RIP Philo

June 30th, 2005
favorite breakfast cereal? Cereal Killer (18 comments)
There's something dodgy going on... Jack of all (11)
The news is fucked up MarkTAW (26)
Python syntax muppet (6)
Hit me baby one more time example (3)
Cory thanks for the suggestion of everything2 muppet (8)
Boodler on Windows? Alex (0)
Is this a scam? Miles Archer (11)
Hey, guys! Sathyaish Chakravarthy (30)
I need a holiday... a cynic writes... (8)
Sathyaish is out of control. muppet (14)
OK Sathyaish Chakravarthy (26)
Musical Resume Sathyaish Chakravarthy (41)
Stupid stupid salesmen Mat Hall (8)
Fort Bragg speech el (14)
Greatest American of all time? Pashmeh Kos (52)
June 29th, 2005
Get the contents of a URL resource? Philo (14)
Outlook 2000 - Reply in Plain text outlookhell (5)
States Rights vs. The Supremes Misanthrope (10)
Chocodiles (gratuitous profanity and violence) muppet (6)
Resume okay? Jeff Barton (26)
Joel finally moved the .NET group! Cory Foy (1)
Brief word of advice Aaron F Stanton (11)
War of the Worlds (no spoilers) sharkfish (44)
Outlook display names Nathan (1)
Another T Shirt Design Simon Lucy (54)
LINUX and Support Open Source ribbons Nora Roberts (12)
And now, a collection of obscene photographs. Flasher T (15)
I want these!!! Philo (25)
"pessimistic, negative curmudgeons" indeed... a cynic writes... (17)
You were only supposed to... Flasher T (8)
Personal Editions... I love you! Jack of all (1)
June 28th, 2005
Proglottid lumberjack (32)
Cell phone recommendation Moosebumps (19)
Eminent domain this, justice doucebag! thompson_gunner (11)
True story. Comments? Flasher T (33)
Philo and [g,d,r] :) (19)
Farming is not better than hunting/gathering sharkfish (45)
Bloody weather! Mat Hall (27)
Did someone make history today? Glenn Gould Genius (12)
Dear idiot coworker muppet (44)
Life of PI Furious George (5)
Noi the Albino Jack of all (0)
Text to table challenge. Flasher T (22)
June 27th, 2005
Strangely hipnotic Jack of all (23)
Yep, it's about time Dan Denman (2)
Sisters, the book Dan Denman (2)
DIY endangers the lives of those you love! Jack of all (0)
OH YEAH OH YEAH, I went to my first Hooter's today muppet (31)
Default, Firefox spelling plugin? Berlin Brown (5)
Google command line sharkfish (16)
Daily Show on Flag Burning Philo (4)
I got hit on twice over the weekend, which made me feel better muppet (36)
and I thought _I_ was a broke-*ss sharkfish (10)
Well Cory muppet (21)
zombie dogs, oh my sharkfish (19)
Cellphone-Laptop-Internet Connection (5)
I like to learn more about Probability and Statistics Rick Tang (12)
Haircuts Dennis Forbes (30)
700 pounds of books Rick Tang (18)
Sit or Stand lumberjack (8)
Grokster result Mat Hall (24)
Iraq, GWB and the US ban of the Commandments in a courtroom KayJay (5)
Deck stairs Daniel (26)
Put the Fucking Lotion in the Basket Simon Lucy (57)
ahmadinejad won khomeini (4)
Lets get physical Jack of all (26)
IBM and holocaust Dan Denman (11)
The REAL reason why Nicole Kidmann left Tom... Heston (32)
June 26th, 2005
What can you do in New York City for free? Philo (24)
Joseph and the Paraons of Virtue (italics sure would be neat) muppet (1)
CNOOC bid of Unocal Kim (16)
Madagascar (no spoilers) Philo (5)
interesting view on Afghanistan son of parnas (1)
The Zealot Train muppet (3)
525600 minutes KayCee (4)
Overcoming Ignorance Anon for this thread (23)
why do christians hate gays? son of parnas (43)
Yahoo shuts down user created chatrooms Rick Tang (2)
CIA kidnappers enjoy pleasant trip Jesus H Christ (4)
June 25th, 2005
flying leeches over breakfast muppet (26)
Windows Tahoma font changed Erik Springelkamp (6)
Question for all posters ... Real Some Guy (28)
hats muppet (6)
June 24th, 2005
Windows XP Auto-Update AllanL5 (11)
Google maps images Alex Bolenok (12)
Italian Judge Issues Arrest Warrants for CIA Agents Mongo (19)
For the JOS Dads out there, a question cubiclegrrl (19)
Adventures in the world of tech support (II) Joel Coehoorn (9)
Iraq insurgency still strong, general says Dan Denman (22)
Pedophiles Dennis Forbes (62)
