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April 30th, 2006
[reddit] Sign the EFF petition against RIAA Steel McLargeHuge (16 comments)
Napster goes free (10)
OMFG LMFAO muppet (3)
This is awesome muppet (25)
Wii sharkfish (2)
Stop using absolute links!!!! Steel McLargeHuge (10)
Neil is here theDirtMan (1)
You people are pathetic muppet (27)
WTF? Mosquito spraying silliness Steel McLargeHuge (10)
How they stay happy in Bhutan son of parnas (1)
Jane Jacobs' village blinker (1)
A browser just for porn Funny Bunny (8)
lets have some new mods:  I nominate Ward worldsSmallestViolin (39)
Is that Russian or Estonian? Plus ça change (6)
I should buy this sharkfish (19)
New harddrive and whizzing sound, anyway to reduce the noise Bot Berlin (13)
"The myth of keeping up" and a challenge Steel McLargeHuge (32)
Stunt City Steel McLargeHuge (8)
Link to Joel's AllanL5 (22)
Anyone watch SNL last night? Rednatsyb Derob (3)
Chris shows up again xampl (8)
Colbert Does the White House Correspondents' dinner son of parnas (24)
A Random Walk Down Wall Street TomIsMyNemesis (24)
Windows Banking (Redux) JoelsOtherBitch (40)
PHP stinks to install son of parnas (6)
This forum: It's Like Bizarro Discuss Joel On Software James (29)
April 29th, 2006
Some very interesting maps Dennis Forbes (9)
FruitShow bugz AHA Scott (1)
Finally, hope... Welcome Mr. Baker . (4)
C# syntax vs Java syntax Funny Bunny (21)
Do you buy art? bon vivant (11)
Kids aren't going to Colorado Steel McLargeHuge (43)
Les Poupées Russes Funny Bunny (2)
Who's got multiple machines? Steel McLargeHuge (31)
How should this be dealt with? Steel McLargeHuge (21)
Collapsing Iran son of parnas (2)
teh internet is broken Rock Hardbuns (6)
ok, so the CoT... worldsSmallestViolin (7)
What do you think?  Do kids still program? Bot Berlin (11)
Those Liberals Arrested Rush Limbaugh son of parnas (11)
Where's my throne? Where's my kingdom? Where's my harem? Plus ça change (5)
April 28th, 2006
Titanic comment Steel McLargeHuge (14)
CSI:Miami xampl (2)
Steel For President blanker (11)
Sharkfish, you're beautifull; I had a beer and other assorted... Funny Bunny (2)
This time it's 5 DEMOCRATS getting arrested blanker (12)
NSFW: racing queen blanker (17)
I hereby propose... ecoislamofemifascistterrornazi (8)
Sigh... Aaron F Stanton (16)
Sharkfish, you're beautiful. Steel McLargeHuge (13)
Take over mexico?  Why not? Bot Berlin (20)
Enough about Joel and pigs - let's talk about the poor Steel McLargeHuge (40)
an idea whose time has come sharkfish (7)
whoops ecoislamofemifascistterrornazi (6)
ok, so if I were willingto give up the link to daddys house... worldsSmallestViolin (14)
Philo jingalala jingalala ™ (5)
I just drew a pig jingalala jingalala ™ (1)
C# on mac worldsSmallestViolin (6)
*nearly* perfect except.... worldsSmallestViolin (6)
why do you all hate me? worldsSmallestViolin (11)
Sidebar on strike? Locutus of Borg (2)
TreeHugger Locutus of Borg (1)
ok, so Im writing a quick... worldsSmallestViolin (3)
Piggy piggy piggy Locutus of Borg (1)
yaaaaaayyy! worldsSmallestViolin (0)
goddamn it mat worldsSmallestViolin (3)
BRING BACK THE Maser Of Pigs Link! worldsSmallestViolin (13)
bbs? jingalala jingalala ™ (7)
war cost (11)
Dependencies suck. Flasher T (6)
David vs Goliath? Kenny™ (1)
Something to ponder.... Kenny™ (10)
Daddy's house Redux AllanL5 (13)
Buying opportunity in MSFT? blanker (10)
I love karaoke Tapiwa 2.0 (7)
The Dearth of Sleep xampl (24)
Where's Daddy's House link?? Methuselah (a.k.a Just Curious) (18)
Was it really necessary for us to.. Plus ça change (10)
Newest code phrases: "Concerns" or "Issues" Steel McLargeHuge (22)
I always wanted to try this... Mat Hall (14)
Ievan polkka Flasher T (23)
h2g2 and the BBC... a cynic writes... (7)
