Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

June 30th, 2014
Could use some advice Nowhere else to really turn (13 comments)
HCF 4-5 (4BB) Scott (5)
Pherfidious Phrenchies Quant (11)
Austerity made them do it Quant (2)
gotta love blackwater The 'C' (23)
Imagine the laughs Microsoft would get for that Quant (3)
There will be NO Leap-Second June 30th SaveTheHubble (29)
Build New Roads and They Will Come, and Go, and Drive, and Tour df (43)
Quarterly fire alarm test xampl9 (14)
Mexican Helicopter Fires SaveTheHubble (15)
Is this realistic? Shylock (19)
business idea - open source pbx Business Crook (7)
US Postal Service is the new frontline for controlling citizens Leaf (6)
Can someone please fix the banner SaveTheHubble (12)
Cutscenes that play like a real movie Silicone Cup (0)
Green Lantern 2 WTF Silicone Cup (4)
June 29th, 2014
my new job The 'C' (58)
Attn: Windows UI Goo-roos: siphoning data from app Bored Bystander aka 'Cup Noodle' (15)
Feynman on conservation of energy eek (15)
Wonder Woman xampl9 (12)
The stock market is screwed. Legion (17)
Japanese militarism rebirth Quant (8)
Winter Sunset Over El Capitan . . . Yosemite National Park, Cali photobot (4)
professor brutally beaten for teaching while black The 'C' (33)
Agreeing to ToS The 'C' (2)
Border Emergency Bot Baden (9)
Any unforeseen pitfalls in this? Shylock (7)
Pitchforks ahead:does this billionaire speak with forked tongue? Bluebeard (14)
More StackOverflow fun Somebody (17)
Ought to be obvious but it's not Colm (1)
June 28th, 2014
I am so ready to go back to work. Legion (31)
open source android do whatever you want Bot Baden (4)
Creepy df (4)
mit opencourseware Friday (8)
finland mass murder sentence Bot Baden (9)
Inkscape is the Frontpage of SVG df (2)
Fuck you, Wayne! fuckwad (4)
"Material" Scott (53)
cyber pokemon The 'C' (4)
gmail slow? eek (6)
June 27th, 2014
A Prisoner's Wish Shylock (13)
Opportunity not to be greedy Bot Berlin (15)
Frank Lucas is a robot The 'C' (1)
Calling eek the amplifier doctor Trog (17)
I have a nice piece of ribeye Friday (12)
CoT server trick Dim (33)
Star of UK government television Quant (25)
Awesome libertarian takedown Shylock (89)
Malaysian PM: Be brave like ISIS Colm (7)
June 26th, 2014
immoral purposes Friday (17)
This would not normally be a very good idea Shylock (4)
dildo registration saves lives The 'C' (2)
Leaving CoT Dim (6)
RIP Eli Wallach Bill42x (2)
USA loses to Germany 1-0 xampl9 (22)
EPA requests employees stop shitting in the hallway The 'C' (16)
high quality troll The 'C' (36)
How not to treat your customers Quant (21)
How does running battery packs undermine solar power purchase muppet (32)
developing web apps vs. smart phone apps Jim (6)
Workaholism is hurting the American economy Vince (21)
June 25th, 2014
some nice trick pool shots The 'C' (4)
Google IO df (18)
So, reddit is becoming really overt about selling out now. muppet (29)
Wait, what? Shylock (31)
Germany Solar Redux SaveTheHubble (52)
Privacy actually wins one Shylock (31)
Environmental recordings xampl9 (10)
Bulgaria is the worst country to live in the EU Quant (23)
google's police state is now The 'C' (23)
Kim Jong Un threatens war because of Seth Rogen Colm (3)
At least IBs have the courtesy to employ real lawyers Quant (0)
Adults take charge Quant (7)
Courageous Scots Quant (5)
californication Friday (8)
June 24th, 2014
dog killing police: reddit's take Bot Baden (10)
tigers & law:  really?  this is a thing and now illegal? Bot Baden (32)
porn star & politics:  why did he have to resign? Bot Baden (3)
