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May 31st, 2009
Government IT and Programming Jobs AsTheEconomyTurns (8 comments)
Sarah muppet (16)
I eat all the time jings (11)
JavaFX WT (10)
North Korea to be crushed (35)
man's hair model (5)
Separation Michael B (iPhone) (31)
French Open el (1)
I need to turn in my geek creds xampl (0)
Pick a story on North Korea Cowboy Coder (5)
Why I will never be a "Rock Star" Programmer (15)
May 30th, 2009
Next Big Thing for The Web Discuss! (6)
Who is John and why should we care? Viva Jizzrael (1)
DVD rippers Ward (9)
Contract work and contract wording for programmers . (6)
This seems rather easy to game Colm (1)
Great idea Bot Berlin (7)
Good description of Fourier Theory Bot Berlin (5)
Unemployed?  Start a business to appear employed! FakeItUntilYouMakeIt? (12)
Speedballing Tianeptine - not recommended Cowboy Coder (2)
I gave the dogs a bath because they stunk. Fan boy (2)
Why is Adobe Reader a 300MB install? Cowboy Coder (7)
Ubuntu 9.04, very stable, very fast Bot Berlin (4)
good retire early guide or forum on the web? (6)
Everton, Everton, Everton trollop (4)
Is Little Black Sambo Racist? Cowboy Coder (3)
Waking up before my alarm Michael B (iPhone) (6)
I'm looking into buying a truck. Fan boy (7)
Dextromethorphan and getting "High" ZodiacCoder (6)
scribd sierra mist (7)
May 29th, 2009
More re: friends dying Ward (11)
John had a nice funeral. Fan boy (6)
What's the drug scene here like? Michael B (iPhone) (45)
Web browser for selectively blocking flash for Mac? Cowboy Coder (25)
Sarah's getting a blood transfusion and Remicade in the next few muppet (12)
Hermaphrodite in trouble after stiffing witch doctor Cowboy Coder (4)
I got fired again Bot Berlin (25)
Price for GM bailout in Canada: $1.4-million for every job saved Rick Tsang (18)
Phil Spector Bluebeard (3)
Pulling Out Cowboy Coder (12)
Laodicean Cowboy Coder (7)
Sweet old couple Fan boy (2)
May 28th, 2009
joost goes web, hulu goes desktop (6)
boies & olsen ftw? [i hope] arv[0] (21)
Sarah's got a PICC line in so that they can feed her muppet (4)
urban canteen argv[0] (9)
A Ghetto Teleconferencing Solution df (10)
Cheese Burgar at the cafeteria Rick Tang (12)
Bing el (10)
The paramedic that was strangled by the cop Cowboy Coder (8)
AntiTheftFalsePositivePhobio df (5)
Sharkfish is fat... Bot Berlin (21)
CD printing eek-o-tourist (22)
What happens if someone replicates a website? what are you reading for? (31)
Best font for both on-screen and print reading? Patrick (3)
Shit, I can't sleep LeftWingPharisee (6)
H-1B workers outnumber unemployed techies (8)
May 27th, 2009
Gifts that the bush administration keep giving... Peter (2)
Need help hacking MS Windows WinNoob (9)
Office politics Bot Berlin (37)
iDataCenter xampl (iPhone) (5)
Hot Politicians Cowboy Coder (11)
Visual Studio 2010 lorb (17)
Heroes Bot Berlin (6)
So, after calling Sarah's specialist yesterday and insisting muppet (15)
Is this bad? Bot Berlin (10)
wow. Making a fuss at Apple actually achieved something ... eek-o-tourist (1)
[Fruitshow 0.6] Can't change admin password? WeDontNeedNoLogin (2)
N. Korea declares war on S. Korea Dog Breath (20)
iPod Touch > OLPC Cowboy Coder (3)
May 26th, 2009
How to destroy moral on a software development team (20)
Good thing about crappy movies Bot Berlin (6)
file attributes on unix joe from Joel (9)
Manga is Child Pron says DOJ No More Manga (16)
Wonderful moment from Ellen Degeneris SaveTheHubble (2)
get an object from its System.Type jings (1)
I ar famous Clay Dowling (4)
