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July 31st, 2005
Firefox problems XYZZY (11 comments)
world with no religion nona (77)
Morality Flasher T (57)
How best to use a Mac-Mini KayJay (4)
I'm not going to church anymore Array Index (24)
Ok, now I see why I don't use desktop linux. Berlin Brown (29)
July 30th, 2005
Another Charlie and the Chocolate Factory thread Philo (9)
Battlestar Galactica-Season Two Steve Wolf (30)
Great Game Dennis Forbes (3)
The Human Chimera Prohibition Act of 2005 son of parnas (11)
Sound editing software Sathyaish Chakravarthy (8)
More Evidence of US Incompetance In Iraq t (10)
Why "seared" (almost raw) tuna? Bored Bystander (15)
SOA vs. Java API Philo (38)
PostSecret anonymous (3)
Still Another Muppet Thread SSG Sam Eaton AUS ret (26)
Illogical Moderatorship . (9)
Well, I'm back from Holland. Flasher T (11)
Which animal do you identify with? Dennis Forbes (22)
Glengarry Glen Ross Il Signiore Schwoopy (3)
July 29th, 2005
Good fiction? Vince (22)
A new benchmark for laziness? bionicroach (11)
The Other Muppet Bert J. Evil (26)
Chat rooms Sathyaish Chakravarthy (140)
Your Mom gave up her career for you Rick Tang (22)
How Old is Joel? (3)
"Energy Policy" == Pump oil AllanL5 (14)
Senator Joe Biden AllanL5 (13)
How to make a troll shut up? Simon Perreault (20)
OK THIS is hilarious muppet (10)
Request for ?aaron_freakin_stanton form oh god i'm so sick of aaron (10)
GO MICROSOFT!! muppet (27)
Freaking out just a bit muppet (47)
"I'M NOT UNEMPLOYED, I'M ON SABBATICAL!!"- Ross Berlin Brown (16)
Doomed movie Joel Goodwin (24)
Our (Canada's) so-called socialized medical system Ward (26)
Request for ?muppet form oh god i'm so sick of muppet (23)
The Island Movie son of parnas (27)
July 28th, 2005
A Very Special Buring Man Structure with Photos... Chris McKinstry (9)
Glengarry Glen Ross Patrick Foley (8)
Dealing with damaging gossip anon, of course. (9)
Classy muppet (30)
What would we do without Amazon? son of parnas (10)
What do you like spending money on? Dude passing by (30)
Mobile phone - Battery charging strategies KayJay (11)
On Profiling... Yoey (79)
A 'truly historic and momentous day in history'. Yet again. KayJay (25)
Windows Vista revisited... Mat Hall (41)
Poll: Banish muppet? Godless Visigoth (91)
We have sufficient technology to be a direct democracy in the US muppet (66)
Dear Microsoft muppet (18)
One for Chris... Mat Hall (3)
Now I can finish my robot muppet (16)
Shocking!! muppet (8)
You think the idea of being branded is way out? Moooo! (28)
Packaged tour: Best countries.... Another poster... (13)
Have you seen this? JD (7)
Don't copy if you can't paste. JD (1)
July 27th, 2005
I have the *cleverest* babies Jesus H Christ (37)
Let Freedom Reign Jesus H Christ (10)
A six page preview of Chapter 19 is (finally) up on soulsofglass muppet (5)
If there is anyone who is looking for a new country... a cynic writes... (8)
Primitive Radio Gods muppet (7)
GTA:SA Dennis Forbes (11)
drug use Jesus H Christ (44)
Controlled explosions Duncan Smart (5)
so, anyone here going to vote for hilary clinton? Jesus H Christ (133)
Signs you've stayed too long at a job Cory Foy (8)
Let's get to know each other Blue State Bitch (83)
Dear muppet Rick Tang (14)
Bush To London Bombers: 'Bring It On' thompson_gunner (1)
Peak Oil Aaron F Stanton (37)
"We Are The Web" article on Wired Kenny (9)
Is it just me? Philo (167)
Promotional Material source? Cory Foy (2)
Now C'mon muppet (24)
Cool product idea, real speech processing Berlin Brown (15)
No shit I've been doing this since April muppet (6)
Rhetorical question muppet (6)
It must get hard Simon Lucy (8)
What if... Jack of all (8)
Crazy On Tap... Lance (22)
July 26th, 2005
song lyrics Jacky (11)
VOIP and E911 Jason (19)
At what age... J (66)
