Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

July 31st, 2008
Homeless Consultants can charge less Skeptic (13 comments)
CA sacking 22,000 state workers & ordering pay cuts for 200,000 Lombrado (19)
If anyone was wondering how my job-search is going lorb (15)
Open-source CMS lorb (9)
blissful state? sharkfish (30)
Talk to your neighbors sharkfish (7)
Cartman and being an asshole in America sharkfish (9)
Yeah... JoC (5)
Selling ideas of your boss to your staff Rick Tang (2)
Time is money xampl (2)
Drink Local! Clay Dowling (2)
hsg results the great purple (5)
popularity contests sharkfish (11)
Ask and ye shall receive JoC (4)
Need a way to stop the cyclic rebirth of memes Ward (7)
cory doctorow on filesharing Colm (5)
Is physics in need of some biological thinking? son of parnas (41)
Dark Knight xampl (25)
Yah, solar will never work son of parnas (14)
Fashionable nonsense (0)
Prince George's County Getting New SWAT Team Clay Dowling (8)
Stepping in to help df (5)
advice for yale chick Colm (2)
Why do pigs hate bicyclists? Skeptic (10)
Shitstorm Brewing - Water Wars Tapiwa (16)
Chinese Fireworks Ward (6)
McCain's name vs Obama's Obama Lombrado (10)
I quit my job (2)
July 30th, 2008
very funny son of parnas (1)
Criss Angel escaped the imposion... Cory Foy (4)
I've signed up for so much stuff over the years son of parnas (8)
I am depressed today Bot L Berlin (19)
CoT Vancouver meet-up Ward (5)
nice breakdown on ugly code whistle (3)
Deep Chip Secrets Apple Hardware Engineer (7)
Congress Trying To Legalize Weed Clay Dowling (39)
Breakfast Fail Aaron (8)
Wait... Muppet's actually gone? John Haren (39)
Need a way to stop the cyclic rebirth of memes son of parnas (11)
Time to buy financial stocks? xampl (19)
lemons Skeptic (0)
heh.  colm: "I do choose a life free of copyright. I choose.... whistle (55)
Zimbabwe Dollar - Ten zeros gone Tapiwa (14)
money useless to open source projects Colm (10)
Turned up to work this morning, after taking the day off... whistle (6)
now someone else wants me to sign up to linkedin.. whistle (9)
"would you mind explaining what caused you to think that way?" whistle (3)
Googlebot is doing hacking Hush hush (0)
July 29th, 2008
I want to visit Washington DC, but the crime stats? Bot Berlin (35)
Rating the .net languages from worst to best - my list lorb (10)
Kiwi gives wife a thrill trollop (2)
animated favicon sharkfish (6)
stupid UI question sharkfish (17)
Roommates xampl (11)
Anyone ever been to... son of parnas (1)
Should Scrabulous be Illegal? son of parnas (17)
How do I break it to my employer Bot L Berlin (26)
That was the biggest earthquake I've ever felt lorb (24)
"America's house price time bomb" Soup Dragon (13)
Mike Tyson's former mansion xampl (1)
ExBlah society Rick Tang (22)
Constituent casework xampl (4)
Girls refused entry into nightlclub Tapiwa (20)
Need a way to stop the cyclic rebirth of memes son of parnas (11)
The copyright infringement vs. stealing discussion Colm (4)
But can I put my groceries in it? son of parnas (18)
I love to code Bot L Berlin (2)
The sirens's gone right off trollop (0)
My response to bittorrent? and why I don't Bot L Berlin (77)
Does it exist? man on the stair (0)
The Rogue Wallet! df (5)
Java, C#, RoR, Grails, PHP Rick Tang (5)
corys casual assumption of superiority... whistle (7)
Family Guy references Philo (3)
Do not talk to the police ever no matter what Boston Legal (30)
July 28th, 2008
bittorrent and the consumer sharkfish (6)
Being really good at things that are not valued on the market sharkfish (16)
Don't upset the People's Court Judge Cory Foy (4)
bob novak is gonna die Lenny (10)
@$#%!^&*%$ CAPS LOCK! sharkfish (14)
are winners less lazy? sharkfish (21)
Compare Cuil to Google Cory Foy (19)
Anyway, how can I become a winner. Lenny (9)
New Motorhead disc leaked (2)
fucking pig Lenny (0)
fuck it. Loser. sharkfish (29)
That is *not* a cat xampl (6)
a follow up to the market cap question - how about US home cap? Lenny (1)
"...THE LEFT OH GODDAMMIT..." whistle (8)
summers was right: girls r dumb, boys r srmat Lenny (6)
Law Professor: Iran Should Sue U.S. in World Court to Stop Threa Dan Denman (6)
What books have you read this year which have helped your career Rick Tang (15)
Help me understand something else Rick Tang (15)
dear philo, Ive watched... whistle (3)
20 album covers, recreated in Lego xampl (1)
home sick whistle (2)
We Are Ready Ward (1)
Thank you, God xampl (16)
radioactive dye up the vadge the great purple (16)
Anime featuring computer nerds? sharkfish (4)
Not a good day to be Quaint Ass man on the stair (7)
Cuil sharkfish (23)
can anybody see a problem with this? Colm (R) (12)
Hey you, Financial Genius JoC (20)
Just when you thought the quality of JOS couldn't drop any lower Ritchie Swann (2)
Dancing around tax avoidance trollop (5)
Is Obama Running? Maybe not. Boston Legal (9)
More weirdness on textbook piracy Boston Legal (7)
miss hong kong pageant ward on a treo 700p (6)
How come MySQL is easier than SQL Server lorb (12)
July 27th, 2008
Python documentation is lacking son of parnas (13)
Wow. Just Wow. Amerika (4)
Silverlight on Windows2000 lorb (11)
"too late to beat the reaper." heartsheep (2)
Out of this world NASA pictures son of parnas (4)
help me understand something sharkfish (24)
McCain 40% , Obama 495 sorry Philo, dems got it (6)
