Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

July 31st, 2007
what would move you to kill someone sharkfish (57 comments)
confession time freaky smile (6)
Abe Foxman's Dan Denman (0)
so cute my cheeks ache sharkfish (13)
ummm.. bob (0)
fake or real sharkfish (23)
Fight Girls sharkfish (12)
Most intellects sharkfish (9)
It parallels the Nazi Book Burnings son of parnas (4)
Kentucky Ron Paul supporter arrested for terrorism Practical Economist (2)
Thanks to sharkfish's LorBish postings... Ward (7)
I am totally losing my marbles. sharkfish (19)
I think I'm finally ready to become a suburbanite sharkfish (7)
The womb is not a clown car sharkfish (10)
here we go sharkfish (22)
I'm not clumsy, BUT sharkfish (5)
banter with client today sharkfish (1)
Damages sharkfish (9)
Ward Colm (2)
MS Outlook sucks, discuss Bot Berlin (8)
shitty day (not a 'poo post') Full name (1)
Heinlein House Ward (7)
How Computer Programming Works - muppet Bluebeard (10)
ethanol redux #2 pondBacterium (4)
Differential pricing for ... Tuition Rick Zeng (9)
US urges 'comfort women' apology Rick Zeng (19)
Any CoT real estate experts? pondBacterium (22)
I just want to note sharkfish (10)
Are you smart, no sex for you!! Bot Berlin (14)
The underlying source of all society's problems Ward (13)
Pretend to be from Canada! s (2)
LOLCats WTF JoC (2)
You'll be the last to know ipmal (0)
Schadenfreude baby Ward (12)
I still don't want a sucide barrier on the Golden Gate bridge son of parnas (25)
Brown Girl in the Ring :) Blue Caterpillar (7)
while one war looks like it will never end $-- (3)
Two months till heavenly pleasures Bot Berlin (0)
Stogie Tax xampl (12)
Are there good FILE upload sites Bot Berlin (5)
So how come when I search for programming books for kids muppet (34)
Just Assimilate sharkfish (25)
Silly me, I thought Habitat was a store for YUPPYs and LOMBARDs trollop (6)
OK, so my employer owes me over $100,000, do I try to collect? muppet (39)
Stuff like this pisses me off! Tapiwa (24)
this is gonna be cool guess worker (1)
Young Hillary in college - pure silliness Philo (16)
so somewhere here I was abusing china and being both... pondBacterium (6)
National healthcare, or... Philo (51)
Perpetual state of victimhood Dan Denman (3)
ethanol again Practical Economist (14)
Alan Dan Denman (1)
The future of troops in Iraq bon vivant (8)
July 30th, 2007
sidebar sissies random idiot (5)
4400 Rocks son of parnas (4)
Hillary Clinton is out of the closet Not a FoH (11)
this dolphin story - how to they hold things? Practical Economist (9)
most powerful offroad vehicle: the Ford Model T Practical Economist (17)
self-loving cunt sharkfish (14)
The foreignization of computer programming Oppy (37)
on the bus tonight sharkfish (7)
I think I destroyed my taste buds muppet (17)
inequality at work Blue Caterpillar (2)
Quiz for men LeftWingPharisee (19)
Hell's Kitchen, anybody watch?, how good are these people? Bot Berlin (8)
ever wondered about the maori haka? pondBacterium (2)
Moses the action-figure xampl (5)
pick your fights wisely arg! (3)
breaking news Full name (10)
Francine sharkfish (0)
Muppet, forget about nursing AMerrickanGirl (14)
Someone writes "Pearl" on their resume Michael B (16)
A little sumptin for y a sharkfish (12)
America is the funniest place ever created. Bot Berlin (9)
Cage vs DiCaprio in paleontological death match! s (5)
Summer thunderstorms xampl (2)
Java, I hate you Bot Berlin (21)
So I came back from the toilet and.. pondBacterium (18)
Africa is depressing Bluebeard (15)
Rules of Oppression Handbook Bluebeard (19)
My penis is limp sharkfish (3)
Do you honestly think people care? Tapiwa (17)
I would also like JoC (10)
Sigh. Wasted another morning reading CoT Rick Zeng (9)
Yeah, I'm gonna ask for more work sharkfish (38)
Truth or racism? Ms. WsV (30)
Bad code again Bot Berlin (6)
Gyad.  Dice responses. sharkfish (13)
Some of you need lessons from Sooty sharkfish (6)
I'm probably more dickish JoC (11)
Proposal: YouTube Amnesty Bill Philo (31)
The (kosher) Elephant in the Room DF (22)
What is the hidden secret that holds such influence over the UK? bon vivant (3)
Moronic Feature? Clay Dowling (8)
Is Superfriends gone? SaveTheHubble (10)
How in hell did this get past Intel marketing pros? sharkfish (124)
Grandpa Hilton to Paris: "Karma. Look it up" Philo (15)
Fasting day one Bot Berlin (8)
I just took delivery of... Bluebeard (41)
US: Actually Saudi Arabia is the real source of trouble Practical Economist (13)
"Iran is trying to be smart and build nuke plants for this pondBacterium (12)
Surreal Sunday is over man on the stair (1)
Today was a good learning day LinuxOrBust (4)
Wesley Clark on Iran etc Practical Economist (15)
What's the weather? (8)
Im back, more depressed than ever Bot Berlin (12)
LWP in another thread Dan Denman (3)
Iran to buy jets from Russia Dan Denman (5)
hey, SoP worldSmallestViolin (14)
July 29th, 2007
when will the island be delivered? ogre (2)
Yank My Doodle, It’s A Dandy sniffinSniveller (2)
Big Tasty in McD France Asian Contingent of COTers (8)
one pakistani's take on the US Oppy (1)
cookies Blue Caterpillar (10)
NZ may offer courses in prostitution Another poster... (18)
why do you have eyebrows? Oppy (10)
CEO pay infographic Oppy (3)
could someone please go on a reddit run? Oppy (0)
Tonight's forum Blue Caterpillar (6)
news of the weird Oppy (6)
your forum sucks Transylvania Polygnostic (11)
will the real slim shady please stand up got the discovery channel? (0)
New nick LORB (18)
WTF?  Is it really necessary to live off my fame? LinuxOrBust (2)
Glorious Canadian Health System offloads unprofitable Practical Economist (9)
the migraine site guy should try harder total recall (17)
i tried to call god to complain google is the way (1)
Edward Luttwak on the Middle East LeftWingPharisee (50)
