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July 31st, 2009
Too much nerd in me. Fan boy (3 comments)
now playing sharkfish (2)
beaver chick, or no? sharkfish (18)
RIAA is after you sharkfish (2)
identity politics sharkfish (1)
news you can use sharkfish (2)
flat mac keyboard sharkfish (6)
BC Harmonized Tax ---QWW (2)
my greatest /. fp argv[0] (1)
Polecats Clay Dowling (10)
web application suck, part 2 Sorry Loser (5)
Wow JoC (0)
Suckahs! JoC (4)
yeah vista sucks, but is this normal? argv[0] (12)
Software Is Hard Kenny (6)
Physicist making light stop, start, teleport, other weirdness Cowboy Coder (10)
Hell Yea, guy porn Bot Berlin (5)
Ladybug (lady beetle, ladybird) nymphs df (1)
no anyone? no one? sierra mist (1)
Anyone ever use Infragistics add-ons with Windows apps? Solo (5)
links sierra mist (0)
July 30th, 2009
Idol? ---QWW (1)
yellow what? (8)
Consume! 3 years old PCs ---QWW (14)
Muppet and writing QuicherBitcher (10)
Getting sweaty Q (4)
Happy Ending? ---QWW (7)
obama care: tax the fuck out of me. please. seriously. argv[0] (42)
I <3 this girl what? (9)
Are the "Law Lords" similar to the Suprme Counrt Judges in other ---QWW (8)
Is it a secret how CoT handles spams ---QWW (2)
ghetto sharkfish (3)
Nuke your city xampl (6)
I don't work well with everybody what? (8)
This is where Fox crosses over the line, officially RunningBear (2)
Predicability of people RunningBear (23)
Obama at a lower approval rating RunningBear (2)
Keep going, Michael ---QWW (26)
More Firefox stupidity Gerald Hoppy (2)
Some girl I had an affair with Michael B (45)
More strange event: CentOS main administrator AWOL ---QWW (22)
boston officer speaks his mind argv[0] (16)
India will become #1 source of PHP devs php certified!! (13)
Whoa, whoa, whoa JoC (27)
Laughing like a crazed axe-wielding homicidal maniac Palmer Eldritch (0)
10 years on nameless for this (8)
Need Perl help Locutus (16)
Healthcare wtf, come on Republicans Bot Berlin (18)
Little sleep, brain activity vs awake time Bot Berlin (3)
asshole vs. likable:  which yields the higher salary sharkfish (17)
Cops are liars! (round 2) Fan boy (3)
July 29th, 2009
music site i like Redneckus Amongus (17)
a close call eek-o-tourist (25)
F$#@ We are doomed ---QWW (11)
Colm becoming a cop??? ---QWW (2)
Alan Cox and Linux fight sharkfish (9)
Power ---QWW (18)
FBI gone nuts sharkfish (4)
Cops are liars! ---QWW (39)
Irregardless of whether the cop should arrest Gates, ---QWW (20)
A chipping testimonial trollop (0)
glen beck: The Race Card argv[0] (16)
What a lame slashdot submission writeup ---QWW (0)
things you can't say at work sharkfish (12)
Mac question sharkfish (28)
damn nifty software feature sharkfish (3)
Shanghai Lady Drives Off With Tow Truck Rick Again (1)
The Most Trashy of Studies df (1)
How to Plan and Build a Business throught Google ads Part-Time ---QWW (17)
sadly this IS news Colm (5)
mmmm.  best beer I ever tasted sharkfish (20)
Wii, misanthropes, metacritic, tending to the edges, consoles df (9)
Sigh... fuckpirate #1337 (0)
How are most of you such idiots? Michael B (12)
Horrorwitz cousin, smartest guy ever Bot Berlin (23)
can you dramatically improve your charisma? sharkfish (8)
District 9 sharkfish (2)
The media/government got what they wanted muppet (83)
M$ and Yahoo tie the knot Spaceloid (3)
answers to legal questions on gates arrest Cowboy Coder (105)
eat more fish Cowboy Coder (4)
Google crazy gates obama ---QWW (5)
July 28th, 2009
Christ McKinstry trailer Bot Berlin (12)
gaming karma sharkfish (5)
stalking my former bosses and colleagues sharkfish (10)
Jon Stewart: Obama Handled Gates Racism Question 'Stupidly' ---QWW (20)
Tron sequel xampl (5)
Warehouse 13 Clay Dowling (0)
Now it's German towels trollop (3)
Question for you .NET programmers NetNewb (4)
ooh look, black guy running a software company sharkfish (12)
Wow, Horny American rednecks screw mathematics Bot Berlin (18)
flat out unconstitutional. argv[0] (40)
Want to call Jenny? xampl (15)
laugh. hard. sharkfish (6)
I don't think I could be persuaded to wear sharkfish (6)
Preference for MY middle age freakout QuicherBitcher (6)
"contempt of cop" is not a crime sharkfish (14)
Another gem from fortune -o Michael B (17)
