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July 31st, 2006
He called! Yale Chick (89 comments)
ehmm, anyone will esplain to the poor guy...? .self (0)
a car named Honky sharkfish (2)
Sites for non nerds [x] (24)
COT Poll: Movie/DVD renting/buying habits possibly maybe (6)
how long .self (5)
400K sharkfish (13)
On Dave Chappelle sharkfish (14)
I'm going ice skating... Jöhn Härën (4)
chill out Bobby glad to hear about the morgage! (13)
When does Weeds start again? Steel McLargeHuge (17)
Holy moley! Dan Denman is really... Warning, Spoilers Ahead (2)
Castro stepping down Steel McLargeHuge (10)
CoT Poll: In real life... [x], from 2013 (12)
muppet is no racist sharkfish (4)
ideas sharkfish (22)
Here's one for Sharky xampl (12)
CoT Poll:  Is Sharky more one-eyed than Muppet is self-absorbed? worldsSmallestViolin (8)
muppet, question .self (23)
ASP.NET debugging under Vista xampl (10)
Hell's Kitchen Steel McLargeHuge (18)
So on friday I completely stopped taking all of my medications muppet (41)
Paris Hilton's Ultra Sexy Baby Shower Steel McLargeHuge (1)
ROFL! Kazakhs don't like Borat Steel McLargeHuge (5)
And I forgot to change back my nick Funny Bünny (2)
Aisa Des Hai Mera Jack Jonshonunny (0)
subtle bug lz (1)
whiny on tap Jöhn Härën (16)
Well Adobe didn't waste any time Steel McLargeHuge (5)
LOB Jöhn Härën (8)
Ecstasy is as safe as drinking a glass of milk Bot Berlin (14)
Kittens Again AllanL5 (1)
The level of .. Locutus of Idiosyncrasy (16)
A Tank Of Gas, A World Of Trouble son of parnas (6)
Setting up Virtual Server on XP... Locutus of Borg (16)
So creating a dating site Bot Berlin (24)
Weight Training for confidence building Clay Dowling (50)
Where's FlasherT? ,..., (3)
We'll have to wait for the current generation to die son of parnas (5)
No Real Alternative? Phil (27)
I just told my boss I could do Java.  Mistake? Kenny (43)
To AHA - Locutus Bot Berlin (6)
QA people xampl (4)
Conspiracy Theory Was Real! C67d-42W (2)
Bloody ridiculous bon vivant (8)
Philo jingalala jingalala ™ (0)
New Movies AllanL5 (10)
Why work = mainstream, see New York Times Article Jul 31,06 Bot Berlin (12)
Hezbollah ,..., (14)
chilli pepper threateningly son of parnas (12)
Someone said something about some nation के. जे. (6)
How much is f.abulo.us worth? sharkfish (12)
An OP so literal AllanL5 can't summarize it trolley clown (2)
Cleanse week Bot Berlin (8)
FogBugz Drop Dead ,..., (32)
Can someone explain the difference between DHTML and AJAX to me? (9)
I am truly sorry के. जे. (6)
I can't believe (well I guess I can) trolley clown (17)
Another noble sport ruined by panty-twisters trolley clown (6)
I clicked the link. I have not yet closed the windows. के. जे. (10)
Cuba got oil Qüàrtét (3)
Fucking is generally a smelly affair. Here's why. के. जे. (3)
trouble with vista voice recognition, philo - can you help? glaikery gilly-gaupus (5)
Term sought for a deeply human phaenomenon... a2800276 (17)
Is Gibson Antisemitic or What Commandante Marcos (13)
Ahahahahh - Bush scared of the law Steel McLargeHuge (10)
This is cool Aaron F Stanton (7)
Aaron, [x] (3)
I hate this Aaron F Stanton (16)
Truth about islam from an ex-muslim lady son of parnas (8)
July 30th, 2006
Watching old movies Bot Berlin (9)
posts by [x] that annoyed me (4)
Sharky, weight training question Clay Dowling (16)
Speaking of altruism LinuxOrBust (7)
Animated women Steel McLargeHuge (14)
Should I believe him? sharkfish (28)
Should I call Tanzanian Guy?S Yale Chick (49)
Movies I need to buy on DVD [x] (28)
Shit I did not know. (6)
The American Hero Saves The Day! WheresTheCowboyHat? (6)
Email and this functionality Bot Berlin (20)
Speaking of Unicode gone awry [x] (4)
Tattoos you'll wish you hadn't gotten xampl (7)
a little contribution to stalking fogcreek flip (0)
Fruity/tropical scent and body weight perception possibly maybe (2)
a cube farm by the windows or windowless office flip (17)
LOL! James Earl Jones looped onto Vader's clips Steel McLargeHuge (6)
sexual tension His Eminence King George (3)
Hey Mrs. wSV Steel McLargeHuge (8)
STICKY TAPE DOESN'T WORK!!! Steel McLargeHuge (9)
phew, thank god for that.  Lebanon Crisis Nearly Over. glaikery gilly-gaupus (7)
9 million dollar bargin (slashdot) flip (2)
The Hezbolla and the Lebanese villages. Oren (4)
windows mobile now profitable flip (5)
I now hear voices from my stomach Kinshasha (7)
What did people who were having a stroke smell before they [x] (13)
34  children, have been killed in a town in south Lebanon Dan Denman (17)
Myterious MSFT products flip (11)
Google Maps West Coast Rapper (0)
R&D spending from major tech co flip (19)
Joel on the Google appliance Steel McLargeHuge (15)
travelers what kind of kleenex does joel.. (1)
FUD in action Steel McLargeHuge (3)
Yikes Bot Berlin (9)
federalism and transaction costs kinda obvious (3)
This is the last decent thread muppette (13)
Support Israel! ,..., (14)
dirty mind .self (3)
Anybody try this? Somebody else (16)
the blog is Nursing Student Hell wowza (0)
Japanese robot suit xampl (3)
Who made post #100,000? Méthüsèlãh (in bad mood) (4)
flasher is back to being a jerk cot board of (11)
Question about electricity Very hot man (19)
Superman Returns sucked. Fläshёr T (3)
The Economy Trends Explained Qüàrtét (5)
Google's database abstraction Qüàrtét (7)
John Irving Locutus of Borg (4)
So what is Lebanon doing? glaikery gilly-gaupus (11)
Locutus Of Borg must be banned.  He has used physical violence.. glaikery gilly-gaupus (6)
best car? glaikery gilly-gaupus (14)
I see little objects flying around Kinshasha (13)
why paranoia is the new truth glaikery gilly-gaupus (2)
Be thankful all you late-night losers... Wayne (AHA) (12)
I *love* the Volkswagon crash ads Steel McLargeHuge (16)
What is the new pH of the buffer upon the introduction of 100mL [x] (24)
Clerks II sucked. trolley clown (1)
July 29th, 2006
Women's appearance Steel McLargeHuge (16)
My children bore me to death sharkfish (30)
McCain's son joins the Marines xampl (11)
Hey Google Jack Jonshonunny (2)
Banana Pancakes Jack Jonshonunny (2)
MINIMUM WAGE muppet (2)
Is it me? Colm (15)
Web application complete: Bot Berlin (17)
Philo: Sharepoint question... Wayne (AHA) (6)
Boobs shooting fire Locutus of Borg (7)
This forum is gradualy more and more boring Kinshasha (9)
CoT Poll Results:  Philo is... glaikery gilly-gaupus (10)
The EU Steel McLargeHuge (9)
heheheh Colm (8)
Anderson Cooper II Dan Denman (3)
so wait, does global warming mean sharkfish (23)
Microsoft should stop making live demonstrations Masiosare (20)
weight gain Dave (24)
one more from your lying government (USA) flip (15)
Why do you do drugs? के. जे. (19)
Moving to Dutchland Fläshёr T (24)
Clinton gay sharkfish (3)
Too hot to go outside. sharkfish (22)
The_Power_Of_Nightmares - use of fear to controlus son of parnas (10)
Italy cannot be European! Méthüsèlãh (in bad mood) (2)
Philo, Prosopagnosia son of parnas (4)
Belief Funny Bünny (9)
Love Anonimé (3)
oh, one more thing.... glaikery gilly-gaupus (7)
muppet has expanded my vocabulary yet again glaikery gilly-gaupus (3)
Search thingy! Search thingy! Fünny Bünny (4)
wine .self (3)
yet another reason to move to Dutchland... Jöhn Härën (6)
Wow.  I might sharkfish (7)
smoke em' if you got em' loose seal (3)
I just thought of something really mean to say... Jöhn Härën (5)
July 28th, 2006
interview .self (22)
Israel Will Never Break Hizbullah's Back son of parnas (12)
How Real Scientists Respond to Intelligent Desingers son of parnas (20)
I miss... Pseudo-random Poster (4)
cot feature request (4)
Date was a success! Yale Chick (22)
Forget minimum wage, I want a minimum sex quota! Fünny Bünny (2)
Minimum wage sharkfish (29)
Night Stalker xampl (0)
I am a make Yale Chick Bot Berlin (14)
We'll call you Fünny Bünny (2)
I ate breakfast Bot Berlin (11)
Yale chick anti-troll suggestion Steel McLargeHuge (4)
Makes you wonder Dan Denman (4)
Microsoft to Offer Health Care Software Fünny Bünny (7)
Head over Feet Fünny Bünny (0)
I'm mellowing out so well Fünny Bünny (4)
I just realized I really like Alanis Morrissete Fünny Bünny (8)
Almost 1 hundred thousand... Masiosare (1)
The cheese snack trivia blurb speaks again! Jöhn Härën (6)
The Oldest Song in the World son of parnas (4)
Israel-Lebanon comic Oren (3)
Poll: Dell vs. Compaq jingalala jingalala ™ (18)
would someone please shärkfish (12)
prodigies can be made shärkfish (39)
Well, *that* was silly Aaron F Stanton (17)
Said the saint again, “I have no great riches, के. जे. (11)
Am I supposed to be working Bot Berlin (3)
Boobies! ,..., (36)
Hula Hoops Jimbo (22)
The date and the race issue Bot Berlin (17)
