RIP Philo

June 30th, 2018
NK secret sites son of piki (9 comments)
Uruguay vs France Futboller (0)
Recreational Mummification Reality Check (12)
UK goes full out for Big Brother BeebBot (2)
recent unkidnapped teen drama Reality Check (5)
Justice in the UK Reality Check (0)
France Argentina Futboller (0)
Trump derangement protests BeebBot (3)
Comment on websites NewsBot (7)
RIP - Liliane Montevecchi(85) Actress - 'Frost yourself' The Grim Reaper ™ (1)
Feminist screeching gets pretty girl pics deleted NewsBot (2)
June 29th, 2018
Brittany Burke and Richard Pariseau at Quik-E-Mart Reality Check (1)
love Libertarian Larry (8)
Io, it doesn't pay to buy cheap stuff from China. DrPepper (2)
OMG! It is crazy. RC, what do you think? DrPepper (3)
Has the racist rant lady in SoCal been doxxed yet? I mass delete-COT makes it easy! (1)
Indian food Io (18)
news shooter Reality Check (1)
The screeching has began Morons (3)
Spacex - Launch is in 25 minutes - 09:41 GMT Go Musk (4)
RIP - Harlan Ellison (84) Sci-Fi Writer The Grim Reaper ™ (5)
BBC agitating for cannabis legalisation BeebBot (1)
Trello gets validation from London Telegraph ,ndo (5)
June 28th, 2018
Tobacco plain-packaging wins again ,ndo (2)
WTF??? It is insane in today's world. DrPepper (2)
Mandatory cultural content xampl9 (6)
Amish in Maryland? FSK (4)
Nosy questions from co-workers Joe (10)
BBC ex head of comedy says comedy too white and elitist BeebBot (8)
June 27th, 2018
Recommendations for collaborative editor please? ,ndo (8)
CEO of weed company in SF resigns.... James J Cramer (14)
WildRiver, should I buy HOG for a trade? Philo (2)
Her video is pretty inspiring Libtard (3)
RC, please predict next year swimwear style. DrPepper (2)
RC, would you move to Jamaica? DrPepper (6)
Red Hen further develoments Rumour Bot (12)
Trump gets another Supreme Court Justice ! HBO (4)
Judge Orders Families Reunited Reality Check (1)
Germany lose the World Cup! ,ndo (4)
Jordan Peterson suing Wilfrid Laurier University for defamation NewsBot (4)
Hungarian foreign minister totally owns BBC interviewer BeebBot (1)
KOR vs GER xampl9 (Moto phone) (8)
BB anti-Russian propaganda exposed BeebBot (0)
6yo shoots couch dead ,ndo (10)
Dems on the ground have had enough BeebBot (6)
Why women don't code NewsBot (7)
June 26th, 2018
Australia lose the World Cup! ,ndo (3)
"MS-13 is not a race" Reality Check (8)
Supreme Court upholds travel ban Reality Check (3)
META: make redirect to Random Lurker (16)
Blackmail Random Lurker (6)
RIP - Deanna Lund (81) Actress, Land of the Giants The Grim Reaper ™ (2)
Have Waters & Schumer destroyed the Dems in the mid-terms? Alan Dershowitz (2)
UK Government is voice-printing everyone BeebBot (5)
June 25th, 2018
MountainDew, don't buy HOG. DrPepper (3)
Have you ever seen or been part of an internal investigation? Neutered Professional Reader (11)
The liberals in New England are screwed. DrPepper (9)
Today stock market drop is a great opportunity to buy. DrPepper (3)
The US should annex Venezuela xampl9 (Moto phone) (8)
Kids and garden sprayers xampl9 (Moto phone) (1)
LOL, Xi is trying to be funny? DrPepper (5)
White House press conference Zaperoony (3)
Erdogan wins again Zaperoony (7)
Do you tell co-workers where you go on vacation? Joe (26)
Quick, hide your orange sandals BeebBot (13)
Latest FreeYoung X5 Update Io (7)
Dev videos Benjamin Franklin (1)
Actress Brigitte Nielsen gives birth to fifth child at 54 BeebBot (0)
June 24th, 2018
Trump is damn popular R (2)
Strange that the birthers are still out there R (2)
