Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

May 31st, 2008
people trying to save me sharkfish (5 comments)
interesting validation process son of parnas (5)
I laughed til tears sharkfish (1)
test sharkfish (3)
lost thread (spoilers) son of parnas (4)
Can't work at home, anymore Bot Berlin (6)
Cool idea from google, the update system Bot Berlin (7)
where can I buy cheap clothes? Lenny (16)
tabs vs. windows (also, why we want web 2.0) sharkfish (5)
Hey, that guy has a deck! Philo (7)
Linus sharkfish (3)
I hope martians will revolt son of parnas (7)
Why did I open the browser on this page? Amnesia (2)
"web 2.0" needs to die arg! (24)
May 30th, 2008
Ubuntu experiment lorb (3)
What can God never see? inaddinfomb (4)
Pieces of paper sharkfish (21)
B very cool if this were real son of parnas (22)
gasp! sharkfish (7)
Bob Dole Unloads Clay Dowling (11)
p/e for renting vs buy sharkfish (21)
getting stuck sharkfish (7)
Amazon dropped everything in the "save to buy later" section muppet (2)
I got an A- in that fucking English class, too muppet (10)
OMFG I'm buying 20 of these and leaving them all over my office muppet (3)
Wife thinks Michelle Malkin is whacked Clay Dowling (31)
Now THIS is journalism muppet (11)
Was I visiting this forum before? Amnesia (7)
Mathematical Problem Oskar (11)
re subprime etc, where's the beef? Senator David Crockett (15)
In over your head sharkfish (10)
May 29th, 2008
Ubuntu got harder?? LORB (14)
"This is a blood feud without end, ... I'm special (12)
Doubt is their product son of parnas (4)
Girls BETTER at math than boys in NON-sexist societies sharkfish (51)
US bribing Iraqi MPs to sign deal' Dan Denman (5)
which drug sharkfish (12)
shark - did you and the boss chat? Another Fine Nick - fw (33)
oooh. sharkfish (5)
bah.  We do this too sharkfish (5)
You've got to laugh. Or cry. Ms. Wsv (12)
Tomorrow is my last day xampl (6)
fanatical feminism the great purple (10)
A guy walks into the psychiatrist's... man on the stair (2)
masters in GIS not american (8)
Mexico’s Ghost Towns Lombrado (4)
Why republicans can't rule. son of parnas (11)
Yippee, Helium supplies are now assured. trollop (10)
Guns banned, criminals not so much Clay Dowling (14)
Another republican sex scandal, hetero this time. Peter (6)
question about interview etiquette sharkfish (37)
The ringtone on my cell phone in GTA IV muppet (6)
Great Purple, could these be your next steps? muppet (45)
Precious muppet (3)
Click to summon man on the stair (9)
speaking of stupid... i'm special (2)
holy fuck there are some stupid people on cocoa dev i'm special (12)
Thought I saw CoT in Google Adsense Formerly Tapped (4)
May 28th, 2008
my cat's new name sharkfish (9)
evil israel I'm special (31)
speaking of cities sharkfish (9)
The price of oil...and heritage buildings df (2)
anything cheaper for asp.net hosting than this sharkfish (13)
aw man. I want to get on the Google Appengine bandwagon! sharkfish (4)
Network bad! sharkfish (8)
What would be a disqualifying factor? Clay Dowling (25)
Best Tom Cruise impression ever __monty__ (2)
Google and Doubleclick Rick Tang (0)
Slashdot df (8)
He SaveTheStubble, look who's watching you! sharkfish (9)
Making a good living, but still feeling strapped Michael B (25)
Ty, also known as "Bag of Hammers" muppet (25)
Customer service hall of shame xampl (2)
Fox News: new home of Tinfoil Hat Monthly Clay Dowling (5)
Religion is a product of evolution, software suggests Philip (13)
javascript really is kind of fun i'm special (3)
Inflation, gasoline at record lows Senator David Crockett (17)
I code better at night... AlmostAnon (1)