Yale Chick. Troll check. के. जे. (26)
Encino Man was on TBS the other day trolley clown (6)
Why do people support the right of Israel to exist, yet Yale Chick (34)
Not sure if I'm going to go on date Yale Chick (72)
MIT professor: the entire universe a quantum computer son of parnas (11)
Foot Stomping Departures Dennis Forbes (17)
In june Locutus of Borg (15)
bootstraps and such (inspired by the big box thread) the great purple (21)
Spam-a-riffic! xampl (1)
Dutch is made up Wooden Shoes.com (17)
I got a number Bot Berlin (21)
daddy's day .self (10)
slowing economy & inflation (US) economista (10)
More than a 100 guys Bot Berlin (9)
So it's nice to be reminded that women have it tough too. Ricardo Antunes da Costa (4)
Can you resist all temptation Dash Riprock (7)
Dear Yale Chick trolley clown (46)
Trying to install SQL Server 2005 Locutus of Borg (9)
Desktop broadcast. Kind of urgent. के. जे. (11)
I've been away for a while Ďɑšĥ ƦıԹřōćķ (12)
Worst. Website. Evar. Ďɑšĥ ƦıԹřōćķ (19)
US is shown finger and being fingered left and right Dan Denman (9)
Marriage, when? Patrick (21)
One more Mac ad spoof Flasher T (5)
So which democrat is the anti-Giuliani? Steel McLargeHuge (2)
For muppet Steel McLargeHuge (7)
I Saw Tanzanian Dude Again Tonight Yale Chick (15)
Value Proposition ShyK (11)
heineken skywalker friday (1)
finally i have time to post and everyone is gone almost friday (3)
The following people, in alphabetical order, are annoying: Steel McLargeHuge (9)
July 27th, 2006
writing code that writes code that executes itself sharkfish (18)
Neal Sanderson of Central Parking is Evil. Central Parking (0)
Who drew sharky? Steel McLargeHuge (9)
oooo... CoT is all bluey Steel McLargeHuge (2)
Every night I play some solo "soggy biscuit" DownTheHole (0)
Yeah, he thinks he's a badass because he can quote Machiavelli. hardly (4)
Why I'm such a bastard hardly (10)
shit I missed Daddy's Openhouse (0)
can you guys list movies with Man in the title? (18)
CoT Poll:  Funniest CoT Poster? glaikery gilly-gaupus (8)
the bubble bursteth sharkfish (8)
would it be helpful hardly (18)
Sometimes you have to say no sharkfish (10)
Rex? hardly (9)
One of the really fun parts about working at MSFT Steel McLargeHuge (7)
OMG Google will kill SourceForge!!!!!!!!!! Jöhn Härën (9)
Do Asian people overplay the "Asian stereotype" deliberately? trolley clown (12)
The new Jack Links "Messin' with Sasquatch" ads trolley clown (1)
CoT Poll:  Is Philo black? glaikery gilly-gaupus (12)
AAAAAGH, Active Direcotry is SHITE Jöhn Härën (7)
Paying customs for the recipient Steel McLargeHuge (17)
CoT Poll:  Meanest CoT Poster glaikery gilly-gaupus (32)
Post All Night Long Ricardo Antunes da Costa (13)
Yet another reason to move to Sweden Jöhn Härën (7)
Being mean - I don't get it Steel McLargeHuge (105)
Willis and DumDum are the most affectionate, sweetest little muppet (7)
actually on second thought hardly (12)
Dear Ms wSV Ms Borg (2)
Java frameworks, OSS software, IoC and my view on them all Fünny Bünny (10)
Second project syndrome -- is there a study? (8)
I got a date too!! guy from Tanzania (9)
you saw it here first Jöhn Härën (0)
On makeup the great purple (27)
FruitShow feature I'd like to see Jöhn Härën (5)
I got a date! Yale Chick (53)
Web application idea Bot Berlin (9)
Straight from Reddit - There is no 9/11 Conspiracy Dennis Forbes (9)
I think I'm going to write a very respectful letter to our VP IS muppet (38)
big box living wage shärkfish (82)
This sounds cool Jack's capitalistic catch (17)
Its back Bot Berlin (9)
"Stop making fun of us" - Microsoft Lustiges Häschen (3)
Dear sharkfish Dr.Freud (11)
Buying the guitar Bot Berlin (12)
Guadalajara 0 vs 1 São Paulo Ricardo Antunes da Costa (8)
Thank goodness we're removing tax breaks muppet (0)
just 5 more posts and Ill... glaikery gilly-gaupus (11)
so what would happen if this law passed, and bush... glaikery gilly-gaupus (3)
Id just like to say thanks to britain for yet again... glaikery gilly-gaupus (2)
The trouble with the PNAC is that it.... glaikery gilly-gaupus (0)
View this American-Arab woman speak about Israel-Lebanon crisis Ilan Bar (5)
Israel is going ot lose glaikery gilly-gaupus (21)
Living in Dallas? Mat Hall (10)
So, What's been happening? AllanL5 (8)
So, I collapsed on my bed as soon as I got home at 3 yesterday muppet (1)
Yuppies are gonna be the New Pharaohs Locutus of Borg (6)
what causes fruitjuice to go off so quickly? glaikery gilly-gaupus (13)
wow, my daughters *really are* the cutest girls ever glaikery gilly-gaupus (15)
EVE Online random pilot (2)
Dear Locutus Of Borg glaikery gilly-gaupus (19)
oh cool Steel McLargeHuge (7)
More on the collapsing office building Locutus of Borg (24)
This is where I went to school Steel McLargeHuge (5)
I could kiss this guy LinuxOrBust (3)
Once upon a time Steel McLargeHuge (3)
I think my favorite CoT times Steel McLargeHuge (12)
I have a new nick glaikery gilly-gaupus (7)
Something. के. जे. (6)
ok, midlife crisis almost friday (9)
reddit vs. digg sharkfish (9)
term services question sharkfish (10)
HOLY SHIT Orem, dovus erat la inem? ASSUT, (4)
MythBusters sharkfish (17)
"Why Good Engineers Write Bad Software" Qüàrtét (2)
Philo is behaving like a crazed megalomaniac and should be ... Orem, dovus erat la inem? ASSUT, (4)
Iran The Next War son of parnas (2)
Entirely too much wSV obsessin' goin' on Steël McLargeHûge (4)
Philo, Face Perception son of parnas (8)
July 26th, 2006
CoT Review:  Zune Orem, dovus erat la inem? ASSUT, (6)
16 Blocks Steël McLargeHûge (3)
I have a new nick Orem, dovus erat la inem? ASSUT, (17)
reflection sharkfish (35)
Best CoT Post Evar:  by John Haren worldsSmallestViolin (19)
Hilarious How much slacking is allowed? (2)
How to be happy post Patrick (28)
"Because when there's a fucking riot in my neighborhood... " worldsSmallestViolin (1)
worldsSmallestViolin:  Cares too much.  Sad. worldsSmallestViolin (14)
books:geeks::shoes:women? Steël McLargeHûge (4)
fuck surrounded by retards (8)
By the by, it's spelled 'come' Jöhn Härën (15)
Quickie just before I head back to Java Land Fünny Bünny (15)
This is Ward is a [spirtual] republican. why not? (7)
No one reads OP. why not? (12)
no pity for you shärkfish (37)
night is here Locutus of Borg (0)
get fit. link me (9)
Too fat to scan xampl (6)
Sad ass mofo list shärkfish (17)
It's 23:18 Locutus of Borg (6)
Jeez! Mat Hall (9)
small talk shärkfish (5)
Dear Locutus Of Borg worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Climax Control. Anon and you can understand why. (23)
What say you? के. जे. (8)
How does that making money thing work again? Bot Berlin (20)
post something, you turds Jöhn Härën (9)
I'm just wondering, is all... Jöhn Härën (17)
What's your Super name? xampl (14)
Any website jingalala jingalala ™ (2)
Daddy? jingalala jingalala ™ (7)
I just want to say... Mickey Motherfucking Mouse (2)
NO WAY!! muppet (3)
I vote muppet and the great purple shärkfish (30)
Woa, police state Bot Berlin (12)
Hypocrisy RulesForYou (19)
A UN Observer's Perspective Shortly Before His Death BombsAway! (0)
We're hiring again Steël McLargeHûge (3)
Hey, Sharky... Mat Hall (22)
I haven't eaten in 3 days muppet (7)
But what of the Turks, who last week lost 15 soliders? You Turkey! (15)
The River Qüàrtét (1)
Weird chemistry at the jeweller's trollop (2)
+1 The First Poster ,..., (17)
someone needs to tell muppet he's a republican or not? (10)
Today might be a good day Bot Berlin (6)
The Israeli motivation to fight Hezbollah Gil (11)
Israel troops 'ignored' UN plea Dan Denman (32)
"Why the fuck would Israel want to terrorize Lebanon? " worldsSmallestViolin (18)
Holy shit, something GOOD AND JUST happened? muppet (84)
Well, the kid lived. muppet (10)
A show of hands, please. Fläshёr T (45)
Good link on open source Senthilnathan N.S. (7)
Fouad Ajami on Lebanese statehood Fläshёr T (26)
Jan Egeland on Hezbollah Fläshёr T (28)
Annan and Israel Dan Denman (5)
I just saw a 10 storey office building collapse!! Locutus of Borg (12)
Site Design Critique, Please BigJigger (21)
why are indian women so sexy? worldsSmallestViolin (22)
wow, *this* is kind of neat worldsSmallestViolin (4)
why are indian women so smart? worldsSmallestViolin (18)
Storm Large son of parnas (0)
car just blew up, my back is out and Ive broken a toe. worldsSmallestViolin (19)
July 25th, 2006
Phone sex sex poll taker -  volunteer (2)
RoR question sharkfish (11)
Why is the world so cruel Bot Berlin (17)
Israeli Morality worldsSmallestViolin (15)
How to find what you love worldsSmallestViolin (6)
LOL Philo - Microsoft abandons PlaysForSure ... worldsSmallestViolin (10)
