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May 31st, 2010
Death update: Spider's wife Ward (4 comments)
Smoking kid df (4)
Cruel to bring up here, but... Ubercode? Bored Bystander (17)
I had some soup but I really want... Bot Berlin (10)
cool new sinkhole CC is over there (9)
GUID in .NET, what do you think about the thread Bot Berlin (5)
Prediction: AAPL crashes upon Jobs death! Not Rick in BC (1)
internet addiction syndrome is a real disease CC is over there (11)
Canada charge a man with illegal entry afte plane forced to land Rich Tsang (5)
Starwars Overload SaveTheHubble (2)
Prediction: AAPL above $280 before the end of the year. Rick in BC (28)
In the near future, everything will be recorded df (7)
Change we can believe in Bot Berlin (31)
"Shocker: Empathy Dropped 40% in College Students Since 2000" Rick BC (26)
Israel jumps the shark trollop (34)
Trashed a PC today. Fan boy (1)
Arizona law, what couldn't cops do before? Bot Berlin (55)
Apple & Foxconn suicides xampl (4)
BP CEO: scientists are lying He told me he's Not CC (16)
May 30th, 2010
USA, USA and evolution Bot Berlin (11)
Harry Brown xampl (0)
Android Not Bot and Not not CC. (13)
Mission Critical,  on the oil spill Bot Berlin (3)
P.F. Changs xampl (iPhone) (8)
I recommend this for kids Bot Berlin (3)
Macbook Pro as a (rather expensive) drinks stand brone (10)
The first droppers xampl (7)
Don't Ask Don't Tell has ended Uh, not CC, yeah... (8)
CC can you give us an update on the spill? Bot Berlin (5)
fractional calculus Uh, not CC, yeah... (15)
Df, what version of Android are you on Bot Berlin (2)
5 pts on reddit and 2 more downloads, CoT on Clojure Bot Berlin (8)
Just...wow Aaron (10)
It's cruel to laugh at others' misfortune Bully the Fish (3)
how does the rainfall sensor on the car work? eek (7)
Mr and Ms wSV are proud to announce... proudDadOfThings (18)
A Short History of Linux distributions lorb (3)
Man infected by computer virus Bully the Fish (4)
Log on Attila (1)
Other Deaths: Martin Gardner Ward (4)
W is the new CC: The FAA is doing BP's bidding! Ward (2)
Slavery is legal, could be useful Uh, not CC, yeah... (4)
great article about Baptist handling of rape cases Uh, not CC, yeah... (13)
what the fuck is wrong with cc CC (3)
How many worlds/realities exist for you? f (15)
May 29th, 2010
two questions f (16)
BP should be made to divest all their US operations... Q (13)
installing open source software CC (22)
Are you clever? You're mad! Q (10)
stupid imposter f is now z (12)
There is just so much wrong with this Colm (7)
Stephen Jones.. what's the current status of MSDN comments???? f (6)
universe inside black hole says black jazz saxophonist CC (5)
mud failed next step relief wells in august CC (19)
Volunteers recruited to help in oil spill threat clack medicine (1)
Don Norman's site explains why iPad unusable CC (3)
try the iPed, the iPad that runs Android and costs $105 CC (5)
Obama legalizing crack cocaine CC (6)
Arizona firing all hispanic sounding teachers CC (28)
May 28th, 2010
BP public management CC (10)
RIP Gary Coleman lorb (8)
Obama's trip to the Gulf Coast xampl (5)
Software vs. Building Construction Ward (16)
Rooster sauce xampl (iPhone) (7)
that guy on reddit sold his company for 5m f (3)
df + muppet tried to warn you f (9)
Kid commits arson for rabbit Stephen Jones (5)
The cynics take on the metafile Russian sex slave thing df (1)
Dead Harddrive redux Wayne (11)
Evil Wil Wheaton xampl (10)
Fritz Sennheiser Dies Ward (8)
Chair balloonist crosses English Channel xampl (8)
Kuro5hin df (13)
