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June 30th, 2011
Bloomberg sues developers for $600 million Idiot (10 comments)
That was a mistake. Fan boy (14)
Cat Deeley Fan boy (9)
Cybercriminals and their problems Lurker (2)
The social gift trap... l E m o N D e (8)
Wiring widgets together Wayne (22)
Dear Facebook, check this out - love, The Future brone (1)
How rich people behave Dr. Horrorwitz (75)
Resharper 6 ships xampl (3)
S&P 500 xampl (4)
do you put the file name in your file comment headers? Idiot (61)
What does your spouse do that annoys you? Palmer Eldritch (20)
Google has gone to shit suddenly Idiot (3)
June 29th, 2011
Object Pascal Michael B (71)
I just got a Google+ invite from some dude on Reddit muppet (12)
Happiness is ... Lurker (18)
Researchers develop paint-on solar cells less is more (2)
Chris Hansen Caught ON Tape! Morons (25)
Poll: How many computers do you use at home? Vaxen (15)
reddit reposting robot line noise (0)
Britain cooks up world's biggest portion of chips l E m o N D e (3)
what criminal penalties should be imposed on plankers? Idiot (6)
The Pope is now officially a tweeter Vaxen (1)
"Just a web browswer" Vaxen (7)
How I piss off our secretary l E m o N D e (18)
Are used cars really that much better of a deal? Kenny (19)
I fixed U-Verse by plugging the outdoor unit/battery unit muppet (8)
Google+ Invitations df (27)
Belated Tuesday xampl (2)
Where is the freedom of speech in a democracy? l E m o N D e (4)
Oh God muppet (5)
fusion thruster engines Idiot (2)
June 28th, 2011
V8 Supercars come to Austin (maybe) less is more (4)
Are you closed-minded? Michael B (17)
Notlob in 2012? trollop (1)
Baptists approve the gayness Idiot (0)
New Google! Vaxen (2)
What programming language are you using right now Michael B (56)
wtf is this? Colm (12)
Is Firefox for the enterprises? Vaxen (12)
Penny Auctions Jack's penny pushers (16)
Shaving is an interesting cultural issue l E m o N D e (14)
U-Verse is completely down again.  It's been almost a week muppet (1)
Is Greece doing it wrong? Q (25)
Skills matrix Io (24)
Portobello mushroom pizza xampl (15)
File writes/reads, the new noSQL solution Bot Berlin (4)
What's happened to Microsoft? Bluebeard (39)
Sony has still not learned their lesson xampl (18)
he would fit in here Idiot (3)
June 27th, 2011
Hot Coffee df (6)
Music Monday Bot Berlin (3)
I like older dudes Bot Berlin (12)
TSA and diapers A P P l e j U I C e (3)
Lady Gaga Wayne (3)
12% Adult Americans now own an e-reader A P P l e j U I C e (5)
Save SaveTheHubble A P P l e j U I C e (6)
modern journalism Idiot (5)
When I served time in prison... l E m o N D e (4)
According to TripAdvisor, China is special Vaxen (0)
Iran reveals Missle Silos SaveTheHubble (15)
Programming habits Wayne (31)
Cigarette shopping df (8)
Awesome law I never heard of Serverside Troglodyte (3)
citizens brigade post 911 Idiot (1)
US Supreme Court -- Children have right to violent games SaveTheHubble (18)
US Supreme Court - children have a right to pornography Idiot (19)
About that divorced guy who set himself alight... Bluebeard (18)
For your safety, xampl (5)
Source code should never have been stored as text df (52)
OK, reading Drudge Bot Berlin (13)
More DB fun xampl (15)
What the fuck? muppet (7)
Wayne, port forwarding is working now, just use DMZ+ mode muppet (14)
Everyone who thinks gay is a choice... Michael B (7)
June 26th, 2011
Anonymous C.O.T.ers l E m o N D e (5)
Why is this a big deal, again? Bot Berlin (13)
Is there some language in which this actually makes sense? Q (3)
Joel is getting married! Morons (16)
Matjes Herring Moneychanger Wannabee (6)
Treating files as relational tables Moneychanger Wannabee (4)
