Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

May 31st, 2015
Hastert 3 newsbot (0 comments)
Interesting startup brone (12)
n/a Wabi-sabi (formerly Michael B) (5)
Obama teams up with Republicans to defend slavery . (16)
The new Google Photos app is insane Wabi-sabi (formerly Michael B) (7)
Alternatives to rotten tomatoes Wick (6)
Would you care if your wife was shaggin' sheep? Wick (20)
privilege explained eek (48)
RIP Beau Biden Walter (1)
May 30th, 2015
Do you people have your heads in the gutter or what? President of Brice Fan Club (12)
Would you care if your wife had a lesbian lover? Reality Check (59)
What kind of company do you prefer to work in? Tom (5)
What's up with these tech companies trying to be so social? . (16)
Do you play computer games? Io (27)
mcdonalds new poverty policy Regular Poster (24)
Onion eek (2)
Disappearing Threads - Antidepressants vs. Placebos FSK (18)
May 29th, 2015
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Dallas flooding NPR (15)
Cool find of the day! Shylock (0)
Lights Wabi-sabi (formerly Michael B) (0)
Dear mod Wabi-sabi (formerly Michael B) (9)
For those of us who has engineering degree... WildRiver (15)
You can't fix crazy, can ya? Joe (22)
Statistics Shylock (5)
Hubble, please comment. WildRiver (4)
it's official pizza guy (formerly hoyza) (5)
it's official the great purple (46)
How does one become a great coder? Philippe (20)
May 28th, 2015
Hastert newsbot (7)
Antidepressants no better than placebo Wabi-sabi (formerly Michael B) (7)
NYC po po Bob Baden (7)
Now on Tap !! Lee (2)
Small gov for thee, not for me Am (3)
Bizarre train ride Shylock (4)
CoT you are like a family to me Canned Gods Inc. (26)
Interview for interview's sake is such a time wasting task! WildRiver (11)
Fitbit and Jawbone MBA Analyst (10)
hate sales? Consider marketing. pizza guy (formerly hoyza) (28)
Need to be a sales expert to have a successful career? Code Monkey (20)
May 27th, 2015
wordpress and all Friday (48)
Oprah vs. Ellen xampl9 (2)
wonderful quantum weirdness eek (5)
xampl9: How is work? NPR (13)
Bernie Sanders for President? WildRiver (14)
Happy Wed since I forgot it yesterday! WildRiver (3)
Dumbness and Facebook Bored Bystander (1)
Kenya is calling Obama...lol WildRiver (1)
Yo!  Where the fuck did everyone go? President of Brice Fan Club (10)
Self Join flipped the other way Wick (3)
What router are you guys using at home? Kenny the Robot (4)
hello dear cot friends... I missed you all LeMonDe (11)
political event ape man (2)
Pick a new career for me xampl9 (31)
Arkansas Likely To Approve Bonds For Lockheed Factory Quant (2)
making fork work 4 webserver tests pizza guy (formerly hoyza) (1)
US brings corruption charges against FIFA dicks Michael B (9)
Corruption in the UK Quant (0)
So you need to be in management by 40? Code Monkey (44)
May 26th, 2015
webserver update pizza guy (formerly hoyza) (11)
Spammers be gettin' creative pizza guy (formerly hoyza) (4)
Do you believe everyone should know everyone else's salary? Michael B (24)
Convert a bunch of PDFs or word docs to Leanpub markdown pizza guy (formerly hoyza) (2)
Quant, what math person needs (programming lang) for finance job WildRiver (29)
anyone know pizza? Delphi guy (formerly Bored Bystander) Bored Bystander (23)
State of Origin Footy Cup (7)
ka ra te Kick Cup (1)
The Charles Effect pizza guy (formerly hoyza) (17)
Is having a body exhumed really that bad? Mountain_Dewd (16)
Bingo Card guy sold his company Bill42x (19)
May 25th, 2015
Austin flooding pics NPR (19)
Bad science Am (19)
enjoy... George (4)
Poop jokes R (1)
StrongLifts 5x5 Michael B (15)