Worst Wedding DJ Ever Full name (2)
Office 2010 df (20)
Arrow 3 Fucking A. A. Hatt (Morons) (2)
SVN question Water Cooler v2 (17)
It is the latest setback to shut off the leak f (4)
Tesla Motors destroyed by bitch Interesting (13)
Recently laid off from my IT gig, should I enroll in a full time dude (32)
May 27th, 2010
Silverlight on iPhone Cory (7)
James Carville is pissed at Obama When You're Gone You STAY Gone (5)
dispersants CC (9)
"I sold my company last month for $5m. Kicr Gant (6)
Holy.... JoC (2)
Balmer at Apple WWDC? Cory (11)
One more day: iPad coming to Canada! Kicr Gant (10)
Obama is on the tellie When You're Gone You STAY Gone (3)
Kind of old, but... JoC (7)
So.. Quip for iPhone muppet (8)
Kicr Gant == Bot Berlin? When You're Gone You STAY Gone (9)
More workers starting to quit xampl (9)
Canadian government manipulate opinons on online forums Rich Tsang (11)
current oil geyser operations CC (11)
Chrome 5 seems to be fast Kicr Gant (1)
solution to korean problem CC (5)
It's Thursday again. Slow Old Mo (2)
May 26th, 2010
STHs obsevertion is actually a Law -- Poe's Law Kicr Gant (4)
So stupid - "There is no out of the box search feature." Kicr Gant (0)
"Below 60,000 dollars a year, people are unhappy... Kicr Gant (15)
CC will be pissed: identification to be requireed to buy prepaid Kicr Gant (14)
rig workers: "BP management intentionally caused disaster" CC (12)
If you can't read this... JoC (1)
spillcam action live argv[0] (14)
WTC site, now a Mosque! CC (12)
"I love me the heck out of my iPhone." Bully the Fish (6)
Chuck season finale muppet (13)
iPad decimates ____ markets CC (25)
Drugs are bad. Right? Bully the Fish (17)
May 25th, 2010
hey thanks dell argv[0] (11)
Trader Joe's hint Q (19)
Beyond BlueRay trollop (6)
I am getting my popcorn ready WayneM. (7)
We will cause our own Human extinction WayneM. (12)
Vista Question what are you reading for? (10)
Skype, mofo df (7)
Worst Sci-Fi covers ever xampl (2)
BP is committed to sustainable helping the global environment CC (1)
don't panic the great purple (2)
Recommend me a hosting company... or something Somebody (16)
Breaking Bad was funny last night muppet (6)
Everybody deny the holocaust day Colm (34)
BP militia establishes police state in Louisiana CC (8)
Crazy world Fou (12)
why people crack DRM CC (3)
May 24th, 2010
oil spill true costs CC (3)
MSDN blocks comments broken Stephen Jones (6)
Another conservative candidate down xampl (6)
China's Response to North Korea's attacking South Korean Fucking A. A. Hatt (Morons) (32)
May 23rd, 2010
Lost Finale CC (15)
Kevin Costner sucks! Bully the Fish (3)
Detroit housing xampl (13)
should drug users be sterilized? CC (9)
isotonic drink noob (1)
deepwater horizon self estimate argv[0] (8)
May 22nd, 2010
the spill sierra (16)
django f (6)
Intellisense & Eclipse df (7)
Fringe thread with finale spoilers (beware) CC (6)
Goodbye Mac guy, PC guy iPoster (4)
bot cries RACIST  f cries troll f (3)
How Twilight should have ended xampl (iPhone) (3)
I don't want to see Pam's zits Fan boy (11)
like cot preventing a suicide, but effective f (3)
Awesome cakes (to revisit an old favorite) Spaceloid (2)
Fringe still kicking ass CC (7)
Abby underway again CC (9)
I wonder how Facebook comes up with friend suggestions Ward (7)
May 21st, 2010
catch 22 questioning CC (18)
Welcome here, Christopher Olah Kicr Gant (0)
outsourced (tv series) CC (1)
Behind The Burger: The Sad Reality of Ronald McDonald Full name (0)
"Atlantic triangular trade" Kicr Gant (10)
In case you were wondering... Bot Berlin (12)
Racism in US Kicr Gant (9)