I really dont have time for this... sizzlinSneakler (14)
LOL.  new zealand media reacts to new media law sizzlinSneakler (1)
who's afraid of a little ogre henchman? pissing me off (5)
weird UK law I think the are cached (6)
SQL server stored proc caching I think the are cached (1)
FogBugz 6.0 World Tour (1)
dear cot Oppy (0)
wow, so much bad luck in one day. worldsSmallestViolin (3)
WANTED: ogre henchmen Oppenheimer (3)
Request For Bids:  CoT community island paradise worldsSmallestViolin (27)
Facebook... does PHP scale well? Bluebeard (12)
the trouble with the media today worldsSmallestViolin (0)
quotable Oppenheimer (6)
Here's a dumb question Bluebeard (11)
I was just going through this list of quotes on genius... worldsSmallestViolin (2)
“mother sea” of consciousness too lazy for original thought (10)
props to the one senator who voted against trade war with china economista (34)
Online Cry for Help Chuck W., Atlanta (22)
good old ward what a guy! (0)
victory for spain wooo! (1)
giffen behavior (defined) economista (2)
Mobile phones and the price of fish Stephen Jones (12)
I want one Aaron (1)
would it make sense to ban ward? popular demand (14)
Nerds are just hyperwhite Colm (17)
Iraq: The Death of Reason & peace march Practical Economist (11)
Now, unlike Harry Potter... Colm (11)
Wesley Clark Dan Denman (19)
slave labor builds us embassy baghdad (17)
"I'm embarrassed to be seen with you..." sharkfish (15)
WTF? WTF? I am listening to people about to die Bot Berlin (from Florida) (20)
Hey, wait... Aaron (20)
when we do get realistic robots sharkfish (13)
for you with kids sharkfish (13)
July 28th, 2007
in a recession? guess worker (5)
call not put (2)
Tour de France thread yet? sharkfish (8)
Naaaa naaaa sharkfish (39)
Online flamewar -> guy burns down somebody's house Burn, baby (10)
the dollar bob (22)
nasty fbi frames 4 men bob (0)
Sara Lee recalls whole wheat bread Full name (35)
Oh, Darn -- Scaled Composite accident SaveTheHubble (14)
testing tester (3)
delicious filler bob (0)
Mick Jagger should just give it up Bluebeard (8)
Computers suck xampl (1)
well where is the picture?! sharkfish (3)
How I can get Sillicon valley memebrship ! xampl (3)
Could xtians actually remember they follow christ, not bush? son of parnas (11)
female singers sharkfish (2)
Ron Paul supporters beaten, arrested by police Practical Economist (44)
Hello from Orlando Bot Berlin (from Florida) (3)
July 27th, 2007
from an Aussie-American sharkfish (36)
True Porn Clerk Stories AMerrickanGirl (5)
While you were all watching Iraq, Putin set up his Hitler Youth s (1)
Mr. Nixon Says son of parnas (6)
jpost editor: Iran 2 Israel 0 Dan Denman (0)
New William Gibson book out soon xampl (1)
is embedding spoilers in a random thread bob (2)
HEY ALLAN!!! Philo (9)
WWN no longer being published xampl (6)
Blah Statistics A traitor (2)
CoT Addiction Statistics A loser (4)
Google is crashing botlist, should I sue Bot Berlin (6)
At the office, single people are cool Bot Berlin (17)
some good may come from Iraq war spending sharkfish (1)
distracted the great purple (21)
"Nature Lover" Sweatshirt a success Clay Dowling (0)
Has the state of the environment improved in the last 50 years? Wayne (39)
The 8 Strangest Communities on the Web... Wayne (5)
Hmmm.  I didn't know I couldn't go to Cuba sharkfish (13)
Maybe a dildo JoC (5)
Eye for an eye JoC (1)
Home sick again, but working on projects muppet (16)
Internet withdrawl Bot Berlin (6)
Guess which state has the highest teen birth rate? son of parnas (15)
new zealand on the daily show the great purple (4)
Ah yes - Frontpage trollop (3)
I want to move to China where I can feel free Bot Berlin (3)
5 people abused nia worldsSmallestViolin (10)
Israel demands UN sanctions to 'really damage' Iran Dan Denman (5)
Botlist all-nighter and world tour Bot Berlin (4)
July 26th, 2007
Impregnate 10,000 women Michael B (11)
heh. I had forgotten about the feature where deleted posts worldsSmallestViolin (2)
Rob Schneider as Lindsay Lohan Philo (0)
Christina Ricci in softcore porn, I mean Black snake moan Bot Berlin (8)
pat tillman intentionally killed by his own unit bob (25)
Shooter Philo (14)
Would this product make you happy? Butting In (15)
see, this just makes me cry:  bi-partisan cooperation worldsSmallestViolin (0)
the strength of the United Stated Of America worldsSmallestViolin (37)
so long as we are on the topic anyway... worldsSmallestViolin (0)
wayne, you bitch, stop deleting my posts worldsSmallestViolin (27)
muppet, you're a mess! Bluebeard (0)
LOL. Pavel on YouTube sharkfish (10)
Constitutional crisis brewing Philo (4)
Another hour to go Full name (6)
New lifetime project. Jul 26. Rick Zeng (5)
I think these studies are flawed Bot Berlin (18)
Joel is coming to Vancouver Wayne (14)
What's wrong with dashes? son of parnas (3)
Hey Bot, they are talking about you. sharkfish (3)
Were the events in the Bible fictitious not just the miracles... Wayne (6)
3D Mailbox DF (6)
Available:  hot virgin ginger girl sharkfish (9)
Well, I just choked down a vanilla milkshake muppet (9)
Bookmarks man on the stair (3)
The LOLcat of death Ward (18)
There are 4 types of men son of parnas (31)
Keystone Koppery trollop (2)
So... muppet (7)
Since I like pain and suffering, I'm at work today muppet (12)
Shambo to the slaughter. Stephen Jones (7)
Whatever happened to... man on the stair (4)
CIO Magazine's "Dearly Departed" -- Companies we miss SaveTheHubble (7)
Were the events in the Bible fictitious? son of parnas (6)
How to be a better coder Bot Berlin (27)
Threading Building Blocks Clay Dowling (7)
Expecting a coup? el (4)
Calorie restriction diet: my journey from fatmaster to beefcake Michael B (11)
on the news tonight... worldsSmallestViolin (13)
"Control the oil and you control entire nations;..." worldsSmallestViolin (16)
Siouxsie and the Banshees Philo (4)