OMG OMG, I just added Off Topic to my google homepage... Kenny (6)
Drivel Index Rises Simon Lucy (19)
Please do not... Andrew Cherry (8)
The problem with terrorism is that muppet (4)
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG muppet (20)
Why do suicide bombers do it? son of parnas (45)
Cell Phone Service Provider in NJ JD (14)
"Hitting the High Notes" = best Joel article ever? Kenny (18)
Hypocrisy, shoooting people & advertising. WoodenTongue (14)
"Cool mom" boinks her son's classmates muppet (149)
British EFF Andrew Cherry (17)
Anti-Porn myths debunked.. Almost H. Anonymous (23)
First porn experiences... Almost H. Anonymous (11)
How Chinese president learned not to trust Bush. JD (7)
July 25th, 2005
Out of this world Aaron F Stanton (2)
big heads of 2004 Jesus H Christ (25)
Well, Bank of America has completed their online banking muppet (13)
And There It Was ... PNII (34)
Holy Shnoz Batman! lumberjack (5)
Probably old news... Mat Hall (2)
Video capture card? Philo (22)
Sky High dil.b.ert (12)
Russian Spammer Killed Jared (4)
Bulk cooking for geeks? Fred (22)
Happiness or money? lucky (17)
LSD and Credibility Chris McKinstry (39)
A Message For Microsoft Dennis Forbes (13)
GMail Update PNII (24)
John Roberts looks like... (3)
Assuming that bombers are radicals a mistake? Kenny (68)
3rd Beer Party plank (follow-up) madking (11)
Those who forget history... Cory Foy (8)
What an interesting world we live in Dennis Forbes (3)
I hate being woken up.... MarkTAW (13)
Cheney's Plan: Nuke Iran thompson_gunner (35)
Maybe this incident will bring some attention to the fact muppet (45)
THIS is creepy muppet (32)
new uniforms for the USMC muppet (6)
Back at work... Mat Hall (2)
Shouting the truth at one another 24 hours a day. Simon Lucy (11)
Nows *heres* a good use for 400 billion USD/year Jesus H Christ (14)
July 24th, 2005
Evolution mechanisms Aaron F Stanton (23)
chase online banking (2)
This will never see the light of day muppet (6)
cookware cook (45)
The End of Anonymity - A Good Thing Chris McKinstry (18)
Sunday fun Actively Disengaged (7)
What is cover? (4)
Philip K. Dick Philo (7)
Train your policemen when and how to use guns? Another poster... (50)
July 23rd, 2005
Good natured ribbing --------> or bullying? (any advice appreciated) (37)
Funky referrer spam? muppet (8)
want to kill Paypal Moosebumps (3)
My dick (SPOILERS) muppet (3)
from the Guardian; Useful idiots have always apologised for terr SSG Sam Eaton AUS ret (17)
For those of you who play chess sharkfish (19)
Oops! Wrong guy shot. SSG Sam Eaton AUS ret (43)
The Problem with Good News Republicans son of parnas (6)
Where is today's Tin Pan Alley? KayJay (2)
Suggestions for things to do in Santa Fe Miles Archer (8)
is snape evil? (spoilers) son of parnas (40)
This keeps bugging me (War of the Worlds) Philo (26)
July 22nd, 2005
What is wrong with the under 30 crowd? sharkfish (23)
Implement Synergisms in Cliche Organizations of Associates sharkfish (1)
Oh shit Chrissy, you're too late muppet (3)
Chris McKinstry == A Geras ? somebody else (10)
I'll try that again. (5)
My Dog Is Tom Cruise Snark (3)
Windows Vista Dennis Forbes (24)
"You're fired!" (15)
Ashes Aristides (30)
the first one is unbelievable muppet (11)
Hold him down whilst I shoot him Simon Lucy (99)
Unbelievable CubicleDweller (27)
Chief of staff - powerful or not Foreigner (3)
How can one person live two lives at the same time? Another poster... (31)
America gives up freedoms to terrorists.. Jesus H Christ (26)
July 21st, 2005
A day in the life Tell me a story (5)
Hiroshima bomb may have carried hidden agenda son of parnas (18)
China unpegs its currency from U.S. dollar son of parnas (15)
Best parts of the new Chocolate Factory (SPOILERS) muppet (20)
LMFAO muppet (5)
Google Personalized Home muppet (5)