Hyperthically, if your business serves black people in 1963 Why the world is so complicated? (13)
Old Spice Ad Ward (8)
"when you travel...you can’t be denied food and lodging" Why the world is so complicated? (6)
Man, I let the most massive fart out in the men's washroom... Kenny (7)
Looking for something new to do Astro Guy (10)
Tea Party just went mainstream? Why the world is so complicated? (8)
Libertarian arguments in the Rand Paul/CRA threads Voltaire's Dog (41)
Google criminals? Bully the Skinny Euro Fish (0)
"Woof" from The Office last night Bored Bystander (6)
30th anniversary of PacMan xampl (3)
F# xampl (13)
Should BET have the right to Bot Berlin (45)
Google TV: who the fuck cares? muppet (22)
Bill Clinton appointed President of Haiti CC (10)
More re: homophobia Ward (16)
See how easy alligator-wrestling is? lorb (6)
13 yr old climbing Everest right now CC (3)
May 20th, 2010
The latest Apple talking point df (4)
What software has f written? Why the world is so complicated? (0)
Do you think Steve will change his mind Why the world is so complicated? (8)
And he is back... Bot Berlin (9)
What exactly does Google Voice allow users to do? Why the world is so complicated? (5)
In defense of homophobia Ward (23)
May 20 is Draw Mohammed Day! CC (3)
hope things work out for them CC (4)
Government over-reaching? Women can't be forced to wear dresses Why the world is so complicated? (15)
bad web business models from the oatmeal CC (2)
Rand Paul performing surgery on May20 Why the world is so complicated? (4)
Market madness xampl (0)
LMFAO "Here's the fucking link" muppet (12)
Diversity Contestant 1: sissy and queer Why the world is so complicated? (8)
It's life Jim, but not as we know it! Skinny Euro Fish (15)
Ninjas rock! Full name (10)
Post ordering oddity df (8)
Android 2.2 df (28)
First Annual CoT Diversity Contest xampl (24)
Red Dead Redemption muppet (1)
C# 4: Inspect variance on generic type parameters Water Cooler v2 (2)
CC and Bot, you guys are fantastic Rick Tang (7)
war in korea? Potentat (4)
Shrek Forever After Ward (2)
Open thread to bash gays and prostitutes CC (15)
open thread to bash the 1964 civil rights act. argv[0] (66)
Obama orders reporters who film oil damage arrested CC (21)
tea party via mark lilla argv[0] (15)
May 19th, 2010
My eyes hurt. Fan boy (1)
rachel maddow v. rand paul argv[0] (83)
Another C2S trial: why innovation is overrated. Why the world is so complicated? (5)
And in other fossil fuel disaster related news A. A. Hatt (3)
A Requiem for Gina - RIP Mongo (23)
UK prime minister: "I'm tired of living in a police state" CC (11)
Gosling's dream almost comes true. Why the world is so complicated? (4)
drugs CC (4)
threat letter from AZ power commissioner to LA mayor CC (4)
gamma rays do this CC (10)
war in thailand CC (9)
how parochial schools handle raped students CC (11)
video tutorials Scott (1)
penny wise pound foolish Scott (9)
Lesson learned from Kathy Sierra appearance on CoT Bored Bystander (62)
WebM df (2)
Cigarettes in movies df (38)
wtf is "shagging flies" ? eek (3)
So, I think I'm done with Lexx muppet (12)
LOL @ the first 5 minutes of this week's Breaking Bad muppet (2)
Red Dead Redemption muppet (19)
Adobe at it again el (6)
Vinyl floors not vaccines cause autism CC (5)
Awesome Canadian Mortgage Fraud Ward (2)
Went to the humane society today lorb (4)
May 18th, 2010
Carly Fornica trollop (11)
Did I miss something? Aaron (9)
30 Years since Mt. St. Helen's erupted Ward (4)
Jonathan Gay -- chief architect of Flash from the start to 2005 Why the world is so complicated? (6)
