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April 30th, 2017
Google in trouble with the UK MPs Yoda (6 comments)
TOGAF Shylock (14)
Cassini Shylock (3)
Ever build something that you don't think is all that Wabi-sabi (6)
Looking to make the big money in software development? 2.0 Reality's Circus (4)
Looking to make the big money in software development? Joe (20)
How many people have died because of Segmentation faults Wabi-sabi (15)
Are fossil fuels heavily subsidised? Terrorist Watch (15)
Dr. Who will be canceled by 2019 xampl9 (9)
White House Correspondents Dinner Terrorist Watch (3)
Why Trump is not a fascist Yoda (15)
Rural prices Io (4)
Reddit comment threads are probably how Wabi-sabi (0)
April 29th, 2017
Film: Altitude (2017) Barry Norman (1)
What the Germans thought about Holocaust shortly after WW2 Yoda (15)
Yemen's Houthis attack Saudi troops The Intelligence (12)
Spacex launch on Sunday Musk Rules OK (7)
RIP Nick Sand The Grim Reaper (0)
Be careful how you answer those students! Brexit means Brexit (24)
April 28th, 2017
Spot the UI error Pestular Croaker (3)
Asking candidates to code is discriminatory Yoda (63)
Online help from programmers is a crap shoot Student programmer (29)
How does this work with earthquake? WorldRover (3)
Hubble, how come somtimes I do really like you? And I don't WorldRover (6)
United Airlines will now pay up to $10K per seat , Cup (8)
In what way have you become to be more like your parents? Kenny the Robot (6)
Have you ever had to block a crazy ex? Wabi-sabi (20)
I miss my old life libtard_uk (4)
Are Germans evil by nature? WorldRover (1)
TGIF to RP! WorldRover (0)
Move over Franky Zapata, here's another hovering man! Bluebeard (0)
Fyre Festival xampl9 (6)
PUBER Io (1)
Scary survey! Please take it. WorldRover (25)
Obama paid better than Hillary for speeches Yoda (28)
Can someone tell me what is the benefit for the US having WorldRover (17)
Brink of war with DPRK? Terrorist Watch (4)
The new economy and where should you be in it? WorldRover (1)
THAAD is 100% effective xampl9 (11)
Being fat creates unseen problem! WildRiver (12)
April 27th, 2017
What can a technologist do about climate change Wabi-sabi (15)
For Legion Shylock (5)
Berkeley event gearing up Terrorist Watch (5)
'not looking for work in IT' is your LinkedIn isn't enough Wabi-sabi (2)
Hubble, are we having gov shutdown next week? WorldRover (8)
If you're gonna murder your spouse, hide her fitbit first Deputy Dawg (14)
Any of you own a telescope? Which one? WorldRover (15)
So apparently liberals want war with China and North Korea President of the Brice Fan Club (26)
China and EU to build a moon-base SaveTheHubble (10)
Korean Dogs Shylock (26)
We can replace Paul Graham with a neural network Yoda (3)
The South Shall Rise Again! Shylock (13)
Israel shows USA how to do punitive strikes Yoda (18)
ISIS no longer the most fashionable gap year project Yoda (18)
Want to join a union?  Here's your chance Joe (0)
April 26th, 2017
"Just who is rich AND dumb enough to pay for Juicero?" Wabi-sabi (0)
No Superhuman AI SaveTheHubble (1)
db column naming pattern John (22)
3am revelation Student programmer (7)
Which is more unbelievable? Student programmer (8)
What do you guys think about swinger clubs? WorldRover (6)
RP, is this true or fake news? WorldRover (2)
Ascension Io (32)
George Washington - our greatest president! WorldRover (3)
General tax reform plan WorldRover (15)
News are out: gay people don't like Asian! WorldRover (10)
RIP Jonathan Demme The Grim Reaper (0)
