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June 30th, 2015
If you're going to run for President Shylock (6 comments)
Beware of Greeks bearing gifts! COT Historian (2)
How Many People Are This Gullible? FSK (33)
greek bailout fund Pizza Guy (Formerly HoyZa) (28)
Another perspective on Greece Shylock (3)
A summary of "startup" discussion from a banned poster. WildRiver (11)
Can we start the drum beat of a new American Revolution? WildRiver (4)
Stop deleting post from Doc when he is civil and informative! WildRiver (13)
new blog post: Disrupting Disruption Pizza Guy (Formerly HoyZa) (5)
Free webpage creation software Shylock (7)
Do IT management jobs always require long hours and on call? dude (4)
What a bunch of lame ass fucking topics President of Brice Fan Club (18)
PHP or Python WildRiver (13)
Money advice from a millionaire NPR (40)
WildRiver: When did you move to Norway? NPR (7)
So I have a DigitalOcean droplet for developing web app. WildRiver (16)
exercise: What's wrong with this tweet Pizza Guy (Formerly HoyZa) (2)
Jury Duty xampl9 (7)
AI used to be the red-headed stepchild of computer science Bluebeard (11)
June 29th, 2015
Homemade hummus Wabi-sabi (22)
Ford Fusion vs. Chevy Cruze vs. Subaru Legacy looking for a car (14)
Recursive explanation of gravity Wick (17)
What do you call the practice of dumping products on market? WildRiver (9)
Better call Saul xampl9 (6)
Why do we wallow in this stuff Ducknald Don (7)
Historical perspective on Greek finance Quant (11)
Dealing with ISIS MobyDobie (42)
North America's Greece Shylock (4)
June 28th, 2015
I cook Friday (13)
LOVE WINS Rick Tsang (8)
It looks like the beginning of the end of the EU Quant (73)
Polish airline hacked R (5)
Spacex launch just blew up! Bill42x (16)
Kanye at Glastonbury eek (4)
Not just for MSSQL Shylock (20)
June 27th, 2015
Cornify 2.0 Shylock (0)
More racist attacks, when will it end? Chip (14)
Jurassic World xampl9 (4)
Rainbow/pride parody Bored Bystander (2)
SCOTUS ruling xampl9 (Windows Phone) (31)
Dalek Gary video Pie is good (2)
vicious dog afraid of a snake facade (2)
The dead hand Markowitch (8)
Life longevity versus obviously the oposite Friday (12)
June 26th, 2015
SpaceX drone ship names xampl9 (3)
Vatican signs treaty with the State of Palestine Wick (54)
This needs to be read and discussed.  Living in Norway????? WildRiver (3)
America's lack of social contract Wabi-sabi (32)
Yeah! Gay Americans can get divorced across the country! Shylock (40)
Dumpster rentals mup (20)
Another preaceful Muslim attack in France El Bango (35)
Hooray for ObamaCare Craggie (7)
Starting at a gym - things to do or not do? Leaf, at the gym (27)
Putting the Facilities Manager in charge of IT?! Cube Dweller (17)
June 25th, 2015
Do you guys see a pattern here? WildRiver (21)
Screech goes to jail xampl9 (5)
Daddy admits his whole custom language thing was pointless Regular Poster (39)
Lake Mead going back to what it was...is it a bad thing? WildRiver (10)
Brain food == Crazy shit Trog (2)
Good grief, the Top Gear soap opera just goes on and on... Bluebeard (0)
Wh.... why? mup (3)
Shylock, do you have to do technical interview for your work? WildRiver (1)
YO!  Where the fuck is everybody at?! President of Brice Fan Club (9)
Most of my old colleagues are still in the field dude (8)
Company treats people like garbage while CEO inflates stock WildRiver (0)
Happy Thursday! WildRiver (0)
ObamaCare lives! Shylock (22)
Set up your own email server on Linux WildRiver (7)
Cringely Right for once (42)
June 24th, 2015
Silicon Valley - the show Friday (20)
Unexpected gains in # of black serial killers Bob Baden (17)
Yeah so, I'm awesome at this mup (17)
wabi-sabi, question for you. WildRiver (4)