Why didn't these exist when I was younger? Why the world is so complicated? (5)
If you want your brain to hurt Water Cooler v2 (4)
Developers keep buying garbage. Sigh. Why the world is so complicated? (11)
Fucking A. A. Hatt is a moron(s). Fucking Fucking A. A. Hatt (1)
Hey! Finally IE 8 has replaced IE 6 in my comapny! Rick Tang (3)
They fooled me. Wayne (14)
Suicide vs. Foreclosure xampl (5)
Oww! xampl (6)
Kathy Sierra -- Business Of Software 2009 SaveTheHubble (45)
hilarious prom story CC (20)
Saudi Woman Beats the Crap Out of a Religious Policeman Full name (1)
Mission Control xampl (17)
seven cheerios suspended in milk arranged themselves on a spoon argv[0] (9)
Kick-Ass Kenny (3)
So HK "New Senior Secondary Circulum" effective since Sep 2009 Rick Tang (3)
House, 24, and Castle Ward (17)
(British) Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA)? Rick Tang (19)
May 17th, 2010
This is my right! Fuck You (3)
Do you remember Ruby and Ruby on Rails? Waverly (29)
$1.5 million bribe to The American Heart Association Rick Tang (3)
Is Jobs Mentally Competent Enough to Run Apple? hospice (6)
Bogus "Live Chat" for customer support Ward (10)
Arab-American Miss USA Full name (14)
Out to the Atlantic Aaron (25)
Insomnia Sucks! . (23)
more homes in gaza demolished CC (2)
The perfect source control tool df (11)
High speed trading behind market drop? xampl (4)
Suing for being caught df (19)
Steve Jobs and his absurd Porn Distraction df (29)
gender discrimination the great purple (27)
Bite Me says STeve Jobs to detractor CC (8)
Heavy Metal Veteran Ronnie James Dio Dies ForThoseAboutToRock! (1)
May 16th, 2010
Thank you Wikipedia xampl (1)
Almost certainly a Darwin Award nominee xampl (8)
Deepwater Horizon not really model of safety CC (15)
Mazda yanks dealership's franchise xampl (16)
spammers destroyed techlogos f (7)
BP's toxic dispersant scam CC (13)
is Chomsky really this dangerous? CC (17)
iPhone prototype affidavit xampl (11)
references in cv noob (8)
May 15th, 2010
tiny screens in your pockets sierra (5)
opiates are not addictive says famous study CC (14)
Business/Systems Analyst Tools? WayneM. (35)
3 weeks in, Obama finally being proactive on oil gusher CC (10)
Development Tools eyz (5)
Mercurial df (20)
new oil rig regulation not needed perhaps CC (13)
Should there be commercial support for the GPS constellation? df (11)
Watson, 16, completes solo nonstop circumnavigation CC (9)
Teabaggers all extremists says public nudity state CC (6)
laura bush: "I have always loved abortion" CC (11)
Polanski Bully the Fish (4)
Fringe (tv) CC (0)
Massive choke job Lurker Indeed (8)
oil is not light sweet crude CC (1)
May 14th, 2010
Writing Simpler More Elegant Code ***** (15)
More pics of the boy who lived Bluebeard (2)
The kittens have opened their eyes ASDF (5)
Who's going to the JPL open house? ηλίθιοι γαμημένο (3)
oil spill not 5000 barrels a day, more like 100,000 barrels CC (16)
The US fixed Afghanistan CC (16)
Safest platform to browse the web Rick Tang (1)
So, there are dozens of whores advertising on my local CL muppet (8)
Should have sold AAPL at 265... Kenny (7)
Coke freestyle machine abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz (5)
May 13th, 2010
More Muslim Attacks in NYC? HidingInMyBunker :-) (7)
Sole survivor xampl (13)
The Pacific vs Band of Brothers abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz (7)
If you want to know why the Penguins lost to Montreal lorb (6)
Relatives of yours, Sharkfish? xampl (1)
