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August 31st, 2005
Halliburton set to clean up The Amazing Biff (8 comments)
Hey, so I thought I'd let you know we're going to outsource... Cory Foy (11)
Some white guy is on CN right now crying on the phone muppet (19)
Book for system development for difficult customers Old Greek C++ Monkey (3)
I can't afford my gasoline example (0)
Is it possible to use a typelib sharkfish (15)
Any red state supporter here? Dan Denman (34)
Mo' white folk gettin' po! sharkfish (6)
NOW they're calling up 10,000 National Guard troops muppet (8)
Harry Potter Spoilers (at a distance) Ward (2)
Muppet´s eyes only... Chris McKinstry (26)
Can you answer my father's trivial question? George Illes (8)
So $4.10 for a gallon gas...hmm Berlin Brown (17)
I predict... Jesus H Christ (12)
Bush outed as sociopath Misanthrope (1)
PLEASE HELP Li-fan Chen (5)
at least Dubya's got pretty pix already The Amazing Biff (7)
Should New Orleans be rebuilt? YaYaYa (14)
Meanehwael, baccat meaddehaele, monstaer lurccen Flasher T (8)
Any programmer around Delhi/NCR/Noida Sathyaish Chakravarthy (0)
Anyone care to explain this? Flasher T (12)
Important fact: When the transporter accidentally turns you into muppet (24)
sun orbits the earth Rich Rogers (45)
Bush blamed for New Orleans Disaster... Misanthrope (36)
REJECT SHOP! Another poster... (6)
The black guy is "looting"... Almost H. Anonymous (17)
Everybody needs to leave muppet (15)
War on Weather: Nuke a Hurricane Michael B (25)
Perhaps some locations are just not liveable hoser (12)
I've been affected by Katrina!! I'm suffering! muppet (11)
"My Bad" Irregular Regular (39)
Finally, utterly losing it? muppet (23)
looters wondering... (31)
oil prices Michael Moser (5)
Also, why the f*ck are there only like 6 choppers? muppet (8)
Dear Everyone, particularly the news media muppet (12)
Oh... my... god... Mat Hall (34)
still paying for Iraq Jesus H Christ (5)
Free Opera today! Flasher T (5)
For those idiots who fail to understand the danger of Wal Mart Dan Denman (22)
August 30th, 2005
Hey New Orleans! sharkfish (17)
minimum criteria to be allowed to vote Jesus H Christ (38)
Oil price to halve within a year. trollop (19)
The island revisited Eric Debois (8)
Corpus Cristi -or- Database Searching Dennis Forbes (24)
IE7 team complaining about how.. err... IE works.. Masiosare (3)
Christopher Hitchens on Iraq Jim Rankin (127)
Septic Systems Yo (11)
Is this normal? anonymous this time (52)
Stranded for lack of a PPD archive muppet (10)
Google replacing Internet New York ??? (14)
Where in New York ? New York ??? (23)
My advice - hate everybody, don't be selective Berlin Brown (16)
Now I've heard it all (15)
?off wins mention on main JoS forum Joel Goodwin (3)
Which is faster for you: edonkey or torrent? Budi (2)
August 29th, 2005
Halliburton Jesus H Christ (5)
Dennis - turn on CNN! Philo (7)
NAFTA and US violation Dan Denman (11)
Greenspan needs to learn to STFU Philo (55)
If X made Y, they would call it Z Dennis Forbes (27)
Hello, Luca (19)
OT Translation forum Philo (29)
Dear Palestinian Bomber Michael B (6)
?off Joke Thread reborn Flasher T (8)
Chavez May Try To Extradite Robertson Snark (36)
Photos of the hole in the superdome? muppet (19)
Region 2 220V region-free DVD player? Philo (31)
``New Orleans may never be the same.'' MarkTAW (30)
Joel = Sid Meier stapler (2)