Public, free email beyond Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook Shylock (13)
Closed! Shylock (1)
Would you be embarrassed to drive a decade old car ... . (23)
samsung s3 vs. samsung s5.....big difference? Mike (16)
Yo, wage slaves...anyone has a plan like this? WildRiver (11)
Lunch plans xampl9 (18)
Welp, hooray for algorithms mup (5)
Yo, Americans! It is shameful that China has to tell us this: WildRiver (7)
June 23rd, 2015
Is forging proof of insurance coverage a crime? Wabi-sabi (41)
Never mind that, please answer me this. trollop (8)
My eyes NPR (8)
new cool video blood hound (0)
Another ethnic cleansing in Israel Quant (38)
Are you using MS tech stack and NET Framework at work? WildRiver (28)
At most American companies, being the best worker on your team.. Engineer (15)
Has anyone done the low carb thing? dude (37)
Free! As a Cup (2)
COT feature request: hashing changes Wabi-sabi (27)
dumbasses eek (0)
.Net decline FUD Bluebeard (14)
Time for a poll Pollster (7)
June 22nd, 2015
Is Kapersky Labs an NSA front? Analyst (2)
Nobody Knows How To Build Hadoop From Source! FSK (12)
If you ever start a company of your own, you need this motto: WildRiver (15)
I don't know if I can agree with everything he said but... WildRiver (5)
Yo, you need to adopt these two! WildRiver (1)
Could a Greek-like debt crisis happen in the US? xampl9 (18)
Would you rather work for a guy who's incompetent.... Vince (12)
What do you think about this guy? WildRiver (2)
Can someone answer this question.  It is hypothetical. WildRiver (6)
Career planning for introverts dude (24)
spagetti demo waci kaki (1)
Give me some pointers! WildRiver (29)
Taylor swift wins Bob Baden (3)
June 21st, 2015
The Journey to the East Herman Hesse (0)
The Medusa Touch Quant (3)
Is wick bring as asshole here? Bob Baden (3)
Have you ever had a job so stressful Wabi-sabi (37)
I agree with Taylor Swift. Bob Baden (17)
Gun killings fell by 40% after Connecticut passed this law Wick (10)
One awesome long-term effect of psychedelics Wabi-sabi (29)
June 20th, 2015
Bing self-driving car xampl9 (3)
Star Trek Continues Episode 4 is up xampl9 (3)
Republican views on the shooting Regular Poster (7)
The computerization of Polish elections Quant (5)
Do you think we should throw away the Muslims? Mick (11)
The collapse of the .net ecosystem Wick (37)
Anti intellectualism is killing america R (0)
Texas minister promises to set himself on fire Wabi-sabi (17)
One to go! Sore Hand Cup (5)
June 19th, 2015
Putting to rest Quant's bullshit R (15)
new wiki dump Anon E. Maus (5)
On the catwalk... mup (4)
Ever suspect that you didn't get a job because you outshined... dude (9)
Who would you put on the $20? Shylock (22)
Latest veggie adventures Shylock (11)
DSL in America Wabi-sabi (20)
June 18th, 2015
Other recent work ruining valuable antiques mup (11)
Looks like Obama hates America too Wabi-sabi (10)
question to uk guys curious (6)
Juggalos to get their day in court xampl9 (13)
Yo, wabi-sabi!  You need to contact this woman.  She can WildRiver (11)
Happy Thursday! WildRiver (3)
OPM hack caused by... WildRiver (3)
Would you work at a place where your desk is in a fish bowl? . (25)
Let's give the SC thing its proper name Shylock (107)
Rude fuckers who schedule meetings and don't show NPR (8)
More free market cognitive dissonance Wabi-sabi (19)
Charleston shooting thread Bob Baden (44)
What is code? Bluebeard (12)
June 17th, 2015
astonishing twist in white black girl case Reality Check (11)
Don't remove diacritics! Shylock (32)
Do you send a thank you letter after interviewing? . (18)
Hoyza, a response to your Project Management blog post Mike (4)
California labor comm. says Uber drivers are employees Wabi-sabi (8)