I fucking hate javascript sharkfish (20)
May 27th, 2008
How efficient is human fuel consumption? Michael B (8)
on the DHL thing Another Fine Nick - fw (1)
obama vs clinton will be settled next week ? not american (3)
Homeschooling xampl (28)
homemade yogurt the great purple (31)
Google Sucks Like Everyone Else son of parnas (8)
NAFTA Rick Tang (7)
Interesting story of solar install son of parnas (20)
Bill O'Reilly Leader of the New Final Solution son of parnas (4)
Uhm... Bluebeard (22)
Cat gets promotion man on the stair (6)
heh.  you know youve made the correct design decision when... i'm special (9)
Hi people, I'm new here. Nicotine (14)
May 26th, 2008
what the fuck got me banned? Another Fine Nick (4)
i'm sure this is a great product sharkfish (12)
and the mighty Hellga goes down! sharkfish (4)
canada beach feet Another Fine Nick (6)
Installing SQL Server 2005 on Vista x64 xampl (2)
first had sex with a car at the age of 15 Another Fine Nick (4)
This cost of gas whining has to stop Michael B (22)
sidebar! I'm special (2)
not for the faint of heart sharkfish (9)
Just got a lot of attitude from a couple of washed-ups at Lowe's muppet (16)
joel is rich Yet Another New Nick (6)
Sharepoint developer salaries WTF???? Bluebeard (20)
I will not steal a PC from work. Helicobater Pylori (3)
the Next Generation Patrick (1)
notebooks Another Silly Nick (2)
super class - book Another Silly Nick (6)
just chillin' At the airport (2)
Those bastards! man on the stair (3)
Girlz ain't no good at math Bob from Accounting (35)
stunning pics of New York sharkfish (17)
free, good? bad? or just bad business? sharkfish (21)
The Final Solution is Always Just Under the Surface son of parnas (5)
6ft at age 12 Another Fine Nick (5)
what do you think of this job? Another Fine Nick (1)
was Mitch & Murray from Downtown Another Fine Nick (2)
better to invest or prepay Another Fine Nick (2)
reckless power made cop Another Fine Nick (4)
Indiana Jones IV xampl (13)
that laptop looks very precarious Another Fine Nick (1)
are people so stupid as to believe this ? Another Fine Nick (4)
Gmail in html only mode is very usable son of parnas (12)
My life, broken down. xampl (6)
A kinder, gentler time df (3)
Transactional Memory == Solution to multicore programming (?) Abstract Typist (8)
I reached an important career decision... Helicobater Pylori (3)
Online advertising Bot Berlin in the Austin (4)
May 25th, 2008
CoT Fan Clubs sharkfish (16)
london totally dangerous Another Simple Nick (1)
I am watching the mars spacecraft land on mars Bot Berlin in the Austin (10)
Politics of Division Another Fine Nick (0)
Work PC... Continues Helicobater Pylori (2)
somehow I never thought of this particular usage... i'm special (4)
Sharkfish (Big Fail) Hero Hiralal (42)
Now why can't I find a man like this sharkfish (21)
based on these two videos, how much progress have we made? Another Fine Nick (2)
Star programmer sharkfish (25)
sinuses and dreams sharkfish (6)
Find your own gold xampl (3)
orgin of the word nerd Another Fine Nick (0)
My kind of info Helicobater Pylori (4)
How Much is the Price of BusinessObjects XI Enterprise? Hate Sales People (3)
wow, this rocks i'm special (4)
PC's at work Helicobater Pylori (10)
OpenSolaris lorb (5)
extjs sharkfish (8)
May 24th, 2008
well, those smart hard working japanese have nothing on us now Another Fine Nick (4)
Microsoft Source Analysis i'm special (0)
so he like ... stole the xbox? Another Fine Nick (6)
she seems cool Another Fine Nick (0)
Is there a proper way to walk? Michael B (12)
Once more ... Kepala Kelapa (5)
Poor Dalton Hatfield... Philo (1)