Now, simply breathing equates to a mid-life freakout Bluebeard (0)
Oracle killed VirtualIron (Old news) ---QWW (6)
Catering to the niches df (1)
not a team player sharkfish (13)
Is it April 1st? xampl (5)
http://www.allon1pg.com/ Kenny (7)
Lens flare fail muppet (3)
Tim Minchin mouth-breathing MORON hillbilly (1)
If you like Crocs... fuckpirate #1337 (14)
Read the quote by the company representative sharkfish (10)
Fitday + fruit/vegetable Michael B (17)
Still have six hours ahead at work ---QWW (3)
This doesn't look simple at all Bot Berlin (6)
The Power Process Michael B (0)
Cat is sick Clay Dowling (17)
Michael B's going-on-middle-age freak out df (66)
Why does my local supermarket muppet (14)
New Book - White American Male Bot Berlin (17)
Oh Crap ScratchAndSniff (0)
Obama, Clinton, Geithner kowtowing to dictators in China Palmer Eldritch (7)
35% tax on heath insurance, wait, what? Cowboy Coder (5)
guess I'm buying an Android sharkfish (2)
blue collar work and the brain sharkfish (18)
July 27th, 2009
this has to be photoshopped sharkfish (15)
My middle aged freakout - for you, muppet! Bluebeard (18)
too serious sharkfish (30)
Raising the Bar, Fine and Dandy ScratchAndSniff (12)
Who do you trust for your news X (5)
MIA heard this music? ScratchAndSniff (7)
Mac mini - 789 $CAD ---QWW (5)
its muppet-mays mondays Ocean Terror (15)
South Park Dan Dogman (1)
Does muppet want to be Michael B? DogLickInc (18)
Quid pro quo Michael B (12)
Thinking of buying a Jeep Michael B (14)
War in Aghanistan Small guy (6)
Who is the real Rick? Q (2)
Bit Torrent Gerald Hoppy (17)
How to open salsa hot dip bottle Small guy (10)
Nerds! ---QWW (0)
If the war on terror xampl (6)
Jeff Bezos apologized ---QWW (2)
Women developers and IT DogLickInc (6)
concealed carry on the united states capitol argv[0] (8)
Medical costs of obesity estimated to be $147 billion/year xampl (18)
Guns attrack stupid people, apparently... fuckpirate #1337 (18)
The guy had to pay $41.09 for a $30 imported item Rick Again (33)
A bird JoC (5)
Picture of me firing an assault weapon Michael B (27)
what america needs ... eek-o-tourist (0)
can blue and white collar folks get along sharkfish (11)
maintain dryness of personal effect box Zi (5)
Magic: The Gathering on XBOX Live muppet (17)
catnap eek-o-tourist (13)
USA Today: "God Supports Obama's Plan for this Nation" Cowboy Coder (4)
stalking people on the net Cowboy Coder (7)
Who's awake and what time is it there? . (9)
entourage sierra mist (5)
anonymous cop coward: mouth off and I'll cap your ass, nigger Cowboy Coder (6)
July 26th, 2009
So what's the Big Thing in apps dev these days? Programming2PayTheBills (8)
sexual endurance Cowboy Coder (40)
"Dark side of the sun" Fan boy (13)
Bot's Raising the Bar Review 7/10 Bot Berlin (1)
I am one of the top developers in the world sharkfish (18)
OReilley's Objective C sales numbers Cowboy Coder (5)
ally bank commercials argv[0] (3)
google translate sure is good Cowboy Coder (3)
Glenn Beck Weekend is on DrugWar (5)
online gaming plus matching sharkfish (7)
Warehouse 13, yea or no DrugWar (3)
tenga flip hole sharkfish (11)
I wonder why sharky hasn't posted this yet Colm (3)
Dangerous Knowledge, BBC doc on mathc DrugWar (2)
My favorite restaurants treat me like shit Michael B (iPhone) (5)
Microsoft is now a drug company Bluebeard (1)
We are now VMwarified DrugWar (8)
Intel is now a software company? Bluebeard (4)
This is funny, SouthPark DrugWar (2)
Race and Culture DrugWar (8)
July 25th, 2009
Microsoft has joined my shit list df (7)
intense war story sharkfish (22)
I'm now officially a redneck xampl (8)
uncle tom says massa is right Cowboy Coder (11)
Brittain's weak times Attila (7)
Sodomized with a taser Cowboy Coder (7)
good book on european history? Lee (11)
I was treated sharkfish (13)
Navy ship sharkfish (3)
I am black and moving a bunch of crap from nice to nice Bot Berlin (7)
Crocodile vs Leopard Spaceloid (3)
The freedom to curse and yell at cops ---QWW (6)
Is David Eddings any good? Ward (2)
July 24th, 2009
President Negotiates Peace Settlement! Cowboy Coder (8)
What's the last piece of technology you got excited about? Michael B (iPhone) (9)
Seattle Times sides with Gates Cowboy Coder (14)
