Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

June 30th, 2017
Children Student programmer (4 comments)
Post retirement work/business Gathering idea (5)
More evil Republicans Shylock (3)
I wanna see this movie Shylock (9)
Can we impeach him now? Pretty please? Shylock (35)
2nd amendment enthusiasts strike again Yoda (10)
PizzaGate moves to Mars MS (5)
s/pilot/programmer/g Shylock (14)
What would it take to get you to leave your current job? .. (13)
Let talk about shooting skeet, trap, and sporting clays! WorldRover (8)
And now, for something completely different... SaveTheHubble (10)
Is Russia the new Flat Earth? Pestular Croaker (12)
Why do these people are allowed to live? WorldRover (9)
Happy 150 Canada! Shylock (21)
CNN Producer, new vid Pestular Croaker (7)
Iraq civil war Yoda (11)
Same-sex marriage legal in Germany Yoda (0)
June 29th, 2017
NYT admits Russian narrative was fabricated Pestular Croaker (8)
Devastating innovation Io (1)
Can this fat orange cunt not stop himself from tweeting? Bluebeard (37)
YouTube arrests Pestular Croaker (10)
Congress stepping up? Shylock (4)
I hope we won't have to eat any Kimchi. WorldRover (6)
See anything wrong here? Pestular Croaker (13)
is reproductive health your landlord's business? PaveTheStubble (2)
Weaponized Autism and Dating Pestular Croaker (4)
I want to hire Dr. H as my advisor. WorldRover (11)
nuclear explosion on mars Pestular Croaker (12)
June 28th, 2017
Delaware corporations xampl9 (12)
European state adds constitutional right to keep and bear arms Pestular Croaker (9)
Does the UK have power surges from TV watchers? xampl9 (2)
New Drug Scare Shylock (5)
This is pathetic Shylock (9)
Leaving finance Yoda (23)
Number 1 porn search in India Io (7)
Ok so my employer screwed me out of almost 3 grand ripped off (38)
June 27th, 2017
Buddhist suicidal terrorist tries to sabotage an airplane Yoda (18)
Man gets hit by bus, gets up and walks into pub Wick (5)
2017 "No Shame" grand prize winner Pestular Croaker (15)
Mr. CoT Bruce (1)
Democrat vote fraud in Virginia leads to prison Pestular Croaker (0)
How can you tell if a company is dysfunctional at the interview? .. (29)
This nice organisation is legal in the UK Yoda (7)
CNN producer: "We fabricated Russian narrative" Pestular Croaker (9)
Profiting from security theatre... Pie is a lot better than ... (1)
Could you live in this? Wick (14)
June 26th, 2017
Up-talk or vocal fry Legion (9)
How Uluru came to be , Cup (2)
Arconic knew , Cup (15)
Which one of you is going to try out a self-driving car? WorldRover (3)
Can we just lock these people up for life? There are plenty of WorldRover (27)
Never Speak Wick (10)
Being called in for an interview with less than 24 hours notice .. (41)
Supreme Court: Travel Ban is OK Pestular Croaker (6)
Is this success story not replicable? WorldRover (1)
Oldest companies in the world - which one would you like to work WorldRover (7)
Trump Administration admits Russia hacked the election Shylock (23)
Happy holiday UK The Intelligence (6)
So, Bernie's not as pure as the driven snow Shylock (14)
June 25th, 2017
Mattis promises global total extermination of radical islam Pestular Croaker (8)
The latest leak Shylock (0)
Space X launch successful xampl9 (0)
How often do you guys call off from work? Chuck (14)
study says not having enough Facebook likes damages DNA Pestular Croaker (2)
Did you know McCain was convicted of treason? Pestular Croaker (4)
Christ, how this forum evolved Io (15)
Canada arresting deporting Trump voters Pestular Croaker (1)
Black St Louis police officer shot by white colleague Yoda (4)