who is the guy in the orange shirt Another Lame Nick (0)
I feel poor sharkfish (9)
So... Michael B (6)
Heil Honey, I'm Home! Philo (6)
Cable pushers find addicts will pay any price son of parnas (14)
I wish software and IT were like Art/Writer jobs Bot Berlin in the Tx (1)
gross, but I'm bookmarking it anyway sharkfish (2)
Writing  a screenplay Bot Berlin in the Tx (4)
Kid saves the world Aaron (9)
ok, java experts... Im special (2)
this is why windows sucks Im special (10)
I just landed a new job today. Helicobater Pylori (5)
man, this macbook sucks when booted into windows Im special (3)
we just don't share value systems sharkfish (11)
LorB made me think about loneliness again... I'm special (12)
Octopus tossing?  wtf? Aaron (7)
May 23rd, 2008
LorB, Sharky, with just one or two others... I'm special (23)
Pitcher traded for 10 baseball bats Cory Foy (0)
I was let go today lorb (43)
audit trail sharkfish (59)
maria digby Another F' Nick (1)
the guy in the suit sucks Another F' Nick (4)
obama: let's talk it out Another Fucking Nick (5)
latest from newsweek Another Fucking Nick (3)
how smart is it sharkfish (12)
Please welcome our new insect Underlords! Peter (5)
cool I don't give a shit about US poverty now Another Damn Nick (8)
sidebar! I'm special (0)
Is Another Damn Nick Rick Tang (2)
is fink dead? Another Damn Nick (1)
Staying Positive At Work Another Damn Nick (2)
one possibility few people have mentioned basque (0)
clay, you will appreciate this.. I'm special (11)
9/11 5 drills that day? I'm special (13)
USERS PAY FOR FEATURES Another Damn Nick (2)
My sister is in Canada for a 40 day intensive studyin of English Lombrado (4)
175 days until I quit my job Another Lame Nick (6)
25 billion dollar Another Lame Nick (10)
*sigh* Rick Tang (3)
"You really should write more comments" Kenny (16)
Ever changed your mind Rick Tang (9)
Ubuntu Muslim Edition 8.04 Lombrado (6)
Day 2 sharkfish (37)
Class action suit against Lending Tree xampl (3)
Anyone know anything about electric guitars? man on the stair (12)
Is this guy for real? son of parnas (8)
I am officially disgusted sharkfish (8)
Unit testing not popular because programmers are lazy shits son of parnas (88)
Working class are just dumb Bot Berlin (21)
On the news last night they were pimping this story muppet (1)
I'm headed to Missouri to buy a car muppet (16)
Linux sucks meter Bot Berlin (3)
Pragmatic vs. Classical education xampl (21)
Expro gets $3.36 billion bid from Halliburton Lombrado (2)
One week xampl (1)
Cool, now Londoners can flash joggers in Central Park! loon on the stair (8)
May 22nd, 2008
get down! sharkfish (3)
Getting things into perspective myers (7)
blogs Another Lame Nick (7)
Pockets suck lorb (22)
greatest baseball pitch ever Another Lame Nick (3)
Do you love falcons? Boston Legal (4)
Got an A on my final English paper muppet (11)
self confidence the great purple (5)
codesmith sharkfish (6)
Yes, but is he made of wood? JoC (3)
Write the script  (scene 1) i'm special (8)
actors or programmers? sharkfish (17)
Is anyone excited Sad Canuck Fan (7)
My first ever column is up Clay Dowling (17)
chocolate chip cookie sharkfish (40)
I got my essay back Michael B (16)
This is why I have no faith in America muppet (8)
Can't blieve which dave won son of parnas (19)
Took two cats to the vet yesterday for full vaccinations muppet (18)
Cross browser compatibility loon on the stair (7)
LifeLock Cory Foy (3)
Hey Sharky ... stupid black men Tapiwa (21)
Maybe I'm just a natural born criminal, but... man on the stair (2)
heh i'm special (9)
Open Source so-called "security" Abstract Typist (13)