Why is a criminal allowed to teach at Harvard Cowboy Coder (2)
Making friends at bars... Michael B (8)
Jack jack (3)
Uppity Blacks v. Blue Collar Whites... chipmunk (30)
Can you found a new religious order Toshihiro (9)
Pot reaches mainstream, will be discussed on CNN RunningBear4 (11)
We are all criminals Toshihiro (7)
Hot Women in the office DogLickInc (13)
unit tests ... eek-o-tourist (29)
Once again: What will you do if you locked out of your house? ---QWW (66)
Sigh.  Now Religion attacks History in Texas SaveTheHubble (7)
screen eek-o-tourist (29)
Walking in My Mind what are you reading for? (4)
Spelling xampl (iPhone) (4)
Heres an Alpha Female I made earlier what are you reading for? (10)
Lorb and Clay, MS hatred is a disease RunningBear4 (19)
The not so global CoT Toshihiro (14)
Dow @ 9k, what does this mean? Toshihiro (5)
Country and Western Music Toshihiro (0)
July 23rd, 2009
I have to agree with Biden lorb (4)
are we discussing Henry Louis Gates Jr tonight? sierra mist (8)
Question for LeftWingPharisee QuicherBitcher (29)
Amazing race: Palm and Apple, who will surive? ---QWW (5)
It can still happen ---QWW (1)
Yea we need a major Healthcare system RunningBear4 (10)
G Force Ward (1)
"New piano music penned by Mozart is discovered" Gerald Hoppy (0)
Question about website order lorb (13)
Poor Indian girls ---QWW (10)
Uh oh, things are looking grim for Obama df (8)
Physics question Michael B (16)
Another brilliant video SaveTheHubble (0)
DOW over 9k today xampl (9)
How did you waste your youth? what are you reading for? (20)
Cop race thing Dogs (23)
great fox/monsanto piece eek-o-tourist (1)
Bach, on the FAO Scwartz floor piano SaveTheHubble (0)
Would you marry a porn star? xampl (23)
Republicans have more fun Michael B (iPhone) (13)
Why is it that... fuckpirate #1337 (11)
Heyyyyy..  Mass-market 3D Camera Spaceloid (0)
travel guitars eek-o-tourist (0)
President Obama: The Cambridge cops "acted stupidly" sharkfish (52)
pee pots eek-o-tourist (3)
Sexual Harrassment by O'Reilly RunningBear4 (6)
Obama for emperor? Toshihiro (9)
Cheney SS detail extended Toshihiro (7)
Preventing the Iraq war Toshihiro (9)
July 22nd, 2009
MMM, french onion soup Bored Bystander (4)
Supposing Le Monde (10)
hey arg, stop lying to the newbies sharkfish (36)
This is sad chipmunk (16)
fat chick for Surgeon General? sharkfish (13)
when choosing a hotel sharkfish (28)
Car dyslexia trollop (3)
sourceforge down? argv[0] (3)
Changed Four tires in US, saved 50% total Rich Tsang (25)
Who is good at parsing PDF documents? Peter (9)
oh yeah. baby on a 5 hour flight sharkfish (17)
Green computing ---QWW (15)
Were C++ 'concepts' template templates? Cowboy Coder (9)
What a strange PR site ---QWW (0)
Why can't we discuss bigamy? ---QWW (22)
pwned Michael B (5)
4 yr old programmer Cowboy Coder (9)
the origin of goatse? sharkfish (9)
Arrogant pr!ck fuckpirate #1337 (24)
ashes eek-o-tourist (5)
busted! eek-o-tourist (3)
Hookah Michael B (19)
is this predatory or progressive? sharkfish (17)
Florence and The Machine what are you reading for? (1)
Edit PDF without form fields pdf editor (8)
One man, twelve wives. ---QWW (11)
History repeating itself Toshihiro (13)
freaking little punks!! chipmunk (14)
Approval ratings are to politics, Toshihiro (0)
Aha Aaron (6)
Precocious Fan boy (24)
July 21st, 2009
Santa Cruz city council minutes Cowboy Coder (2)
Geek dream sitcom trollop (8)
JVM is awesome part 2 RunningBear4 (2)
f22 funding struck down argv[0] (7)
Remind me again, what's wrong with prostitution Toshihiro (43)
More Palin ---QWW (2)
norad air defence exercises argv[0] (0)
"Jewish girls are easy" ---QWW (8)
Can I afford Windows 7? ---QWW (5)
Obama drops change and follows Bush Unified (10)
Poor Chinese guy, killed himself over iPhone 4G ---QWW (5)
Chinese fast food girl xampl (iPhone) (8)
Is Anonymous a terrorist organization? Cowboy Coder (1)
child prostitution is legal in rhode island Cowboy Coder (19)
Joel's girls Ward (16)
Follow up on F18 fly-by photo Peter (3)
Who's the numb-nuts who registered the user 'muppet' on JoS? muppet (5)
Why are there 5 days' worth of threads on the main page? muppet (10)
Suspect delays turning himself in xample (iPhone) (0)
