Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

April 30th, 2009
Evangelicals support torture Clay Dowling (3 comments)
Cranblollies trollop (5)
I still can't believe Obama's President LeftWingPharisee (13)
swine flu hits whitehouse cabinet members Don't Go There! (0)
LepreCAN sharkfish - bberry (2)
zombie flu problems Don't Go There! (1)
public policy fail argv[0] (4)
This kid is going to have nightmares xampl (9)
Business card catapult xampl (3)
Scare quotes df (6)
Flu conspiracy predicted Oct 19, 2008 Don't Go There! (0)
A couple of questions on iPhone development? Bot Berlin (6)
All right folks, I haven't built a PC in a long time muppet (15)
nice article on peasant mentality of right and left Don't Go There! (27)
Cutting out my negative addictions lorb (23)
1... 2... 3... muppet (8)
Am I the only one... fuckpirate #1337 (34)
Swine-flu rate of new infected in US is slowing Michael B (28)
WHO: Pig flu harmless, sorry for the confusion Don't Go There! (9)
Groceries *sigh* Pete Garden (16)
Un. frickin. believeable. Spaceloid (22)
Sarah Palin on Twitter Bot Berlin (0)
The ultimate chick magnet LeftWingPharisee (20)
Friendly programming contest Dr. Horrorwitz (21)
Economic predictions df (26)
Silent E df (5)
honey in tea eek-o-tourist (1)
Swiss Cheese el (9)
I'm not a choice Fals (9)
Flu status Dr. Horrorwitz (13)
I am sad that crazyontap Sin-wat (14)
Sad Rick Tang (1)
man, the sad irony of Philo defending ?off... whistle (5)
April 29th, 2009
Wow, we used to like, sort of get along muppet (81)
This is nuts lorb (102)
Yahoo! to shut down Geocities Rick Tang (4)
Cumulative confirmed swine flu cases by day Michael B (8)
"Hey Rick," Rick Tang (0)
Meta: Posts by moderators Rick Tang (13)
Reddit Hobby Reddit Experiment (8)
Joy of home ownership Clay Dowling (15)
Where to stay in Atlanta? Cowboy Coder (2)
Mack the knife el (4)
OK to eat pork xampl (iPhone) (11)
Web development - Is there a good setup to use? lorb (8)
A Selection Of Thoughts From Actual Women Lombrado (8)
I only deleted "Sharky" once LeftWingPharisee (19)
mmmm.  cows. sharkfish (5)
no shit eek-o-tourist (0)
vinyl eek-o-tourist (12)
India abandons $10 laptop project Don't Go There (0)
NYT says college is a bad deal, for suckers Don't Go There (6)
Televangelism trollop (4)
Urban Dictionary rejected my entry! Tony (12)
why is crack funny? sharkfish (6)
I plan to tax the shit out of sharkfish (8)
April 28th, 2009
Watch a speedo wax Rick Tang (1)
University of Phoenix sharkfish (14)
watch a bikini wax sharkfish (3)
I pissed off my SO sharkfish (38)
Websphere/AIX/Power/DB2 vs WebLogic/Solaris/Sparc/Oracle Rick Tang (14)
US Government secrets undermined, entire nation threatened by... whistle (4)
It's a good thing Arlen Spector's Jewish LeftWingPharisee (5)
The good news about the swine flu epidemic is (5)
Google to win again Bot Berlin (2)
women in tech sharkfish (25)
Poor fellow, tasered while naked! Rick Tang (10)
My take on politics, 2009 Bot Berlin (3)
iPhone developments whistle (38)
the interwebs appear to be particularly boring today... whistle (10)
Someone mentioned underarm stains Sin-Wat (2)
whoa. Resignations over the "Ruby pr0n" debacle sharkfish (15)
Two dead of swine flu in CA - state of emergency Dr. Horrorwitz (24)
ah yes. Another ladykiller sharkfish (1)
Who cares about the flu?  We're all gonna die anyway Sin-Wat (5)
I'm going to get a t-shirt Gerald Hoppy (0)
Swine-flu diagnosis is ridiculous Michael B (12)
Pimp your mask up swine-flu style Lombrado (6)
Oh, joy Aaron (17)
Why people don't like nerds Bot Berlin (12)
OMFG, Republican switches to Democrat party.  Was surgery needed Bot Berlin (22)
Australia hit Aaron (3)
Shouldn't the entire planet have been infected by now? Michael B (18)
I know one of you did this.. Mountain_Dewd (11)
"The United States does not torture!" lorb (2)
So, on my wife's hospital floor muppet (12)
The smell of boiling vinegar ... Pete Garden (2)
Questions for the men here Pete Garden (28)
CNN: Texas flu patients being ARRESTED and DETAINED Dr. Horrorwitz (7)
April 27th, 2009
Compromise bon vivant (5)
Traffic tickets suck Fan boy (14)
WHO chief welcomes pandemic Cowboy Coder (9)
Conservatives don't understand satire... Wayne (1)
Oops, photo-op causes scare Bot Berlin (7)
are general care physicians not allowed to do lab-work? Michael B (iPhone) (16)
So the doctor I'm seeing is Indian Michael B (iPhone) (8)
When will we get useable computers? Dr. Horrorwitz (31)
Why Don't We Call it "Mexi-Flu"? SaveTheHubble (3)
BBC has Mexican MD's swine flu stories Dr. Horrorwitz (4)