Good (and cheap) NNTP service? muppet (5)
Live8 Dennis Forbes (48)
GTA:SA Mat Hall (2)
eComic Sathyaish Chakravarthy (8)
If I own an idea... Jesus H Christ (11)
I really dont see piracy as... Jesus H Christ (44)
At what age.... Another poster... (60)
Battlefield 2 Dennis Forbes (11)
June 23rd, 2005
::drool:: muppet (14)
I returned the overhead projector and used the money I got back muppet (8)
Parental tech support example (14)
Cats changing personality! Li-fan Chen (11)
America is dying Ian Boys (25)
Where does the money come from? Foreign College students. Berlin Brown (29)
Letterman Top 10 - Saddam / Doritos Jared (15)
Yarrr! Mat Hall (9)
Can you hear that? It's the U.S. Constitution, crying. Yo (33)
c2's stupid use of code words son of parnas (3)
Supreme Court Rules Cities May Seize Homes son of parnas (9)
For those fans of the liberal side of the supreme court name withheld out of cowardice (24)
What games do you play? Clark (26)
Pharisaical Christains AllanL5 (23)
Quickest way from Grand Central Station to Penn Station Furious George (17)
This sounds familiar... qwe (16)
All bosses look alike Sathyaish Chakravarthy (1)
Question for Mark Sathyaish Chakravarthy (38)
Violence in Computer Games qwe (86)
Awww, that's just nice Jack of all (1)
June 22nd, 2005
I really did try tilDeath (6)
Study finds cellphones distract drivers Misanthrope (12)
Projector: I give up muppet (15)
House approves flag burning amendment Jeff Barton (50)
"I'm sorry if offended your sensebilities" hoser (16)
Batman Begins (spoilers) MarkTAW (29)
What to do in San Francisco? anon in iceland (16)
My Radeon isn't behaving - LCD pixels muppet (25)
Cisco PoE pinout conversion Joel Coehoorn (0)
What's Missing? lumberjack (17)
Card Game - Could someone fill in the numbers, please? KayJay (7)
Acrobat, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways... Mat Hall (6)
Have a thought, now I get the mobile phones. Berlin Brown (22)
Call me Surly (3)
What barcode would you have? Surly (14)
June 21st, 2005
Sublet in New York Jerry Seinfeld lookalike (1)
Homemade projector: online (mostly) muppet (7)
Easy to use paint software Gerald (18)
Hot... Cold... Hot... Cold... Hot... Cold... Hot... Cold... Kenny (11)
This is what happens when I've been working on my novel too long muppet (14)
convergence rant dil.b.ert (28)
Some days Simon Lucy (1)
politicians accuse politicians of being politically motivated Jesus H Christ (7)
Lady Luck I am Jack's Sinatra song (7)
Potatoes are... Andy (27)
Watching over and over... Philo (33)
June 20th, 2005
For muppet (and most everyone else here, including me) Aaron F Stanton (10)
Anger Dennis Forbes (34)
Firewall routing loop question Philo (4)
Open Solaris Jared (3)
Malcolm Gladwell Dude in search of meaning (12)
Ants! Mat Hall (16)
Homemade projector status muppet (10)
New Book Sathyaish Chakravarthy (3)
School assignments Anonymous (20)
Death March Chant Shocked but Anonymous (4)
LA Times Wikitorial Rick Tang (0)
Saddam is Doritos addict example (6)
cheap coaxial cable? muppet (12)
Non-Computer Related Projects Dennis Forbes (16)
JoS Poker Night I am Jack's social scene (6)
Online Card Game Security I am Jack's poker point (8)
Nullsoft Installer - weird 'data' file Alex (0)
June 19th, 2005
Good utility for backup to DVD? Needy (10)
Powerpoint to HTML converter Alex K (7)
Will F1 ever return to the US again? Dennis Forbes (25)
Amaaaazing people... Another poster... (12)
How Joel is spending Father's Day Philo (4)
The Washington Post Misanthrope (15)
Summer Solstice Flasher T (17)
Father's Day Pressies Simon Lucy (11)
June 18th, 2005
Team America Miles Archer (10)
The Ashes Andrew Cherry (21)
what are the uses of pi? pi eater (32)
TV High 5 trollop (3)
June 17th, 2005
It's so quiet... Philo (3)
No More Change Jesus H Christ (17)
*cough* muppet (66)
The Scam of A/V Accessories Dennis Forbes (11)
wtf? Yes, I tried re-loading the page. Many times. (9)
OK I want this couch muppet (16)
Just don't understand? Porn issue Berlin Brown (16)