Barrel Monster creator sentenced xample (iPhone) (14)
Be careful what you say to telemarketers. SaveTheHubble (13)
Obama sucking in the polls RunnerOfTruth (22)
War and Patriotism lorb (34)
Canadian Healthcare df (21)
For the married/entangled: things your s.o. does that Palmer Eldritch (27)
Tarp spending at $3 Trillion xample (iPhone) (18)
MS moving out of US? ---QWW (16)
Will Obamacare breed terrorism? Cowboy Coder (4)
$%@#% teenagers sharkfish (10)
July 20th, 2009
Auto Tuned infomercial featuring the Sham Wow guy draws 3.5M muppet (9)
I started giving beggars money Michael B (iPhone) (6)
al sharpton, picking the wrong battles argv[0] (3)
Michael Bay: I'm gonna do a TWO HOUR EXPLOSION & YOU'LL LIKE IT sharkfish (8)
people injecting shit into their faces sharkfish (7)
converting to Jewish sharkfish (20)
want this right NOW dammit sharkfish (9)
One of the best bad guys Unified (5)
Casablanca hotels quite urgent wayrf? (7)
Do other passengers on subways / trains ever try to Palmer Eldritch (15)
Over doing it on the lens flare RunnerOfTruth (2)
America and jobs RunnerOfTruth (9)
State workers in PA not getting paid xample (iPhone) (21)
Spending Money on Ham RunnerOfTruth (13)
Racism LOL fuckpirate #1337 (0)
Good book sharkfish (17)
file under "unintended consequences" argv[0] (11)
Stupid Jews muppet (1)
Sweet cat SaveTheHubble (17)
Fat fuck with gun fuckpirate #1337 (15)
Star Wars Aaron (0)
need a ready made farewell speech Moving on (15)
July 19th, 2009
This is bizarre LeftWingPharisee (3)
Shmecktabac LeftWingPharisee (6)
Best place you've ever worked? Larry (16)
Thought experiment LeftWingPharisee (19)
ahh, disappointment sharkfish (51)
PC Games where you don't need the best sys Unified (13)
Atlanta wins Unified (5)
Fiscal ruin of the Western world beckons Clouseau (19)
junk dna sierra mist (4)
DARPA's bionic woman! Cowboy Coder (1)
July 18th, 2009
What is wrong with the UK? xampl (18)
Do nerds abuse jocks? Michael B (iPhone) (8)
Last 24 hours Michael B (iPhone) (5)
More animal cruelty xampl (3)
Walter Cronkite down at 92 SaveTheHubble (3)
Best time to drink, the day Bot Berlin Banned Forever (4)
all your privacy belong to us Cowboy Coder (4)
VIP at the club sharkfish (2)
White Underclass sharkfish (2)
coder girl sharkfish (8)
Asperger's syndrome: the eyes have it sharkfish (2)
if combo locks were worth something sharkfish (1)
Google and gmail prove that the default web interface sucks Unified (1)
Truly global GPS? Dr. Horrorwitz (new meds) (12)
this guy just said "yes, einstein, you are right" einstein (0)
I introduced a friend to drugs Michael B (2)
what is the ENGLIST term for... GPT (5)
Why? Gerald Hoppy (10)
IT jobs sierra mist (8)
July 17th, 2009
Does Win Mobile/Win CE have .NET? NNT (2)
I'm going to make it so dry for you xampl (1)
anybody know the Philo story? sharkfish (10)
iTunesU sharkfish (1)
Are there good strategies for taking up smoking Michael B (iPhone) (12)
Hey Rick Michael B (iPhone) (5)
strange encounter sharkfish (17)
AIX sys admin in vancouver ---QWW (2)
Working with smokers Fan boy (5)
Real life is so ironic:"Some E-Books Are More Equal Than Others" ---QWW (2)
Company in trouble? Check the pension fund balance xampl (14)
Google PhD programmer blogs about being invited to reunion Kenny (52)
So f?%# your mother ---QWW (16)
Supporting Linux = supporting outsourcing ---QWW (6)
Eclipse isn't that bad.  RAD is horrible RunnerOfTruth (5)
Sanford's expensive tastes Cowboy Coder (24)
Hatesex Michael B (29)
Fuck the normals Michael B (29)
Where's Dr. Horrorwitz when you need him... fuckpirate #1337 (3)
Air France Flight 447 and wearing your seat belt Clouseau (16)
LOL - Swedish Devil Girls Clouseau (4)
Continued Microsoft astroturfing Lombrado (16)
If I were a rapist... Michael B (iPhone) (23)
Mental Disorders Bot Berlin (3)
Shady PC parts/office home guy hasn't responded Bot Berlin (4)
Talk about a bad day... fuckpirate #1337 (17)
Big Drop in Gaming Revenue df (11)
wow, windows 7 is popular amongst the *nix geeks einstein (11)
Chris McKinstry sierra mist (10)
stress sierra mist (5)
Stinking home builders Fan boy (10)
July 16th, 2009
I will test your racial sensitivity tomorrow Bot Berlin (4)
Shrill micromanaging girlfriends Michael B (iPhone) (7)