vote for Obama. Again sharkfish (19)
what do you do about an obsessive caller? sharkfish (22)
My local pharmacies are sold-out of Tamiflu Michael B (iPhone) (24)
The robot revolution Aaron (8)
hungry again the great purple (5)
by some standards, we are "normal" sharkfish (8)
So who has Tamiflu and N95 masks Pete Garden (16)
SAR cycles? Dr. Horrorwitz (5)
Not quite a thumb drive Aaron (4)
Internet polls - completely worthless? (your vote needed) Cowboy Coder (7)
Historical re-enactor's vessel sunk. Peter (5)
Faith Fighter in the news Don't Go There! (5)
In America, we are politically correct, no testing from Mexico Bot Berlin (5)
Delete button is the new edit Bot Berlin (1)
Are the tea-baggers racist? Bot Berlin (6)
The case of the dying microbiologists whistle (5)
Wouldn't *this* be neat to have on a t-shirt? Pete Garden (9)
It's not Swine Flu at all but ordinary Influenza A Dr. Horrorwitz (14)
April 26th, 2009
I was nailed by Photocop Fan boy (31)
Big return on investment bon vivant (7)
Epidemic tracking software xampl (15)
Thank you (12)
Is this news story racist? Don't Go There! (12)
My car thermometer read 37C today LeftWingPharisee (3)
Went to a Bris today LeftWingPharisee (15)
Suburbs versus Urban Center df (20)
Who knows about butternut squashes? bon vivant (4)
Understanding Gravity Don't Go There! (39)
Some pregnant women... Michael B (12)
How hot Full name (2)
Kids meal choices xampl on his iPhoned (3)
Looks like Pontiac dies tomorrow. Peter (6)
Fortune 500 biggest losers Bot Berlin (0)
It's pretty awesome how the openly gay chick Michael B (15)
Wocket!!! trollop (0)
Can't believe how long it took me to figure out Lombrado (9)
Flu has reached New Zealand... Bill42x (26)
First Swine Flu victim shook hands with Obama 1 day before death Dr. Horrorwitz (28)
What do you think this means sharkfish (37)
April 25th, 2009
ADO.NET 2.0 wtr clr (6)
Maude died :( sharkfish (4)
What do you know about Amway? Not Veldek (18)
I made some single-serving friends last night Michael B (2)
Punch like a girl lorb (18)
Colm is angry at me for being invincible Michael B (40)
We could be heroes trollop (0)
No wonder I stay away from people sharkfish (14)
Ubuntu 9.04 experience so far Bot Berlin (10)
torture sierra mist (0)
Job Interview Don't Go There! (15)
"You electrify my life" is Michael B (iPhone) (8)
April 24th, 2009
Painfully Obvious He thinks we're that dumb? (8)
My new favorite site Bot Berlin (2)
I would hit it Bot Berlin (6)
First task for Ubuntu, pick a version Bot Berlin (18)
a real American Psycho sharkfish (3)
Is this Michael B, the greatest human on earth Bot Berlin (6)
Is THIS bragging?  How my date went. Michael B (iPhone) (19)
Cold Fusion Vid Dr. Horrorwitz (5)
anti-science religious fanatics opposed to feeding hungry people GMO Today! (4)
goto within switch sharkfish (46)
If alcohol is the leading cause xampl on his iPhone (7)
With Bacon fuckpirate #1337 (9)
Mark of an evil person Bot Berlin (2)
Nothing has ever made me want to have kids before Michael B (1)
Picking up the ladies Michael B (44)
Got Drunk and kissed a girl Bot Berlin (10)
Susan Boil: new sexy look Dr. Horrorwitz (11)
On Disinformation Dr. Horrorwitz (20)
China growth set to strengthen eek-o-tourist (0)
Hope, Belief and Wizardry Clouseau (7)
Free Hawaii! Rick Tang (9)
Hmph JoC (4)
April 23rd, 2009
The US won the Vietnam War Don't Go There! (11)
holy jesus, how the fuck did she win... whistle (11)
help me get rid of my children sharkfish (7)
New York v. Chicago sharkfish (6)
In an effort to be classy, I'd like to say that Michael B (iPhone) (15)
interesting photography sharkfish (1)
What to do if nothing happens. StydayImado (3)
Write PHP code?  Do yourself a favor and Michael B (14)
Programming,  you are doing it wrong Bot Berlin (0)
I love this Bot Berlin (0)
"You forgot about the hundreds  of guys tortured to death... whistle (28)
I try to defend Texas on Reddit Bot Berlin (10)
Baby app pulled JoC (3)
YaleChick may be using spy software on us Dr. Horrorwitz (4)
The best translation of Torah into English, ever LeftWingPharisee (9)
FBI interrogator says torture didn't work Cowboy Coder (4)
maybe it's just hormones the great purple (14)
I don't get the outrage over this muppet (31)
What is stopping you? Discuss? (30)
The "Surge" worked LeftWingPharisee (6)
The office and managers Bot Berlin (9)
ftp lorb (1)
tired ramblings lorb (8)
Hey what's up guys? YaleChick (44)
Pollitickle Correctichewed (discuss): trollop (9)
New Ubuntu 9.04, wtf? Bot Berlin (15)
