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April 30th, 2012
CLASH OF THE TITANS!!! Bot Berlin (40 comments)
The big hype over big data TheOneWhoKnows (2)
Expert's Gaffe Blasts 109mph car, major blow to Idiot's story? df (3)
Wikispeed Idiot (54)
When clowns attack JoC (1)
Pirate Bay to be blocked by UK ISPs Bill42x (1)
Calling more BS on libertarianism Bassanio's Creditor (18)
Turing is the face of computing Bot Berlin (1)
April 29th, 2012
Ron Paul wins Louisiana in a landslide Idiot (9)
Should everyone be forced to go vegan? Bot Berlin (12)
Has technology stagnated? Bot Berlin (11)
April 28th, 2012
I don't think they will hire someone from this web form Bot Berlin (2)
Morons in government -- official bloody stupid department Q (9)
What do you think about car insurance? Bot Berlin (39)
interesting reasonable job ad Idiot (9)
Suicide rate at Google worldwide is second only to Foxconn Idiot (12)
Lurkers / readers of cot Bot Berlin (2)
99 lurkers are reading this bubu (1)
How to uninstall Android apps? Dr. Horrorwitz (0)
best way to play mp3 files in car Mike (25)
another week, another NYT hit piece on Apple Idiot (3)
Just FYI Dr. Horrorwitz (39)
officials said there was no sign of organ trafficking Idiot (5)
Compulsively registering TLD's Dr. Horrorwitz (10)
Chief Scientist at Bitly Idiot (60)
April 27th, 2012
More reasons to not visit Digg Fan boy (0)
For the die-hard KISS fan xampl9 (1)
What does Orkut mean in Dutch? Idiot (3)
QA FizzBuzz Io (25)
Hate faggots? You're prolly a homo Bored Bystander (13)
Repost, about Alan Turing Bot Berlin (14)
Biggest Copyright Thief in US History won't be charged Idiot (11)
I want to see them play Bot Berlin (0)
People are paying over $50 a piece for these muppet (24)
No manners Fan boy (7)
"Pivoting" by entrepreneurs xampl9 (17)
And yet another thing that annoys me Shylock (20)
How to estimate how long development will take? Shylock (18)
Real Software Metrics Shylock (4)
Philosophie Magazine Io (9)
new Atari 2600 game released Idiot (6)
"Don't be evil" Io (6)
April 26th, 2012
What is a line of code? Shylock (17)
Asteroid mining - what else? Bill42x (23)
Finally, I jump on a weird article before Idiot does... Bored Bystander (32)
Obamawhoregate 2 agents brutally beat call girl Idiot (5)
Game of Thrones Io (17)
So let's say that CS was cut in all colleges nationwide Mike (23)
My latest, most legitimate attempt at jewelry muppet (10)
The prostitute "torture" scene in Game of Thrones muppet (12)
Surprise!  U-FLA may save the CompSci dept. SaveTheHubble (23)
PL/SQL is hot! Why??? Rick on Nexus S (36)
April 25th, 2012
My son just got a tablet Wayne (4)
Why is all US TV domestic ? Lurker (42)
please vote in survey Idiot (4)
Software metric? less is more (16)
New study: religion shrinks your brain Bluebeard (15)
New Space Race Idiot (20)
Passive Income __monty__ (14)
Dr. H's copy of the www xampl9 (42)
Screw google drive Bot Berlin (36)
Ron Paul wins Washington state Idiot (5)
Are these people delusional? Bot Berlin (5)
I just bought some fake lego df (11)
Vendors/service companies with an online presence - get a clue muppet (2)
AAPL profits up 94% xampl9 (6)
VCs demanding hiring bonuses in Acqui-hires Idiot (14)
why would you drag an insult like this here s7h_black sierra (24)
April 24th, 2012
Who's the wise guy? Bored Bystander (17)
Google still fucking awesome Bot Berlin (12)
Anyone doing this keto shit? Bot Berlin (4)
Boss steal's worker's organs Idiot (7)
Chessboxing Wayne (3)
Boycott Hasbro Idiot (13)
Ten reasons why AIPAC is so dangerous MobyDobie (15)
Everybody copy Apple! Wayne (6)
If only Israel would give up the territories Shylock (13)
Follow the insiders on AAPL or...? Kenny (9)
"my email is now validated" Idiot (0)
Game of Thrones muppet (18)
Ron Paul wins Minnesota Idiot (16)
Ron Paul has won Iowa Idiot (1)
Woo Hoo!  Asteroid the size of a minivan over California! SaveTheHubble (12)
What drives Ron Paul Quant (18)
April 23rd, 2012