Sprinkler guys are here Philo (12)
Who had the issue with the neighbour smoking? 0xCC (11)
FedEx "2 day" service muppet (33)
So, there's been a ton of coverage on the Downing St hearing... muppet (10)
Homework assignments muppet (27)
heart attack provocation #379 muppet (41)
When someone points a camera at you, will you Rick Tang (8)
Does anyone *really* find fake... Jesus H Christ (31)
June 16th, 2005
What the... Surly (4)
Al admits the middle class is getting screwed sharkfish (13)
Earthquake Day Simon Lucy (30)
Total number of Slashdot comments Rick Tang (18)
Anyone here ever work in a NOC? Philo (10)
Given the recent threads on office pranks... R1ch (8)
Bait car Dennis Forbes (7)
June 15th, 2005
Dating Advice, Part 2 Philo (88)
I kid you not... (0)
I/O shield? Philo (13)
I think I have successfully turned my poor cat muppet (20)
It couldn't get easier than this Sathyaish Chakravarthy (11)
New Side Bar Sathyaish Chakravarthy (7)
I found the website that sells muppet (22)
OK so I've got all the components of my Tom's Hardware projector muppet (22)
Team Performance Review Question Sathyaish Chakravarthy (16)
Batman Begins Tonight Jeff Barton (6)
Small Berlin Rant #979033 - Confuse the Consumer Berlin Brown (16)
Chinese spam Dennis Forbes (4)
Okay, now I'm ready to replace my 21" CRT... Philo (40)
Any hardware hackers present? muppet (4)
Happiness is muppet (6)
Wikis vs. Viruses Philo (13)
The economics of old cars (continued) Simon Lucy (11)
Things Surly (4)
June 14th, 2005
Super high quality documentation from the Mozilla Foundation muppet (26)
Mark Steyn on Microsoft bending down for Chinese communists Karthik (55)
Yay! I'm feeling terrific Sathyaish Chakravarthy (42)
Got $18 million? Here'a fixer upper in Woodside QADude (6)
Iframes vs Frames Phibian (5)
Righteous Anger and Ebay Trembles? Simon Lucy (39)
PS3 to walk, talk and smell like a real computer Alex (11)
What do you do when.. JD (36)
Copying HTML controls? muppet (10)
static variables in javascript functions? muppet (13)
Is anyone else having trouble a cynic writes... (8)
Giminy Gilikers, Batman, do ya think so?! muppet (7)
South African Deputy President Zuma Axed Gary van der Merwe (5)
poo post (0)
Norton Disk Doctor-like software for XP? Shen (1)
On The Daily Show Tonight Justin Johnson (4)
Would you date another computer person? Berlin Brown (22)
The Impostor Brad Wilson (10)
June 13th, 2005
Ouch - eBay sucks... Philo (22)
Michael Joe Jackson - Found Not Guilty (34)
One day, when I was young I said to sorrow... Sathyaish Chakravarthy (5)
Getting married in 6 days!! Almost H. Anonymous (25)
Any Australians in? Andrew Cherry (15)
New rule for Project Aardvark Jared (4)
Space Launches Dennis Forbes (12)
New Car Gas considered Dangerous Simon Lucy (8)
Display technology and where we're going Dennis Forbes (30)
What is actually new? Aaron F Stanton (44)
Fear of Homophobia at its best KayJay (8)
Booger eaters are healthier then the rest of us Brad Wilson (23)
Font Licensing Surly (4)
Francis Urquhart Philo (9)
Re-interview suggestions anon (26)
June 12th, 2005
"You're smart too late and old too soon." - Mike Tyson Yeah (10)
More on the brain questions, Thinking tasks and energy Berlin Brown (16)
"In defense of cheating" (Calculators in exams++) Mat Hall (28)
Stupid things that make me happy Philo (8)
Somehow I think threads are getting mixed and muddled. John Aitken (11)
Modafinil experience anon (19)
question Dave G. (3)
June 11th, 2005
A new start for Africa ! Karthik (12)
Country roll call (unique entries only) Philo (34)
The Day After Dennis Forbes (21)
Any thoughts on the E.U.? John Aitken (32)
How do CD-RW's work? (19)
Happy Words MarkTAW (50)
American left wing radicals oppose Indian reform Karthik (56)
Music stores - some get it, some don't. Philo (8)
why didn't apple move to IBM's cell processor? son of parnas (35)
We should all learn Mandarin Ward (10)
June 10th, 2005
Positivity Rick Tang (19)
Studies from questionable source -- part 2 Rick Tang (13)
No New Command Line for Longhorn Almost H. Anonymous (14)
