Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

April 30th, 2008
MS support Ward (9 comments)
anybody seen this clone sharkfish (23)
I just carried 20 telephone books sharkfish (5)
Why is there an 'undo' option when typing a message BROL (3)
We're not celebrating Israel's anniversary Dan Denman (11)
question about management sharkfish (22)
men are different than women: evidence inside sharkfish (11)
How much is too much for gasoline? Let's find out... Lombrado (27)
Terrorists are now sending pets as suicide bombers Picasso (4)
Hillary will be on O'Reilly tonight; watch and enjoy. Bot Ghost Berlin (9)
Unintended consequences xampl (10)
CoT lottery! Rick Tang (4)
hmmm. Thinking about Mono .NET sharkfish (17)
Bush: "others to blame for everything" Senator David Crockett (19)
Do we get our check, tomorrow Bot (23)
Challenging my grade Michael B (51)
I think reddit is a cesspool of mis-information Bot (5)
English, motherfucker, do you speak it? man on the stair (4)
how much are you willing to put up with for good $ sharkfish (26)
Institutions always take the wrong groupthink approach Senator David Crockett (16)
Jobs you didn't know existed xampl (8)
Mortgage accelerator programs the great purple (33)
Thank You MS for making MSDN Downloads Cross Browser df (1)
My Linux Experiment -- Round 1 Aborted df (10)
Is this our Wayne? xampl (2)
Hillary is a Communist xampl (46)
Fourth wedding el (6)
Grand Theft Auto 4's level of detail is astounding muppet (10)
Christ, what a cunt Colm (25)
Nude Underage girls - is it ok? Senator David Crockett (22)
Oil - this really has to go without saying LORB (37)
Jazz Randyboy is serious. trollop (0)
April 29th, 2008
Should I stay in the ATL? Bot (26)
Of course. sharkfish (4)
Matte vs Glossy trollop (13)
Stuff God Hates son of parnas (1)
Self-reassembling Robot Modules SaveTheHubble (4)
computers cant read English because Michael B (11)
wow, that's pretty tacky Colm (2)
demography is king guess worker (4)
oh green my arse sharkfish (14)
OMFG the radio in GTA 4 is hilarious muppet (19)
I railed on someone on my commute today sharkfish (2)
You can pry my IDE and debugger... sharkfish (13)
Charles Manson made me laugh! sharkfish (3)
if your wife was a programmer sharkfish (12)
sad day at the office sharkfish (12)
The Giggler's on the loose! Stuck in Gotham City (0)
Well, Rev Wright screwed Obama Bot (22)
I have 100 new issues Bot (6)
When you are coding and in 'the zone' LH (4)
KDE 4 == redheaded stepchild of OS X and Vista Bluebeard (13)
I need to get this shirt muppet (0)
Same old thing son of parnas (2)
I swear, I hate the mac cult Bot (26)
Disneyland Ward (7)
Sad part about it, this looks like my cube Bot (9)
Can't wait to get there! muppet (4)
Men Who Care are Happier son of parnas (4)
Man and Woman Search for  Meaning son of parnas (3)
GTA4, initial impressions Bot (9)
Where is the outrage? son of parnas (14)
Turn laptop into desktop? Bot (15)
blowing some tax refund on sharkfish (27)
VB programmer makes a lot of money sharkfish (4)
your morning funny sharkfish (1)
VMware 3D Oskar (2)
Anyone Knows Ted Finch? Curious (3)
I lost it Anon for this one (3)
which was the most frightening time period sharkfish (33)
April 28th, 2008
s s s s s s s s bon vivant (1)
when sleeping .. (2)
Poligamy .. (15)
I have to stop programming/coding now sharkfish (11)
How do you feel about the DOOMSDAY ARGUMENT? Michael B (15)
Sharking trollop (6)
Austrian Torture Case Senator David Crockett (15)
is cybers MILF trainer (0)
Rush Hour trollop (2)
Solar Power FTW? trollop (1)
okay you treehuggers sharkfish (15)
LAMP v. .NET v. Java sharkfish (19)
Reiser is guilty Bot Berlin (39)
GTA4, midnight sale Bot (6)
Edward Hopper Bluebeard (2)
Caffeine Intoxication??? Rick Tang (1)
Forget the judge, give those kids back to the sect Bot (17)