What a Waste! man on the stair (1)
college and class sharkfish (13)
May 21st, 2008
loyalty vs. self interest sharkfish (25)
Solving the delegate issue for Florida and Michigan Cory Foy (15)
utilikilts? Another Silly Nick Name (11)
still learning about my body Another Silly Nick Name (2)
Paying people to quit son of parnas (9)
A little bit too much fear mongering Bot Ghost (3)
So this afternoon I've been trying to order services from AT&T muppet (13)
`Ndrangheta Mafia Made EU44 Billion in 2007, Eurispes Says Lombrado (5)
Also, Wal*Mart was INCREDIBLY busy this morning muppet (20)
new iphone June 9th son of parnas (11)
Apple and Sony df (20)
Can the <script> tag be intercepted? Michael B (3)
Wii Fit df (6)
I don't like the address drop-down in Firefox 3 muppet (7)
Sucks to be McCain Clay Dowling (4)
Had 7 breathing treatments in the ER last night muppet (15)
"Software Error" Helps Cause Credit Meltdown? Mongo (4)
Media over https Oscar (6)
Micro VST host Ritchie Swann (4)
End of payday lending Colm (9)
May 20th, 2008
Finally, a $100 book reader sharkfish (28)
What will the world be like? Depressed boy (13)
Tomorrow is Mac day Bot Berlin (8)
Sen. Edward Kennedy on Republicans and Minimum Wage Lombrado (1)
dammit sharkfish (7)
Check it out! Dan Denman (1)
Israeli intellectuals: ISRAEL CANNOT SURVIVE Dan Denman (2)
Really, really bad news for "eat the rich" types Philo (25)
Jolie or Belucci Le Monde Jr. (2)
I like pie. Aaron (6)
Fail! Clay Dowling (30)
Internet Addiction Rick Tang (30)
239 in an 80 zone df (12)
where do pengiuns live? a2800276 (18)
where is the money at in IT? sharkfish (12)
which decade sharkfish (14)
Why would Bush want the Saudi's to have Nuclear Energy? son of parnas (10)
Amazon Listens to the Snake and Eats the Apple son of parnas (7)
Whatever you do.. don't get into production support. RF (15)
Oh man.... JoC (2)
Obama and Hillary lorb (31)
May 19th, 2008
Why are democrats asking for lower gas prices? Philo (18)
HeeHeeHaaHaaHoHo(rofl)splutter trollop (2)
good republican soldiers must rally around mcsame son of parnas (7)
Oil prices for the consumer; Brazil's take Lombrado (11)
The Blow Me UI son of parnas (8)
Spaz Tasered Senator David Crockett (14)
Electric Car performance Senator David Crockett (9)
Michael B should take Rick Tang (14)
Your Own Private Island Clay Dowling (10)
Now, if a milk tanker crashed right next to it... xampl (8)
Vista adoption at 8% xampl (7)
The paper I handed in to my independent study professor... Michael B (39)
U.S. soldier uses Quran for target practice Moral (14)
What are those things called? muppet (22)
I once read that the entire history of humans on earth muppet (18)
So, how long before gmail becomes a pay service? muppet (11)
phones in test labs Michael B (8)
Darwin Awards ... this time spitting contest Tapiwa (0)
Johannesburg violence Bluebeard (4)
Javascript is the replacement for Basic Boston Legal (10)
Fuck the Dutch Michael B (11)
May 18th, 2008
Williams Pinball Hall of Fame for Wii -- $19.99 muppet (14)
Let's not fool ourselves about Ben Morris Dan Denman (4)
"How can you argue that the woman is morally responsible ... I'm special (27)
body issues the great purple (22)
omigood christ, colm I'm special (15)
why? I'm special (6)
I need a web designer/marketing expert I'm special (4)
why accounting software _is_ interesting sharkfish (6)
Little Green Footballs i'm special (12)
fascinating story on steroids sharkfish (13)
Does new FF really use memory better? son of parnas (5)
right-wingers get a taste of their own medicine sharkfish (7)
Hillary lorb (7)