Better to be a superstar techie or in management? dude (7)
LIBOR the untouchable? Quant (6)
Why do I feel like the turkey that loves the farmer? Shylock (2)
There's stealing signs Shylock (0)
Wookiee fashion show mup (13)
cops cops cops 2 Pizza Guy (Formerly HoyZa) (2)
NBA Golden State a champion after 40 years Friday (5)
June 16th, 2015
Go Guam!!! Reality Check (9)
Science says smart people stay up late, have sex, do drugs Wabi-sabi (8)
Article on Coal Burning Power Plant at Lake Powell Legion (4)
shocking twist in white black girl case Reality Check (25)
Happy Tuesday! WildRiver (18)
Star Wars: Insurgency xampl9 (1)
He will get my vote! WildRiver (8)
Quant, FSK: what do you think about annuity? WildRiver (16)
Cult of money Wabi-sabi (20)
Feeling lazy today? WildRiver (1)
Some of you should be trained like this. lol ;-) WildRiver (2)
Construction standards need inspection in this country! WildRiver (5)
shocking twist in black white girl case Reality Check (11)
Should I go into (project) management redux? Pizza Guy (Formerly HoyZa) (6)
What I got done in my time not being on CoT mup (14)
that classic song (like you never heard it ...) eek (2)
Larry Summers on TRade R (2)
The Iraqi Mr T or "Rambo"... Propoganga.... Propoganda.... (0)
What kind of pay increase would it take for you to jump ship? dude (3)
June 15th, 2015
Police called to deal with rodent-killer NPR (6)
I Told My Friend Not to Start a Business. Here’s Why… NPR (14)
There are some politicians who might be worthy of respect... Quant (22)
More bs from lamestream media on Yahoo. WildRiver (18)
armada eek (16)
Hey WildRiver, you got something to say to me PUNK? President of Brice Fan Club (16)
Car accidents xampl9 (20)
There's got to be a word for this xampl9 (15)
View source trollop (13)
June 14th, 2015
agenda21 Friday (3)
To all of us American, please sign the petition WildRiver (4)
What Boost date class looks like in gdb Quant (11)
The Dead come back to Life Shylock (1)
So our Project Manager recently left, should I apply? Hank (36)
Meditation music Ralph (15)
Programming languages in HFT Quant (31)
June 13th, 2015
More about accents xampl9 (8)
Security Clearances Shylock (30)
Freddie Gray Bob Baden (2)
if you missed this jewel on reddit Friday (9)
Pigs Bob Baden (4)
Accents in movies Ralph (14)
Gun control in CT Hot head (12)
Cops cops cops reddit reporter (8)
Thank God for hard work(85%) Walter (31)
Reddit reddit reporter (7)
pomplamoose youtube Somebody (11)
Dallas bombs Reality Check (10)
Do you have a programming knowledge tree? zeega (6)
June 12th, 2015
Mindlessy addictive - reactions to foreigh foods, snacks, drinks trollop (5)
I made the tagline! FSK (10)
I would expect some Russian billionaire to fix this up Bob Baden (0)
2016 US Presidential Candidates Logos Ranked NPR (17)
That question is not easy Bob Baden (28)
Fess up...did you eat these kind of meals at restaurants? WildRiver (31)
Ack! Missed a call for a potential interview. . (17)
Married couple who doesn't have sex needs advice on having kids Wabi-sabi (14)
3d printing in steel Bill42x (3)
Yo Brice Fan, explain the following concepts, Ya hack! WildRiver (12)
I'm confused...is she black or white? WildRiver (24)
How to hire for potential? Kenny the Robot (25)
Bombing Gazan children on Beach A-OK, says Israel Atrocity Appreciator (24)
Yo, Brice Fan. Why don't you comment in this thread? WildRiver (5)
What do you think of this JavaScript framework? WildRiver (7)
I need more books to read Legion (15)
Reason.com / freeeeeedim! / dark net Bob Baden (9)
It's a crazy life at the IMF Quant (14)
Interesting success story that I have followed. WildRiver (3)
How does Windows phone compare to Android? The Leaf (5)