"We were only following orders" muppet (24)
Our next war lorb (14)
Pirate Bay judge was Partial Dr. Horrorwitz (6)
Whistle's "Baby Shaker"? Dr. Horrorwitz (12)
Oracle/Sun - "official" spiel Clouseau (4)
How much ice cream do you consume on a weekly/monthly basis? Pete Garden (22)
I made out with some 20 year old blonde chick Michael B (21)
Auto-tune the news Pete Garden (6)
Internet broken? Don't Go There! (3)
Dude, Facebook. sharkfish (13)
April 22nd, 2009
if you want to keep your parents busy sharkfish (0)
Sharkfish clone? Not blank (6)
We do not f**king torture Bot Berlin (15)
laugh sharkfish (5)
Violent Religious Fanatic Father Don't Go There! (32)
Mega Captcha xampl (8)
No way, a misspelling? Aaron (11)
C#/.NET noob question New to C#/.NET (6)
I feel a lot better Bluebeard (4)
secession. fuck yeah. whistle (29)
Wind Farms and NIMBYism df (3)
humans sharkfish (18)
State slogans From some web site (4)
Who deleted the "Mmmm, Tasty!" thread? Gerald Hoppy (Fuck Pirate) (0)
Country Slogans LeftWingPharisee (26)
God helps offset climate change? Gerald Hoppy (Fuck Pirate) (11)
Erlang / Earlang - I am easily amused Pete Garden (3)
How bad is this Bot Berlin (4)
I felt a lot better Bot Berlin (13)
Approach to work or coding Bot Berlin (10)
simulated brain eek-o-tourist (16)
Freddie Mac CEO assassinated? Dr. Horrorwitz (16)
McKinstry filmmakers xampl on his iPhone (30)
Sharkfish and Muppet hate each other? Discuss! (23)
Why live in Canada? Tropical Nate (40)
Why develop iPhone applications? o_o (8)
April 21st, 2009
Let the Right One In (Swedish child-vampire movie) Pete Garden (5)
You make bankruptcy harder xampl (4)
NYT op-ed urging Sec.Gates to push mandatory "national service"? Pete Garden (20)
Yea, I will pass Bot Berlin (5)
Earning your keep Michael B (iPhone) (24)
united states gun law and "moral hazard" argv[0] (11)
X-platform network graph control/module for Qt or wxWidgets? Coding2PayMyBills (6)
president obama by the day argv[0] (13)
google getting smarter smarter and faster (2)
Hawking disappoints Horrowitz Bot Berlin (12)
When you're... what are you reading for? (8)
Smart Chinese save money standardizing Don't Go There! (13)
Interesting Oracle/Sun analysis Clouseau (13)
Headline sounds great, then you hit the massive block muppet (29)
Newbie genetics question Michael B (15)
Ahmadinejad's speech Erik Springelkamp (61)
Anyone here know SSL/WAMP? Aaron (5)
World Digital Library Erik Springelkamp (7)
"How was your weekend?" Michael B (26)
My take on terrorism lorb (27)
The fascination with Japan df (9)
Posts appearing out of context in the wrong thread bon vivant (2)
graphs for the incurably optimistic Colm (9)
Hey did you guys hear about Anthony Flew? muppet (11)
"Marley and Me" made me cry (movie) muppet (9)
Israeli Gov bullies White House Chief of Staff Dr. Horrorwitz (36)
How do you rate Obama's performance so far? Bluebeard (35)
April 20th, 2009
I have become what I used to hate sharkfish (49)
eHarmony features their 1st obvious mixed-race couple commercial sharkfish (9)
How is google translate so good? Don't Go There (6)
tentacle erotica. FROM 1820! sharkfish (20)
bullying sharkfish (25)
Erik Springelkamp sharkfish (0)
Wayne, can you upload most recent fruitshow Bot Berlin (11)
what a waste sharkfish (9)
Jackie Chan calls his own people stupid sharkfish (6)
vitamin happy drugs sharkfish (2)
The way out for US automakers Aaron (8)
I tried to look at the bug list for Python sharkfish (2)
Google Summer of Code selected this year's horses ;-) Lombrado (0)
It's back sharkfish (1)
quiznos is now gay sharkfish (5)
if you are thinking about teaching as a career sharkfish (15)
Stephen Hawkins is dead Dr. Horrorwitz (31)
Canadians fail to properly fuck pirates John Aitken (9)
My little brother sharkfish (0)
Julia Bradbury Gerald Hoppy (3)
Cannabis vs alcohol el (8)
Awesome Wonderwoman Spoof Clay Dowling (0)
Chris McKinstry: And now for the movie Bluebeard (14)
Best library ever created, jgap. Bot Berlin (4)
What have I lied about? Michael B (10)
Nasa Schedules epic delay SaveTheHubble (1)
Ew. muppet (6)
Actual Useful Web Apps Bot Berlin (1)
Banks are still screwed up? Bot Berlin (9)
Ron Paul is a nut LeftWingPharisee (19)
The Attack on Unions df (17)
Eritrean immigration clearer Clay Dowling (2)
hard drive space the great purple (33)
Depressing visit from the Jehovah's Witnesses on Saturday muppet (65)
Genes are stupid Michael B (12)
Polyamory==relationship fail sharkfish (7)
Speaking truth to power?  Not on OUR watch! muppet (1)
News just in! Microsoft buys Oracle... Bluebeard (1)
