Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

April 30th, 2007
TextMate is haunting me zestyZucchini (7 comments)
My wife is working late... Wayne (7)
Fun, fun, fun trollop (3)
Women's pay equity not due to discrimination? Philo (40)
Motorola E2. Worth every penny. Masiosare (4)
Stickin' it to the man Wayne (21)
Amazing tech forum request xampl (5)
Maybe 3 out of 5 businesses fail, but 100% of .. Ching Chong Chinaman (5)
Anyone going to... Full name (4)
Stupid Yahoo! Mail Rick Zeng/Tseng (3)
Having Problem with Time management Rick Zeng/Tseng (7)
Disney day 3 ward on a treo 700p (2)
Dreaming in code is ok, I guess Bot Berlin (5)
Chief Culture Officer? Rick Zeng/Tseng (4)
Is feminism against nature? sharkfish (33)
Interesting proposal for voting on digg son of parnas (1)
My wife just called me to tell me that DumDum is missing muppet (31)
Mashuganas sharkfish (4)
It is a great thing to do what is necessary... son of parnas (6)
.net references what are you reading for? (9)
Not only is the Wii shortage REALLY hurting Nintendo's image muppet (6)
If they include online play a la Halo 2 in this muppet (9)
It's probably really sad that I still want this muppet (4)
Oh my God Allan shut up.(?) SaveTheHubble (4)
Fundie Fuckwits (17)
WTF?  Why would a spammer spam my referrer logs with MSN Live muppet (1)
Why don't our houses have 12v and 5v power outlets? muppet (31)
tattoo. hello. (4)
I'm conflicted. hello. (4)
Taking a break from CoT Craig (15)
officials said prescription medications among Cho's effects Practical Economist (0)
My son came back Does it run in families (11)
Where are those mythical lonely babes? Armchair Grammarian (13)
Babel sharkfish (2)
I went to a Muay Thai tournament the other day amd I noticed .. Captain Vegetable (5)
April 29th, 2007
relative gdp bob (5)
engineering question - bridge collapse Practical Economist (28)
best compliment on a forum, ever sharkfish (7)
Maroon 5 This Love sharkfish (2)
a little bit o' hate sharkfish (53)
How can you tell this article is in a UK paper? Philo (29)
can i get a blah inviation? Craig (2)
what or where is blah? Craig (5)
Bush Wanted to Nation Build Iraq from the Start son of parnas (6)
So what are you doing to help the environment? AMerrickanGirl (21)
suprising memcpy wasn't flagged son of parnas (7)
Hot Fuzz xampl (2)
Extraordinary Hiro (9)
Is "silent treatment" considered spousal abuse? Michael B (20)
Gravel for President? bob (59)
when are we going to get the madam list? bob (8)
CoT favorite topics... LeMonde (11)
girl from school, 20 years later IN THE BOX (6)
Indiana being sued for "IN GOD WE TRUST" license plates M.T. (30)
Cott Adopts Hostile Takeover Defense thoughts? (0)
tony snow (bush's pres. sect. for you ignorant shits) has cancer thoughts? (11)
thinking of joining metafiler bob (3)
joel off topic . (20)
what did the venince project rename themselves? Vudu? . (3)
Is it time for me to change character? LeMonde (3)
some ethical conundrums would really hit the spot right now . (2)
Your moral support is needed... Confused (4)
Why so many beautiful women are single? Craig (49)
A fatal mistake... Confused (4)
what text editor is this guy using? jollyJumper (1)
bot berlin, why are you so paranoid? LeMonde (11)
Microsoft page hacked. Bot Berlin (4)
WTF?  Big Brother UK Bot Berlin (5)
geek from school M A Y (10)
How about this for a dating/networking site Bot Berlin (12)
April 28th, 2007
can you die of a broken heart? razr fan boy (5)
PE, what with the new Bush Sucks obession? dicky (0)