Death Note sharkfish (10)
this story is mine Lenny (7)
Desk assembly video Clay Dowling (11)
who the fuck can afford a $500 car payment Lenny (12)
Blah Reading Kerouac at this moment (9)
Investing is just glorified gambling Michael B (30)
delta - let's not be evil Lenny (3)
is word of mouth viral? Clay (6)
Wife behind the motorcycle idea Clay Dowling (13)
Koppel's CNN special on China sharkfish (34)
what distinguishes felony from misdemeanor DUI? Charles P. Schwab (5)
an army of 15 year olds sharkfish (13)
My observation on Windows lorb (5)
Totally Jodie Marsh: Who'll Take Her Up the Aisle? man on the stair (2)
Hey, Daan: Fireworks? Ward (3)
must stop reading sharkfish (3)
a new prejudice of mine sharkfish (12)
holy shit, I just figured out why google is/was buying up all... whistle (5)
my educated gay girlfriends sharkfish (26)
July 26th, 2008
women's pro football league sharkfish (7)
2 more banks go tits up! Peter (13)
harm is contextual Kenny (4)
google/digg breaks LOSER (5)
a billboard pax reggiano (1)
people dumber than you? pax reggiano (0)
Muslims blowing up shit in india Skeptic (3)
9/11 has made me reflect on my Reflections (3)
Tron 2 xampl (22)
housing bill basetax (3)
something got deleted? Protectus (2)
obama caught in private conversation! gasp! media whore - fuck ward by the w (2)
dewds I'm TOTALLY gonna make this sharkfish (10)
speculation for setting "correct" prices is simply mythical son of parnas (13)
all calaories are NOT the same sharkfish (32)
muppet man on the stair (4)
estonian beef ad pax reggiano (6)
following you in to the shops and all tough guy (0)
mccain headline tough guy (2)
and I liked it sharkfish (5)
Blow This xampl (0)
what was so good about son of parnas (2)
Awesome Aaron (6)
I remember singing this with my family as a youngster whistle (3)
If you don't appreciate Dan Denman (2)
Freedom of speech until you don't cross the permissive discourse Dan Denman (0)
July 25th, 2008
What TV shows do normal people watch? Michael B (10)
Seriously where does one go Frustrated (3)
I kept hoping she would show me her boobies... whistle (4)
tarintinos mind whistle (4)
I'm not going to post on JOS anymore lorb (18)
Yale Chick xampl (5)
Can you use a false name xampl (15)
Switched on mellotron Ritchie Swann (6)
Gonna brush up on my ASP.net skills lorb (9)
Eat your heart out, Aaron, sharky JoC (2)
expensive cold feet / a woman scorned arg! (23)
64bit computing on win32 bon vivant (12)
I have a good long term memory Bot L Berlin (3)
Mad Men Dan Denman (6)
Girls = boys at math sharkfish (18)
I'm better via email sharkfish (7)
Java in 30 lines of erlang Bot L Berlin (1)
Paperclips df (9)
Manbearpig is real! sharkfish (4)
Detroit Mayor Wants More Trouble Clay Dowling (1)
sfish, company planning on crawling google knol? Bot L Berlin (4)
I am done learning Bot L Berlin (4)
holy shit.  Automated telemarketing calls for cash advance loan! sharkfish (13)
Google is Gaming Page Rank to Put Knol Over Wikipedia son of parnas (21)
dear great purple... whistle (6)
Buy and Hold Means No Gold son of parnas (20)
one more bottle of beer on the wall, one more bottle of beer... whistle (4)
Im gonna have to replay fight club. whistle (12)
intersex sharkfish (29)
In death, members of project have a name... whistle (4)
repeated disappointment the great purple (8)
Is it wrong? JoC (2)
the thing about the gangs... whistle (11)
"Yeti hair" DNA tests "inconclusive" man on the stair (7)
clarity and context whistle (5)
12 bottles of beer, 2 cds, large bag of chips, fish & chips whistle (28)
Mystery at 29,000 feet trollop (5)
Can democracy deal with the rising complexity in the world? son of parnas (11)
Cirque du Soleil -  Kooza sharkfish (9)
I admit it. I love see My secret is benign (2)
Iraq banned from Olympics Doris Mulemount (7)
July 24th, 2008
specific intent whistle (8)
50 years ago New York Times had called Dr Mossadegh Hitler Dan Denman (1)
Is 20% more salary worth... Bolton (9)
Is Textmate nice Rick Tang (7)
Oh, knickers! man on the stair (8)
Do you live in Nerdistan? xampl (2)
Obama is the Anti-Christ Rick Tang (16)
For you Blender bashers JoC (5)
Fitness site for Sharkfish xampl (4)
48% of Black men have never been married!? viaNueve (6)
Who understands this? man on the stair (0)
Scared about losing my macbook on my plane trip to Flori Bot L Berlin (19)
Robert Half SK (3)
Hockey Night In Canada Theme df (2)
Mugger picks wrong victim Clay Dowling (8)
Australian torpedo test sinks US ship man on the stair (7)
this guy makes bush and the various republicans look good whistle (5)
Richard Dawkins in Ontario whistle (8)
Yo Rick, here's something on Finance Tapiwa (7)
can you give an example of a genetic mutation or an... whistle (26)
Things I regret: whistle (1)
SaaS, SOA, ESB, J2EE, .Net Rick Tang (4)
"if they hadn't shot down the fourth plane..." whistle (36)
still keeping denmam around,... Remember me (3)
Another criminal institute affiliate to Dan Denman (2)
July 23rd, 2008
I'm losing my mind sharkfish (11)
Elvis Rex trollop (2)
Black in America on CNN YaleChick (18)
Is it wrong... Cory Foy (8)
Sharkfish, I think you have wrong conclusion on embracing lorb (30)
axe commercial sharkfish (4)
male dev at work sharkfish (3)
Destroy those infernal machines! son of parnas (9)
No comment on this Bot L Berlin (4)