Icecream Sandwich installed on my phone Rick from Nexus S (3)
amazon now has 1-800 phone ordering Idiot (10)
The 5 coolest things about the new Willie Nelson statue xampl9 (3)
Digg df (11)
All you can drink Io (17)
HBO muppet (13)
April 22nd, 2012
Is a an IQ of 135 a good one.? fu fu (31)
U. Florida shutters engineering to fund football Idiot (17)
Bot idea of the day Bot Berlin (7)
on bullshit part 1 of 20 fo fo (2)
Company's Coming Fan boy (5)
Shareholders sue Citicorp Idiot (1)
Ron Paul: "Fuck the useless rich parasites" Idiot (6)
April 21st, 2012
Communist Chocolate sierra (39)
"A palliative care nurse called Bronnie Ware" bye bye blackbird (7)
How would you exploit a copy of the web? Dr. Horrorwitz (88)
Stackoverflow's secret deleted posts Idiot (7)
amazing study - extrovert managers threatened by creativity Idiot (11)
25 years of Rage less is more (1)
Computer for your child? Lee (17)
April 20th, 2012
universal meme sierra (9)
Incredibly weird Win7 problem Dr. Horrorwitz (26)
San Diego GOP chairman founded international piracy ring Idiot (6)
Compiler warnings xampl9 (8)
Links for Bot Some dude on the 'net (5)
Florida standardized tests Idiot (15)
NASA requires workers to adopt its religious beliefs Idiot (41)
Naming Calls: Google Moon X-Prize SaveTheHubble (0)
Joel's Trello Fan boy (9)
Stackoverflow Fan boy (11)
The Office Fan boy (21)
April 19th, 2012
Three strikes and you're out trollop (0)
Do darker web-pages save power? SaveTheHubble (7)
Choose Wisely. Choose Piracy. Idiot (11)
Such Loosers. A Kinder, Gentler, Humble Morons (23)
As I grow my springtime beard Bassanio's Creditor (4)
Move over you Norks, here comes India. trollop (31)
CISPA eek (0)
Who should Romney pick for VP running mate? Fan boy (13)
April 18th, 2012
Have you played minecraft? Bot Berlin (23)
Violation of privacy Bot Berlin (14)
Only reason to buy Sun was Java Bot Berlin (20)
Blinded bu science: Beat traffic ticket Fan boy (6)
So now will it be Zombie Dick Clark's Rottin' New Year's Eve? muppet (6)
More Obamwhoregate Revelations Idiot (4)
Our boys in uniform doing us proud - again PigPen (15)
Java sucks, something more expressive Bot Berlin (68)
there is a woman on this dating site ... eek (11)
Citibank Shareholder Revolt Idiot (13)
Go  (the language) xampl9 (4)
Salary negotiation Kenny (53)
Fuck Marvel Quant (7)
I think Bradley Manning meets all the criteria muppet (2)
Guy buys cheap Chinese knockoff pocket watches for $5 muppet (10)
prove you are worthy of the child Idiot (7)
CrApples trollop (8)
I am back. Rick on Nexus S (2)
April 17th, 2012
reddit, I know, but this give me creeps sierra (35)
100% Java Bot Berlin (4)
Ellison vs Google over Java Bot Berlin (3)
Video rentals df (12)
Java Google Oracle go mainstream Bot Berlin (16)
OK, so not as badass as hoped, but would make a decent cosplay muppet (14)
Tommy Cooper eek (5)
Java in the middle of a heated battle Bot Berlin (20)
Web designer makes $1.2 million a year on low tech sites Idiot (11)
Another science experiment Bot (1)
I bought a big scary respirator mask from Home Depot muppet (15)
I'm antisocial s7h_black (3)
When did you last consume an illegal drug? Andrew B. (22)
Old company calls me up to come back... Peter (28)
Smoked my Telescope muppet (13)
Meanwhile, Big Tobacco plods on less is more (3)
Calling corporate drones less is more (11)
Facebook COO is too poor to afford child care Idiot (29)
April 16th, 2012
Eve Online df (7)
Crevices on laptop keyboards. Fan boy (2)
Experimenting with actual jewelry fabrication.. sort of muppet (10)
Web Developer makes Big Money Real Quick Idiot (56)
Obama Backstabs Israel in the throat. A Kinder, Gentler, Humble Morons (1)
I'm done here.. again. Morons (20)
Ok I'm Back! A Kinder, Gentler, Humble Morons (2)
It's amazing how bad Bing is Bassanio's Creditor (12)
Fishing Io (12)
adsense outages eek (4)
im done here... Morons (8)
Is Loyalty fundamentally a sucker's game? df (31)
Norway ABB prosecuror lost his mind Dr. Horrorwitz (30)