graduation gift sharkfish (37)
Why is everyone on this board against God? *p++ (61)
Kids and rights sharkfish (24)
WTF? man on the stair (13)
Holidays are tiring Patrick (3)
UI Development with DOM/JS/Dhtml ...still sucks Bot (7)
MySQL issue at work muppet (13)
$11 trillion for a five year old car Tapiwa (6)
"Free Tibet" flags made in China muppet (4)
I won't be here JoC (1)
Keep your silly ways or throw them out the window man on the stair (0)
Chinese Tibet Michael B (2)
Mario Kart Wii AlmostAnon (0)
Linux -- Is It Time? df (15)
Texas denies Institute For Creation Research accreditation SaveTheHubble (21)
Knuth interview Abstract Typist (6)
ASK AMY Rose (8)
April 27th, 2008
Another unfair law ... Rick Tang (7)
Your home videos are pathetic Colm (3)
Best Progress Bar you've seen Hawkeye (21)
bizzare logic wikipeeing (7)
Bot bob (13)
bluebeard bob (2)
joel's podcasts hhhh (4)
I was so pissed about him stealing my image hhhh (5)
What is a good older classic movie to see Bot Berlin (39)
Anyone watch the Wright interview? son of parnas (6)
Harnessing cognitive surplus son of parnas (1)
Can  you ever imagine women son of parnas (80)
Say what you like about Bush Colm (3)
Is Mathematics Discovered Or Invented? son of parnas (18)
April 26th, 2008
lonely the great purple (4)
so strange Louise Ogborn (13)
How did koreans develop a sauna culture? Michael B (2)
Hamas truce offer - only tactical (link inside) Jamal (1)
life in NYC top 5th = 351K (10)
Since we are all kin shouldn't we be nicer to each other? son of parnas (6)
Do I need to be a widget container? son of parnas (6)
java interview bob (0)
Palestinians offer truce; Israelis reject + raid and kill child Colm (1)
Obama behind in popular vote Colm (6)
On the whole lorbing B.S. LORB (13)
Guild name seen in WoW xampl (1)
multidim array syntax sharkfish (6)
April 25th, 2008
Eclipse is the most over-hyped editor ever Bot Berlin (3)
Ubuntu Heron --- still looks like crap Bot Berlin (17)
I heard the cops got off for this sharkfish (5)
I can't open any mail in Gmail. muppet (6)
Heaven's Gate xampl (4)
Yo! jingalala jingalala ™ (9)
SMART ASS ANSWER OF THE YEAR 2007 son of parnas (5)
The physics of whip cream son of parnas (3)
Spammming for bible software son of parnas (0)
Why should new developers learn C++? Ritchie Swann (6)
Could Reddit possibly make money? df (9)
they are targeting young white college guys sharkfish (11)
Shark Suspected in Swimmer's Death Clay Dowling (6)
Ah, what you don't see until it's too late Bluebeard (4)
reading JoS is so depressing sharkfish (7)
Admit it df (11)
I am doing a job interview Bot (24)
humor. college humor. sharkfish (3)
the Asian equivalent of "you're so articulate!" sharkfish (22)
lazy sharkfish (3)
Bonehead deals Lorenzo (4)
Acquitted???? xampl (4)
C# has turned my brain to mush the great purple (18)
Damn... hope it's descending JoC (9)
Exclamations xampl (14)
Huuuahh! Raw power JoC (29)
Wanted:: Boyfriend with no prospects in life Tapiwa (32)
Stackoverflow second podcast Rick Tang (3)
Anyone following Lost? Senator David Crockett (6)
April 24th, 2008
Windoze killer BROL (7)
Insert biblical story here: BROL (12)
Writing posts on here is passe Ritchie Swann (3)
For Sharky (mostly) Aaron (6)
oh my.  Enjoy this one, folks. sharkfish (18)
Haha... I love it JoC (0)
i am moderator of mailing list.. Le Monde Jr (11)
not the boss sharkfish (5)
Just for fun Aaron (1)
iPhone SDK beta 4 released xampl (0)
Voice recognition isn't quite there xampl (2)
CNN Shirts df (5)
Work Report Bot (4)
Holy shit let me off this planet muppet (11)
You guys are fucking boring today muppet (5)
PDCurses and CDK Clay Dowling (8)
New wikipedia competitor man on the stair (0)
Heh, just remembered this photo muppet (3)
Walt Disney World: Serious Business muppet (5)