Anybody interested in statistics?? Locutus of Borg (7)
Firefox "is a tool designed for child pornographers" Methuselah (a.k.a Just Curious) (9)
Funny Bunny and sharky jingalala jingalala ™ (14)
Iran is cashing in GiveMeSomeBlackGold (18)
April 27th, 2006
WTF?!?!?!? Steel McLargeHuge (8)
I really don't understand the market any more Steel McLargeHuge (20)
Sidebar Steel McLargeHuge (11)
Geek orgasm sharkfish (21)
"None of you wimps can hold a candle.." Episode 2 Methuselah (a.k.a Just Curious) (5)
It is now official ecoislamofemifascistterrornazi (17)
Tell a strange woman... sharkfish (42)
PayPal -- am I neurotic to hate them? TomIsMyNemesis (5)
Depressed. Funny Bunny (26)
on the chance some of you haven't seen this yet Cheddar Beaverpants (5)
South Park كولم (5)
Is this a smart move? AB (21)
Have You Forgotten... sixtyten (13)
Sony Steel McLargeHuge (18)
Playing with fire. Steel McLargeHuge (16)
The FAA Saves $15 Million by Migrating to Linux Cowboy Linuxer (7)
ahahahahahah Steel McLargeHuge (24)
Never upgrade the components when buying a dell.. RandomPunter (8)
oh, so this is how it is done sharkfish (6)
Jesus with erection sharkfish (7)
Has Nintendo taken the "stupid marketing"crown away from MS... Almost H. Anonymous (10)
None of you wimps can hold a candle.. Plus ça change (21)
You're a towel! Rednatsyb Derob (9)
Ali bumaye! a2800276 (4)
London Beer Andrew Cherry (25)
everybody ... Jack Orff (27)
Star Blazers Movie Kenny™ (6)
Going to Riga rigaiscrap (1)
kids these days ... $-- (13)
How dumb is it that I'm all excited that this weekend Cheddar Beaverpants (9)
ok everyone.  STOP POSTING worldsSmallestViolin (21)
Keep pandering to the idiots Cheddar Beaverpants (33)
I need a pig. worldsSmallestViolin (20)
christ im good worldsSmallestViolin (9)
An open letter to tube/metro/subway users Tapiwa 2.0 (61)
Spanked at work theDirtMan (22)
Whoa, fucked up dream Cheddar Beaverpants (6)
Alexa again... Mat Hall (1)
The million $$$ secret jingalala jingalala ™ (7)
Consumer Electronics Assoc. are here to kick ass and chew gum... Mat Hall (1)
Is McAfee crap? Bot Berlin (7)
Hostel Steel McLargeHuge (19)
Most boring poster's "Muppet" list for April ecoislamofemifascistterrornazi (1)
Tribecca Film Festival Dan Denman (12)
April 26th, 2006
Midterm House races? blanker (4)
I'm thinking, blockbuster film for Spielberg sharkfish (2)
"My last shit was epic." Mr. Wumpus (5)
mowed the church lawn sharkfish (20)
job sites will RSSq blanker (2)
There's too much Stuart (22)
You will never be rich, hahhahhaa Bot Berlin (27)
Shoudln''t someone update the CoT stats? Funny Bunny (6)
More Know your Roots xampl (14)
Love and being (ir)rational Wisea** (5)
redshirt kindergarten sharkfish (15)
Mwah hah hah ecoislamofemifascistterrornazi (8)
To all you timezone challlenged bastards Locutus of Borg (4)
Achtung, babies... ecoislamofemifascistterrornazi (6)
Feature sugestion Funny Bunny (9)
The Overworked American: The Unexpected Decline of Leisure Funny Bunny (25)
Gödel, Escher, Bach Ian Boys (32)
10 years for pirating movies... Kenny™ (11)
Want to live my life? Funny Bunny (24)
What is your take on mexican food? Bot Berlin (21)
Barcelona X Milan Ricardo Antunes da Costa (24)
Dateline predator stings Tastes better than sharkfish (11)
Inherited Wealth and You sharkfish (45)
Muppet's "Most boring posters" list for April Cheddar Beaverpants (32)
webcasts, podcasts, video - why? Steel McLargeHuge (16)
Yum what are you reading for? (7)
Islamofascism كولم (17)
Hollywood vs. weird UI, beeps, and clicks. Methuselah (a.k.a. Just Curious) (20)
I just lost like 10 of my pills Cheddar Beaverpants (12)
I guess you can't delete gmail email. Bot Berlin (18)
Classic Cheddar Beaverpants (5)
Dear Men: Cheddar Beaverpants (23)