WTF, Now Oracle wants to eclipse Sun Bot Berlin (18)
yeah for republican think tanks y (1)
Xanthe and Chadderton Pete Garden (4)
Waterboarding works! Dr. Horrorwitz (8)
It's official: we're beasty Michael B (5)
It's official: we're poly Michael B (95)
April 19th, 2009
McDonalds, Wtf?  black website and asian website Bot Berlin (8)
Nothing much has changed in India Disgusted (7)
Balls: Bicycle parkour trollop (2)
how to fuck with people at work? y (13)
crackle, hulu clone Don't Go There! (9)
Erie Police Intimidating Victims Don't Go There! (15)
How to wash money? Help :-( (11)
Stack Overflow is sickening all over again already Lombrado (12)
Product idea: iPlagarist Don't Go There! (3)
iPhone app number 4 is being reviewed by apple! whistle (10)
What I spent my SS overpayment on Michael B (10)
Tura Satan - Asian? Clay Dowling (8)
Um, paper you could use for table napkins? pollort (1)
Amazing Undersea Animals Fan boy (0)
Can just one man make a difference? pollort (5)
can anyone recomment a good php guestbook thingie? whistle (2)
(near-)real-time viewing of scheduled tasks Java Guy (10)
3D Animation Cartoons Bot Berlin (8)
Engineering Economy dox (3)
April 18th, 2009
hilarious sharkfish (6)
oh the insanity sharkfish (8)
Girl tells principal "you're a pedophile". Expelled. Guess what? Don't Go There (7)
Ron Paul: Constitution says we can hire bounty hunters Don't Go There (10)
Miss North Dakota sentenced to 8 yrs in Iran for espionage Don't Go There (2)
Contiuing the work of Mind Pixel, part 2 Bot Berlin (0)
which one of you does this sharkfish (28)
serial killer detective sharkfish (25)
software development conferences Full name (4)
Are most programming jobs just glorified manufacturing? LLC? (13)
Outsourcing US Presidency jings (4)
yes because this is what car buying decisions are based on sharkfish (6)
every time I bitchslap Horrorwitz sharkfish (6)
salaries are so arbitrary sharkfish (7)
New York cop movies sharkfish (6)
PHP issues Lombrado (12)
Another pornstar on twitter (sfw) Bot Berlin (2)
Copyright violators.  Oops Bot Berlin (6)
Dutch Fuck Pirates Clay Dowling (9)
Jason Fortunty the craiglist personals troll lolz cat (5)
Juan Williams Clay Dowling (4)
The Morality of Banning (Censorship, deletion) Dr. Horrorwitz (35)
Susan Boyle lorb (10)
samsung omnia or iphone sierra mist (5)
Drunk and amorous Terraza 7 Train Cafe (0)
April 17th, 2009
MarkTAW just hit reddit Cowboy Coder (4)
See also: (11)
How would you make a better video codec? Dr. Horrorwitz (19)
How long is your sex? Cowboy Coder (9)
How aliens would look like Dr. Horrorwitz (14)
Oprah on Twitter Don't Go There! (5)
Anyone been to Estonia to play Golf? Erik Springelkamp (3)
Piratebay.org site still up? Bot Berlin (3)
what is the button "Bitch slap Horrorwitz" for? whistle (4)
I had to get my SO sharkfish (23)
G20 protestor el (0)
Susan Boyle xampl on his iPhone (16)
Interesting Google Tech Talk Dr. Horrorwitz (14)
On Pirate Bay Bot Berlin (88)
I got my ass kicked by an anatomy lab exam last night muppet (6)
Check it out Aaron (21)
Brazil opens up top secret UFO files Dr. Horrorwitz (16)
Pirate Bay guys convicted to jail Dr. Horrorwitz (6)
Note to Lorb - Afghanistan Spaceloid (9)
Don't call it a comeback JoC (5)
April 16th, 2009
OH NO!!! NOTA FRINRAND!! Michael B (0)
high speed rail! YES YES YES!!! sharkfish (39)
tabs. spaces. sharkfish (16)
Southland sharkfish (2)
Obama releases War Crimes Documents, Philo what do you think Bot Berlin (7)
I am back online LeftWingPharisee (8)
Act like a lady sharkfish (11)
Joanna Angel the pornstar Bot Berlin (4)
ah, the human race sharkfish (4)
Note to Lorb argv[0] (11)
Note to Clay lorb (16)
Spam - a modest proposal Gerald Hoppy (2)
iPhone application # 3 has been released for a few days now whistle (7)
FoxNews ratings surge on protest coverage Bot Berlin (4)
Shay Shay and Xie Xie Rick Tang (12)
Low pay for developers Bot Berlin (15)
df is Bot Berlin (0)
The df (0)
Word Aaron (5)
Last Night df (3)
I am a moron Bot Berlin (9)
Crank: High Voltage Michael B (4)
Teabaggery and porn... Muppet's mom (3)
Would you work anywhere in America? Bot Berlin (18)
Would you work at YouPorn? sharkfish (35)
"don't expose me to interracial kissing!" sharkfish (13)
Elle "no make-up" issue sharkfish (19)
Tiered pricing xampl on his iPhone (4)
Will anyone admit to having a copy of that video muppet (5)
Ban energy from space muppet (4)
Damn but I love HSB Gerald Hoppy (14)
Become a Monk to Survive the Recession/Depression? Fryer Chicken (12)