From a competitive standpoint, take Linux, for example. There's Jesus H Christ (0)
Good mail server? Paul the Postman (4)
Extras Simon Lucy (5)
Well, it's finally happened. muppet (35)
Folks, go easy on Chris McKinstry. He's actually a nice chap. KayJay (10)
Bingo! (2)
Why has Bush not fired Rove yet? KayJay (13)
Dingledodies Chris McKinstry (119)
Longhorn Screen Shots Jeff Barton (59)
Remember back in 2004, the trial balloon floated by Rove muppet (22)
XML == Magic example (30)
Looks like a bomb happy Summer Simon Lucy (41)
Anyone here know a good publisher of children's software for mac muppet (19)
US discovers new way to start war in Iraq Jesus H Christ (28)
July 20th, 2005
Aaron's Mind Aaron F Stanton (21)
CIA leak damaged US Jesus H Christ (23)
EU Screwing up... Philo (14)
Ashes Predictions... Andrew Cherry (7)
Now I feel even more sorry for muppet... Almost H. Anonymous (13)
Of course, he's mostly interested in the "Extract Video" bit muppet (29)
Fear of sex in the US? Eric Debois (14)
Why won't somebody *please* think of children... Almost H. Anonymous (6)
Scotty and Jack Kilby are both dead. Ward (1)
What's wrong with this money-making scheme? Simon Perreault (34)
Do we need newer operating systems? Almost H. Anonymous (39)
So, what do you do... AllanL5 (18)
I found another one muppet (29)
Brits and Australians AC (19)
DNS server on drugs thompson_gunner (0)
Some... interesting screenshots of Half Life 2 muppet (3)
Dear Coworkers: muppet (6)
Aaron and Muppet el (11)
Batman Begins (spoilers) cont'd Kenny (32)
Spreadshirt.com does black, on-demand t-shirts muppet (7)
Now see here is a useful site that we can all enjoy muppet (12)
Attention Everyone - I am a God-damned genius muppet (15)
Hehe, found elsewhere muppet (4)
Google Moon el (25)
July 19th, 2005
Strict Constitutionalists and Judicial Review Jason (14)
cell phone antenna/booster Jason (1)
No more failure... Actively Disengaged (27)
"America has killed over 100,000 Iraquis" Philo (17)
no more office honeys sharkfish (12)
John Roberts MarkTAW (44)
Hidden frame in thread detail view? WTF? muppet (8)
More moms going down,to ensure grades go up! Almost H. Anonymous (32)
hehehehe muppet (7)
Y'know what mindpixel's cat mind reading reminded me of just now muppet (16)
Holy Whoopie-Cushion Sitting GOD this guy is full of himself muppet (35)
Adsense makes no sense Simon Lucy (17)
Office rumor-mongering Semi-Regular Stands Alone (14)
It's All about the Frame Jim Rankin (31)
Father-in-law and Nigerian scammers Father-in-law and Nigerian scammers (30)
Cool T-shirt ideas Flasher T (14)
Well, Crackpot muppet (7)
CrazyOnTap.com Jeff Barton (15)
Can't access Joelonsoftware.com. KayJay (10)
Harry Potter Book 6 (spoilers) AllanL5 (10)
I didn't say what I said! muppet (1)
Finally, a useful blog muppet (462)
This is just wrong MarkTAW (13)
Had to post this. Flasher T (6)
Cleaning monitor screen Colm O'Connor (15)
Epic Envy WoodenTongue (3)
July 18th, 2005
The Passion Of The Christ Sathyaish Chakravarthy (7)
Blog-o-Matic (for Muppet) MarkTAW (14)
Keep dancing, you mother-fucker muppet (8)
Best ways of disposing off a few hundred 5 cent coins? Figuring out a deep problem (35)
Paranoia and Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta1 Berlin Brown (5)
a new low dil.b.ert (14)
Those were the days Actively Disengaged (9)
Dancing Rabbit sharkfish (5)
Well that about wraps it up for the music video industry... Philo (40)
BRILLIANT!! muppet (42)
FireFox scrolling problem Phibian (13)
So, if I start writing stories about the next muppet (9)
Interesting doonesbury SSG Sam Eaton AUS ret (1)
WTF Roth was on instead of Stern this morning muppet (7)
Wiki with Comments area Alex K (3)
July 17th, 2005
Should I get a color laser? QADude (13)
3rd Beer Party plank Philo (31)