Do Muslims make a distinction between the Bush clan and the US? Kenny™ (9)
Why is there no option to turn microwave beeps off?? Tapiwa 2.0 (42)
Smallest flat you've lived in? Kenny™ (11)
So how many Two Ronnies where there? Simon Lucy (2)
The Price We Pay For Porn ,..., (20)
CoT bug? Cheddar Beaverpants (19)
Google CTemplate (5)
Dear cuntbag (sharkfish) Cheddar Beaverpants (61)
Occupation of Muslim countries xampl (4)
Invasion of Iran كولم (30)
Wobbly windows, a boon to those disabled by illness Cheddar Beaverpants (6)
Feature request: Ive just had this incredible brainwave... worldsSmallestViolin (13)
Business Idea number: -1323, advertisement software Bot Berlin (12)
sharkfish themes FullNameRequired (5)
Feature Suggestion FullNameRequired (11)
April 25th, 2006
Global variables sharkfish (12)
[ANN] Im starting my own forum worldsSmallestViolin (9)
Who here pays for all MP3s, DVDs, and Pr0n? sharkfish (18)
40,000 posts milestone just reached! Methuselah (a.k.a Just Curious) (6)
Jane Jacobs passed away Dan Denman (9)
Firefox memory leak. I'm fucking fed up with it. sharkfish (15)
Iran willing to share nuclear technology.... blanker (6)
If black folks got reparations sharkfish (17)
Mono and Java 6 Funny Bunny (6)
Trying to get over it sharkfish (35)
Why Doctors make so much? blanker (31)
Bugger... Planet Funk (19)
OS X visual effects Funny Bunny (11)
What are you listening to right now? Full name: (22)
This sounds like an interesting use for Google Calendar Funny Bunny (2)
Slate.com Funny Bunny (15)
Villareal vs. Arsenal Locutus of Borg (34)
Are you a liar? (Test) . (10)
Rumsfeld involved in torture of prisoner worldsSmallestViolin (20)
Well TAW, score one for joo sharkfish (4)
Even MSFT can't proofread properly... Re-Re! (7)
8-bit music blah (5)
WordPress - do they force upgrades by disabling the spam filter? Cheddar Beaverpants (7)
Looking for examples (webdev, ui, not very exciting) Jacob (5)
I got checked for a hernia for the first time today Cheddar Beaverpants (5)
McNealy steps down xampl (7)
Microsoft is Mean Again son of parnas (4)
I am born jingalala jingalala (TM) (9)
I have nothing to say :( :( :( zind (6)
32 percent approve of Bush's performance (15)
wtf??? BBC 2.0 Tapiwa 2.0 (18)
Scary Things in Oblivion, solved Cheddar Beaverpants (12)
From the original jingalala jingalala jingalala jingalala (TM) (19)
has anyone every thought of this? jingalala jingalala (15)
Who Dan Denman (27)
April 24th, 2006
Illinois General Assembly to impeach bush (8)
I never use shaving cream either Bot Berlin (15)
The 59 ingredients in a McDonald's "milk" shake sharkfish (30)
Secret societies and all that shiznit Funny Bunny (6)
Another useless poll Funny Bunny (20)
Windows Media Player (philo) worldsSmallestViolin (16)
Mono and Gnome Funny Bunny (1)
Today was a bad night Funny Bunny (17)
Do it before they take it away sharkfishOfCrudia (8)
Gummi Bears sharkfishOfCrudia (5)
10 reported killed in blasts at Egypt tourist town Didi (6)
Advice كولم (14)
Smallest steerable untethered robot Ward (8)
stock responses to critcism son of parnas (16)
The Development Abstraction Layer - JOS Kenny (7)
Vatican to allow use of condoms? xampl (19)
So, I've been playing with the Wicket framework Funny Bunny (9)
Data conversion sucks: REDUX Locutus of Borg (5)
God's existance proven via a banana! Almost H. Anonymous (3)
Simon Lucy, where art thou? Funny Bunny (4)
Use Linux? Get htop Funny Bunny (4)
"Math is hard!" sharkfish (33)
King Kong sharkfish (15)
Why Americans are heavy - C-13 versus C-12 Bruno Di Pumadoro (11)
I've begun creating comical weapons in Oblivion Cheddar Beaverpants (17)
Everything you know will be obsolete in five years xampl (12)
Pink or the Chick Tapiwa (5)
So, is this a record week in blog spam for anybody else? Cheddar Beaverpants (5)
