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July 31st, 2017
Trump troeven trollop (3 comments)
One of these is not like the others trollop (6)
Going veggie for the Fast Shylock (7)
New CEO move The Intelligence Man (2)
Anyone want to be White House Communication Director? xampl9 (10)
Israeli singer drown at sea Dan (0)
I salute Prez Trump! WorldRoverski (13)
That was quick Yoda (17)
Thank you Obama! This is your great accomplishment. WorldRoverski (6)
A must for any daytrader! Yoda (8)
Divorce Corp - the movie Daddy S (4)
Afraid of nuke? LeMonde (8)
The GOP libtard_uk (7)
July 30th, 2017
Star Trek: Discovery xampl9 (0)
Chill/Study music xampl9 (1)
Next episode of Star Trek Continues is up xampl9 (7)
Music Break Music Monkey (2)
What no one ever told you about people who are single Markowitch (18)
Jony Ives, you asshole Yoda (13)
Fat chick won't take no for an answer Joe (10)
is no name for a Bambo Rambo (4)
Any of you guys ride bikes? Recreational Biker (21)
Contractor murders couple over work dispute NPR (13)
Rebels fire missile at Assad post The Intelligence (0)
July 29th, 2017
Free speech har har Yoda (11)
The daily thought Glengo (3)
Applying Sexual Economics Theory to Mating Contests Yoda (8)
R.I.P. Libor Yoda (0)
How Work changed to make us all passionate quitters Markowitch (12)
The new email scam... WildRiver (4)
Another class of people I wouldn't hire Legion (25)
July 28th, 2017
Cheating On Take-Home Coding Tests FSK (25)
I will not be here for a while LeMonDe (5)
Microsoft Data Science Certificate NPR (4)
"Sans Sharif" font scandal Reflection (1)
Which one of you have CCW permit? WorldRoverski (25)
Joe, I got your dating problem solved! Get yourself a passport WorldRoverski (4)
Well, well, well...Russia, Russia, Russia? WorldRoverski (3)
British accent Io (13)
Is there any value in a psychology degree? Joe (12)
Sometimes I think programmers are their own worst enemy Ruseman (30)
Rickrolling turns 30 , Cup (3)
July 27th, 2017
Survey Shows Social Isolation, Sexual Rejection Sympathy for Transgender America (9)
South Africa questions Curious (9)
How to kill a fun, interesting brand - let Bezos buy it Bored Bystander (23)
I watched Prometheus again xampl9 (2)
What is your take on Jesse Ventura?  Alpha male or blowhard? President of the Brice Fan Club (5)
Trump donates his Salary to Dept of Education Simulacrum (9)
Online dating, is it time to pull the plug? Joe (29)
July 26th, 2017
Wow, this explosion is only second in size behind the big bang! WildRiver (5)
Bored: Amazon hosting for web agencies NPR (20)
UK citizens. Get ready for your horses and buggies again! WorldRoverski (23)
Was this ever a thing in your childhood in USA? Bluebeard (22)
Would you wear a uniform to work? just a grunt (31)
Blanda Upp Infuriating! (9)
Which language is the funniest? LeMonDe (3)
Big, big problems for them. Alfie McBeal (0)
2017 top 100 The Intelligence (9)
July 25th, 2017
Revoke Obamacare, part 56 SaveTheHubble (13)
Io, I thank you Romania! WorldRoverski (2)
Look at GE stock! What's a piece of shit MBA Jeff Immelt did. WorldRoverski (6)
Buying the milk and the cow Hilarious! (3)
RP, you are fired! WorldRoverski (0)
This time... The Intelligence (3)
Hey Joe. This one is a good one too. WorldRoverski (1)
Hey Joe, you should be dating this girl. WorldRoverski (0)
that yoga teacher that was killed by a crazy black nut Pestular Croaker (5)
Guys, tell me how this site got the data on everything? WorldRoverski (2)
Got contacted about a finance role NPR (12)
Water is wet Io (7)
Three Soldiers killed by Jordanian (Last November) The Intelligence (2)
July 24th, 2017
A CoT survey for all you greenies. WildRiver (8)
Comrade Kushner speaks of his love for the Russian people Bluebeard (1)
See for yourself how Muslim "friends" attacked US soldiers. WorldRoverski (6)
Release the Hounds NPR (4)
Facebook Retards: case study Pork Lunch (17)
Say you want to start an information company? WorldRoverski (2)
“The techies are living the dream. It’s for them.” Bluebeard (25)
Say you want to start a big data business? WorldRoverski (1)
Gates and Common Core What is the deal? (2)