wtf Lenny (3)
what a bunch of morons. Lenny (3)
[waves] Cory Foy (6)
Which is your favorite programming language? LeMonde (13)
A fatal mistake Confused (8)
What is dance to me? IN THE BOX (3)
Breaking news: College administrators have a sense of humor Philo (3)
CoT medical, is my arm broken Bot Berlin (14)
Best car chase in a movie xampl (8)
Do you like my night stick? (1)
there is a lot of the man in these two paragraphs jason (2)
hey folks... don't worry, be happy! DNA (0)
Satan behind immigration to US (3)
Free New York Times articles Bling bling (6)
Who is everyone? man on the stair (H2O) (8)
Lesbian home video stars get... man on the stair (3)
SL vs. Aus 92.5 (CoT Regular) (5)
Canucks are playing a respectable game LinuxOrBust (4)
Your Life Sucks son of parnas (14)
April 27th, 2007
Honeybees not native to America XYZZY (13)
Another one bites the dust... Full name (1)
war on terror is a bullshit lie reddit dildo (10)
small house , two dictionaries details man (10)
Dammmmmmmm, pays to be a dork Bot Berlin (3)
I am pissed, thanks Purple and Jos Bot Berlin (21)
The 2nd Great Depression sharkfish (21)
downgrading one's standard of living the great purple (10)
question to COT advisors Fruit Cake (7)
I didn't know cops bought so much electronics son of parnas (6)
India To Offer Free Broadband by 2009 son of parnas (30)
Awesome comment JoC (1)
Grade inflation xampl (12)
anaesthetic $-- (12)
Awesome Lyrics JoC (3)
Stone the flaming crows trollop (6)
I've only just "discovered" Kurt Vonnegut muppet (15)
What do you think about the subscription model for music? son of parnas (20)
Aliens have the coolest rides son of parnas (12)
Ointment applied via shaft I have a treatment for you (22)
saving for retirement the great purple (20)
King of the morons directs traffic to daddy's board (1)
Bush Approval Rating Falls to 28% son of parnas (13)
Prepaid phone prevents poverty? trollop (9)
April 26th, 2007
Presidential debate...(democratic) Bot Berlin (10)
bot often says things ... annoy annoy (19)
when will unfunny people stop trying to be funny annoy annoy (2)
who do you want more sharkfish (20)
quick fix! sharkfish (29)
Nude man in high heels causes lockdown Anon (2)
glad to know even smart famous people derail, too sharkfish (3)
What's been killing the bees Philo (18)
What happened to damien katz Bot Berlin (1)
OK this sucks muppet (17)
Fred Phelps & Co. are at it again xampl (6)
You don't have to be smart to be rich son of parnas (27)
Laura Bush wants you to know that when it comes to Iraq, no one son of parnas (9)
In case of global warnming... son of parnas (5)
Great Scott!! JoC (12)
Bush does a Yeltsin. (100 + 85)/2 (1)
You like my chart Bot Berlin (4)
Joel recommends sticking with XP trollop (16)
Presidential Night Fever el (5)
How did consumer credit laws change for the worst? Michael B (19)
April 25th, 2007
look around you. hello. (8)
brillant bob (3)
muppet is an ass. sharkfish (7)
holy shit hello has a Brain tumor bob (4)
Is it me or anon for this (7)
Is it just me... JoC (14)
gasp - that was a quick thread removal Bluebeard (7)
Request for uploading mp3 file Sathyaish Chakravarthy (27)
Need some .NET guidance what are you reading for? (9)
what topics interest you? LeMonde (11)
Cool Hubble Images son of parnas (1)
Humans Finally Outwit Natural Selection son of parnas (25)
Society incapable of acting rationally in most cases son of parnas (18)
Spinal Tap to reunite xampl (1)
Dancing with the Stars Clay Dowling (2)