Merkal and Polish PM fondling a dildo Yoda (14)
Where's Bot? Io (11)
Finally something we all agree with Rk (17)
April 25th, 2017
Those that attend programming meetups Asker aka Woo Woo (20)
Useful: ShadyURL url shortener Bored Bystander (3)
r/theredpill founded by Republican lawmaker Wabi-sabi (17)
Crowdfunding finds its niche Vettriano (2)
How I know that Amazon is killing American retail stores xampl9 (6)
When is an engineer not an engineer Vettriano (2)
Dogfighting autonomous drones Sangamon (0)
Stealthing - prepping public opiion for Assange arrest? Terrorist Watch (1)
Is there a car loan sub-prime bubble? Vegan Vogon (7)
Silk Road Lotti Fuehrscheim (0)
low income in SF Pestular Croaker (7)
Burn it down. MS (46)
The US about to strike North Korea? Terrorist Watch (2)
Solving the juicer-cleaning problem NPR (3)
Happy news Lotti Fuehrscheim (3)
Wormwood for Crohns Pestular Croaker (10)
I got into software development for two primary reasons. Joe (10)
I rarely work on projects where I have to use source control Joe (48)
Greatest 100 Days ever! Pestular Croaker (0)
RIP Robert Pirsig Vettriano (3)
April 24th, 2017
Why shoes are so expensive today? Chelsea (21)
Silicon Valley season 4 premiered last night Bored Bystander (8)
"Do NOT hand squeeze our vegetables" - famous CEO Pestular Croaker (25)
Will commercial property be the next meltdown? The Great Orange (0)
Le Pen stepping down as leader The Great Orange (2)
Now I know why the black guys like her! You can guess my WorldRover (8)
Flying car is coming? WorldRover (2)
LSD study! Very interesting! WorldRover (2)
Did someone tell me that I should get a job in the Bay area? WorldRover (11)
According to Shylock, Trump and Musk are conmen. Obama isn't. WorldRover (6)
If you can use 'Ok Google' to wake up your smartphone Wabi-sabi (4)
ZX Spectrum turns 35 Markowitch (4)
Does that Rogaine stuff actually work? ? (13)
Elon Musk is strange. He does look like a cold heart killer. lol WorldRover (6)
RP, who is this? WorldRover (0)
Do you acknowledge your neighbors when outside? dude (12)
Software is social! Joe (20)
New style of London housing Yoda (7)
Russians hacked another election PaveTheStubble (7)
North West Passage Lotti Fuehrscheim (3)
Americans spend $70B per year in lottery Io (18)
Musk using agile techniques at Tesla? Django Rechained (17)
Now your headphones are spying on you Django Rechained (4)
April 23rd, 2017
"Almost everyone works hard" Legion (42)
When's the last time you got really high Wabi-sabi (8)
Wayne is China, Muppet is North Korea; Hubble is South Korea President of the Brice Fan Club (14)
Huffpost editor resigns after ombud finds her editorial racist Bluebeard (5)
Why are Americans so fond of drugs? Bluebeard (21)
Remember that time... MS (35)
Macron is 1st, Le Pen 2nd The Great Orange (13)
Exit Polls Lotti Fuehrscheim (15)
How deletion works Wabi-sabi (5)
Antifa girl a.k.a. "Moldylocks" NPR (19)
Why does Dr. H get so much heat here? President of the Brice Fan Club (12)
So Wabi is now known as The Great Orange and now allowing anyone President of the Brice Fan Club (6)
Home rehabbing with April xampl9 (2)
Re-reading 1984 NPR (12)
trump voters: "no regrets" Pestular Croaker (10)
April 22nd, 2017
Last night I went down a rabbit hole of philosophy lectures Wabi-sabi (5)
There are the Antifa protests Shylock (36)
Geraldo nuts in pants watching MOAB NPR (12)
Will Le Pen win? Lee (50)
Server farms and webhosts looking at your data Bored Bystander (27)
April 21st, 2017
Thanks for the Scaleway reco, Pegular Roaster Wabi-sabi (9)