How do you avoid this problem sharkfish (14)
April 23rd, 2008
Is Hilary really a female? AIPAC loves shemales (3)
Java is open-source BROL (17)
American Idol (spoilers) Fan boy (2)
Friedman Gets A Pie In The Face During Speech At Browndy Dan Denman (1)
holy shit sharkfish (8)
Isn't it strange or rather disgusting People are strange (8)
What do you think about women that wear dresses Bot Berlin (14)
For sharkfish, Clay, LORB ...and others with projects Bot Berlin (12)
Christianity explained Bluebeard (19)
I think we're about to get enslaved NK style Picasso (14)
my cynical levels now increasing to 7.15 (from a stable 6.44) sharkfish (14)
I thought everyone knew about "rebound" sharkfish (6)
scenario: sharkfish (4)
Halo 3 is a like a chess game Bot Berlin (4)
WTF?! muppet (0)
What do you do when your employer sharkfish (25)
heh-heh. I pissed off our office partners sharkfish (6)
drama at the airport the great purple (14)
*snicker* JoC (1)
I just fixed a clipboard related bug in an app Ritchie Swann (9)
Nearly 24 hours man on the stair (0)
Zimbabwe Inflation Tapiwa (11)
The Return of Ada :) Soup Dragon (6)
Tibet: the problem with boycotting China Bluebeard (0)
travel with relatives ward on a treo 700p (6)
King Abdullah decides to leave oil in the ground - Inshallah. Peter (8)
The modern woman's gender role Michael B (9)
have you ever sharkfish (7)
eol sharkfish (5)
April 22nd, 2008
office jester sharkfish (3)
no words sharkfish (17)
What's for dinner? Full name (10)
Is the US part of the industrialized world? Senator David Crockett (13)
cygwin and gcc on win32 compiling question sharkfish (26)
Recession is certain JoC (7)
Programming.reddit - Again: Quantity over quality Bot Berlin (4)
China & Zimbabwe Boston Legal (18)
Spending on "social networking, mashups + RSS" will reach $4.6bn Colm (3)
Middleclass? Ain't no such thing. FedX (8)
There are none so blind as those who will not see Pillory (2)
Someome please try SuperMemo and tell me if it works son of parnas (6)
After the Pill is gone. trollop (0)
Ever know that it is going to be a bad day? Cory Foy (21)
Want cheaper petrol? trollop (3)
Weird lyrics man on the stair (15)
Quick, to the PimpMobile! Full name (0)
April 21st, 2008
What's the purpose of UML? Michael B (27)
Is software getting slower... Michael B (26)
the news sharkfish (9)
w00t! sharkfish (2)
Alan "Hippy" Carnes ("The Abyss") == man on the stair (6)
Let the hair grow (like Stallman) Bot Berlin (25)
Electric shock chair xampl (7)
The "Programming doesn't take that much work" meme continues Clay Dowling (18)
Fascinating research on personal finance software sharkfish (7)
Still using plastic bottles? xampl (13)
OMFG muppet (19)
Let me admit to some prejudices sharkfish (39)
Eating Zombie Meat son of parnas (13)
John Maynard Keynes once said son of parnas (15)
Oh shits. muppet (5)
Too much party Clay Dowling (4)
New mobile phone recommendations Tapiwa (7)
How sweet is this? trollop (2)
Twenty20 trollop (3)
April 20th, 2008
Phantom Menace sharkfish (23)
mentioined in the nytimes on email bob (2)
Poker is random :-) Lombrado (3)
PG writes on "being good" sharkfish (16)
outsourcing is good popey (26)
Chicago isn't safe, get out now!!! Bot Berlin (14)
disney report Ward on a Treo 700p (3)
35,000? Bot Berlin (3)
Being different trollop (24)
this was funny son of parnas (2)
April 19th, 2008
now these are great wallpapers sharkfish (3)
ok so that one was a classroom at MU fing t (8)
Tutorial on logical fallacies Colm (9)
Oh yeah, Molly's home. muppet (8)
is this really how classrooms look now? whoa (17)
2 million dollar home NYCer (13)
Hosting recommendations? xampl (5)
more briefcase people on my bus sharkfish (3)
Slow week on CoT part-time larva (6)
A review of "The Clitoris" trollop (4)
Father Pfleger Kicking Fox's butt Boston Legal (2)
