (4)
Dear bluebeard, embodiedStupidity (4)
"Fear of Negroes Turned Me Gay" Practical Economist (14)
Monique Parent on nudity in auditions Philo (1)
The growth of Christianity in China Ward (3)
Great pic Bluebeard (1)
What was that about us being dumb, eh wSV? Bluebeard (10)
The unofficial Sharkfish advice thread LORB (13)
Iz lyin in bedz.  reading ur posts. greasedPole (0)
Now is the time to mock wSV for being unable to post. Ward (10)
Program for 20k, you lucky dog LORB (15)
Holocaust museums Dan Denman (3)
Aha, I was right Aaron (15)
WOOT JoC (5)
Axis of Freedom Stephen Jones (2)
I want to be like Osama Stephen Jones (0)
The greatest gift you can have son of parnas (18)
How do we become modern? son of parnas (13)
SQL Server 7.0: Annotating comments against tables and fields sql curious (5)
old versions of software jingalala jingalala ™ (6)
Sheeps in Training / The Failure of Democracy DF (20)
Probably not a winner on this board... son of parnas (4)
Church Sign Wisdom DF (29)
I just got a call from Sarah's doctor muppet (8)
new post? muppet (8)
Lots of runway nudity Wayne (12)
Warren Buffet is Just a Normal Guy son of parnas (6)
Interesting study, reddit moves politics to a new subreddit Bot Berlin (2)
Would you rather spend a day with? Bot Berlin (10)
August 6th, 2007
Israel urges Japan to join war on terror Ben Gurion was a major douchbag (6)
CoT Ringside:  Colm vs Zed pondScum (8)
Area 51:  Nazi Storage Facility pondScum (5)
Guys, guys Dan Denman (3)
I'm going to obsess over this all night sharkfish (16)
[no stupid shit in this thread] cot upgrades zed (4)
another internet suicide sharkfish (6)
Films to watch Blue Caterpillar (5)
[p&p] just how stupid are you guys? zed (13)
excellent little rant about borderline personality disorder sharkfish (6)
vote darcy burner J'hilo Pants (D) (0)
swimming is good (14 laps) heartsheep (6)
Why is France considered as latin country? Asian contingent of COTers (9)
You, each and every one of you, are uniquely stupid pondScum (13)
2.5 pullups Bot Berlin (15)
I don't do jack shit at work Practical Economist (16)
seducing a woman pondScum (9)
Well, this isn't good for obama Bot Berlin (24)
stupidity quotient pondScum (18)
Feb 1, 1997 sharkfish (51)
Bonobos are less repressed sexually than Dan Denman (9)
On writing in coffee shops Dan Denman (4)
tech question: Excel cookies strawdog soubriquet (8)
See, this is why I ask sex/dating questions Bot Berlin (20)
Why does UK have any immigration at all? Practical Economist (46)
Master race Dan Denman (2)
Male BF% in pictures -- which one are you? Michael B (9)
Black Women "Dating Out" Clay Dowling (12)
Which side? JoC (9)
The only reason I'm not ditching my job sharkfish (16)
I almost want to vote Republican Church Lady (27)
developmental programming strawdog soubriquet (1)
Italy Plus ça change (1)
How the internet and birds nesting are alike son of parnas (0)
This is one of those days when ... AMerrickanGirl (28)
Little Lolitta Lohans on the Loose son of parnas (8)
US leads the world in... s (14)
New low; from developer to helper Bot Berlin (8)
Amazon needs a new feature muppet (28)
There exist people in the world muppet (35)
OH man these guys are nuts muppet (32)
aheheahhehahehaha Bluebeard (3)
I forgot how boring IT job ads could look LORB (20)
Stupid Marxist Saved by Brilliant Capitalist Engineering Practical Economist (25)
What do you think of this web site? Ward (8)
So who do you respect Survey Master (35)
August 5th, 2007
Could an omnipotent, omniscient being Aaron (23)
Game theory Colm (22)
Second Life:  Plagued by terrorists pondBacterium (5)
Why I got a weight bench Aaron (12)
Something to think about Aaron (25)
always the last to learn b (2)
Did you like the eighties and early nineties? Bot Berlin (11)
economics quote economista (3)
Good finance blogs or sites Bot Berlin (5)
the worst thing that CoT has done to me... pondBacterium (16)
from reddit.... css framework Kasey (4)
Alternate energy source LeftWingPharisee (7)
[p&p] wtf is p&p? $-- (21)
Hank Aaron LORB (4)
see?  _this_ is how you deal with protesters pondBacterium (9)