Venus very bright Bill42x (7)
April 15th, 2012
Smoked my telescope Fan boy (11)
Not the Onion... Bot Berlin (21)
MBA looking for code monkey Idiot (37)
My son’s friend says our site is not secure Morons (10)
Child neglect Idiot (33)
new music festival fad Idiot (10)
Bros before hoes Bot Berlin (4)
April 14th, 2012
Do the police have automatic breast-matching software? Wayne (9)
What are the best places to live and work in IT for a while? Bot Berlin (22)
Fuck Vodafone Io (6)
Today's annoyance xampl (iPhone) (2)
The unsettling truth about Hungarian sausages Io (41)
End of days for America Bot Berlin (6)
Tranny or Granny Ms Idiot (14)
stupid amazon bug eek (1)
April 13th, 2012
This website offers nothing of interest Anonymous (13)
Probability of dying Amato (3)
I notice when  ... Bot (11)
Obama, a poor bastard Bot Berlin (16)
Business idea failed - alternative Dr. Horrorwitz (38)
Take my money now: aug reality contacts Kenny (7)
Slow work day... Kenny (2)
NK: Satellite failed to enter orbit xampl9 (49)
reddit handles a suicide Delete my dead body (0)
This explains why I get my best ideas when I'm drunk Io (4)
April 12th, 2012
This week on TV Idiot (10)
considering to talk to my wife sierra (8)
Good retirement stocks Bot Berlin (8)
Eve Online df (20)
Considering Becoming A Pet CircusAttraction (24)
Good article about the drug war Bassanio's Creditor (0)
Autopilot malfunctioning Fan boy (10)
another day, another web suicide Idiot (14)
Considering a zombie apocalypse Bluebeard (17)
Considering a fish SaveTheHubble (4)
April 11th, 2012
Considering an amoeba Idiot (13)
Considering a cat SaveTheHubble (2)
considering a dog sierra (53)
More proof that Ron Paul is full of shit Shylock (20)
What is the difference here Bot Berlin (17)
What's wrong with this? Bassanio's Creditor (31)
Trades df (20)
Trusteer Rapport Quant (17)
"VC blogger circle jerk" Idiot (2)
April 10th, 2012
Bin Laden's replacement? Bot Berlin (11)
Spam detection on CoT Canned Gods Inc. (15)
Idiot ... New Acai Berry marketing angle PigPen (3)
Obama has faith in the free market PigPen (14)
Heart Shaped Cookies A Kinder, Gentler, Humble Morons (13)
20,000 comment karma... Wayne (25)
Rick Bows out.. A Kinder, Gentler, Humble Morons (12)
Steve Wozniak didn't want to be in management Mike (17)
Love this job ad. 8 bucks an hour to make a Facebook killer The Ideas Guy (21)
Haskell Deigners admit that it is a useless language... Matchu (13)
Macs don't have viruses Idiot (10)
is there a CSS template that gives you the Wikipedia look? Pandemonium (1)
It snowed last night trollop (19)
Tuesday Boobies xampl9 (1)
It's a myth that humans were all thin 100 years ago Andrew B. (8)
Same fate for mobile apps? Bluebeard (4)
What is your favorite site/application on the web? Bot Berlin (8)
10 hours of dubstep, enjoy Bot Berlin (4)
I saw Obama barking today Idiot (4)
April 9th, 2012
Government admits Global Warming is a lie Idiot (0)
New Blog Post - Bring Your Own Identity hoyza (9)
Scientists now agree, Dinosaurs Did Not Explode. A Kinder, Gentler, Humble Morons (13)
Mobile phone teardown xampl9 (3)
FaceBook buys dog hotel for $3.4 billion Idiot (7)
RIP Jack Tramiel Morons (7)
View Hierarchy generator Shylock (8)
Version 1 of the Go programming language released. Matchu (9)
Facebook buys Instagram what are you reading for? (30)
TIL that red wine with dinner makes me sleep like a baby muppet (17)
Sometimes, stereotypes can be true... Andrew B. (9)
Science Literacy Quiz Idiot (17)
April 8th, 2012
Lingerie Ad Wayne (9)
Interesting quote Io (6)
April 7th, 2012
Happy Easter everyone Wayne (19)
starting a Delaware corp sierra (11)
Which new handle is muppet? Idiot (1)
Do you think muppet will ever be back? PigPen (19)
Cool beans df (4)
More men than women raped in the US every year* PigPen (15)
Do you have a GitHub Profile? Eager Engineer (16)
April 6th, 2012
Does it really matter? Bot Berlin (6)
CoT Hash change Wayne (30)
One word sparked my interest Bot Berlin (1)