Adventures in the world of tech support Joel Coehoorn (10)
Tomorrow would be a hard day... Another poster... (27)
Internet vs. Real Life Philo (20)
Long holidays enjoyed by government workers... Another poster... (16)
Getting ripped off, 101 muppet (68)
Fast food and driving Rick Tang (4)
More Friday stuff muppet (6)
OK I know I shouldn't laugh muppet (12)
US in talks with Iraqi insurgents Actively Disengaged (19)
How best to perform a diff in these circumstances muppet (27)
Which OS is more vulnerable? Philo (20)
Nasa Watch -- a new broom AllanL5 (5)
This sounds about right muppet (19)
DVD players / X-box jz (21)
negotiating (with woman) Not so ugly geek (40)
June 9th, 2005
best e-mail search engine? Pete (4)
I did an embarassing thing I (4)
America's youth voting after all Philo (19)
M.U.L.E. MarkTAW (6)
What Motivates the Suicide Bomber? son of parnas (28)
Bicycle Trailers MarkTAW (6)
Pursuing the right idea Dennis Forbes (13)
Apropos of calculators Simon Lucy (15)
Is the downing street memo a reason to impeach bush? son of parnas (18)
flattening yield curve Pat (3)
LOL! Philo (4)
So, I found my dice sack and binders of Magic: The Gathering muppet (35)
Calculators on standardized tests madking (47)
Aardvark writing revisited (and all positive!) Mat Hall (8)
Terrorism and security. Eric Debois (34)
FBI given wider powers to target the new terrorist threads Jesus H Christ (10)
The News, Journalism, Infomercials hoser (7)
June 8th, 2005
The Tripple X Domain PNII (62)
Need a decent tut muppet (20)
Bush introduces vigilantism Jesus H Christ (36)
Crumbs for Africa Ed. (23)
Quality of Project Aardvark Writing bionicroach (15)
Did Card Really Write Enders Game? son of parnas (38)
GMerge Mat Hall (1)
Franchise Opportunity Dennis Forbes (14)
Is it necessarily that Rick Tang (19)
Oh my God, homosexual penguins... Almost H. Anonymous (21)
HTML combobox muppet (9)
Fantasy General Kenny (4)
US leads in mental illness Actively Disengaged (37)
This perfectly sums up the PC vs Mac debate. Flasher T (6)
You've definitely got to see this Sathyaish Chakravarthy (16)
Network routing - does this make sense? Philo (4)
Ok, anyone got a spare 2T of storage and a garage? Simon Lucy (18)
Hero's Quest lumberjack (57)
How do you deal with forms then? Geert-Jan Thomas (19)
Blue Brain MarkTAW (26)
Losing weight Prakash S (17)
June 7th, 2005
Your job is killing you! MarkTAW (14)
i like 4400 on the scifi channel son of parnas (4)
PHP behavior question muppet (1)
anger sharkfish (48)
"Watch, Ride, and Report" Snark (7)
gougle groups sucks even worse son of parnas (8)
I've either had too much or too little sleep when muppet (11)
Hey look everyone, it's Almost Anonymous muppet (5)
Weight thread Philo (32)
What's up with ?joel example (13)
Music while biking Joel Coehoorn (14)
The only reason that we're not a meritocracy muppet (76)
Dear Web-Standards/Firefox/Open Source/w3c Zealots muppet (37)
The source does NOT invalidate the study, dammit. Philo (86)
Marriage F. Sinatra (63)
Deja Vu and one way to get into the news... Simon Lucy (0)
wget rtsp files anon (1)
Saddam, WMD and Jim Ramkin Jesus H Christ (22)
Linus Pauling may have been a crackpot Ward (17)
June 6th, 2005
Nominate a President! Philo (50)
Disciplined Minds -- study on being a proper professional Tayssir John Gabbour (6)
Bank Fees MarkTAW (34)
My DI-624 RevC Wireless Router PNII (9)
Hell's Kitchen sharkfish (15)
Given a known volume of space muppet (45)
Coldplay Rulezz yeah yeah yeah (5)
Need Revenge Ideas Peeved (12)
MacDonald Toilets Rick Tang (4)
rappers and girls angle baby (38)
And the SCOTUS has ruled against the use of medical marijuana muppet (48)
Thesis defence done. Flasher T (33)
Can you make the time to do this job? Simon Lucy (38)
Good online credit report vendor? muppet (18)
On experimenting with ice, wire and weights Ian Boys (40)
June 5th, 2005
Job Opportunity trollop (33)
Dating advice Philo (79)
Watergate's "Deep Throat" worked for the FBI! AllanL5 (25)
U.S. Congress comes back AllanL5 (9)