Jimmy Fallon’s Trump show ...I don’t get it R (1)
Final notice to mentall ill poster here Helpful voicemail message (3)
Credit for saying it straight R (0)
It’s basically a plea deal R (0)
Don’t we already know the stormy daneils story? R (2)
Trump & due process R (1)
Git  Just Say no Mother G (7)
How muellerZ’s farce ends Mother Z (3)
Child separation report Mother James (0)
Infogann paper Reader (7)
Polak driver clunkers because poor DrP (2)
There is no reason for a country like Mexico with 20 millions DrPepper (5)
CNN uncovers new Russian plot Reality Check (3)
Secret Service agent files RICO lawsuit against Clinton/Soros Reality Check (1)
Immigration and crime Alan Dershowitz (2)
Why is this newsworthy? BeebBot (0)
electoral votes and aliens Reality Check (1)
Overboard remake! Barry Norman's Ghost (4)
June 23rd, 2018
GitLab 11 - Now with Less Slavery and Oppression Reality Check (7)
This guy is an ass and anti-western thinking. DrPepper (7)
So, how would you feel about reverse US immigration friday (17)
Go Malta! BeebBot (7)
New fad: Restaurants and Trump officials Reality Check (25)
Fuck Trump lipstick Dave Jones (0)
upcoming Star Wars films all cancelled Reality Check (8)
Zimbabwe President consolidates position BeebBot (1)
Todays plane was... Grumpy Old Git (5)
Massive riot possible in London today BeebBot (8)
Remoaner BBC banging the drum with scare stories about Brexit BeebBot (3)
Did someone try to kill John McAffee? NewsBot (9)
Happy 30th Birthday Mathematica! NewsBot (1)
You know nothing John Snow BeebBot (6)
June 22nd, 2018
Stephen Miller skools u on da history of Lady Liberty Tina Charles (5)
Trump Poll E. Hooovi (3)
Shylock Idiot (3)
IMO 2018 (International Mathematics Olympiad) Io (3)
We're not racist Io (2)
What's "alt-right"? Io (4)
My banned HN post (or not) Io (7)
Shyness Io (19)
Starbucks Diversity Bias Training Kevin Johnson (4)
Twitter buys 'Smyte' then immediately fucks over its user base NewsBot (7)
Gun control anyone? DrPepper (3)
Iconic crying child arrested by ICE now identified NewsBot (4)
An excellent creepy sci-fi short 'Bad Peter' YouTubeBot (3)
4D chess X (9)
Uber crash driver was watching TV BeebBot (1)
Breitbart's weird 2011 tweet Reality Check (3)
June 21st, 2018
Marxist BBC virtue signalling their rampant Anti-Trumpism BeebBot (1)
Was he planning another bowling green massacre? Ross (3)
yet another Democrat threatening to kill kids Reality Check (1)
Do people believe this guy Ross (5)
Anyone care about a 1985 Steve Jobs interview? ,ndo (8)
massive ranch dressing scandal at whitehouse Reality Check (3)
Shylock is afraid of Nazis X (10)
Goodbye Department of Education! Reality Check (3)
Love you Melania Philo (7)
possible child migrant sex trafficking in NYC Reality Check (0)
Why do the Amish rape dogs to death? Reality Check (0)
Why are Lotti's posts being deleted? Bored Bystander (3)
Retarded girl separated, liberal tears, but the catch... Reality Check (6)
Pat Dussault threatens to kill Don Jr's 4 yr old daughter Reality Check (4)
BBC misrepresenting the news again BeebBot (4)
Supreme Court mandates national sales tax collection Reality Check (7)
RIP - Bill Speakman V.C. (90) The Grim Reaper ™ (5)
We need to kick China out of WTO. DrPepper (9)
George Galloway is funny Reality Check (1)
Is titanium the new asbestos? Vitomir Surendra (3)
It's getting so you can't even fuck your secretaries Dave Jones (5)
Killing everyone in Rattay Balbina Gligor (3)
Investigators still looking for Syrian gas attack evidence BeebBot (0)
