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July 31st, 2013
Awesome insults Shylock (17 comments)
Is anyone here ripped but not just toned Bot Berlin (13)
value system, or class? wtf (14)
Navy Seals are Yesterday Compley (0)
Google searches prompt FBI visit Bot Berlin (6)
Offer NPR (10)
Here's a challenge for the CoT crowd Shylock (5)
July 30th, 2013
another fascinating shipwreck story C. McGhee (5)
My Cock is in Pain I was comforting Mrs. Rosen (0)
120 years in prison for Bradley Manning C. McGhee (20)
A WWII Refugee story I had never heard of Shylock (0)
Incredible df (13)
Vaping Advertisement JoC (25)
Spitzer: I agree with Morons, Shylock is wrong Morons (8)
PostgreSQL xampl9 (Windows Phone) (26)
Interesting analysis of the damage the NSA has done Shylock (17)
Being a gold bug Shylock (19)
Too FAT to live in this country PigPen (40)
July 29th, 2013
NYC cops not just corrupt, also cowards Craggie (9)
Well, that's the UK fucked Colm (8)
My son's daycare is closing unexpectedly... Wayne (12)
"Why are Googlers disloyal?" C. McGhee (6)
RoR Book Club? hoyza (2)
Javascript summary SaveTheHubble (6)
Bot's boston fuck up in NYT R. (5)
rare six legged octopus found! C. McGhee (22)
Co-workers that have nothing better to do than worry about.... James (14)
July 28th, 2013
Benji Smith's "Abandoned Ship" Legion (16)
How the Chinese censor Colm (11)
a problem with the internet R. (14)
Black speech vocal inflexion Q (7)
AWS has a free tier now xampl (20)
Hormonal responses to child sex abuse (new study) Regular Poster (10)
Software guys fucked 911, real engineers deliver the goods reddit reporter (0)
Sorry about the 911 system reddit reporter (1)
5 Famous Hidden Song Meanings (That Are Total B.S.) less is more (1)
NYC subway: Attacks on culture and the free expression of art gunbot (9)
Zealot, the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth Let's read a book for a change. (5)
July 27th, 2013
Bot's TV show review Bot Berlin (9)
7 dead shooting in florida gunbot (2)
CodingHorror new post SaveTheHubble (23)
US Military wants pacemaker hackers C. McGhee (3)
13 out of 20 Asseby (6)
Being an asshole to fat people doesn't help Colm (32)
July 26th, 2013
change.gov changed C. McGhee (20)
Cop Who Pepper-Sprayed Students At Occupy Protest Wants Worker Duckbill (21)
Rent-a-coder, odesk, etc. API access xampl9 (13)
Second languages Io (27)
In support of Pussy Riot Lodewijk. (2)
What you learn in a college CS program C. McGhee (14)
While the media's obsessed with dick pics Shylock (4)
Should PhDs be payed more? Io (22)
Snowden to be sent to US C. McGhee (6)
young hacker dies before demonstrating hack C. McGhee (7)
When conspiracy theories are taken seriously Shylock (21)
Has the electorate become more informed? df (15)
Impossible to catch up hoyza (61)
Hub, still trust the FISA court? Shylock (10)
July 25th, 2013
Meta: Why does the signature hash change with signature? Legion (10)
Fizzbuzz Leaf (67)
Question for Quant and/or Io Shylock on a phone (12)
Silent hordes Bill42x (14)
The balls on this guy Shylock (2)
Chinglish has a new rival Shylock (20)
Bit of advice CircusAttraction (7)
From the "Scammy looking products that surprisingly actually... muppet (10)
watch people die C. McGhee (11)
FB up 25% Kenny (1)
A Real Obama Disaster SaveTheHubble (8)
Ending the NSA's mass surveillance - for good Shylock (34)
Omg omg omg omg omg Io (0)
Queen Elizabeth on gay marriage Quant (13)
July 24th, 2013
Creating new IT jobs in US No Name Shill (4)
Digital relationships xampl9 (15)
How much of a millenial are you? xampl9 (33)
What the fuck is terrorism? Bot Berlin (15)
massive tech skills shortage - more H1Bs the answer? C. McGhee (14)
Remember Benji Smith? He was on that Italian Cruise Ship! Legion (16)