nicole mitchell $-- (0)
superfriends m.m. (8)
"We achieved much more in peace than... pondBacterium (4)
Ubuntu -- a myth, even among blacks Bluebeard (1)
[p&p] the girls have just done something cute pondBacterium (9)
wynton marsalis $-- (6)
Paints with his own blood xampl (0)
[p&p] buddism zed (12)
Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism Dan Denman (4)
did the first 300 workout thing $-- (8)
Car that runs on compressed air Bluebeard (10)
Israel Poverty: One In Three Children Are Hungry Dan Denman (18)
earmarks politico (11)
silicon valley Valley Girl (19)
Women have jungle fever Bot Berlin (13)
Congressional Democrats want to prove Philo (11)
wolves protect trees in yellowstone paper reader (3)
ted stevens (R) alaska home raided by federal agents politico (7)
anti environmental republican talking points? zed (0)
plame dates of work at CIA secret guess worker (1)
Great way to beat the heat LeftWingPharisee (11)
Insurance brokers are idiots Michael B (10)
Kitteh has static cling! xampl (1)
Recycling is garbage Stephen Jones (12)
Thanks, PE! SaveTheHubble (9)
Two excellent sites Stephen Jones (1)
does anyone have... pondBacterium (2)
holy bejeesus this is cool pondBacterium (0)
so that's what Jews have sharkfish (18)
don't do this sharkfish (7)
I have had a _good_ day pondBacterium (20)
up at 3am again sharkfish (12)
Heapin' mudballs LORB (0)
HotFuzz is a good DVD Bot Berlin (5)
Joel, still using windows? Bot Berlin (7)
Overwhelming gayness adjustment Michael B (5)
August 4th, 2007
US Congress grants Bush wider wiretapping powers Dan Denman (19)
Tanning pasty office workers Michael B (12)
on the so called progress in technology guess worker (2)
Saturday almost over sharkfish (4)
Daily WTF, diebold audit of sourcecode (good for a laugh) Bot Berlin (0)
[P&P]: some upgrades to cot zed (13)
Bot home workouts Bot Berlin (5)
what the hell kind of plea was that? bob (13)
Scariest thing I've ever read on the entire internet Michael B (37)
the simpson's movie . (5)
Is THIS doing anything for you? Michael B (21)
yeah the BOS mods suck too Waygggglllllaskdl;fkas (12)
when did CoT lose it's sense of humor? . (4)
steve maxwell spartan $-- (17)
We have the trifecta son of parnas (2)
why have sex heartsheep (6)
This doing anything for you? Bot Berlin (17)
Jones Plays Know-it-all, gets one upped. idiot (3)
Revenues . (8)
nice diagram of consumer spending . (20)
Newt, we hardly knew ye son of parnas (10)
always fighting the last war (5)
Female power Rick Zeng (3)
Can I be jewish? Bot Berlin (44)
Lee Iacocca -- Where have all the leaders gone? xampl (5)
i don't like these people heartsheep (1)
Windows Update xampl (1)
...we're talking about programming..... zed (6)
Interesting debate on the Zionist lobby Stephen Jones (17)
young urban women make more money (than men) heartsheep (17)
movie run pondBacterium (6)
back to bed sharkfish (1)
lesbian for president! sharkfish (3)
What is the point of life insurance? Bot Berlin (26)
banter about 8 million year old non-fossilized trees sharkfish (5)
breakfast sharkfish (20)
stirling engines pondBacterium (3)
an elf a dwarf and a man go underground, pondBacterium (7)
Reddit sells out Bot Berlin (5)
Intel reads blogs (4am, no sleepy) Bot Berlin (42)
The naked bottom monologue bon vivant (2)
August 3rd, 2007
Sex survey I am not paid for this! (19)
Going Nude at Work Practical Economist (4)
Things that really scare me Philo (10)
Woman giving up on sex thought you'd want to know (3)
GDP per capita zed (13)
itunes no communitty bob (0)
Angry men get head while angry women penalized son of parnas (9)
Holy shit muppet (2)
Shhh, Dont show Purple this article Bot Berlin (2)
Making ginger beer bon vivant (4)
Do you own a printer? Bot Berlin (14)
Security Joan Bluebeard (0)
Database to Web.  What about database to email? Bot Berlin (1)
When actors go christian Bot Berlin (4)
I hate Madonna Bluebeard (7)
Did you see Lindsey Lohan's mug shot? Ice Beer (6)
I'm glad I'm not the only one who has problems with Monty Hall son of parnas (18)
Interview JoC (8)
Do your friends have your back? Kenny (13)
Dammit Philo (5)