I guess Republicans don't think Hawaii is a state Shylock (14)
More about "homework"... Ron (9)
WorldRover/WildRiver why do you post ten topics in a row Wabi-sabi (10)
Stock market next week will be very volatile! WorldRover (12)
RP, we need to do battles to pick our girls! Are you ready? WorldRover (0)
What is it like for the job market in France, England, and WorldRover (9)
Hey, IO...what stocks have you been trading? WorldRover (3)
So I have a repair man coming over to look at my mower Jim (13)
What was other professional fields that you almost become a WorldRover (27)
John McCain has a pilot son! WorldRover (2)
Our economy is still out of whack and full of bullshit! WorldRover (5)
RP, please stop asking to enter beauty contest until you look WorldRover (1)
TGIF to RP. May you look as good as you have always been! WorldRover (2)
Lack of IT feminists causes Russian women to excel in tech Yoda (9)
Coworkers and their obsession to get you to eat their food Just pay me, don't feed me (32)
Breakthrough in psychiatry Yoda (9)
What do you call a country that only has pink automobiles? Legion (4)
Anyone remember what I said about oil prices? Legion (12)
April 20th, 2017
Mup gets is wish against my family. Legion (27)
Can an 18 years old person save enough to have 1 million by the WildRiver (22)
The k-cup style juicing machine is failing in the market Wabi-sabi (22)
I think this is the norm now: attack in Paris! WorldRover (6)
Forget about North Korea. I have a feeling we will invade this WorldRover (22)
Check out the C-level executives vs the second level of execs Bored Bystander (15)
Huffington Post trolled by white male - hilarity ensues Bluebeard (3)
Paying for a repository feels weird Student programmer (33)
Re: mirrorless cameras - medium format SLRs price collapse Bored Bystander (8)
The real reason Bill O'Reilly was fired NPR (6)
This generation didn't need welfare! WorldRover (8)
Mirrorless on teh way to world domination Yoda (0)
MSNBC calls for ISIS to bomb Trump Pestular Croaker (1)
This forum is being actively censored AntiAntiFa (13)
April 19th, 2017
Chomsky: Most of the World is Just Collapsing in Laughter NPR (6)
Kicking ass at 94 Shylock (0)
Didn't know that Jill Stein Shylock (4)
Wrong direction, wrong ocean Shylock (14)
The decline of programming user groups! What happened? I don't WildRiver (11)
Sorry to hear about your boy O'Reilly, Trumpcucks Wabi-sabi (38)
I'm 35, I'm Stuck And I Can't Get My Years Back NPR (1)
I'll be gone for 3 month from you LeMonDe (6)
Serena Williams pregnant xampl9 (16)
Bond price moves in opposite direction of yield. Have you ever WorldRover (8)
Yesterday Goldman Sachs dragged the stock market down...today WorldRover (6)
John Sonmez a.k.a. Simple Programmer on Real Estate vs. S&P 500 NPR (3)
A week with old people Wabi-sabi (6)
Who is going to take care of me if Rk (14)
What's the future of Indian outsourcing? Asker (5)
April 18th, 2017
Who still use IBM services and products? If your boss buys IBM WildRiver (7)
H1B visa is in the news! Don't forget to read the comments. WildRiver (6)
Geez, there are lot of haters... WorldRover (2)
Yo yo yo, there is something for us to learn! lol WorldRover (3)
Who still believe in back-door immigration? WorldRover (5)
1 euro to fly in Gulliver the wooden zeppelin , Cup (2)
Why is the Holocaust more important than the Pol Pot's WorldRover (30)
The UK is getting an early general election Ducknald Don (36)
SJW plan: ban boys from using legos Pestular Croaker (9)
This is what happens while Obama and Hillary didn't pay WorldRover (7)