Even Google Made Mistakes (Reported Bugs Not Fixed for Months) Google Fan (4)
just when you think you've seen sharkfish (2)
2 minutes. What do you take? Cory Foy (12)
yes I'm stupid sharkfish (8)
May 17th, 2008
good things about programming, bad things about programming sharkfish (24)
ok. I'll admit it. sharkfish (3)
different kind of PV heartsheep (15)
Implications for the end of flight? son of parnas (19)
A Great use of technology son of parnas (3)
I really liked it son of parnas (9)
Still possible to put adwords on a specific page or website? Adwords newbie (4)
this guy is not a developer sharkfish (17)
sharkfish Bluebeard (10)
May 16th, 2008
Yeah!  Where is that ? sharkfish (1)
lol.  Bot, was that you? BROL (5)
Router identification? xampl (3)
Linux, the foundations of an operating system Bot Ghost (18)
Inertia, and project mgmt. BROL (5)
When guys say... Never been (11)
The same bunch of goons and thugs Rick Tang (1)
Slinging C++? Rick Tang (1)
Hmmm JoC (2)
Do they come in hybrid/electric? JoC (5)
Electric bike vs. normal bike Ward (1)
Dutch freedom of expression under threat Remember Theo van Gogh (18)
Atlanta and Austin are on there, woot Bot Ghost (9)
Fuel cell cars; Japanese carmakers still kicking butt Lombrado (36)
College lesson; White men have nothing left to say Michael B (15)
Linq for Data xampl (1)
Judges df (3)
Vending machine bandit caught xampl (2)
Do you clean the top of your soda can? xampl (12)
What we've all wanted to say for years Colm (2)
So, what the fuck is up with NEVs only being able to go 25mph? muppet (43)
The Lori Drew / MySpace suicide thing df (10)
It seems that Doomsday has been postponed. Bluebeard (2)
there is no freaking way that... i'm special (2)
$280 Bot Berlin (12)
california leads the way--again son of parnas (7)
May 15th, 2008
well, killed that sharkfish (17)
I want sharkfish (3)
Hey Tapiwa sharkfish (16)
A close to realistic job description Cory Foy (3)
whoops Colm (10)
So the earthquake in China has a death toll over 50,000 muppet (9)
I'm happy for Obama BROL (7)
question about UI sharkfish (3)
he he he! jingalala jingalala ™ (0)
There's a whole blog dedicated to Green Automobiles Lombrado (1)
Irritate your co-workers with this! Bluebeard (6)
What are the odds Cheers (5)
LMAO muppet (4)
my savings economista - banned (29)
More unintended consequences xampl (6)
Find your cat's personality xampl (7)
Handsome investment - Zero gasoline car; plus home electricity Lombrado (69)
Desperation Colm (3)
CoT Fun Bot Ghost (17)
Interesting podcast about money crisis. Peter (1)
What is Bush doing in Israel again? Lombrado (5)
PAY ATTENTION TO ***MEEEEE*** muppet (14)
Regardless of where you stand on the animal (non-)cruelty of muppet (41)
So we were having a debate on gun control in my English class muppet (8)
The American Plutocracy Lombrado (12)
Asus Eee and other portable toys man on the stair (3)
Sometimes the little guys do win against the big guys Colm (5)
so how does one manage registrations for online applications? i'm special (13)
May 14th, 2008
Facebook decides to throw in some Erlang for 70 mil active users Bot Berlin (3)
man on the stair the great purple (7)
class in America sharkfish (36)
Slick Colm (3)
div z-index sharkfish (4)
What coud I learn from reading Iliad Lucky Ducky (14)
Edwards to back Obama xampl (8)
O Tell Me the Truth About Love W.H. Auden (6)
I want to read this the great purple (7)
The bots are alive Bot Ghost (5)
did we discuss this enough? baby losers (6)
The best Amazon review of all time? Stephen Jones (8)
technology companies that are not microsoft lister (9)
Anyone reading wikileaks? son of parnas (2)