Can you text while driving? trollop (9)
I'm already sick of social networking... AlmostAnon (12)
April 18th, 2008
Brice sighting: Both STUPID and UNETHICAL Fan boy (4)
do I code or go home...that is the question sharkfish (15)
Maybe we don't want an IT guild/union sharkfish (13)
Israel lessons to U.S. regarding the Iraq Lombrado (5)
Illinois earthquake this morning sharkfish (7)
Trying to get FIOS LeftWingPharisee (8)
I poop on you cuz I like you! sharkfish (3)
The soft bigotry of low expectations LeftWingPharisee (22)
should I share my sharkfish (19)
couple things sharkfish (7)
How to crash the internet. Bot Berlin (4)
What question do people lie most about? son of parnas (21)
Jeff Goldblum JoC (4)
NULL pointer deref attack xampl (17)
Sharkfish == smarter than researchers Bot Berlin (20)
Vista video el (4)
Dear Carolyn Mother-in-Law in a Quandary (6)
demonoid is back Mr. Blank (5)
Maybe ET isn't out there after all man on the stair (14)
안녕하세요 마이클 비 (Michael B) (2)
April 17th, 2008
Let's get the party started Dan Denman (4)
you'll be working until you die sharkfish (60)
vnc sharkfish (0)
I just want to Harvey (9)
More stupid interview questions son of parnas (27)
question on UI sharkfish (6)
"Glue-coder" comment BROL (4)
So much for open source cookies (4)
Automated ftp tool for windows? son of parnas (11)
What was Chris McKinstry's project about Bot Berlin (8)
df's favorite index, TIOBE index!!! 2008 Bot Berlin (3)
Is this ridiculous or is it me? sharkfish (7)
Molly is resting comfortably, says the vet muppet at school (10)
Hmmm cool JoC (9)
Why JoS has gone completely down the drain.... Ritchie Swann (2)
Online paper quoting commentors in their articles on the debate Bot Berlin (4)
This reporter is pissed off Tapiwa (8)
There's something about Dan Denman Colm (9)
Albert Lee isn't bald, nor has a gut trollop (4)
If you're balding and have a gut, you're invisible to women Mr. Gutboi (25)
cultural differences the great purple (38)
There is so much win in this article muppet (5)
Joel and Jeff Atwood Team Up df (8)
spam for shoes nobody (1)
Molly's going in to be spayed this morning muppet (17)
I know the man's dead and all, but this is funny muppet (3)
Thursday Levity trollop (2)
What site do you use to book ticket , hotel, etc? Asya's dad (4)
cot link addition proposal arg! (1)
Israelis residents slamming zionism Dan Denman (0)
April 16th, 2008
J street Dan Denman (8)
Stuck in elevator for 40 hours Cory Foy (17)
From the ?Off archives CoT Historian (1)
0 Days to drive to Disneyland xampl (2)
How do you make money off of public websites Bot Berlin (16)
All I need is a programmer son of parnas (16)
Sharepoint, Basecamp... Kenny (6)
You can't be 'elite' if Springsteen endorses you Mr. Blank (0)
Guaranteed weight loss strategy Michael B (13)
Validation for dan denman Colm (32)
train to portland Ward on a Treo 700p (1)
Women are so dumb Colm (15)
The Empire Strikes Back JoC (2)
Alicia Keys B.I. (6)
Bah JoC (8)
Introvert / Extrovert? df (21)
effectiveness of reading paper book vs e-book frustrated asian man (8)
Pedophile Priests: Hi Chrisitian People! Do you Ashamed of that? Curse Pedophile (4)
Militarization of law enforcement xampl (13)
April 15th, 2008
Could you do this? Rob Zombie (15)
In meetings, I... bot (12)
My code, jvm lisp code Bot Berlin (6)
Now that we know Dan Denman (4)
I love her (the Rosa girl) Mr. Blank (0)
library path on Ubuntu sharkfish (28)
misplaced copy of tax return -> soooooo fucked. (13)
GPL & web-based applications xampl (11)
why am I doing this....again...I keep forgetting sharkfish (19)
what new song(s) do you like ? Mr. Blank (12)
wsv the great purple (8)
16 years old nerdy virigin Rick Tang (5)
So I've been listening to Dragnet on the radio in the mornings muppet (5)
therapy: anyone ever done it? maybe possibly (26)