How are international treasury transactions cleared? Michael B (19)
Apple: KamaSutra is obscene and will not be allowed Dog Breath (10)
Breaking Bad (spoilers) muppet (11)
Anyone working in UN organisations before? BK Moon (1)
Governor General Michaelle Jean cuts out heart of seal... fuckpirate #1337 (19)
Sarah will probably be admitted today muppet (31)
best skills eek-o-tourist (4)
That's it, I know the TRUTH!! fuckpirate #1337 (2)
Bill Gates forms secret society of billionaires Dog Breath (18)
post-traumatic embitterment disorder Dog Breath (4)
my grandfather has died einstein (22)
May 25th, 2009
Remaining employable Fan boy (10)
Why does Stanford own PageRank? Cowboy Coder (15)
"Money is not important." Rick Tang (9)
Most teachers can't pass exam on basic math skills Cowboy Coder (57)
What is the line between social drinking and alcoholism Bot Berlin (12)
Bored Bystander: Appropriate measures for defending yourself Older & Wiser (8)
It's the food, not the brand. xampl (5)
I hope they get around to curing aging in my lifetime Wayne (14)
Poll: Nuclear capability: Iran vs N. Korea Gallup (13)
Over use of exceptions (35)
OpenSource 3D game engines (6)
Solution to North Korea nuke situation Cowboy Coder (17)
What happened to ?Joel ? (52)
Transformers-themed M&M's Pete Garden (1)
The Simple Life NotLazyJustSane (8)
May 24th, 2009
How often do you update your computer(s)? (5)
iphone market einstein (43)
Terminator Salvation xampl (2)
Wireless - Internet access only CondomForLAN? (6)
missing the war einstein (6)
Best way to go about selling antiques? Moe (2)
Spagheti that's too wet premier league relegation battle (5)
Christian singer in pedo trouble Dog Breath (13)
Don't worry, be miserable... Bluebeard (2)
Want Aaron (2)
May 23rd, 2009
FBI launches investigation of Ron Paul supporters Cowboy Coder (10)
Muslims rampaging in Athens Cowboy Coder (15)
I became an uncle today what are you reading for? (2)
Racial segregation lives in Georgia Tired of Racism (9)
Deep Purple xampl (8)
Segregated Proms einstein (9)
Black dude put in charge of NASA Cowboy Coder (6)
My new XBOX360 from Microsoft...Red Light of Death Bot Berlin (11)
7 oz beer bottles, WTF Cowboy Coder (19)
Digital cameras & batteries (2) Q (6)
May 22nd, 2009
Do CDs and DVDs still suck fo rlong-term storage? Z (8)
Hardware Validation job for a Software Engineer? RND(42) (12)
So sharkfish is really gone for good. Rick Tang (17)
new waterboarding record:  7 seconds einstein (6)
I think there is an important lesson here, Dr HorrorWitz.. einstein (22)
project aardvark einstein (24)
It's not religion that causes wars LeftWingPharisee (6)
indefinite detention einstein (11)
Almost 20 years Rick Tang (32)
Pirates aren't getting properly fucked... fuckpirate #1337 (5)
Indefinite Preventive Detention Cowboy Coder (5)
FDIC Friday xampl (iPhone) (6)
The detective called me back early this morning muppet (6)
14 hours later... einstein (3)
Applerejects eBook reader as "porn" Dr. Horrorwitz (4)
Internet access on the move Gerald Hoppy (11)
Economic downturn + 3 wolves = total sense of humour loss Gerald Hoppy (4)
Just so you don't worry... Fan boy (1)
my game BLOWS Michael B (iPhone) (13)
May 21st, 2009
I hate touchpad tap-to-click! Fan boy (10)
Want Aaron (14)
We've come a long way since Quinlan Fan boy (12)
Photocop: Ticket is for $387 Fan boy (3)
Joanne leaves RocketBoom SaveTheHubble (5)
Inhumane Bot Berlin (2)
Married women regularly at the bar or club Bot Berlin (31)
God I feel like writing code einstein (4)
Math classes that heavily involve computers Michael B (12)