These People Disgust Me son of parnas (18)
We need CoT Canidia/European day Bot Berlin (6)
I got almost no sleep last night sharkfish (11)
July 25th, 2007
Pope says "those people in Kansas are idiots" Philo (22)
My new lifetime project Rick Zeng (25)
I'm starting to believe in fat/skinny genes Michael B (35)
cell phone philosophy question sharkfish (15)
Hamas is a fact of life Dan Denman (10)
name change sharkfish (34)
at the gas station sharkfish (3)
Bills increasing, not income sharkfish (11)
Man outside my window sharkfish (16)
What's the name of that web site where... Michael B (14)
Denman, you better watch out! LeftWingPharisee (1)
Revelation 13:16-17 -- Biblical Prophecy that isn't far off. Wayne (7)
To those who think the Democrats in Congress are incompetent Rick Zeng (0)
Overheard at the office... xampl (1)
Obama is Ronald Reagan Bot Berlin (1)
The definition of incredibly rare / Conspiracy theories DF (10)
Good to be king... see? IT is for the young, you old farts Bluebeard (2)
Is it true jingalala jingalala ™ (4)
What developers do when they are bored Bot Berlin (7)
For all those who think we are computers son of parnas (15)
Gesticulate to better articulate math son of parnas (5)
"It's just business" sharkfish (29)
Tobacco to be regulated? xampl (14)
Sharky, this one's all for you Philo (3)
Gimme all your ideas man on the stair (18)
Best line in a commerical son of parnas (2)
Knocked up: a quick review Kenny (2)
Funny one on lohan son of parnas (14)
Do women, on average, have different aptitudes than men? son of parnas (23)
RANT:  Access security is crap AMerrickanGirl (39)
OK to leave consumers in ignorance AMerrickanGirl (43)
Fruit flies AMerrickanGirl (20)
Is Britney batshit crazy? Lifeless CoT'ters want to know! Bluebeard (9)
Dennis Forbes wearing his thinking cap worldsSmallestViolin (16)
I didnt do it Bot Berlin (4)
Are you... Bot Berlin (14)
you mofos are in bed for the night already sharkfish (5)
July 24th, 2007
Tough women yum sharkfish (17)
don't you hate it when sharkfish (11)
Line of the Day bob (1)
how's the blah love in? ex-blaher, gone cot (12)
mouseland worldsSmallestViolin (9)
David Remnick on why Israel is intellectually bankrupt and Dan Denman (2)
There are brief moments I wish I were... Bot Berlin (11)
Culture, what were the purpose of childhood cartoons? Bot Berlin (23)
This could keep us busy for awhile sharkfish (10)
Practical Economist Colm (10)
All you need in this life... son of parnas (1)
SQL question sharkfish (8)
judaism rejects zionism worldsSmallestViolin (24)
no way.  there is no fucking way this is real. worldsSmallestViolin (8)
Parents, leave those kids alone son of parnas (12)
harry potter again, or, practical math the great purple (12)
Just comparing notes the great purple (12)
Bot rant 9,432, 123 = office pet peeves Bot Berlin (25)
Finished Zelda: Twilight Princess last night Wayne (5)
Etiquette is not dead O^O (15)
You should watch the debate with captions and no sound Kenny (1)
I just bought this sharkfish (11)
I love python Bot Berlin (8)
Boys Weren't Always Girl Crazy son of parnas (20)
Northrup-Grumman buys SpaceShipOne company SaveTheHubble (4)
Any thoughts on this Bot Berlin (12)
Golf Joke JoC (6)
shaggy puffy (5)
finding a decent html/css deigner $-- (6)
what's the best online travel site? AMerrickanGirl (20)
Watching the entire Democratic debate LinuxOrBust (29)
I've been up since 2:30 muppet (3)
hmm, Ive had a vaguely worrying email worldsSmallestViolin (5)
Im sorry muppet, I no longer want to have your children.. worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Philosopher Alan Watts : About Life (Southpark style) son of parnas (3)
How do you stop having kids? son of parnas (34)
Oooh hot! bon vivant (14)
July 23rd, 2007
Obama wins debate according to drudge Bot Berlin (1)
GOOGle leverages the Monopoly guess worker (6)
people are so full of shit bob (7)
anybody catch the YouTube debate on CNN? sharkfish (3)
Tough women, I hope your arms dont look like this Bot Berlin (10)
Class terminology Practical Economist (18)
Harry Potter (spoilers) xampl (14)
Can you really blame her? son of parnas (13)
COT Has Finally Arrived at the Event Horizon of Stupidity Mongo (17)
Natural Units Rick Zeng (4)
Why I NOT that totally involved in politics Bot Berlin (29)
Trolling in Daddy's House Bluebeard (6)
several of my students the great purple (22)
Hizbullah: We can strike all of Israel Dan Denman (23)
Free Irving now! AMerrickanGirl (2)
Deep scan DRM coming to net backbones Practical Economist (18)
I would like to apologize Bot Berlin (5)
build muscles - what for? O^O (49)
My hovercraft is full of eels Bluebeard (1)
Make Better Students by Making Better Buildings son of parnas (15)
Cat Scratch Programming Fever son of parnas (22)
My throat is full of ulcers muppet (18)
PE is delusional on the rich and middle class Bot Berlin (45)
workout approaches $-- (14)
Ironies of Ironies LeftWingPharisee (23)
July 22nd, 2007
New Your Times Performing a Repelis Spell on Harry son of parnas (5)
Passenger Name Record system Practical Economist (7)
she's actually dead? I was just vandalizing wikipedia bob (2)
Who's ultimately responsible for President W? LeftWingPharisee (28)
Ryan "suicide" Park -- spotted wearing yellow pants! guess worker (1)
nice folks the taliban guess worker (19)
wordpress.com? new blogger (6)
taking harry potter to heart too much (6)
Richistan sharkfish (30)
wall street bob (4)
is ~~x a doctor yet? bob (4)
fear of trolls guess worker (4)
is Vista 64 bit? guess worker (8)
Tammy Faye Dead:  Mascara stock prices plummet AMerrickanGirl (7)
Citizen Dog Philo (9)
Member of Homeland Security Committee denied access AMerrickanGirl (8)
Ron Paul:  Amazing that he wins elections AMerrickanGirl (7)
800 empty prisons in the US worldsSmallestViolin (8)