Oh yea, tax em baby Bot Berlin (11)
I want you nerds/geeks to know sharkfish (18)
we have autistic people in my building sharkfish (10)
Unsustainable growth Bot Berlin (6)
Where in the hell did hipsters come from? Bot Berlin (8)
Slashdot just rolled back to May? df (3)
brainstorming a name sharkfish (15)
Only way to make a politically correct game is to ... Bot Berlin (1)
Why are there more black and hispanic actors in 70s, 80s films? Bot Berlin (11)
Do employee applications and resume go in the trash? JobSeeker (1)
Whose fault? ---QWW (0)
sarah palin, keepin' on keepin' on argv[0] (8)
awesome! i'm back on a c++ project! argv[0] (12)
animal masturbation. do they? sharkfish (6)
Microsoft astroturfing...or a Microsoft rennaisance df (16)
Pure evil Bored Bystander (19)
Major US lender 'on the brink' Spaceloid (5)
Heh, now that's programming Clouseau (3)
Sears Tower renamed xample (iPhone) (9)
Home office, office a little shady Bot Berlin (17)
Now HERE is some fucked up shit. muppet (27)
Then and now ---QWW (4)
today's bath the great purple (13)
Sarah's cum fuckpirate #1337 (12)
More XML fun... JoC (5)
is this you? sharkfish (8)
homeless kid sharkfish (16)
Architecture for simple web security system Bot Berlin (8)
Homemade wine Michael B (iPhone) (7)
This has become absurd muppet (16)
I realize that this is a spoof piece muppet (14)
Capitalism, not social movement is what freed the slaves Michael B (iPhone) (18)
Romeo is dead xample (iPhone) (2)
Sex scam at Home Depot muppet (13)
The modern drunkard Bluebeard (12)
follow up on change sierra mist (13)
gerald hoppy is like, a total asshole argv[0] (2)
July 15th, 2009
sex slave question sharkfish (21)
Awesome Flash intros df (9)
Can't Windows make a tree print out or image of directories? ? (17)
This may be interesting: Palm Pre Can't Sync With iTune anymore Rick Tang (1)
Once you have an XML forest as a result set LeftWingPharisee (29)
I thought I was going to be a real geek sharkfish (14)
Is the iPhone software market over saturated with now? moowoof (3)
what computer error is this? sharkfish (9)
help me squish the mac drive sharkfish (24)
Geeks can't do public speaking Rick Tang (9)
*snicker* JoC (1)
Sweet Aaron (5)
Why do gyms play load dance music? xample (iPhone) (8)
it is going to leave a mark sharkfish (13)
Might as well die Bot Berlin (6)
Gift culture Rick Tang (8)
Conspiracy nut sues forum owner for millions muppet (4)
Do web companies hire black hat hackers? Dog Lick (6)
Zed Shaw is so bitter Rick Tang (39)
GM is back - with awesome new low MPG muscle cars! Cowboy Coder (22)
If you own a web site or forum shouuld you buy insurance? skipbo (4)
Touching awesomeness Michael B (25)
Seeking medical advice JoC (38)
Question for Michael B Aaron (10)
TV Michael B (15)
Bank of America tries to fix the multi-quadrillion dollar market Aaron (11)
Holy shit muppet (11)
This TechCrunch/Twitter stuff what are you reading for? (3)
chinaman own your ass ... eek-o-tourist (2)
fuck apple einstein (4)
change sierra mist (7)
Who is going to quit their job when the recession is over? oopster (14)
July 14th, 2009
Molly's second birthday is today! muppet (24)
I don't get physical on first dates Michael B (17)
Cable wars Ward (7)
credit cards do the shankerpotamus sharkfish (18)
Rick, major jump in IQ MyLittlePony (3)
Michael Jackson Gay, No way!!!! MJ is my lover. (5)
Sotomayor - are you on crack? DogCatcher (4)
Not enough twitter followers = no job chipmunk (17)
google this google that, fuck that Cowboy Coder (15)
Things getting worse for Detroit, if even possible Cowboy Coder (15)
Sotomayor hearing xample (iPhone) (3)
Teens nowadays Cowboy Coder (9)
Internet Fun, Amazon Milk Reviews Dog Lick (3)
sad - more athiest hate crimes Cowboy Coder (27)
bi-racial bi-sexual woman on Reddit sharkfish (15)
There's a hole in my plane Q (8)
Best performance art NSFW Michael B (12)
china man on train platform sharkfish (24)
Jewish girls Michael B (7)
iPhone wrecks the cell industry xample (iPhone) (10)
Fed Chairman Sees Possibility Of 'Jobless' Recovery :-o (6)
Laid off and hired back Octoflog (8)
Kathy Griffin, top comedian Django (12)
July 13th, 2009
purpose sharkfish (7)
Raising the Bar sharkfish (11)