August 28th, 2005
Anyone here know kanji? Philo (43)
How many times... Misanthrope (19)
New Orleans is in deep shit muppet (51)
The West Wing - ineffective? Philo (20)
US releases 1,000 new recruits for Al Qaeda muppet (3)
August 27th, 2005
Best Quote Sathyaish Chakravarthy (13)
Best Saying From the Previous Thread? Jesus H Christ (31)
It's a windy day in Florida Weather Weary (13)
Phone recomendations phoneboy (10)
3rd Day, 4th Test (Ashes) Andrew Cherry (10)
August 26th, 2005
Add Your Best Quotes Here... Brandon Doyle (41)
Now what? Dan Denman (20)
friday night... (1)
Oh yea, I thought about GoogleOS a long time ago. Berlin Brown (3)
How can I teach myself calculus? Michael B (24)
Friday Fun - Trippy Mongo (0)
Pointless observation: Jack -- generic hero name... Mat Hall (23)
Cable Porn muppet (4)
Professional Liars Jeff Barton (13)
News on google Masiosare (3)
Jed Bush is gonna run for president Old Greek C++ Monkey (18)
And in other news... Aaron F Stanton (9)
DVD Layer Change Tail of the "g" (12)
Please fix the links - (6)
Urchin 6 Chris McKinstry (7)
This is scary... Almost H. Anonymous (3)
Who's going to be on the club deck for tonight's Redskins Game? Philo (13)
It's the simple things, part deux muppet (36)
Bob Davidson recants on involvement with ID Misanthrope (7)
Obesity is a lifestyle choice Just me (Sir to you) (63)
Free trade, part deux John Haren (7)
GW's Summer Reading Mongo (28)
BBC to transmit TV over net... a cynic writes... (25)
To anyone who has me in their Idiot-B-Gone list qwe (5)
JoS?Off Godwin's Law Geert-Jan Thomas (20)
The Ashes (Cricket) - 2nd day, 4th Test a cynic writes... (40)
Do we see a problem yet, "Right wingers"? Eh? muppet (15)
In defense of Idiot-B-Gone Geert-Jan Thomas (8)
Genetics, metrics, a victim culture Joel Goodwin (21)
The new Irakey Constitution el (3)
Benji on not in video games vic (1)
methods to read faster. vic (13)
Idiot-B-Gone: Who's in YOUR list? (34)
August 25th, 2005
Fucking SysAdmins sharkfish (20)
Admuncher is a referrer spammer muppet (23)
Someone with a big family explain this to me Philo (44)
Sick of morons Pierce Hanley (9)
So basically... Masiosare (11)
Free Stingray Beer at the Lobster Pot Mongo (2)
Testing: Antitrollian Field Generator Chris McKinstry (18)
Conspiracy theory or plain truth? Eric Debois (13)
Who wants to trade? John Haren (56)
Neanderthal DNA Sequence Predictions Chris McKinstry (60)
Riddle Geert-Jan Thomas (7)
Say what? Phibian (0)
Dennis helping out with ?off recruiting... Jared (8)
House of Cosbys Mat Hall (4)
Software Services - Basecamp, Strongspace, Livevault Chris McKinstry (26)
MC GWB on the mic... Mat Hall (3)
?off regulars Phibian (24)
Buying a place in New York TS (14)
Fuck you, Bank of America muppet (34)
Didn't Bushy say that muppet (17)
Bias Colm O'Connor (15)
Economics explained Flasher T (10)
I just scratched my left nut a few seconds ago muppet (25)
Ashes blah, test blah blah. Cricket is the best sport ever. Bla qwe (47)
2002 - Bush Administration backs coup against elected president Jesus H Christ (18)
August 24th, 2005
mckinstry thing: serious or parody? my toefl score is bad (5)
High-dimensioal trajectories in your mind [yes, yours] Chris McKinstry (50)
McKinstry confesses to insanity! Chris McKinstry (29)
People who live in glass houses muppet (13)
ASP.NET Best Book Sathyaish Chakravarthy (4)
Rick Tsang? Jeff Barton (12)