Does Cody have anger issues? Pestular Croaker (2)
Alex Jones is really Bill Hicks xampl9 (8)
Opening of UN files on Holocaust Yoda (1)
HFT no longer sexy Yoda (13)
April 17th, 2017
I say let withdraw any nuclear deterrence agreement with Russia! WildRiver (2)
MX missile shell game. lol. Which station contains the missile? WildRiver (0)
This camera is hot! What old is new again! WildRiver (2)
lets see if you know C# Ron (11)
More questions about me "home work"... :) Ron (7)
Here's your peer review, har har Yoda (7)
Is 6.9% economic growth in China a credible figure? Terrorist Watch (7)
Should Google be manipulating the status of Infowars? Terrorist Watch (19)
How to raise a creative child Io (10)
Enter pi to seven digits precision Legion (22)
April 16th, 2017
Maybe there's hope? Shylock (9)
Berkeley getting pummeled again Bluebeard (17)
Uber getting pummelled again Terrorist Watch (2)
Should 'Brave Girl' be removed? Terrorist Watch (16)
An E-Ink laptop AntiAntiFa (6)
April 15th, 2017
Marine le Pen leads the polls , Cup (15)
Fire the fuckers before they get it gets expensive Terrorist Watch (2)
Are we being prepped for WW3? Terrorist Watch (3)
Design pattern question Ron (18)
Not the cleverest move Yoda (11)
Design question Ron (16)
"You don't pay my salary" xampl9 (5)
Maxine Waters can take on Trump Georgeous George (3)
Are DSLRs a dying breed? Yoda (11)
Are y'all miserable? Terrorist Watch (19)
Latest United Commercial (3)
Of course he does Remember (11)
CIA requests control of internet Pestular Croaker (4)
Wendy's goes social The Great Waldo (1)
RIP Bob Taylor The Great Waldo (0)
Did you know the Japs have limits on imported potatoes? Vettriano (5)
Solar panels getting too cheap for leasing The Great Waldo (1)
Richard Stallman interview The Great Waldo (3)
Freakonomics for leadership? The Great Waldo (0)
Laptop annoying me Student programmer (12)
April 14th, 2017
I am thinking of becoming an Agile guru or something Woo Woo (13)
Martin Fowler is a con artist Woo Woo (6)
I say this is woo woo. What do you think? Woo Woo (6)
Hello CoT LeMonDe (8)
Kim Jong Un criticized the President President of the Brice Fan Club (16)
United Contract Pestular Croaker (10)
Kickass replacement really (4)
What is the best way to save STL data to a file? Ron (10)
Yet another water from air device - any good? The Great Waldo (1)
YouTube censorship xampl9 (9)
Some AI is troubling The Great Waldo (8)
New tablet The Great Waldo (2)
Warner Brothers has to prove in court that ghosts are real Yoda (3)
Trump to escalate further in Syria MobyDobie (4)
April 13th, 2017
ayor Daley's mates in strife trollop (1)
plane law Pestular Croaker (5)
racist attacks by jews in jerusalem Pestular Croaker (22)
Here's my unicorn Shylock (4)
broken nose, 2 lost teeth Pestular Croaker (6)
A comment on US state of economy article. WorldRover (18)
Ever been told that you're quiet? Quiet (5)
Trump sends a message to activist judiciary Yoda (18)
Horrorwitz's public identity exposed Bored Bystander (3)
Hilary will start WW3 Ducknald Don (14)
learn to drive on youtube Pestular Croaker (11)
Best OS for developer productivity Io (10)
Got paid 2.5 hours for not doing anything today xampl9 (4)
Dr Pho files legal subpoenas Pestular Croaker (10)
How many of you here like Pho noodle soup? It is an acquired WorldRover (35)
Traitor Trump is a Traitor Remember (24)
Very nice ww2 era pin-ups! WorldRover (1)
I call this situational marketing! Great idea. WorldRover (0)
fingerprint matches - 1% error rate Pestular Croaker (4)