Spanish students evicted to accommodate Aquarius migrants NewsBot (0)
So, I started an exodus when I left xampl9 (Moto phone) (3)
National Geographic goes full SJW Stan Scroggins (8)
June 20th, 2018
Starbucks is fucked NewsBot (3)
if you know about a bad news story coming, short the stock? Ross (3)
White House political strategy Zaq (2)
kids audio .... Philo (3)
Tidbit in the Cohen resignation letter Philo (1)
Cool business story. Any MBA in house? So what is the lesson? DrPepper (1)
Love you Melania Philo (21)
Peter Fonda joins Robert de Niro in flushing his career Reality Check (9)
Today's flypast was a Chinook! Grumpy Old Git (6)
Ha, EU is going to do the right thing under Prez Trump? DrPepper (9)
VPNs really do protect you NewsBot (10)
SQL Server Money vs Decimal xampl9 (Moto phone) (21)
GE out from Dow and S&P Ching chong (8)
Are the BBC completely gullible? NewsBot (11)
EU Copyright law just passed! NewsBot (6)
Your future female President at work BeebBot (7)
Canada legalises recreational cannabis use BeebBot (3)
June 19th, 2018
ICE Chief: "They don't have to commit a misdemeanor“ R (9)
Google Monetization strongarming Reality Check (4)
The Polacks got beaten by the sneaky Africans? Nooooo DrPepper (5)
RC, what do you think about the 1900s? DrPepper (3)
Public Law 107-296 Reality Check (1)
Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Imran Awan Reality Check (9)
Stocks tip alert! Buy defense stocks. They will go up soon DrPepper (4)
Amish are always good to their wives BeebBot (7)
Overheard at the office xampl9 (Moto phone) (11)
3'rd history book in a year Io (17)
The Grim Reaper ™: Is that you? Random Lurker (0)
Another person caught lying by released police bodycam YouTubeBot (1)
Programming languages are the alphabet Io (2)
VW has for years said only lower-level managers knew of the ,ndo (2)
RIP - Puan (62) Oldest known orangutan The Grim Reaper ™ (1)
Saboteur at Tesla Go Musk (7)
Whew. Finally showing some guts Jeremy T (5)
RIP - XXXTentacion (20) Rapper The Grim Reaper ™ (0)
June 18th, 2018
How big businesses raking in money and don't care about our DrPepper (0)
I wonder what his motive is Techno geeks (6)
Unreal vs Unity Reddit Reporter (3)
The Government Has No Plan for Reuniting the Immigrant Families Philo (15)
Do we need a space force? BS bot (12)
NFW: billionaire influencer BS bot (0)
Audio : kids at border DHS policy (6)
banned from reddit... again Reality Check (3)
This is what Trump's tariff will result in xampl9 (14)
More Amish... BeebBot (4)
Which state are you in? DataBot (4)
yet another armed citizen stops crazed gunman attack Reality Check (3)
UK Royal diplomatic troubles Reality Check (7)
U.S. Space Force is go! xampl9 (Moto phone) (6)
Dont eat farmed Salmon! You are being contaminated by ethoxyquin Johnny Ekstrom (6)
Is Westworld good? Lee (11)
Don Jr Reality Check (16)
Search those attics boys! NewsBot (0)
June 17th, 2018
Asylum from what? Palmer Eldritch (1)
Laura Bush goes libtard Reddit Reporter (21)
Stephen Miller Reddit Reporter (0)
Early pixar X (0)
Wall Construction Complete Reality Check (8)
538 World Cup Germany FSK (10)
Are Mexicans going to protest against Germans? DrPepper (3)
Mexico is not a poor country. According to economic ranking of DrPepper (5)
Mexico beat Germany Ching chong (2)
separated children hysteria Reality Check (2)
Bigots behind unpopularity of Ocean's 8 reboot Reality Check (0)
Amish unusually active in New Jersey Reality Check (5)
Dealing with Legal Requests from UK authorities Reality Check (9)
IMO 2018 (International Mathematics Olympiad) Io (6)