Women of the day l E m o N D e (4)
women in IT sierra (21)
June 25th, 2011
I'm in Chicago for one night only, and I'm DTH Michael B (13)
new definition of vested shares Idiot (10)
US becomes like Mexico as drug crime destroys society Idiot (13)
Racial formula l E m o N D e (2)
Stuffing files into databases Bored Bystander (21)
"You need a passport" brone (15)
Did humans devolve? Dr. Horrorwitz (12)
mister chocolate milk l E m o N D e (1)
I quit.  I am done Bot Berlin (19)
Dilbert-esk Fire Drills Fan boy (5)
June 24th, 2011
Well, U-Verse is installed muppet (9)
Woman dies after waking up at her own funeral l E m o N D e (2)
Too big to fail - TV Movie PigPen (6)
You OS X and Linux users are missing out... Wayne (0)
I'm breaking down and learning Python Moneychanger Wannabee (31)
To buy or not to buy?  27" monitor... Kenny (16)
wot no tits? eek (6)
This dude didn't wash very long time l E m o N D e (12)
#1 thing to do with your kid l E m o N D e (4)
More Rand Paul stupidity Moneychanger Wannabee (8)
Muppet, can you please be morally indignant for me. PigPen (18)
SQL storage of files:  BLOB or File System? ??? (105)
another muslim terrorist rampaging in the US Idiot (6)
June 23rd, 2011
Wayne - use U-Verse router as a "modem" muppet (2)
Pussies in Vancouver PigPen (11)
This is why I'm glad there's no God Colm (7)
First look at "The Hobbit" SaveTheHubble (2)
Al Franken has it right SaveTheHubble (3)
Time Wasters Vaxen (0)
Labor theory of value #1 Io (8)
Plan B l E m o N D e (14)
New archos tablets df (31)
US of A population l E m o N D e (6)
Amish Sexting case Idiot (3)
Anybody ever barbecue drunk? muppet (17)
Saudi panic anticipated as dupply of domestic slaves dries up trollop (5)
Successful people Bot Berlin (51)
Why do you think the economic situation in the US is bad Bot Berlin (75)
US withdrawal from Afghanistan is starting Bluebeard (21)
June 22nd, 2011
Pentagon declares war on you Idiot (5)
Diminished Reality! Wayne (0)
But I can't use your computer PigPen (11)
Obama and the "new world order" / end times thing Bored Bystander (29)
My son only eats the crust of bread Wayne (21)
Welsh Guard's choice in music Idiot (0)
Anyone ever barbecue duck? Moneychanger Wannabee (45)
computer generated japanese girl Idiot (3)
June 21st, 2011
David Thorne pilloried real people to get famous trollop (7)
Raid will not kill a huge praying mantis l E m o N D e (10)
American ruins Moneychanger Wannabee (13)
Legal review: Can one get a visa to US by telling the truth? l E m o N D e (6)
This is a special C.O.T report about pest control l E m o N D e (2)
Another thing about Austin Moneychanger Wannabee (9)
Hot Sauce xampl (30)
A word to the wise Q (19)
birth control is an obligation Idiot (3)
The complete lack of discernment in media df (5)
Firefox's new version scheme is stupid. Wayne (9)
OpenDNS seems to have been hacked Idiot (1)
BitCoin Jack's monetary minutia (26)
Glenn Greenwald nails Obama Moneychanger Wannabee (15)
some guy in virginia has 129 kids Idiot (18)
June 20th, 2011
Jon Stewart on Fox News SaveTheHubble (7)
Has the opportunity slipped by? Fan boy (19)
xampl, I was in Austin again Bot Berlin (20)
Where is the best place in world to live in... l E m o N D e (13)
What's the max you would commit to work? l E m o N D e (1)
Julyna df (8)
new US health care program Idiot (7)
What's the max you would commute to work? Tim (14)
man sets self on fire to protest US war on men Idiot (11)
Algorithm Capability Improvement DanielChein (2)
About fucking time Colm (9)
.cot what are you reading for? (6)
This video has no sound MS (4)
Sharia law - good for the US? Idiot (11)
1 million charges to be filed in Vancouver Idiot (8)
June 19th, 2011