I would like at this time to register my support for muppet (10)
Want to win a cool 500 quid? trollop (2)
should i see a doctor? hello. (12)
so Ive done all this work one this program and... jollyJumper (4)
installing fruitshow on an intranet jollyJumper (0)
Holly Cole trollop (0)
new habitable planet tim (22)
tim is an ass. sharkfish (3)
Awesome new word: frot Michael B (11)
April 24th, 2007
ah, the credit and collections industry.  Joy. sharkfish (39)
"no hawk" sharkfish (12)
Gently caress! trollop (1)
how long would it take sharkfish (15)
Barack the Magic Negro sharkfish (25)
Since the killing of John Kennedy in 1963 (15)
breakfast bob (25)
you asked them all ? BS detection services (3)
It is good to be single Bot Berlin (10)
asymmetrical ennervation strawberry beeswax (0)
Basinger: I didn't leak Baldwin phone message DF (4)
how does CR/longevity jive with exercise? strawberry beeswax (8)
gay men here? I have a question. sharkfish (27)
Manchester United vs AC Milan Locutus of Borg (12)
Seeding the stars Kenny (5)
Fascist America in 10 easy steps (24)
Let's have a mulligan son of parnas (5)
Fat employees are more expensive xampl (17)
Lard :( Lurk Machine B (12)
New NIN CD JoC (7)
I was mistaken for my brother yesterday (groan) muppet (17)
Ouch! el (7)
Apparently the Canucks won game 7 Ward (12)
April 23rd, 2007
Why don't spam-bots reply to topics? Wayne (7)
I dont want to scary anybody, please DONT check out this site Bot Berlin (2)
federal psychiatric database. hello. (10)
god damnit - don't EVER date a crazy person hello. (30)
Dawkins vs O'Reilly, let the war begin Bot Berlin (5)
Michael B sharkfish (28)
Pluase let Timmothy goe xampl (4)
(pulling a denman)People in hollywood are too dumb for words Bot Berlin (9)
Adult Male/Female conversations Bot Berlin (9)
coke & doughnuts Zuccaro (4)
84 degrees! Full name (4)
Voice Recorders Tapiwa (13)
OS Reality JoC (20)
First experiences with Vista Wayne (13)
My damn dog muppet (6)
Spam Filter? Ted Graham (11)
Boris Yeltsin dies xampl (2)
Good Geek Conference Clay Dowling (2)
antidepressant coverup in progress Practical Economist (25)
NBA cheerleader Lele (5)
Chocolate trollop (2)
April 22nd, 2007
should i bang sharkfish (12)
I lost my mind again sharkfish (33)
Geek = weird sharkfish (6)
I hereby disown black people sharkfish (30)
Mac book Key board iwan (3)
bomb bomb bomb bomb iran politico (10)
dear CoT dating advisor... hello. (24)
Bush administration awash in scandals Full name (4)
I want to be a towel Bot Berlin (1)
20 years later IN THE BOX (7)
White bread :( Michael B (43)
Gonzalez - just a second... Philo (3)
work life balance zestyZucchini (7)
What are we talking about here? Dan Denman (12)
April 21st, 2007
Learned a new vocabulary word: Hypomania Michael B (4)
And THIS is why they should stop frickin' having air shows muppet (14)
guiliani speaks out on teen killers passey watch (2)
dell brings back XP belive their was a jos thread (13)
Don't worry, geek boys AMerrickanGirl (10)
Did Cho kill himself? Bluebeard (11)
This isn’t a good time. Can we talk later? LeMonde (2)
firefox:visited iwan (2)
Ding-dongs LeMonde (4)
NASA Scientist was 'loner' says neighbor Practical Economist (9)
Excessive use of technology? xampl (6)
Women who get spermed in healthier? Michael B (15)
April 20th, 2007
you know your having fun programming when... zestyZucchini (5)
GOM Player Masiosare (2)
my doughter girl friend Confused (18)
Soooo......what does google do, exactly?  I mean, seriously? Bot Berlin (9)