What is this "funding" needed to close Guatanamo Bay? Crisis of Salad (13)
Washington People - would you meetup Bot Berlin (27)
"The US lost its way." lorb (15)
What's the deal with USB microscopes lately? Michael B (6)
How to tell if competent programmer Rationalist (10)
Has anyone here ever had this problem? fuckpirate #1337 (16)
Breaking Bad (spoilers) muppet (12)
For LWP Michael B (3)
How do you escape with $10 million? Michael B (14)
Cool JoC (3)
Pages that never end df (3)
24% of homeowners xampl (iPhone) (5)
Kindle opinions? xampl (iPhone) (20)
So I left a message for one of the Detectives in town muppet (22)
Trivial things in speech that annoy me Fan boy (10)
May 20th, 2009
WTF??? muppet (6)
Is the earth hollow? Regular Poster (17)
Netanyahu on Obama's ME plan: Childish and stupid Diego Armando Maradona (24)
Economics of Dating Bot Berlin (24)
7 Windows 7 SaveTheHubble (1)
Against Intellectual Property Stephen Jones (11)
Digital cameras & batteries Gerald Hoppy (13)
Another MIA Rick trying to stalk Brice (3)
7 dollars/day - How to get started with AdWords Ward (12)
Developer salaries consistently decreasing Cowboy Coder (22)
Not a bottom Rick Tang (0)
Netbook OSs for Intel Atom make slashdot news Rick Tang (6)
7chan conquers CoT? I am Peter's inner 7 (4)
7 Pakistans about to get invaded Peter (3)
7 is the number of babies great purple is getting fuckpirate #1337 (2)
7 city advisory openings available argv[0] (0)
7 Pirate-Fucking Dwarves fuckpirate #1337 (5)
7 ways to leave your lover SaveTheHubble (3)
7 is a lucky number df (3)
7 weeks to go the great purple (4)
7 arrested in craigslist sting Bot Berlin (8)
Missed this 2005 Taleb NYT article Michael B (5)
Realtime missing link nonsense part 2 Michael B (12)
Rage, sadness, the death penalty, frustration df (5)
Why didn't Madoff run? Michael B (iPhone) (11)
iPhone dev course JoC (0)
high birth rate among latinas Bot Berlin (8)
What was this British comedy series? Gerald Hoppy (2)
Something is broken Gerald Hoppy (3)
Point Proven (3)
May 19th, 2009
Learn PHP and get a job Lombrado (44)
Photocop: Fight, fight, fight! Fan boy (4)
I delete it because it's mean. (27)
Help find Yale Chick! Crisis of Salad (3)
Realtime example of criminally irresponsible reporting Michael B (6)
Big brother database on children. Rick Tang (3)
Wah. Zed Shaw is too talkative. Rick Tang (6)
"Religion is all about having inviolable faith in something." Rick Tang (23)
The less data [Google] hold the "more likely we all are to die". Colm (6)
Breaking Bad 111 (no spoils in OP) JoC (7)
The pop-atheist agenda has its victories after all Michael B (49)
Appointment with Sarah's specialist today muppet (27)
Obama works to increase CAFE to 35.5mpg xampl (38)
What's more important? xampl (10)
Metamorphosis Michael B (iPhone) (14)
This is the google killer? Bot Berlin (23)
Ostensibly desktop vs. web app argument lorb (37)
Example of blatant wanton disinfo by CNN Dr. Horrorwitz (16)
Aliens checking out ESA's new telescopes Dr. Horrorwitz (4)
Iraq Soldiers denied drinking water Cowboy Coder (3)
Yes, stop them. Kill them if you must. JoC (3)
Pamela Anderson Fan boy (18)
May 18th, 2009
Kids in MMA TC (8)
Could you be convinced you were a locust? Michael B (iPhone) (10)
Is there such a thing as recovery from addiction? LeftWingPharisee (40)
Hubble wrap up Cowboy Coder (1)
Yahoo science says, old/republican == happy Bot Berlin (6)
Bless our brave soldiers Cowboy Coder (2)
Aboriginal stabs cougar girlfriend Cowboy Coder (19)
Despite my previous post on moon madness Michael B (15)