terrorism of the most worse kind worldsSmallestViolin (1)
uhhhhh... sharkfish (11)
the real reason open source matters sharkfish (21)
I own a waterfall worldsSmallestViolin (17)
I think if US attacked Iran, Iranians Dan Denman (12)
It just had to be son of parnas (10)
July 21st, 2007
google should buy yahoo? mod parent up!!!! (4)
when did the 3 martini lunch end? DD (24)
Finished Harry Potter xampl (21)
No stone throwing regardless of housing situation Gandolf (3)
sex Gandolf (21)
Public parks are always full Michael B (31)
Learning programming tips LinuxOrBust (12)
Why open source software rocks... Wayne (10)
A good summary of CoT? Rick Zeng (19)
Need a web icon set muppet (14)
taxing the rich economista (57)
Nader to ADL: Criticizing the Israeli Government is not for Isra Dan Denman (15)
OLPC porn Aaron (4)
Where do people come up with this shit? lz (9)
Has anyone seen our War Tsar? Milkcartons want to know... Peter (0)
$1,115.05 for 55 domains? wow (2)
news you can use COT Dept. of Internal A-Fairies (0)
worlds most perfect sex toy worldsSmallestViolin (11)
The bookstore at midnight AMerrickanGirl (16)
Are you COT survey officer (7)
July 20th, 2007
How about obama's package? son of parnas (16)
Man with no brain living normal life Practical Economist (13)
I feel sorry for these Hollywood women Bot Berlin (2)
Kissinger's secret meeting Dan Denman (5)
Lisa Lampanelli sharkfish (8)
crazy sharkfish (26)
Salad Spritzers sharkfish (21)
what philo and other republican voters have done for us too sad (13)
jackie mackie passey wh00t! (5)
Wayne, CoT with the cool mouseover feature Bot Berlin (6)
I can't believe it Sekou Sundiata (Shout Out) (2)
Paul Graham vs Trevor Blackwell Bot Berlin (3)
I have completely forgotten how to use Blender muppet (5)
Do I need to pay for something to build flash applications Bot Berlin (9)
Anyone following the YouTube debate contest? son of parnas (1)
Dinner party, does he stay or go Bot Berlin (30)
The Future is Now Michael B (14)
Most e-bay bidders are morons. son of parnas (14)
My brain is fried AMerrickanGirl (12)
on the radio last weekend the great purple (2)
Marriage is the key to making each other happy son of parnas (12)
More asshattery @ FEMA arg! (6)
This is for you, wsv DF (12)
I really hate this Romney guy Practical Economist (7)
More stereotyping from Bot; Assimilation meter Bot Berlin (9)
Will kids eat good food? xampl (8)
Hell's Kitchen - duh moments. Philo (9)
Ewwoooooooooh s (5)
Dana muppet (12)
Whitehouse gives up pretense that they aren't Hitler plus Stalin Peter (17)
The case for retroactive birth control Clay Dowling (9)
Who are the pessimists and optimists on this forum Bot Berlin (15)
Downloading Rails w/o Gems php curious (1)
IIS 5 and SSI php curious (1)
Hey sharky Philo (1)
Wil Wheaton on reddit Philo (9)
Good php ide/editor php curious (14)
meta jos will destroy it self JOSer (1)
TSA nytimes (22)
LOL  blair:  bush's bitch worldsSmallestViolin (11)
black people style Blade (8)
screen scraping in php 5 worldsSmallestViolin (4)
July 19th, 2007
talking total gibberish worldsSmallestViolin (6)
2 people have proposed startup ideas to me today worldsSmallestViolin (4)
What warrants a tattoo? Michael B (14)
flirting again sharkfish (5)
Someone should tell Oscar Meyer xampl (0)
Invent your own reality show AMerrickanGirl (3)
Secret Underground Sex Palace in Laguna Hills Practical Economist (6)
Philo's in Chicago Philo (6)
Is there a Jon Stewart clip sharkfish (8)
You need 3D email sharkfish (1)
What is wrong with you people Bot Berlin (4)
target take that! (6)
MethCheck sharkfish (2)
Thinking of setting up Ipswitch Imail Michael B (3)
"Rabid {insert tech here} Hater" might have been right Clay Dowling (12)
There are tornadoes dropping all over CT muppet (15)
eye appointment and eyeglasses sharkfish (11)
Weird, but cool muppet (14)
i broke my chicken fast sharkfish (14)
McD's around the world sharkfish (4)
With black smoke rising over Grand Central, I can say that MICHIKO KAKUTANI (0)
By way of an ink blot test... a cynic writes... (8)
OCD behaviour for Bot Bot Berlin (36)
Happy Juneteenth! LeftWingPharisee (7)
A Comic isn't intrinsically insightful DF (4)
can I tell you the great purple (24)
Tiger Woods is Black muppet (45)
Scan your books? xampl (11)
Neocon cruise el (3)
Tabula Rosa worldsSmallestViolin (11)
What's going on in NY? Big explosion.. Bluebeard (42)
Absolutely classic Philo (9)
this _rocks_ worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Written a lot more code by not reading Joel on Software Bot Berlin (4)
Is short-sightedness such a new thing? Michael B (7)
July 18th, 2007
Darmak and Jalad at Tanagra Michael B (12)
Apologies to LeftWingPharisee and AMerrickanGirl Dan Denman (33)
Margarita recipe #2 bon vivant (1)
identity sharkfish (7)
the scary thing about this video, is that... worldsSmallestViolin (0)
philo has a point thogh worldsSmallestViolin (19)
why do old people sharkfish (4)
push off, peckyface! worldsSmallestViolin (10)
Pareve Chocolate Pudding LeftWingPharisee (8)
Ignorance Shrugged pavel ignorovich (9)
ha. Women. sharkfish (15)
This just in scholastical journalist (8)
Aaron, Im adding openid to botlist Bot Berlin (6)
Peppermint Patty is HAWT! sharkfish (11)
Spiders = cool sharkfish (15)
Michael Vick...is screwed Bot Berlin (48)
I'm like some kind of rich person Michael B (12)
So we are now blaming breasts for the stupidity of males? sharkfish (16)
Dear SaveTheHubble, worldsSmallestViolin (33)
Pick your Potter character xampl (16)
What makes my nic fail? JoC (7)
I've Never met A Nice South African Bluebeard (1)
A new 'Moon' movie! SaveTheHubble (24)
Apology to Sharkfish SaveTheHubble (3)
WAS7Mon.exe sharkfish (7)
Amazon JoC (13)
Intelligence moving to devices son of parnas (12)
Reddit: a modest proposal Philo (9)
Google homepage broken gmail widget muppet (1)