Desks for sale Clay Dowling (34)
Khakhis Jaguar Paw (4)
"besides which he is a surprisingly sexist man Rick Tang (22)
Middle-class grow-ops? xampl (27)
Technology I am impressed with Bot L Berlin (6)
Why your language isn't popular Bot L Berlin (0)
Amazon S3 xampl (4)
Good question (not mine) Soup Dragon (7)
Where are the spammers from? man on the stair (7)
Who says man on the stair (3)
Finance companies here in NZ are.... whistle (7)
"You have a very aggressive, abrasive personality online" whistle (41)
My favorite XKCD ever Philo (D) (4)
excellent, high standard question from reality TV sharkfish (12)
for the record sharkfish (6)
yeah see cuz I don't wanna talk to yo ass anyway sharkfish (5)
July 22nd, 2008
Sidebar from a personal email? Ward (0)
They also stripped naked and put on a lamp shade son of parnas (6)
job for you, Bot sharkfish (7)
Google buying Digg sharkfish (6)
must. refrain. from.. sharkfish (2)
wall street programmer Lenny (4)
Debt/cash management tradeoff Bolton (38)
The secret of Hizbullah's success Dan Denman (12)
mccain is so old, could he nail the trey? Lenny (1)
some of my flaws sharkfish (24)
hmmm. not embracing. sharkfish (17)
My first mac product? son of parnas (2)
Kucinich: "laid out maps of iraq" Lenny (2)
this picture that shames italy Lenny (6)
Recession-Plagued Nation Demands New Bubble To Invest In Lenny (4)
I hate it Bot L Berlin (2)
hey single dudes arg! (7)
The Dark Knight Returns Boston Legal (2)
Good source of financial news Rick Tang (8)
Female body matters Bot L Berlin (27)
DLP or film? xampl (5)
I wonder what compels these people to gather? son of parnas (6)
Is this standard? what are you typing for? (9)
svn problems man on the stair (13)
There will be no more lost cities son of parnas (4)
Hellboy II xampl (1)
No Country was better than the Dark Knight Bot L Berlin (3)
Mc$ame says there is trouble on the Iraq-Pakistan border? Peter (30)
I know I'm just a smelly old curmudgeon man on the stair (12)
why *is* Iran considered a threat? whistle (28)
July 21st, 2008
My Norman Rockwell-ish evening sharkfish (4)
linked in question sharkfish (19)
Denman, what do you think of this video? Fan boy (0)
Bot's Review of the Dark Knight ***** Some spoilers **** Bot Berlin (33)
Poultrygeist movie Boston Legal (6)
Good question Rick Tang (16)
Cell phone conversation overheard on the train sharkfish (14)
How many Bots are there? sharkfish (1)
Interesting take on SAAS/Computing cloud viaNueve (8)
LOL Coding standards Rick Tang (5)
Details of living off the grid Ward (19)
w00t!  Female serial killer in Europe! sharkfish (0)
What are the advantages/uses for JSON? Bot L Berlin (14)
Anyone have details on this Bot L Berlin (8)
2 1/2 month follow up on e-bike experiences Ward (9)
building a poker server in Erlang sharkfish (11)
Food:  I like pie. Aaron (2)
This is me Bot Ghost (10)
1 month follow up on solar power article son of parnas (19)
Website Offering Custom Music CD? Mike (3)
Death Note: Primer Set One Bot Ghost (0)
More advice? Yale Chick (34)
The problem with Greg Mankiw Colm (R) (5)
obama wants to subsidize ethanol Colm (R) (3)
Per Sharkfish's discussion Bot Ghost (2)
having a much richer girlfriend ? anon (26)
Hey Michael B Locutus of Borg (12)
July 20th, 2008
And to follow up breakfast: dinner Michael B (11)
why doesn't the mccain sex scandal get any coverage? rush(d) (18)
If you haven't watched Code Rush viaNueve (6)
Planted 3000 trees... whistle (7)
Desk Legs Reborn! Clay Dowling (1)
do you think Dana is pissed off? Another Fine Poster (1)
Simple pleasures: pictures of breakfast Michael B (8)
Please list your COT's sick Gallup R Us (6)
My delving into writing a NetBeans module Lombrado (0)
POLL: polls man on the stair (4)
My kind of book cover lorb (11)
DNA stats sharkfish (12)
I haven't laughed so hard... sharkfish (1)
obama campaign hands mccain his ass on iraq/afganistan this week Another Fine Poster (0)
How do you know that McCain is Philo's guy? Bot Berlin (7)
more drivel about proving programs correct son of parnas (7)
obama vs philo's guy still running the fear play (8)
DeathNote - Anime Bot Berlin (0)
POLL: transvestite on chick pr0n (5)
July 19th, 2008
Impressive Bot Berlin (6)
Bert and Ernie: G is for Gangsta Cory Foy (2)
Benny Morris: I have alzhimer folks! Dan Denman (6)
ycombinator sharkfish (14)
Great guy, accomplished! sharkfish (3)
Ask COT:  How can OSX and Vista share disk? Another Fine Poster (6)
java crap vista coder (0)
cute geek grrrl! (3)
nytimes on The Debt Trap Another Fine Poster (16)
BTW sharky Philo (D) (8)
Classic SciFi movie weekend xampl (9)
FLEX lorb (16)
1 in a million twins sharkfish (13)
Politics is for billionaires Bolton (7)
That rogue SF network engineer sharkfish (6)
July 18th, 2008
how do you know you are dating a succubus? sharkfish (6)
POLL: are you a city of cuckolds (1)
Baby boomers Michael B (2)
Batman experience Bot Berlin (6)
oops sharkfish (7)
POLL: Midgets? Bluebeard (9)
Sienna Miller's pictures Lombrado (1)
textbook piracy - maybe ok? Boston Legal (6)
11/12 Bot Berlin (7)
Way for the stores to beat the internet Bot Berlin (9)
life or death situation-- sharkfish (72)
So I've been wearing the rainbow/pride Obama button sharkfish (5)
POLL:  Cum on the face? sharkfish (28)
the pron "generational" divide sharkfish (6)