How to deal with Pirates The Id (51)
Traffic anger Io (13)
Why is there so much heat on Brice Richard? Jim (63)
Happy Passover\Good Friday\Easter\Squirrel Day! Morons (27)
April 5th, 2012
vhay... sierra (1)
why kottke redesigned his blog zed (1)
shouldn't he bring enough for the whole class? zed (6)
deep in one of our regular veers toward censoship zed (15)
USA turning into the USSR - Now you can't leave PigPen (31)
Which asshole decided to jimmy with the CSS? PigPen (4)
Why Some People Choose to Save Dogs over Children. Morons (26)
Quant has a robot posting Regular Poster (8)
Cardinal Sins of Software Development Brice Richard (16)
transitioning into self employment .. (36)
It's nice to know Morons (12)
Speaking of Ketchup... Canned Gods Inc. (10)
Zimmerman - he looks black - part 2 MobyDobie (9)
Facebook is not kosher? Quant (0)
April 4th, 2012
Are the soda cans still small in Canada? Shylock (21)
Expensive lession on how the world works Wayne (32)
Why is nobody calling Muppet a Thief or a Murderer? Morons (29)
Counter offers Morons (14)
Would you be upset df (17)
So many companies live in the same unit Rich Tsang (2)
boss not showing interest in my work Jim (14)
Advice on new android phone? Colm (50)
Real change, or politics as usual? Canned Gods Inc. (4)
Advanced Computer Languages Io (82)
COY Hash Analizer Morons (41)
I should probably just do what so many on etsy do muppet (6)
My thread deleted AND purged? muppet (59)
Oh God, I give myself an erection with how awesome I am muppet (38)
This is just torture Quant (6)
How is the market for NoSQL and Hadoop developers? Home Despot (8)
Those racist automobiles PigPen (6)
Russia's new interplanetary nuclear ion ships Idiot (1)
April 3rd, 2012
Profile, what happened to this guy? Bot Berlin (12)
TX anyone? I hope you're safe. sierra (7)
Any San Francisco peeps go to Monday's meeting? Andrew B. (3)
Is BMI a good measure of how thin/fat someone is? Andrew B. (4)
ROTHFLMAO! Morons (3)
Tuesday boobies PigPen (11)
If you won the lottery... xampl9 (2)
Video Shows Zimmerman head injuries Morons (3)
CNN Agrees with Fox News - Obama's Supreme Court Statment Morons (3)
You people need to get off your Bash Fox News High Hourses Morons (10)
BugChasers Idiot (9)
Dolphins dying in gulf Idiot (20)
Dear Hubble, seriously, quit flushing the delete box muppet (8)
CoT, crash this site Bot Berlin (1)
living and working in a big city Tom (19)
Arizona to ban CoT Idiot (7)
Einstein Wins! Morons (10)
Obama's Comments regarding the SC now blowing up in his face Morons (8)
How pink slime came into being Quant (27)
Sales are flat, gonna branch out muppet (3)
Should dad be worried about daughter's weight? PigPen (13)
Dilbert's original idea: xampl9 (3)
Ad-Word prices in Australia just went up 600% Morons (5)
Serious question: Why does the US allow funding of mosques by .. Home Despot (8)
It's a set up! Angry Analyst (12)
April 2nd, 2012
Good mojo/bad mojo Kenny (1)
What is Obama thinking? Morons (14)
Red Hat gives back Idiot (15)
"he looks black" Idiot (9)
court: "cavity searches for speeding OK" Idiot (6)
More Proof Palestinians are better off under Israeli rule Morons (10)
1940 census data Bot Berlin (0)
students had a fantastic recital yesterday the great purple (22)
fact check: government regulation != market solution Idiot (10)
Data migration/data transfer to central reporting database via nueve (12)
Got a job offer in executive management from Hyundai of Alabama muppet (15)
Are you an engineer or scientist, both? Bot Berlin (40)
In the middle Io (24)
Another black child attacked by vigilante Idiot (3)
Cohen Gene Morons (9)
April 1st, 2012
Movie-making hipsters df (9)
Few words to reveal preference Davis P. Clinker (5)
Goldman Sachs owns child sex slave company Idiot (15)
Top Hot Jewish Actresses Idiot (22)
Tour of OMGPOP offices Idiot (9)
Fruitshow help PigPen (14)
science team: Zimmerman claim is baloney Idiot (30)
Teacher fired for not disclosing facebook password Idiot (0)