New Maths book from an actress Rick 曾 (12)
"I like you, let's just be friends..." Philo (20)
This is my white male side sharkfish (8)
Wow son of parnas (6)
un-PC cartoons from my day sharkfish (15)
I've moved to someplace crazy Aaron (19)
For shark or others, simple, cheap gym equipment I can get now Bot Berlin (20)
sidebar sissies, part II random idiot (10)
1967: The truth about the summer of love Stephen Jones (3)
The Dandy is dead man on the stair (4)
trying for a baby update - giving up the great purple (27)
Microsoft Picture Manager, I like it Bot Berlin (4)
WTF? Full name (2)
If both partners wait for the other to cum first, Tapiwa (4)
Well said, from first page of reddit on sex worker Bot Berlin (8)
So I'm probably going to have to cancel my job interview today muppet (50)
Hehe, this is inappropriate but funny muppet (2)
forget oil, water is becoming an increasing concern pondBacterium (29)
removing the subsidies pondBacterium (12)
It's like raping a bicycle pondBacterium (10)
Hillary on Nukes Practical Economist (19)
Nia died pondBacterium (11)
Women reverting to property in Ohio son of parnas (30)
August 2nd, 2007
the essential stupidity of twitter pondBacterium (4)
Bot, some free advice sharkfish (17)
What exactly is the difference Dan Denman (3)
so a maori guy, and arab guy and an octagenarian went into a bar pondBacterium (15)
LeftWingPharisee...._wtf_ are you on? pondBacterium (12)
Walmart zed (7)
I always guessed Wayne was older bob (2)
How hot is it Full name (14)
I would make a great casino owner or something associated with Bot Berlin (2)
Hilary: sold out long ago Colm (7)
from the Dilbert blog AMerrickanGirl (35)
chemistry general 102 (23)
Ok nobody move! How did my face get to damn fat? Faaaaaat Albert (3)
stevie on sesame street $-- (4)
Question for Philo Aaron (6)
Too trendy for me, why not just a basic site? Bot Berlin (13)
kettlebell workout update sharkfish (17)
Sugar more addictive than cocaine? sharkfish (24)
Interview JoC (5)
Near miss from the pilot's perspective Ward (4)
Walmart Sux Reason Number 2 billion son of parnas (37)
I emailed my HR rep for an appointment muppet (17)
Oh, so this is why we fuck like bunnies Bluebeard (3)
What is it... man on the stair (8)
Handover checklist Patrick (3)
SoP:  who is she?  does she love us?  what brings her to CoT? pondBacterium (18)
outrageous fortune pondBacterium (1)
High tech gadgetry bon vivant (5)
Walk dammit, momma needs power for the traffic light son of parnas (8)
How long can use last in the cold of space? son of parnas (16)
August 1st, 2007
Money, history, Switzerland and the Netherlands Michael B (6)
To Michael Moore: it looks like in emergencies, we do ok Bot Berlin (18)
The split trollop (8)
Seducing Brittany Spears LeftWingPharisee (15)
Robert Scheer on Saudi Arabia LeftWingPharisee (5)
i can haz cat job? sharkfish (12)
my good deed for the day sharkfish (16)
For-profit bloggers 1st amendment rights protected xampl (8)
Breaking news found only on Fox Bot Berlin (30)
Lesson for CoTters everywhere bon vivant (0)
The Awesome sharkfish (12)
Bad attitudes I've had in various employed positions... Bluebeard (8)
Anansi boys Blue Caterpillar (8)
Computer Electrocutes Sweaty Student Wayne (7)
SaveTheHubble spreading hate Rick 曾 (13)
bottled water Practical Economist (45)
My job sux Doughboy in the house! (3)
Static Dynamatrocity JoC (3)
Dear Wayne, pondBacterium (13)
Britain has lost the art of socialising the young Blue Caterpillar (13)
I don't feel any better after sending this email sharkfish (21)
Communication skills would be better if I didnt lie so much Bot Berlin (43)
Boss used my FMLA status to humiliate/discredit me muppet (48)
Tiger Woods xampl (16)
Logging software at google Bot Berlin (1)
Symptom disclaimer JoC (12)
word of the day heartsheep (5)
Useful left wing information site Stephen Jones (1)
Nicole Richie xampl (9)
Mixed bag at the movies trollop (9)
Your favourite application? Bounthunter (13)
At least he is a good business man Bot Berlin (14)
Is this a Strategy Pattern? Practical Economist (18)
What are you hiding? Bot Berlin (20)