Another school attack... el (16)
3 Days to Book #7 SaveTheHubble (33)
OS X web sharing muppet (11)
Racism LeftWingPharisee (25)
Sharkfish, now, I know you hate LinuxOrBust (1)
hey dan, this one's for you. worldsSmallestViolin (2)
Tour de France and that dog el (13)
Bomb Libya Bluebeard (4)
Microsoft? MICROSOFT???? Bluebeard (2)
SoP, AG, purple, Sharky, listen up! Philo (7)
Why is this song more appropriate today than when it was written Philo (14)
Wordpress question Bluebeard (3)
July 17th, 2007
Looknig for webhost recommendation Jorgen M (8)
Saw an iPhone today xampl (5)
Your account has been flagged! bon vivant (10)
Plane with over 170 people crashes in Brazil Joao (1)
LOLCat Redux JoC (4)
Here comes the Rails bashing Bot Berlin (9)
Feeling woefully ignorant sharkfish (30)
Katrina follow-up Ward (7)
Flirting sharkfish (15)
Netflix is cracking under the pressure sharkfish (1)
Current entertainment? what are you reading for? (13)
Why is Daddy holding a broken pee pee? Kenny (2)
Any good free GUI based cron for windows? son of parnas (21)
Nature week continues in the Warner household muppet (3)
"The Democrats were powerless before '06" Philo (27)
My current trade is ranging Bluebeard (2)
xampl $-- (6)
Least Brothers T-shirts available Clay Dowling (6)
Latest pants guy news + a pic s (5)
I just realized the biggest reason to hate George Bush Philo (3)
To the network admins (among CoT) Bot Berlin (15)
More of my transformers hard bound comics have arrived muppet (3)
So the Nokia E70 looks like a good phone... bon vivant (2)
Red State vs. Blue State xampl (30)
what the red-staters really want to say sharkfish (14)
There is only liberal treachery son of parnas (42)
LinkedIn is lagged? Michael B (0)
stick of butter what are you reading for? (17)
heh. BAM! sharkfish (7)
when it's a good time to write your will? (19)
Joseph Dobbie = Sathy? I'm jus' sayin' is all... (7)
Cool tech project Clay Dowling (3)
Freethinking trollop (4)
Bush tucker el (13)
Non-biased look at the iPhone worldsSmallestViolin (13)
Paris Hilton Likes Them Big el (1)
Amazon Recommends el (2)
So this is what the far left has become Bot Berlin (16)
July 16th, 2007
Trading systems LeftWingPharisee (3)
Why Bush will be a winner Dan Denman (3)
Now BBC is anti semite too! Dan Denman (5)
tranny bus sharkfish (7)
reddit repeats sharkfish (7)
republicans are fucking cowards change some shit forever! (5)
reddit morons! change some shit forever! (2)
rescued two kittens tonight muppet (16)
GODDAMN IT worldsSmallestViolin (7)
wtf?  why would _anyone_ march like that? worldsSmallestViolin (8)
DAMN IT muppet (7)
Transformers - yeah, repost dildo, whatever Ward (2)
My last 8 trades Bluebeard (13)
A solution for Michael Moore Colm (15)
licketyShip sharkfish (0)
A Solution to the War in Iraq Full name (6)
Advice on writing a faster search? Kenny (12)
One more step towards the Neal Stephenson future anoneemouse (1)
Lunch with Gina Bluebeard (0)
Topic idea for a blog... aye or nay? Bluebeard (27)
Can't even have sex sharkfish (16)
forbesing out... hello. (9)
I can honestly use these sharkfish (7)
Cheney persaudes Bush to attack Iran on Israeli say so s (32)
triple sec - which one? O^O (17)
my favorite mathematician sharkfish (10)
Professional Jobs and the Middle Class Bot Berlin (23)
what exactly is the American Dream? the great purple (35)
6 hour flight delay Ward (12)
they dared me to star wars kid (9)
Re: When the revolution comes SaveTheHubble (8)
Social networks replacing email? son of parnas (9)
Crash, tinkle trollop (1)
Google using image ads son of parnas (15)
Car accident: part 3! Michael B (34)
fyi - Choking risk for babies prompts Gerber recall Full name (2)
It all makes sense now. Bot Berlin (13)
Have we discussed Southern Rhodesia yet? Practical Economist (29)
They dont look big Bot Berlin (13)
Plan To Sabotage Practical Economists chances of a job worldsSmallestViolin (3)
July 15th, 2007
How would you shoot accurately with bad eyesight? bon vivant (16)
Fine tuning my margarita recipe bon vivant (6)
trolling for jobs Practical Economist (12)
superfriends m.m. (4)
_______  _______ is a Blogging Evangelist Gecko (0)
How to increase programmer productivity? Increase Productivity! (8)
Copa America final Yogi Bear (1)
I love how stupid people tend to assume that everyone shares... worldsSmallestViolin (1)
just tried out the kubuntu live cd for ppc worldsSmallestViolin (1)
CNN vs. Moore - so very sad Philo (25)
Cannibalism as terror weapon in Iraq Practical Economist (7)
O'reilly Spoof I made jingalala jingalala ™ (2)
Cable TV idea sharkfish (14)
I hate it when sharkfish (1)
programming tips Gecko (25)
ebay $-- (2)
Slashdot is an embarassment... Wayne (2)
i don't think that word means what you think it does buccolic (12)
weird Gecko (6)
smells like 1999 Gecko (1)
items vs. itemList Gecko (18)
My first shipment of hardbound Transformers comics has arrived muppet (1)
Hot Pictures of Pretty Organisms son of parnas (2)
I want to start a secret restaurant xampl (12)
Covered on CoT; person feels way too white Bot Berlin (10)
welcome to the gilded age rocco (7)
Neil Hamburger hello. (1)
More stupid media / non-news as news Wayne (8)
TEDtalks: Yes, design can make you happy son of parnas (25)
Are most programmers pussies? sw developer (18)
ok, I think Ive worked out a better baby design... worldsSmallestViolin (5)
July 14th, 2007
To build on my freak reputation at work sharkfish (10)
the international talent market rocco (38)
keep dropping the cash in the collection plate rocco (5)
the facebook IPO is ON! rocco (3)
The New Tribalism son of parnas (13)
Harry Potter was OK son of parnas (16)
I don't much care what you spend your money on rocco (20)
OpenID Aaron (16)
I have heard it all Bot Berlin (6)
Do you debate politics at all, face to face? Bot Berlin (31)