June 24th, 2017
UK Highrise Tenement burned because Government Pestular Croaker (7)
Trump supporter sets fire to mosque Pestular Croaker (0)
Trump won popular vote Pestular Croaker (4)
CNN, two updates Pestular Croaker (0)
June 23rd, 2017
Parent's debt Quagmire (21)
Fun with bots and telemarketers NPR (8)
Isn't the sharing economy going to create a dystopia? Wabi-sabi (22)
Correlation IDs in logging xampl9 (20)
Happy Friday to RP. WorldRover (5)
RP, I'm gonna try to hook you up with this girl. WorldRover (9)
Hey Yoda, is this fake news? Shylock (8)
June 22nd, 2017
Black Lives Don't Matter Shylock (37)
How is your Career Libido? NPR (6)
Shylock, Israel should stop trading with China. WorldRover (25)
7 Rules Shylock (0)
You greenies should support the border wall with Mexico! WorldRover (5)
Democrats are hypocrites. WorldRover (16)
Why Israel supports ISIS Pestular Croaker (0)
Work to Rule, elementary edition Pestular Croaker (2)
Reengineer the internet? Shylock (14)
It is not just Islam that produces retards Lotti Fuehrscheim (10)
June 21st, 2017
Long but excellent article on the overuse of "racism" Wabi-sabi (3)
Evidence Shylock (10)
Weekly misdeed of Muslim #3 WildRiver (2)
FBI: Sanders directed baseball terrorism Pestular Croaker (3)
Terrorist attack in Flint Michigan Pestular Croaker (6)
Remember the Dutch election? Lotti Fuehrscheim (10)
DNA replication video Shylock (0)
Allah is good for Germany :) The Intelligence (13)
exception debate Pestular Croaker (40)
Poland turning into Turkey Shylock (18)
Metaprogramming Io (4)
June 20th, 2017
Kangaroos in the snow Shylock (7)
extra police will protect muslims Pestular Croaker (8)
{clickbait} 15 things poor people do xampl9 (5)
Weekly misdeed of Muslims #2 WorldRover (11)
Genocide in Brussels Shylock (21)
Mexicans are stealing jobs Americans unwilling to do! Master Race Baiter (1)
Seth Rich Pestular Croaker (7)
Michelle Obama looks so beautiful. WorldRover (0)
World domination Glengo (9)
Browser-based apps Io (8)
Why is cycling so popular in the Netherlands? Io (27)
June 19th, 2017
Hillary going to jail over this? Ohhhh My My My!!! (1)
"Minority Report" one step closer to reality Yoda (12)
What's going on in the UK? Markowitch (6)
Sorry for the Warmbier family...Obama couldn't get him out of WorldRover (17)
She's tough Yoda (0)
Eating oil Shylock (0)
How to get rich from polygamy! Pestular Croaker (16)
Weekly misdeed of Muslims. We are gonna start counting. WorldRover (13)
Had to go to a 64-bit process xampl9 (31)
It is warm here Lotti Fuehrscheim (3)
Large war is coming Yoda (20)
Alt-right and ISIS will not like this Yoda (1)
Hate crime Zion (3)
Silicon Valley Chelsea (6)
June 18th, 2017
Attack in London Finsbury Park area? Sangamon (9)
Corbyn the Jew-eater Yoda (14)
Crafting with Feminism Bluebeard (10)
Has Thunderf00t gone insane? Sangamon (5)
Racism in the USA Yoda (47)
excellent article on tech interviews Pestular Croaker (12)
June 17th, 2017
How "The Art of the Deal" was written Yoda (5)
Trump approval now at 50% Sangamon (13)
What "Made in Italy" really means Yoda (10)
The BBC reporting of the Grenfell Tower protests Sangamon (25)
Someone wrote about securing a laptop for China Sangamon (8)
Olivia de Havilland gets a gong at the age of 100! Barry Norman (0)
June 16th, 2017
Baseball hitman was paid political assassin Pestular Croaker (5)
Cornered Trump hires legal defense team PaveTheStubble (3)
Never hire Jim Messina Yoda (23)
Another killer cop acquitted Yoda (66)
I bought some cheap IMI .223 ammo. Guess who makes them? WorldRover (20)