Homicide rates R (4)
Bored Kenny the Robot (4)
Bloomberg Open API Bluebeard (9)
what would be your 'i did it' thought on you death bed Friday (33)
Question about Facebook/social media et al and personal privacy Bored Bystander (21)
May 24th, 2015
Sad subreddit of the week Michael B (4)
Firefox's new non-disableable ad tracking We've Been Sold Up the River (21)
I love you, internet ~ (4)
Cows are smart! Quant (6)
Japanese Crohn's study (video explaining results) Michael B (21)
Very interesting company Quant (5)
John Nash killed in car accident Gold Cup (14)
Memorial Day Suggestion Video pizza guy (formerly hoyza) (6)
What makes a good university Io (24)
May 23rd, 2015
Cleveland killer acquitted R (11)
Plugging along (hey impersonator dude, thanks for the laughs) ~ (5)
GM R (2)
Reminder: there are a lot of fake posts Michael B (8)
Duggars scandal pedo watch (6)
May 22nd, 2015
anyone know ruby? pizza guy (formerly hoyza) (15)
One last post before the holidays! WildRiver (1)
Have a nice Memorial day weekend! WildRiver (23)
Should we try and recruit more people to post here on this forum President of Brice Fan Club (24)
Do you mow your own lawn and clean your own house? NPR (106)
McGhee wins in court Choke Cup (0)
Cold casting is cool ~ (17)
Modern IT is a pale imitation of what it was 25 years ago Old Fart (40)
May 21st, 2015
are we alone in this space projection aka universe Friday (22)
Wife bonuses? this is my WTF for the week Bluebeard (27)
Got my 23andme results back NPR (23)
eek, if you like to decipher what electronics circuit does... WildRiver (8)
Discuss Gamification Gayness Bored Bystander (35)
so how smart/creative guys get paid what they're worth? Joe (38)
She is very very very fine! WildRiver (5)
What is the point of her wearing dress? WildRiver (7)
how instruments were made eek (18)
May 20th, 2015
contracting Friday (7)
filibuster bs lawful citizen (5)
Bin Laden booklist Bill42x (7)
Business process diagrams xampl9 (18)
What is the truth about our economy? Fed Reserve is just bs-ing. WildRiver (18)
Modern web development Wayne (23)
Nobody ever got fired for buying Oracle Trog (30)
JavaScript frameworks comparison WildRiver (21)
ridiculous electronics store in Aus eek (10)
They told me to give up because I'm too old for this...  over the hill? (40)
Hey all you meanies, read this and ask why being mean? WildRiver (0)
The fine work of financial industry! Our society is about fraud? WildRiver (9)
Working on legacy stuff xampl9 (8)
Wall Street takes over bitcoin Quant (5)
new nick pizza guy (formerly hoyza) (1)
Don't spoil our party! Quant (0)
15 years old Rick Tang at home (17)
Be more than a (Bored) Bystander Not a Bully (0)
May 19th, 2015
sql server sqlncli Friday (3)
AI puts web designers out of work NPR (9)
H.n Haters High kid (0)
Why is America the greatest country in the world? Michael B (18)
If COT is a company, who would you want to be friend with... WildRiver (34)
Money doesn't buy happiness. WildRiver (4)
Wanna a cheap Porsche 911? WildRiver (5)
The most fantastic desk Shylock (19)
Jackbooted thugs Shylock (2)
When do you know you are at a job too long? Joe (21)
Interview time and date? We have talk about this before. WildRiver (14)
I tried a higher carb diet NPR (8)
Mesmerizing Random CoT Dude (0)
May 18th, 2015
You and I... E.T. (6)
Goodbye Don Draper and friends Lurker indeed (7)
Calcium Michael B (21)
Another Litvinenko Quant (3)
Rand Paul against animals Quant (21)
Dealing with rude and neurotic people RJR (4)
Republican militia planned to murder muslims News Alert (2)
Programmer vs. systems analyst, which has better job prospects? Code Monkey (4)