Do relatives have copies of your passwords? xampl (iPhone) (12)
pdfcreator el (2)
Dave Sim's called a "Misogynist" Dr. Horrorwitz (8)
Somali Cruises Dr. Horrorwitz (2)
Where are the great jobs Bush promissed years ago? BushLiedPeopleDiedWeLostGoodJobs (11)
May 17th, 2009
Art Bell rides again! YourFriendlyAlienOverlord (16)
Free market: Intel vs AMD 2.0 (1)
Fox News again Bot Berlin (7)
What if Gordon Ramsey xampl (7)
Jimmy Smits fareed (12)
favorite part of shuttle mission Cowboy Coder (28)
Funny song, gayfish Bot Berlin (3)
Poor father found prostitute for his 14 years old son Rick Tang (9)
Microsoft Certs (10)
May 16th, 2009
JCVD df (2)
My girlfriend's daughter got the Swine Flu LeftWingPharisee (11)
Astrophysicist finds alien communication signal Cowboy Coder (21)
Wayne is soon a millionaire Dr. Horrorwitz (4)
Junior Homeland Security Troopers .. Forward! xampl (41)
I dont seem to be able to find 'normal' einstein (9)
bite mark analysis einstein (2)
Hubble again Cowboy Coder (6)
Google Bot Berlin (2)
300 spartans einstein (17)
I think what are you reading for? (2)
Artist publishes hate mail received after killing her cat Erik Springelkamp (50)
Is this racist? Cowboy Coder (10)
A movie for Dr. Horrorwitz STDs (2)
I yearn for freedom... Cowboy Coder (15)
Religious guy at work Cowboy Coder (11)
May 15th, 2009
the worst is the not knowing (1)
STD/STI concern for Michael B Moving to Jizzrael (7)
See you guys in Portland, May 29th and 30th Rick Tang (13)
Google native client einstein (1)
poverty of the imagination (6)
OMFG Bot Berlin (14)
Free market: Intel vs AMD Rick Tang (36)
Why aren't you... Cowboy Coder (2)
Sink Duty Cowboy Coder (17)
Wacky school for Aspies Cowboy Coder (0)
Why did Chrysler axe US dealerships? Michael B (12)
To some of Michael's points.  Madonna to get married again Bot Berlin (7)
Economy: No Recovery Any Time Soon? (15)
Where's web 3.0 when you need it? The boy who isn't here (1)
Inspiring. Michael B (22)
Doggies!! muppet (14)
I heard it on NPR the great purple (3)
WTF, xbox bug Bot Berlin (4)
3D porn getting better Dr. Horrorwitz (4)
Obama paid bribes to employ his wife Dr. Horrorwitz (8)
Excellent free Machine Learning eBook Dr. Horrorwitz (17)
guitars eek-o-tourist (loves the booty) (2)
Anyone who believes in genuinely free markets is a "communist" Colm (22)
May 14th, 2009
How is Mrs. Muppet? Fan boy (6)
Show me your genitals muppet (1)
New Hot Brunette Cast Member on Stargate? Unodianax (7)
I can hear it... Wayne (8)
Damn, there are hot mexicans Cowboy Coder (7)
More developer commmunity event Rick Tang (4)
Breathalizer sourcecode criticised Dr. Horrorwitz (15)
I have enough. Rick Tang (5)
"We'll nuke Norway within a decade", says Russia Dr. Horrorwitz (6)
9 Things NEVER to Say to White Colleagues Michael B (9)
Anyone having problems reaching Google? xampl (iPhone) (8)
Alien abduction victim under hypnosis Dr. Horrorwitz (0)
Relationships Michael B (26)
Google video silently started to index porn vids Dr. Horrorwitz (2)
Status on laptop fuelcells? Dr. Horrorwitz (0)
Chrysler closing 789 dealerships xampl (iPhone) (28)
Herschel and Planck are on their way Erik Springelkamp (3)
Egg Time what are you reading for? (7)
Statuette Erik Springelkamp (27)
Softwindows lorb (17)
What is it about spring? Gerald Hoppy (17)
Wimmin, wimps & wallflowers Rick Tang (0)
May 13th, 2009
Developing iphone internal app Nobita Noobie (5)
A couple of screenshots showing some of what I have been up to Lombrado (5)
2nd worst economy in the EU? (11)
Portland Code Camp, May 30th Rick Tang (7)