"you don't have to reply in muslim..." sharkfish (5)
current events quiz Boston Legal (11)
Any anti-israel anti-american news today Rick Tang (4)
Learning Powershell Rick Tang (7)
Too legit Mr.Blank (4)
85 JoC (1)
In the telephonic interview I just had lorb (39)
Got my first GPS! Kenny (4)
what is wrong with me sharkfish (8)
Who wants a tattoo? LH(N/A) (1)
SSL for CoT Oscar (3)
senator crockett: acupuncture the great purple (6)
sound clipped when torrent is running Oren Denman (3)
Big meeting for me with CIO and others Bot Ghost (17)
For sharky: Rosario Dawson bikini pics Philo (D) (5)
What'd you think of the new Batman film? possibly probably (3)
I've been offered a new job :-) Shh! You know who! (35)
bratz earn $1 billion a year? son of parnas (7)
Contracting firm problems xampl (0)
Microsoft question; complete binary backup of word documents Bot Berlin (18)
ban black people sharkfish (13)
CoT feature question sharkfish (25)
Death by risk aversion xampl (2)
Promession Soup Dragon (3)
Anybody know about Resevoir Manicouagan? Clay Dowling (6)
Earwigs df (4)
Is this bad, hitting on girl right in front Bot Berlin (44)
ASP.NET and JavaScript Oscar (9)
Did you fart? son of parnas (8)
We should have killed all those Hezbollah's bastards back in 200 Oren (7)
July 17th, 2008
hey Denman sharkfish (5)
low carb wins sharkfish (8)
prima donnas sharkfish (6)
c'mon this is funny sharkfish (3)
How I would improve JoS/Fruitshow bon vivant (8)
If Yale Chick is Philo sharkfish (11)
global warming exists arg! (28)
Revenue Neutral xampl (28)
What are your favorite interracial films Bot Berlin (23)
Sorry Colm, global warming debate heats up again Bot Berlin (5)
Album reviews today Patrick (1)
either I am PMS'ing sharkfish (21)
javascript question sharkfish (7)
Lady Heather returning to CSI xampl (6)
Why doesn't STH like me Rick Tang (9)
Is the presidential campaign all over in Nov? Bot Berlin (14)
I think this embodies the spirit of CoT beautfully whistle (5)
Global Warning ,..., (7)
Hussein Osama to his critics Dan Denman (104)
LotR was grossly overrated df (35)
For son of parnas Dan Denman (5)
For wSV, Emperor of Pluto Voltaire's Dog (2)
From bad to worse Rick Tang (2)
anarcho capitalism can't exist son of parnas (7)
How does this arise? Colm (R) (18)
Could you mix together something like mod-perl and EJB? lorb (2)
For Michael: Lisp Inspired Python; with generators Bot Berlin (1)
worst website ever the great purple (24)
For Bot Aaron (1)
Helen Mirren: 63 and still hot Clay Dowling (15)
alien invasion force fails in its mission Colm (R) (10)
"I think the OpenBSD crowd is a bunch of masturbating monkeys" man on the stair (4)
Worst software Traveling boy (22)
Tom Friedman is pissed off that Americans are so dispised around Dan Denman (28)
Pastierised rigid trollop (0)
July 16th, 2008
A lot of pain, doing something I am not used to Bot Berlin (18)
Did I miss anything? Traveling boy (9)
Hezbollah, Israeli Prisoner Swap Reveals Soldiers Were Killed Dan Denman (9)
how great was the west wing? lenny (0)
Tradition for dead magicians Cory Foy (0)
Quite the WALL-E Review son of parnas (11)
Office env and productivity, correlation/causation, anecdotal possibly probably (3)
Grateful for American Television possibly probably (4)
Sharkfish, wouldn't like what is going on in blah Bot Berlin (11)
omg, republicans arg! (9)
All right, will air cars really work? son of parnas (18)
New Batman Looks Great son of parnas (7)
Microsoft Tools I like Bot Ghost (9)
Best people by location Bot Ghost (12)
GM suspends dividend xampl (10)
Side Project Obsession - Office Desk Clay Dowling (6)
Senator, what crackheads worked on Visio Bot Ghost (20)
The secret to Apple's success Bolton (18)
spam Colm (R) (14)
Is sarcasm dead? Boston Legal (12)
My experience thus far with ANTLR Lombrado (9)
July 15th, 2008
sharky, do you start drinking at around 9pm? Michael B (2)
Not drinking tonight... Bot Ghost (2)
Still at work Bot Ghost (2)
speaking of keeping promises/overpromising sharkfish (5)
your brats - just a thought sharkfish (8)
when eating a store-bought roasted chicken sharkfish (2)
Hussein Osama: Obama Iraq Speech: US Strategy Is Unsound Dan Denman (3)
Proper posture Bolton (5)
Hey Senator, Laywer person Bot Ghost (0)
is there a command line/console IM client for win? sharkfish (8)
lorb, wsv...say it ain't so?  Did you do this Bot Ghost (8)
For lorb, how to get a J2EE job Bot Ghost (12)
Bank failures lorb (15)
keeping potted plants alive the great purple (10)
Hilights of CoT Ward (26)
Senator, any technical writing techniques Bot Berlin (9)
New Crazy on Tap recommondation Bot Berlin (3)
More IndyMac fun xampl (5)
Operator and Matrix Rick Tang (19)
Study finds women pretty much just like men... Philo (D) (6)
Do you wear a t-shirt? Bot Berlin (17)
Could you do this? Rick Tang (3)
I've noticed there are two kinds of people Michael B (5)
Neat, my black light posters will glow forever son of parnas (49)
People who don't use deodorant (37)
I'll be going son of parnas (2)
<tap, tap> Is this thing on? SaveTheHubble (13)
lost, and tired, and scared, and tired... whistle (10)
..and they were just men, afterall.. whistle (7)
What if all classroom work aimed to solve real-world problems? son of parnas (11)
Michelle Obama Jesus is my ally (3)
July 14th, 2008
should I post mine sharkfish (10)