I thought I have seen it all...but man oh man....this sucks WildRiver (3)
Cozine is an asshole if you comparing him to anyone! WildRiver (23)
Voting while black Shylock (1)
Israelis and Palestinians holding hands, singing Kumbaya Shylock (18)
This reminds me of Apocalypse Now WildRiver (3)
Airbnb gets its lobby on Colm (10)
Ni hao, y'all! SaveTheHubble (13)
It's Tuesday's survey! WildRiver (11)
Question for MS MVC experts! WildRiver (3)
So, opportunity in the US is drying up muppet (31)
No smiling on driver's license tests Shylock (9)
One cool web site created by a kid!  You all stop agruing... WildRiver (6)
SF parking app xampl9 (20)
The War on Drugs Shylock (16)
Quant: Wall street corruption: all your own fault, citizens Colm (86)
My boss is a real piece of work employee (10)
June 23rd, 2014
When people say "the average life expectancy was 40 back then" Q (13)
Wow, we are officially a third world country Bot Berlin (75)
Powershell-worth learning? Shylock (28)
Igor Io (15)
Developers get better with age Kenny the Robot (8)
Building a development environment at home like I have at work dude (11)
Canceled cable...anyone know where I can get a converter box.... Mike (4)
It's incredible that no preident can match Theodore Roosevelt WildRiver (20)
US student is rescued from giant vagina sculpture in Germany Quant (3)
The sum of all natural numbers is -1/12 MobyDobie (23)
America's future Shylock (14)
office phone recording Spy vs Spy (7)
Dudes that wear flip-flops for hiking Quant (16)
Important legal case with serious ramifications Leaf (4)
A use for vegetarian water makers Colm (6)
June 22nd, 2014
19C equals Empty Cup (0)
Rare outburst of sincerity Quant (20)
Presbyterians vote to allow gay marriage by 3-1 ratio Walter (24)
AirBNB for restaurants df (3)
Loyalty in employees is rewarded The 'C' (25)
Intellisense won't shut off! Shylock (41)
shut up and listen eek (0)
Google play needs another button Colm (9)
privacy Craggie (2)
June 21st, 2014
Wrongful conviction settlements Craggie (8)
my daughter and good night Friday (25)
when computers destroy all the jobs R (21)
100 octane Vroom (10)
Dropbox df (6)
House Payment hoyZa (12)
Mmm. BBQ xampl9 (Windows Phone) (2)
Research Fellows Gone Wild The 'C' (9)
treatment for depression - casual sex The 'C' (3)
I am so ready for a vacation Legion (16)
Naturally, he was murdered for this Colm (4)
Hillary Clinton laughs at 12 year old rape victim Legion (18)
June 20th, 2014
we have porn and all Friday (6)
You can't hire a good lawyer. Legion (15)
bronx bully R (5)
A link to end the week with.. Shylock (4)
What is amazon doing? Bot Berlin (4)
From the land of tolerance Shylock (10)
Ukrainian gun culture Quant (9)
AdBlock The 'C' (9)
vegetarian water The 'C' (33)
GTA V Online df (3)
Is Scott Pilgrim a good film? The 'C' (7)
World of Tanks: Ukraine Quant (41)
New World Trade Agreement Insurgent (39)
worst porn clip title eek (2)
Cell Phones Lead Free Pecker (7)
Small foot print RTOS? DDT (7)
While he admired Martin Luther King... Colm (4)
10 years from now Friday (29)
June 19th, 2014
Building an Outlook Add-in in .net... Wayne (27)
The Euro spouts the first leak Shylock (8)
Prosecutors: Wis. Gov. Scott Walker in criminal scheme R (4)
Need to buy quarters? df (2)
This has got to hurt Shylock (2)
This month Germany gets 50% of power from solar Ted (33)
What kind of phone do you use? Israeli (1)
Auto or Stick? Shylock (44)
Dudes that wear flip flops to work annoyed (26)
Trying to improve ergonomics...any ideas? Tom (19)