Did I say assassinate? I meant... Cory Foy (20)
Let's try snake oil. Flasher T (10)
Reverse Google Joel Coehoorn (8)
FogBugz Internal Error DB Structure Information forThis.Anon (4)
Pat Robertson is terrorist son of parnas (10)
Real estate bubble in Northern VA Tail of the "g" (8)
(SPOILERS) His Dark Materials trilogy (SPOILERS) Snark (20)
Red Dawn (1984) Kenny (6)
I was forced to watch the Comedy Central roast of Pam Anderson muppet (11)
Lord help me but I actually like that insipid "Mr. DJ" song muppet (9)
Contrary to what one might think muppet (11)
Interview no-shows, and some whining about my life... Mat Hall (48)
having an affair with a married person. (127)
bad stuff happening in zimbabwe son of parnas (26)
August 23rd, 2005
?dilbert Sathyaish Chakravarthy (6)
Dubya's VFW reception not universally good The Amazing Biff (2)
Wally is my favourite Sathyaish Chakravarthy (7)
Mortgage Renter (10)
A google query for "Itchy Anus Smelly Wind" leads to Chrissy muppet (45)
Moving to New York Berlin Brown (26)
I'm a drama queen too Cool Dad Needs To Cool Off (16)
Muppet is a drama queen. sharkfish (20)
not cancer, at least not this particular problem muppet (32)
Sanity check - high school reading & guidance Philo (20)
High Tech -- a KVM switch and TWO PC's AllanL5 (6)
Malcom Gladwell on US health care Dan Denman (27)
Why "the pointy haired boss" should stay away from the code... Phibian (12)
Saparmurat Niyazov in 2008!! bionicroach (4)
Man, some idiots give good Christians the worst name... Jared (32)
Protectionism Dennis Forbes (17)
iMac G5 KayCee (4)
So how did "House" end last night? muppet (6)
Simple Math (Probability) Question Joel Coehoorn (25)
Least Church-Going Rich Countries Give Most to Poor Countries Misanthrope (19)
"Six Feet Under" fans: what'd ya think of the series finale? Dana (18)
FYI: E-Loan.com muppet (8)
Geek license plates example (32)
Wish I could find this painting... Philo (22)
Since a few people said they liked it Aaron F Stanton (23)
hols in canada Baloney (14)
August 22nd, 2005
Flying Spaghetti Monster-ism? Jim Rankin (10)
And now I'm afraid to go see the doctor muppet (121)
One of these days, WMP10, to the moon! Mat Hall (6)
Am I missing something... Andrew Cherry (16)
The Uinverse Being Ironic - In Seven Dimensions Chris McKinstry (49)
New Windows Desktop I am Jack's dainty desktop dimension (29)
Graphics Card Cluster Berlin Brown - at new job (19)
I perform the best at nights Sathyaish Chakravarthy (17)
Tom Clancy sucks: official Flasher T is 21 years old (31)
Dribbleglass.com Ward (1)
sharing music sharkfish (24)
Close the Envelope, Set Faders to Off Simon Lucy (31)
Chris McInstry - Hero against Fraud muppet (68)
I'd just like to go on record... a cynic writes... (3)
Long story short muppet (50)
Israel Out Of Gaza AllanL5 (27)
There was this thing that...um...ummmm...what was it? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (15)
Google Desktop trollop (28)
August 21st, 2005
has anyone here tried NADH? (1)
what is the best online dating site? (7)
republican war on science son of parnas (0)
Online console gaming? Philo (22)
CATCH your child's homosexuality...BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. Dan Denman (50)
August 20th, 2005
Anybody understand the 'Chinese Restaurant' concept? Berlin Brown (38)
I laughed so hard I cried sharkfish (31)
Anybody still find 'please give your info' sites annoying Berlin Brown (8)