income disparity in Namibia & Manhattan rocco (41)
My sat. Bot Berlin (29)
I would just like it noted that I... worldsSmallestViolin (0)
billions of dollars?  no thanks. worldsSmallestViolin (7)
Women who let it go (very NSFW) Bot Berlin (40)
Who is responsible for your career? LinuxOrBust (3)
not a good senator Gecko (1)
Eric Sink - career calculus, SW development, and ka-ching?! LinuxOrBust (12)
Let's Ban Torture Practical Economist (17)
ROFL! Mr. Lamguage - It's been a while (100+85)/2 (5)
How It's Made - baby chicks sharkfish (13)
For Michael B, best food = Mexican food and Indian food Bot Berlin (3)
SSN as Student ID# Michael B (3)
I just love the new IE son of parnas (6)
Correlation between gas prices & waist size? xampl (6)
I drive with two hands son of parnas (3)
Really, I don't know these people son of parnas (7)
Blade Runner - I don't understand Plus ça change (11)
botlist:  sexontap.com worldsSmallestViolin (12)
Bush interview from Ireland Practical Economist (8)
Republicans work hard for the black vote Practical Economist (10)
republicans don't use a safe word son of parnas (3)
Between sizes : / Michael B (2)
July 13th, 2007
inside the surge worldsSmallestViolin (7)
Facebook IPO sharkfish (14)
sitting with your legs open sharkfish (29)
I put Irving outside today muppet (9)
cool skates (4 shark) hello. (4)
Changes made to botlist, thanks for the help Bot Berlin (10)
oh, my arteries sharkfish (6)
stick yer religion up yer ass a hole (8)
apple iphones kicking ass worldsSmallestViolin (17)
Uhm I really want to see that JoC (0)
Great developer environment I work at. Bot Berlin (3)
"I think I may have come to the wrong house" Practical Economist (5)
I have a project on wikipedia Bot Berlin (1)
Botlist sucks, what can I do to get more users Bot Berlin (73)
Abortion vs. Foeticide (100+85)/2 (21)
If civilization were destroyed sharkfish (53)
today's word is.... paraskevidekatriaphobia Bluebeard (3)
If you can't beat ' LinuxOrBust (9)
being discussed in my office sharkfish (10)
Improve this sentence. son of parnas (5)
In trouble for succeeding again Clay Dowling (25)
Whoa. xampl (3)
White Van Man xampl (1)
life altering books (15)
brilliant! worldsSmallestViolin (1)
Poker what are you reading for? (5)
It is the size of a dog but his head is like a monkey worldsSmallestViolin (11)
ignorant pricks worldsSmallestViolin (9)
July 12th, 2007
This Time Its Really Over.  We're All Fucked. worldsSmallestViolin (37)
Euro savings account not for speculating (14)
This just in: sharkfish (18)
Expert Twisting trollop (0)
AT&T xampl (12)
Sharkfish, see what you started dcawvive (7)
Now this is colourful journalism bon vivant (1)
jambandfanortaliban.blogspot.com Michael B (1)
Why doesn't the West employ mercenaries more? s (32)
I am the token Bot Berlin (3)
TB dickwad is sued by other passengers anoneemouse (11)
Tools for geeks, data mining and machine learning Bot Berlin (0)
CoT > University of Toronto Study Bot Berlin (13)
What is VO2 max? In plain english? Michael B (10)
The Rage of Man son of parnas (42)
why do people hate the French? sharkfish (39)
why there are still ugly people sharkfish (28)
Professional Software, note the spelling Bot Berlin (15)
Canadian ice - The real reason for the Iraq war (100+85)/2 (5)
.Net question the great purple (14)
Immediate Capital Punishment For All Drunk Drivers DF (50)
The perpetrator was a white, Catholic, Republican, American NRA DF (39)
Harry Reid is a gosh darn pussy. arg! (5)
Reddit Oldy but Goody Kenny (0)
Tshirt design help Clay Dowling (18)
Let us game these guys. (100+85)/2 (8)
Bush is on TV right now muppet (20)
Work question, proxy/firewall/blah, blah requests Bot Berlin (13)
Sc-Fi Channel Full name (11)
Bluetooth s-u-u-u-u-u-u-cks Bluebeard (11)
George vs. George. (100+85)/2 (1)
He can't possibly be working with us. Just look at him! (100+85)/2 (3)
Who is winning the war on terror? s (3)
The Pants Guy is African American - is it relevant? s (23)
loss of the commons worldsSmallestViolin (6)
Apple reading CoT Bot Berlin (13)
I really need to stop reading UK news sites, fat men are sexy. Bot Berlin (6)
PS3 vs. Wii Michael B (2)
Q3 Poll: What magazines/newsletters do you subscribe to? Michael B (6)
July 11th, 2007
You envy me. sharkfish (18)
Hmph.  $60 for a 26lb. sharkfish (43)
What to post (8)
I wish my hair would fucking grow faster muppet (21)
Can someone start a right-wing alternative to reddit? Michael B (60)
I wuv webyog. sharkfish (0)
Think one way, act another. sharkfish (9)
Irving found a nice cool spot muppet (3)
Deja Vu - spoiler sharkfish (20)
Gordon Brown Practical Economist (27)
How do people dream up these ideas? bon vivant (48)
Ever one to go LOOKING for abuse muppet (36)
debit card car rental? hello. (7)
Cal Worthington and his dog, Spot Ward (1)
I just ate 2 pounds of strawberries Michael B (4)
Pet Peave: aholes in real life Bot Berlin (8)
Canada what are you reading for? (18)
The CNN Moore Gupta Stew Thickens son of parnas (9)
bush as a nice guy worldsSmallestViolin (1)
Is this PE? son of parnas (7)
Todays DWTF on Tables... JoC (0)
CoT has been... worldsSmallestViolin (7)
okay, place your bets on sharkfish (9)
internet whores sharkfish (6)
More good stuff on swarm intelligence son of parnas (7)
Double-teamed Michael B (10)
Attack of the killer lobster bon vivant (19)
I still like tables better son of parnas (17)
OMG! Sharky rejected by yet another CoT woman!  That's 0 for 2! sharkfish (28)
Fuck you, Enterprise Rental Cars JoC (27)
Flight of the Conchords JoC (0)
"I married a bin Laden" Practical Economist (8)
Fresh Seafood s (4)
Food as a stress reliever, deep thoughts with Bot part III Bot Berlin (37)
Boobies s (1)
more obvious science strawdog soubriquet (9)
Bob Cringley and Slashdot jingalala jingalala ™ (0)
Sex with sharkfish the great purple (8)
Sharkfish muppet (3)