Boyhood ~ (13)
If Brice was a systems programmer.. Trog (10)
Another film about Steve Jobs Bill42x (1)
Next crash Bill42x (5)
What I learned from Sunday night TV Bored Bystander (5)
May 17th, 2015
Back to Oracle Shylock (15)
Hello again LeMonDe (9)
At The Airport Random CoT Dude (6)
Wow, I like what this guy's writing Io (14)
NYC rich Bob Baden (5)
For SOME REASON Michael B (9)
angel of peace Reality Check (19)
Would you rather have a higher paying/high stress job..... Vinnie Mac (14)
May 16th, 2015
Windows Pro vs Home Wick (21)
One in 10 Baby Boomers I'm Temporarily Embarrassed Cup (5)
Living in Queens Michael B (4)
Is HIV a gift of love? Spread Eagled (1)
Is this harassment? CoT Survey (22)
Bashing the Office Ribbon Markowitch (15)
May 15th, 2015
Stay in the circle xampl9 (Windows Phone) (6)
BB King says the thrill is gone BB Cup (5)
TIL smoking sausages Fury in a Cup (7)
Microsoft Office....what is the best option for home PC? Mike (35)
Your life sucks - now confirmed by researchers Bluebeard (0)
The Wookiee Glove (v2.1) ~ (4)
ReadMe.txt Wick (2)
har har har to your culture eek (44)
Dealing with a pushy supervisor: Part 2 . (38)
May 14th, 2015
my 9y old wrote her first serious tune Friday (9)
Looks like it'll be a long Dry this year... Shylock (8)
Mad Max: Fury Road xampl9 (11)
hahaha, this is great cause I never like the Bush family! WildRiver (0)
Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Will Be Last OS Brice Richard (10)
Here you go...for "random COT dude" WildRiver (11)
Where are you in your field? WildRiver (12)
Let be realistic. What is the existence of many tech companies? WildRiver (9)
Bored Bystander said you people are no better than bank robbers President of Brice Fan Club (18)
Why do people not respond to great points that are made? President of Brice Fan Club (11)
What is the percentage of your code uses 3rd party libraries? WildRiver (9)
Happy wacky Thursday! WildRiver (5)
Touchdevelop Markowitch (6)
Epic Systems is a crazy cult ~ (18)
I told my daughters that I would NOT pay for their college...... Old Man (21)
May 13th, 2015
What martial arts do your or did you study? WildRiver (29)
code katas pizza guy (15)
this is weird pizza guy (5)
Letting less experienced co-workers be promoted over you . (42)
Jhadi brides on the run R (5)
pizza discount codes pizza guy (4)
Don't fall asleep in meetings in N. Korea... Bill42x (19)
May 12th, 2015
Something for the Ozzies Shylock (6)
New Age Bullshit Generator Bored Bystander (8)
What could you do with 2 trillion dollars? Or 6? Walter (31)
See what I did there? Bob Baden (7)
Concert tickets and scalpers xampl9 (3)
Muppet's great post in the management thread below Vince (10)
Yep, camera surveillant system to keep us safe? You dumb asses! WildRiver (1)
So that was a new one on me ~ (11)
Suppose I blew off paying my council tax... Michael B (41)
Holy crap... Apple holds almost $200 billion in CASH Bluebeard (21)
Picasso Lurker indeed (5)
Forget about a career in corporate IT One Who Knows (11)
May 11th, 2015
What's wrong with surveillance cameras in public again? Michael B (22)
OK, too much tension in here on Monday.  I want to lighten up. WildRiver (22)
Most obese state in 1990 less obese than least obese state today Michael B (20)
Osama was killed to get Obama relected Quant (16)
Chewbacca's porn stache ~ (7)
FSK, web dev WildRiver (4)
A promotion to management is the worst way you could reward... Code Monkey (34)
Why muppet posts too much about himself? WildRiver (27)
So a doctor who's been with the org 36 years ~ (24)
Black man wears white women as scarves Michael B (28)