Independence Restoration Day Flasher T (2)
Ready for Thursday Simon Lucy (1)
Fighting a speeding ticket SomeBody (65)
Reformer without results Dan Denman (15)
August 19th, 2005
and just to prove the world completely bonkers... a cynic writes... (6)
Now let this be an end to the arguing... Mat Hall (113)
Difference between lower and upper classes Jim Rankin (13)
Pin worms Joseph the Prophet (4)
Bush Economy good for blacks Jim Rankin (41)
Transformer explosion in SF QADude (7)
Oh for fuck's sake. Flasher T (8)
Walmart Urban Myth Simon Lucy (26)
Train conversation Part II... Kenny (12)
Color Code Snark (3)
Which country would be the hardest to invade? Jared (82)
Amazon now sells sex toys muppet (11)
I'm the token... Aaron F Stanton (34)
See now here's some good writing muppet (3)
Shirt sizes Mat Hall (33)
I like this article muppet (37)
Day of the Virus, part Deux AllanL5 (4)
Well here I am, back at work muppet (29)
Like that Burger King band? Wish they were real? Well they are! MarkTAW (21)
Most Romantic Couple (July to September) oatmeal (4)
August 18th, 2005
New twist on Eminent Domain case Connecticut Sucks (14)
Train conversation... sharkfish (130)
Settler pronunciation XYZZY (15)
BTK is a Republican. sharkfish (27)
We have to nuke it from space. It's the only way to be sure. muppet (17)
(7 vs 7) rope pulling match strategy? slava (7)
Christopher Walken for President in 2008? Chris McKinstry (25)
So how do we get a *really* free press? Misanthrope (26)
corp.nsa.gov Chris McKinstry (69)
The Day of the Virus AllanL5 (11)
Sick without leave, day 1 muppet (26)
Happy Birthday, Joel! Sathyaish Chakravarthy (5)
The Crystal Meth Epidemic Dennis Forbes (59)
US Office renewed Philo (9)
Have Gas prices affected you (probably U.S. specific)? Cory Foy (38)
Procedure to force pull-out from Iraq? Fred (13)
August 17th, 2005
idiots Jack of all (6)
"doing the decade:" what would YOU do? (44)
Shameless Plug I am Jack's infinite id (4)
mwa-hahahahah Nobody works for the rest of the day!!!! Philo (11)
Iranian Implication I am Jack's infinite id (18)
US Savings rate at statistical zero example (33)
Brazillian shot by London Yard was sitting quietly in seat Rich Rogers (32)
File this under... Jared (10)
OK what the fuck is this? muppet (13)
Why we need lawyers... Philo (43)
Profiling (Toronto) Dennis Forbes (19)
In the small print Joel Goodwin (26)
More from The Onion Mat Hall (11)
Just to set all of your minds at ease muppet (132)
Task manager minimized at login? XYZZY (9)
This is cute. Flasher T (35)
Where are all the nice mobile phones? Flasher T (50)
Do not, under any circumstances... Mick (11)
Pay discrimination is a myth. Jesus H Christ (45)
Betty's Book of Laundry Secrets, aka "I Found MarkTAW on Amazon" (4)
August 16th, 2005
pay data, ethics, and you sharkfish (51)
Travel Agents bionicroach (10)
The WM_PAINT abstraction leak Alex (6)
A good start... Chris McKinstry (26)
Trying to find a website I used to visit often muppet (7)
Sagittarius:Sagittarius: muppet (12)
I've lost 15 lbs since last week, for the naysayers muppet (54)
An Islamic Caliphate in Seven Easy Steps son of parnas (6)
Not a good month for flying... Simon Lucy (18)
Bush Poised to Set a Record MarkTAW (48)
Happy Birthday, Mat! Sathyaish Chakravarthy (12)
Too bad england didnt win it IntentionallyLeftBlank (3)
An Iraqi Constitution ... Any Chance? Mick (16)