last unclear urgelt word... help! JCC (4)
"Wow! Jason Scott reads my weblog!!!!" muppet (10)
sun not responsible for global warming worldsSmallestViolin (7)
May I request you to please puke? Plus ça change (7)
japanese men are bizarre sex freaks worldsSmallestViolin (18)
Popular internet tools are overblown forums? Bot Berlin (8)
im gonna have to help mrs wsv kill those mice... worldsSmallestViolin (3)
Shit, this guy looks exactly like me except that he is Dan Denman (2)
Men are dogs. son of parnas (15)
Infidelity, is it always cut and dry. Bot Berlin (8)
July 10th, 2007
Troy sharkfish (4)
addictions sharkfish (14)
Weight again, why am I still skinny? Bot Berlin (16)
when white people steal sharkfish (21)
Vacations suck Bot Berlin (3)
Go crazy bon vivant (0)
LOL  I offended him. zestyZucchini (16)
why isn't reddit covering this!!! one man shopper (6)
took him 4 years to notice? one man shopper (9)
Best band by decade xampl (27)
what defect in ward's childhood one man shopper (1)
How would you go about hiring a Sys Admin? SK (3)
Boobies! xampl (4)
Why does Ohio suck? the great purple (6)
"Sicko" Truth Squad Sets CNN Straight son of parnas (50)
furking language churn, no end of frustrations Practical Economist (17)
unclear words in urgelt essay... need your help... JCC (12)
internal compiler errors tick me off Practical Economist (3)
Literature on suicide? what are you reading for? (24)
You know you have too much money when... son of parnas (14)
Nobody wants 11 lessons, boil it down to five Marc son of parnas (4)
What am I not getting here? Bluebeard (37)
"I'll rebut on my weblog" zestyZucchini (13)
Another shirt idea Clay Dowling (10)
Little Fenway Full name (4)
I am so out of shape LeftWingPharisee (6)
Why do people live in Houston? bon vivant (9)
How is compression the equivlanent of AI? son of parnas (2)
How do we ensure that we tap into the most relevant flows? son of parnas (10)
Jetskiing over a spillway Philo (10)
High time to buy air conditioner!! Michael B (31)
Ink on my pants Arrgh (5)
I don't care if malloc returns NULL Practical Economist (47)
Bush can't buy a break, Iraqi's arent doing so well Bot Berlin (30)
How much does it cost to start a bar/restaurant Bot Berlin (22)
Ballooning news Practical Economist (4)
Space Opera Ward (2)
Where do I sign up to be a terrorist? Practical Economist (7)
July 9th, 2007
Oh man, Moore unleashes on CNN, oh man Bot Berlin (8)
Madam to release client list Philo (44)
its not like he offers any alternatives zestyZucchini (10)
10 pound weight variation Michael B (20)
Strong enough not to perform (or contemplate) suicide? Asian contingent of COTers (14)
"Yes, we're currently trying to get pregnant" zestyZucchini (14)
just cut loose unreasonably at my youngest zestyZucchini (11)
Good meta is best, but that cousin of a son (1)
A good post is best, but that daughter of parnas (0)
R&B for white folks Philo (3)
A good article is best, but that son of parnas (4)
spooky zed (2)
Saturday Night and Looking for Trouble Clay Dowling (18)
middle east booming how do I invest in this? (2)
Is it good to live in USA? Owen (7)
Ive got the twins lined up on the couch under their blanket... zestyZucchini (30)
little update from iraq zed (21)
Who is an American? Owen (42)
My car, mileage over 100,000 km Rick Zeng (27)
making $100,000 or so 300k? (22)
Why can't I just win the lottery already? muppet (29)
How do you buy a put option? Michael B (18)
I hate Americanized Chinese Food Bot Berlin (19)
Kaput JoC (19)
Fun with Excel Tapiwa (16)
the thing that truly infuriates me about AG and her privacy is.. zestyZucchini (63)
"The E200 was never sold in the USA"  - bullshit. zestyZucchini (10)
Jesus goes to Iowa University! muppet (6)
I HAZ A CHUBBY xampl (3)
Dear wSV what are you reading for? (4)
Dear Philo, zestyZucchini (0)
Dear Locutus Of Borg zestyZucchini (0)
Dear Dan, zestyZucchini (26)
Where i read about auto parts for mercedes E200? driversussa (12)
Yet another transformer review (no spoilers) Bot Berlin (22)
Dreamliner vs A350 Anon (7)
Caffeine Michael B (15)
a pointless top 5 list of off-the-beaten path places I like hello. (8)
cot kettleball cult hello. (9)
There are some cute girls.. Yogi Bear (8)
The prison situation again, 2.2 million in prison, discuss Bot Berlin (5)
July 8th, 2007
bingo card creator --- $1000 a month wow (13)
What are some management job titles? Michael B (10)
You are just in the wrong generation son of parnas (11)
Now if straw could only vote son of parnas (1)
Wimbledon. Sharkfish's influence on me is worrying. (100+85)/2 (18)
The Omnivore's Dilemma Part II (more like related subsection 2a) DF (24)
Anyone doing global warming based investing? son of parnas (4)
Want to be a computer scientist? Forget maths son of parnas (6)
theory of my mind heartsheep (1)
cool $-- (3)
relatively popular internet things I'm not into hello. (10)
LMAO.  A coding horror LinuxOrBust (9)
High Levels Of Lead Detected In Iraq worldsSmallestViolin (6)
word of the day is "cuspidor" $-- (5)
First internet party meetup Bot Berlin (9)
July 7th, 2007
New Dr Who Looks Good son of parnas (3)
Guy arrested for flirting? (Media Spin) Practical Economist (8)
Hello. AMerrickanGirl (9)
Amazon reviews Yogi Bear (5)
Online comics xampl (0)
SaveTheHubble is smart, discuss Bot Berlin (9)
Opensource sucks part 2, opening filesg Bot Berlin (7)
Hey SoP.... Philo (3)
Can google be sued. Bot Berlin (1)
superfriends link reconsidered m.m. (5)
the only way this makes sense to me... worldsSmallestViolin (29)
Find out the owner of a phone number? jmmbacon (7)
dear AG, worldsSmallestViolin (18)
Test Plus ça change (3)
Dark Horse running strong Practical Economist (5)
Reading between the lines bon vivant (0)
July 6th, 2007
My vacation. sharkfish (17)
Bush, don't understand Bot Berlin (9)
Is this in your past or in your future? trollop (2)