Andreson Cooper on teabagging Caroline Glick (2)
teabaggers argv[0] (19)
April 15th, 2009
should I be ashamed sharkfish (12)
Beam energy from space Fan boy (16)
very funny... kodomo no koro (6)
for bot: fair and balanced argv[0] (3)
Google android app, continue the work of Mckinstry Bot Berlin (2)
detecting changes in tempo, volume and beat of .wav music whistle (2)
Today spent MUCH longer than 15 minutes Rick Tang (2)
Whenever I'm in a social gathering of uncool* people Michael B (22)
Yea, I missed the whole tea bagging thing Bot Berlin (10)
rands in repose on working from home sharkfish - bberry (12)
Demigod JoC (3)
What kind of apps would you develop for Android Bot Berlin (19)
this makes me want to copy him whistle (4)
Mainlanders vs HKnese Rick Tang (13)
Hurray for the pirate-fucking French! Muppet's mom (8)
Hello friends, I missed you all... LeMoNDe (2)
Future core machine Bot Berlin (14)
I just took 5 psyllium capsules sharkfish (11)
Congressman Tancredo xampl on his iPhone (10)
Michael Bay muppet (1)
OK, who's the biggest narcissist here? LH (44)
Santana xampl on his iPhone (0)
CPI down - first time in 50 years xampl on his iPhone (7)
Microsoft Songsmith el (2)
April 14th, 2009
Should I feel Caroline Glick's husband (3)
Restating the problem Lombrado (11)
Use linux, you are a criminal Bot Berlin (9)
Sigh. Linux is really for geeks only. Rick Tang (8)
I've managed to keep since my birthday Rick Tang (7)
Bringing a child up bilingually bon vivant (34)
What if Not stuck at work (8)
Another Crazy Copper what are you reading for? (2)
Caring for your introvert sharkfish (6)
what would you do stuck at work (8)
An idea for the Purples LeftWingPharisee (12)
HOLY SHIT! whistle (4)
Canadians preparing to fuck pirates Clay Dowling (29)
Women coders Bot Berlin (18)
Shortly around 9/11, random number generators worldwide Michael B (9)
I haven't seen this commercial muppet (18)
Uber-moderators Wayne (45)
Wayne, are you fucking with me, or what? muppet (21)
Clay (2)
Obama wants more scientists and engineers xampl on his iPhone (12)
Moderation question again, why attack Horrowitz Bot Berlin (2)
Dumb questions for C# and Java Bot Berlin (6)
Video cameras everywhere - the case of Victoria Stafford df (14)
If this is all made up muppet (10)
baby names the great purple (79)
'The Great Scam' [Eve Online] -Pretty good read if you're bored Kenny (2)
Teabagging JoC (2)
My wishlist Clay Dowling (11)
I think the time for Clay to be a mod has passed muppet (45)
Who keeps deleting the WTC thermite thread? muppet (20)
April 13th, 2009
StackOverflow to change revenue models? pondering (22)
teabagging sharkfish (15)
Good job Obama, on Cuba Bot Berlin (5)
Funny, coding standards in C# are the opposite of Java Bot Berlin (27)
curses interface Rick Tang (4)
blank stare sharkfish (15)
You bitches are lucky Bot Berlin Banned Forever (3)
GM - Will they make it? xampl on his iPhone (21)
Darth Obama's kneeling before his master Don't Go There (7)
Ah, pregnancy hormones have kicked in muppet (47)
On taxing vices JoC (12)
we decided not to refinance the great purple (8)
#Amazonfail Flasher T (17)
Coffee-flavored Chips Ahoy cookies Pete Garden (3)
I'm using Ubuntu now as my dev machine lorb (18)
Quick dating question lorb (40)
April 12th, 2009
Americans fuck pirates Ward (27)
Cyrillic Projector xampl (3)
Captain Phillips released. Peter (24)
Angry people playing games df (6)
If I went on a killing spree Fan boy (4)
For the guys: manbags / murses / whatever Pete Garden (13)
April 11th, 2009
helpful site for business owners Don't Go There (2)
curses interface for svn sharkfish (28)
Uncle Bob: craftsmen, journeymen sharkfish (14)
Erik, seems like interesting work Bot Berlin (1)
Equiv in python, ruby Bot Berlin (5)
immigration.  dammit. sharkfish (27)
Ali Larter to play another interracial dating role Bot Berlin (20)
WTF? Hong Kong TV Ward (7)
60 Minutes talks about guns this Sunday xampl (35)
Fox goes flaming homo. Peter (8)
Meta Clay Dowling (4)
question for you married folks sharkfish (9)
Famous narcissists:  Marlon Brando sharkfish (4)
those who seek to forge social policy based on superstition sharkfish (2)
11 year old girl charged with raping 3 sharkfish (3)
Kids, academic and education Bot Berlin (10)
CoT is #1 for "fuck pirate" search sharkfish (5)
Movies with random-ness/not-random theme sharkfish (15)
More on COBOL Bot Berlin (18)
oy.  signs of the economy hitting my 'hood sharkfish (8)
Have you ever had the experience of someone .... Pete Garden (20)
CCTV df (2)
22% 1700 gigs on gmail Bot Berlin (3)