Web application idea Bot Berlin (6)
Resident Evil Rick Tsang (3)
Yes, there will be nookie tonight. sharkfish (6)
interview question in the job market (10)
What is the most famous animal in the history of science? Ward (26)
Who did the header? Steël McLargeHûge (4)
Underwhelmed by Windows Vista Ward (21)
Pole Position! Fünny Bünny (3)
the chicks on matt's web site (12)
Israel bombs UN observer base. Rock Hardbuns (14)
Cult of Personality Rick Tsang (15)
Ehrenreich on weeding out the introverts kinda obvious (3)
Not coming in tomorrow. Bot Berlin (6)
Different types of poor Bot Berlin (1)
Use Göogle, go to jail Fünny Bünny (2)
which moisturizer? kinda not obvious (5)
how do you feel about double-clicking on web apps? shärkfish (5)
JSON anybody? Locutus of Borg (20)
when I feel sad... almost friday (1)
Pre-pre war prediction Bot Berlin (3)
Proving a negative and Iraq war Rick Tsang (1)
any artists here shärkfish (9)
This job, I wouldn't mind doing Bot Berlin (6)
Hole shärkfish (7)
coding jewel, just a couple more almost friday (3)
Israel's morality ,..., (10)
A better economy through deliquency bpd (6)
coding jewel almost friday (14)
Why do I want shärkfi§h (35)
where do the rich people live? (19)
Handlin' Errors Jack's ephemeral errors (16)
Bush & Co - this scares me more Steël McLargeHûge (4)
CoT profile. के. जे. (40)
Hezbollah Katyusha Missiles gil (65)
The saga is clearing up, sort of... Flasher T (77)
Well, I got up at 2 this morning muppet (10)
Useless fact £Θ¢üτus ø∫ ߺ®g (11)
What happened !? @Ⅱ∞⌚Θ2⌍6 (19)
Nasrallah interview Flasher T (2)
Re: Cameron Diaz:  Hot or Not? [♂] (9)
New mac spoofs Steël McLargeHûge (2)
storing class properties in the database sharkfish (6)
CoT Poll:  What The Hell Is Philo Talking About? worldsSmallestViolin (8)
I've been out all day. [x] (14)
Dear MarkTAW worldsSmallestViolin (15)
Bronchitis Steël McLargeHûge (13)
David Letterman sharkfish (7)
July 24th, 2006
CoT's most easy going poster:  "Hey, I like everybody here." worldsSmallestViolin (31)
How you identify people Steël McLargeHûge (19)
"CoT is like the Justice League vs. the Legion of Doom" worldsSmallestViolin (14)
do you moisturise? worldsSmallestViolin (29)
Have I, at some point in the past, offended you? worldsSmallestViolin (23)
what would you be willing to give up about your current... worldsSmallestViolin (20)
new electoral college idea sharkfish (6)
maybe he's a troll (2)
*why* does microsoft need to compete worldsSmallestViolin (36)
Sickness in the Family worldsSmallestViolin (6)
if men sharkfish (15)
Sidebar Steël McLargeHûge (1)
banks -are- special just give a REASON, please (12)
Why didn't I think of this before? Fünny Bünny (8)
Almost really cool Steel McLargeHuge (9)
What year Jeep is the one to get? muppet (15)
The one part of your body that lets you down. Different name every time (22)
purty muppet (12)
Oh crap Steel McLargeHuge (9)
You Are Probably a Member of the Third Reich son of parnas (17)
ESP, PSI and God Rick Tsang (17)
Look ma, with no hands Funny Bunny (1)
Another Steve Pavlina Post Bot Berlin (9)
Why do we need... Masiosare (1)
Today was better than friday Locutus of Borg (5)
If only jingalala jingalala ™ (29)
will bush be indicted? worldsSmallestViolin (4)
What are you going to eat tonight? Bot Berlin (33)
true? more radiation? (2)
Yale Chick (Yet Again) Ricardo Antunes da Costa (5)
crossposting SoB (3)
x2 chips price drop Steel McLargeHuge (1)
If stem cells would be used for torture... son of parnas (2)
PS - my kitty cats are SUCH sweet babies muppet (3)
Re:  Why would *anyone* need that much screen estate? Mark Jerde (20)
Fight Club.  Again. sharkfish (13)
Samurai Sword vs Bullet Masiosare (9)
You can't afford to be poor Steel McLargeHuge (45)
Keynotes Steel McLargeHuge (8)
Your favorite tune of the moment? Methuselah (Friday I'm in love) (8)
So I ran Automatix, which is supposed to install sundry codecs muppet (2)
There is no art, it has all been done muppet (2)
JOS: The definite meeting place for the industry idiots Methuselah (Cynic since Jul 06) (3)
Remember to Poke the Alligator in the Eye son of parnas (6)
revengeworld sharkfish (3)
Understanding Women's Brain (Update) Anonymous this time. (28)
Cameron Diaz:  Hot or Not? Aaron F Stanton (17)
I'm a goin to stay where you sleep all day xampl (2)
Java book(s) for n00b jingalala jingalala ™ (9)
Why? के. जे. (1)
Larry Flynt has won. के. जे. (15)
Any idea how's Kurzweil? Senthilnathan N.S. (16)
Hmmm... adding to my personal philosophy Steel McLargeHuge (60)
Cyber Sourcing needhelp (3)
Major Tony Nelson was a homosexual Steel McLargeHuge (20)
July 23rd, 2006
I Heart Philo worldsSmallestViolin (6)
I am so much smarter than everyone else here. lz (6)
This Thread Reserved For Criticism Of Philo worldsSmallestViolin (14)
This has to be wrong. It was in the Washington Post. Free. Dumb. (2)
"The studio that brought you Saw and Hostel..." Steel McLargeHuge (0)
Dear Republican Voters, Drama Queen (12)
"Who are the real pirates?" - nice Steel McLargeHuge (21)
Did the bug in Flasher's Ass migrate to wsViolin? lz (11)
What technology do Pandora.com use? B (3)
the eleventh commandment aurora mirae (4)
Why not more software use concurrent license Patrick (3)
Difference between ensure and insure. (11)
Poll Dan Denman (24)
Can somebody explain to me... Colm (8)
Our army in Iraq is going to die worldsSmallestViolin (22)
Why are we storing IP addresses? Funny Bunny (22)
Yale Chick photos? Clay Dowling (6)
Bionic car xampl (12)
with the force of a nuke? (12)
How's the sound on Mac laptop speakers? Funny Bunny (5)
Difference between effect and affect? son of parnas (22)
Watch live as the battlefield expands Funny Bunny (9)
Last Author to Make You Go "Wow" Mongo (13)
Well, early look at bum life Bot Berlin (4)
which countries support immediate cease fire? observer (10)
why is this guy *such* an asshole? (7)
Vacation AllanL5 (4)
Fun interview with some programming icons Quartet (8)
Does someone who signs in as Yale Chick? Harvard Lass (8)
Math student t (6)
Going to the beach Funny Bunny (10)
Bacground Movie Watchin' Jason T. (5)
Does this come with cupholders? Steel McLargeHuge (7)
Answer This Jason T. (24)
anyone still up almost friday (9)
Where I'm at with coding LinuxOrBust (19)
July 22nd, 2006
Lady in the Water Was Excellent son of parnas (8)
Star Wars vs Dune son of parnas (6)
Yale Chick Aaron F Stanton (31)
Anderson Cooper Dan Denman (14)
Nice guys finish last Aaron F Stanton (9)
Miss Universe Yale Chick (30)
Yale Chick thing almost friday (5)
Somebody tell me the story of sharkfish Yale Chick (20)
How do you post stuff on the side column? Yale Chick (14)
my life is better than yours _ (11)
Johnny Utah is on tv Funny Bunny (0)
Clerks was good Bot Berlin (4)
To Yale Chick your answer, new thread Bot (15)
value add? lz (3)
It must be your parents Rick Tsang (2)
Crippled niple Funny Bunny (2)
" I was actually in Ikea buying a new bed.  It's called..." worldsSmallestViolin (14)
My ex Funny Bunny (14)
Hey muppet! Would you care for an after dinner mint? Steel McLargeHuge (3)
Bush administration doesn't know HOW to respect rights Steel McLargeHuge (4)
Sharky, its ok, you can buy a Mac too Funny Bunny (0)
Does anyone else find it suspicious that I'm just saying. (8)
Hey Yale [x] (7)
Which brings up an interesting point... John Haren (14)
Bot Berlin, come here! Yale Chick (49)
Concrete advice to Yale Chick Methuselah (Friday I'm in love) (41)
For Philo Dennis Forbes (1)
Leaving, on a jet plane Steel McLargeHuge (12)
Yale Chick sort of confirmed my thesis on CoT के. जे. (11)
To Yale Chick jingalala jingalala ™ (11)
Funny Bunny, hitting on the chicks weekend Bot Berlin (20)
It's simple. Oren (6)
mat, how is your comic coming along? worldsSmallestViolin (1)
Do you have to store peanut butter in the refrigerator? Funny Bunny (28)
Exercises for the lower abs Funny Bunny (16)
oh suuurrrreeeee... worldsSmallestViolin (7)
Yale Chick worldsSmallestViolin (70)
my god you people are idiots... worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Why would *anyone* need that much screen estate? के. जे. (11)
To the stupid Yale Chick/Troll (18)
I am tired Aaron F Stanton (5)
Wherein we learn that Flash 8 and 9 for Linux sind kaput Funny Bunny (2)
The fucking idea of the century Funny Bunny (15)
Off to bed Funny Bunny (4)
July 21st, 2006
Yale Chick - a survey Yale Chick (80)
"One nation, under God" के. जे. (3)
The leg episode of House is on Steel McLargeHuge (4)
idiotic nicotine patch question _ (6)
idiotic car registration question. _ (6)
sharky's just jealous. Cot Regular. (0)