Cho's killing spree --- It's the muslims' fault (11)
Do Athiests and Agnostics kill people? SaveTheHubble (34)
Real Useful Javascript Tips Masiosare (13)
Another stupid question in Daddy's house Rick Zeng/Tseng (8)
What.  The.  Fuck. muppet (8)
The things I do for my wife muppet (12)
Pointless Post JoC (4)
Aussie boffin lives 12 days underwater on algae-generated oxygen son of parnas (7)
How are server variables handled on the client side Bot Berlin (30)
ASP.NET 2.0 deployment xampl (2)
Uncle & Nephew born at same time xampl (3)
You going to celebrate? Bot Berlin (3)
Is the video on YouTube yet? (11)
The US is down muppet (10)
runing RBK iwan (2)
How is it legal muppet (14)
Lack of IT books in bookstores - who's to blame? LinuxOrBust (24)
Cho diagnosed as autistic Practical Economist (2)
"You are a rude, thoughtless little pig" Practical Economist (13)
Federal Mental Health Database needed Practical Economist (9)
A little out of time but that's OK ... trollop (0)
Get some peeps and a really hot fire... son of parnas (0)
April 19th, 2007
A follow-up on the N-word sofa label Honkey-tonk (10)
Everything I need to know, I learned from CoT Ward (8)
VT shootings do not mean Vermont. XYZZY (0)
Tim Minchin isn't not worth the price of admission. trollop (4)
Sheryl Crow - Redemption Day  is this about the war in Iraq? J I JOE (2)
Naturally buoyant xampl (3)
Look at this crap, 3-6 years Bot Berlin (20)
europe Denny Crane (5)
Blah is down Philo (5)
Mouse Omelette LeMonde (4)
pet mouse is back zestyZucchini (8)
Gender Genie sharkfish (2)
Overlooked fact Clay Dowling (3)
Foreclosures up 47% nationwide xampl (31)
The Gun Country Stephen Jones (4)
RACIAL PROFILING!!! muppet (7)
Guns don't kill people, the fucking DEVIL does... Wayne (26)
DING DING DING muppet (9)
And a Child Shall Lie to Them son of parnas (12)
Predictions of the Year 2000 from 1900 son of parnas (16)
duh. sharkfish (7)
you get what you vote for the great purple (6)
Play the Mass Murderer Game son of parnas (21)
So, if you take every instance of "gun" or "handgun" or muppet (71)
Giving terrorists what they want XYZZY (6)
Something we've discussed before, but I'm seeing statistics for muppet (29)
In hospital IN THE BOX (5)
Meanwhile el (4)
Long-term mania? Michael B (2)
We need each other son of parnas (5)
still getting it blahty heartsheep (2)
Sanjaya son of parnas (1)
Simon Lucy, your objective2k site is broken zestyZucchini (1)
April 18th, 2007
No Antidepressants - it was Acne medication Practical Economist (0)
Concealed Carry Laws: the answer Practical Economist (34)
Student arrested on charges of comprehending gunman Practical Economist (4)
Dontcha sharkfish (10)
gassy sharkfish (1)
The plot thickens Bot Berlin (3)
Some excellent advice sharkfish (5)
Mass shootings Europe vs America (28)
Coding to bugs or why software never works like it should Bot Berlin (4)
New Touchscreen Video son of parnas (6)
My Teeth, a Wii or Travel Bot Berlin (27)
And the copycats begin xampl (16)
Wii muppet (21)
FOREX-Dlr at 26 yr low vs pound, nears record euro trough ? (10)
Muppet's luck changes (?) muppet (52)
Are people really this stupid? AMerrickanGirl (42)
Chimps more involved. son of parnas (10)
Ron Paul For President zestyZucchini (19)
Met a girl, screwed up, want your opinions Dunderhead (33)
April 17th, 2007
I still dont get it? Bot Berlin (29)
Cho's play is interesting zestyZuchini (10)
Professor knew it was him (8)
Best joke of the year, Anne Coulter makes man award. Bot Berlin (7)