man, this is nice whistle (1)
google as the middleman whistle (3)
the solution to the problem of the pirates is obvious whistle (14)
moving to LA kodomo no koro (15)
April 10th, 2009
Monsanto: Michelle Obama's organic garden must go Don't Go There (82)
nice tattoo sharkfish (4)
Resurrecting old topics - music Aaron (20)
Is this a good time to start your own business? (5)
Stream Fusion and C++-tards Did Go There (9)
Baggy pants, explained Don't Go There! (3)
Programs to detect spam and viruses Bot Berlin (4)
Guess the Orientation Don't Go There! (11)
That is pretty good Bot Berlin (5)
I'm trying fasting for a day Michael B (9)
Free leftover pizza and subs xampl on his iPhone (8)
Broadband caps - should I be worried Don't Go There! (4)
French Fuck Pirates Clay Dowling (8)
BUSTED muppet (5)
My new job -- Too many meetings Fan boy (21)
Fantastic 4: Silver Surfer xampl on his iPhone (5)
Happy birthday Rick Tapiwa (3)
where's the rest of my windows profile? eek-o-tourist (10)
Answer to Rick Erik Springelkamp (25)
some easter egg eek-o-tourist (1)
interview with cyberstaking rabbit Don't Go There (13)
April 9th, 2009
I love the internet sharkfish (4)
Southland Kenny (2)
The storm is coming, the remix sharkfish (0)
Know1ng: the movie sharkfish - bberry (4)
Yoga Michael B (iPhone) (18)
WTF and Billy Bob Thornton Bot Berlin (10)
Copper Suspended what are you reading for? (9)
Slow internet,  downloads vs page request Bot Berlin (7)
someone please explain to me sharkfish (8)
I don't know when easter is Bot Berlin (9)
Google Chrome on Linux Lombrado (2)
A bug has made me moderator! __monty__ (6)
Clay Dowling: The irony Colm (2)
Clay Dow(n)ling deletes my posts but.. Dr. Horrorwitz (13)
So, Chris had her second ultrasound muppet (29)
Proposal to tax sodas xampl on his iPhone (19)
If you're going to cheat on a job interview coding test Michael B (5)
What I don't like about the legalize marijuana discussion Lombrado (4)
So, since I put up my "Smile, You're on Camera!" sign muppet (18)
On JSPs Bot Berlin (7)
Fucktard programmers, don't hire those guys Gerald Hoppy (8)
DO hire Rockstar programmers Kenny (16)
Interesting murder case in VA Peter (5)
April 8th, 2009
this is fucking outrageous sharkfish (26)
the hot new star sharkfish (2)
World Gym is continually charging me sharkfish (12)
by the seat of your pants sharkfish - bberry (19)
"Boxer's fracture" lorb (15)
Osama Bin Laden Erik Springelkamp (37)
The thing about donor cards df (11)
WTF Michael B (11)
"... we aren't talking about a situation with any survivors ..." eek-o-tourist (50)
Rockstar programmers, don't thire those guys Bot Berlin (36)
New reality show from Fox Network xampl on his iPhone (3)
Police face criminal charges over death Tapiwa (10)
Dr. H will be sad to learn xampl on his iPhone (2)
Somalia soon to be even more fucked Clay Dowling (73)
leila josefowicz eek-o-tourist (2)
Java for the next google appengine language Bot Berlin (3)
Aaron, what do you know about Asperger's Bot Berlin (0)
April 7th, 2009
History Gold JoC (2)
I just voided the warrenty on my new smartphone... Wayne (5)
A software project for you. Bot Berlin (14)
Sigh. Bot. It's impolite Rick Tang (6)
Obama defends Bush wiretapping Bot Berlin (1)
Why is this night different from all other nights? LeftWingPharisee (10)
Fuck the Met what are you reading for? (8)
Dear Consultant Rick Tang (1)
Bot was right Tapiwa (9)
Vancouver Python User Group Meetup Rick Tang (2)
Why are Army Recruiters Killing Themselves? sharkfish (16)
No Dr and Den is gone Rick Tang (21)
Did the copper kill him? Tapiwa (18)
Unapproved Amateur Vid Frees man from rape allegation Don't Go There! (7)
Spray for 'six times longer' sex Gerald Hoppy (13)
the slave based economy whistle (19)
Disabled Flash Ads are hurting my epilepsy (5)
This is not random Rick Tang (16)
The Socialist Empire of the US of A df (30)
ooh. This is deep sharkfish (18)
"unhealthiest" Rick Tang (5)
Doing my taxes sucks to be me (18)
Clay on Feminism muppet (32)
Vermont legalizes gay marriage Tabloid (5)
Bot and Rick needs a new place Rick Tang (6)
Depressing article Rick Tang (7)
Linux is for geeks and their mothers Tapiwa (37)
Sharkfish got analyze, now analyze me Bot Berlin (36)
Scrap-booking and free software Clay Dowling (32)
Noob question, how to setup Gnome + Compiz Bot Berlin (6)
Rocket Man trollop (3)
Interesting Article LeftWingPharisee (13)
They've lost their minds at GM Clouseau (41)
bot is right about one thing the great purple (10)
We drove into D.C. and lived to tell about it df (8)