Facebook privacy policies longer than the US Constitutions Rick Tang (2)
No discussion here about Diaspora? Wayne (42)
david cameron side profile LH (3)
Pirates released by Russians 'probably died' Rich Tsang (13)
Accept twitter xampl (1)
Freedom of speech Aaron (5)
The scale of things - from 10^-35m to the edge of the universe Bluebeard (4)
china child mass-knifer was being fucked over by bureaucrats CC (13)
Munnntreeall lorb (10)
May 12th, 2010
CBO: "Did we say the health care bill will save money? Ooops" Morons (17)
Ok, I am lazy and I don't want to Google it. Water Cooler v2 (14)
SAP buys Sybase Joel (12)
are strict C object intel compiled files platform independent? CC (65)
Colm is a Jerk. Fucking A. A. Hatt (6)
Mandriva, the company, is for sale Rick Tang (3)
One in four US households mobile phones only, no landline(s) Rick Tang (9)
White Women's Workout Full name (7)
My laptop randomly turns on for no reason Wayne (14)
1 in 8 Americans now on Food Stamps xampl (23)
Attacked! Is he asking for it? Rick Tang (8)
The twitter bomb threat guy df (29)
SETI at work caper (2)
May 11th, 2010
0 vs 3, 20 minutes to go Rick Tang (10)
Whining about Eraser Fan boy (8)
0 vs 2, 30 more minutes to go Rick Tang (0)
$100 prize if you find Jamie Oliver's teeth (10)
Manual Labour Ward (4)
I'm sorry you're still an idiot Rick. Ward (7)
I am sorry I've insulted you, Morons. Rick Tang (8)
I need a Official Ruling Morons (8)
"In 2009, Americans paid lowest level of taxes since 1950" sharkfish (13)
To(r)y Story trollop (17)
Parallel parking df (16)
1860 New York Times review of Origin of the Species CC (4)
Honesty Full name (1)
Tits that jiggle a bit Wayne (26)
Dumb automotive design ideas Q (5)
two types of people in this world argv[0] (13)
Please help with our democracy! Bully the Fish (2)
Wanted: Some Douchebag That Knows About Apples Full name (19)
Florida unemployment is the worst! WayneM. (13)
AIDS highest in New Zealand & 30% of men have been raped CC (15)
May 10th, 2010
this is new to me sharkfish (20)
Obama says "Take off your Pants" Morons (0)
This weekend in obituaries... Peter (8)
This is sad xampl (iPhone) (2)
any whiskey experts here? CC (24)
Liability limits cause moral hazard xampl (iPhone) (3)
Welcome HoyZa! Rick Tang (4)
Lowest paid CEOs in America CC (11)
df won! Rick Tang (12)
pretty cool argv[0] (1)
The Scotish don't like the Tories? Rick Tang (16)
Obama's comments about the iPod generation xampl (13)
AAPL HoyZa (3)
Iron Man 2 SaveTheHubble (13)
A brief, incomplete, and mostly wrong history of programming lan Stephen Jones (8)
Terrorist Expatriation Act CC (19)
Ixtoc I CC (0)
first jewish lesbian supreme court justice! CC (13)
Has any one of you used iPad? Rick Tang (24)
Journeyman (TV series) CC (4)
May 9th, 2010
Iron Chef Ward (1)
Kittens were adopted ASDF (6)
proof Kent State was not a response to sniper fire CC (10)
britain has no sovereignty CC (25)
Depression Riots! Bad Econ Fundamentals (4)
Superweeds Rick Tang (3)
try out Chromium, the new OS from Google CC (8)
May 8th, 2010
Sean Penn doing more in Haiti CC (3)
Dear Leader strongly requests you look more cheerful! xampl (6)
oil still leaking CC (15)
How many machines do you use regularly at your house? Rocketman (13)
Data loss Wayne (5)
creativity dampening biochemicals CC (7)
Black people the only pure humans Bully the Fish (13)
real estate agent f (2)
Wayne, a quick rundown on your musical taste... Bluebeard (0)
Spartacus - Blood and Sand Ward (1)
Bah, I lost all my MP3's... Wayne (14)
jeff buckley sierra (5)
May 7th, 2010
the stock plunge sierra (4)
Lexx xampl (6)