My boss is right sharkfish (26)
putting localization in a database sharkfish (37)
Hi from the Yale Chick (81)
Remington Steele or Anne Coulter? _ (11)
What is Real? BigJigger (8)
The mystery of Fox News Bot Berlin (10)
NRO on Coulter: "She's a loon" Steel McLargeHuge (6)
Sleepy after sex Steel McLargeHuge (4)
should I sell my car or join city car share? _ (13)
Phew, I was getting worried ,..., (0)
I am so bored Funny Bunny (1)
Wishlist jingalala jingalala ™ (18)
Ricardo, good luck with your date Locutus of Borg (0)
BCE Steel McLargeHuge (30)
White boys shouldn't rap. [x] (12)
I met my replacement Bot Berlin (12)
Basic SQL question Masiosare (14)
Should I be a complete geek this weekend Bot Berlin (5)
Word docs or text files Bot Berlin (10)
Sabritones sharkfish (9)
Okay - who *doesn't* like Jim Steinman? Steel McLargeHuge (8)
Pics are up. Flasher T (1)
This actually looks kinda cool [x] (2)
When is IPv6 coming out? sharkfish (8)
How do ships at sea deal with [x] (9)
Simon Lucy is the man Colm (20)
I haven't found a clinical lab that will test these damn pills muppet (7)
Sharky, you okay? Steel McLargeHuge (11)
Philo - sharkfish (41)
This Explains a Lot son of parnas (11)
Lebanon evacuations xampl (24)
I have this sweet half-conceived concept for WitD.com muppet (21)
Got it all awesomer-n-hell (24)
Score Jack some brownie points Jack's circle cirque (18)
PC Guy explains Net Neutrality on The Daily Show Steel McLargeHuge (5)
Khiam Prison Shelled: Israel "Erases" its Dark Past Methuselah (Friday I'm in love) (13)
So what do you suggest then? Flasher T (65)
Politics & Philosophy Steel McLargeHuge (4)
Israel is boring, let's talk about my dick muppet (4)
CoT/Fruitshow Search Engine Locutus of Borg (12)
If I had the same attitude as Israel Bloodthirsty warmongers (111)
Collateral, 5s, 7s Senthilnathan N.S. (3)
Today is wasted Locutus of Borg (6)
I want! Aaron F Stanton (1)
Good morning Europe! Steel McLargeHuge (24)
Steel - Relocate to India ShyK (23)
July 20th, 2006
Star Wars: A Lost Hope Steel McLargeHuge (7)
Roll call Steel McLargeHuge (38)
the eagles of death metal _ (1)
six fingers sharkfish (13)
Yale Chick, and a question Steel McLargeHuge (60)
Cyber Sex worldsSmallestViolin (6)
HOLY SHIT - YAHOO STARTS THINKING worldsSmallestViolin (5)
My libido is taking a timeout Funny Bunny (19)
Eh. Funny Bunny (3)
Long Thurs Bot Berlin (28)
MSRS almost friday (1)
Eclipse/WSAD is a piece of garbage Bot Berlin (3)
Is this as bad as I think? Jack's circle cirque (14)
Anybody know of a legit, free disk imager? muppet (11)
Would you stay or would you go? Steel McLargeHuge, W.R.A. (41)
What happened with Steel recently reminds me of this jingalala jingalala ™ (6)
Scary shit jingalala jingalala ™ (10)
Website/blog authors who use clever code to shade search terms muppet (9)
"Gee, remember that project implementation that got dropped muppet (12)
Biomedical Image Awards 2006 son of parnas (0)
Google dumps on MFA sites trollop (1)
Just Click No Each Time Dennis Forbes (6)
Aaron WTF muppet (2)
Xubuntu - will it solve my problems? the great purple (18)
Yesterday... Masiosare (15)
The saga sucks. Flasher T (8)
The Writers of Greenwich, London The Harbour Master (7)
Too funny LOL (2)
Microsoft changing its mind about being evil? worldsSmallestViolin (15)
sharkfish, I need dating advice. _ (22)
Dinner at Eight in the Suburbs (All-Star Quarterback) possibly maybe (2)
dslmodem.domain.actdsltmp [x] (4)
I *love* online music stores!!!! Steel McLargeHuge (23)
the 70's John Haren (17)
Why can't fucking Apple get with the program? Steel McLargeHuge (17)
July 19th, 2006
How to run an Apprentice pool? Steel McLargeHuge (31)
muppet's been ubuntu'd sharkfish (11)
If you are under 25, you are sharkfish (43)
I just found my true love sharkfish (22)
In Excel, How do I... [x] (5)
Trains Aspiring College Developer (24)
Do you think this comment was over the top? Steel McLargeHuge (26)
design question sharkfish (19)
Dennis Forbes: The world's pre-eminent domainologist. worldsSmallestViolin (13)
I miss the 70's Aaron F Stanton (48)
Ridiculous musician list sharkfish (4)
China sharkfish (7)
Just a wee bit o'pressure on the job today Steel McLargeHuge, W.R.A. (16)
Separating Programming Sheep from Non-Programming Goats Quartet (9)
video gamma in ubuntu/totem-gstreamer muppet (3)
Was ahmed here lately? Oren (6)
My Swiss cousin Funny Bunny (4)
Automatix is neat, but buggy as shit muppet (2)
Hey muppet Funny Bunny (2)
What's happening?! Boris (3)
IE 7 Funny Bunny (5)
Does anyone *like* Kevin Smith's obsession with profanity? Steel McLargeHuge, W.R.A. (14)
Oh man Aaron F Stanton (4)
um CoT is being watched? sharkfish (8)
Muther@#(% Jack's circle cirque (22)
Today sucked Bot Berlin (5)
N00bish Linux question muppet (13)
VBScript almost friday (0)
While President Bush has been made fun of in the past Flasher T (2)
more dammit sharkfish (11)
Taking something beautiful and making it oogly possibly maybe (8)
Bush Issues First Veto, on Stem Cell Research son of parnas (17)
Installing Listen broke gstreamer muppet (5)
What is your email response time Bot Berlin (8)
Power Pissers -...- (12)
Dammit, I did it again. sharkfish (13)
Big Dig Bolt Accident AllanL5 (21)
What I want. Steel McLargeHuge, W.R.A. (19)
Rant jingalala jingalala ™ (19)
BumpTop 3D Desktop Prototype Video son of parnas (18)
Favourite song of the moment - Cat Power's "The Greatest" possibly maybe (3)
Maybe this should go multi-line Jack's circle cirque (13)
Pre reviews of Clerks 2 Bot Berlin (18)
GMail is freakin' out, man... John Haren (2)
Bush is an Imbecile son of parnas (32)
Reloading my xubuntu/ubuntu hybrid from scratch muppet (12)
Ads where you least expect them xampl (42)
Best Mel Brooks movie? xampl (12)
2 salaried positions nathan (20)
Holy *shit* go away! muppet (13)
Crash course in French bon vivant (1)
Zionist Jumping Jaques (26)
United States to Israel: you have one more week to blast Hizbull Dan Denman (15)
Don't pay the fairy, man Steel McLargeHuge (11)
help!, Im trying to get ruby... worldsSmallestViolin (4)
The worst thing you've ever done... John Haren (20)
It's uncategorical Ward (15)
awww gawds, does bush *have* to be so...embarrassing...? worldsSmallestViolin (4)
July 18th, 2006
all in the culture aurora mirae (6)
On AOL Retention Dennis Forbes (4)
Uppity hottie with perky breasts... Steel McLargeHuge, W.R.A. (19)
would this be a cool FruitShow feature? _ (2)
CoT Lynching:  Mutual Assurance of Denial worldsSmallestViolin (18)
Carmen and Pam (2)
Ive gotta talk to ms WsV  about upgrading our relationship... worldsSmallestViolin (13)
Adultery a felon worldsSmallestViolin (7)
I've changed my music addiction Funny Bunny (2)
Oh, for fuck sake, you gave them independence in 1921 Funny Bunny (12)
Understanding Woman's Brain. Anonymous this time. (41)
That's new Steel McLargeHuge, W.R.A. (4)
Yet another Social Site (for COT) Masiosare (3)
Extraordinary perspective Dennis Forbes (12)
CoT analogy Steel McLargeHuge, W.R.A. (2)
Search disabled: locks up the site. Wayne (AHA) (9)
UML question Bot Berlin (17)
We bought Winternals Steel McLargeHuge, W.R.A. (21)
Why is this site deadlocking? Wayne (AHA) (19)
finding time to post Commandante Marcos (4)
coup de boul John Haren (0)
why why why why why sharkfish (5)
ATM guy sharkfish (21)
Chad Vader - Day Shift Manager xampl (1)
Ooo, a double play - sidebar and masthead thingie. Brine da Puma (1)
Outlook / DHCP / SMTP Problem a2800276 (6)
how's the pain, Bot? sharkfish (19)
The saga continues Flasher T (14)
Wooot (gmail) Masiosare (4)
97 degrees F last night with high humidity muppet (15)
Eight and a half hours! के. जे. (4)
Slashdot "down" (sort of) @ 6PM GMT+8 possibly maybe (5)
The solution Flasher T (1)
Resume with headshot? [x] (23)
What have I gotten myself into? [x] (20)
If the housing bubble bursts... Senthilnathan N.S. (42)
Sharky, you should see Taxi Steel McLargeHuge (8)
getters and setters sharkfish (22)
Hcccchhhhezzz-bola (11)
Ive changed my view on the Israeli/Lebanon thing worldsSmallestViolin (35)
is muppet ok? almost friday (1)
Hits and Myths. trollop (10)
July 17th, 2006
erg Steel McLargeHuge (15)
re-career-ing almost friday (32)
Okay Alex, I'll take... Steel McLargeHuge (25)
seven pound dildo John Haren (7)
fuck! John Haren (1)
foot freaks sharkfish (15)
men can be so vulnerable sharkfish (7)
Minesweeper roulette worldsSmallestViolin (2)
Got my tickets John Haren (14)
I finished some code tonight. sharkfish (9)
The Colour Purple. What's brown and sticky? A stick (3)
In muppet style pain Bot Berlin (7)
11 suggestions for not being a dot-bomb Steel McLargeHuge (5)