Lets be honest, Linux isn't exactly gaining momentum Bot Berlin (38)
Truth and being Politically Correct Bot Berlin (21)
Unremarked Bot brilliance Clouseau (0)
Lorb (4)
Parallels between Sun and AIG lorb (7)
Music, IQ, Math, Programming (51)
April 6th, 2009
Ignonimous Defeat Clay Dowling (13)
Am I narcissistic sharkfish (45)
i got a new job argv[0] (3)
oy. hot ex-girlfriend from college sharkfish (13)
Italy - catholicism and porn? Newbie (5)
things I hate most about life sharkfish (17)
question about "genius" sharkfish (26)
Twitter is down for a hour, scala screwed it up Bot Berlin (3)
Mr. Rogers ruined us sharkfish (41)
Prohibition sucks Michael B (iPhone) (34)
Business cards xampl (25)
People who "proclaim that religious people are idiots" Colm (24)
Speak of the Devil JoC (12)
Did we cover this, South Korean girl slave Bot Berlin (2)
What do lesbians look like? Gerald Hoppy (12)
the answer is... Bluebeard (2)
Play the game, get the grade xampl on his iPhone (29)
Wetlands Erik Springelkamp (6)
My freedom Vs. JoC (8)
50,000 dollars, 150 killed in Italy Bot Berlin (12)
Where was the probable cause, here? muppet (11)
Man in leather loincloth with big sword bon vivant (12)
My daughter is probably bound for more trouble at school thanks muppet (26)
The cute Iron Mountain chick just stopped me downstairs in the muppet (16)
I never noticed how meat-space friends all dress alike Michael B (3)
The driver's name was Shantisa? muppet (14)
magnetic particles Erik Springelkamp (10)
Did Sarah need an emergency transfusion because Michael B (34)
So about YaleChick muppet (18)
MySql transactions Erik Springelkamp (7)
it's SNOWING the great purple (19)
Would you pay Just wondering (3)
April 5th, 2009
couple meta questions sharkfish (17)
looking through my old code sharkfish (4)
Fringe Benefits sharkfish (5)
understanding anger sharkfish (20)
Holy shit. sharkfish (16)
Fast and Furious at crappy movies... Bot Berlin (7)
Selling ziplock bags is a felony Police State USA (15)
IBM-SUN talks collapse lorb (10)
Can men and women be friends? sharkfish (40)
So, since there's a CUBE clause in MSSQL LeftWingPharisee (7)
SOA jings (7)
Biggest Serial Killer Ever Don't Go There! (14)
Microsoft Redhead was not really from Craigslist Don't Go There! (10)
Twitter celebs, news and other techies Bot Berlin (3)
Python.com (nsfw), think this hurts the python language Bot Berlin (6)
JVM language war Bot Berlin (2)
THe dead protestor who the police helped Don't Go There! (2)
Japan the robots Bot Berlin (3)
"I hate cell phones" Fan boy (9)
ExtJS vs. JQuery sharkfish (2)
Does the delete feature not work on Linux Bot Berlin (5)
I deleted my first post today Locutus (0)
sometimes I really hate geeks sharkfish (19)
Mono Erik Springelkamp (20)
Just In: Another Unemployed Mass Murder...or just another wacko? Ammo is hard to find now (21)
Ronald Reagan Just wondering (7)
What's the pop-culture atheist agenda? Michael B (28)
April 4th, 2009
best country to immigrate to (40)
Unemployment and Violence The Gardender (18)
hey, look everyone! a smart banker! whistle (9)
Vacuum plane == IBM? Bot Berlin (5)
hello jings (2)
Canadian Citizen no right to return home, government says Rick Tsang (10)
Just Because A Philosopher of Sorts (0)
On technical discussion..."Ruby is slow" Bot Berlin (1)
Plumbing Fun Clay Dowling (8)
AI programmers discuss math/statistics Bot Berlin (6)
On bullying sharkfish (9)
Variations of the same song Bot Berlin (2)
Your problem is... Fan boy (2)
call yourself sharkfish (4)
Controversial Pakistani video - flogging or spanking? Don't Go There! (4)
Gunman - best rumor of all time lorb (6)
Two things the bot does not understand Bot Berlin (30)
Ron Paul, I know what the problem is Bot Berlin (3)
What is 'good at math' Bot Berlin (11)
Alpha release almost 300 downloads Bot Berlin (2)
April 3rd, 2009
Quirky programmers Fan boy (3)
Damn, I just used the last of my lemons... bon vivant (1)
Prostitute Pricing sharkfish (10)
ahh. mediocrity sharkfish (8)
Crazy Vietnamese Guy Blows Away Immigrant Wannabees. Thanks IBM! Woooo (11)
chessboard killer sharkfish (4)
Cat horked on the fish tank Clay Dowling (0)
omg I'm so damn bored I could cry sharkfish (6)
Oh boy, a job opportunity for some of you Bored Bystander (16)
weed market sharkfish (5)
Sharkfish, here is your chance to call ! selfish! Rick Tang (15)
Off the top of my head, simple math for programmers Bot Berlin (6)
Emotional correlation Michael B (iPhone) (6)
Can I understand Love and Parenthood Rick Tang (9)
crass humor sharkfish - bberry (13)