guess who won't be asked to resign Idiot (4)
Skype switcharoo Idiot (4)
Apple cash stash increases xampl (12)
Black suing over Friday Idiot (18)
Recently I forgot the fire on 2 times l E m o N D e (3)
court: BP not responsible for oil spill costs Idiot (7)
Acting director of the ATF to be fired xampl (7)
Do you let you kids sleep with dog/cat? l E m o N D e (5)
What is your compulsive safety routine? l E m o N D e (5)
Good job Taliban (7)
June 18th, 2011
NYT: Muppet was right Idiot (2)
How I avoid procrastination, II Dr. Horrorwitz (3)
I believe I cracked the C.O.T forumla... l E m o N D e (8)
Aussie models ... yo Idiot, opinion? PigPen (9)
Hehehe Serverside Troglodyte (6)
that seattle kid with the airplanes pleads guilty Idiot (3)
diving in again sierra (12)
June 17th, 2011
BMWWalk df (3)
Is Dr. Horrorwitz who he says he is? . (9)
nullptr keyword the great purple (17)
happy birthday little purple the great purple (13)
The media loves their upskirt pics df (5)
Another question from one of the Ukrainians xampl (8)
OBL executed today MobyDobie (2)
Dr Alice trollop (3)
Pippa Middleton LH (25)
At last, a Republican I can respect Moneychanger Wannabee (12)
Sent an angry letter to Blumenthal about the PROTECT IP law muppet (3)
No more Weiner PigPen (37)
we missed the ice t/aimee mann drive by Idiot (7)
June 16th, 2011
Flash-bang grenade to the nuts xampl (7)
Emma Watson Poll l E m o N D e (12)
Do you like Taco Bell's double decker? l E m o N D e (26)
Liquor in videos df (13)
Hey Wayne muppet (12)
Need to watch Greece today xampl (20)
Vancouver df (37)
man pees in lake causing mass hysteria Idiot (25)
Another reason to get out of the IT field . (39)
Nissan Morono . (19)
Mary Liked This - Joe Reblogged This Idiot (15)
Kucinich & Paul file suit against Obama Idiot (31)
June 15th, 2011
Google's cache links Idiot (4)
Coincidence Jack's sordid sanity (9)
Pssst muppet (24)
The Lincoln Lawyer Bluebeard (1)
unintentional truth part 1 eek (10)
Libyan Rebels have a pretty cool weaponmaking op going on Idiot (33)
June 14th, 2011
How to win in politics Bot Berlin (7)
"Marriage = One Man + One Woman" Moneychanger Wannabee (29)
Who is your most hated/rediculed politician? l E m o N D e (17)
Start thanking global warming, bitches df (18)
visual studio 2010 the great purple (33)
So who has U-Verse TV? Anybody? muppet (8)
So next thursday I'm getting 18Mbps ADSL installed muppet (38)
Stone and Parker's new broadway show Idiot (12)
Tori Spelling's good looks Idiot (17)
Rapture Preacher not doing so well Idiot (37)
Egypt arrested an Israeli spy l E m o N D e (19)
Yet another american military operative outted as fake lez Idiot (8)
C/C++ reinventing the wheel and scripts Bot Berlin (12)
This film is my favorite... l E m o N D e (1)
Commando training at Syria's army l E m o N D e (6)
Limitless Bluebeard (4)
Questions by the Ukrainians xampl (10)
We shall have Europe l E m o N D e (7)
Black Widow dies xampl (0)
Atonement. Almost great. But would I be pissed off!! PigPen (2)
What do you say to... Thilo Sarrazin ? l E m o N D e (12)
Ars Technica: Muppet was right Idiot (22)
It's Tuesday Idiot (4)
June 13th, 2011
Pet peeve: Repel when meaing rappel Fan boy (11)
it's official: older developers are out of work, more free time Idiot (19)
Irish bank defaults but, hey, no biggie.. Serverside Troglodyte (6)
Oh! The humanity! Idiot (10)
Students turn STEM mentoring program into rap video production Palmer Eldritch (8)
Bothers in politics PigPen (31)
bin Laden sex tapes Idiot (5)
Facebook is over Idiot (28)
Super 8 Idiot (17)
June 12th, 2011
gay fiction project barrels out of control wildly Idiot (18)
Science vs building/engineering stuff Bot Berlin (10)