girl learns coding by making 180 websites Scott (10)
Disappointment in new hire Legion (63)
So here's what Security is like, circa 1978 SaveTheHubble (3)
Some memories of working at Sun.  Funny! SaveTheHubble (19)
Snowden out of airport SaveTheHubble (21)
Ponzi scheme in Bit-coins -- that didn't take long SaveTheHubble (5)
NYPD has never stoppee & frisked anyone who didn't deserve it xampl9 (Windows Phone) (10)
C. McGhee accidentally offers me $100k Colm (9)
Obama declares war on Russia. Seriously, dude? C. McGhee (17)
banks accidentally steal another house C. McGhee (13)
C. McGhee accidentally cites ~15 scientific studies... Colm (27)
July 23rd, 2013
When are politicians going to say, None of your fucking business Shylock (42)
Detroit bailout C. McGhee (12)
C'mon NSA, you can do better than this Shylock (1)
How to choose a smartphone? Leaf (8)
Here's something Muppet could have written SaveTheHubble (5)
What is the best way to get out of a rut? CM (37)
Anyone have experience with Crystal Reports? Mike (19)
Good article about Detroit Shylock (18)
I found a way to make MindPixel work as intended Dr. Horrorwitz (34)
Judge Rules White Girl Will Be Tried As Black Adult Colm (3)
US government begins private gold confiscations C. McGhee (37)
Zimmerman questioned by police over new incident C. McGhee (13)
Why is every Microsoft upgrade such a pain in the ass? Chuck (8)
July 22nd, 2013
state of the art in web spidering & scraping Discuss! (6)
Oh golly gee those Saudi mofos sure are ... Different reddit reporter (2)
Princess Vespa is xampl9 (7)
What are the advantages of using Google+? Leaf (2)
Gun death gunbot (2)
Fined for false alarms NPR (12)
This is terrifying Shylock (13)
We fought for Independence Shylock (21)
Is linguistics a science or a social science? Shylock (28)
police need your nude pics for homeland security C. McGhee (5)
It's a boy PigPen (14)
Dear Callcenter, please enable my Boobies access PigPen (12)
Gold at 13-month high Dr. Horrorwitz (36)
Exclusive Footage of Birth of Royal Baby! NPR (4)
Evolution of Direct3D SaveTheHubble (1)
Is being a software consultant really better than being a full t Chuck (42)
Systemic problems with pensions ... we are all fucked PigPen (68)
Psychological profile of a trader Quant (1)
Societal norms in 2013 Bluebeard (14)
Plain packaging might be succeeding less is more (25)
Teen saves family by shooting intruder C. McGhee (18)
What are some good books or online tutorials to learn.... Ted (9)
July 21st, 2013
Nate silver reddit (1)
Statolatry NPR (8)
Why you should never trust a data scientist Shylock (10)
Scalia ....  Holocaust ... judges interpreting the law Discuss! (45)
Trayvon was a lowlife with excessive melanin content, etc. Mëtäl Ümläüt (10)
yemeni chatterbox C. McGhee (5)
nice bench C. McGhee (9)
Can't say I feel bad for these guys Shylock (30)
considered polite on youtube R. (4)
crack baby study ends C. McGhee (17)
Serious intimacy issues that need to be dealt with... Leaf (25)
Maobama's America Shylock (13)
July 20th, 2013
McDonald's Budget NPR (20)
drone hunting C. McGhee (4)
Speed enforced by drones NPR (0)
As a Libertarian President... Bot Berlin (27)
man defends valuable trailer against intruder with shotgun C. McGhee (1)
July 19th, 2013
We have to reconsider the notion of self-defense NPR (15)
pardon for turing fanta (12)
So, if T was white and Z was black Shylock (9)
Even Obama hates Zimmerman Bot Berlin (9)
Go JoC (4)
Bill Oddie programs Rage less is more (4)
Hard to believe this guy was appointed by a Republican Shylock (10)
Would people pay for this? Shylock (27)
brick and mortar stores tracking too C. McGhee (32)
Any good utilities to convert from ANSI to UTF-8? Shylock (25)