The future of the American economy according to the street... WorldRover (15)
RIP Helmut Kohl (mastermind of the EU and the Euro) The Grim Reaper (7)
Another RP's crazy ex. RP, you do have a crazy streak. WorldRover (0)
Kenny, sell Amazon when it pops up! WorldRover (15)
Anyone buying Target stock? TGT? Catching a falling knife? WorldRover (3)
The need for gun ownerhsip is very clear. WorldRover (1)
Amazon buys Whole Foods Kenny the Robot (12)
We sell our time to live and live to sell our time Io (9)
Definitely one for CoT.. Trog (17)
huti missile hit Saudi Army vehicle The Intelligence (1)
CA Tech's incredibly insulting ad for Software Professionals! Reality Check (16)
EU report on terrorism Terrorist Watch (3)
June 15th, 2017
So, how much IS a SpaceX launch? SaveTheHubble (1)
MongoDB Shylock (16)
Wonder Woman , Cup (15)
48 Laws of Power , Cup (2)
So, the bigoted Congressman Shylock (7)
Shylock/Hubble hype Legion (9)
Maybe the Dutch will rule the world after all Shylock (10)
Röyksopp Io (23)
RP, so one of your ex-girlfriends got away from you huh? WorldRover (7)
Hi YaleChick (21)
spaces vs tabs - the final word Pestular Croaker (5)
Test-first TDD is irrelevant, Refactoring harms quality Trog (22)
Shylock and Hubble explained Legion (10)
HuffPo calls for president to be executed Pestular Croaker (7)
Manslaughter charges in Flint Yoda (0)
Czechs about terrorism Yoda (2)
June 14th, 2017
Relevant Wabi-sabi (8)
So now he _is_ under investigation Shylock (38)
liberals: shooting was justified and righteous act Pestular Croaker (6)
Rand Paul on why we have a second amendment Wabi-sabi (14)
UPDATE: Can you remove telco equipment/lines on your house? Wabi-sabi (22)
That time I crashed the whole company Wabi-sabi (7)
Lol The_Ronald (0)
My algo Io (8)
Epicentre Io (7)
VidMe manages to really piss off Eli the Computer Guy Pinkie Brown (1)
So, I paid my estimated taxes from a closed bank account Wabi-sabi (6)
Not being full of murderous rage is privilege Wabi-sabi (15)
Another shooting - this time in SF NPR (3)
Do developers need to have their own laptops/other machines? NPR (18)
Alt-Left: James T. Hodgkinson Reality Check (5)
C++ or Python Io (27)
Another terror attack in the USA Yoda (38)
Towering Inferno in London Sangamon (14)
RIP Anita Pallenberg (The Great Tyrant in Barbarella) The Grim Reaper (2)
June 13th, 2017
USS St. Louis 2.0 Shylock (22)
Corbyn smackdown Shylock (27)
Vulgar slang term... enjoy Pork Lunch (9)
The result of raising a naive, arrogant, and liberal child. WorldRover (13)
Happy Tuesday to CoT fact checker (RP TM) WorldRover (0)
Don't forget to pick up your free Taco tonight before 6 pm! WorldRover (4)
RP, I need facts check on Hillary's collusion with Russia. WorldRover (12)
Ozzy the Adorable The Desk Weasel NPR (3)
Yo, CoT clickety-click! How does this work? WorldRover (1)
Marissa Meyer out xampl9 (9)
Oldest democracy in the world Yoda (15)
How's them drones are doing? Yoda (0)
Past comes back to haunt Yoda (3)
How do I remove the "kick me" sign off my back? kick me (25)
"I invented the internet" Pestular Croaker (20)
Praying to our Narcissist in Chief Pie is a lot better than ... (10)
Go, like vb6, has no inheritance Wick (27)
Trolling. Not just for CoT anymore Shylock (1)
Carthago delenda est Glengo (1)
Peurto Rico a state? Legion (16)
Trump considering firing special counsel Wabi-sabi (4)
June 12th, 2017
Gorsuch's first opinion Pestular Croaker (1)
What's it going to take, y'all? Shylock (13)
Gianforte admits guilt Yoda (5)
Io, are you moving again? WorldRover (2)
Future sister-in-law wants me to watch her dog single dude (40)