Other languages ... pronunciation PigPen (4)
Meeting your Waterloo PigPen (22)
More Thatcher Bluebeard (30)
When Germans were the good guys Moneychanger Wannabee (2)
new C++ standard Idiot (21)
Extinction of the human race. PigPen (18)
McDonalds Upgrades Idiot (22)
Does Nook Work for any length of time? ShyK (3)
June 11th, 2011
A new glacier? Moneychanger Wannabee (22)
Schools redesigning CS programs Idiot (27)
Photo caption comp II trollop (3)
Alocholic or Roidoholic? ! (4)
empathic society eek (1)
For your daily "WTF was that?" Peter (2)
The King's Speech PigPen (16)
Mormon for President PigPen (24)
The car wash rant l E m o N D e (2)
Photo captioning competition trollop (5)
Landspeeder now a reality Idiot (4)
Blacks out of control in Chicago Idiot (10)
June 10th, 2011
US microbreweries versus EU (not swill) breweries sierra (28)
SWAT teams going after late student loans Idiot (8)
Lyrics: The Day That Thatcher Dies l E m o N D e (14)
Oh Crap Bot Berlin (7)
We saw this today muppet (1)
Shooting the shit ... gotta love the intarwebs PigPen (4)
Blake Lively nekkid PigPen (2)
Attendance Policy the great purple (27)
Obama is slicing the definition to graduate all subsidies l E m o N D e (2)
Aussie gays ... Just say "No!" to women PigPen (5)
Awesome df (9)
Greece default Io (19)
Then you weren't really ready, were you? xampl (4)
Mikhail Khodorkovsky Io (3)
Clinton angling to run the world bank? Peter (13)
Cyclist gets ticket for not riding in bike lane xampl (18)
Do not develop anything too good for iOS MS (13)
My favorite Visual Studio error message Wayne (3)
Internet made in New York Bluebeard (3)
June 9th, 2011
double authentication sites are annoying Idiot (12)
Pet Peeve: Phone message with number said too fast Fan boy (8)
Newt Gingrich el (19)
I have a classic SQL problem that needs creative solution Wayne (66)
SNLJ Idiot (4)
But it will still be legal Jack's sitting share (9)
i4i $300M verdict against MSFT Jack's patent pustule (3)
Reddit is fun muppet (7)
Jon Stewart cuts wrist while saterizing Weiner SaveTheHubble (10)
Think Tank my ass, or cui bonon PigPen (22)
Apple bans drunk-driving apps df (39)
What's the point of standards, then? xampl (25)
Gap between kids PigPen (ex ....) (5)
Lambo Aventador PigPen (ex ....) (3)
Ultimate Warrior has some harsh words for Hulk Hogan Brutus Beefcake (4)
June 8th, 2011
Weiner's arab wife Idiot (8)
We interrupt C.O.T for a silly joke (Warning it is silly) l E m o N D e (5)
Hey guys, do you like children? l E m o N D e (7)
Hey muppety muppet... l E m o N D e (2)
df was correct Vaxen (0)
SSRS Source Control Jack's enterprisey elicitation (6)
all out war against those who say college is expensive Idiot (31)
Warlords next door? xampl (11)
The internet is so awesome df (5)
wikipedia has a new checkbox Idiot (4)
Barnes & Noble deserve their fate xampl (10)
Support call from hell trollop (0)
Does Michelle work out? Idiot (21)
It has to be said, on software development PART II Kenny (20)
Mock tests are too low of level Fan boy (8)
I'm in a good mood today... l E m o N D e (4)
Birmingham Pedophile Case MobyDobie (19)
What's that powder & do you absolutely need it? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (17)
World IPv6 day less is more (5)
June 7th, 2011
Wow... Jack's rags (eeww) riches (13)
Xen supported in Linux 3.0 Vaxen (2)
Wednesday Night Is All Right for Loving bpd (4)
WiiU Wayne (14)
What's a starred timestamp on Reddit comment mean? muppet (3)
How do you know when you've "made it" ? xampl (11)
Bear throwing FrakBuccaneer (11)
Texting maggots in theaters xampl (18)
Reddit, WTF muppet (22)
June 6th, 2011
On self destruction Michael B (24)