Jarhead Kenny (15)
My new system Flasher T (16)
Pink theDirtMan (10)
Well I was getting away with it for a few months Cheddar Beaverpants (6)
This could get a bit ugly trollop (3)
Open Source, one way or another LinuxOrBust (18)
URL filter is threatning my CoT presence Locutus of Borg (25)
Is there a point where... Steel McLargeHuge (6)
Handicapped parking card-- applied ethics TomIsMyNemesis (10)
has anyone every thought of this? jingalala jingalala (29)
Cool place to go in LA Steel McLargeHuge (13)
So...what is in a zit? Bot Berlin (10)
men who have orgasms twice a week [x] (9)
Dixie Chicks FreedomToAgree (20)
April 23rd, 2006
When a story source threatens suicide Ryan (2)
And now, on a different note, something über-cool. Funny Bunny (7)
Let get rid of Bobby Mugabe? Funny Bunny (9)
In a large enough statistical sample there is always one trollop (15)
is it just me or... worldsSmallestViolin (13)
9/11 attacks were orchestrated by Bush's administration Just Curious (39)
so where is the money coming from? worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Ricky Gervais on Simpsons... blah (2)
Running scared Funny Bunny (1)
Permanent Adolescence Funny Bunny (23)
apple in china worldsSmallestViolin (1)
How does Flash work in Firefox? Steel McLargeHuge (4)
CIA warned White House -- no WMD programs in Iraq son of parnas (8)
April 22nd, 2006
Okay, here's why I would support impeaching Bush Steel McLargeHuge (37)
has anyone every thought of this? jingalala jingalala (9)
eena meena deeka maka naka naka (3)
Calexico rawks! Funny Bunny (1)
who is b? jingalala jingalala (9)
The world neeing Da-Iry AllanL5 (1)
So, my internet girlfriend broke up with me. Bot Berlin (13)
stupid business idea #6002 [x]tortionist (5)
Interview with an honest boss xampl (3)
Mono and Gnome Funny Bunny (18)
bandaid solution sharkfish (7)
iraqi constitution b (12)
hours of serious fun worldsSmallestViolin (6)
April 21st, 2006
har har har to your future sharkfish (28)
How hard is it to setup a RAID configuration anyway? Bot Berlin (14)
super-union to thwart google Meg Whitman (2)
Get off me bitch Bot Berlin (12)
Opinion poll John Haren (16)
So much for BE NICE b (17)
NSFW b (2)
people who like bugs sharkfish (18)
I think I have a fake 20 [x] traordinary (14)
South Park has jumped the shark sharkfish (21)
SalesmanPhobia - how to cure Bot Berlin (9)
"Microsoft can't find good programmers in the USA" - Philo Sorry, had to be done (12)
Is Crazy On Tap Nihilistic? [x] traordinary (12)
next in my continuing obsession with DADDY'S HOUSE b (6)
Puzzle of the day Trolls On Tap (6)
Iran nuclear solution I am Jack's elitist eleoma (21)
Fight Club Sathyaish Chakravarthy (56)
Dirty dirty dirty TomIsMyNemesis (9)
BEST.  MOD.  EVAR. Cheddar Beaverpants (1)
oh man.  Praise %#^&@)&^*^#$ Jesus! sharkfish (6)
Stock Market Game Kenny (5)
Greasemonkey: Psychological warfare Cheddar Beaverpants (1)
Listen up, bitchez (Godwin's law) John Haren (8)
Statistical Text Analysis... a2800276 (14)
Why don't you babble? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (7)
Well Cheddar, since you mentioned it sharkfish (26)
Car culture Dennis Forbes (11)
portal server jingalala jingalala (9)
When an Ostrich watches Rip van Winkle through the window Plus ça change (2)
Oil shortage, huh? Flasher T (30)
Locutus GreaseMonkey script Cheddar Beaverpants (37)
a stupid question Cheddar Beaverpants (4)
I think I'm going to rewrite all of Souls of Glass Cheddar Beaverpants (16)
"Pass by reference" is deprecated in PHP 5? Cheddar Beaverpants (13)
Even so bored, I should learn Cheddar Beaverpants (5)
Is it really an "epidemic" Cheddar Beaverpants (30)
Winner gets eaten! (Inspiration for Locutus) a2800276 (4)
"behaviour liable to cause a breach of the piece" Locutus of Borg (8)