Beat Shazam John (2)
Tech fields, in general, are breeding grounds for betas Alpha Male (12)
July 23rd, 2017
Git - Still A Piece Of Shit FSK (20)
Peer review FTW Yoda (3)
Forgotten Obama scandal Yoda (2)
I went in a lunch date....any red flags? Joe (74)
This time... a work of art.... The Intelligence (7)
editorial by Pence Pestular Croaker (4)
Dunkirk Simulacrum (40)
Sessions is a Russian agent PaveTheStubble (0)
As I predicted Shylock (25)
Photo Archiving Shylock (52)
July 22nd, 2017
Only 45% of Trump voters ... libtard_uk (7)
NPR online biz Monk (8)
should all Palestinians be killed? Pestular Croaker (8)
clandestine agent Pestular Croaker (0)
July 21st, 2017
Why are MGTOW not welcome here? MGTOW (46)
Meet Your New Landlord: Wall Street (Home Rental Goes Corporate) Tom (20)
The similarities between Macron and Trump Yoda (10)
how many tabs do you keep open? Tab dude (19)
Bye bye Spicer Bluebeard (1)
the weather in france is nice Pestular Croaker (3)
Trump border policies create massive innovation Pestular Croaker (3)
Betrayed! Pestular Croaker (14)
Toddler bicycle race Lotti Fuehrscheim (1)
Is BI a good career track? NPR (25)
Obama was planning to impose "martial law" Pestular Croaker (3)
Corporate life Io (9)
Trump preparing to pardon his people Yoda (28)
July 20th, 2017
The Netherlands not as open minded as you would think Shylock (19)
OJ Pardoned Pestular Croaker (13)
Nunchucks MobyDobie (18)
JPL staff PaveTheStubble (11)
Strange hand gesture affectation, luxuriant beard... Bluebeard (4)
Change blindness Markowitch (3)
My first boss is over 90 and still works LeMonDe (3)
Walking in Paris The Intelligence (0)
My orthodonist is 77 and still working Tom (8)
Clinton vs Trump - who is more popular Pestular Croaker (18)
Do any of these women pass the Pestular Croaker test? Joe (34)
DIY insulin pump Pestular Croaker (3)
Florida drug dealer arrested after calling police to report his Yoda (1)
This is what you get when you have a dictatorship in your WorldRoverski (0)
Happy Moon Landing Day xampl9 (10)
July 19th, 2017
US Supreme Court: Trump's Immigration ban is CONSTITUTIONAL Pestular Croaker (2)
Critical Essay on Goodnight Moon Shylock (2)
Limp Dick Motherfucker... Pestular Croaker (8)
McCain has a brain tumor Wabi-sabi (12)
Putin doesn't want anything from Trump Yoda (17)
Hubble, you will like this decision by Prez Trump. WorldRoverski (4)
Hubble, are you applauding central bankers? WorldRoverski (2)
10 years since stock market crashed in 2007. WorldRoverski (16)
Born to Bluebeard (4)
Scott Adams is senile Simulacrum (7)
Something to bring Dems and GOP together Yoda (51)
Has anyone of you ever worked with database replication? WorldRoverski (13)
Noor's statement Pestular Croaker (4)
I'm going to give a go of online business NPR (33)
I disagree with this bullshit decision. Why are we wasting WorldRoverski (9)
How Democratic Party blocked single payer health care from USA Yoda (3)
Brice, I have a question about contracting/consulting. WorldRoverski (7)
Brother! Have you heard the Good News? (Technology version) Shylock (4)
The price of college classes went up big time the last decade Tom (21)
Death penalty for Bannon? Yoda (6)
this time... surprise... The Intelligence (2)
What a fucking snowflake Shylock (12)
interview with attorney on clinton death list Pestular Croaker (0)
The latest Planet of the Apes film (spoilers) Alfie McBeal (1)
How would you feel... Alfie McBeal (39)
July 18th, 2017
Alleged latest alphabet soup skills in demand Bluebeard (6)
Enemy Bluebeard (1)
100% of Republican female Senators vote against Obamacare repeal Wabi-sabi (9)
Hold on Bluebeard (0)
AI & Machine Learning - It's Here Brice Richard (41)
Departure Delayed Lotti Fuehrscheim (18)
So, I finally got an offer Shylock (31)
Language Io (0)
US child gets four consecutive life sentences for armed robbery Bluebeard (8)
Loss of precision in SQL xampl9 (20)
Star Trek: Beyond (summer 2016) Bored Bystander (27)
Rampaging Somalian pieces of shit in the news again Pestular Croaker (3)
partial audio of yoga teacher murder released Pestular Croaker (6)