How to hire a programmer Bluebeard (18)
June 11th, 2015
Reddit civil war 2 R (19)
Pizza Guy starts great thread, you fuckers are too good to reply President of Brice Fan Club (30)
For C/C++ guys Shylock (38)
More experiments with hummus Shylock (22)
Quant, what is aerospace engineer or dynamic flights engineer? WildRiver (4)
wa-sabi, what will you do next professionally? WildRiver (5)
More discussion on quiting.... WildRiver (2)
Double standards? Bill42x (5)
Distracting behavior at the office Umpire (19)
virtual platform to host your web app cost? WildRiver (14)
Ouch Bluebeard (2)
Pitching and Closing: Deals that Matter Pizza Guy (Formerly HoyZa) (1)
more on line management Pizza Guy (Formerly HoyZa) (16)
Any good site for testing language/coding skills? Bluebeard (4)
RIP Christopher Lee Bill42x (9)
Ok, now we're all fucked... Bill42x (13)
Great explanation of origin of elements Bill42x (6)
Sock puppetry is annoying because it's passive-aggressive Quant (28)
Sock puppetry is annoying because it's passive-aggressive Quant (1)
Yes means Yes Always Get Consent (12)
Reddit explodes in civil war. trollop (10)
June 10th, 2015
You guys Full name (5)
NPR reporting Facebook comments.... Wtf Bob Baden (5)
Simpson's Paradox NPR (9)
Interesting mapping idea... Bill42x (0)
Porn - the real driving force behind innovation... Bill42x (10)
Which one do you like for playing with online web code? WildRiver (10)
Absurdity Ralph (14)
Wifi over large area? dave (10)
Anyone quit yet??? WildRiver (11)
The impudence of mortgage brokers Quant (9)
Is AngularJS an architecture flaw? WildRiver (18)
Thievery Corporation xampl9 (0)
Here is how civilised countries handle rogue policemen Quant (3)
Metal detectors in schools Bill42x (3)
Billionaire says AI and robots will fuel social unrest Bluebeard (18)
Answering the "why not management" thread Pizza Guy (Formerly HoyZa) (20)
Dealing weed Bluebeard (10)
SpaceX going into internet Bill42x (2)
Are promotions worth it? One Who Knows (2)
EEVblog classic eek (1)
I worked at Pizza Hut as a driver and enjoyed it. Pizza Guy #2 (5)
Geez, is this a tourist or H1B worker? WildRiver (9)
Take me out to the ball game Legion (6)
June 9th, 2015
I stopped tipping 15-30% Bot Berlin (11)
Who thought recursive CTE's were a good idea? Shylock (7)
The Truth about Passive Income NPR (28)
what happened to community policing in the USA? eek (5)
What's up CoT guys? LeMonDe (1)
How to manage your employees when they're all carrying guns NPR (5)
The Gervais Principle and Bored says tech work is dishonest Techie (26)
More real estate lulz Wabi-sabi (13)
interesting delete queue Censorship Alert (6)
FIFA: The true story MobyDobie (4)
What's the most humanizing thing about your cubicle/desk? Wabi-sabi (22)
June 8th, 2015
Black in the USA (teen girl edition) Bob Baden (33)
the new apple revolution! WWDC 2015 Fan (6)
$5000 I ran iPad R (2)
Another one leaves Quant (13)
Religious/Atheist-no real difference Wick (26)
the drag on productivity of working with morons eddie (28)
Uwe Boll: Fuck you to fans, Hollywood, Kickstarter NPR (5)
Partially overheard conversation... xampl9 (1)
Some people take on a management role, thinking it will..... Techie (56)
If defaulting on student loans goes viral... Bill42x (19)
McDonalds xampl9 (27)
Doughnuts SSucsid (9)
Wanted: VB.net developer for lucrative project Hiring Manager (7)
June 7th, 2015
Guns kill people Right zinger (25)
machine gunning at point blank range? Discuss (41)
Disgusting abrogation of my civil rights Bored Bystander (4)
Being a smoking hot chick must be awesome Wabi-sabi (20)
What is your opinion on psychological tests? Joe (32)
Coincidence? Quant (19)
Interesting monetised take on the scout movement Bill42x (3)