What's that mental disorder? muppet (8)
Free will, again again. SaveTheHubble (12)
It's hard to make great piles of cash without being evil son of parnas (7)
Letterman's Masters Top 10 JoC (3)
Woot! High Sco... will you marry me? JoC (0)
How to test a factory man on the stair (30)
Elite? Rick Tang (9)
April 14th, 2008
ever create code sharkfish (12)
i filed sharkfish (26)
I learned PHP this morning Boston Legal (2)
Mac vs. Vista xampl (9)
So who's your favorite Ken Stein (7)
anger sharkfish (34)
We need a lolcat for Sharkey BROL (3)
What if you don't die tomorrow? Michael B (12)
Food Costs Rising Fastest in 17 Years Lombrado (8)
four-day work week experiment is working son of parnas (14)
Pet Peeve Bot Berlin (7)
Power infrastructure in Iraq xampl (15)
My bug eats your bug Stephen Nigel  Jones (5)
I will probably go.  See you there! Bot Berlin (49)
Replace a fusebox with a circuit breaker? Michael B (22)
The death of a pet xampl (21)
Two steps forward, three steps back muppet (10)
For the first time in her life, Molly had a normal bath muppet (9)
It is amazing how the smallest things can annoy man on the stair (12)
April 13th, 2008
pregnant smoker what you gonna due (1)
This Would be Huge son of parnas (11)
Look at my EC2 cloud computer Bot Berlin (10)
Wow, this is truly f*cked up LORB (15)
GNUWin32 and C#/.NET question sharkfish (12)
McKinstry back from the dead (4)
http://djvu.org/ bob (2)
programming design question sharkfish (29)
nuther half baked random idea based on my personal experience sharkfish (46)
reddit run my stock options will pay off!!1 (0)
Why can't CEOs be this honest? Peter (3)
frequentist or bayes zed (2)
30.18 DISNEY STOCK PRICE economista (2)
halle berry + british TV = both great g (3)
Do you use tag clouds? son of parnas (11)
the thing I don't miss about spring son of parnas (10)
On Taking A Dump TurboTurd (2)
There will be blood Bot Berlin (10)
ASK AMY Crowded Calendar (6)
Disney Bluebeard (0)
April 12th, 2008
April 12th is Uri's Night. SaveTheHubble (4)
Iron Man takes on open-source LORB (2)
this man is so adorable sharkfish (3)
Wazzap my nizzles Black Joel Spolsky (4)
kitty rest her face on my laptop keyboard while i type sharkfish (11)
Got a letter from our homeowner's association today... Cory Foy (12)
COT killed a man, AutoBlah caught a crook Dr. Gridlock (1)
If it were 1776 americans would ask the british for protection son of parnas (8)
Credit card theft xampl (18)
Boeing Patents Using the Moon to Save Satellite Space Man (3)
Karl Marx's Predictions man on the stair (5)
ASK AMY Almost Single (6)
I don't know about you Ritchie Swann (3)
The more things change LORB (9)
April 11th, 2008
Pissed off Bot Berlin (12)
mods please leave it all zed (10)
norons jingalala jingalala ™ (4)
heheheh jingalala jingalala ™ (1)
rioja marques de gr...something jingalala jingalala ™ (0)
i am back jingalala jingalala ™ (0)
this is so nice jingalala jingalala ™ (0)
i just have to let everyone know jingalala jingalala ™ (0)
the computer jingalala jingalala ™ (1)
oi jingalala jingalala ™ (0)
I really underestimated... sharkfish (13)
Racist Video Games (Oh No They Didn't) Rob Zombie (6)
Windows XP will still be available ... Rick Tang (7)
hello jingalala jingalala ™ (7)
Vegetarians AGE faster ?? WTF ?? Hero Hiralal (4)
From JoS: Nursing closest analog to programming as an occupation AlmostAnon (15)
Maybe the French have the right idea sharkfish (10)
Programming language is just a tool.. Wayne (13)
the rewards of IRL friends the great purple (7)
Ridiculous results of copyrights Rick Tang (3)
I find it interesting... sharkfish (6)
CEOs get severance for failing son of parnas (17)
Regarding military item sales on Ebay... JoC (0)
Should illegal immigrants pay tax? xampl (11)
I'm 35 and I think I have A.D.D.! Kenny (21)