the ongoing MSM war against Chik-Fil-A Reality Check (13)
Marxist BBC not reporting the news again BeebBot (1)
bots at work ,ndo (5)
Job ads today Io (1)
June 16th, 2018
mentally ill parrot Reality Check (6)
Chinese Malware FSK (2)
Juche Reality Check (0)
cow pox epidemic Reality Check (8)
This is what we will do to German cars. DrPepper (1)
Don't blame it on CoT. We didn't start the fire. DrPepper (2)
Those Amish are everywhere! BeebBot (9)
So Michael B... Chris Escobar (5)
Amish again? BeebBot (0)
Name one country that can excel at copying? China. DrPepper (6)
He's gonna go MGTOW BeebBot (6)
another highly entertaining crowdfunded engineering fuckup Reality Check (15)
It costs $450K per year to run metafilter X (6)
Tomatoes? Fuck that, I'm growing weed Fat Freddy (3)
Can I send spam mail to US anymore? Io (6)
Python news from Sulawesi Suharto (4)
Is Elizabeth Holmes going to jail? BeebBot (2)
June 15th, 2018
Trump Reality Check (24)
China is a big fat liar! DrPepper (1)
Morroco vs. Iran xampl9 (Moto phone) (6)
Spitfire! Grumpy Old Git (2)
Upskirting - is this really a thing? BeebBot (6)
BBC finally report on Ricin terrorist in Germany BeebBot (2)
RIP - Leslie Grantham (71) Actor - 'Dirty Den' The Grim Reaper ™ (1)
SJWs now want to abolish Father's Day Alan Dershowitz (5)
Lifetime grifter and con-man continued being the same MAGA (5)
database field notes Reality Check (9)
The truth about lemmings must be told NewsBot (0)
Darwin award failure NewsBot (14)
The Amish are at it again v2 BeebBot (0)
June 14th, 2018
Obama Sr. interesting marriage life. DrPepper (1)
Obama is a lying piece of shit! DrPepper (4)
Salute the General! medium Puppy (4)
Happy Eid al Fitr Al Amin (1)
Comey used Gmail for some FBI business BeebBot (0)
I haven't mentioned how much I hate git lately xampl9 (Moto phone) (13)
I just saw a 'de Havilland Dragon Rapide' fly over! Grumpy Old Git (2)
SSD vs regular (spinning platters) hard drive? DrPepper (17)
Hole in One Prize small golf (4)
Pimp up the Trump Train! Reality Check (2)
free guns! Reality Check (4)
Musk's Boring Co. is Go! Go Musk (6)
World Cup Obfius (3)
Moronic feminist MP gets triggered over 'dilation' BeebBot (1)
The Amish are at it again BeebBot (1)
MS13 control of middle schools Reality Check (5)
RIP - Stephen Reid (68) Writer and Bank Robber The Grim Reaper ™ (2)
June 13th, 2018
Tommy Robinson has been transferred to a Muslim jail RumourBot (8)
Lindsay Shepherd suing her uni for $3.6m Scott Adams (5)
Software Intern needed Reality Check (6)
de Niro Reality Check (8)
Peace Prize News EU citizen (3)
Racist Einstein Io (7)
Special member states and GDPR Reality Check (8)
Arrest Dennis Rodman Facts Only (2)
June 12th, 2018
life sanctions --- eventually. sure. R (5)
Do you know why Justin of Canada got mad at Donald Trump? DrPepper (9)
so much for the uber terms of service P (0)
Welcome, Northern Macedonia ,ndo (3)
Democrats are totally fucked Scott Adams (3)
Menu Controversy Reality Check (3)
$800 for a Lego set xampl9 (Moto phone) (3)
Global Trump Approval Rating at 100% Reality Check (13)
Solar power doing well in the US Alan Dershowitz (5)
Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have signed a peace document ,ndo (18)
BBC pushing Russia conspiracy theories again BeebBot (10)
Opportunity cost Io (4)
June 11th, 2018
russia used the NRA? B (5)
Poll Data on Trump political hack (6)
Musk should ease off the crack Reality Check (1)
Latest national survey Reality Check (1)
Monday night's reading DrPepper (1)
Saloon shot Io (0)
A common project Io (22)