Cheddar Engorged ][nterested party (12)
stupid business idea # 6001 ][nterested party (20)
April 20th, 2006
I am The Decider Dan Denman (4)
For that guy with the site with the ads [x] Mark (8)
Brain drain cause physical drain Bot Berlin (17)
Fucksticks Mat Hall (32)
I guess I could google this, but Cheddar Beaverpants (6)
Thailand Blinker (20)
FOX Poll: Bush Approval at New Low Blinker (16)
I really need to get over this fear of ladders shit Cheddar Beaverpants (10)
Constants in my life Funny Bunny (34)
Rick bot Rick Tsang (6)
I would do it all over again son of parnas (6)
Hey Dennis made ValleyWag PeterI (2)
Why do porn movies show men's peniseses? son of parnas (25)
Locutus GreaseMonkey UPDATE Locutus of Borg (8)
I figured out why muppet has all but stopped posting here. [x] T C (10)
WorldsSmallestViolin Steel McLargeHuge (7)
How do you politely tell people they are assholes? TomIsMyNemesis (14)
What is this shit? [x] acerbate (6)
Is today some sort of holiday or something? [x] muppet says reality is relat (16)
Dear Allan Cheddar Beaverpants (7)
Wow.  And I thought my commute was hectic... John Haren (27)
Finish this story xampl (12)
don’t do it at all - Lind on Defensive Grand Strategy son of parnas (10)
How many fights have you been in? Dennis Forbes (24)
You're so boned Cheddar Beaverpants (27)
If I'm really bored... Locutus of Borg (14)
Only you can prevent extension ladder injuries Cheddar Beaverpants (9)
Welcome to the new world of Web 2.1 Locutus of Borg (4)
Yeah, but does he have two wives? [x] Apropos of Nothing. (3)
April 19th, 2006
How do you choose your non-prescription drugs? Bush Jintao (14)
How often do you check email? Steel McLargeHuge (12)
Hilton has localization issues Steel McLargeHuge (6)
This is either the best idea ever or really, really stupid Cheddar Beaverpants (8)
Blink by Malcolm Gladwell Fuck me harder! (17)
I like beaver sharkfish (3)
Twisted Tea makes me sleepy Cheddar Beaverpants (2)
Segolene Royal Nick (4)
New nick Cheddar Beaverpants (12)
LOL, JoS is now the fourth Google hit for muppet (7)
Internet banking from a Windows box - the expert says... Steel McLargeHuge (7)
"MS is trying to create their own competitor to pdf" worldsSmallestViolin (29)
Another job question... Advice? Oh so anonymous for this... (16)
creating a pdf from an arbitary image file on windows worldsSmallestViolin (30)
Another interesting security story Steel McLargeHuge (13)
Interesting Microsoft statistic Steel McLargeHuge (18)
GAAAH, short-timer's syndrome John Haren (6)
you know who I miss? Rick Tsang (12)
Women Really Are Evil [x] traordinary (25)
Frank Tang Sell Best Good Mushroom Frank Tang (4)
Arsenal vs. Villareal Locutus of Borg (26)
Nuclear Power -- the only way to be sure. AllanL5 (16)
Mark's 50% Bullshit Thoery (Or how I squash negative thought pat [x] traordinary (13)
Feature request sharkfish (53)
We're addicted to ..... corn. Bruno Di Pumadoro (19)
Alright sysadmins.  Riddle me this mofos sharkfish (17)
Something I never knew sharkfish (5)
China will own us in a few decades sharkfish (51)
HDTV Advice sixtyten (17)
GENIUS! muppet (20)
We just had a bioterrorism drill muppet (10)
War on Perl and RegExp sharkfish (35)
How long of a commute you can live with? JD (21)
Hey, Sharky! Plus ça change (5)
Secret Lovers Pissant (1)
Men only. Plus ça change (13)
It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time [x] You're Welcome. (9)
One nice thing [x] Totally lame party game guy (17)
Heightism YummyTummy (26)
Actually did some-der-mathamatatics Bot Berlin (13)
How to make a woman jealous? Anon For This (31)
April 18th, 2006
Morning tiredness is psychosomatic (9)
I used to work for this guy Steel McLargeHuge (36)
ok, I'm done sharkfish (23)
So, yeah, I'm back John Haren (8)