Geek stuff, setup emacs with my gmail account Bot Berlin (0)
Somali Pirates again Tapiwa (14)
ASK AMY (I swear, these questions are getting dumber every day) Susan in Chicago (16)
Music Artists/Groups who you think have jumped the shark maybe possibly (5)
You were _initially_ attracted to your spouse because... maybe possibly (11)
April 10th, 2008
So ya, Google is evil son of parnas (8)
six weeks pay for two hours work arg! (6)
how silly is this idea sharkfish (57)
Cell phone do not call list sharkfish (1)
My problem with Python is it is just ugly looking code son of parnas (27)
What is the latest date to invite a person to a reunion? Don (8)
the real reason "software wants to be free" sharkfish (106)
Poor George Takei xampl (8)
What's the affect of Ritalin on adults? son of parnas (13)
strings and non-standard characters sharkfish (10)
Where is man on the stair (6)
A Third of Canadians are of Below Average IQ df (33)
Tall girls froggie (16)
The way applications turn to shit xampl (10)
Let's Hope the AOL Yahoo Merger is Just a MS Defense son of parnas (2)
So yes, to get something done you have stop doing other things son of parnas (2)
You mean you didn't shoot the kid? JoC (19)
Hey, CoT! Mahir (3)
So, who didn't finish their taxes on time? John F. Kennedy (10)
ASK AMY Stranded Sister (4)
The internet is shit. ...and so is CoT! (14)
Drive vs. Fly Ward (8)
April 9th, 2008
404's trollop (7)
Fucking shit ass bitch muppet (3)
Jesus Fucking Christ muppet (4)
A steaming pile of burning stupid Colm (5)
Am I blind, where is thread about home office furniture? Bot Berlin (3)
The first use of moron Rick Tang (3)
Phase 3 of 4 maybe possibly (6)
Spelling lesson Grammar Nazi (12)
Muppet lives on Long Island? Clay Dowling (12)
Amazing how much CPUs have changed... son of parnas (17)
Best online broker? JoC (2)
I dreamed last night the great purple (16)
Paid To Do Nothing Anonymous for this one (18)
How fucked up is this? muppet (11)
I JUST got a flat panel LCD monitor for my desk at work muppet (6)
Economist: Denman WILL disapear due to it illegitimacy ROE (0)
Dear Amy Frustrated (23)
Face values Abstract Typist (17)
April 8th, 2008
Energy tanked Michael B (4)
Chinese Soldiers Beating Protesters in London Boston Legal (6)
Dad's - Change Diapers? Cory Foy (18)
14k javascript game Boston Legal (15)
Good ideas and dumb ideas at the time (and Flame wars) Bot Berlin (36)
Frequentist or Bayesian? son of parnas (13)
Burp el (1)
Yo westerner asian cute babe (11)
I Can Name That Code Tune in 10 Lines... Brice Richard (8)
This is hilarious son of piss piss (1)
Still want fast food? xampl (17)
The superclass are not Americans so you don't matter son of parnas (6)
Can it be done?  Vegetarian Fast Food. Bot Berlin (14)
I'm convinced JoC (2)
Whoa. muppet (5)
Now that they've ruined Transformers, it's on to Voltron muppet (22)
HUBBLE muppet (19)
I wanna give a shout-out to CodeProject sharkfish (4)
Bzzt - Brice Richard code sample attack! Ritchie Swann (20)
The standards for geekdom are a little higher than this... son of parnas (22)
So is "Eureka" all gone? muppet (4)
Excavation was excellent Clay Dowling (22)
The Monty Hall Test Treppenwitz (2)
RF Lightbulbs... Bill42x (19)
NC4OM gave me a friggin nightmare and I haven't even watched it maybe possibly (2)
Wonderpets Ward (2)
April 7th, 2008
You know about Great Purple's frustrations sharkfish (44)
Hilary - too many lies? reporter (9)
Economist: Israel WILL disapear due to it illegitimacy Dan Denman (15)
Go Memphis !!! Tiger Woods (1)
Heh.  Fuck work. sharkfish (19)
Roselyn Sanchez man on the stair (0)
Really out of shape Clay Dowling (15)
"fun, actually" the great purple (1)
Somali Pirates About To Be Sunk Clay Dowling (18)
Plagarism, what is it really? Bot Berlin (8)
SSL Certificates as it relates to https Bot Berlin (9)