the NYT r&d lab? jobber (3)
Caffeine is fun! Cory Foy (14)
Debian SSL Vulnerability Cory Foy (5)
is this true? money dude (16)
Hey Colm - sharkfish (15)
Dear Lazyweb, how would you do this in Java? Michael B (28)
Muppet, where are you? Bot Ghost (1)
Wanted: Stories about how you cheaped out for profit! Michael B (2)
current soundtrack to my life the great purple (4)
So much for nuclear son of parnas (11)
Do you have a landline? xampl (20)
"It may seem like black magic, but really it's... i'm special (4)
gpl mit bsd sharkfish (22)
Firefox would fail many SEC security requirements Bot Berlin (25)
Do women deserve to be raped for talking to men? Senator David Crockett (4)
ex-google CIO moron (23)
more charts from perot fuck you (0)
microsoft research fuck you (19)
bush honors war dead -- by giving up golf politico (8)
May 13th, 2008
Is it a bad sign? son of parnas (31)
missippi 1st to a dem eater (2)
Any Robin Cook fans? Philo (5)
awareness test eater (0)
Homemade jet engine xampl (18)
Norman Finkelstein on Hezbollah Brother Mouzon (0)
Chomsky vs Dershowiz debate Brother Mouzon (0)
Kurt Loder eater (5)
stupid programming question sharkfish (18)
Strange Store of the Day son of parnas (25)
I learned something today sharkfish (11)
enemies of new ideas sharkfish (10)
Life after reddit.  Week one. Michael B (3)
Self imposed segregation Bot Ghost (31)
EDS bought by HP xampl (1)
who travels with 31 diamond rings? who owns 31 diamond rings? boo (6)
hey check this out sharkfish (10)
jackie passie - back on the internet a thought (6)
bill o'reilly a thought (2)
scripting.com a thought (1)
Randomness Lucky Ducky (8)
omg please let this option be for real sharkfish (10)
so earnest sharkfish (2)
Office Affair Asshat (3)
Einstein: Bible Is 'Primitive, Pretty Childish' Lombrado (13)
speaking of ethics sharkfish (15)
Woot JoC (5)
dear Man On The Stairs i'm special (6)
stupid opensource bad manners i'm special (1)
I seem to remember Muppet bitching about this Direct from the NY Times (3)
Ive given up on ruby on rails btw i'm special (9)
Turkish what are you reading for? (8)
an ugly css choice i'm special (15)
May 12th, 2008
Ethics? Michael B (20)
I enjoyed this thread immensely Brother Mouzon (0)
What happened to that Brother Mouzon (21)
responding to older relatives' email sharkfish (19)
Introducing my new nickname Brother Mouzon (2)
So folks, is it wrong that I Anon for this (10)
Wayne? Ward (11)
Best portable these days? son of parnas (10)
hey MS COM/DCOM people sharkfish (11)
Do you sing while driving? son of parnas (4)
ban the great purple i'm special (3)
jesus people, how can you leave material like this begging..? i'm special (20)
Commuting by electric bike Ward (16)
Hacking, accountant style. Tapiwa (15)
A convenient internet doomsday countdown Bluebeard (22)
preference based tourism site Mat Solar (0)
Patio: Damned Near Finished Clay Dowling (2)
Squirrel: It's what's for dinner Clay Dowling (11)
My 9 year old has decided that she should be a vegetarian muppet (29)
13yr old steals credit card, hires hookers Tapiwa (20)
So for our entire trip muppet (2)
Scratch programming language for kids son of parnas (0)
May 11th, 2008
Israels 60th "anniversary" no reason to celebrate Dan Denman (2)
Interesting Chart Bot Berlin (4)
Texting to order a pizza Cory Foy (4)
Amazon S3 xampl (9)
heh! jingalala jingalala ™ (3)
I'm definitely getting this when it comes out Colm (3)
How often do you buy gas? Boston Legal (13)
Poverty is a function of bad luck and bad choices? Bluebeard (9)
gridview sharkfish (6)
I had to buy a Domino's pizza sharkfish (24)