Most hackable general purpose computing hardware Rick Tang (18)
disappear sharkfish (9)
Analysis of the technical abilities of our female workers Django (15)
Rick is still Tom (5)
How many of you own a gun? Django (33)
woman-hating geeks sharkfish (48)
Who likes UFC and that kind of shit? blueapples (8)
Peter and Colm still post on Daddy's house. Rick Tang (15)
is this place just a mirror for reddit.com? moo (12)
Eat, Drink, Movies Culture RunningDog (7)
Hours of sleep -- How much is enough? df (14)
Who are the idots who buy stocks when the price is falling Rick Tang (16)
Photoshopped? Cheney looks scary. Rick Tang (10)
I want to shoot every nutritionist in the face Michael B (16)
Can someone spell M-O-R-O-N... wait, I just did! chipmunk (11)
The NewYorker on fatties sharkfish (17)
How hard is swimming 1.5k? Michael B (18)
What a boring as fuck Monday Michael B (8)
I clicked the X and all I got... JoC (13)
Why Microsoft made Bing SaveTheHubble (2)
I just love a space story with a happy ending... SaveTheHubble (8)
Move on quick sharp what are you reading for? (2)
July 12th, 2009
Question for you Windows users X (2)
Impact of the recession on the food supply xampl (11)
What would you suggest for starting a forum web site? 2.0 Mr. Desktop (9)
Reviewing a PHP book - shouldn't a book on PHP5 mention OOP? chipmunk (3)
Top 10 reasons why people leave IT shops xampl (14)
SEC tightens screws on CA's budget crisis Peter (6)
Why you don't feed strange creatures mentos and coke. Peter (5)
For Michael B. xampl (3)
LOL. "Using your dog as a character reference." Rick Tang (2)
What political party would this fall under in America DropIt (5)
boston weather sierra mist (3)
July 11th, 2009
Auto-tune the News df (5)
How do you cook corn on the cob? Ward (17)
What would you suggest for starting a forum web site? Mr. Desktop (14)
Credit Card Services phone calls xampl (7)
The Guilt of the Bag df (25)
being brave and updating my BlackBerry before I run out the door sharkfish (2)
Why Software Developers shouldn't work at Hardware Companies Argh (6)
VMWare is the sh*t DropIt (3)
It's me again! YaleChick (5)
Windows activation, same network, multiple machines DropIt (0)
To the boys club sharkfish (6)
I hate the sidebar editing sharkfish (14)
It's because they are all on welfare sharkfish (5)
The further adventures of crazy women what are you reading for? (9)
Thank you, Dr, to introduce me to the 'truth' Rick Tang (6)
all my coworkers sierra mist (8)
Is she still a lesbian... Ward (8)
July 10th, 2009
Bill Gates, still a bad ass Brain Train (6)
To all the girls of CoT Michael B (iPhone) (14)
Awesome Bookmark Kenny (2)
Paris London nothing new I suppose (8)
Hate this Rick Tang (1)
Here is a rockstar Java programmer Bot Berlin (2)
Before he cheats LeftWingPharisee (15)
Hubble, would you just quit already? Sin-Wat (7)
Things that make you go 'wow!' SaveTheHubble (5)
Anyone have a solution to this.  HTML/CSS easy layout question Bot Berlin (1)
why people buy tickets for their instruments the great purple (0)
I lead an almost perfect/non-perfect life Bot Berlin (20)
Boobies Gerald Hoppy (3)
according to a piece of spam email i just recieved... argv[0] (13)
Fatherhood fantasy Michael B (10)
How much vacation time do you get? Michael B (23)
What other programming forums do you use and do you ask question Trance Dancer (4)
Motivational video. Peter (7)
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turns out Levi Johnston is something of a dipshit einstein (3)
Types of databases . (10)
Wow, this is terrible Wayne (4)
If want to cheer up, listen to this: Tom is here (0)
well hey, i'm brüno sierra mist (2)
Crappy movie reviews, Street Fighter, 4% on Rotten Brain Train (0)
July 9th, 2009
good morning horwitz! argv[0] (59)
Don't understand bon vivant (15)
Actively praying for a zombie apocalypse Palmer Eldritch (32)
A phenomena I was not expecting sharkfish (17)
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Reinventing oneself Dr. Horrorwitz (7)
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My take on Google Toshihiro (8)
All single 30+ girls out there are single for good reason Michael B (77)
"Rock Star" Java Programmer FlyingPigs (14)