June 6th, 2015
These type of people are so arrogant. You know the lucky people. WildRiver (11)
So muppet Just Asking (33)
One more massive "Recovery" layoff coming to Intel this time! HighTechSurvivor (7)
wake up to to zero (0)
Network Access Protection Agent Legion (9)
Hipsterism as a vestige of classism Wabi-sabi (44)
Internet Research Agency warning Researcher (6)
Millionaires lifestyle Ralph (15)
Evening rambles in search of lewd women Bill42x (0)
June 5th, 2015
Suitable greetings on Muppet's return Wick (13)
Former Iraqi foreign minister Tariq Aziz is dead . (3)
Allergy doctors and sleep doctors....worth going to? Vince (19)
Going on a phone interview, too early to talk money? Code Monkey (24)
How long until Mupeet makes his return to the forum? President of Brice Fan Club (13)
Now I've got that Windows 10 thing Shylock (10)
England landlord dispute phase two Wabi-sabi (35)
Tasty veggie mini-meal Shylock (7)
kabukidawn Friday (3)
June 4th, 2015
Ambien Wabi-sabi (26)
The latest wtf from Japan Shylock (8)
Since muppet has gone for a while The Leaf (7)
Projector suggestions Wabi-sabi (11)
Taking a trip to Pittsburgh next week Wabi-sabi (20)
Diesel car from GM! 700+ miles on one tank. WildRiver (32)
LMAO, OK...seriously, it is getting weirder by the day... WildRiver (2)
Lower gasoline price is supposed to help the middle class! WildRiver (20)
How Elon Musk makes his money Quant (37)
what happened to Muppet again? President of Brice Fan Club (17)
Watch those selfies... Bill42x (11)
Has anyone here gone on vacation this year? WildRiver (16)
Windows 10 upgrade worth it? Kenny the Robot (3)
and it's back  ... eek (5)
How to behave toward people from the far past... Social Clueless (8)
The paradox of effortless communication Quant (16)
best version of  "jump" you will ever hear ... eek (1)
June 3rd, 2015
Thank you my friend Eugene (1)
"Let's park this" Shylock (23)
ZZ Top will play "La Grange" xampl9 (Windows Phone) (4)
Quant, this is cool physics stuff WildRiver (3)
A real hoverboard! Bill42x (2)
So I work for an engineering consulting company John (7)
CoT promotional tagline The Leaf (7)
Fallout 4 is coming Quant (4)
Jury Duty xampl9 (10)
Now this, this is QI Shylock (2)
Interesting coincidence Quant (14)
June 2nd, 2015
Wayne, Please bring back IP only hash Legion (12)
Yo mama so fat Sock Puppet (1)
I guess I was wrong Shylock (12)
Please vote to undelete the thread where muppet announced Wabi-sabi (20)
Tonight in rock brone (0)
Alternatives to development and QA databases Quant (29)
Caebon nanotubes used for RAM Bill42x (4)
Build a blog using Jekyll and Github Pages NPR (8)
To all of you who are working as contractors or contracting firm WildRiver (21)
It is muppet's job to ID all sock puppets and remove their WildRiver (7)
Are you sure you want to retire early? Joe (10)
Hot airport women xampl9 (4)
In honor of CoT members that passed i.e died Passive (23)
Massive China downturn? Bill42x (14)
I hate !@#$ logins! Jam it up your Cup (5)
Question for lizard brains who won't create SM accounts Bored Bystander (26)
June 1st, 2015
Global warming Legion (23)
Supreme Court : online threats Walter (3)
Who has left here and didn't want to come back in recent time? WildRiver (42)
If someone has a penis Shylock on a phone (56)
OK, how many new friends have you made outside of work? WildRiver (15)
For those of you seeing that windows 10 installer nag on tray. WildRiver (9)
Why, oh Why did I get a laptop with a 3840 x 2160 display? Shylock (22)
anyone uses DuckDuckGo? WildRiver (10)
How reddit was destroyed ~ (22)
Challenging posters to prove they have a G+ or FB profile Wabi-sabi (formerly Michael B) (41)
Led Zep in NOLA eek (0)