To all, a Gut Shabbos LeftWingPharisee (2)
On the whole, good at programming, bad a math Bot Berlin (24)
my wife's check engine light came on yesterday muppet (49)
Fitness race to the death Erik Springelkamp (3)
The atypical brain development of transsexuals Erik Springelkamp (5)
If you really want to be pedant, Rick Tang (17)
Religion and Evolution, part deux SaveTheHubble (43)
Just a note, if you want people to stop deleting Bot Berlin (10)
What I would have posted in "Can we just not respond to a [...]" Pete Garden (17)
Douchebag loose with a gun in Binghamton NY Clay Dowling (5)
Can we just not respond to a post if we don't like it? Rick Tang (20)
"I'll make it prettier" sharkfish (15)
Why is my IP addy banned? Dr. Hοrrοrwitz (15)
Tower Defence el (7)
Let me lay all of this crazy Catholic shit out for you Michael B (33)
Since you can't get enough of religion Locutus (68)
Classy Bot Berlin (7)
Google in talks to buy twitter Bot Berlin (3)
this is powerful whistle (11)
Which weapon do you use Patrick (41)
G20 blacklist Gerald Hoppy (3)
The Great Depression (13)
Given the shit that clay is having to put up with, I would... whistle (22)
We never landed on the moon Only time will tell (12)
Bon vivant's conspiracy theory and one trillion dollar Rick Tang (8)
Sex and the Cities trollop (3)
weed (1)
Who do you reflexively call "Sir"? trollop (12)
I just tested a theory about telebots trollop (1)
April 2nd, 2009
Credit cards are an equalizer Michael B (iPhone) (15)
Religious wars Tapiwa (58)
yes we can grow one! sharkfish (2)
does anyone know, does the QT c++ framework come with... whistle (5)
another of my usual topics - menial labor sharkfish (8)
omigod I am bored whistle (6)
software celebrities sharkfish (15)
Martingale returns whistle (10)
This is just the book for you sharkfish (16)
Computer gigs lorb (4)
"Moralization" of Capitalism Rick Tang (17)
Bizniz as usual trollop (2)
I'm a little offended by the tag line sharkfish (7)
he wants us to forgive his $180K in student loans sharkfish (14)
Legal rape is now the law sharkfish (11)
Excedrin for sharkfish (0)
wsv Colm (6)
Today is a sad day. Rick Tang (10)
homosexuality is abnormal whistle (13)
SGI merged with Rackable Systems Rick Tang (2)
Explain this on diet Bot Berlin (16)
this is my mobile network Colm (4)
Web Server: lighttpd vs apache Rick Tang (10)
Sarah had to be pulled out of school yesterday muppet (15)
I'm upset sharkfish (3)
Why do people think sharkfish (53)
Clay deletes posts about how he opposes sound-mind euthanasia?! muppet (28)
Clay donates money to anti-abortion groups?! muppet (20)
Damn muppet (11)
What the fuck were these deleted for, Clay? muppet (23)
The Reader Bot Berlin (3)
I am lonely Bot Berlin (30)
What's the difference between those hanging sides of beef... Michael B (28)
Anti-Spam interface Clay Dowling (27)
G20 Summit/Protests in London what are you reading for? (14)
Do You Feel Sorry for Whores in Pornos? Xo (6)
April 1st, 2009
How to cook food Michael B (iPhone) (4)
Retirement goal Michael B (iPhone) (27)
The new Mac Pro Rick Tang (16)
US positions orbital nuke platforms over China . (19)
you guys don't use cornify that much do you? argv[0] (14)
Soccer news today: Argentina 1 x 6 Bolivia Lombrado (8)
I will say this JoC (20)
Sigh. I guess I won't be fired soon because I will Rick Tang (17)
Charles Manson and Fidel Castro JoC (4)
I think Linux may have broken through Gerald Hoppy (7)
Presumption of innocence Rick Tang (4)
Personal experience in Logic Rick Tang (0)
Birds, dogs, caves, starving ... ??? Sin-Wat (3)
Who lives in Haltom City Dr. Horrorwitz (3)
What's the name of the book with 15 or so editions about PC Rick Tang (5)
On time going backwards bon vivant (7)
On Wayne Being a UI genius Cowboy Coder (17)
Delete button is a hoax Dr. Horrorwitz (26)
Activia sharkfish (48)
Mmmmm Bacon JoC (23)
LOL JoC (4)
Vancouver is snowing! In April! Rick Tang (9)
Who says we need to follow the SSDD rule? Rick Tang (23)
coding horror: logic skill v math skill sharkfish - bberry (57)
More VB.NET dirty laundry xampl on his iPhone (12)
Obama say US consumers can't do it alone xampl on his iPhone (6)
Heh!  The top 10 worst space foods. SaveTheHubble (18)
Gee, deleted posts can STILL be disappeared from the muppet (8)
Dear Ward, whistle (6)
US can't interfere in Chinese Taiwan seizure Dr. Horrorwitz (62)
LOL the undelete is FANTASTIC whistle (9)
Delete post? el, the anti-creationist (68)
Game DRM and Steam el, the anti-creationist (4)
Today is "Post as Bot Berlin Day" Bot Berlin (8)