The true story about United overbooked flight. WorldRover (3)
update on North Korea Pestular Croaker (2)
last night's state of the union Pestular Croaker (0)
rich white guy pushes back at United Pestular Croaker (21)
qurans found in toilet Pestular Croaker (6)
If there's any flavor left in the United chewing gum left Shylock (25)
April 12th, 2017
So Shylock and Hubble are walking toward Camp COT President of the Brice Fan Club (22)
Self-duet Shylock (1)
Made in U.S.A. Without any Pride (9)
Who new North Korea was so complicated? Remember (6)
Student badgered with false accusations commits suicide Pestular Croaker (4)
Another disruptive customer gets what's coming to them NPR (0)
Hubble Sees Something Huge Coming Out of Uranus President of the Brice Fan Club (4)
North Korea: libtards have no opinion? President of the Brice Fan Club (17)
Crazy life in the IRA Yoda (4)
Jumping into AMD, Intel and nVidia Kenny the Robot (5)
Gold price cock-up Yoda (0)
Stealing code from your employer is risky Yoda (10)
United route Vettriano (15)
Women are obsolete Vettriano (2)
More proof oil is dead Vettriano (0)
United Doctor is Creepy Abusive piece of chinese shit United PR Rep (51)
April 11th, 2017
What's some good public domain sci-fi? Wabi-sabi (16)
Has anyone here tried React framework? WorldRover (10)
iPhone owners? You should read this! WorldRover (1)
Anyone of you collect dividend stock? PG is the one! WorldRover (7)
Trump says Assad is "worse than Hitler" Pestular Croaker (29)
Has anyone been to this web site? WorldRover (0)
Here's a little thank you for taking so many refugees Yoda (5)
Hubble should be invited to the beach too. We need a life guard. WorldRover (0)
RP, this beach is the one you go to. I won't share mine with you WorldRover (0)
You guys bore me to death! I need a beach vacation. WorldRover (3)
Functional programming for lunatics Trog (13)
How would you suggest dealing with the North Korean issue? President of the Brice Fan Club (29)
We have lot of improvement projects on here? Home, work... WorldRover (2)
Has everyone done filing tax for this year? I don't feel like WorldRover (4)
Traitor Trump was so right about election fraud Remember (0)
Dead kids shown Vettriano (8)
United Airlines Vettriano (18)
Animal drug trials simply do not work Yoda (3)
COBOL programmers needed Markowitch (44)
Feeling blessed living in Canada R (7)
Alabama governor resigns over sex abuse Pestular Croaker (10)
Fact check request , Cup (8)
April 10th, 2017
How difficult are these home improvement projects? dude (38)
Why don't you fuckers have sympathy for Mup? President of the Brice Fan Club (20)
You may think you're eating vegan... Shylock (17)
The best subreddit Is Pegular Moron a fry cook? (0)
Aside from the roulette wheel of capitalism, here's why I'm brok mup (61)
Old director has returned to the company . (16)
RP, when you travel to India next month please don't do this. WorldRover (4)
Holy crap! Don't ever fly United airline. WorldRover (25)
'Tis the season Shylock (15)
What's not to like about Junkie Slip (6)
Swedish truck attack explained Yoda (6)
Uber is fucked Vettriano (21)
April 9th, 2017
Estimated taxes Wabi-sabi (41)
Who really manipulated Libor? Yoda (3)
Anti-Semitism Awareness Act Pestular Croaker (3)
China approves US attack on North Korea Pestular Croaker (25)
Sports Sunday Lotti Fuehrscheim (4)
My phone keeps getting firmware updates! Rumor has it (1)
Word users beware: (+ a b c) (6)
Grasshopper (+ a b c) (0)
Bombing in Egyptian coptic church Vettriano (20)
Can you trust your VPN? The Great Waldo (12)