please translate this British gibberish! sharkfish (8)
anyone here into black metal? John Haren (4)
badonkadonk! John Haren (6)
There are so many things wrong with this sentence I can'g begin Zaphod Beeblebrox (4)
Google mail question sharkfish (3)
Would you wear one of these? xampl (10)
Can your camera do this? :) (4)
Israel is stacked Bot Berlin (8)
Speaking out against stem cell research Steel McLargeHuge, W.R.A. (7)
The sons of Abraham John Haren (2)
This internet cafe Colm (9)
The Daily Show Masiosare (7)
Expecting Oren ahmed (6)
Why Colm (24)
Re-visit JOS Forum Rick Tsang (9)
Doughnut peaches: only upside to the living in HK possibly maybe (26)
So any ubuntu people here having/solved gstreamer problems? muppet (11)
What do you think? Bot Berlin (8)
What kind of blue collar work Bot Berlin (26)
Have you ever tried sharkfish (22)
WTF..  can someone explain how this works?!? Wayne (AHA) (13)
I need some lovin' jingalala jingalala ™ (21)
Bush again almost friday (18)
My mothers birtday! Locutus of Borg (13)
Isnt CC the same as multiple addresses Bot Berlin (5)
stealing sharkfish (11)
I am going to the gym Bot Berlin (31)
That's how it's done, America! Masiosare (9)
Perl is dying (again) Masiosare (4)
"Are you there?" "Yes" "WHY!?!?!?" Steel McLargeHuge, W.R.A. (11)
Google Trends - Setting the Record Straight Dennis Forbes (13)
360 Jack's circle cirque (8)
Is it okay to retaliate nowadays? Kenny (38)
$919 laptop from Dell sharkfish (20)
Perl is dying Lustiges Häschen (20)
Laptop w/ inbuilt projectors or PPT aware projectors के. जे. (35)
Quiz xampl (2)
Holy shit do I ever need my fucking vacation muppet (39)
Israel: Predicting the future Quartet (25)
What do you have on tap? Steel McLargeHuge (8)
yay! home again.... worldsSmallestViolin (10)
July 16th, 2006
I'm seriously loving Ubuntu muppet (24)
The Israeli Lobby in the US -___- (31)
Mythbusters Steel McLargeHuge, W.R.A. (11)
CoT Betting Book: How long until Aaron gets laid? worldsSmallestViolin (14)
Good WWW III Quote son of parnas (6)
SpaceShipOne Steel McLargeHuge, W.R.A. (8)
An Israeli airstrike kills 8 Canadians Methuselah (needs methadone) (14)
Last Christmas jingalala jingalala ™ (12)
Shark, I was thinking of you when I read this LinuxOrBust (5)
So I've gone on a couple dates lately Aaron F Stanton (76)
Singleton jingalala jingalala ™ (12)
Well, Xubuntu worked muppet (25)
Its so hot I'm feeling dizzy Funny Bunny (11)
Linux at Microsoft worldsSmallestViolin (4)
How many days till X-Mas? Zaphod Beeblebrox (10)
OMFG this is hilarious Zaphod Beeblebrox (1)
Why aim a car at women? Zaphod Beeblebrox (20)
Are all scientologists terrorists, or merely mentally ill? Commandante Marcos (11)
red pandas (8)
Do we really need nukes? Steel McLargeHuge (15)
so is there *any* art of bushs foreign policy that has... worldsSmallestViolin (11)
Sharky - Apprentice question Steel McLargeHuge (8)
War Dennis Forbes (57)
July 15th, 2006
Visiting Toronto Dennis Forbes (1)
rules almost friday (7)
making an extra $500 per month (20)
Outsourcing bubble busting Steel McLargeHuge (13)
Penises - How do you compare? Zaphod Beeblebrox (11)
Salaries - What do you care? Zaphod Beeblebrox (13)
ok, so colm... worldsSmallestViolin (11)
Ubuntu Dapper Drake Live CD muppet (15)
Dont do anything cool Bot (14)
Tipping Steel McLargeHuge (80)
"Why do you travel so much?" Steel McLargeHuge (16)
Bubble 2.0 Jumping Jaques (8)
What do you think of the situation in Lebanon? Light Bulb (4)
Virtual PC + WinXP SP2 + Activation possibly maybe (11)
the administration's belief in the value in almost the mystical son of parnas (4)
your regular Starbucks (or other, better coffee shop) order possibly maybe (7)
looks like forest fire fighter is the job of the future son of parnas (5)
Cool Video of GM Car son of parnas (6)
I can't read my G-Mail. Zaphod Beeblebrox (2)
Hostel jingalala jingalala ™ (4)
Proposal For A Better CoT: worldsSmallestViolin (5)
Digital cameras are all very well, but... Mat Hall (23)
could we start moderating some of these pointless and boring... worldsSmallestViolin (19)
We really are a bunch of idiots Dropped out! (7)
1:45 am and Im finished for the day. worldsSmallestViolin (6)
I'm just saying (3)
Can we append this to the subtitle J.A.C.M. (3)
slashdot rips off CoT? bastards (0)
Democracy [.] (6)
Apparently LinkedIn has a limit Aaron F Stanton (3)
10+3=13 - Long drives with family - Fun game के. जे. (1)
Back from the Holy Land Flasher T (7)
good night almost friday (1)
I thought muppet and worldsSmallestViolin were the same person (8)
US 'could be going bankrupt' Take it or leave it (23)
would you "Do" Bridget Jones??? (19)
anyone alive, enjoying the night@da_computa? almost friday (4)
Ten worst URLs Steel McLargeHuge (8)
so good or not (1)
Was the new subtitle cleared with PNII? (8)
Err, yup. It's time... (3)
Bronchitis Steel McLargeHuge (4)
I guess the main problem with cot is.... ?????????? (5)
July 14th, 2006
math Dropped out! (20)
sex blogs? (48)
darn. (3)
Hold the phone... Steel McLargeHuge (10)
CoT stock exchange worldsSmallestViolin (3)
Note to self, when planning to ripoff my employer... worldsSmallestViolin (3)
And...we are back Bot (3)
More and More Hatred son of parnas (2)
A spider has taken up residence in an old orange juice container Zaphod Beeblebrox (3)
Who didn't see this post coming six threads ago. Zaphod Beeblebrox (0)
The myth of unlimited sick time in Europe bon vivant (8)
They always come back Jack's publishing pull (4)
What happened to the body of Chris McK? Funny Bunny (6)
What is going on, you idiot? Bot Berlin (18)
bad trip sharkfish (14)
who's the guy Damn (4)
The world is really changing. Bot Berlin (2)
If they had professional Contra players back in the day Zaphod Beeblebrox (8)
Is String.RegularExpressions the only way? Jack's publishing pull (7)
I've never met a woman surgeon as good as a man sharkfish (12)
The last 45 minutes have been excruciatingly slow... Kenny (4)
Joel Spolsky: Self Centered Blogger The devil on your shoulder (9)
OK so wait muppet (31)
This place has hit rock bottom. Thanks! (25)
Why are people so so so so dumb? Hi, I'm an idiot on COT(you too) (15)
this is the kind of shit sharkfish (21)
Where the fuck is Rex? (5)
You know, every time I watch Robot Chicken The devil on your shoulder (2)
50 Lebanese lives < 2 Israeli lives.. Go Israel, Go! Methuselah (needs methadone) (17)
You know, every time I watch Robot Chicken muppet (4)
hello? worldsSmallestViolin (5)
What If... Dennis Forbes (10)
Poll: Being holier than thou muppet (15)
Clay, just out of curiosity muppet (11)
another hour and Ill have... worldsSmallestViolin (8)
is it just me?  or was this post particularly... worldsSmallestViolin (9)
Friday I'm in love Methuselah (needs methadone) (6)
FruitShow Feature request muppet (24)
CoT Poll: Was This Funny? worldsSmallestViolin (24)
muppet is special (21)
Buy a company, lay off the talent. xampl (9)
Heya Lustiges Wäschen (3)
So tell me what you want, what you *really* really want Ryan (14)
$300B spent on war thus far xampl (8)
BAN Muppet, he is inciting me to... worldsSmallestViolin (15)
actually, what I *really* want... worldsSmallestViolin (16)
dammit, I really want... worldsSmallestViolin (2)
Muppet is an irresponsible moderator.  BAN MUPPET. worldsSmallestViolin (13)
1:30 am and Im tired.  and lonely. worldsSmallestViolin (8)
Yeah let me just jump right on that plane in October muppet (11)
*ahem*  sorry, lost control there for a second. so, philo... worldsSmallestViolin (0)
one of the five top most meaningful experiences of their lives. (18)
Adobe Support? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA H worldsSmallestViolin (0)
A beautiful thing Steel McLargeHuge (14)
So fucking sick muppet (23)
good military or armaments site ? Patrick (4)
C#: Default method for class jingalala jingalala ™ (14)
Happy Bastille Day phoenix (8)
bush losing control (could have been 'Not our fault' but we...) worldsSmallestViolin (22)
whats the deal with computer fonts? worldsSmallestViolin (10)
Oddest Music Collaborations Jason T. (11)
eh. sharkfish (1)
July 13th, 2006
It's official Steel McLargeHuge (7)
trade against jim cramer kinda a moron (4)
"Indeed, *every* one.  Well, every one condemning Isreal's" so .. no? (4)
I finally got a computer virus LinuxOrBust (12)
I wish I knew these guys sharkfish (12)
ok, can you beat that? jingalala jingalala ™ (16)
My girlfriend is refusing sharkfish (19)
"Remember the Six Day War in 1956?" so.... no. (6)
someone's profiling algo su><orz John Haren (5)
I smoked all week Bot (14)
US vetoes UN condemnation of Israel Methuselah (needs methadone) (4)