health problems make you unemployable 2.0 XXX (8)
July 8th, 2009
this is an interesting explanation for Chrome OS einstein (10)
we keep marrying other species sharkfish (13)
so Goldman Sachs did rig the game sharkfish (16)
Paper Woses Q (0)
Java OS vs Chrome OS Rick Tang (3)
please don't let this become a trend sharkfish (10)
Fake Steve Jobs on Chrome OS Wayne (22)
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even though I'm not that great at math sharkfish (2)
Guess racism still exists. 2009Rand (222)
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Probably still not over my breakup Michael B (38)
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health problems make you unemployable sharkfish (23)
Why Google's OS (and most their products) aren't interesting 2009Rand (24)
Real unemployment at 20% 2009Rand (16)
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this thread is about my nipples the great purple (32)
The internets are insane einstein (2)
Why women aren't funny what are you reading for? (26)
People that say they are gonna leave what are you reading for? (16)
Google plans netbook operating system Wayne (24)
Still waiting for the computer program Rick Tang (7)
alpha females sharkfish (21)
July 7th, 2009
vomiting and diarrhea einstein (16)
We're having the 7th major thunderstorm in the last 72 hours muppet (7)
abstracting sharkfish (13)
$1 gaming, wtf Brain Train (12)
United Breaks Guitars einstein (1)
Modern Warfare, China lost 20 million during the Sino Japanase.. Brain Train (9)
Billy Squire sharkfish (12)
should I throw up sharkfish (4)
Negro child gets a lot of attention. Brain Train (0)
I'm so topnotch sharkfish (10)
vagina balls! sharkfish (12)
I saw the S63 AMG owner xampl (11)
I'm so bad ass sharkfish (6)
H.R. 645: National Emergency Centers Establishment Act Cowboy Coder (68)
So I can't delete spam now? Gerald Hoppy (15)
The last book(s) that you bought/read Palmer Eldritch (32)
Apparantly most Olympic swimmers don't float either Michael B (17)
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The game Michael B (18)
Enhancement suggestion muppet (6)
Peak Oil Billy (16)
One & Other what are you reading for? (6)
hey nerds. What about Goldman Sachs? sharkfish (20)
July 6th, 2009
Hah Aaron (2)
Follow up on software engineering licensing Peter (7)
24 songs, 2 million dollars Dead Son (0)
momosay momosah momacoosah sharkfish (7)
California bond rating drops to BBB xampl (22)
why bother to work for $32,000/year? sharkfish (37)
ahhh.  All better now, M$ sharkfish (9)
Why do people go to Hooters and get all disappointed? Dead Son (13)
Strange lifeform detected in Raleigh xampl (14)
Wayne admitted defeat? Rick Tang (7)
Learning to be a master asshole Michael B (27)
So deletes won't show until a post has been deleted Rick Tang (3)
Buzz Aldrin's new Rap Record Cowboy Coder (2)
Anxiety Pete's Brew (33)
Thesis A Rick Tang (5)
Ugh.  I resemble today's xkcd. Michael B (8)
Sarah Palin Continues... SaveTheHubble (16)
Same race dating, kind of boring PrintFormat (112)
Robert McNamara dies PrintFormat (11)
Chicago, like the wild-wild west PrintFormat (4)
cool watches sharkfish (19)
Date #3 with hot redhead Michael B (42)
July 5th, 2009
I think I know why some people do drugs sharkfish (30)
Next big thing from Apple? xampl (20)
People who killed Michael Dead Son (9)
Snorkeling was a lot scarier than skydiving... Michael B (iPhone) (17)
Threw up most of the day Dead Son (6)
Hubble LeftWingPharisee (0)
Privacy LeftWingPharisee (22)
Dr. H Michael B (2)
sexy hot in bed passionate woman is often nutcase. Case (3)
Big Bang never happened Dr. Horrorwitz (10)
Is Israel completely fucking stupid? Cowboy Coder (32)
the waffle house tasering case Cowboy Coder (10)
July 4th, 2009
Is this terrain flyover really a 4k project? Cowboy Coder (8)
Bye bye, CompuServe. Rick Tang (3)
Fireworks xample (iPhone) (3)
North Korea does it's promised July 4 launch, meh. Cowboy Coder (2)
Budd Dwyer sharkfish (13)
williams sisters eek-o-tourist (5)
Introduced the daughter to smoke bombs and snakes Clay Dowling (10)
My Papa's Waltz Bluebeard (0)
gotcha bone-a-lezzer bonus, mate? eek-o-tourist (4)
lions v. boks eek-o-tourist (7)
No money for states to send tax refund checks Not blank (10)