money can loop (27)
August 15th, 2005
Always hungry... Philo (58)
del.icio.us -- dog slow? What About Thad? (2)
Does a program exist for editing file type actions in Windows? Almost H. Anonymous (7)
Hilary Rosen (once-hated RIAA vampire) posting on Lessig's blog Tayssir John Gabbour (3)
Yahoo! and Google... Mat Hall (4)
Are there stairs in your house? Cool Dad (16)
Roger Ebert's Least Favorite Movies Snark (32)
Night Court on TVLand AllanL5 (6)
Random acts of kindness Dave B. (39)
Interview of Sibel Edmonds thompson_gunner (5)
Israel Leaves Gaza Strip AllanL5 (61)
Update on internet connectivity nightmare Dana (formerly Blue State Bitch) (31)
The Prime Minister of Sweden visited Washington today muppet (5)
Whitehouse.com - another internet landmark falls... Philo (3)
August 14th, 2005
Remember the guy with the flash resume? Philo (8)
A few functions from the BeOS API... Alex (5)
Google Maps (again) MarkTAW (0)
Insensitivity... Another poster... (2)
Splitting a Dance Mix into individual tracks Matthew Lock (15)
quiality MarkTAW (21)
Four Amendments and a Funeral musings Tail of the "g" (9)
August 13th, 2005
jpost.com Dan Denman (19)
Battlestar Galactica (spoiler) Tayssir John Gabbour (13)
Joseph Campbell is on PBS MarkTAW (3)
Oh is THAT why the IMDB won't post my link? Philo (4)
Could StarTrek be a religion/philosophy Berlin Brown (16)
Just place the thermometer here... Simon Lucy (58)
Health Care practices in various countries Wondering (53)
August 12th, 2005
WTF is this? MarkTAW (29)
Why I HATE Windows stuff... Almost H. Anonymous (43)
Jennifer Connelly is a frigid bitch in the sack muppet (45)
Err.. do people in the UK who dine al fresco muppet (10)
The most useless poll in the history of polls muppet (35)
sports car recommendations The Hitchhiker (38)
Internet connectivity problem ... help! Dana (formerly Blue State Bitch) (29)
This test is hard! We're all going to hell (81)
Left Wing Media Whore (42)
Why don't they just give out fucking lollies and kiss babies? muppet (7)
IQ- culturally biased? name withheld out of cowardice (78)
Half-assed scam at my local Cingular retailer muppet (22)
all right which one of you boners muppet (13)
O'Reilly animal wars Paul (32)
August 11th, 2005
US Flag Lapel Pins Mongo (22)
US The Most Powerful Empire In History - How? Mongo (75)
Holy cow - the human team is gonna get torn apart! Philo (5)
The Muppet Show AllanL5 (35)
Muppet, wanted to make sure you didn't miss this... Philo (25)
Clearly this is the book I should have written muppet (16)
Happy Birthday, KayJay! Sathyaish Chakravarthy (22)
Switching to electric shaver, which? Alex (15)
OK guys, let's get famous... Jeff Barton (2)
I approve... Philo (15)
Round Three qwe (78)
Galactica (spoilers) Philo (2)
Turning off sounds in FireFox MarkTAW (7)
Dungeon Siege 2 loop (103)
August 10th, 2005
FBI IT - Building Another Camel? Mongo (29)
license question Poke (4)
Amazon Platinum Visa (4)
Where's Muppet (64)
Canadian Rule of Law - Guantanamo Mongo (15)
Why would they want gas prices to go lower? Berlin Brown (27)
Where is the shame? (pimples version) Rick Tang (13)
Off Topic influences Oxford Dictionary of English (7)
Why I like Windows stuff... Philo (17)
Where is the shame? (Kara-oke version) Rick Tang (4)
History of Mathematics Rick Tang (34)
Professionalism & US Border Security Mongo (4)
Politically Correct KidPix Qwerty (2)