Sharky: your accounting software Ward (25)
Browser improvements Colm (2)
You have one of these options sharkfish (18)
Hey GenY - where's my Venti cappuccino, no whip? sharkfish (27)
I go to lunch here sometimes sharkfish (14)
Shit, this isn't funny trollop (15)
Computer Game's High Score Could Earn the Nobel Prize in Medicin Soup Dragon (1)
What do you mean by "I CAN HAZ 72 VIRJINS?" on your sidebar? Curious (5)
Fe Homo son of parnas (5)
May 10th, 2008
Strange video. Indian or German? Fan boy (5)
Right tool for the job Clay Dowling (2)
How to lose 7 lbs in 5 days, or how $200 = $45k Cory Foy (18)
Why are brilliant people always bonkers? sharkfish (14)
So we're at the airport again muppet (6)
Five cent solar is here! Senator David Crockett (6)
Nail in the coffin Bot Berlin (0)
What part of our virtual reality is missing? son of parnas (12)
Texting sharkfish (10)
May 9th, 2008
I am an ahole friend Bot Berlin (10)
Sister graduates Bot Berlin (7)
TurboTax - best webapp I have seen in a while Bot Berlin (2)
I just called nader HQ arg! (1)
I got e-mail from China domain regitrar. Is it legitimate? Web Admin (1)
green screens at McD's sharkfish (1)
You don't see this every day xampl (8)
Abandon hope all those that enter here ... Stephen Jones (2)
couple observations and self-absorbed thoughts sharkfish (10)
question about building api/sdk sharkfish (12)
totally irrational the great purple (14)
US is like the old tired and creaking airline industry son of parnas (11)
Internet stop you from being a polymath? son of parnas (4)
uh. ummm. uhhh. sharkfish (8)
Appropriate business names xampl (3)
what happened to the thread about shaving? treppenwitz (12)
I'm a serious sloucher, never have back issues... AlmostAnon (0)
Useability is a character trait xampl (25)
Does money taint? Colm (1)
Great tits cope well with warming man on the stair (3)
America is crazy man on the stair (22)
wSV Bluebeard (5)
May 8th, 2008
And you think YOUR job is crazy SaveTheHubble (2)
I take back my comment about Michael Gordon Dan Denman (2)
Ahmadinejad: Israel a 'stinking corpse' Dan Denman (1)
Announcement jingalala jingalala ™ (19)
Is it wrong... muppet (12)
Illusion of freedom Michael B (4)
don't read this if toilet humor bad for you sharkfish (4)
Please advise.. RF (4)
Gross Gross Gross son of parnas (3)
I want office furniture like this son of parnas (11)
She Needs a Hero Clay Dowling (15)
Democrats are out of power man on the stair (0)
Why does the US not punish incompetence? Philo (21)
On being early to business things (interviews, meetings, etc) df (5)
Is America run by a guy controlled by a James Bond Supervillain? SaveTheHubble (2)
PSA: Polyamory is the new LJBF Boston Legal (20)
a very important question sharkfish (17)
My problem with "libertarianism" Colm (25)
What  Were they Smoking? son of parnas (12)
Is Blackwater owned by a James Bond supervillain? Michael B (5)
May 7th, 2008
Drinking again Bot Berlin (6)
Michael Gordon Dan Denman (9)
I'd rather be in the army than put up with college Michael B (33)
coding in C++ sharkfish (20)
CSLA, by Rockie Lhotka sharkfish (22)
Culture of stupid (topic = Office Environment) Bot Ghost (5)
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May 6th, 2008
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May 5th, 2008
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May 4th, 2008
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May 3rd, 2008
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May 2nd, 2008
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May 1st, 2008
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