It has to be said, on software development Bot Berlin (22)
Where's the hair? Just Sayin' (2)
Twitter, can you see replies from non-friends Bot Berlin (4)
iCloud scam Idiot (4)
The Obama effect Bot Berlin (8)
Weiner did it Moneychanger Wannabee (10)
Lion release Idiot (15)
Apple the follower df (7)
Li Na! Li Na! Li Na! Vaxen (15)
Single-letter domain names xampl (16)
Happy Nightmares muppet (12)
Rock Star Programmer Wanted! ...bit me! WhereAreTheProfessionals? (16)
SOAP / REST line noise (4)
June 5th, 2011
blog visitor planning suicide line noise (1)
8 yrs in prison for sex doll prank Idiot (14)
UK schools teaching programming in primary school Idiot (24)
How to make this happen? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (2)
Good at math, good at computers? Bot Berlin (28)
If I were not cray on tap l E m o N D e (10)
Enable SSI for .htm on GoDaddy Windows shared hosting plan Sathyaish Chakravarthy (4)
June 4th, 2011
Syrian protest videos Idiot (5)
existence of quantum foam proven Idiot (10)
Fuck the kids. And fuck their kids too PigPen (ex ....) (1)
But is he happy?? PigPen (ex ....) (1)
Techmeme: why didn't anyone tell me about it Idiot (1)
Don't become a paralegal if you have big boobs PigPen (ex ....) (5)
GOP plan for economy Idiot (8)
June 3rd, 2011
Duke Nukem Forever demo muppet (3)
What proportion of Americans lease their cars? Troy (9)
Hop in my weedester, let's go! Jack's competitive compensation (6)
holy shit, my c compiler has closures Idiot (10)
How I avoid procrastination Dr. Horrorwitz (15)
Democrats now support TSA searches Idiot (6)
3D tv less is more (3)
Groupon IPO df (7)
Movie: The Host Kenny (4)
John Edwards indicted.  Warrant for his arrest issued. xampl (12)
Cristopher Hitchens on waterboarding hoyza (12)
Philo-semitism SaveTheHubble (11)
Music, Film, publishing ... harder now? PigPen (ex ....) (12)
On god, his works, and well, his character PigPen (ex ....) (39)
About the KKK l E m o N D e (7)
Where is Ward ? l E m o N D e (3)
why pot will be legalized Idiot (16)
desperate tech assistance needed Idiot (10)
June 2nd, 2011
No word from Mom & Pop shop Fan boy (29)
Bitcoins df (1)
JoS spam Q (1)
I don't even know what tumblr is. Idiot (10)
Rest vs. Soap Moneychanger Wannabee (17)
Hey now... Hey now... l E m o N D e (4)
Windows developers shit themselves over casual mention of HTML5 Wayne (13)
Should muslims kill me? MobyDobie (23)
Lady Gaga Wayne (20)
Izzy muppet (8)
Lodsys patents Jack's patent pending packrat (10)
See, I'm not that much of a consumer whore muppet (9)
All 4000 pdf books from National Academies now free LH (9)
Naming kids PigPen (ex ....) (35)
losing passwords now gets 1 yr prison term Idiot (20)
Women sleep with guys because of their apartments Kenny (36)
Access Point vs Router Kenny (14)
US failing because it was built muppet (5)
Do you disagree with the KKK? Idiot (20)
Displeasure Suit Larry. trollop (3)
Apple says it is illegal to give iPads as gifts Idiot (5)
Should programmers be giving presentations to managers? . (7)
Nigerian cooking Idiot (0)
June 1st, 2011
Setting myself up for some pain. Fan boy (12)
Windows 8 makes files and file system obsolete Idiot (10)
You fucking dumbshits (guy got cheated on) line noise (cmbc64) (4)
Money laundering throuh bitcoin??? Quear (22)
Brilliant Article (no muppets!) df (25)
Muslim women are modest Idiot (27)
Charlie in the Trees! muppet (6)
I just poisoned myself by accident Dr. Horrorwitz (46)
A book that shouldn't be missing Io (1)
Mortgage-induced mental illness (320 square foot home family) Palmer Eldritch (27)
Is Horrorwitz's brain hardwired for believing horseshit? Bluebeard (48)
Leonard Nimoy's Day Off Wayne (12)
Cycles in the tree! Wayne (15)