So...it has rained, everyday for 5 months now? Berlin Brown (10)
Comments on Weight Chubby Chaser (144)
The Aristocrats Saw it yesterday... (1)
best softwaree writing 2 FaLing@Orbiz.ch (4)
ok ladies, which women here would be happy if their boyfriend... Jesus H Christ (34)
The quantum observer Joel Goodwin (37)
Tour package... Another poster... (9)
S. Korean man dies after 50 hours of computer games loop (16)
August 9th, 2005
lies FaLing@Orbiz.ch (15)
We're not beaming usenet into space, are we? Philo (6)
Why I Will Never Have A Girlfriend loop (20)
christina golden rule not as good as the confucian golden rule son of parnas (37)
Trading Spouses - question for the masses sharkfish (31)
OSX music software FaLing@Orbiz.ch (15)
Filthy Funny (not _that_ bad) I am Jack's infinite id (6)
Okay Muppet, explain this... Chris McKinstry (75)
Wow, what a *great* plan! Mat Hall (26)
Oh good grief muppet (15)
The State Of Surveillance Chris McKinstry (18)
RFID license plates - how much of a privacy threat? John C. (22)
Can somebody seriously and reasonably explain muppet (34)
Faith is science MarkTAW (3)
1,800 dead US troops in Iraq? Try 9,000. muppet (39)
Science is faith Joel Goodwin (140)
Linux/MS (new angle...) Jesus H Christ (8)
So you wanna stay in US after your visa expires? Grind me baby (8)
August 8th, 2005
Work reference for resigning employee/subordinate? Davids (13)
crohn's disease marktaw (on my girlfriend's treo) (43)
I hate when children cry ... philo (50)
On the offchance anyone has an HP notebook... Alex (8)
DST Cures Cancer? DST For President (5)
Global economics, Property and a new Kirstie Allsop Video!!! megaflop (3)
Labour dispute Anon this time (7)
Great idea for a 'plonk' filter on JOS Bored Bystander (7)
Where is the shame? Chubby Chaser (124)
Science is bogus Aaron F Stanton (62)
XP essentials? Mat Hall (19)
In-Car Sat Nav Paul (4)
What possible methods muppet (66)
"Gone West/Gone South" MarkTAW (40)
The ?off Ready Reckoner KayJay (38)
What the hell kind of stupid fetish is this? muppet (17)
RFID on Foreign Nationals MarkTAW (34)
August 7th, 2005
Information-ism versus Capitalism Berlin Brown (23)
Britain introduces thought control Jesus H Christ (40)
England wins 2nd test by 2 runs a cynic writes... (15)
The strange absence of certain products in America Ian Boys (22)
Those were the days Jim Rankin (1)
August 6th, 2005
OK so now that I've got a Tiger upgrade CD muppet (37)
Terry Pratchett's observatory... a cynic writes... (3)
Some interesting news, missing FoxNews babe Berlin Brown (4)
Beer sharkfish (24)
In keeping with my newfound victimhood sharkfish (12)
global warming photos FaLing@Orbiz.ch (14)
Watching Alexander DVD now sharkfish (78)
First the girl robot, then this... Aaron F Stanton (2)
JavaScript/HTML - Checked Combobox KayJay (2)
August 5th, 2005
Crazy Times RAH's Love Child (11)
There's some weird people out there Ian Boys (12)
Isn't this essentially a failure of the Wikipedia project? muppet (14)
Well, I've got the Republican vote all sewn up now Rev. Philo (3)
OT whitewater rafting trip Rick Tang (3)
trollop, you'll like this Philo (7)
How many have moved to Canada? Steve-O (13)
IT guy gets paid? FaLing@Orbiz.ch (12)
Linux distro for kids? Eric Debois (12)
Sometimes friends aren't trustworthy example (7)
Acid2 Joel Coehoorn (7)
Microsoft, IE 7 and Acid 2 JD (2)
who you gonna believe? thompson_gunner (23)