Ongoing Clinton collusion with Russians keeps getting worse Pestular Croaker (10)
RP, can we have all cops taking IQ test and we remove all WorldRoverski (8)
Geert Wilders Lotti Fuehrscheim (11)
the first six months Pestular Croaker (4)
Glorious misinformation that will take root Simulacrum (13)
So, going not quite vegan Shylock (20)
Which ones of you expired? Io (11)
Retards and machine learning Io (8)
July 17th, 2017
Most productive president ever The Intelligence Man (11)
Why does ReportViewer make something that should be simple so Mike (16)
Two pop culture greats bit it over the weekend Bored Bystander (7)
OK, now we are getting some more info on that Aussie woman WorldRoverski (18)
We haven't talked stock trading for a while...what's going, WorldRoverski (10)
God Bless Admiral Halsey! WorldRoverski (4)
The US has the very very best health care system , Cup (25)
Mosul Poker Face (9)
GoT S7 Zion (6)
July 16th, 2017
Female Doctor Who - PC BS FSK (33)
Kid gets it right trollop (6)
Almost 1000 atomic weapons detonated xampl9 (0)
Persistent Vegetative State Pestular Croaker (0)
Tap NYT bestseller Pestular Croaker (6)
Millionaires on Welfare Pestular Croaker (0)
John McCain blood clot SaveTheHubble (9)
Trump: fixing America more important than funding Saudis Pestular Croaker (8)
I had a frightening thought NPR (3)
Badass of the week Yoda (2)
Ordered a new phone Io (1)
I was right, the Dalai Lama eats animals NPR (8)
Social games in Mosul The Intelligence (14)
July 15th, 2017
fun podesta email Pestular Croaker (6)
Charity Navigator gives Clinton Foundation 4 Stars! Pestular Croaker (3)
The Wall is in process of construction Pestular Croaker (6)
Hobbies can clutter up your house. WildRiver (4)
I start to hate electronics equipments. I tell you why. WildRiver (11)
Experiment with the kid Io (0)
What is Daddy's net worth now? Bluebeard (10)
Want to commit insider trading? Here's how not to do it. Yoda (3)
Damn Romanians! Pestular Croaker (6)
American bravery in combat Yoda (5)
July 14th, 2017
Bungled Collusion Is Still Collusion Flew (4)
Trump didn't get the joke Yoda (10)
Almost forgot to renew the domain... Almost Anonymous (12)
Doxxer in Chief Shylock (13)
MLS Simulacrum (27)
How many of you have eaten rabbit, deer, and wild board? WorldRoverski (20)
RP, can you analyze this weird situation? WorldRoverski (12)
Yo, liberals. What do you think abou this? WorldRoverski (10)
Darn pidgin Io (17)
Summary of US stock market low/high WorldRoverski (7)
Why do these 4 elements make up most of living things? WorldRoverski (5)
Buildings Designed Like Software SaveTheHubble (8)
hate crime charges in washington state Pestular Croaker (7)
High-functioning alcoholic Io (12)
14 Juillet Lotti Fuehrscheim (5)
Getting blamed for something outside my control .. (19)
July 13th, 2017
State-sponsored quackery Yoda (5)
language id test Scott (31)
New Freelancer/Small Business Term Bored Bystander (5)
Israel is creating more terrorists? WildRiver (15)
One word: elegant. WildRiver (6)
Ancient runes to trap an AI car Yoda (1)
Canadian housing bubble and its economy may crash? WildRiver (6)
Is this guy a hack? WildRiver (5)
Wall is Coming! Pestular Croaker (19)
NASA admits... Io (5)
Now this is just a coincidence Shylock (4)
Trump with his handlers? Yoda (4)
Article of Impeachment introduced xampl9 (13)
Perfect little greenhouse NPR (6)
Oregon may be first state to de-felonize drug possession Wabi-sabi (7)
Drone flight school opens in Netherlands Yoda (0)
July 12th, 2017
Now I believe Rk (4)
Idiot Coworker Got A Job At Facebook FSK (45)
Best smoke ya ever had! xampl9 (13)
Putin's mystery guest! WorldRoverski (2)
Australia - don't screw up! WorldRoverski (2)
USA Update Pestular Croaker (11)
RP, what do you think about this IP camera server? WorldRoverski (2)
How come Hillary is not in prison like this guy? WorldRoverski (2)
It's Romania week! Go Romania. WorldRoverski (4)
Have you eaten everything on this list yet? WorldRoverski (21)
4000 cows will fly to Qatar Lotti Fuehrscheim (11)
Whatup? Anonymous Ninja (2)
Biggest iceberg in history , Cup (25)
Trump Jr. didn't delete his emails. WorldRoverski (13)