Kenny, you missed selling Amazon! WorldRover (21)
4 arrests in Hamburg Terrorist Watch (0)
massive vote fraud in indiana Pestular Croaker (9)
New language revisions Io (19)
June 11th, 2017
which one of you shat in the shower? Pestular Croaker (5)
Would it be a dick move to cancel an interview at the... .. (46)
McCain: Barack "Drone" Obama was Greatest American President Pestular Croaker (11)
Here's something hopeful Shylock (1)
David Brock headed for prison Pestular Croaker (11)
Recent Google updates Pestular Croaker (0)
Can you remove telco equipment/lines on your house? Wabi-sabi (13)
Snowflake in Chief 2.0 Shylock (5)
Midwolde Lotti Fuehrscheim (3)
Bought more meth from the darkweb meth store last night Wabi-sabi (30)
Brexit is dead libtard_uk (49)
Why oil is dead Pinkie Brown (18)
The Hamster crashes again! Barry Norman (20)
Three men arrested on London flight Terrorist Watch (0)
Duerte: "All muslims will be beheaded" Pestular Croaker (8)
June 10th, 2017
Libtards Peanuts cartoon NPR (24)
Amazing athleticism! PaveTheStubble (3)
May called early election following advice from Juncker Yoda (10)
Three arrested after security alert at Ealing Broadway Vettriano (4)
How did xampl9 find freelance work? NPR (6)
Terrorist attack in Amsterdam Terrorist Watch (17)
Why do feminists support Sharia? Sangamon (28)
Bought more weed at the weed store last night Wabi-sabi (9)
RIP Adam West The Grim Reaper (8)
Perma-cucked! NPR (30)
The LEFT eats its own NPR (4)
Stairway to Heaven on Nijugen-Koto xampl9 (2)
Hillary smells Sangamon (13)
It's not about the DUP Sangamon (6)
June 9th, 2017
Summer garden harvest NPR (39)
Can someone summarize Comey? Legion (11)
Eclipse 2017 xampl9 (3)
Words I love to hear xampl9 (8)
Reeeee reeeee I'm saving America from (((SJWs))) Wabi-sabi (5)
Trump will visit Poland in July Yoda (12)
May's new buddies from DUP Yoda (25)
What I've just endured. Bluebeard (8)
Types of cat Bluebeard (5)
Should I pay for a conference? NPR (10)
Karma is a five ton angry elephant Yoda (9)
For Shylock Yoda (20)
It's going to be in the 90s this weekend in Washington DC. WorldRover (6)
Trump's achievement. WorldRover (11)
It's about time for speeding up construction permit! WorldRover (12)
Theresa May hired an Obama/Hillary campaign advisor Sangamon (15)
Playing phone tag with a company to schedule an interview . (16)
Which movie that made the best impression on you when you were WorldRover (8)
By popular request, we will discuss movies. WorldRover (7)
General CoT survey. WorldRover (9)
She is pretty unlike Caitlyn Jenners. WorldRover (6)
politics: the backbone and legacy of CoT Pestular Croaker (24)
How to revive CrazyonTap The_Ronald (4)
Reality Winner charged with espionage Pestular Croaker (18)
Comey laundered drug money at HSBC Pestular Croaker (24)
Seriously? Really? How dumb can you be? WorldRover (1)
Do financials understand the tech? Kenny the Robot (33)
Auction at the Synochoge Lotti Fuehrscheim (14)
Definitely made the wrong career choice Shylock (2)
June 8th, 2017
Saudis get served their shit trollop (2)
Question for the players of the forum Joe (30)
I don't get it... Almost Anonymous (20)
Hubble walked down the memory lane. He used to have a collection WorldRover (1)
UK exit poll: hung parliament Yoda (68)
California law on detachable magazine on AR-15! WorldRover (1)
Loretta Lynch obstructed justice? Sangamon (19)
British CoTers, I'm sorry I have crossed out England as a WorldRover (8)
It's nice being made redundant again Yoda (24)
Global warming discussion on the street... WorldRover (8)