Java losing ground to LAMP sharkfish (27)
ASP vs. shrink wrap sharkfish (22)
Fore! JoC (7)
Moe, Lisa, Bart, and Marge are ALL WRONG! sharkfish (3)
Another grand start to another grand week muppet (17)
Oi, wsv! man on the stair (5)
This is fun to watch (Yahoo vs MS) Bot Berlin (1)
Rare turtle slaughtered in Gaza ROE (3)
This is BS.  The internet is really not 24/7 Bot Berlin (28)
The great inflation cover-up Lombrado (20)
Thinking about operating system dev again Bot Berlin (4)
April 6th, 2008
Fitna, the dutch islam film Boston Legal (11)
Keeping old schoolwork Michael B (9)
A Question from my 5 year old df (32)
AP computer science AB nixed sharkfish (5)
regex vs xlst heartsheep (13)
Stickienote or stickynote? xampl (2)
The most critical thinking skill? son of parnas (9)
Chris Smither OTOH is still alive, bless his socks trollop (0)
Charlton Heston pic LORB (7)
Went to a Jim Jil Bang todayw Michael B (5)
April 5th, 2008
No Country For Old Men sharkfish (18)
OMFG SO HOT! muppet (4)
Disneyland Ward (2)
Biggest movie ever Bot Berlin (4)
LORB, here is an anti java/C# article Bot Berlin (18)
Egotistical showing off alert Ritchie Swann (2)
British fear US commander is beating the drum for Iran strikes Lombrado (10)
I work on my projects between 0am-8am and mostly on Sat. Bot Berlin (3)
To my friends who enjoy a glass of wine.. .. And those who don't trollop (19)
Who the heck is this guy? Treppenwitz (5)
friends who are porn stars Boston Legal (12)
not pregnant the great purple (19)
Khalil Gibran - Seven times have I despised my soul Lombrado (2)
Dan Denman Issue XoX (11)
I have really bad sharkfish (2)
At 16 Angelina Not So Much son of parnas (15)
April 4th, 2008
New man-crush, Stallman Bot Berlin (46)
I'm about to admit something huge right here in this post sharkfish (37)
Direct marketing opt-out xampl (3)
For the greater good Bot Berlin (13)
If the world community felt guilty about the holocaust, Dan Denman (6)
Dance with Jesus xampl (1)
Don't be the UI guy Bot Berlin (11)
Clintons Disclose Tax Information Showing $109 Million in Income Since 2000 (18)
How much for a pizza? man on the stair (4)
Anthropic principle, CoT version Rick Tang (5)
EPCOT is a multicultural experience muppet (4)
Cheap Office Furniture Clay Dowling (10)
Life Before Death - Series of portriats Mountain_Dewd (3)
What if you had to apply to be President? xampl (10)
Earth Hour = Facism df (30)
"Production server is down" Oh Snap! (4)
is marktaw a doctor yet? TAW Watch (6)
What? No discussion of the pregnant "man"? sharkfish (24)
Societal impact of your code xampl (10)
Technical question; what do you think of Java/J2ee for OOP Bot Berlin (33)
Anyone who likes this video... ,..., (2)
Kids these days ... trollop (2)
Historical Take on Bush Senator David Crockett (12)
Fantastic!  LOL muppet (2)
When JoS beats CoT Trollicious (2)
Looks like that sperm donation clinic was moved gdr (5)
April 3rd, 2008
I think that I'm definitely going to do it. I think...... definitely (2)
have you ever contributed to wikipedia? eahhdilc (7)
In the poll, 81 percent of respondents said they believed “thi eahhdilc (5)
Israeli Apartheid Week - Toronto Dan Denman (4)
Help with C++ Cory Foy (6)
Organized and Thorough Rick Tang (0)
how come Michael B (6)
hashtables sharkfish (18)
Need $11 more CAD from free shipping Rick Tang (6)
How to budget? bob (3)
WTF do people write Ritchie Swann (14)
Hillary is Jewish now? xampl (14)
b Rick Tang (7)
Re-watched "V for Vendetta" a few days ago and again tonight maybe possibly (6)
a Rick Tang (1)
whats the difference between an indian and a streak of... gods ass dildo (0)
web security sharkfish (36)
how many chinese does it take to build a wall? gods ass dildo (2)
Rubbish! man on the stair (1)
ward, you gigantic penis gods ass dildo (9)
Police Blotter df (4)