The Forums Were Not Accessible In The Last Few Minutes Sathyaish Chakravarthy (5)
The creepiest people. Flasher T (12)
High living standards attributed to 8 MM jobs/quarter destroyed ShyK (20)
ClearType ct (17)
Either a really big mistake muppet (37)
yahoo search is pretty good now son of parnas (5)
Goatse Mickey Mouse? muppet (6)
Hey wow you guys are now actually deleting my threads? muppet (9)
So hey neat, I installed Subversion muppet (11)
Laziness Berlin Brown (8)
June 4th, 2005
The dangers of linking images elsewhere Dennis Forbes (40)
Brown-nosing dictatorship and human-rights violations? Oh no, more personal attacks! :( (2)
Subdirectories not being "archived" by "Offline Files" in WinXP? muppet (6)
My Jone's Cream Soda is rooting for me muppet (21)
blogging software - without a database DB don't want (11)
GREAT idea for a movie... Philo (2)
Brilliant article in the National Post today. ,..., (6)
Blowing down the Walls of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho Simon Lucy (7)
American Beauty Jesus H Christ (30)
how low can we go? Jesus H Christ (26)
Judge Hatchett Ruling Overturned By Judge Joe Brown LOL (14)
We can each have our own KayJay (5)
June 4th, 1989 Rick Tang (11)
June 3rd, 2005
Friday Fun example (0)
How to drive.. JD (0)
Project Aardvark underscore (2)
Thomas Friedman on the French love for 35 hour weeks. Karthik (22)
Totally hijacked thread Christopher Wells (5)
Could you suggest authors Rick Tang (53)
Question for parents Yoey (14)
Gee the first time I changed the topic name muppet (26)
Logic puzzle. Mathematical representation KayJay (11)
Favorite Online Comics Snark (14)
darfur drawn xava! (1)
Damned Adherents of the Repeated Meme Stephen Jones (21)
Why does a car have more than one gear? Berlin Brown (21)
WTF? Tell me this is just a poor translation! Mat Hall (I'm back. Whoopee.) (6)
Questions for Muppet Lies of Society (11)
Qwantz Andy (4)
Well I registered on a lark muppet (55)
Some help with 'cPanel X' ? a cynic's son writes... (23)
Automatic Mirroring Sathyaish Chakravarthy (4)
Visio 2003 - Master Pages? Cory Foy (0)
Republicans say: Vote against your best interests AllanL5 (16)
resume part II muppet (70)
I so wonder how this will play out.. Eric Debois (8)
Coming soon to ebay muppet (10)
"For Geeks" MarkTAW (14)
June 2nd, 2005
SEC Chairman Rick Tang (2)
Message board/forum for Delphi developers Delphi beginner (9)
A typical example of the nonsense that has ruined my credit/life muppet (54)
Goatse inspired Time Magazine cover (seriously) Rednatsyb Derob (11)
best way to include AdSense on your pages? son of parnas (2)
I've figured out why I still have a green checkie muppet (28)
Here's my partially completed, WIP resume muppet (63)
Insurance is a scam not insured (118)
Resume formats muppet (30)
Thinking about Toll Booths JD (27)
Behind the looking glass in Iraq xava! (27)
Today's Dilbert Sathyaish Chakravarthy (15)
Something in the air that makes people trust you Anonymous this time (10)
Galloway Wary of Staged Terror Attack as Pretext for Invasion Lies of Society (8)
That Grievous guy is something else Alex (9)
The recent release of the smuggled photographs...: 2001 Another poster... (28)
June 1st, 2005
What is the difference between... JD (19)
Aaron F Stanton as a moderator? Jesus H Christ (17)
Home insurance trollop (4)
History of the EU constitution Jesus H Christ (7)
A poignant and relevant quote muppet (13)
It's about time... Almost H. Anonymous (2)
SF 49ers and lesbian porn QADude (7)
Sleep Dennis Forbes (18)
Spies in China Rick Tang (7)
cross browser comaptibility Danny Goodman (10)
Re: Sidebar AllanL5 (27)
The Netherlands are on the world stage AllanL5 (10)
Aaron Aaron F Stanton (34)
Neverwinter Nights Lies of Society (3)
Philosophical Question Aaron F Stanton (20)
Whiners Brad Wilson (90)
quick while it lasts muppet (25)
This is just good Simon Lucy (6)
How do we measure literacy? Another poster... (9)
"Just ignore me when I get crabby like this" (Eric Sink) (25)
Dennis Forbes and ?off asdf (40)