Helping people is hard Yoda (0)
My new toy! Yeeeeehawwww! WorldRover (48)
Our Valued Customers Yoda (0)
WTF, Chinese people? WTF!!! Damn you! WorldRover (24)
BBC edit out eyewitness claim of Allah chanting during attack Sangamon (9)
British "snap" election Russian influence xampl9 (4)
USS Liberty RIP Pestular Croaker (13)
literally everyone knew Butt was an ISIS terrorist Pestular Croaker (7)
Notepad++ xampl9 (1)
Flying fridge door misses man by inches , Cup (5)
TfL tried to cash-in on London Bridge Terror Terrorist Watch (8)
Fuck the BBC Sangamon (10)
Aramco Sangamon (5)
Comey Sangamon (21)
Baltimore! The guy has gut though. WildRiver (6)
June 7th, 2017
Imagine if you were a job applicant with a long line of President of the Brice Fan Club (28)
No more complaint from RP about women ever! WorldRover (13)
Wow, they are still at it: wiping out shareholders! WorldRover (1)
Trump's approval higher than Bill Clinton's Pestular Croaker (3)
OK, CoT members...let hear your wildest sex story ever! WorldRover (24)
Another interesting read. WorldRover (7)
Interesting slow news day read. WorldRover (0)
My mother-in-law Io (16)
The value of anything: tt is one of those days that I feel WorldRover (2)
Happy Wed to my friend RP! WorldRover (1)
What COT members think about accusation of Russia colluding WorldRover (25)
The Mummy xampl9 (Moto phone) (3)
UpWork sucks Io (15)
It's time for South Korea to defend itself! WorldRover (11)
Exposure to the bacteria in soil can be good for mental health Io (8)
Dutch research project - electricity from plants Io (16)
June 6th, 2017
Interesting analysis of Silicon Valley opening titles Barry Norman (0)
Amazon is going after Obama's supporters! WorldRover (7)
Auction at the Synochoge Lotti Fuehrscheim (0)
Is Paris Agreement unfair to USA? Yoda (12)
Yo Bluebead! It's almost time to buy SA stocks? WorldRover (5)
Life (the 2017 film) Barry Norman (5)
A church in London Yoda (3)
Uk General election predictions MobyDobie (26)
Al Gore: Trump was right to veto Paris Climate Deal Pestular Croaker (6)
Top law firms refuse to represent Trump Wabi-sabi (5)
I'm surprised there isn't more terrorism in the world. Bluebeard (35)
Dear Chinese people, please care about how you make your product WorldRover (5)
How to present technology now Simulacrum (6)
Stephen Hawking votes Corbyn Markowitch (10)
Police shoot attacker at Notre Dame, Paris Terrorist Watch (1)
The Perfect Man Pestular Croaker (8)
man stabbed 8 times, doesn't spill his ale Pestular Croaker (20)
Dutch people need some help! WorldRover (1)
Another Manchester terror attack Shylock (13)
East London arrest for (very) large knife Terrorist Watch (34)
'Blue Thunder' - the SAS helicopter seen at London Bridge Terrorist Watch (0)
RIP Roger Smith (married to Ann-Margret) The Grim Reaper (2)
Drug overdoses now leading cause of death in America Wabi-sabi (8)
June 5th, 2017
RP's ex is out as a leaker! WurlRuver (10)
Bob Dylan's Nobel speech Barry Norman (1)
I call for a new way of dealing with ISI inspired attacks in WildRiver (10)
The secret fantasy life of the cuck-phobes Shylock (3)
This is not terrorism, of course Yoda (30)
How do you compare SpaceX with this launch? WorldRover (13)
RIP Peter Sallis (the voice of Wallace in Wallace & Gromit) The Grim Reaper (2)
CoT survey - please rate your dancing skills on the scale WorldRover (25)
Media image of tech workers Home Despot (20)
Now Trump manages to piss off Theresa May Lotti Fuehrscheim (32)
WWDC17 / Apple has just gone live Sangamon (26)
Intelligence Io (24)
Would you date a woman whose best friend is a guy? Joe (104)