Is It Difficult To Develop Open Source Version of GMail? Newbie (7)
about the shooting in virginia-tech NAP (not amercian pig) (0)
Hello Friends LeMonde (9)
Psychology of the killer Bot Berlin (3)
Canned AD dialog for C# JoC (2)
automatic payment systems $-- (7)
Google Music? xampl (5)
Beer five bucks a pint in England? Practical Economist (21)
Shooting iwan (30)
Duke Lacrosse DNA results released xampl (10)
spam salad sandwich iwan (4)
caption buttons problem Taylor (2)
I could be anywhere... Bot Berlin (6)
Racism Dingdong (39)
News Ticker JoC (5)
Any of you men have this problem? son of parnas (14)
is it a virus? my buttons turned green Taylor (5)
Why does Word give you that huge space when you draw? what are you reading for? (5)
RECALL: Eight brands of olives that may cause botulism Full name (6)
Have anyone worked with these guys ??! DekaFoor (4)
New Photon Slurping Solar Cell son of parnas (2)
It's my daughter's fault I'm fat Ward (5)
April 16th, 2007
Sally Mae goes private trollop (14)
Sucks to be asian, be young, be a gun owner, and enrolled at Tec Bot Berlin (8)
my god im in a foul mood. zestyZuchini (1)
Dear wSV Ward (1)
What kind of a man are you? NotGettingPaidForThisSurvey (10)
Rimming (9)
I don't see no tragedy here Dan Denman (4)
I hate STL son of parnas (5)
We spent all day bailing water out of our basement. muppet (14)
Dear Eggy, zestyZuchini (3)
Watch our children while they kill each other Eggy (0)
My friend, got shot down in the road Eggy (0)
RB# sucks. James Demeaon RD (7)
why?  why would they do this? zestyZuchini (3)
How do we like it? P.E. (1)
Shooter was asian Bot Berlin (11)
LibraryThing xampl (4)
SNL.  Heh. sharkfish (9)
Repost Dildo... JoC (3)
Ustream we all stream son of parnas (3)
worldpay $-- (3)
Being a part of the big event DF (10)
burning in effigy: serious? Practical Economist (7)
I hate cubes son of parnas (14)
adam and eve were vegans blahty heartsheep (9)
web pages in left to right languages $-- (3)
Real Reason Leapoard is Late son of parnas (1)
Anyone setup an ING account Bot Berlin (13)
Great xkcd Philo (0)
a whirlwind of 80s nostalgia this weekend muppet (14)
Hmm, thought; elite bloggers are poor, modern-day socialites Bot Berlin (10)
Putting technology to good use Bot Berlin (0)
latest on those bees: cell phone towers to blame Practical Economist (29)
April 15th, 2007
Is Justin Timberlake a Product of Cumulative Advantage? son of parnas (25)
Wow - Fox can't tell the truth about ANYTHING Philo (19)
what the fuck is RB# ??? Erik B (9)
RIP COT bogger (4)
hi! bogger (6)
Let\'s Abolish High School bogger (5)
bring back the stupid RB# thread - it's not spam Remember Me (2)
Was anybody visitin their girl yesterday? Kendle (0)
Connectedness xampl (8)
T Boone Pickens profile bogger (2)
Proportional System isn't Better son of parnas (8)
mod_auth_sqlite3 Clay Dowling (6)
It's not just about looking good for Women son of parnas (6)
Yoda was wrong SaveTheHubble (16)
Einstein was wrong son of parnas (12)
Check my style out! Blizzard Man (5)
Raw food vegan diet? Captain Vegetable (5)
why is this otherwise decent judge being an asshole? bogger (1)
volunteer firefighter Ryan, Oakland County, Michigan (9)
discuss.joelonsoftware.com is fucking slow Сергей РахманиноB (3)
Patient Privilege withheld, Beit Shemesh, Israel (9)
No Gun Ri: 2001 army investigation can you think of something else? (0)
The U.S. has spent about $600 billion to fight in Iraq and Afgha can you think of something else? (2)
Why are dieters so concerned about macronutrient proportions? Michael B (16)