Well said Bot Berlin (23)
more of that google chick pretty good! (10)
Patrick, found a mistake thanks (1)
Free SharePoint 2007 dev. book Steel McLargeHuge (5)
Six Apart's TypePad blogs went bust Methuselah (needs methadone) (2)
WAR!!!! Dennis Forbes (9)
new list of CoT village idiots worldsSmallestViolin (17)
Help with shell scripting.. Wayne (AHA) (24)
Ali Larijani flies to Damascus charles (25)
grassroots internet? xampl (10)
microsoft giving away the Windows OS worldsSmallestViolin (3)
so if you were hezbollah... worldsSmallestViolin (32)
IDF shoots the press *again* Colm (10)
Israel provoked deliberately worldsSmallestViolin (44)
CoT Poll:  Is Israel going to invade Iran? worldsSmallestViolin (11)
yay! muppet isn't dead worldsSmallestViolin (23)
go Jon! worldsSmallestViolin (16)
Another pleasant surprise today muppet (11)
Joel Jr pretty good! (16)
Sheez, this was happnening 2 blocks away muppet (1)
Donny Deutsch Shatters the Coulter Myth son of parnas (8)
Do any of you do that thing where you raise your foot up onto muppet (3)
After that cockeyed.com article, I seriously dread credit offers muppet (2)
I took the majority of the "suspect" pills back to the pharmacy muppet (9)
Flasher T In Israel AllanL5 (19)
Tryin' ta do right by SQL Jack's publishing pull (14)
Rate your happiness Methuselah (needs methadone) (19)
Isn't it dysfunctional Thursday? a2800276 (5)
Is Alan Cooper a moron? jingalala jingalala ™ (18)
poll $-- (7)
May be networks aren't such a big thing after all Senthilnathan N.S. (1)
mysql madness? what are you reading for? (7)
who wants to move to vanuatu? aurora mirae (13)
apparently there's some law that prohibits pharmacies muppet (5)
Tip - Don't waste money buying expensive binoculars Dash Riprock (10)
Windows Path/File Name Length Limit Revisited - Methusela??? poorHouse (4)
Search engine for this place? Locutus of Borg (20)
Civilisation => Dystopia के. जे. (1)
War on Iran Has Begun? - Israel asks... Quartet (24)
My stock is doing pretty good. [x] (8)
I guess I should also call the pharmacy first thing tomorrow muppet (1)
last beer almost friday (0)
Oh, Canada! John Haren (5)
Now I can't fucking sleep muppet (8)
July 12th, 2006
My daughter is too cute Aaron F Stanton (23)
Also Steel muppet (10)
Things are pretty fucking regimented at a city hospital in CT John Haren (10)
Allright, I'll bite... what's so great about MS usability labs? John Haren (1)
Virtual PC is now free Steel McLargeHuge (29)
So say I think I've received a batch of adulterated pills muppet (52)
I will have lost 1 month of my life shaving... Methuselah (needs methadone) (15)
Heat wave Funny Bunny (4)
Stephen King Shows on Bot Berlin (2)
Amazed this didn't get posted Steel McLargeHuge (3)
Firewall Steel McLargeHuge (15)
I have a major craving for cheap fast food tacos muppet (11)
muppet could you please... worldsSmallestViolin (8)
colm, could you please... worldsSmallestViolin (10)
Hezbollah had a great victory today over the zionist enemy ahmed (8)
Stretch a <TABLE> background image to fill the entire cell Water Cooler v2 (20)
heh. snicker. sharkfish (15)
Hezbollah attack against Israel today Oren (17)
browser beef sharkfish (14)
How to ask your partner if she has herpes sharkfish (6)
Maestros Funny Bunny (20)
If I was President Steel McLargeHuge (17)
My Dad Rick Tsang (24)
The Lard Funny Bunny (5)
You guys know a lot of obscure words. [x] (37)
I think I have a music problem Funny Bunny (2)
Sometimes just reading the thread titles here is fun. [x] (2)
Feynman's IQ sharkfish (24)
big deal sharkfish (2)
A failed hunting shot. के. जे. (1)
Frustration sharkfish (20)
Windows Path/File Name Length Limit Ward (14)
Maybe they know something we don't... John Haren (1)
Tip - Climb onto your neighbour's roof... Dash Riprock (1)
You ever get the blahs? Steel McLargeHuge (26)
I think the pharmacy gave me a bad batch of drugs muppet (3)
Pills that increase the volume/thickness of your ejaculate muppet (19)
50 year study says conservatives 'followers' son of parnas (5)
Must... stop ... drinking... bloody ..... marys.... Steel McLargeHuge (16)
What does this phrase/idiom mean? jingalala jingalala ™ (13)
Willis and DumDum have discovered the kitchen table muppet (4)
Tip - Use headphones with an analog volume control Dennis Forbes (11)
double slit sharkfish (34)
how can I make this a screensaver? sharkfish (2)
I'm so tired... angry of london (19)
I caught the guys at work... sharkfish (5)
The thought occurs... Jack's publishing pull (43)
It ain't Thursday yet, के. जे. (0)
Pax Americana. Bravo! के. जे. (18)
Ugh muppet (14)
The dirt that accumulates at the corner of your eye jingalala jingalala ™ (17)
4 calls in 2 hours Colm (24)
angry americans worldsSmallestViolin (19)
What Kind of Genius Are You? Quartet (10)
interesting for emule users $-- (2)
Ratu - Buaya Darat (2)
tracbkalls!!!!! John Haren (5)
July 11th, 2006
devolution aurora mirae (22)
Heh heh. Twee, but it's actually true (puzzle question) bon vivant (5)
If I ride my bike 1.5 hours each way to work... _ (20)
Ya gotta love the BBC bon vivant (1)
81.51 WPM sharkfish (29)
You guys are in so much shit... Planet Funk (10)
Hey muppet sharkfish (5)
I've lost my mind sharkfish (20)
I am the Infantry, Queen of Battle Funny Bunny (2)
How slowly do :( (4)
Hey Sharky! Steel McLargeHuge (12)
[x] hits Metafilter Jacob (15)
What are currently the best multiplayer FPSs out there? Dash Riprock (14)
It's 5:00 PM EDT AllanL5 (4)
Garden shadows Don't leave me in the dark (0)
That sinking fear set in. के. जे. (0)
Already stepping Bot Berlin (23)
Maybe COT will make more sense with this... [x] (13)
Point Cookieplate! [x] (0)
Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd dies xampl (14)
There's got to be some sort of art project I can create from [x] (8)
We're having the mother of all thunder storms right now muppet (7)
Boston BigDig Accident AllanL5 (8)
blond mammoths may have had more fun Brine da Puma (1)
why is it that sharkfish (19)
CoT statistics for June Wayne (AHA) (19)
Who is Wayne (AHA) (9)
Sharky is only a few years in front of the curve [x] (11)
Who here can explain sharkfish (61)
Murdering Journalists Colm (7)
What happened to all the tracbkalls? [x] (7)
Mumbai blasts. के. जे. (5)
Another pro drug article Bot Berlin (10)
Backpack across Europe Bot Berlin (44)
why did I accept this job offer... almost friday (13)
Summer Thunderstorms. a2800276 (3)
Hardware Keylogger in Laptops son of parnas (10)
My SQL WTF of the day Locutus of Borg (8)
Quick, before someone tells her! के. जे. (3)
Just how much money are the immigrants sending home? on a boat (11)
You're simply ignorant of the facts it's worser than bad (47)
Gertrude Stein finds herself spinning. के. जे. (6)
Design related question Water Cooler v2 (23)
Dear Mr. Pullum, के. जे. (11)
Programming Windows, Petzold jingalala jingalala ™ (9)
The Zidane Game Flasher T (1)
My body clock is broken! Mat Hall (7)
hey, LinuxOrBust just this guy, you know (1)
things are going my way _ (8)
Way to go, U. S. of A. के. जे. (12)
Thank you. jingalala jingalala ™ (1)
Research psychologists are nuts [x] (0)
Doctors are nuts. [x] (3)
my newsreader has given me clarity _ (0)
The state depart ment has fucked up now... John Haren (6)
Demerol is now fully kicked in.  Foot still in major pain. muppet (5)
wrong!! winning would have been better.. (4)
July 10th, 2006
I have the best babies in the world muppet (6)
OK my pain requires yet another thread muppet (8)
Medicine shouldn't be "for profit" sharkfish (26)
so close to wearing them sharkfish (2)
fuck muppet (6)
The Setup Question - An Example ,..., (3)
Atomic Bomb sharkfish (38)
discussion at work sharkfish (7)
hidden gifs in emails sharkfish (4)
50,000 lines of PHP/MySQL code sharkfish (25)
bon vivant, what country are you from? sharkfish (6)
For the errant DELETE Jack's willy wonka wail (9)
Polish President to Appoint His Twin as Prime Minister Funny Bunny (3)
Inventions they haven't made but should sharkfish (27)
Privacy and the internet Bot Berlin (14)
pdf -> html conversion John Haren (69)
People kids, happier Bot Berlin (14)
Linux has 10,000 users Bot Berlin (2)
I don't understand people who read in bed possibly maybe (26)
no love from my family _ (25)
XML is garbage Bot Berlin (54)
I don't want to go back to school sharkfish (65)
Car battery Bot Berlin (14)
For the European CoT crowd Methuselah (needs methadone) (36)
Flasher T In Israel AllanL5 (10)
The magic of "first post" muppet (5)
Italy makes the U.S. look good Jack's willy wonka wail (3)
Data modeler for Postgresql? Masiosare (4)
TERRORISM muppet (0)