Wired names Sarah Sharp as new Civil Rights Hero Scott (16)
Transplants C. McGhee (3)
Mitt Romney buys all the blood in England C. McGhee (20)
A guy who is living that Tom Hanks movie about airports Leaf (2)
Let's Pretend This Never Happened Legion (0)
July 18th, 2013
religious freedom case in LA C. McGhee (46)
Non-hot babes Leaf (27)
hot babes C. McGhee (6)
and more nuanced than previously expected C. McGhee (0)
The War on Oral and Anal Shylock (11)
Billionaire Heir to SC Johnson Fortune Accused of Molesting Teen fanta (7)
Detroit files bankruptcy C. McGhee (65)
Children's TV is bad for you PigPen (4)
CIA station chief arrested ... for kidnapping PigPen (5)
Fire that definitely was NOT battery... was battery C. McGhee (7)
Department of homeland security goes full retard Colm (9)
Comfort robs us of enjoyment df (16)
Logical black man's thoughts on Zimmerman case Bot Berlin (6)
Finally got myself an SSD... Kenny (19)
Daddy's House is spawning again SaveTheHubble (15)
Boy who fired fatal shot in Belleville is 6 years old gunbot (2)
Should I use a carousel? Colm (7)
July 17th, 2013
This lady for President Shylock (14)
Michael Hastings case twist C. McGhee (3)
my new book arrived! C. McGhee (20)
Any idea where I can find 32 bit Oracle ODBC drivers? Shylock (3)
/r/atheism is dead C. McGhee (4)
Tyrannical boss gets told to lay off his developers Lurker Indeed (92)
OK Microsoft, ¿¿¿WTF??? Shylock (13)
I'm expecting Morons to say, happy to be wrong Shylock (32)
Hangover without drinking Io (16)
Saw Pacific Heights tonight NRP (5)
Sydney goes Marbles less is more (7)
July 16th, 2013
Run baby run Bot Baden (1)
Saw Pacific Rim tonight NPR (7)
WARNING:Cot sucks now Gunbot (6)
Henk Helmantel Lodewijk. (11)
United Nations resolutions against arms trafficking C. McGhee (5)
Republicans say Snowden is a Patriot and Hero C. McGhee (6)
Did Snowden Qualify for... No Name (12)
How gun nuts are created Quant (6)
Work till you drop, avoid Alzheimers new study suggests Bluebeard (12)
Black people who think Zimmerman shouldnt have been convicted MobyDobie (6)
outlook on NSA C. McGhee (2)
July 15th, 2013
WARNING: fake bot guy has multiple deletes, is censoring real Bo C. McGhee (5)
...On the other hand Bot Berlin (51)
Race in America summed up Bot Berlin (7)
Bing Maps has inertial zoom - do not want C. McGhee (16)
Drunk with guns Gunbot (1)
"Stand your ground" protection does not apply to women Quant (31)
Pacific Rim is a childrens movie Leaf (19)
postdoc C. McGhee (20)
The economy is back to normal xampl9 (Windows Phone) (19)
Currently being berated on /r/parenting muppet (20)
Yeah, so this happened muppet (11)
come work with me? hoyza (15)
July 14th, 2013
Question for Bot xampl9 (2)
A language is being born Shylock (6)
Israel declares war against Syria Quant (30)
bla bla bla, bla bla bla fidelio (1)
reddit makes me happy reddit reporter (1)
snowden:I did not partner with any foreign government to guarant Bot Baden-Württemberg (8)
Snowden Peace Prize movement gaining steam C. McGhee (17)
The end of Aramaic Shylock (14)
Glenn greenwald Bot Horrorwitz (13)
Nice article on (slow) mobile web apps and GC Trog (8)
July 13th, 2013
zimmerman not guilty Bot Baden-Württemberg (53)
What the Microsoft Memo Actually Said hoyza (12)
Phantom Time Hypothesis Lodewijk. (5)
Man Critically Injured In Reported Racially-Charged Incident Reddit reporter clone (14)
Mandatory Gun Training for 6 yr olds C. McGhee (13)
Trayvon's cell records C. McGhee (21)
Austrian Navy? Lodewijk. (5)
The unspeakable. Io (11)
Naturality of disagreement Io (6)
Budgeting Io (20)
Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Venezuela withdraw ambasdrs C. McGhee (15)
July 12th, 2013
major record label Bot Baden-Württemberg (5)