April 8th, 2017
Pinball Wizard Shylock (0)
news for Trump dummies PaveTheStubble (3)
If science says something doesn't exist... Yoda (8)
Thinking about selling house and moving to one bedroom apartment dude (31)
This is us Wick (2)
new Aminé video out! Pestular Croaker (8)
Hitting the glass ceiling as a .NET developer ? (39)
Sarin came from Turkey Pestular Croaker (3)
massive voter fraud uncovered in north carolina Pestular Croaker (3)
Are Tomahawks pathetic? Vettriano (23)
Rape happens because men have penises Yoda (0)
Scott Adams, certified crackpot PaveTheStubble (4)
A fringe social site... feel the luv Bored Bystander (11)
April 7th, 2017
Personal Indentification Information Secret Police Informant #SP297R4 (3)
Anyone do 23andme? Wabi-sabi (24)
Ghost in the Shell xampl9 (11)
The Story of the Kekistani Peoples Bored Bystander (3)
I can't believe you crackheads are still here. Me (2)
RP's blow-up doll in real life. WirldLirvel (1)
white Trump supporter vs black Uber driver Pestular Croaker (1)
RP loves German women! WirldLirvel (3)
TGIF to my bro RP! WirldLirvel (0)
fact checking on syrian chemical weapons Pestular Croaker (4)
Has anyone here ever been attacked by bears? WirldLirvel (35)
Your days are numbered n/a|Idiot|Regular Poster Wabi-sabi (11)
How to read false positives in diagnostic testing Wabi-sabi (10)
Warning: VS 2017 isn't ready for prime time. WirldLirvel (2)
Bana Alabed supports Trump The world is going mad! (0)
NPR and FSK, please report in on your job situation. WirldLirvel (5)
Gives you an idea of how unnatural their living conditions are Yoda (11)
Swedish meatballs: your immigration policy rewards are here. WirldLirvel (16)
Infinite Monkey Theorem xampl9 (6)
"War is a celebration of markets" Yoda (0)
Good analysis of Trumpism Shylock (10)
Oh heavens! Guardian comment makes sense Yoda (1)
Didn't the Nazis do something like this? The Great Waldo (53)
YouTube pivots to MSM The Great Waldo (2)
April 6th, 2017
Bayes theorem explained Wabi-sabi (19)
Prez Trump ordered missiles strike against Syria! WildRiver (26)
Ann Coulter the disgusting right wing racist Pestular Croaker (14)
Today in the reality show called The United States Shylock's Phone (13)
Happy Thursday to my friend RP! WirldLirvel (5)
HUD audit under Carson shows $5 billion went missing Sangamon (37)
Trump Admin Creates Reporting Tool for H-1B Abuse President of the Brice Fan Club (6)
Now Illegal to ask salary history in NYC Morons (10)
John Glenn finally laid to rest TricksyWankerman (3)
Yo, Kenny...here is your chance to buy AMD! lol WirldLirvel (3)
is darkness good? Pestular Croaker (7)
Common Core to be killed off Pestular Croaker (7)
Insanely bright flashlight Idiot's Fake News Service (2)
Now you know why bottled water is expensive. WirldLirvel (6)
Is she working for the CIA? WirldLirvel (1)
Who is this? WirldLirvel (3)
RP, do you like vanilla and chocolate flavor? Yummy two scoops. WirldLirvel (0)
Startup school 2017 Idiot's Fake News Service (0)
Modeling Currency Markets harder than other instruments? Shylock (20)
The slow realisation that oil is dead Idiot's Fake News Service (7)
More hints that Trump may bring back Glass-Steagal Yoda (9)
Trump explained using statistical terms Yoda (7)
Trump discovers that killing babies is wrong Yoda (22)
Assad gas attack facts Pestular Croaker (1)
VP Mike Pence ... arrested after sex romp with call girl Pestular Croaker (7)
April 5th, 2017
chinese athlete is hackathon champion Pestular Croaker (2)
Places to hide cash Steve (9)
Like your vote counts or something xampl9 (8)