Let settle this Russian issue thing! WorldRoverski (9)
Does anyone have suggestions for home security cameras? Lance (17)
An annotated digest of the top HN posts Io (4)
Why CPUs don't follow the JavaScript framework pattern? Io (4)
July 11th, 2017
What time is it? MS (42)
As a non-American Alfie McBeal (17)
This is truly the age of the Pestular Idiot Bluebeard (36)
So you wanna be greenie...however, you still use oil. WorldRoverski (0)
Startups can die by raising too much money NPR (2)
The pilot must be on drug! WorldRoverski (4)
Don't sit in your tub while using cellphone (plugged in) WorldRoverski (17)
RP and Shylock, check this out. WorldRoverski (11)
Russian lawyer worked for Hillary, was catfish op Pestular Croaker (11)
OK, now they've got the email Shylock (80)
I received a tax bill from the Federal Gov. What do you think WorldRoverski (39)
I received a job offer.  Should I consider jumping ship?  Part 2 .. (33)
So my boss says that one of my co-workers may be on his way out .. (5)
July 10th, 2017
Rii Rii Rii Rk (7)
Hillary's Pedo-Ring Cover-Up Pestular Croaker (3)
Biometric data stolen from corporate lunch rooms system Yoda (0)
Affiliate marketing The Intelligence (26)
My co-workers caught me pooping in the conference room NPR (6)
Home electricity bill Wabi-sabi (33)
Should I become a social media "influencer"? NPR (13)
Companies want "JIT" employees. WorldRoverski (24)
Romania - is it Roman or Slavic? WorldRoverski (10)
How much would you expect to get paid for being a combat WorldRoverski (35)
Responding to a job offer via phone vs. e-mail .. (13)
The leader of a tech company is very important. WorldRoverski (10)
Indian outsourcing company complains of getting outsourced Io (7)
PHP and Hack NPR (5)
Everything that's wrong with C++ in a nutshell Io (25)
Ri Ri Ri Shylock (23)
Kidnapped in Romania Io (2)
July 9th, 2017
CNN hires top al Qaeda propagandist Pestular Croaker (0)
Bored Bluebeard (22)
Under the eye of the Martini Lotti Fuehrscheim (7)
China bans LGBT depiction Pestular Croaker (6)
Ever take a job and within 2 weeks realize it was a mistake? BurgerMeister (17)
Is there such a thing as... Io (7)
My wife Legion (8)
Terms of Surrender have been signed Shylock (4)
Good job Poland! Shylock (11)
July 8th, 2017
Yeah Microsoft! Shylock (8)
Corp-to-Corp xampl9 (24)
Civil War Almost Anonny Moose (8)
Why do EE, ME, and Chemical Engineers don't take fizzbuzz test? WildRiver (11)
We need cyanide capsule for this guy. WildRiver (4)
Fizzbuzz: how long to build a program? Bored Bystander (59)
Highlights from the Podesta email leak Pestular Croaker (8)
The Obamacare trade Yoda (1)
Ivanka's got that covered Yoda (21)
Pistachio shells trollop (3)
"Marco Rubio dared me to do it." Pestular Croaker (0)
Good at programming competitions does not equal good on the job Io (9)
July 7th, 2017
I received a job offer.  Should I consider jumping ship? .. (42)
Canada awards terrorist 10M O'Canal (16)
Bum called me an "asshole" NPR (42)
Woman finds out her parents are siblings MS (14)
First Lady held hostage in Hamburg by jihadists Yoda (3)
Trump said of meeting his mentor Putin Student programmer (12)
Trump vs Mexico at G20 Pestular Croaker (12)
Tour to Warffum Lotti Fuehrscheim (8)
Liberals want a paradise like Venezuela. WorldRoverski (15)
Prez Trump is DA MAN! WorldRoverski (7)
Castille widow wins $3M settlement Pestular Croaker (0)
NYC Democrats can't do what it takes to maintain the city! WorldRoverski (7)
Hobby Lobby felony smuggling ring Pestular Croaker (17)
I agree with this article. WorldRoverski (17)
Productive people even in their darkest hours. WorldRoverski (6)
We miss the good old days... WorldRoverski (11)
Germany is so against Russian aggression. WorldRoverski (2)
Don't tell the recruiter who else you're interviewing with NPR (16)
The US after the Trump Administration Shylock (10)
Motivation is key Yoda (4)
Sistas over bros Yoda (13)
Alt-Right Facebook Groups Pork Lunch (2)
July 6th, 2017
The Hotel Magnate Shylock (21)
It is true that liberals dominate the tech industry population. WorldRoverski (13)