BBC blatantly lying (by omission) yet again BeebBot (0)
Sandy Hook Reality Check (13)
Bitcoin price plunges after cryptocurrency exchange is hacked NewsBot (5)
RIP - Danny Kirwan (68) Guitarist, early Fleetwood Mac The Grim Reaper ™ (1)
June 10th, 2018
Obama administration records destroyed R.W.T. (3)
Russia Trump Russia Scandal Meter (1)
speculation on the g7 twits (3)
War R (3)
The coming economic crisis. DrPepper (9)
Florida Mailroom Staffer (0)
Iran is backwards R.W.T. (7)
WWDC 2018 .. anything? Fool Boy (10)
LIZARD PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reality Check (5)
current revision wikipedia offline Fool Boy (18)
Trudeau in Hell Fool Boy (3)
Kremlin Gold in the UK Spam king (0)
Trump is a free trader Spam king (14)
Trump supporting student kicked out of University Colorado Reality Check (4)
Justin Trudeau’s Fake Eyebrows Reality Check (2)
War with Iran R.W.T. (3)
NK summit R.W.T. (2)
South Korea Strategy Spam king (6)
Marxist BBC banging the drum for women getting the vote BeebBot (0)
Science is shit Spam king (2)
Let’s leave foreign policy to the executive branch, John. Spam king (7)
Are billionaires really a problem? Spam king (6)
must be exhausting being a MSM journalist these days Reality Check (4)
nude maids being harassed? Reality Check (4)
don't be a stashin Reality Check (21)
BBC beating the drum against 'fake news' BeebBot (4)
June 9th, 2018
Canadians, please tell me that 270% tariff on American dairy for DrPepper (11)
Python video Wa (2)
We’re taking on Canada! R.W.T. (13)
Bill Clinton wrote a book R2d2 (3)
Found his mother Sappy (1)
Last Jedi’s real score on Rotten Tomatoes is 24% Scott Adams (7)
No fiber speeds for me xampl9 (14)
RIP - Eunice Gayson (90) The first Bond girl The Grim Reaper ™ (2)
Netflix announces Super Drags Reality Check (3)
End of Satire Spam king (0)
Another massive protest march in London BeebBot (5)
CBO on Tax Cuts Spam king (3)
Balance of Trade Spam king (4)
Transgenders win 100m and 200m and set new track records Grumpy Old Git (11)
June 8th, 2018
LeBron Swept FSK (5)
Space X landing video cut-out xampl9 (1)
Bourdain rIP Snowflake Nazi (1)
Texas Martial Law (from Russian w/ Love) Fool Boy (2)
missing lady in Florida Reality Check (5)
Left gets routed in Ontario Scott Adams (0)
Sabatier knives - clearly a connoisseur BeebBot (0)
Austria is closing mosques and expelling imams BeebBot (0)
People who comitted suicide while having a healthy body DrPepper (9)
Brain dead MSM fall for Hannity ploy Grumpy Old Git (1)
RIP - Anthony Bourdain (61) Celebrity Chef The Grim Reaper ™ (14)
Intel 'forgot' to mention demo was overclocked NewsBot (1)
I need you to fix this right away xampl9 (Moto phone) (0)
O vs T Presidental Comparisons (1)
Theresa May attacks 'vile' online threats against women BeebBot (0)
Ransomeware is still a thing BeebBot (3)
RIP - David Douglas Duncan (102) Photojournalist The Grim Reaper ™ (0)
On the raise of bullshit jobs Io (6)
coverup of child sex trafficking site near Tuscon Reality Check (1)
June 7th, 2018
Netherlands gets concrete 3D-printed homes ,ndo (5)
Pruitt. .. White House mess Pyooongtang News (2)
Newspapers kiosk lady Io (8)
Hacker News shadow bans Scott Adams (2)
Ocean’s 8 - Ghostbusters all over again? Scott Adams (12)
June 6th, 2018
Money makes me happy B b (2)
India: Prostitutes better than govt officials Random Lurker (2)
Flying car startup Io (2)
The original Apple Watch is now officially obsolete Alan Dershowitz (3)
Is Energous the next Theranos? Alan Dershowitz (1)