omfg.  copying software into RAM == copyright infringement sharkfish (9)
if my mISV fails sharkfish (13)
speaking of crying sharkfish (6)
New Yorker Dan Denman (6)
snapped back in time sharkfish (19)
Any correlation here? Texas, high abscenance education, high sex son of parnas (19)
50% of the stuff posted on here... Bill42x (1)
Which Camcorder should I buy Rick Tang (4)
I look good in lipstick! lorb (15)
Do you cry a lot? Rick Tang (10)
Corporations are not legally obligated to seek profit Senator David Crockett (124)
Hmph JoC (7)
What's the purpose of is this spam? Rick Tang (12)
figured it out the great purple (8)
Nappy reversal whistle (8)
It isn't... man on the stair (1)
if you can't beat 'em... arg! (12)
'Senior' Software Engineer lorb (21)
It's dishonest, it's wrong, and I did it all the time. son of parnas (12)
Framework first is bad son of parnas (50)
Hedonic Man son of parnas (3)
Parsers 101, build the syntax tree first? Bot Berlin (23)
Are you pissed off at the american corporations? Bot Berlin (21)
Ive been waking up with some stank Michael B (13)
heh Colm (R) (1)
Constantine on Usability Senator David Crockett (6)
Sarkozy Dan Denman (2)
July 13th, 2008
cross generational sex sharkfish (8)
oh man, certification claims sharkfish (3)
movies - random thoughts sharkfish (13)
interesting study subjects sharkfish (8)
Don't be the jerk at the gym... Cory Foy (3)
you have to be rich to get rich sharkfish (10)
Words fail me. Philo (D) (6)
perusing the checkout isle son of parnas (14)
Fannie Mae; hardly knew ya Lombrado (2)
*giggle* man on the stair (1)
sharky Michael B (20)
We're sorry, but you must know C# to ride this ride xampl (0)
30% of women basque (7)
heh.  I thought about paying for a rant like this during... whistle (1)
cool - air traffic info sharkfish (2)
It would be really cool if sharkfish (9)
Paleolithic diet, day four Michael B (13)
I know beggars can't be choosers sharkfish (1)
The best music came out when you were 13 sharkfish (10)
July 12th, 2008
Iran would destroy Israel, US bases Dan Denman (11)
Wine: it's all your head Dan Denman (3)
Four words I never expected to see used together xampl (4)
wtf?  uranium from Iraq? whistle (9)
tony snow sharkfish (2)
wordpress themes sharkfish (3)
I love quantum whistle (6)
If you watch TV or you don't watch TV viaNueve (8)
heh. Sallie Mae doesn't take actual money sharkfish (6)
Holy shit, chances of Israeli invasion of Iran just dropped... whistle (3)
free market failure plus IndyMac bank run sharkfish (11)
gotta love thos objectivists son of parnas (9)
so true son of parnas (0)
Friend Feed is Just a Bunch of Money Stealing Noise son of parnas (2)
Lindsay Lohan is ready for action Philo (D) (6)
Sidebar man on the stair (0)
July 11th, 2008
Start m'new job on Monday... Cory Foy (8)
Andy Grove on Our Electric Future son of parnas (0)
TTBD inflation economista (2)
gave us cuts? Another Fine Poster (1)
How do you recover from standing someone up? Michael B (6)
Firefox - bad memory leaks? Ward (6)
interesting article on corporate personhood son of parnas (3)
Anyone get a new iphone? son of parnas (10)
Those damn gay people sharkfish (7)
Michael B - Not a very impressive penis Lorge Penis (4)
couple things sharkfish (6)
AppStore apps xampl (1)
lol. lightning is funny sharkfish (3)
Sorry, Bot... Rick Tang (33)
is this you, wsv? sharkfish (3)
start immediately! sharkfish (0)
the internet is broken sharkfish (17)
Community Rick Tang (11)
Software testing, you are doing it wrong Apple Bot Berlin (1)
Java JVM speed issues, a question Bot Berlin (22)
The Big Bang Theory: I think I am Rajesh... Kenny (2)
I need to borrow some money Bot Berlin (5)
On necrophilia ,..., (17)
Israel in Iraq, this is bound to piss people off Bot Berlin (2)
The Collate clause in SQL xampl (5)
Mask of smartness Michael B (9)
son of parnas: pwned Michael B (7)
US to takeover mortage biz Bot Ghost (11)
Ok, I take it back Bot Ghost (57)
Programming 101: tracking bugs Bot Ghost (4)
GM's problems are the workers, not crappy management son of parnas (33)
T. Boone Pickens wants xampl (4)
I call bullshit Aaron (11)
Technology behind the Mars Lander SaveTheHubble (3)
From the "Why the fuck would I want that" dept. man on the stair (0)
Not so sure about Chicago now xampl (13)
"Ahmedinijad has stated on several occasions anyway that..." whistle (9)
nicely put whistle (19)
Lemon O'Brien : "Internet Explorer can't read my mind" Ritchie Swann (4)
how is this possible? Colm (R) (28)
Processor or RAM ? Joaquim Antonio (13)
tina fey whistle (18)
the increasing incidence of indian startups... whistle (4)
I dont usually feel sorry for gay republicans, but this guy... whistle (8)
Sharkfish/DBA lorb (1)
Iran thread lorb (30)
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Do you ever get in trouble at work/family.... lorb (7)
July 10th, 2008
Too much spew, Bot Ward (5)
Rove flees to argentina like those before him son of parnas (8)
Look how small your nerd penises are compared to mine Michael B (19)
Another cute use of generators Michael B (15)
Fear Bot Berlin (4)
don't tase me bro goober (4)
you are rich when.... goober (5)
Ok, I am going to see a therapist Bot Berlin (9)
Hey Dan - but you probably know this stuff Philo (D) (3)
click to summon goober (3)
Bot is trying to destroy our community sharkfish (54)