how-to-squash-negative-thought-pat terns Blinker (4)
No "Free speech zone" at Microsoft Steel McLargeHuge (3)
Pretty Woman Steel McLargeHuge (20)
Tribal knowledge and forums sharkfish (11)
Google Bookmarks extension Funny Bunny (2)
Palestinis threw stones at a civilian Israeli bus near Ramalla Dor (10)
Compact Digital Camera Advice Ward (7)
Blood on sperm Funny Bunny (14)
all them tremendous brunettes around [x] Lord Dimwit Flathead (0)
ungrateful mofos sharkfish (8)
Can we please stop... (21)
best software forum closed b (32)
North Korea counterfeiting dollars xampl (16)
Milan X Barcelona Ricardo Antunes da Costa (27)
you clueless joker b (6)
Advance earned irritable interest on net subitemized indices Bruno Di Pumadoro (3)
What if...there were no species? Rick Tsang (5)
Is a tank street-legal? nathan (11)
"...our whole society is preoccupied with the male penis.." sharkfish (36)
oh, SNAP! sharkfish (3)
Daddy's mixing with wrong folks! Plus ça change (6)
Keep the surveys alive ... Jacob (17)
Norah Jones: Cool or Super Cool? Believe in you, I (24)
UML is the most ridiculous crap ever. a2800276 (15)
apparently it's very difficult to buy a 55 gallon drum muppet (25)
Linux by Oracle? xampl (1)
Blackberry's in Europe nathan (13)
The only thing that enrages me more than not knowing about Tesla Plus ça change (16)
thats it.  CoT is Closing... worldsSmallestViolin (0)
you know who I miss? worldsSmallestViolin (11)
dmind is a rectangle and thought one of those lines that help... worldsSmallestViolin (3)
open source rpgs worldsSmallestViolin (2)
come on people worldsSmallestViolin (6)
oil going to go over $100/barrel in the near future worldsSmallestViolin (7)
if you must have babies... worldsSmallestViolin (19)
god I hate REALbasic worldsSmallestViolin (12)
AHA __main__ (1)
Silent Hill Steel McLargeHuge (4)
Sylvia Plath: April 18 Locutus of Borg (3)
April 17th, 2006
Someone with a green thumb.. sharkfish (14)
My wireless broke Aaron F Stanton (7)
Pen snobs? sharkfish (6)
What if...there were no genders? sharkfish (23)
Open Source Vista worldsSmallestViolin (23)
g'damn obsessions sharkfish (4)
another thing not on the internet muppet (15)
Heros? Blinker (28)
When was the last time you played with a Rubik cube? Funny Bunny (6)
Canada has new mad cow case Funny Bunny (4)
Has anyone gotten Xgl running on Dapper? Funny Bunny (2)
Ask not what your country can do for you... Rick Tsang (3)
"It's inappropriate for retired generals to comment..." Steel McLargeHuge (17)
Where is that large automobile? [√] Don't You Forget About Me (4)
Curious, let us get personal what is your race and gender? Bot Berlin (51)
Would you trust software to drive your car? son of parnas (21)
The more things change... xampl (6)
Palestinin terorist explode in Israel - Kill 10 bystandeers Dan (20)
Why on earth Stephen Jones (17)
ahhh.  Beautiful sharkfish (10)
Legalization Flasher T (22)
FNR vs colm Rick Tsang (4)
Quite a few of us here are interested in Economic Theory. Plus ça change (4)
How many people use the Locutus GreaseMonkey script? Almost H. Anonymous (20)
Government and nation Flasher T (40)
I have got the *cleverest*.... worldsSmallestViolin (2)
April 16th, 2006
Philo For President worldsSmallestViolin (20)
13 FullNameRequired Facts كولم (6)
I have a new nickname worldsSmallestViolin (9)
The one and only "Memory usage" thread & FQA Funny Bunny (4)
a new, colder CoT FullNameRequired (23)
Spyware/Keyloggers Re: Internet Banking xampl (4)
GOP Campaign to Focus on Flag Burning, Gay Marriage, Abortion son of parnas (21)
Do you know that guy? Bot Berlin (5)
Why every body care so much for the Palestininans? Tony MBA (9)
How old are you? Masiosare (43)
Happy Easter [√] Don't You Forget About Me (12)
Iran gives Palestine $50mln... Flasher T (27)