It's Poland appreciation day! WorldRoverski (1)
President Trump: Obamacare doing well Shylock (31)
Can you answer Prez Trump questions? WorldRover (7)
Please remember this! We will visit it later in time. WorldRover (17)
The Riot Games20, live Lotti Fuehrscheim (0)
For ,Cup Shylock (20)
Carbon is life but carbon is also pollution. WorldRover (3)
I just landed myself in a shithole of a place BurgerMeister (8)
Sword of Ommerschans Lotti Fuehrscheim (8)
Accredited investors? NPR (28)
Yoda, remember when Obama didn't want missile defense in Poland? WorldRover (1)
When a business advertises "New Management" Simulacrum (6)
EU-Japan trade deal Lee (1)
July 5th, 2017
Question about datatbase processing. WildRiver (42)
Git Legion (16)
Newsweek proves Trump using Communist tactics PaveTheStubble (3)
What the hell is wrong with you people?! Yoda (4)
How Trump is fucking up US environment Yoda (35)
True or not? WorldRover (1)
$80,000 degree new grads are ignoring NPR (11)
RP, you need to join IDF. WorldRover (8)
Hmmm, Germany is a traitor as I have suspected years ago. WorldRover (21)
Can you spot my friend RP in this crowd? WorldRover (0)
Using corn for ethanol fuel blend is ridiculous. Can we come WorldRover (41)
Does Obama have an answer for his hometown or just more of the WorldRover (17)
HN title: I'm not a Woman in Tech Io (7)
Can we fire this software guy? Is he H1B? WorldRover (13)
Is it Poland's turn? Shylock (24)
Swiss start-ups to enjoy huge cash boost Io (5)
African-Russians Io (18)
July 4th, 2017
good news - author of journalist threat identified PaveTheStubble (4)
chinese electric cars are filthy Pestular Croaker (5)
Go watch some TV xampl9 (0)
interesting personal look into an IS child soldier Pestular Croaker (3)
Roger the Milk Man Shylock (1)
Sycophants Yoda (27)
Happy 4th to all Americans! WildRiver (21)
Brexit - Why not vote again? Simulacrum (23)
Rap: by idiots, for idiots Yoda (5)
First it was "food porn", now it's time for... Yoda (4)
The Goldman Sachs takeover of the US government Yoda (14)
July 3rd, 2017
Lots of 'tards living kick-ass lives NPR (14)
What US allies are up to in the ME Yoda (7)
Skeleton in the cupboard Lotti Fuehrscheim (1)
Are NBA players overpaid? Lee (25)
Trump saves $22 million cutting whitehouse patronage jobs Pestular Croaker (11)
Aging industries? Please give me a list in your opinion. WorldRover (12)
Now this is a world class Fuck You Shylock (20)
Summer games in Syria The Intelligence (4)
July 2nd, 2017
You're dereferencing a null pointer! Almost Anonymous (25)
No need to be so hostile Almost Anonymous (13)
How do you reslope a gutter? Wabi-sabi (10)
SpaceX launching again (live stream) xampl9 (4)
CoT poster passes away libtard_uk (8)
Obama is pro EU and Muslim while kicking down his own country! WildRiver (45)
Cool chairs designed by a Japanese guy? I thought it was Nordic WildRiver (9)
Sunday mornings with Trump Pestular Croaker (10)
Wabi accused me of crypto-Nazi. WTH? WildRiver (16)
STEM hottie's take on quantum mechanics Bluebeard (4)
Weaponization of NASA Pestular Croaker (6)
Maker spaces ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (5)
July 1st, 2017
Make CoT Great Again: Part 2 Wabi-sabi (20)
the greatest contemporary artist and philosopher Pestular Croaker (4)
Democrats don't want voter fraud investigations Pestular Croaker (5)
Woo hoo Civil War! Almost Anonymous (5)
Did the Democrats ever *want* single payer healthcare? Yoda (35)
The big lie of the Remain campaign [Brexit] Yoda (60)
Yoda, why does Poland export crude when it also imports crude? WildRiver (6)
Obama: no pipeline is needed. It is safer to transport by train WildRiver (14)
Shot on iPhone Yoda (16)
A survey for CoT members. WildRiver (3)
Latest news from Kensington & Chelsea Yoda (0)
massive vote fraud across the US Pestular Croaker (2)
NASA admits to plans to use asteroid to attack Mars Pestular Croaker (2)
NASA admits to Martian nuclear scheme Pestular Croaker (1)
Yet More Crazy-Ass Shit Going Down on Mars! Pestular Croaker (5)
McMansionHell is back on the air xampl9 (3)
C/C++: more reasons to stab yourself in the face Wabi-sabi (12)