I have 2000 comment points on reddit Bot Berlin (4)
Should I call the police? sharkfish (11)
with everyone else I feel like we're talking to a real person goober (11)
Mongo, Bot Berlin (7)
Could someone on this forum piss you off enough Bot Berlin (12)
Why you should consult Google trollop (0)
Sex Every Night For A Year whistle (16)
Cool electronic gizmo Ward (1)
New erlang/lisp web application Bot Berlin (4)
My new diet, day one Michael B (8)
Should Clay apologize Rick Tang (17)
grumble grumble grumble the great purple (2)
Honestly Bot Berlin (2)
Bot's personality sharkfish (52)
Multi multi multi millionaire McCain thinks you are a whiner son of parnas (3)
yahoo BOSS whistle (7)
Are you happy? Rick Tang (17)
Federal Reserve: raises bad for economy Clay Dowling (10)
CIO Bot Berlin (22)
The South Bot Berlin (19)
On GURPS Clay Dowling (7)
Collation for Chinese values in Sql2005 xampl (7)
Best movie I've watched lately son of parnas (3)
Journey to the Center of the Earth - review Ward (5)
Could you start a religion centered around "The Universe" Bot Berlin (53)
Jesse Jackson and Obama; Obama:300000000, Jesse: 0 Bot Berlin (25)
Stay stupid Louisiana, stay stupid son of parnas (22)
Infectious disease update (U.S.) Full name (2)
ummmmmm Sara "C" (18)
Saggy Drawers Law Gets Followup Clay Dowling (4)
Cute xampl (6)
Could you do the deed every day for a year? Clay Dowling (33)
WALL●E JoC (11)
iphone neat app ghost (3)
A message to the phantom CoT spammer Ritchie Swann (13)
Google AppEngine using Python Bluebeard (5)
Old age paranoia has inflicted David Mamet Dan Denman (0)
Journey to the Center of the Earh Ward (8)
On thing I like about Americans Dan Denman (5)
July 9th, 2008
Hadron Collider and Racism Senator David Crockett (6)
RIP Fourth Amendment whistle (4)
databases, it is sharkfish (35)
The most lucrative college majors gadzooks (20)
Visual SourceSafe is Evil Rick Tang (16)
Now THIS is how you sell boring shit sharkfish (7)
Dancing bananas redux Ritchie Swann (3)
Iran & US are actually pretty similar xampl (16)
Contracting Co. in Chicago xampl (11)
BSD vs GPL Rick Tang (22)
i'm in love Colm (R) (11)
let's not get to excited about erlang son of parnas (2)
your influence on others the great purple (3)
My first screw up at my new job sharkfish (24)
Ouch Bot Berlin (7)
Freaking Moore's Law Abstract Typist (2)
Reiser df (8)
Only 1% of the Earth's deserts, you say? df (9)
Clinton camp discovers how a "scorched earth" campaign works Philo (D) (7)
heh.  first night without nappies. whistle (14)
George Galloway is pretty cool whistle (39)
"I noticed that high profile open source people are inevitably.. whistle (5)
The End Of CoT whistle (21)
Drew Carey Drag Match trollop (5)
Sexism is alive and well and living on JoS le freak (4)
Interview with Hans Reiser at Salon Wayne (1)
"The White House knew who I was.  I am..." whistle (4)
Jane Jacobs videos Dan Denman (1)
COT's hall of shame COT principal historian (16)
I'm pretty much out at work, I think sharkfish (20)
How long for meat to digest? sharkfish (9)
Health insurance in the States Rick Tang (8)
July 8th, 2008
Sacha Chua - Opensource Female Hacker Bot Berlin (15)
A great reason to go to Mars Philo (D) (19)
Yale Chick, I want to know sharkfish (11)
please update ifaq unionist (1)
Reddit: wtf? Bot Berlin (4)
American jews are funny Dan Denman (2)
Hans Reiser - great for ragging my Linux nazi friend Bluebeard (5)
Google gets its MS on son of parnas (8)
Where can I download Bible in PDF version? Not a Christian (56)
The mind of a cold blooded killer relational (3)
Congress gets a 9/100.  Epic fail Bot Berlin (4)
House Sharky el (6)
dvd creation / duplication / packaging the great purple (28)
The Great Office War Clay Dowling (5)
Our cat just died :-( Ritchie Swann (17)
hope again the great purple (15)
Another race question, me and the black lady Bot Berlin (13)
wayne Colm (R) (14)
All you doubters...Rans bring cops to wife's body Bot Berlin (17)
Successful IT Companies with no underlying Intellectual Property forThis.Anon (3)
Help me Mac'ers wayrf (18)
Dinner:  4 raw yams whistle (16)
George Galloway Dan Denman (3)
Awesome!  You guys lifted JoS?off Michael B (9)
July 7th, 2008
Interview tomorrow lorb (25)
because I like you guys and can talk like a person here? Sara C (34)
Almost all of you are screwed Aaron (48)
Aaron Heilman Sara C (7)
taser bracelets sharkfish (26)
Hans Reiser df (14)
discussion at work today sharkfish (23)
fluent interfaces sharkfish (17)
errr, I didn't know that sharkfish (20)
Ulrich Drepper = jackass lover (10)
I figured out YC's problem! LeftWingPharisee (32)
Since 9/11 I have Me (3)
Whippupitude lorb (15)
Church of satan replies to charges xampl (6)
Cute use of generators Michael B (24)
Animal rights activists xampl (7)
Bot you nerd... Bluebeard (13)
I'm glad I have a pic of someone's booty with my name on it.. sharkfish (13)
How can I stop myself Rick Tang (7)
From the 'not-to-be-believed' dept. Java Developer (17)
the train track thought experiment the great purple (23)
Just a note for Yale Chick Philo (D) (50)
Alright, which one of you losers Ritchie freakin' Swann (4)
..and they called me an insanely paranoid nutcase with delusion whistle (11)
Hubble Mission Update SaveTheHubble (2)
For women who want to figure out men LeftWingPharisee (97)