I know it's been done muppet (16)
Capital One's website seems to be fucked muppet (2)
Billy Byte and the Big Bits Jack's willy wonka wail (2)
Collections gone mad muppet (4)
desktop switching $-- (19)
Oh you guys are gonna LOVE this Steel McLargeHuge (12)
My ex-wife is yelling at me over email muppet (17)
He gets the glory, after all. के. जे. (3)
After over 6 months of remission muppet (8)
the sultans elephant and $-- (0)
After the weekend films S (0)
Sidebar picture Locutus of Borg (6)
Back to the Future trollop (16)
July 9th, 2006
Dating lowers my self-esteem LinuxOrBust (42)
God, I love cleavage Aaron F Stanton (14)
US troops' Iraq rape victim 'was girl of 14' Greet the Liberators, Honey! (32)
How tough is this guy? boing boing (14)
Black folk love a conspiracy CNN Transcript 2000 (5)
Someone might like this trollop (10)
On Colm Funny Bunny (13)
Why is Bittorrent so hyped? Ramon (15)
This man is destroying the coalition of the willing Funny Bunny (5)
What the fuck was he thinking! के. जे. (28)
No Italy trolls please, the game is going into extra time LinuxOrBust (9)
ITALY WINS IT!!!!!!!!!!! fanizzimo (24)
My birthday is a week from today muppet (12)
LOL Adam Carolla wasn't he an idiot? (2)
Most viewed video in YouTube this week Masiosare (10)
Bets open: Italy or France? Methuselah (needs methadone) (20)
Bill O'Reilly and Phil Donahue Face Off son of parnas (11)
Have Children an Go Broke son of parnas (5)
Buying weed for geeks Bot (21)
Ace of Spades Funny Bunny (11)
geeking at its best worldsSmallestViolin (1)
this is a good read worldsSmallestViolin (9)
WTF?? Flasher T (4)
Yum! bon vivant (9)
God, I'm so tired of not having a life... Wayne (AHA) (10)
Heads up. (0)
dancing fucking monkeys John Haren (12)
Negotiating Conflict: Leadership in Times of Crisis everyone stay cool (16)
July 8th, 2006
mini projector more than ebooks, i want mini pr (0)
Panopticon Aaron F Stanton (4)
Is there anything that doesn't have a wikipedia? [x] (6)
I agree with Becker.  There should a market in human organs. lz (21)
For all the C++ gurus, please help Lex (16)
You have 12 months off from work, but you still get paid sharkfish's (22)
Fishing Dennis Forbes (7)
Hernando's Hideaway [x] (1)
62 year old new mom sharkfish (11)
Sports metaphor thread sharkfish (3)
Muppet Masiosare (2)
Wayne - the changed CSS is broken for large text size Armchair Grammarian (16)
in the age of bayesian everything, couldn't WP detect this? lz (1)
Prostate sharkfish (32)
one day down... worldsSmallestViolin (1)
this new banner is depressing.... worldsSmallestViolin (19)
Thinking about an iMac bon vivant (18)
Funny [x] (7)
insight into the two-income trap sharkfish (20)
One story, two viewpoints [.] (2)
google indexing applications on the web worldsSmallestViolin (0)
Spend more on my care than myself Bot Berlin (10)
The new banner के. जे. (13)
Well that was a surprise... Mat Hall (19)
Someone has a lot of time on their hands. [x] (4)
This town... Post something, you schmoes! (5)
poker (3)
Will you still be around when he reaches puberty? Funny Bunny (3)
I finally had some sex and it sucked Funny Bunny (20)
One red paperclip Mat Hall (18)
What about you Sharky? के. जे. (5)
North American Union Har Har Har (10)
The Official CoT poem jingalala jingalala ™ (4)
I'll tell the internet what I wouldn't tell my ex-girlfriend _ (18)
Have we had our N. Korea Goes Wild discussion yet? sharkfish (2)
More LinkedIn jingalala jingalala ™ (3)
riddle me this sharkfish (11)
Anderson Cooper 360 sharkfish (16)
Now look at the dancing monkey! [x] (0)
what does an internet suicide look like? worldsSmallestViolin (29)
sidebar! worldsSmallestViolin (28)
Okay, Sharkfish LinuxOrBust (4)
lz is a bored and boring troll sharkfish (3)
Starving Children in India Commandante Marcos (7)
you guys are pretty lame lz (19)
July 7th, 2006
My next adventure Bot Berlin (13)
Sorry, but I love the rocketboom fiasco lz (3)
Why not? lz (32)
The Golden Rule doesn't work. Aaron F Stanton (19)
Where the fuck has Rex gone? crazy fan (3)
You have only one nugget of knowledge sharkfish (46)
I didn't sleep at all last night sharkfish (11)
CoT is fucking boring tonight Methuselah (needs methadone) (5)
The hot secretary who sits around all day [x] (6)
Alcohol warnings xampl (4)
What's really behind a Steve Jobs keynote? Methuselah (CoT is my 2nd realm) (0)
is slacking off at work stealing? Not a Slave (anon for this) (38)
You guys haven't produced a single [x] (8)
The kittens are wrestling over the scratching post muppet (12)
Normally not one for funny animal vids.. Rock Hardbuns (6)
Only relevant if you... Jack's conspiracy theory (0)
PyMissile sharkfish (3)
This is how to do it! Colm (6)
How are the OISV forums? lz (4)
my summer reading list sharkfish (7)
Useability idea Jack's conspiracy theory (5)
401k Bot Berlin (4)
Signs you have too much money xampl (11)
hey bon vivant and other cat haters sharkfish's nasty nemesis (6)
blogosphere as highschool 2 Adam Curry (11)
A request to all the people on my LinkedIn list jingalala jingalala ™ (9)
Random observations while on the train sharkfish's nasty nemesis (13)
Do No Evil Dennis Forbes (1)
A follow up to the missing arm lady muppet (10)
Vista Ratings Revisited Dennis Forbes (7)
Nice Bot Berlin (0)
Fork. I think I have a virus of some sort. (9)
Hey Alister muppet (4)
hey Masiosare.. worldsSmallestViolin (2)
CoT Challenge:  Muppet vs Sharky worldsSmallestViolin (5)
thought crime worldsSmallestViolin (12)
Dilema Masiosare (11)
Gays cant marry in new york because heterosexual couples are... worldsSmallestViolin (10)
AOL is in mourning Dennis Forbes (16)
ROTFLMAO muppet (7)
RACISM muppet (6)
back in christchurch worldsSmallestViolin (8)
Only drink artisinal micro-brewed beer Ricardo Antunes da Costa (4)
I've just realized, and must apologize for muppet (4)
Last day Colm (31)
All right Wayne where's the new banner?  :-) muppet (8)
Films for the weekend... S (15)
Free eBooks for a short period of time. jingalala jingalala ™ (6)
Mac People - What up with iPhoto? muppet (4)
"Your Download Will Start Automatically" with no link muppet (29)
Spam of the Day muppet (6)
My kittens are awesome muppet (5)
Hey sharky! jingalala jingalala ™ (3)
NY in October Mat Hall (18)
Java Assignment for Intern Anon Forever (7)
Play the Persian Nose Flute Ward (3)
Hey sharkfish [x] (18)
Christiano Ronaldo Flasher T (4)
open source question sharkfish's nasty nemesis (8)
introducing Z39.50, or ZING sharkfish's nasty nemesis (4)
at the end, the guy wins 11 million , but settles for 2K??? strange world series (27)
July 6th, 2006
Need new cat toys sharkfish's nasty nemesis (15)
top 60 reasons Estonia is the best country Estonia Estonia, ?Oh, Estonia (13)
What??? [x] (16)
fucking artists John Haren (6)
AAAAAAAAGGH!! sharkfish's nasty nemesis (2)
Not giving up I can get out of this shit job (12)
taking a look at your shit after you post It's not just me?! (2)
I've been profiled sharkfish's nasty nemesis (2)
Play the guitar Bot Berlin (57)
Hey Philo sharkfish's nasty nemesis (6)
6 months behind the eight ball sharkfish's nasty nemesis (15)
Killer Instinct sharkfish's nasty nemesis (9)
scum; produce something of value, please. lz (3)
CoT month in review John Haren (9)
Conroe, Quad Core, AMD, MacBook ... (1)
I can't make up my mind Funny Bunny (1)
what the...? Colm (22)
We just brought home two new kittens muppet (23)
Just do it. peanut gallery (17)
The coolest thing you'll see this year son of parnas (4)
Programmers hell; errant delete query! Wayne (AHA) (6)
10MB/S Bot Berlin (7)
Rocketboom if you don't care, well, don't (9)
Flasher and others jingalala jingalala ™ (7)
27? Bot Berlin (16)
John Haren ,..., (2)
Sathy John Haren (4)
Google Purge Bored Bystander (3)
Let's spam the competitiion Masiosare (7)
Looking for Web development work jingalala jingalala ™ (67)
Any feedback on the new fangled hosted Office Productivity tools के. जे. (0)
Who cares about rocketboom? son of parnas (14)
Jet powered Beetle xampl (9)
New toy Flasher T (16)
so how many of... worldsSmallestViolin (10)
An offer from the dark side Locutus of Borg (18)
Strange things are afoot at the Circle K! Mat Hall (17)
Anyone watching Rockstar:Supernova on CBS? __monty__ (1)
LinkedIn paid membership? jingalala jingalala ™ (7)
looking at the code worldsSmallestViolin (10)
N. Korean missles tumble into the sea on 4th of July. LinuxOrBust (14)
what does this -> operator mean in PHP? Dotnetnoob (6)
Look what the mailman brought me! के. जे. (3)
Best toy for your baby girl idea (12)
Motherfocking Ken Lay!  This takes the cake! possibly maybe (8)
Give out your number Bot Berlin (1)