Google Calendar and ambiguity with reard to days of the week J. D. Trollinger (10)
Will retiring boomers brake US growth? Blinker (11)
The Wealth of Networks son of parnas (11)
Programmer Egos Blinker (16)
Is this forum really "no holds barred?" Anon For This (17)
FoxNews Liberals Bot Berlin (2)
How long do you keep your paystubs? LinuxOrBust (7)
Never use Windows for Internet Banking FullNameRequired (52)
April 15th, 2006
My favorite new forum Aaron F Stanton (7)
Change your air filter Aaron F Stanton (7)
Well, a bat found its way into our house muppet (19)
I take back the bad stuff I've said about MSN search. Rock Hardbuns (3)
What's the point of this statement? Steel McLargeHuge (14)
Holy crap [√] Don't You Forget About Me (5)
The joys of beta code Steel McLargeHuge (2)
The poll *I* would like to see... Steel McLargeHuge (42)
Brain Communicates in Analog and Digital Modes Simultaneously son of parnas (3)
DADDY'S HOUSE Blinker (6)
Festival line up this year كولم (3)
Google-Fu failed. Masiosare (7)
priceless LinuxOrBust (0)
April 14th, 2006
Detox and alcohol Bot Berlin (14)
is Iraq taking a turn for the worse? Blinker (4)
Dr. Who Philo (10)
WoW Planet Funk (5)
Building a deck Philo (2)
Wikipedia drama sharkfish (6)
I need vacation ideas son of parnas (18)
Hey AHA, another bug: BigJigger (15)
active ingredients muppet (7)
How does your boss treat waiters? كولم (8)
"There's full documentation online at [url]" Philo (9)
every once in a while Blinker (1)
On Jews Funny Bunny (27)
Thank you sharkfish Locutus of Borg (1)
Locutus GreaseMonkey v1.4 BETTER NOW Locutus of Borg (4)
Cultural Kiddy Porn +--+ (21)
NYC/The Internet Rocks [√] Don't You Forget About Me (8)
I love it when a plan comes together Philo (12)
Method for turning Republican TomIsMyNemesis (26)
Woo dizzy muppet (18)
Still not sure if I wasted my day Funny Bunny (12)
Vista vs. MacOS sharkfish (10)
Walmart Comcast & DirecTV ShyK (1)
Feature request Philo (22)
Apparently killing carpenter bees is illegal in Connecticut muppet (32)
A good essay/tutorial on supporting Unicode in web apps? muppet (5)
Happy Unicode Humiliation Day! blinker (4)
Lamest sidebar ever. Masiosare (7)
What would happen if Bush nukes Iran? Just curious (30)
Windows XP on Xen Funny Bunny (12)
Action Fatigue / LOTR / King Kong Dennis Forbes (5)
Titanic sharkfish (12)
A pig on Unicode Humiliation Day Locutus of Borg (6)
Happy New Year Anon Forever (6)
Oh sharkfish... Philo (18)
Recommendations? - Community blogging software [√] Don't You Forget About Me (15)
April 13th, 2006
I have discovered the secret to happiness J. D. Trollinger (12)
Dershowitz Dan Denman (2)
One of my pet peeves J. D. Trollinger (13)
Thanks, Plus! Flasher T (5)
Where do you get your porn? [√] Don't You Forget About Me (20)
Porno sites - stop assuming I'm into EVERYTHING muppet (3)
ok philo, so I found out who is supporting... FullNameRequired (15)
OH, they fumbled muppet (6)
Carpenter Bees muppet (9)
has a longing for a pig FullNameRequired (7)
Locutus GreaseMonkey v1.4 NO GOOD Locutus of Borg (4)
The only stupid question... Philo (9)
NAMBLA Pissant (3)
Hmmm. Funny Bunny (6)
Domains are the New black B (5)
Update Locutus Greasemonkey script Locutus of Borg (14)
Rusty... LOL I am Jack's elitist eleoma (3)
Atlas control suite released... BigJigger (0)
The Lobby, Jews, and Anti-Semites Dan Denman (17)
arg! blinker (3)
Ringing in the new. Plus ça change (3)
Looking for a specific mathematical proof. Plus ça change (2)
One step closer to Frankenstein ThunderPussy (6)
Star Trek 2.0 muppet (25)
As one of the distinguished writers on JoelOnSoftware... Tony MBA (4)
Long Drive to Works Bot Berlin (28)
"I'm allowed to, because I am one". Philo? Plus ça change (20)
Why do I get such bad treatment in Joel On Software? Tony MBA (11)