Was the Washington Redskins logo based on MasterCup (6)
iTunes fraud xampl9 (12)
Crashplan windows installer is not signed wick (2)
Fad in software development today: Kaban WildRiver (22)
Numbers in the tagline Somebody (9)
Got 9 hours of sleep last night, felt great muppet (7)
Simple investment strategy (long-term) Leaf (7)
Expecting religious people not to proselytise is like expecting MasterCup (43)
How do you treat your female co-workers in the office? Mitch (57)
June 18th, 2014
*By entering your details and submitting the MasterCup (1)
the way you dress Friday (15)
Case study on how not to store data: Codespaces.com Legion (14)
guns save lives The 'C' (23)
Fargo The 'C' (3)
Official: Iraq not a sovereign country Quant (12)
Speaking of smartphones df (2)
So now we have elves, giants, and skeletons in Games of Thrones Liverpools (11)
is extreme weather the new normal? The 'C' (3)
Project Management software MS (17)
1-1 dutchies! disgusted onlooker (27)
GEICO hiked our rates for this most recent renewal muppet (23)
How much do you print? Colm (40)
The Redskins free for all df (26)
Unicode 7 df (19)
To ruin everybody's Wednesday muppet (20)
Linux just broke 1.5% operating system market share on PC's Leaf (59)
new macs out The 'C' (37)
NSA owns bitcoin now? Colm (8)
Not just the Arabs now Quant (18)
This might have happened before Colm (26)
the redditification of hn hn reporter (0)
Weird problem with COT website Bill42x (8)
June 17th, 2014
Stop naming your pets after TV show characters xampl9 (15)
I can't stay focused long enough to write more than muppet (11)
I can log into SSIS through SSMS Shylock (6)
milk prices The 'C' (49)
Lego as inflation hedge? xampl9 (2)
Binge watching "The West Wing" SaveTheHubble (6)
How much do you pay for your cell phone plan? Israeli (8)
True or False? WildRiver (33)
ISIS guys secure Iraqi soldiers during boot camp Golan (9)
Elon Musk df (1)
MS Query Shylock (31)
__declspec(dllexport) or .def files? Quant (22)
Jimmy Wales, the Google stooge Quant (15)
Totally done with StackOverflow, what a joke Somebody (41)
The Wolf Of Wall Street Bluebeard (2)
Little blue pen you are a B Cup (7)
June 16th, 2014
do you mind a crazyontap census? Friday (46)
SSRS Shylock (4)
It's the 2 year anniversary of Prometheus xampl9 (22)
Halt and Catch Fire 3 Scott (22)
Men has wasted lot of natural resource.  Here is an example: WildRiver (13)
Nobody cares for the woods anymore Quant (13)
Smartphone screen size Leaf (18)
Should we ban boxing? Quant (16)
Good friend of moine figured out how to profit from offshoring Stoneman VIP (26)
Did Tim Cook really take on the KKK as a 10 yr old? The 'C' (8)
Smashed the B Cup (8)
June 15th, 2014
me me me me me me me me me The 'C' (29)
place to live and die Friday (3)
If Palestine belongs to the Jewish people, where do Palestinians WildRiver (6)
Some beautiful philosophy X (0)
Fears grow for missing Israeli teenagers Golan (10)
stare rape, the new rape The 'C' (20)
RIP lake fail xampl9 (Windows Phone) (1)
June 14th, 2014
Don't get tattoos in languages you don't understand Shylock (19)
England lost Ching chong (1)
Latest version of Google Maps... Legion (7)
Latest version of Chrome... Somebody (18)
Airlines Doublespeak Legion (8)
My pen survived B Cup (6)
June 13th, 2014
If we need to, we should nuke the middle east! WildRiver (14)
Soccer Shylock (19)
Israel new president... Long live the president Israeli (3)
£588 per day, a good rate? Colm (3)
Orange Is The New Black -- Season 2 SaveTheHubble (11)
Nobody cares about basketball or soccer Bot Berlin (19)