wow, I dont even know who Rob Pike is, but this... einstein (3)
Is Wanda Sykes a Black Dyke or isn't she? Honest Pete (38)
Sharkfish's contribution Rick Tang (12)
GPS will stop working reliably everywhere due to poor USA Dr. Horrorwitz (8)
Tagging? Rick Tang (2)
poor apple einstein (18)
my attitude problem at work is getting... einstein (7)
Things I learned from the military Bot Berlin (8)
So which of you... Gerald Hoppy (4)
Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Rick Tang (4)
Damn, there are a lot of mexicans Bot Berlin (15)
Difference between open and closed source software Bot Berlin (13)
Logic, skipping meeting Bot Berlin (5)
I've discovered muppet's function on CoT Michael B (12)
Lunatics, all of you Michael B (9)
Why is alcohol the legal party drug? Michael B (20)
Anyone familiar with Health Informatics? Sin-Wat (16)
Go cast your vote ipmal (14)
8 weeks to go the great purple (35)
Economics of Porn Bot Berlin (13)
Star Trek, second viewing Fan boy (4)
Ever get the urge in spring? Dr. Horrorwitz (9)
What is the CoT hang over cure? Bot Berlin (15)
Palm reading software that scans the hand Dr. Horrorwitz (12)
If you wanted to off 300 folks, how? Dr. Horrorwitz (25)
Who are the Terrorists? Dr. Horrorwitz (15)
JoC - just watched Ep 10 last night muppet (4)
Intel fined 1 Billion Euro for illegal AMD-squashing Dr. Horrorwitz (16)
The Prisoner xampl (iPhone) (3)
2 storey brick house. What's a good 11n wireless router? trollop (14)
My conspiracy theory on Iraq soldier shooting Dr. Horrorwitz (1)
Rome what are you reading for? (9)
They never showed this on "Locked up abroad" The Man from la Mancha (4)
Flue researcher: H1N1 genetic map says it came from a lab. Dr. Horrorwitz (5)
The beginning of the end of CoT Rick Tang (1)
Any online Math Degrees from REAL Universities or Colleges? MathBug (8)
May 12th, 2009
Wife's affairs Michael B (37)
A lot of people sick. Fan boy (2)
Mathematicians (9)
2009: where are they now? argv[0] (0)
swine flu + bird flu = TROUBLE (7)
df what do you think of reddit? (1)
Frot Michael B (6)
Stupid Question Probably Forrest Gump (28)
Hofstadter: Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid Rick Tang (10)
Bill Joy lorb (18)
Emails (FYI EOM) Bot Berlin (9)
Small request, web cam setup at muppet's Bot Berlin (14)
muppet's deleting my totally on-topic posts Michael B (3)
Venture capitalism, for women Michael B (16)
Dude does this EVERY DAY muppet (4)
Only good argument against gay marriage I've heard LeftWingPharisee (2)
Netbooks Gerald Hoppy (7)
Breakfast, do you like it big and nasty? Bot Berlin (32)
So who's following Breaking Bad? muppet (12)
Apple rejects this, that..what's a big deal? Newbie (4)
May 11th, 2009
heh.  nice one wayne. einstein (26)
Cute flash game Peter (1)
Damn genius... Lombrado (7)
who are you upsetting? einstein (2)
Single, Female or lacking a university degree? Rick Tang (3)
Photocop update: Thrifty refund if innocent Fan boy (9)
How many of us have this fantasy: Wayne (20)
Just got a nasty negative ad from the mail. Rick Tang (8)
wow, this app ban sucks einstein (2)
Vow of Poverty Rick Tang (12)
"Please pass this on even IF you've read it before." Rick Tang (12)
Oracle's database gateways LeftWingPharisee (8)
I am hurt Rick Tang (12)
Machine Learning 2.0 (34)
And this is why nothing grows in my yard muppet (23)
Shuttle mission to repair the Hubble xampl (iPhone) (13)
How much does it cost to deposit a check? Michael B (18)
How effective is baking soda? Fan boy (9)
Is anyone reading CoT through the RSS feed? Mountain_Dewd (4)