HP Managers Protected son of parnas (13)
Blind faith... Another poster... (15)
"shame that ..>8.. so talented is part of the cleaning crew" KayJay (51)
the fantastic four son of parnas (15)
20 questions with darth vader Eric Debois (2)
War of the Worlds (spoilers) MarkTAW (36)
WTF do you do with these? MarkTAW (10)
For muppet, Paranoia Agent, on NOW, cartoon NTWRK!!!! Berlin Brown (2)
Are you all blind? Aaron F Stanton (41)
0800 COVERT AGENT Jesus H Christ (0)
July 16th, 2005
What is PaxDigita again? Alex (5)
Harry Potter Spoiler Dennis Forbes (19)
I still don't get movie ratings Philo (7)
Good idea Dan Denman (21)
The (new) Bard's Tale? Duck (29)
Universities in UK... Another poster... (4)
The U. S. of A. "thrives on conflict" KayJay (35)
July 15th, 2005
Best internet blocking software? Father (6)
Snail Mail Spam Moosebumps (8)
Ode to Holy Geras Sathyaish Chakravarthy (4)
Geometry problem solved. Eric Debois (10)
Hey muppet, ain't you working? Philo (1)
Have a great weekend everyone A Geras (7)
day-trading (6)
China is the strategic rival to the United States Dan Denman (55)
manseks = man sex Jesus H Christ (39)
I think I dated this girl Philo (19)
I was disgusted when I heard about it last year... R1ch (5)
How do you people get any work done? Blue State Bitch (36)
Origin Stories? Vince (36)
Civilized behavior returns Actively Disengaged (14)
How long can Rove last? (60)
Not all of it was fake A Geras (23)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Out Today AllanL5 (17)
A moment of beauty Philo (29)
"barista" invented by Starbucks, reports FOXNews muppet (10)
Effects of Computer Games 2 qwe (12)
A week off! Mat Hall (21)
well after another adjustment to my daughter's medication muppet (23)
Happy birthday Muppet Actively Disengaged (11)
Anyone play NCAA Football 2005? Philo (8)
July 14th, 2005
new timewaster - poom Jack of all (15)
True or false .NET mama (18)
*yawn* did I miss anything? Jesus H Christ (31)
Its been a pleasure A Geras (15)
Well, Mr Muslim, what did you do today? London (Occasional) Poster (12)
You shouldn't play after you eat A Geras (41)
You know, there used to be some really good folks on this board muppet (63)
People who use cliche phrases as punctuation for every sentence muppet (13)
So they zeroed in on the bombers pretty fast. KayJay (70)
Are they fucking kidding? muppet (20)
Visio type software for the Palm MarkTAW (48)
Actively Disenganged is smoking.... MarkTAW (112)
This cartoon is kind of trite but I still keep giggling at it muppet (11)
Good leaders who were cowards Actively Disengaged (75)
TekTonic customers? Ryan (2)
oh! maybe bush *isn't* entirely trustworthy Jesus H Christ (127)
Where's My GMail? Mr. Email Addict (26)
Pope excommunicates Harry Potter! (16)
Thong on the head - it's just not professional Ross (15)
How many system administrators does it take... Jack of all (13)
July 13th, 2005
If only I had a car MarkTAW (15)
They understand pointers, but not plain-text Nathan (21)
Ebbers gets 25 years example (38)
Inspired by the RSA factoring challenge Alex (12)
Harry Potter Dennis Forbes (15)
Why do you guys think that way? A Geras (46)
A Practical Guide to DIY LCD Projectors Cory Foy (7)
I wish some reporter would Philo (13)
The ?Off Joke Thread Flasher T (56)
Some excellent points made in this article muppet (46)
London Suicide Bombers were British Borg Queen (63)
Is pedophilia a good thing? seems kinda weird to me (46)
Scandisc for CD's MarkTAW (10)
July 12th, 2005
this transcript muppet (27)
Winning as a pathology Mongo (25)
General says that risk to guardsmen is exaggerated Misanthrope (33)
No, really - ask the question. You may be surprised. Philo (28)
US Spends More for Leass on Health Care son of parnas (13)
Extremist Confesses to Van Gogh Slaying hoser (7)