Joining lots of tables Wick (18)
Working for a bad manager vs being the manager . (10)
May 10th, 2015
I paid for another year of CoT... Wayne (44)
generous boss Thanks (9)
I hate slim fit shirt Thanks (6)
Very short documentary on police procedure Bob Baden (2)
Are bot baden and bot berlin just another n/a troll accounts? WildRiver (7)
The QB seems like a decent guy Reddit Reporter (13)
The age of uncertainty Wick (35)
the last 3 secretaries of defense Bob Baden (1)
Chat Wars Bob Baden (3)
What are you supposed to say when management asks this question Code Monkey (30)
nyc cops Bot Berlin (2)
Best music track for testing an audio system Io (4)
May 9th, 2015
email spam Friday (7)
Thoughts on py3 HN reporter (7)
Just wait until you get to you computer HN reporter (0)
Aussie reviews military rations xampl9 (14)
Ugh! Wick (3)
McAfee virus scan is a piece of shit! Vince (7)
Resignation letter - hilarious and kickstarted his business Bluebeard (2)
re-learnin' ruby pizza guy (7)
why pizza pizza guy (16)
Types of programmers Io (15)
Ebola can't be cured so easily Quant (0)
Buying a house Friday (18)
May 8th, 2015
this won't surprise Quant reddit reporter (7)
music to code to reddit reporter (1)
From this day forward, hoyza shall be known as The Pizza Guy Papa John (9)
Please, Java should be gone! WildRiver (32)
We need no stinking managers!  You are warned! WildRiver (7)
bias against Men Rick T (6)
FSK on Java vs. C++ Michael B (102)
Spam is terrible (2) Michael B (0)
Finally some good use of US veterans Quant (6)
Yike! WildRiver (0)
Cool pictures of war planes in the bottom of Pacific! WildRiver (4)
parenting (or management) the great purple (33)
A short poem by google. /r/funny Reddit Reporter (0)
Five more years :( Quant (33)
How Clintons get away with it Quant (19)
Windows Movie Maker trollop (5)
May 7th, 2015
jezzabel Bot Berlin (4)
Weird MSSQL behavior Shylock (12)
Aviato, "The Uncubator" Bored Bystander (2)
Coder's worst nightmare xampl9 (13)
Counter examples for Carly Fiorina? Bored Bystander (29)
Best career path for personality type - Part 2 IT guy (30)
GoPro is a great story of focusing on what people want! WildRiver (20)
The best advice I could give you people is.... President of Brice Fan Club (8)
FSK, can you give me a break down on the job market in NYC? WildRiver (16)
Sometimes the courts get it right Shylock (1)
How does electricity work again? Michael B (54)
How to get sweaty palms Q (16)
May 6th, 2015
Why Does Every C Interview Question ... KSF (8)
Why Does Every C++ Interview Question ... FSK (23)
So did everybody miss ~ (19)
Updating my resume xampl9 (11)
Dragon Pad Abort Test xampl9 (4)
Great Article on Market Manipulation Practices Brice Richard (4)
Tesco mixer [product placement] Quant (6)
So guys, we are all smart and experienced right? Can't beat WildRiver (21)
Well, what's your MBTI? Ducknald Don (12)
Forget about Ferguson, NYC, and Baltimore riots...take a look WildRiver (2)
Bored, I got something for you to read. WildRiver (3)
Best career path for personality type IT guy (15)
Need web stack suggestions Code janitor (14)
Bernanke Inc. Quant (3)
BCB antidote Trog (3)
consciousness does not compute eek (6)
Nusra Karate Mouse (1)
Another Flash Crash Quant (25)
former cop documents current police methods eek (1)
May 5th, 2015
AMERICA Michael B (19)
God's Paradox xampl9 (0)
11 Lessons I Learned Earning $119,725.45 from Amazon Associates NPR (14)
Burning man == hippie$ Bluebeard (41)
Consulting Agency nonsense Shylock (45)
20 menthol Kools to do a surgical shine job on your eyeballs Bored Bystander (1)
OK, I'm going crazy with all the advises on here! WildRiver (22)