survey: how much of a goof off? Regular Poster (9)
April 14th, 2007
shock & awe dfah (2)
I'm sorry the boy scouts have already booked red square. (2)
on investment banking pay ex-Cotter (8)
jack doesn't get it (1)
.1% income vs. marginal tax rate 94% (8)
American Soldiers Killed in Iraq During Iranian-British Hostage iraqi body count (8)
bored. wonder boy (0)
buckle up! wrong boy (0)
So what is a "War Czar"? Philo (13)
Adobe's screwed Philo (5)
I thought it'd cost 150$... iwan (5)
Subprime Bailout Comming son of parnas (17)
Mars Global Surveyor Died from Single Bad Command son of parnas (29)
Photoshopping real estate pics - I don't get the controversy Philo (9)
Hit me with your rhythm stick. Bluebeard (0)
Feeling Lonely? son of parnas (5)
Last day in Disneyland Wayne (5)
Swing-style coding is the future for web-applications son of parnas (1)
When did America become a nation of frightened wimps? son of parnas (8)
My COTish story of the evening (short) LinuxOrBust (4)
The Lucifer Effect son of parnas (22)
Where to Improve credit score KenMarshall (12)
April 13th, 2007
google buys double click for 3billion bob (6)
Affirmative Action for Gays Ian Grievances (11)
Vitamin D prevents colds Stephen Jones (9)
Paint and metal JoC (7)
Look Buddy, Bill Gates you are not. Bot Berlin (6)
Lets make a clean sweep arg! (11)
Sunshine, the Danny Boyle movie (spoilers) possibly maybe (1)
family drama the great purple (12)
So laughable sharkfish (10)
Arguments on banning junk food Michael B (46)
I'm still sick, blarrgh Blarrgh (8)
So this is one I haven't seen JoC (5)
Request a favour: download podcast jingalala jingalala ™ (12)
Penn & Teller on gun control Philo (13)
concert went well the great purple (5)
So THAT'S why it tastes like Chicken! SaveTheHubble (11)
Perspectives JoC (8)
Oh yeah... JoC (0)
white house missing email (25)
FUCK!!!!!!  My USB key is fried.  Stone dead. muppet (53)
Eclipse Of Black Hole son of parnas (5)
I just think bottled water tastes better son of parnas (13)
April 12th, 2007
Civic Si TRON ad xampl (5)
The missing CMM levels trollop (2)
Hey Becks, they've found your armoured SUV trollop (4)
Watch Malkin on O'Reilly Bot Berlin (5)
Can you touch your toes? xampl (9)
wolfowitz gets 190K job for his former lover Shaha Riza taxpayer (4)
the rich get richer wannabee richie (18)
how to include js in another js file? Rob IXI (13)
NSFW bob (6)
Smallest Robot Yet SaveTheHubble (0)
Sad day for America - cant say what you want Bot Berlin (26)
You can do almost anything from the Internet Rick Zeng/Tseng (4)
Unhappy Telemarketers Ward (17)
ROTFL! Masiosare (2)
Hindsight is 20/20 sharkfish (45)
what's a dead iraqi worth? bogger (15)
Gorgeous build process (Firefox, Mozilla-Build) DF (2)
zero sum game bogger (12)
How do Veoh, Alluc, etc. survive? Ward (6)
Who's going JoC (0)
Pope Says Bears Shit in the Woods son of parnas (11)
Duke Lacrosse xampl (6)
Have a gun, kill yourself son of parnas (29)
They sure know how to party, down in Atlanta Nigger Brown (1)
OK now I have a new reason to get a Wii muppet (4)
how to store javascript object in html object? Rob IXI (3)
My contribution to COT Dan Denman (7)
April 11th, 2007
better to BUY or RENT bogger (18)
Hmmm. I don't notice hair color sharkfish (5)
Kurt Vonnegut, Writer of Classics of the American Counterculture bogger (3)
Bobby Hill sharkfish (14)
America is a pyramid scheme sharkfish (24)
"Our new Nigger-Brown color scheme." sharkfish (16)
The OFFICIAL Don Imus Non-Apologetics Speech Token White Guy on CoT (12)