IQ of Jesus Rick Tang (32)
Bernoulli's Corridor Corollary Mongo (7)
How important is eye contact? John Wilson (27)
What a turn of events A Geras (36)
Luxembourg is such a nice place Simon Lucy (10)
pre-compiled websites? Kenny (3)
Abuse of Company Email Colm (43)
Snarks Nice (23)
New id card selling point (14)
We're #1! Early Harry Potter Ward (42)
July 11th, 2005
Ah, Nicole De Boer muppet (11)
Your first introduction to the internet? Li-fan Chen (33)
SharePoint is a heap of steaming poo! Ian Boys (4)
Irreducible Complexity, Spandrals, and Evolution...Confused? Vince (101)
We are looking for credible, reputable... MarkTAW (56)
Geometry algo help needed Eric Debois (13)
OK Seriously what the heck muppet (18)
Tolerance Jim Rankin (41)
salary in Lowestoft Suffolk, UK anon (6)
Online WYSIWYG Editor Recommendations Yoey (2)
WTF? Mat Hall (6)
As Promised, an update A Geras (38)
Whoever posted a link to "pointlesswasteoftime.com" muppet (3)
A bit confused... qwe (196)
NetZero HiSpeed 3G (5)
I did my good deed for the day MarkTAW (6)
RFID, eat your heart out. Flasher T (17)
We shall read everything, listen to everything and know no more Simon Lucy (29)
Have not read slashdot for a week Rick Tang (6)
Hmm, nothing to relax with? Berlin Brown (16)
July 10th, 2005
terrorists flex their muscles Jesus H Christ (29)
Do programmers learn from mentors on the job? LinuxOrBust (4)
The abuse of Logic LinuxOrBust (11)
Banners and ad placement Philo (13)
How not to ask for help YAN (4)
Anyone here from Korea? Philo (14)
For muppet: blog hatred Daniel (1)
I am bored Bored (7)
Next Time You want to Get Drunk lumberjack (7)
July 9th, 2005
I... am drunk. muppet (21)
Sharkfish - C.S. Lewis *is* a religious author Cory Foy (14)
Mixology muppet (18)
Land of the not so free? Mongo (33)
Petty office battle sharkfish (97)
For sharkfish, poverty to success Berlin Brown (27)
Things to do in Amsterdam after you've had hash brownies. Flasher T (22)
Live8 - Wow sharkfish (3)
Cardinal Says Evolution incompatible with Catholic Faith son of parnas (102)
Freakonomics SSG Sam Eaton AUS ret (54)
Mobile Philo Sathyaish Chakravarthy (10)
The Flying Spaghetti Monster a cynic writes... (11)
July 8th, 2005
Jury finds heavy smoking to be grounds for eviction son of parnas (56)
Dear Sam Eaton muppet (39)
Fashion prediction Eric Debois (8)
Enough of the pictures of cops holding submachine guns already Dennis Forbes (22)
Hey muppet Aaron F Stanton (4)
Disprove this assertion muppet (108)
i've got soul but i'm not a soldier The Killers (0)
Does your wife eventually lose her desire? A Geras (119)
Why didn't I get one of these when I was 16? example (55)
London Blasts - Personal Accounts Borg Queen (29)
Interesting interview with Michael Moore SSG Sam Eaton AUS ret (132)
http://discuss.joelonsoftware.com/ ?nyc_tourist_info thompson_gunner (7)
<40 dead Jesus H Christ (173)
British government probably behind bombings LiesOfSociety (43)
July 7th, 2005
You know your a nerd when... Jack of all (13)
Neat idea, poor (and self-indulgently pretentious) execution muppet (7)
the thing about 9/11... Jesus H Christ (6)
SATA - OMG Philo (16)
Kind of Odd? (Parenting question for clueless muppet). muppet (27)
Man I've stood on this street corner muppet (26)
Would this be legal? muppet (45)
BBC Emergency Simon Lucy (14)
I seem to have spyware on one of my machines at home muppet (16)
falling redux Aaron F Stanton (3)
Wiki no Worky, how do I plot my novel? muppet (12)
"Let's look at what 9/11 achieved:" muppet (48)
London II, to relieve congestion. Simon Lucy (14)
London el (156)
Man, some people just live in a different reality from me. MarkTAW (22)
July 6th, 2005
Tom Licas Pashmeh Kos (10)
A plan for the American education situation Berlin Brown (80)
Let today be known as... sharkfish (61)