COT view in this clerk? Craggie (2)
Knowledge sharing in finance Io (3)
check your money! WildRiver (9)
Any of you working on cool product or just generating TPS report WildRiver (9)
Any fans of the show Barney Miller here? Wojo (5)
USA! USA! USA! Shylock (7)
How r you doing today Somebody? LeMonDe (4)
Allergy double-whammy today Michael B (22)
I'm turning into Bored Bystander - part 2 Curious (11)
the comments :-) eek (7)
Random walk Io (11)
Tesla announces a battery pack and everyone loses their minds Bluebeard (15)
For those interested in analysis Shylock (0)
So, this is anti-semitism, right? ~ (45)
Top 25 hedge fund paychecks Craggie (3)
basasses eek (8)
Will this prompt a change in US student loan industry? Quant (11)
To thoes of you who come here asking for advice President of the Brice Fan Club (9)
Continuum for Windows Phone - cool idea, but empty promises? Bluebeard (4)
Night friends Ralph (1)
May 4th, 2015
meme Friday (4)
Media PC recommendation? dave (9)
Tonight in AC/DC brone (6)
How can doctors afford to work for humanitarian orgs? Michael B (4)
It's just a freakin' PC Shylock (16)
curve fitting eek (17)
WildRiver: Trader by day, developer by night NPR (34)
Blackberries usually suck Shylock (9)
So I'm turning into the Bored Bystander, how can I stop this? Techie (32)
today's Assange leaks n/a (34)
If you had your choice of someone to sit beside xampl9 (16)
I am an IT manager and its it is the worst job I've ever accepte IT Manager (14)
What business networking advice never tells you about Come Cup (3)
May 3rd, 2015
Shooting at Mohammad cartoon contest NPR (62)
I hate drunk people Legion (15)
Stackoverflow 2015 developer survey Bluebeard (12)
grooveshark Friday (4)
How things r going in CoT land? LeMonDe (12)
new reddit threads reddit reporter (2)
From Himmler to Hopkins Quant (4)
How are promotions normally happen? Curious (60)
Goldman programmer convicted Bot Berlin (18)
get a fucking editor Bob Baden (3)
Somebody's Story Bob Baden (4)
Software architect? Markowitch (20)
90% of medical bills contain errors n/a (12)
Yik yak - great idea, bad implementation The Leaf (4)
So how do you future proof your career in this field? Curious (17)
May 2nd, 2015
Mayweather Pacman Asian (10)
how-old.net Friday (14)
fun in dubai n/a (1)
Lip curl ~ (2)
US treaty obligations & Iranian hostages Bot Berlin (24)
Was Officer Rivieri white or hispanic Wick (14)
Money doesn't buy you one femtosecond of life! WildRiver (16)
Here you go guys, have fun! WildRiver (5)
Age of Ultron xampl9 (1)
Inside Chris Christie's No Good, Really Bad, Downright Terrible Bot Berlin (3)
The hero who filmed Freddie gray arrested!!! Bot Berlin (2)
Whatup, Anonymous Ninja (4)
Justified stop? n/a (0)
How hard is it to get disbarred? n/a (6)
Baltimore R (2)
He shoots, he scores Wick (1)
Firebird, why is it so rarely used #2 Wick (26)
Floyd Dent video eek (16)
May 1st, 2015
Coroner rules GRay death homicide, all cops arrested n/a (20)
Bingo guy does it again! Bill42x (34)
First foreign pop group to perform in China xampl9 (3)
MichaelB, educate me on plant-based diets NPR (19)
wrecking crew eek (0)
This guy wins the troll game Shylock (0)
Gray photographer arrested n/a (3)
Opression of art Quant (12)
any news from lemonde? wick (6)
Random attack on subway NPR (1)
The end of the road for Christie? Shylock (5)
PSA: use transferwise.com for international bank transfers Michael B (24)
Iran's 1% Bot Berlin (38)
American Mengeles Quant (10)
Mission ends successfully with crash Break Cup (6)
Another Musk game changer? Bill42x (11)
happy International Workers' Day Friday (3)