US government confirms bitcoins are assets Quant (7)
The US States Shylock (6)
What happens when you seduce a dolphin Quant (2)
Now what does SHE have to do with it? Quant (8)
June 12th, 2014
what is the purpose of a futures market? Walter (27)
Robocop's arsenal Bored Bystander aka 'Cup Noodle' (3)
Honda has a problem xampl9 (9)
TFS question Shylock (14)
Working on a team again... Shylock on a phone (10)
Rush - Moving Pictures xampl9 (0)
Well fuck, bravo Tesla Trog (39)
Anti-soccer Shylock (4)
Iraq is collapsing fast! WildRiver (28)
Don't keep your kids in a car Quant (0)
US Open xampl9 (5)
well done murica eek (39)
What is the point of the money data type? Shylock (23)
what prison sentences are appropriate for inflatables sex The 'C' (8)
Happy ending df (0)
Harry Potter and Scottish independence campaign Quant (47)
June 11th, 2014
murdering is healthy and good for you The 'C' (5)
Basic Plus The 'C' (6)
Who knew squirrel was hard to say? Shylock (6)
Gun myths Colm (2)
Good for Obama! Shylock (11)
Happy work anniversary, Bot xampl9 (1)
Existence of God Bot Berlin (46)
USA! USA! USA! Shylock (1)
guns save lives in missouri The 'C' (24)
I was doing a practice exam and my B Cup (3)
Movie: Edge Of Tomorrow SaveTheHubble (15)
100% increase in Slenderman attacks this week The 'C' (22)
warp drive The 'C' (0)
Thai beauty queen: fuck democracy and fuck world peace Colm (25)
Anyone with a comment on the illegal influx problem? Bored Bystander aka 'Cup Noodle' (8)
This week's COT Monday Night Raw report!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scheme Gene Okerlund (10)
June 10th, 2014
Drug Dealing for Dummies Shylock (3)
Anyone remembered NAFTA trade agreement? WildRiver (10)
Tea Party candidate defeats Eric Cantor in primary X (25)
Civ V sale on Steam df (1)
obsessed hacker and his grandiose Vermeer experiment The 'C' (10)
Swift xampl9 (30)
Mortgage Walter (9)
Can you believe this guy made a serious run for President? Shylock (20)
Elderly South Koreans selling sex Colm (4)
Why a good library in the DB is nice Shylock (18)
Dear Leader's done come visit his cuzzes trollop (2)
£600 per day, a good rate? Shylock (48)
June 9th, 2014
ammo C. McGhee (11)
Are you really satisfied with your pencils? df (17)
power corrupts Bot Baden (9)
Mad Money NPR (0)
Beauty pageant Walter (3)
Two phone numbers on an Iphone 5 (AT&T)? dave (2)
Hillary is the Dem's candidate for President! WildRiver (21)
New opportunity, should I refer a colleague? Stabbin Da Back McStabberson (33)
Definition of US "liberal" WildRiver (15)
Don't be "that guy" xampl9 (23)
Halt and Catch Fire Episode 2 (spoilers) Bored Bystander aka 'Cup Noodle' (5)
This discussion is depressing me.  It isn't a solution because WildRiver (7)
Don't ask "Why are there no women here?" Quant (33)
We can stimulate our economy by hiring private execution squads! WildRiver (8)
Citizens Broadband Network Cooperative The 'C' (4)
Computer vs Eminem Quant (9)
Exclusive pics of Quant's house Colm (8)
Does Bryce have a blog? Leaf (7)
A random photo of 3 US police officers from Las Vegas Quant (5)
Freedom and fun in North Korea Quant (5)
June 8th, 2014
Repo man xampl9 (3)
Adderall xampl9 (0)
My Cliffhorse Review The 'C' (2)
Looks like another Minecraft-level success story df (3)
Right wingers wanted Bergdahl Freed Bored Bystander aka 'Cup Noodle' (9)
Fort Lee Lane Closure Bot Baden (2)
Young Israeli soldiers tell their stories Colm (62)
Prison time for selling sex acts as clown performance Bored Bystander aka 'Cup Noodle' (7)