what do you guys think of this sentence? FaLing@Orbiz.ch (15)
I don't know who this news anchor is muppet (14)
All talk, no action just like muppet (5)
New Business Idea Jeff Barton (19)
HELP ME! I'm DROWNING!! - Iacocca muppet (1)
Oh Lord if only muppet (4)
Copilot Forum Masiosare (1)
Thought of Sathy I don't know why (48)
Democrats, Listen to this man Jim Rankin (58)
How do you pronounce "coax"? Philo (56)
I tried to get through Lord Foul's Bane muppet (34)
Why does a semi-circle have to be 180 degrees? muppet (46)
I'm totally buying this shirt (HAIRY POTTER SPOILERS!!!) muppet (16)
new Al-Qaeda threat Chan (5)
No need to colonise the rest of the Solar Sytem, KayJay (4)
I think the IMDB guys hate me... Philo (10)
August 4th, 2005
Speaking of illegal immigrants MarkTAW (21)
Microsoft's new hire trollop (4)
Zone Alarm vs. Firefox (Me Too) MarkTAW (9)
Moving sharkfish (65)
Pressure getting to Novak? FaLing@Orbiz.ch (1)
Creative Zen Vision Jeff Barton (4)
Google rank Cosmo Kramer (4)
EOS 350D (Digital Rebel XT) Dennis Forbes (16)
Best SPAM ever muppet (24)
Saudi Arabia AllanL5 (3)
Software Vulnerabilities Joel Coehoorn (14)
Note to Hotmail team KayCee (21)
Let's see if this works.. Jared (9)
How do these guys stay alive in our business? Kenny (12)
Lessons from a bad landing Dennis Forbes (78)
Suicide Bomber Killed En Route by Car Bomber. thompson_gunner (1)
It's the little touches... muppet (4)
God is undoubtedly an Englishman Simon Lucy (52)
This explain a great many things... Mat Hall (8)
August 3rd, 2005
Let's get cynical, cynical... Yoey (11)
New American Super Hero -- the PhD Mr. Snuffalufagus (61)
Gene Kranz on Shuttle AllanL5 (23)
Cheers - Wedding invitations - maintaining distances KayJay (25)
Stupid, Seinfeld-type of Question Yoey (12)
I WAS THERE! Dennis Forbes (23)
Bono, Hollywood, fuck me. hoser (14)
Homeland Security to the rescue!! muppet (33)
Gee I can't wait for all of these guys to come home muppet (23)
Browsers and the box model Geert-Jan Thomas (19)
Romancing the corpse and being the sixth man KayJay (110)
TV time (11)
Fisking the "War on Terror" One Trick Pony (5)
Embrace & Extend KayJay (8)
WWW of the US of A PNII (5)
August 2nd, 2005
Why Bush is pushing the space program Philo (29)
Virus Warning Mongo (6)
call to boycott IE 7 (microsoft beaten by OSS?) Jesus H Christ (130)
Waiter guy moved from Blogger JD (0)
Bush supports Rove, Rafael Palmeiro, and "intelligent design" FaLing@Orbiz.ch (5)
Your First Car Jeff Barton (31)
entrepreneurship books? FaLing@Orbiz.ch (6)
identify the logo! john (21)
Dear Godless Visigoth: muppet (25)
Stop teaching science in Bible class! Jim Rankin (21)
Is it less quiet now? muppet (1)
Hehe, someone found my SoG site by Googling text from muppet (8)
Oranges and Trabbis trollop (3)
Six Feet Under Dennis Forbes (24)
BRILLIANT ad placement muppet (1)
You've got to hand it to Apple muppet (34)
A possible cure for cancer Paulo Caetano (9)
Radio drama Joel Goodwin (29)
George Bush and China AllanL5 (9)
Quiet in here today, isn't it? (18)
Well this ain't gonna happen... Flasher T (25)
Lost - recommended? Joel Goodwin (9)
August 1st, 2005
You want to see something cool? Berlin Brown (12)
is it just me or is philo.... Jesus H Christ (33)
A Watch to display multiple time zones (22)
Speaking of churches Andrew Hurst (15)
Family Guy Mat Hall (9)
XP Networking (5)
IE7 Beta Hari (23)