Could this have any link to Musk's recent disavowal of Trump? Yoda (0)
Idiots reap what they sow Yoda (5)
Corbyn a voice of reason? Markowitch (16)
Musk to do for cars what he's doing for rockets Go Musk (4)
Intra-Islamist feuds Shylock (10)
June 4th, 2017
Landscaping/gardening minimum upkeep? Wabi-sabi (26)
College ROI Pinkie Brown (12)
Theresa May has totally fucked it up Sangamon (68)
Shitheads jump on the bandwagon Yoda (2)
I forsee Tesla getting into the car insurance business Sangamon (4)
Some of London attackers' accomplices were Romanian Yoda (3)
Would you take an 8-5 job that does not offer health insurance? . (39)
Wind power is a fraud Vettriano (2)
Board level repair xampl9 (1)
it's not muslims! Pestular Croaker (31)
Feasting Leoz Maxwell Jilliumz (3)
Fasting Pinkie Brown (12)
Why smart people's social lives suck xampl9 (27)
HFT programmers Io (11)
How to flee terrorists without spilling your pint Yoda (4)
Ban the internet Sangamon (18)
A job interview from hell Yoda (22)
UK terror after thought Glengo (45)
Some war footage from Syria The Intelligence (0)
'Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families' Sangamon (16)
June 3rd, 2017
Let's Benchmark Everything! (Mandelbrot test) Pestular Croaker (15)
Happy Ending Shylock (3)
Concierge Medical Pestular Croaker (24)
25% of US shopping malls will be gone xampl9 (10)
Weirdest Trump election ad ever Yoda (3)
London Bridge attack! Not the fuck again! WildRiver (28)
These people are smart! They aren't pussy hat wearers. WildRiver (2)
Bret Weinstein gets sold out by the Evergreen faculty Pinkie Brown (7)
SpaceX launch today at 21:07 UTC (17:07 EDT, 22:07 BST) Go Musk (4)
So a guy thinks his landlord is stalking him Reddit Bot (3)
Difficult tune to play live, well executed Bluebeard (5)
MEPs rip off €40m/year in untraceable expenses Sangamon (28)
Oops - New hire accidentally deletes production database Sangamon (25)
Kekistan: A Rising Internet Threat NPR (5)
Easyread manifestos for the UK election 2017 Sangamon (2)
The NYT starts inching to the right Sangamon (11)
Watch as the MSM slowly realise Trump was right about Paris Sangamon (7)
RIP Jack O'Neil The Grim Reaper (3)
Hey Io - Quantopian, you used it? Bluebeard (1)
June 2nd, 2017
Musk strongarming employees Pestular Croaker (4)
Gay Football League Wabi-sabi (0)
I just realized something: stock market is just a scam! WorldRover (15)
Indian IT worker to blame for British Air outage Pestular Croaker (9)
I have a secret plan for your early retirement. WorldRover (4)
Drug dealer showing off cash on Facebook livestream... Sangamon (6)
He broke me... Sangamon (11)
Cat facts Wabi-sabi (6)
Let's benchmark hardwired vs microcode! Leoz Maxwell Jilliumz (1)
Let's benchmark microcode vs assembly! Io (1)
Let benchmark Assembly vs C! WorldRover (9)
Doctor at IVF clinic suspected of fathering 60 Sangamon (7)
let's benchmark C vs C++ Pestular Croaker (30)
Negate action of your opponent Stay positive (2)
blood boy pricing Pestular Croaker (9)
Covfefe deciphered Yoda (12)
US the laughing stock of the world Fuck Saudi Arabia (20)
June 1st, 2017
i need my own private plane Pestular Croaker (7)
Sierra Online employees reminisce xampl9 (8)
Ubeam does it work? Sangamon (7)
Economic prediction. Let me hear your opinion. WorldRover (8)
Most politicians are hypocrites. Most Liberals are hypocrites. WorldRover (20)
Competition for Io? Sangamon (18)
Drunk Olympics Io (1)
SpaceX - Launch today at 21:55 UDT (17:55 EDT) Go Musk (3)
Body slammed NPR (17)
MI6 and Manchester attack Yoda (3)
Dunkirk, the movie Io (20)