"Hubble was only too happy last night to go on a deleting spree" FUCK JESUS (4)
"Denman spews race-based hatespeech. Are you OK with that?" worldsSmallestViolin (11)
WHAT THE FUCK?! muppet (8)
More domain name fun xampl (3)
I use more plastic sharkfish (20)
Mercury shuts down school xampl (25)
OOP design question sharkfish (31)
I am like Scharstein, now Bot (18)
VCs have a lot of cash df (10)
Would you do this? man on the stair (5)
Campaign Financing LORB (3)
Slashdot change df (13)
a quick hack guess worker (5)
Apparently I've been spamming Clay Dowling (9)
Not safe for work, but hilarious muppet (4)
That's tight, yo muppet (2)
I'm burned out LORB (36)
Workout status Michael B (32)
Benefits of IRC, helps trolling Bot Berlin (3)
First movie of 'tsunami' on Sun man on the stair (0)
wayne friday (33)
April 2nd, 2008
question about httpwebrequest, ssl, and proxy sharkfish (20)
trying to decide friday (4)
Wanna be a porn star? Cory Foy (9)
Pet peeve sharkfish (13)
Scary thought; some people don't even use google...the web Bot Berlin (14)
Can you believe it? J (1)
Regarding the title bar sharkfish (2)
What should I read next?  Second Edition Michael B (10)
C# anonymous methods promote copy/paste xampl (9)
Oh, another JoS troll Rick Tang (15)
broke a thermometer the great purple (19)
the myth of the melting pot the great purple (17)
Had a fantastic time at the dentist yesterday worldsSmallestViolin (19)
I don't blame employers who pass me up sharkfish (32)
wow, you people are fantastic... worldsSmallestViolin (7)
How do upgrade to the new Fire Fox Beta? son of parnas (4)
Whether or not you are into golf JoC (1)
Does anyone really care about Google unplugged? son of parnas (5)
Say muppet Ritchie Swann (8)
Question for Great Purple sharkfish (103)
Have to watch my language today xampl (18)
CSS sucks and here's why Boston Legal (12)
Cool job Clay Dowling (4)
Less than 30 days until Disney muppet (22)
Slow Google Cache updates Ritchie Swann (2)
I've developed a strong dislike for Hong Kong people maybe possibly (11)
we hope this is an isolated incident sharkfish (16)
Creative purposely breaks drivers on Vista Wayne (12)
Richard Stallman and file sharing sharkfish (13)
JoS Moderators - Why? Totally OT: (11)
fyynd - hey bot sharkfish (8)
April 1st, 2008
setting up a streaming server friday (3)
Hey wsv sharkfish (3)
POP3 befuddlement sharkfish (16)
bloodlust Michael B (11)
Molly update muppet (10)
My wife found my USB key muppet (26)
It just keeps getting better; Bot Berlin (23)
Hilarious Muppets video muppet (7)
I'm in the mood for Dan Denman (5)
Top Ten Philosophers of All Time son of parnas (4)
I am having a headache Rick Tang (4)
A warm welcome to our new artificial overlords Bluebeard (8)
Beards Ritchie Swann (7)
Front-Ahead Design xampl (2)
There's a pretty little thing Bluebeard (2)
the question of the origin of life Bluebeard (8)
Richard Stallman is my hero...again Bot (74)
What screen resolution do you like? Bot (13)
Kettleballs Soup Dragon (10)
Why can't a PhD in quantum chemistry Rick Tang (20)
What really sucks... JoC (0)
I sent this post xampl (3)
Badass von Whitebeard sharkfish (0)
I'm going to like RoR man on the stair (9)
Project Virgle Actually Sounds Worth Doing son of parnas (8)
I think I'm getting sick the great purple (14)
I called it Aaron (57)
On the subject of idiots who don't make frequent backups muppet (48)
Rick is an opiate addict JoC (4)
Oh how my heart BLEEDS for these people muppet (73)
Am I the only one who's simply annoyed by online April 1 jokes? muppet (7)
general rule of thumb for custom tax ?? frustrated asian man (2)
google founders didn't know HTML Boston Legal (51)
Coding Horror's facelift Ritchie Swann (10)
Signora Ferrari, perhaps? drunken sailorz (1)
Sharkfish, clipping fingernails on train OK? son of parnas (9)