We're Fucked: Mexican's sneaking over border to Mexico Clay Dowling (14)
I'm jumping on the bandwagon - here's a pic of my naked butt Bluebeard (5)
niko is the agent of Beelzebub Bluebeard (2)
There are no nerds on this forum Bot Berlin (17)
Loss of Civil Liberties Since 9/11 son of parnas (1)
"Why Black Nerds are Unpopular" man on the stair (29)
Reading Inc for Joel df (5)
Helen Thomas Interview (Elders) trollop (1)
I love YaleChick! LeftWingPharisee (46)
Dear Sharky, Ms wSV would like you to know... whistle (8)
HOOKERS    Bang a 10 for a few hundred dollars whistle (12)
Real dolls and the men who love them YaleChick (20)
Oh BOY!!!! McCain to balance the budget Bot Berlin (4)
Finally getting the dreaded "work tomorrow" funk Anonymous Coward (1)
July 6th, 2008
beer C-3PO (8)
I still think Aaron (29)
IFAQ 2 - updated Another Fine Poster (4)
Dear Sara C, whistle (19)
things are getting better? Another Fine Poster (5)
"The problem is that RSS aggregators are a dime a dozen..." whistle (4)
Bot sharkfish (24)
So I'm watching "The Jacket" Philo (D) (12)
I'm tired of trying Aaron (45)
Socializing sharkfish (12)
classic photo NSFW (5)
Why don't heteros have a "Hetero Pride" day? sharkfish (15)
Atlanta: Black Gay Capital of the USA sharkfish (25)
I'm not Philo Yale Chick (85)
new cot subtitle: "losers tend to clump together." niko (16)
Any wagers on the reappearance date of He Who Is muppet? Bluebeard (25)
Jesus the Copy Cat son of parnas (3)
ohhh...Senator David Crockett ...do me! do me! whistle (5)
open thread for you fuckwits to explain the GOOD SIDE of Cot niko (10)
free advice for niko Colm (R) (11)
Ferrari - 87 Mondial Cabriolet Mongo (11)
free advice for Sara C (I) niko (36)
Costco & shopping carts xampl (10)
anyone have an opinion on plaxo? whistle (11)
I am moving up Bot Berlin (16)
Colm has me in stitches Philo  (D) (34)
shame Colm (1)
In Bruges (movie) Kenny (5)
Need advice on confusing situation YaleChick (126)
UK P45 form xampl (4)
I think I want to go day drinking Bot Berlin (8)
For Dan Denman Philo  (D) (10)
rednecks - the data marginally fuck you (11)
Did Tay sell out? xampl (11)
crooks and liars is taking this JOKE out of context booger (2)
on the tragedy of the anti commons marginal rev (2)
click to summon Sara C? sharkfish (24)
walmart gets six applications for every job Colm (23)
African Americans, religion and conservatism Bot Berlin (13)
Of the conservatives/republicans I know... Bot Berlin (4)
i can see this son of parnas (0)
So I was trolling through the archives looking for Dennis Forbes whistle (2)
"Everything that is wrong with america is Philo's fault!" arg! (29)
grunge speak anti cheesy shoes (1)
nude pinup from financial times newspaper? anti cheesy shoes (0)
July 5th, 2008
obama new seal anti cheesy shoes (2)
heh Colm (3)
not sure bloody hands lady is going to change the world LOLcat (2)
just downloaded chandler LOLcat (5)
saw this sign near my house LOLcat (1)
Hospital LOLcat (0)
language/framework wars Colm (16)
2000:  couldn't search on C# back then (2)
What do you think of "rednecks" Bot Berlin (15)
Hancock Kenny (7)
I see what you did there. LOLcat (2)
Discworld xampl (3)
sbux poem post yours! (0)
Avastin - Discuss! odd duck (0)
Interesting Iraq Ireland comparison son of parnas (13)
obama - wearing the flag pin  agaain? LOLcats (17)
How dare the Colombians rescue Ingrid Betancourt? LOLcat (4)
nice video .  a cow  a girl a better world - the logic escapes m LOLcat (11)
premartiail sex illegal in georgeoia LOLcat (6)
I agree with this discription of google LOLcat (1)
teror van - not sure why this story doesn't get more play By LARRY CELONA (2)
what happened since 1996? wafgdbvfgkbz v (1)
sop - hungover? pee pee (6)
so this is why they don't release the meeting notes son of parnas (11)
david broder (washpo) scum (0)
my brother is a Republican sharkfish (12)
eSATA df (3)
We're doing 250kmh+ straight into the sun... trollop (3)
Day care for kids costs $57,000 a year? Who knew. Senator David Crockett (11)
July 4th, 2008
Nice post, out of the reddit annuals whistle (3)
Paul: "US is planning preemptive nuclear strike on Iran" Senator David Crockett (24)
I'm a loser niko (12)
Half tempted to pick a fight Clay Dowling (6)
Japanese Film? (non Anime) Bot Berlin (9)
On being Jewish Dan Denman (23)
USA USA USA son of parnas (5)
write a web app in 6 days not savvy (0)
Retail ventures Michael B (18)
So, I'm Bidding on a Ferrari Mongo (24)
pension sharkfish (18)
everybody is an atheist now sharkfish (10)
tables vs. divs sharkfish (19)
Downsides of Being Affluent Stresser (9)
A chinaman proved the Riemann hypothesis! Rick Tang (8)
Any not so harmful legal cigarettes Bot Berlin (27)
Why is inflation bad, again? Michael B (20)
peak of COT irony best of COT (3)
the pool can be dangerous newser (15)
the internet is full of crazy people anti terror in the 'burb (3)
Dan, can you help this guy out? xampl (2)
WTF is this crap? Trollicious (1)
I assumed it couldn't be done man on the stair (7)
so I'm at my mom's house and sharkfish (7)
amazing culture has no numbers sharkfish (7)
Can we get wasted without side effects already? Michael B (10)
Conservatism = Racism? Rick Tang (7)
Question for sop Not sop (3)
COT gone to shit anti cot (0)
Obama: clear enough for ya bitches anti but wait um didn't eh (2)