moving news Scott (46)
ritual nick sharkfish (5)
SSD as OS drive? Wayne (8)
Dead Harddrive -- fuck Wayne (38)
Anyone ever work for Charles Schwab? xampl (7)
35, lost interest in programming, system administration sucks . (12)
Recruiter tells the world why he is an ass. Morons (20)
Rodriguez's Machete to be released CC (11)
The market today df (20)
bin Laden is in Washington CC (3)
The kittens are still alive ASDF (8)
The Origin of the Goths Attila (11)
May 6th, 2010
AT&T does the math xampl (7)
dammit, Fringe episode question sharkfish (8)
statistics help argv[0] (27)
Google Chrome Beta release Rick Tang (2)
I'm about to eat one of these sharkfish (1)
netbook advantages sharkfish (9)
The Human Centipede sharkfish (5)
american nuclear worked joins al qaeda CC (1)
Crazy day at the markets Kenny (9)
well, i missed that blip sharkfish (14)
ABC Bully the Fish (2)
Searching for Berlin Brown Rick Tang (1)
Microsoft to shut down its newsgroup Rick Tang (2)
But arg... is right. CC *is* a BSer. Rick Tang (3)
PedoBear goes mainstream xampl (16)
And now for something completely different... ASDF (4)
arg... has become another BSer Rick Tang (8)
You get no respect from most women because it's seen as a ... Rick Tang (9)
Strong US dollar Kenny (4)
Missing my dose of crazy Michael B (24)
Blackhawks lorb (3)
May 5th, 2010
Found 2 tiny, stray kittens ASDF (21)
Does having a hot wife make you more attractive to women? sharkfish (15)
decline of wealth in the US sharkfish (27)
Greenwashing df (14)
Amazon Bully the Fish (15)
This game is fun (reddit) Kenny (6)
WTF is up with the Greeks Kenny (49)
It is Done.. I have Submitted the Proposal to Stack-exchange Morons (16)
self-help - most highlighted Kindle passages sharkfish (8)
The religious and the secular alike... Just saying (3)
your senate at work CC (5)
May 4th, 2010
hunting down FOSS SW lorb (7)
why does this irk me so sharkfish (30)
Financial news df (4)
sums up what is wrong with the US sharkfish (20)
Is my CV hurting me? DrunkenCoderCantShaddowBox (7)
Stackoverflow raised 6MM money (Q: what is MM?) Rich Tsang (18)
criminal rights are a privilege not a right! CC (27)
(Early) Mother's Day dinner w/my in-laws Palmer Eldritch (2)
Dow down 230 pts... Kenny (1)
Random lawnmower 'repairs' Fan boy (9)
priest off eek (1)
Where did the intelligent posters go when the JOS board closed? Why did Joel destroy his forum? (9)
Muslim caught in NYC bombing ImagineThat (13)
Canucks snatch defeat... Ward (4)
May 3rd, 2010
CC is the person posting about race Wayne M. (12)
everybody dying sharkfish (23)
kissing sharkfish (6)
Ms wSV is HUGE proudDadOfThings (21)
The Men Who Stare at Goats muppet (12)
Accuracy International L11583 long-range rifle CC (31)
Elizabeth muppet (11)
FogBugz Database is down SaveTheHubble (3)
preacher arrested, imprisoned for bible chat CC (34)
antitrust inquiry regarding apple CC (4)
Robotics Moves Forward SaveTheHubble (2)
speech recognition flatlined CC (10)
May 2nd, 2010
Hoarders xampl (37)
creation of new species observed CC (29)
study shows how to scam christians CC (11)
USB video capture? Q (4)
Ok, I'm checking something out... Bored Bystander (17)
sex sierra (13)
Terrorists Blew Up Times Square CC (27)
intriguing adult actress court news CC (17)
May 1st, 2010
This is too funny, on the illegal immigration ASilentObserver (14)
The A Team Ward (1)
jokes allegedly told by north korean defectors CC (6)
shareholder reports CC (5)
Live catch mouse trap Fan boy (6)
?biz CC (16)
musician anyone? sierra (3)
Stephen Hawking has jumped the shark Fan boy (31)