Well I've just come from a colorectal surgery specialist muppet (18)
Assault on the White Man Part 2 - Movie The Corporation Bot Berlin (9)
Old NES kiosk auction JoC (0)
My brain broke JoC (12)
Elizabeth Edwards doesn't like the neighbors xampl (2)
Proof that somebody is a complete dick sharkfish (18)
Problem on remote hosts with HTTP client jingalala jingalala ™ (11)
Battlestar Galactica ***WARNING: SPOILER*** Kenny (15)
Champions League el (3)
How the genders approach desire AMerrickanGirl (13)
Do you think Aliens will really be able to decipher this? Сергей РахманиноB (14)
URL format jingalala jingalala ™ (4)
Nigger Brown Сергей РахманиноB (8)
Disneyland Day 1 Wayne (4)
Oh, fiddlesticks! trollop (31)
April 10th, 2007
3-legged pi trollop (8)
w00t, down to 225 muppet (19)
This guy is so pathetic I want to steal the rest of his stuff AMerrickanGirl (12)
laugh of the moment sharkfish (0)
Nigger-brown Clay Dowling (13)
Linux sucks, hard-drive is dead Bot Berlin (1)
What current golfer... sharkfish (4)
David Cox believes... zestyZucchini (32)
'Human sexual behavior is not a free-form performance' strawberry snowflake (13)
Assault on the white man Bot Berlin (19)
Calling CoT market analysts JoC (22)
I meant the Users... JoC (3)
All right, I'm no expert, but... muppet (23)
twitter - and you thought a regular blog was pointless Bot Berlin (7)
April 9th, 2007
unlimited-use Metro card problem name withheld, Bronx (19)
dying bees dept of follow up (13)
Can you feel your arteries harden? xampl (0)
New York accents sharkfish (27)
What's missing in this article? Senthilnathan N.S. (2)
w00t! sharkfish (5)
gmail down? bummed (4)
Vegans are muderers too son of parnas (15)
some of you rednecks will laugh hysterically at this sharkfish (2)
These Romans are crazy... Bluebeard (5)
I'm so tired today, that I look like I'm on the nod at work I'll kick Dan Denman's ass (1)
I should start yet another blog to abandon sharkfish (7)
What don't you understand!!!??? sharkfish (8)
Sidney Crosby! Rick Zeng/Tseng (1)
oh shit son of parnas (16)
Abstinence education xampl (12)
Grim visions?? - the world 30 years from now son of parnas (15)
Imus sharkfish (28)
Javascript: How do I...? muppet (8)
nervous the great purple (7)
Men Becoming Unecessary son of parnas (40)
I yelled at a client sharkfish (28)
Delphi for PHP Clay Dowling (6)
Spam Filter? Ted Graham (7)
Lego Store xampl (4)
Who do I hate more - pundits or politicians... Philo (20)
Discussion about moderation zestyZucchini (9)
Disneyland Day 0 Wayne (3)
April 8th, 2007
Rude or civil?  You decide AMerrickanGirl (15)
Oh no they didn't. Сергей РахманиноB (12)
$-- what are you reading for? (3)
This has to be the closest thing to making playoffs in NHL ever LinuxOrBust (10)
CoT Annual Review Time xampl (5)
why some of us shouldn't mortgage sharkfish (27)
Don't shop 'til you drop AMerrickanGirl (19)
talking about the weather (4)
Leaving for Disneyland!!! Wayne (5)
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April 7th, 2007
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April 6th, 2007
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April 5th, 2007
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April 4th, 2007
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April 3rd, 2007
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April 2nd, 2007
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April 1st, 2007
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