Obama considers pretending NSA programs have been canceled Bot Baden-Württemberg (1)
Pilot's names released C. McGhee (1)
Old computers with new hardware MobyDobie (17)
The US is officially insane Shylock (19)
Another cool use of the web Shylock (0)
Monster.com requires you to state race and gender C. McGhee (7)
Human organizational structure Io (11)
lithium batteries still setting planes on fire C. McGhee (10)
The Week No Longer has.. No Name (3)
NSA records given to Chevron C. McGhee (1)
Chickens coming home to roost Shylock (4)
Quiet in the City Shylock (12)
Have a great day New Baden (3)
World War Z (Re: xampl9) Io (13)
Fix potholes, go to jail Colm (2)
July 11th, 2013
Yet another reason the gold standard is a barbarous relic Shylock (12)
Arnold on reddit C. McGhee (2)
Hezbollah vs. Al Qaeda Shylock (8)
Amusing minor faux pas brone (3)
Microsoft added backdoors to all encryption products C. McGhee (7)
Etymological pitfalls Lodewijk. (2)
'Agar the 'Orrible laptop trollop (1)
Lousy stinking breeders Bored Bystander (14)
"It's the Koreans, stupid" - a captain speaks out C. McGhee (21)
car tracking C. McGhee (0)
global warming Big Al (1)
Time: Snowden has given all secrets to Russians Frank (5)
This is why people go to college SaveTheHubble (0)
Not a coup MobyDobie (24)
Optimism is trainable Leaf (14)
If you die in Canada New Baden (2)
Walmart hates dogs? New Baden (7)
Chemical Formula to Molecular Weight (RFM) MobyDobie (23)
FOOLS! A SAN??? Dr Horrorbeard (3)
Create your own job Colm (7)
HP confirms NSA backdoor in all products C. McGhee (4)
July 10th, 2013
did snowden give classified info to the chinese? Bot Baden-Württemberg (17)
Lodewijk, will you buy electric car ? Lee (8)
Our tax dollars at work Shylock (13)
US government sponsored the coup in Egypt Quant (7)
AGH!!!! THE SUN! df (49)
Militarisation of US police Quant (0)
amazon's spam C. McGhee (8)
Dr. H: How do you run your crawler? NPR (63)
death to web designers C. McGhee (20)
People really, really love their electric cars Shylock (19)
Assange vs Icke MobyDobie (31)
USA no longer #1 Colm (7)
July 9th, 2013
japanese nuclear manager yoshida Bot Baden-Württemberg (2)
texas girls gunbot (0)
Mayor Michael Bloomberg: The Most Dangerous Man in America NPR (12)
Pathetic site of the year Shylock (20)
What do you think of this algorithm? Shylock (38)
GPS settings on smart phone pictures Shylock (14)
cheap surgery in OK C. McGhee (4)
Remember 2009 df (17)
Radiation doesn't cause cancer C. McGhee (16)
Unbelievable Quant (19)
Cave in Boys Shylock (3)
An alternative to whining on the internet hoyza (11)
Happy Ramadan Rahmatan lil Alamin. (5)
An interesting Op-ed by Thomas Sowell Morons (1)
Bin Laden: We like Joe Biden Colm (38)
July 8th, 2013
$300+ Legion (18)
Football game in Brazil Io (6)
More reason to vote for Spitzer Shylock (0)
iOS dropping MAC addresses Legion (4)
Windows 8: Inspired by 1999 version of Lotus Notes Legion (3)
Simplistic Economics SaveTheHubble (9)
Getting Sick Doesn't Pay newsbot (2)
OK, I don't really know how to title this post Bot Berlin (5)
discussion guidelines Asseby (1)
India: dolphins are "non-human" persons Quant (31)
Salomé Leclerc Lodewijk. (7)
Poll: Your favorite Start Menu replacement for Win 8 MS (13)
Swedish company giving away a 1 MW eCat Dr. Horrorwitz (44)
An old one - You Weren't Meant to Have a Boss Io (32)
Only in Ny Morons (50)
More Russian advanced driver training less is more (1)
July 7th, 2013
Hey, Bot sucks.  Confirmed by the reddit community reddit reporter (1)
Nigella Phil (21)
Train disaster in Quebec df (27)
The Oval Office photobot (3)
1983 Marvin Gaye signs US national anthem reddit reporter (1)
Southerners, please tell me Shylock (23)