A TSQL philosophical question Shylock (28)
new mexico police back in the news The 'C' (3)
TIL "A Flock of Seagulls" was B Cup (2)
June 7th, 2014
"Halt and Catch Fire" Mini-Review Bored Bystander (11)
Bill Watterson's back Shylock (1)
House and Morality Kenny the Robot (21)
June 6th, 2014
So Brice, you suggested SAS Shylock (15)
Is there an elegant way to do this in MSSQL? Shylock (56)
US Army bans black hair styles Quant (33)
Charles Manson granted parole... Bluebeard (12)
June 5th, 2014
linkedin Friday (15)
Even this job could get boring I suppose xampl9 (4)
I Wanna be a Cowboy! NPR (13)
best high school prank ever eek (3)
US immigration policy Bill42x (14)
Marc Andreessen: "I am an NSA police state stooge" The 'C' (2)
black fewish German woman Mo Asumang eek (2)
player with 5 girlfriends The 'C' (9)
There are 4 ways to make a living WildRiver (11)
ISEE-3 Recieving Commands SaveTheHubble (4)
Anyone else here dealing with allergies? Joe (5)
writing policy document that users read Lee (4)
Obama's PR moves xampl9 (12)
Heard at an Austin council meeting xampl9 (24)
Skype spam on increase? xampl9 (8)
goodbye and thanks for all the fish ... eek (4)
*Drum roll* fidelio (2)
just to follow up on the Hillary Clinton thread below. Friday (0)
June 4th, 2014
I love this! WildRiver (9)
You Dems better not to vote for Hillary!  It is a warning! lol WildRiver (14)
Bowe Bergdahl sure has a hippie family Bot Berlin (8)
Allowable monopoly WildRiver (11)
Oil/fracking industry to Obama: solar panels are too damn cheap Colm (34)
What people working for telcos are complicit in Quant (5)
sarcaso-detector The 'C' (23)
I don't know if you could call it trolling eek (26)
Millennium Falcon xampl9 (4)
Very true Quant (9)
25 years Quant (3)
wtf eek (7)
World Cup thread Latino (8)
What you've all been waiting for...the COT Mon Night Raw report! Scheme Gene Okerlund (7)
June 3rd, 2014
Work sucks Craggie (2)
Best job title, ever... Shylock (6)
hi Guys.... missed you all... Lemonde (1)
Bored to tears lemonhead (14)
w.. t.. f.. fidelio (3)
Slenderman attack xampl9 (2)
Best net neutrality summation yet Colm (2)
Mankind has never been able to solve energy problem! WildRiver (63)
and in other news ... eek (18)
So, since you can't prove astroturfing empirically muppet (10)
North Carolina fracking bill eek (15)
“We broke your penis.” Leaf (1)
Can somebody PLEASE gift me a Nexus 5? fidelio (4)
June 2nd, 2014
Why are IPA's so f***ing popular? Bored Bystander aka 'Cup Noodle' (50)
optimism? Walter (10)
Would you work fast food at $15 a hour Bot Berlin (30)
Acclimation df (7)
What do you think? $15 a hour Bot Berlin (31)
SV Ep 8 highlight C. McGhee (3)
Now that Disney owns the rights to Star Wars xampl9 (6)
Seriously, do you care about Net Neutrality Bot Berlin (30)
Inflation Truthers dropping like flies Shylock (39)
Can somebody please gift me a Nexus 5? fidelio (9)
Oh Apple... df (28)
NPR, holy shit!  US manufacturing revival? Not so fast! WildRiver (19)
Seriously though - soldier who abandoned post df (37)
Citizens' Broadband Network Company C. McGhee (19)
Do you ever troll on COT? WildRiver (40)
trolling eek (22)
black South African woman nails it eek (5)
June 1st, 2014
here, have at it, my wife's older stuff Friday (5)
it's the banks money, asshole reddit reporter (3)
GET READY df (3)
2nd career? xampl9 (4)
Joel Osteen Friday (9)
HFT Tennis Frank (4)
what's up with measles this year? Frank (22)
Io? Frank (5)
OK SQL Server... Shylock (23)
The new Time magazine is about the trannies Cup Noodle (15)
bizarre memories Friday (6)