Facebook now has 200 million users. Are they making money yet? Bluebeard (6)
wow, Ive discovered a hitherto unsung genius einstein (51)
CoT explained, graphically Bluebeard (1)
May 10th, 2009
Dreams are cool Newbie (5)
"Nano Viagra" Dr. Horrorwitz (0)
Returning ordinal pos of regex matches in the original string wtr_clr (2)
DNF - UNLEASHED einstein (2)
Would this message make you feel bad? Bluebeard (3)
Machine Learning (4)
Sharkfish will be happy Bot Berlin (10)
Society makes women feel pretty guilty Michael B (26)
A Night Out With | Biz Stone and Evan Williams The Twitter Guys Pete Garden (5)
Google Android / HTC Dream df (5)
Another young American succumbed to H1N1 Dr. Horrorwitz (6)
Is this what Obama is up to? (0)
May 9th, 2009
Star Trek - bot review Bot Berlin (5)
Star Trek (spoilers) xampl (20)
john yoo: g.w.b. and executive unilateralism argv[0] (3)
The decline of Denman, the ascent of Horrorwitz... Bluebeard (7)
Guy lost in woods calls 911 half dozen times, refused help Dr. Horrorwitz (11)
What are the disadvantages of being an asshole? Aaron (28)
Who charges $500/ hr for tech work? (19)
Pirate boss modern day Robin Hood Dr. Horrorwitz (6)
Hi Bot of Atlanta Cowboy Coder (4)
For the record, I am a pyschopath Bot Berlin (5)
TODO list management Fan boy (6)
Horrorwitz, you are a treacherous lying bastard. Erik Springelkamp (17)
Funny thing about suicides Bot Berlin (5)
Itl. war crimes tribunal: Israel did Crimes Against Humanity Dr. Horrorwitz (3)
Did we schedule the coming-out party for Rick yet? Ward (18)
A Real Haunted House Ward (23)
May 8th, 2009
JJ Abrams Bot Berlin (13)
chap responsible for flyover resigns einstein (10)
I suddenly realize if my salary was halfed, Rick Tang (20)
This is some Jack Bauer sh*t. Bot Berlin (5)
College (12)
It's quite tempting to delete Michael's Rick Tang (21)
Wouldn't it be ironic if doctors discover that autism Wayne (17)
I had my doubts about Obama Michael B (27)
If Sharky were male, would her departure have been noticed? Kenny (15)
A night with Kevin Smith Kenny (9)
What possible explanation is there for this df (6)
Reason for so many civillian casualties in Afghanistan Dr. Horrorwitz (55)
Photocop update: Rental company $25 Fan boy (13)
COBOL buys carcass of Borland Spaceloid (13)
Was I antisemitic? Dr. Horrorwitz (5)
WTF? What was wrong with the Gerald Hoppy (8)
May 7th, 2009
Tonight's date Michael B (iPhone) (21)
swine flu - just because you lost interest doesn't mean it ended (13)
Finally geeks get some love Via Nueve (3)
A useful kind of LISP JoC (3)
They make a lot of money, but good grief guys? Bot Berlin (16)
Dear Internet Psychologists Michael B (23)
df, sorry if I was a jerk to you like how Ulrich Drepper Rick Tang (16)
lighting for video eek-o-tourist (7)
So Trollop LeftWingPharisee (4)
Linux desktop computer usage: Bot Berlin (5)
Strange dream xampl (iPhone) (1)
"Blah is a religion" OOH, OOH, my ears are burnin' (12)
Object based compression already exists Dr. Horrorwitz (4)
Daddy's article on Circuit city vs another smaller store Rick Tang (14)
Daily Show? Bot Berlin (17)
Dear Ward, einstein (11)
I want to F**k you? Bot Berlin (8)
May 6th, 2009
"There ceases to be a single reason for me to stay." Rick Tang (7)
Star Trek Newbie (0)
Lifetime award for the worst software Bot Berlin (14)
A WTF from the last job xampl (9)
i [heart] fox news argv[0] (21)
Obama == Spock? LeftWingPharisee (1)
why apple should get into gaming einstein (22)
Modern American Life is so boring Bot Berlin (17)
Asian American Women Bot Berlin (24)