Korean plastic surgery addictions C. McGhee (0)
plane crash likely due to incompetent pilots C. McGhee (18)
World War Z xampl9 (1)
delimited continuations liberate control flow. cpm (36)
This must be what acid users experience NPR (8)
Dangerous white men PigPen (2)
GLD bugger with gold (3)
culture of celebrity reddit reporter (1)
these graffiti artists are going to jail soon Asseby (0)
July 6th, 2013
NSA recruiters Legion (0)
Was Nigella Strangled C. McGhee (28)
google Asseby (26)
A point about drawing swords xampl9 (5)
god this forum sucks fidelio (34)
Mediaeval Highway Lodewijk (5)
What size pipe would you need to carry 40-odd users? laptop trollop (5)
July 5th, 2013
Web giants unite to stop child abuse Leaf (2)
US act of war on Bolivia backfired Dr. Horrorwitz (16)
e-cat on fire less is more (7)
libor trader New Baden (1)
he's right some people do have that attitude New Baden (5)
quant on paul graham Asseby (32)
How do you do dynamic programming? Shylock (15)
Go df (41)
Interview Question WTF Shylock (14)
IRS scandal not a scandal New Baden (5)
1970's photographic modelling collection hits the limelight Leaf (3)
canada's military involvement in pedophilia sex slave ring C. McGhee (4)
Obamacare Employer Mandate Delayed Until 2015 Morons (24)
If the Nikkei gets higher, their skirts get shorter Colm (4)
Minecraft df (6)
July 4th, 2013
Mac sort of not sucking part 2 Bot Berlin (6)
weird ass neighbor's project C. McGhee (4)
Redneck gunfire C. McGhee (13)
Hot Russian teacher wants Snowden as lover C. McGhee (4)
Was Einstein racist? C. McGhee (17)
Holy cow, this hot teacher is into me C. McGhee (5)
fucking canadians! reddit reporter (7)
snowden story overwhlems nsa story reddit reporter (1)
nsfw milf reddit reporter (2)
class system in UK C. McGhee (9)
Giant sinkhole swallows car in Toledo, Ohio less is more (7)
unlock spin bowling secrets less is more (1)
“Two American Families” reddit reporter (5)
NSA v. reddit reddit reporter (4)
Jul 04: Celebrating Freedom and Independence forThis.Anon (1)
customer support troll C. McGhee (12)
Happy 4th, yank wankers! Canned Gods Inc. (2)
Is there a better way to do ETL? Shylock on a phone (58)
Socialised medicine most cost-efficient Quant (70)
Big Brother is watching us Matchu (0)
Jewish double negative? MobyDobie (18)
July 3rd, 2013
Cats. Set to dance music xampl9 (1)
Getting contract work in finance with no relevant experience brone (18)
Yearly review Io (2)
Solution for Snowden's asylum troubles Quant (4)
Deen's police report C. McGhee (0)
Beauty and intelligence Io (24)
Guns hot in Egypt PigPen (48)
NSA tracks all snail mail too C. McGhee (7)
South America offers Snowden asylum C. McGhee (12)
New Job Kepala Kelapa (11)
dad saves family from intruders C. McGhee (0)
girl raised by wolves C. McGhee (5)
US declares war on Bolivia C. McGhee (32)
Demining in Syria Hscript (1)
July 2nd, 2013
Sharia law blocked in North Carolina New Baden (2)
Zimmerman is definitely full of it. fidelio (10)
Booz could have saved itself the Snowden embarrassment forThis.Anon (6)
Greenwald in exile C. McGhee (5)
shut it down fidelio (0)
Post mofos Bee Baden (13)
The most discriminated group in Europe Quant (47)
Whack a Mole C. McGhee (33)
I geeks C. McGhee (24)
July 1st, 2013
jury verdict in chalk case C. McGhee (47)
One nation's hero is another nation's traitor Herp Lumberg (10)
Are you fashion conscious? Joe (15)
Pincus out as CEO of Zynga? xampl9 (Windows Phone) (7)
HTTP Status cats xampl9 (Windows Phone) (0)
Windows 8 now bigger than Vista!  Oh, wait... SaveTheHubble (10)
Putin denies Snowden's request for asylum C. McGhee (6)
Is working for yourself really better than working for a company . (26)
Do you use objected oriented programming techniques? Steve (59)