Ziggy played guitar... (5)
July 5th, 2006
Movie of the Week Still Laughing (4)
Why are there so many songs about rainbows? Ward (8)
some good news lz (2)
Mass of grayish-brown posts that is CoT. Colm (4)
Still going... Bot Berlin (3)
sharky, take a new job lz (8)
OMG that contortionist. (4)
Working environment RexAdventure (18)
a clarification lz (10)
HW questions Funny Bunny (7)
Asking here just out of habit - Sun question Funny Bunny (7)
zed zed (2)
Figo - Zidane Locutus of Borg (9)
SharePoint Kenny (13)
ECMAScript - bit shifting - why? के. जे. (31)
Who was the guy who works in O'really? Masiosare (13)
Cartoons of Muhammad Rick Tsang (7)
Rocketboom again AllanL5 (7)
France vs. Portugal के. जे. (6)
Quality by Friday xampl (7)
any Fantasy football (American) here Patrick From an IBank (3)
Coma dude wakes up after 20 years, entirely unlike Schiavo muppet (17)
The New Lady Liberty son of parnas (16)
patterns of extraordinary careers trying to find fulfilling work (5)
rocketboom in progress (8)
LMFAO muppet (2)
Ken Lay dies xampl (19)
The glory and glamour of technical writing Flasher T (13)
And we're buying this story? muppet (13)
New domain Flasher T (9)
Poster Je n'ai pas peur de mourir (11)
enough on tabs, when do you comment? err, i comment if I used a tab! (2)
Sony taking shit for "racially charged" ad muppet (29)
Highlight of the fireworks last night muppet (2)
Nick change Plus ça change (27)
Clarification jingalala jingalala ™ (2)
... worldsSmallestViolin (4)
To all non Indians here. Plus ça change (20)
AHA: "JOS does not get posts out-of-order." Gerry Smith (12)
WordPress question Bayes (9)
Watch this? Bot Berlin (5)
Rule of Rex ends due to lack of enthusiasm. yup, another moron. (5)
Rex?  Where the fuck are you? so he's not a moron? (2)
July 4th, 2006
top 30 facts about rex so he's not a moron? (2)
REX FOR MODERATOR! is he a moron? (10)
Maguma rocks worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Allan works at NASA ?!?!? worldsSmallestViolin (26)
We're hemmoraging people. (10)
God damn it John Haren (1)
COT Cold Turkey (1)
COT Cold Turkey Steel McLargeHuge (6)
I need a new nick... worldsSmallestViolin (10)
Absolutely NSFW Steel McLargeHuge (30)
woo hoo tabs v. spaces? (31)
who had the migraine site and how is it going? hax (3)
A long train of abuses and usurpations... John Haren (9)
wooohooo...all hosting problems solved (I love opensource) worldsSmallestViolin (34)
See you all tomorrow lads Funny Bunny (4)
Fourth of July bon vivant (5)
everyone's a cynic now lz (52)
German lost !!! (10)
CIA: Osama Helped Bush in '04 son of parnas (5)
Aaron's marriage Rick Tsang (27)
Xubuntu Funny Bunny (17)
How do the other frameworks work? Funny Bunny (25)
Damn Google Funny Bunny (6)
YouOS son of parnas (3)
Who here is in Utah? Aaron F Stanton (63)
need youtube of this, ASAP. lz (8)
Cant live a life of movies? Bot Berlin (3)
Funny Bunny and Colm jingalala jingalala ™ (41)
Shuttle STS-121 AllanL5 (43)
Independence day is for Brine da Puma (3)
Airport Lounge - STFU! Mongo (11)
That explains it jingalala jingalala ™ (11)
covet another man's wife Anon.Once (14)
Know your roots xampl (10)
Stupid wanker I work with... angry of london (22)
Does everyone see the same google banner? Steel McLargeHuge (7)
Neologism Steel McLargeHuge (8)
is it possible? dreamer (33)
*super yawn* are you a new idiot? or renamed? (43)
another vista thing $-- (1)
Any one ever actually meet Sharkfish here? Plus ça change (16)
Canon A620 Flasher T (26)
6 hrs. 7.5 gigs Rock Hardbuns (22)
Something like Picasa, except not? Flasher T (13)
It's just occurred to me... Mat Hall (5)
Fantasy @ the beach jingalala jingalala ™ (3)
Off to the Holy Land Flasher T (18)
Then and now Flasher T (21)
I assume you saw this [x] ?  kind of interesting... worldsSmallestViolin (5)
Silly rabbit, free SW is for Windows!? LinuxOrBust (10)
Funny Bunny [x] (1)
Yahoo Personals LinuxOrBust (17)
July 3rd, 2006
php naive bayesian filter that doesn't require a database worldsSmallestViolin (4)
LIBERATORS! with malacie aforethought (3)
fucking sidebar this. lose the pic, the god quote,.... (6)
Find a wife in/from another country..good idea? Patrick (42)
ugh Aaron F Stanton (38)
How many ways to live a human life are there? the psychologist (2)
PEOPLE ARE SO FUCKING DUMB. is the competition so bad? (11)
Data mining with Email Funny Bunny (9)
the key is to compare a couple trying to get the big picture (6)
Cont. test.exe pussle Rock Hardbuns (18)
Either I go to London or I join the French Foreign Legion Funny Bunny (15)
uber alles I like it! (13)
Should society *need* female action heroes? Steel McLargeHuge, W.R.A. (17)
The magic of laptop batteries Bot Berlin from Octane CoffeeAtl (4)
After spending the afternoon in Miami... Steel McLargeHuge, W.R.A. (16)
LA Fitness Plans Bot Berlin (21)
Help me think Funny Bunny (31)
I'm going to jam with some friends tonight [x] (20)
Homicide Rates (2000) lz (20)
Here's a pussle for ya! Rock Hardbuns (18)
NYC =  corporate headquarters? NYer (0)
They don't beat around the Bush Bot Berlin (9)
Farm Program Pays $1.3 Billion to People Who Don't Farm farmer (26)
Who is making money selling shrink-wrapped Java or .net SW? LinuxOrBust (8)
We all have common ancestors going back 2-5k yrs. ago... LinuxOrBust (13)
DVD ripping Flasher T (9)
Female Action Heros forThis.Anon (9)
Too chuffing hot! Mat Hall (17)
On the sustainability of Estonia's economic miracle lz (29)
/. Jack's font fondness (6)
I just got done reading the blurb on x-entertainment about muppet (4)
Is multiculturalism obsolete? Flasher T (47)
can someone please explain what vista actually is? $-- (24)
“A nation,” he heard himself say, “consists of its laws. Flasher T (2)
American loves cars diko (30)
Carrying on, for flasher Commandante Marcos (3)
absinthe John Haren (13)
"The document name or path is not valid" jingalala jingalala ™ (2)
July 2nd, 2006
ok ryan...(or any other windows php expert) worldsSmallestViolin (8)
I want to see... Steel McLargeHuge (12)
Zidane.. Patrick (16)
Bedtime AllanL5 (1)
"When are you going to start scratching your own itch and" LinuxOrBust (28)
"They Just Don't Get It" AllanL5 (10)
php engine for windows? worldsSmallestViolin (8)
Bad Movie Clones Mongo (14)
name a favorite TV cook lz (23)
Steel/Philo/wannabe large penis sharkfish (10)
Fucking Rain [£] (8)
Oh shit - PC dying Steel McLargeHuge, W.R.A. (12)
Name a female hero sharkfish (63)
Can't talk to a psycho like a normal human being [£] (2)
9/11 was an inside job worldsSmallestViolin (9)
I saw this [£] COT: Destoyer of Businesses (19)
App design Rock Hardbuns (4)
If you sleep alone tonight.. Locutus of Borg (8)
United 93 - holy shit Dash Riprock (5)
Whats going to happen to the collaborators? Funny Bunny (6)
oh my god worldsSmallestViolin (29)
interviewing techniques Commandante Marcos (6)
Daily Reading jingalala jingalala ™ (15)
Starwars (or other) Marathon Mongo (23)
Impeaching Bush Steel McLargeHuge (25)
Iran is Son of Iraq son of parnas (15)
Who's using cubes/analysis services? Steel McLargeHuge (11)
Star Wars trivia Steel McLargeHuge (16)
How to eat sushi xampl (6)
COT Poll (2) lz (5)
NSA call monitoring began BEFORE 9/11? lz (24)
"Please. Cancel. The. Account." lz (16)
why do people complain about conversations turning to farce? lz (2)
Movie List Bot Berlin (21)
July 1st, 2006
Local record shops extinct? xampl (16)
whats the java way of creating... worldsSmallestViolin (21)
Peter Crouch, man of the match Funny Bunny (5)
Basically how I handle my kids. so it goes (8)
the interesting thing about the Israel/Palestinian discussion is worldsSmallestViolin (27)
Feeling sad bon vivant (10)
aiiieeee!!!! There's another me! Steel McLargeHuge (15)
Who wants to have some fun? [x] (12)
and I wondered why History Chan hosted 3 hours of Disney sharkfish (3)
Another plank in the Beer Party platform... Steel McLargeHuge (3)
France is my new team LinuxOrBust (13)
Worst family feud answers Questioning You (11)
Linux as a business opportunity LinuxOrBust (11)
scalable is the new fast doncha wish your Java ran like m (7)
And Portugal wins! Funny Bunny on a friends compute (28)
The English side loses ! God ! I love it ! Matt Brown (0)
Talking of Boney M... bon vivant (0)
Hey AHA - how much bandwidth? Steel McLargeHuge (43)
Kick the can Steel McLargeHuge (4)
google recognizes music net freak. (4)
Wannabe: Bot Berlin (6)
Dedicated hosting? Bot Berlin (9)
hating the rich (16)
Q: (4)
Israel attack in Gaza is a crime against humanity Mohammad Ramman (39)
classic lesbian erotica $-- (1)
Stomp worldsSmallestViolin (6)
Stock Trading REDUX Planet Funk (4)