London is fucked Bev Dutra (7)
RIP - Jerry Maren (98) Last surviving Munchkin The Grim Reaper ™ (3)
HP restructuring likely to render 5,000 people jobless Grumpy Old Git (8)
Will Github become a desert? Grumpy Old Git (6)
New comic business model shows promise Brett Anthony (2)
Fuck the 1% Grumpy Old Git (1)
Tesla Model 3 is best-selling mid-sized premium sedan in the US Go Musk (4)
The Amish at it again (2) BeebBot (2)
Lame web admin humor Bored Bystander (5)
June 5th, 2018
MCConnel makes Senate work . X (3)
recursive queries Reality Check (9)
Windows 10 Stupid PIN FSK (9)
Apple drops OpenGL Reality Check (15)
American CoTers - are you retiring in 18 years? SS money is DrPepper (7)
Air Traffic Controllers must be more diverse NewsBot (17)
Women aren't getting fatter, the clothes are getting smaller BeebBot (4)
There are now over 60 no-go areas in Sweden NewsBot (5)
The Amish at it again BeebBot (3)
The secret of making millions BeebBot (1)
New laws for AirBnB ,ndo (2)
WWDC 2018 - a big nothing burger Grumpy Old Git (1)
June 4th, 2018
New tech for 2020 ,ndo (6)
New tech for 1995 xampl9 (5)
What are we doing with these kids at the border Sadness (21)
Sorry about those summer jobs, teens xampl9 (1)
Mueller wants to revoke Mansfort’s bail Scoops (0)
Not at all defensive statement by White House Rusewoman (5)
Trumpian Foreign Policy craggie (1)
Respect goes both ways ,ndo (10)
$7.5 bn for Github xampl9 (Moto phone) (16)
Weekly income! How much do you need a week? DrPepper (20)
Jobs are slavery Io (17)
Amazing Lucas gets a video taken down and a strike YouTubeBot (3)
Bill Clinton is a racist NewsBot (7)
ReviewBrah video put in restricted mode for eating chicken! YouTubeBot (4)
Microsoft caught stealing code? Grumpy Old Git (7)
Refugees to get the vote in Scotland BeebBot (1)
Marxist BBC banging the drum for affirmative action BeebBot (0)
Identity politics ,ndo (2)
June 3rd, 2018
can clevland come back from this? Kiss Some Fool (2)
South Dakota v Wayfair might revive bricks and mortar business ,ndo (1)
Upgrade (the movie) xampl9 (4)
Art theft R (4)
California Elysium Twitter Tweet Patrol (1)
Berlin Cathedral: Police officer shoots 'rampaging' man in leg BeebBot (1)
She reminds me of someone lol... Amerikkan Girrrl (0)
A lying president doesn’t concern him libtard 2.0 (4)
Tech unemployment 1.9% Practical Economist (2)
June 2nd, 2018
on NK craggie (18)
Pardoned? No fifth amendment Right said Fred (0)
Reddit is now #3 xampl9 (1)
President can’t obstruct Justice R (2)
Nk update Pyooongtang News (0)
B r a z i l Bob Baden (1)
Film economics are fascinating Scott Adams (2)
You noticed a typo R (0)
GDPR preemptive action for COT Io (6)
The word 'globalist' is now considered anti-semitic! NewsBot (3)
June 1st, 2018
Drudge: "Kim: Pay for my hotel!" Bored Bystander (4)
Go Musk Bob Baden (5)
Game 1. Amazing jr Smith ugh Amazeball’s (2)
HFT/CDO crook argues for letting financial crooks keep proceeds craggie (5)
The SJWs are now destroying 'Thundercats' Grumpy Old Git (12)
Guys, today is my first day being unemployed. DrPepper (11)
Explain to me currency value. DrPepper (11)
{ chatty | humblebrag } ,ndo (9)
While we're here ,ndo (4)
oh oops, Spain misplaces its prime minister ,ndo (6)
OOPS ,ndo (8)
Better watch your tone of voice NewsBot (5)
Uganda imposes WhatsApp and Facebook tax 'to stop gossip' Random Lurker (2)
Anita Sarkeesian is to be a 'guest of honor' at Gen Con Grumpy Old Git (1)
Emily Weinman - opinions? YouTubeBot (6)
Bring in the Russians Reality Check (3)
Samantha Bee is the cunt Bored Bystander (3)