Are these people nuts? Bot Berlin (3)
Telemarketers df (43)
Should I bring in a coffeemaker Bot Berlin (17)
Heroku's Provisionless Hosting for Rails Apps is Revolutionary Lombrado (8)
Programming lanauges is programming Rick Tang (2)
My penis is "twice" as long as yours. Rick Tang (14)
Why health care costs in the US are so high Michael B (15)
While Flo is cute and all xampl (iPhone) (4)
Want Aaron (3)
Are tolerance and criticism incompatible? Wayne (33)
Firefox annoyances #8937512433 Gerald Hoppy (1)
High heeled shoes on women muppet (11)
Selecting text in Windows apps df (13)
The Daily Show funny.... JoC (0)
Don't email a Microsoft employee tomorrow Erik Springelkamp (3)
One signal that what you believe may be bullshit... Michael B (13)
Media transcoding software recommendations Ward (7)
If you were to start a hopefully large site today 3.0 Trog (38)
Internet content filtering xampl (iPhone) (1)
There's bad ads and BAD ads .... trollop (3)
May 5th, 2009
God can't fix a shotgun blat to the face, but science can. Bot Berlin (6)
From dev to dev manager, what kind of salary bump? wondering... (10)
CoT is a religion. Rick Tang (9)
Python exception question PyNoob (6)
Fantastic excuse Colm (50)
There is only one pig in Afghanistan Don't Go There (1)
Thought experiment for believers... Wayne (24)
I thought Linux was great for development. Bot Berlin (5)
3^2 + 4^2 = 5^2 Rick Tang (71)
losing respect einstein (1)
A twist on the religious "no proof" argument Michael B (58)
If you were to start a hopefully large site today 2.0 Clone (6)
religion and wishful thinking the great purple (75)
The ASP.NET webserver broke wtr_clr (4)
If you were to start a hopefully large site today df (40)
Took Molly to a dog park for the first time last weekend muppet (11)
LMFAO "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" 360 Easter Egg muppet (5)
Why do you prefer to work in a large company? Michael B (44)
I got my first ever project document Bot Berlin (3)
Ladies, every day is Fuck a Pirate Day... fuckpirate #1337 (1)
What is this pattern or term Pete's brew (6)
How to wear your baby muppet (9)
Star Trek == perfect...100% on Rotten? Bot Berlin (6)
Sharkfish, SoP Rick Tang (7)
May 4th, 2009
Egypt was right to kill the pigs Don't Go There (10)
Got written up at work - Continued (7)
What is the Python verson of Ruby on Rails? ? (4)
This place has really gone downhill Fan boy (15)
lorb, friend, have you got a new job yet? (5)
in an effort to further inflate (3)
My annual blood test pingedl Michael B (iPhone) (5)
Countdown xampl (8)
Java vs. Ruby on Rails - It is a Dead Heat Lombrado (1)
Seriously, isn't this a rhetorical question for haskell geeks. Bot Berlin (4)
There has to be something wrong with sitting in a chairing Bot Berlin (16)
Instant data destruction Dr. Horrorwitz (21)
Transformers 2 df (23)
Scala ? (18)
Bible debate Don't Go There (123)
What does "software architect" mean? Gerald Hoppy (9)
X-Men: Origins - Wolverine for XBOX 360 muppet (12)
"Am I the only one" redux Gerald Hoppy (9)
Here's an idea LeftWingPharisee (5)
Youtube music & performance - Italian flavor Lombrado (1)
Got written up at work xampl (iPhone) (23)
Was it ever prestigious to work in High Tech? Troy (10)
May 3rd, 2009
Penguicon 7.0 Clay Dowling (8)
New Zealand Health system tottering under the sudden rush of... einstein (0)
Did you ever wonder... Q (13)
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May 2nd, 2009
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May 1st, 2009
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