Ok to stop deleting mup's posts, wabi Legion (14)
Morons' Joel Test Morons (9)
FSK Hipster Joel Test FSK (18)
RP, wanna some coconuts? WirldLirvel (2)
Barry Manilow is gay! Zodiac (11)
Scott Adams on Rice Zodiac (9)
Job hunting using Trello Zodiac (7)
My heroes: Prez Trump and Steve Bannon WirldLirvel (8)
New H1B memo WirldLirvel (16)
Here is the second high paying job below the position I posted. WirldLirvel (8)
$35 million bail Pestular Croaker (9)
Here is a high paying job ad looking for candidate. See if you WirldLirvel (3)
Steve Bannon is out! Pestular Croaker (9)
Will Syria be the next Iraq? Yoda (10)
Can someone sign up and get the report for the rest of us? WirldLirvel (1)
RP, I have a confession to make. This is me in real life. WirldLirvel (1)
Traitor Trump will destroy US economy for coal Remember (1)
terrorists wife Pestular Croaker (1)
Traitor Trump Was Sure Right About Election Fraud Remember (1)
Trump does Israel Yoda (5)
Chelsea preparing 2020 Presidential run Pestular Croaker (20)
An updated Joel test British Balti Lover (14)
Trump won't save coal Yoda (13)
Sabbaticals and Commerical Software Product Out of touch with reality (16)
My wife doesn't like male nurses Legion (30)
April 4th, 2017
Spacex - Musk predicts 100x cheaper launches British Balti Lover (22)
Wow, Obama's administration spreaded disease? WirldLirvel (27)
You almost don't recognize her. WirldLirvel (7)
Eddie Murhpy is da man! WirldLirvel (0)
Trump Loves Him Some Russians Remember (5)
A product of family connection with affirmative action! WirldLirvel (24)
I got in trouble today, best way to handle? me again (24)
Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post Wabi-sabi (33)
Har har, body cameras for police, har har Yoda (9)
Obama smoothie addiction British Balti Lover (10)
Mayflower Hotel , Cup (30)
Graphene membrane for desalination British Balti Lover (25)
Robots will enable the rich elite to depopulate the planet British Balti Lover (9)
April 3rd, 2017
Maybe not new, but an effective scam Legion (10)
Education Secretary's brother/founder of Blackwater has Wabi-sabi (6)
Obama and his Eric Holder in drag were criminals. President of WildRiver fan club (13)
Marine Le Pen could still win The Great Orange (4)
Your iPhone can be hacked directly via wifi The Great Orange (3)
Tesla worth more than Ford The Great Orange (8)
Is the MSM in America reporting on Susan Rice? British Balti Lover (4)
This is what the Interet is all about Lotti Fuehrscheim (2)
Research work Io (3)
Being touch on Islam doesn't protect one from terrorism Yoda (11)
April 2nd, 2017
Nurses still trying to kill my wife Legion (24)
New Star Trek Continues episode is up xampl9 (13)
Hillary Out of the Woods! PaveTheStubble (4)
think before you act - good advice PaveTheStubble (8)
50th anniversary of "Picnic at Hanging Rock" , Cup (8)
Anybody here still doing contracting? FreeAgent v2.0 (30)
Official Atlanta Fire Explanation Makes No Sense FSK (18)
Putin: Climate Change is a western Hoax Pestular Croaker (9)
A Reddit Thread for Muppet Morons (0)
Racist Montana is banning Sharia law PaveTheStubble (10)
27 inch monitor Io (19)
What a snowflake Shylock (3)
Scariest poll I've read today: most Americans are third gen Wabi-sabi (13)
April 1st, 2017
Blancpain GT3 live stream Lotti Fuehrscheim (1)
Can't blame people for not wanting to come to Nazi America Remember (39)
Somehow everyone's ideals match the policies that benefit them Wabi-sabi (14)
Chinese sentence Brit to watch Nicholas Cage movies Pestular Croaker (6)