PBS Rick Tang (10)
I thought they weren't going to do a Watchmen movie MarkTAW (18)
The real Bush... thompson_gunner (4)
European Parliament says no to software patents, yes to innovati son of parnas (11)
Relocation Expenses Jeff Barton (3)
The latest insult... Philo (12)
Hot Dogs and Sushi taxi (23)
keyboard mapper laptopkeyboard (7)
J2EE Java Developer (13)
Heroes Erik Springelkamp (41)
And in other news, EU Parliament... el (14)
London 2012 WoodenTongue (44)
Olympics 2012... Paul (3)
The Forbidden Planet son of parnas (17)
July 5th, 2005
3 personal must visit websites... Jack of all (3)
Thread which I should have posted over weekend.. JD (0)
Windows in govt: News of our demise has been greatly exaggerated Philo (51)
Jerry Kaplan sues Microsoft under anti-trust laws example (0)
Ugly Dog Contest Andrew Hurst (6)
Alan Greenspan retires Rick Tang (17)
Why do I have the sudden urge to have vinyl appliques printed up muppet (9)
Do you love putting stickers on your car? Another poster... (34)
Bush visit jz (18)
NYC Travel Advice Savvy Traveller (23)
bigger is better dil.b.ert (0)
Coming soon with ipv6 muppet (9)
Never judge the strength of foundation by size of building Rick Tang (12)
I am on skype Sathyaish Chakravarthy (9)
Really, can Saddam be worse? - Iraq - Financial Audit KayJay (5)
Iraq - Analyses of the justifications - mostly disagreements KayJay (0)
Who is Linkin Park mad at? Berlin Brown (14)
July 4th, 2005
Google Earth (et al) will result in a new Advertising Medium... Heston (5)
Batman Begins (no spoilers) Philo (23)
I am afraid of Americans Who's your daddy? (20)
Separation of church and state Dennis Forbes (67)
While talking lightspeed and aliens... Eric Debois (23)
Survival and Golf sharkfish (28)
Kancho! lumberjack (12)
Donate a Word Andrew Cherry (18)
Do Americans deserve more? sharkfish (61)
Special Relativity Rick Tang (26)
Logic Dennis Forbes (4)
4th of July not in the US (17)
If this board... (2)
You're not the only one to think so, muppet SJA (0)
Slavery Day Simon Lucy (13)
July 3rd, 2005
The Real Reason There Aren't More Oil Refineries son of parnas (1)
So, anyone actually running as non-admin? Alex (17)
mesothelioma and playstation ShyK (0)
Okay Dennis muppet (0)
Do you think this has legs? trollop (10)
Career alternatives to development Rich Rogers (10)
FLCL is on Cartoon Network right this minute muppet (6)
Dear Cartoon Network muppet (4)
July 2nd, 2005
Do you have any superpowers? Berlin Brown (27)
How are DUI/registration/seatbelt spotchecks legal? muppet (43)
Live 8 Joe Demacio (7)
well I just cracked open the source code to a MUD engine muppet (23)
Job qualification Jules (9)
rove did it and it won't matter a bit son of parnas (15)
Looking for a website Andrew Hurst (6)
Improve you DVD player Ward (9)
war of the worlds was ok son of parnas (18)
While Hollywood is on remake mania... Philo (35)
monitor recommendation? son of parnas (7)
some good writing here muppet (7)
python has no emulation of os.fork() on windows muppet (5)
July 1st, 2005
The whole internet is shit now muppet (39)
Congress pays lip service to eminent domain abuse Rich Rogers (1)
Screenshot capture from Windows Media Player Berlin Brown (40)
Oh Come On I have to get this now muppet (16)
Justice O'Connor Resigns Snark (73)
Anybody watching Wimbledon? John Aitken (9)
Best Buy . com wins the efficiency award for the day muppet (10)
Dear Rick Tang muppet (14)
THE NEW INEQUALITY, from Jesse Jackson Ross Sampere (20)
trying to figure out how to implement a simple calendar in PHP muppet (17)
Unfair to smokers... qwe (5)
C# Tutorial Gary van der Merwe (4)
Where would you go to lead a good life Peter Ibbotson (34)
Moving out of the dorm and into an apartment. Flasher T (13)
Taking Hotel Stuff A Taker With A Full Drawer (14)