Does anyone remember that article about the like dozen people Anyone? Anyone? Beuler? (1)
European Golf Courses JoC (6)
OSS JoC (7)
Geek Piracy on the Digital Highway son of parnas (1)
Need video game to avoid crazy anoneemouse (9)
Necessary daily LOLcat Clay Dowling (4)
Antisemitism >>>> racism Rick Zeng (20)
Wayne muppet (5)
Don't DROP our data JoC (4)
We strive for relative rather than absolute prosperity. son of parnas (28)
Our problem is punishers didn't take over before the defectors son of parnas (16)
So there son of parnas (11)
LeftWingPharisee Colm (21)
Ubuntu Fiesty Review for CoT Bot Berlin (4)
COT Moderators Dan Denman (5)
FruitShow 0.6 Released to SourceForge Wayne (6)
July 5th, 2007
bye dan worldsSmallestViolin (2)
Where are all these smart Democrats everyone talks about? Philo (9)
I want a firefox extension or plugin to do this bon vivant (6)
It might just be about the oil afterall son of parnas (2)
A role model for us all has passed before his time son of parnas (13)
3.9 million Palestinian refugees Rick Zeng (12)
Muppet's next pair of shoes... Wayne (6)
Another exercise trick son of parnas (5)
Oh man JoC (7)
Suffering sucking succatash JoC (9)
Courting cunnilingus culpability culling JoC (5)
Bombers were Doctors SaveTheHubble (9)
PHP4 vs. PHP5, the showdown. Wayne (0)
CoT declared racist free zone!` worldsSmallestViolin (8)
I fucking hate banks muppet (53)
SoP: Do something (CostCo is the anti-WalMart) Philo (18)
Loads in IE but not in FireFox. What gives? Not really a techie (9)
To all those opposed to the Zionist enterprise LeftWingPharisee (48)
I miss the Soviet Union Practical Economist (30)
Higher IQ Means Better Investing son of parnas (4)
As “L curves” replace “Bell curves”, what are the most . son of parnas (19)
POLL: Is being anti-Zionism worse than being anti-Wahabi? (100+85)/2 (30)
Creating a fireworks show xampl (2)
Meta - Racially Motivated Posts worldsSmallestViolin (31)
Meta - Suggestions for those people who feel the racial... worldsSmallestViolin (7)
"The US (nobody is a fucking threat to them)" worldsSmallestViolin (27)
Sex underachiever Yogi Bear (26)
Meta:  enough of Denman's bullshit AMerrickanGirl (35)
I see there is a newly remastered DVD of this just released bon vivant (3)
Man bites dog trollop (6)
Gas Station problem Practical Economist (26)
Erykah Badu Locutus of Borg (1)
I really wish son of parnas (4)
Tesco has stopped selling Dan Denman (0)
July 4th, 2007
Good house/ambient music (bt, binary universe) Bot Berlin (12)
Awesome book Dan Denman (3)
Norman Finkelstein and Ben-Ami on Israel foreign policy Dan Denman (1)
Wow so many "Israelis" are leaving Israel Dan Denman (2)
Shortage of migrant workers = no fruit for you bon vivant (22)
BP and Shell in Merger Talks Guylian (9)
Introducing Gilad Atzmon, musician and anti zionist jew Dan Denman (2)
Getting serious about boycotting Israel Dan Denman (78)
Rabies xampl (14)
What's the history of executive priviledge? son of parnas (21)
Too funny, nobody is perfect I guess Bot Berlin (25)
French pronunciation what are you reading for? (8)
Can we escape the Red Queen effect? son of parnas (10)
Clinton on the Libby commuted sentence Philo (23)
"Vicious" piranhas are really wimps Oren (0)
Philo, back to the drawing board for you Tapiwa (21)
winehouse $-- (5)
Hmm, I guess it is a new age Bot Berlin (10)
My current drink Ward (16)
July 3rd, 2007
fireworks sharkfish (6)
+1 Hamas and as always Dan Denman (15)
Are Monarchies Better? Practical Economist (18)
Scottish sobriety test xampl (0)
All made out of Ticky Tacky JoC (7)
Limes don't last very long bon vivant (5)
Surge coming Practical Economist (8)
Some light reading bon vivant (5)
Ah, now this is a prize! bon vivant (2)
lack of health insurance the great purple (39)
Is adaptation all there is? son of parnas (6)
Sorry Wayne.  Simple load test of Crazyontap.  (1 request = 1s) Bot Berlin (8)
Cool swarm simulations son of parnas (23)
Americans in Canada rated the US health care system as better son of parnas (22)
Irony: The raw material for making sarcasm. son of parnas (0)
Korean food sucks, discuss Bot Berlin (16)
Recruiters xampl (4)
How to speedup botlist application Bot Berlin (16)
Forex and other money scams... have you seen them? JohhnycarpmanA (18)
Norwegian humour ipmal (8)
President Frees a Terrorist son of parnas (52)
July 2nd, 2007
Concert for Diana Guylian (9)
superfriends m.m. (4)
Talking to non-technical people Bot Berlin (45)
Muppet called it, Zelda game, best ever Bot Berlin (20)
Virtual worlds are real-estate scam? xampl (5)
Weeds JoC (3)
Young Engineers Satellite Given Green Light For Launch son of parnas (2)
College degree equivalence? Michael B (18)
Microsoft is Watching You son of parnas (9)
If the world is so flat, why are spikes becoming more prominent? son of parnas (22)
It amazing... Bot Berlin (7)
Quiet.  Too quiet. SaveTheHubble (17)
the end of the american empire worldsSmallestViolin (14)
yep.  this is why we kicked their ass. worldsSmallestViolin (21)
Happy Canada day to you Canadians Dan Denman (3)
Is it Tinfoil Hat to stop using Google? noneemouse (7)
Memory-be-Gone! Practical Economist (18)
hmph sharkfish (3)
new arbitary moderation rule worldsSmallestViolin (3)
most boring moderators _ever_? worldsSmallestViolin (5)
July 1st, 2007
Let's put survielience cameras in Lieberman's prostate! son of parnas (3)
Our dear friend Farfour is martyred Practical Economist (3)
So, The new Die Hard movie is horrible Lurk Machine (1)
Bluebeard Dan Denman (1)
Denman Bluebeard (0)
my cell phone = nokia 5110 foreigner rant (1)
Where are moderators when you need them? A-Merrick-an-Girl (6)
Katrina Cottages xampl (12)
Cool images of thought son of parnas (0)
Is it reasonable to expect people to know anything? son of parnas (18)
Justifications: US noname... (3)