What have you blown up today? man on the stair (13)
Stress = fat Michael B (10)
True Rebellion Determined by Relationship to the Great Machine son of parnas (9)
causation is not enough son of parnas (5)
For sharky man on the stair (3)
They're not crazy Ranulf (1)
One of the great things about being Jewish LeftWingPharisee (17)
Canada's Nazi paper: The National Post Dan Denman (5)
Bush Tours America Senator David Crockett (0)
fuck you whistle (5)
budweiser C-3PO (5)
July 3rd, 2008
4th Of July SaveTheHubble (9)
"bag of cocks" anti COT (4)
americans cooler than the dutch anti eco (14)
award winning Palestinian journalist brutally Dan Denman (67)
Banking system depends on gullibility? Peter (3)
web site lists plenty of fish (4)
UI inquiry: latest Safari's Next Find Whazzit. Senator David Crockett (1)
FYI Aaron (4)
VW to sell 282mpg car, cheap too Senator David Crockett (7)
how fast can those mofos sort a terror byte anti sequential data (4)
Obama On His Noble Steed df (26)
fair use and the VCR anti ward (7)
youporn: less amatuer anti ward (7)
Four day workweek to save energy xampl (12)
Ask CoT: sharkfish is not posting because... Bot Berlin (11)
Google Ordered To Release Data On YouTube Users lorb (24)
Language wars, what do you want? Bot Berlin (38)
Flip Mino Kenny (6)
Nasa unfairly accused of being "Fascist" SaveTheHubble (33)
sharkfish, here's why Python should be Michael B (25)
Hallucinogens as the gateway to deep experience son of parnas (8)
Waterboarding is torture xampl (15)
Don't Die Young trollop (5)
Important news for Aaron lorb (17)
Zimbabwe currency redux man on the stair (27)
This is hilarious, and we sort of went through before Rick Tang (16)
Spam on EC3? Rick Tang (5)
Mini laptop and education Rick Tang (2)
July 2nd, 2008
gender sharkfish (10)
capturing the American zeitgeist sharkfish (4)
Not really a LOLCat Clay Dowling (3)
low expectations sharkfish (12)
Bot, I'm going to Atlanta sharkfish (14)
Crappy programmers! Bot Berlin (17)
beyond awesome whistle (3)
Erlang programmers sharkfish (0)
Lisp is teh awesome. sharkfish (0)
Java is stupid. sharkfish (11)
Ruby sucks. sharkfish (0)
I don't like Python all that much sharkfish (12)
Michael B sharkfish (6)
How do you write benchmarks for web apps? Bot Berlin (6)
I has ur cat xampl (3)
nothing like dashed hopes to ruin one's day the great purple (42)
Perl frameworks lorb (8)
"Dude, the website is down"... SaveTheHubble (4)
I like pie^H^H^HSummer man on the stair (3)
*drip* *drip* *drip* man on the stair (6)
This is just so wrong. Aaron (4)
Moderator! Pay attention! Rick Tang (6)
Can you pass the US citizenship test? xampl (24)
SoP = Another Poster? forThis.Anon (8)
Does software engineering exist? Michael B (33)
Oil crash? xampl (53)
surprise your SO (18)
Other than giving up Starbucks Treppenwitz (38)
Israel is a safe haven for money laundering Dan Denman (0)
I really dont understand why google doesn't just... whistle (3)
no sleeping with the israeli enemy whistle (17)
IMF getting ready to spank the US Peter (4)
Lisp is 50 years old Bot x (10)
I'm guessing at the end of the day it all comes down to this C-3PO (1)
If you've never seen a real backdraft Cory Foy (2)
July 1st, 2008
On not being anonymous Cory Foy (15)
If the jews WERE behind 9/11 Michael B (16)
passey sick of your crazy shit found a live one (7)
McCain should be honored ... holy fing shit found a live one (1)
Sharky - found the code Cory Foy (15)
Muppet on YouTube! sharkfish (10)
don't panic sharkfish (13)
CoT: my own personal pastebin Michael B (4)
I have to have a work goal sharkfish (21)
CoT: my own personal pastebin Michael B (5)
Geek Squad in Texas is screwed Aaron (17)
Zimbabwe currency xampl (6)
Programming for an adult entertainment co. lorb (47)
CoT: my own personal pastebin Michael B (14)
This is going to be fun for future CoT posts Bot Berlin (1)
who owns you Delta prime (8)
I told you this is how the "ownership" thinks... sharkfish (10)
Guess what linux is getting more popular Bot Berlin (5)
Cygwin isn't half bad Bot Berlin (1)
Banks break into homes, steal things Senator David Crockett (23)
J2EE issues Bot Berlin (6)
Me and my baby in her stroller FBuddy (2)
first dickhead sharkfish (4)
Virtuali[sz]ation man on the stair (10)
Impossible mission Bot Berlin (18)
Hiring advice xampl (13)
autocorrect the great purple (6)
I have aa fuckbuddy now Yale Chick (85)
I suck!! Bot Berlin (14)
Lisp is concise Bot Berlin (9)
Now *this* is funny man on the stair (2)
Texas shotgun man is cleared xampl (20)
Am I the only one who doesn't get spam? man on the stair (16)
whistle, do you write software? Bot Berlin (5)
So much for free speech freedom in Canada Glitch (7)
Mandatory training coupled with dicking off Clay Dowling (7)
How not to kill yourself Tapiwa (4)
Wake up America! Just a proposal (5)
yes, but what *kind* of drug induced haze? whistle (17)
This thread reserved for an indepth discussion of... whistle (8)
a classic example of one of my pet hates whistle (3)
Some possible electric vehicles son of parnas (5)
I ROCK! whistle (16)
jesus, the prick should be shot whistle (8)
Extreme Programming Explained Senator David Crockett (10)
The World According to Alan Kay son of parnas (6)
my cell phone is for email only. sharkfish (0)
throwing down the gauntlet sharkfish (24)
Robot Chicken does Oprah sharkfish (0)