have to release sierra mist (1)
Unforgettable... Rick Tang (9)
50 cent and really nerdy Canadian kid Dead Son (3)
July 3rd, 2009
MTV color barrier sharkfish (26)
Brice gets slammed xampl (7)
Come the fuck ON muppet (23)
Chess Dead Son (11)
The chances against anything manlike on Mars xampl (5)
"Because in all of your writings here you come across as very... einstein (42)
oy. Marty Nemko sharkfish (26)
New low in journalism... Peter (3)
Swine flu "accidentally released from lab" Dr. Horrorwitz (5)
Palin stepping down as governor. Peter (25)
watching michael jackson einstein (7)
credit card swipe machines sharkfish (13)
Entitlement Redux Toshihiro (72)
born a boy sharkfish (43)
People and their FUCKING pets... fuckpirate #1337 (17)
So much for relaxation this weekend muppet (25)
Do we have a lot of fatties here? what are you reading for? (22)
Ok, just wait a fucking minute here Aaron (15)
Goldman Sachs thread - NO ARGV, AND WE MEAN IT! Cowboy Coder (4)
need nightmare or laugh before bed? sierra mist (3)
Goldman Sachs thread - NO ARGV, NO NICU DISCUSSION Cowboy Coder (14)
July 2nd, 2009
goldman sachs engineered every financial crises in 100yrs Cowboy Coder (35)
Lori Drew verdict overturned! Cowboy Coder (1)
Forum software recommendation? Toshihiro (15)
No more CD/DVD software at Best Buy Mick Jagger (20)
Muppet is a hypocrite with evidence... Yea that is right (8)
ooh ooh!  here's a neat game we can play sharkfish (6)
well, it isn't ME sharkfish (3)
LOL@Hubble muppet (1)
Muppet wins the title of Rick Tang (13)
Visit Neverland for Free! Rick Tang (2)
Sane Project Management Software Tyler (10)
Buy Vista, downgrade to XP, buy Windows 7 Rick Tang (0)
Too late for the SC governor Rick Tang (1)
Grepping for hex LeftWingPharisee (5)
Aaron, you are following 2 people, you miopic f**k Bored At It (7)
First year university students: should they get a PC or a Mac? Rick Tang (19)
How to make tastier oatmeal breakfast? Latino (12)
f = ma Rick Tang (3)
So, if you were having sex with a girl Bored At It (19)
Visual Studio question RR (7)
Robin Williams Panda Joke SaveTheHubble (2)
Uncrate, wire, and go Rick Tang (1)
Even Elephants can't destroy this cell phone! Rick Tang (4)
Old lady in furry pedophile trouble Cowboy Coder (8)
Adrenaline-Junky Moron Contest Mongo (19)
postit animation eek-o-tourist (2)
Sense of entitlement Toshihiro (25)
Anyone ever been to Osaka/Tokyo for pleasure? muppet (15)
Picture of me skydiving Michael B (25)
Keyboard in the dishwasher xample (iPhone) (14)
Tabs and Windows df (21)
Jobless rate at 9.5% For the Developers (21)
T1 lines xampl (4)
Finally OK to be gay in India Toshihiro (6)
Fall out of bed drunk, cause diplomatic incident Toshihiro (2)
Prenups finally enforceable? Toshihiro (17)
World's 7th largest economy declares fiscal emergency Spaceloid (47)
Firefox: Simple useful thing Clouseau (13)
feature request einstein (5)
mike b. is a unique snowflake argv[0] (7)
July 1st, 2009
Revolutionary Road sharkfish (9)
About to beat HL2 Michael B (iPhone) (3)
I followed the 'Michael's Balls' link xampl (1)
Friends Printf (29)
Match.com has too many women ... Toshihiro (11)
Bot - you flying somewhere today? xample (iPhone) (7)
Inside makeover dating sharkfish (14)
Enhancement request muppet (4)
i wish google would make ... eek-o-tourist (1)
Intellectually lazy? sharkfish (68)
Fags to blame for Sanford's Argentinian affair Cowboy Coder (4)
The ants are taking over the asylum Gerald Hoppy (6)
Deleted Posts Today (11) muppet (2)
Shhh... Listen... muppet (7)
World's Most Perfect Doors I jus keeding. (13)
World's most perfect dogs muppet (14)
Get paid for P2P Toshihiro (0)
Yemeni plane banned from French airspace Toshihiro (27)
Hit a boy, but what about girls? what are you reading for? (19)
Porn vs Erotica Toshihiro (17)
Search bug muppet (5)
I'm starting my very first anabolic steroid cycle tomorrow Testo (21)
Fucking up your senses is the point Michael B (31)
Transformers 2 df (12)
for Hubble eek-o-tourist (1)
Yikes, even the things you think are safe ... Sin-Wat (13)
Damian Katz einstein (0)
Please, SaveTheHubble, stop playing with Michael's balls einstein (8)
CoT Update Wayne (12)
rant sierra mist (1)