Happy Easter! Mat Hall (12)
Today is Vagina Day Sharkfin Soup (3)
Creepy muppet (1)
Lexas V-8 Hybrid blinker (13)
LOL google and Microsoft both lose.l. FullNameRequired (39)
Cool science experiment for the day Bot Berlin (7)
Email from Betty Locutus of Borg (7)
How to solve the mid-east problem Ward (23)
Asperger's Philo (11)
U3 USBs to sell application? b (5)
April 12th, 2006
A letter to the president... Rednatsyb Derob (8)
My Fruitshow Bot Berlin (4)
Just everyone be selfish, it'll all work out fine B (9)
Google's new UI Some dude who stole your name (3)
Iran, defying United Nations blinker (9)
Prone snot Rock Hardbuns (2)
Has anyone installed Java 6 on Ubuntu? Funny Bunny (10)
...so I tactically soiled myself... Funny Bunny (2)
They almost did it (2)
Gladwell On Late Bloomers son of parnas (1)
LOL - Daddy on WTF Flying Spaghetti Monster (16)
email harvesting spam is getting more sophisticated muppet (19)
Today is "Asshole Day" sharkfish (2)
Software Engineer best career in the world Funny Bunny (5)
Interesting formatting Dennis Forbes (9)
Damn I'm dumb كولم (9)
FruitShow 0.5 Released to SourceForge Almost H. Anonymous (21)
Dear Coworkers: muppet (11)
Let us all hold hands and pray for muppet Tapiwa (12)
"Be Safe.  Be Courteous." muppet (14)
Racial melting Brine Da Puma (5)
Linux OSS HTML editors... Mat Hall (12)
Why did the good people at wordpress remove the powered by ... Tapiwa (22)
funny video of home shopper network sharkfish (4)
No biological weapons in those trailers. blinker (8)
Why do people (jerks) remove the "powered by Wordpress" muppet (51)
Designing a secure login system FullNameRequired (11)
Cool Project, reimplement this Bot Berlin (3)
April 11th, 2006
Wotsit sharkfish (9)
Weird Science xampl (7)
creating text from scratch AKA advice to newbies sharkfish (8)
a GIS for "Breakfast Club panty shot" muppet (4)
Desktop backgrounds Funny Bunny (10)
I taped Larry Lester's buns together. Andrew (2)
Java Cert - Because you know you want to hear about it Funny Bunny (1)
"Out on the street... RATT (0)
Installing applications on Ubuntu Funny Bunny (3)
your adsense site blinker (1)
JOSer blinker (7)
How to write bots for dummies Bot Berlin (4)
It's the Queens birthday! Funny Bunny (7)
should I join the union? FullNameRequired (6)
What kind of online bookmark service do you recommend? Funny Bunny (6)
why I said windows sucks (for philo) FullNameRequired (22)
Bye bye windows pre-2000 Masiosare (6)
Who are those guys on the sidebar? Funny Bunny (17)
Now Mat has our ip addresses Rick Tsang (6)
coughing blood sharkfish (39)
Infogami and more google adsense scams Bot Berlin (3)
Get to the fucking point already! a2800276 (6)
Here we fucking go. muppet (12)
The French language muppet (19)
Ugh.  This place needs to be more secure, or... muppet (14)
Does this work? Steel McLargeHuge (15)
Rock Hardbuns and AdSense muppet (13)
Ive started my new parttime job (wow windows sucks) FullNameRequired (47)
Screenshot of KDE Believe in you, I (18)
What's the purpose behind holding companies? Mat Hall (13)
Jesus Wants His Other Cheek Back son of parnas (14)
April 10th, 2006
Why don't more programmers trade forex blinker (21)
A Bush Collapse blinker (11)
Shamequa Shoot-out and My Baby-Daddy Bounce sharkfish (10)
Philo's Deal or No Deal Philo (9)
Web 2.0 Sample Page BigJigger (7)
Surprise!  Fox News Ignores Page Six Extortion Story blinker (8)
Oblivion crashes often Anon (1)
Crazy on Tap Philo (13)
Statistics on Tap for March?? Locutus of Borg (4)
Ok, my adsense site is up! Rock Hardbuns (33)
If I ever write bug tracking software... Almost H. Anonymous (7)
A little secret Funny Bunny (8)
Data conversion sucks Locutus of Borg (29)
One stop pop shopping I am Jack's elitist eleoma (3)
hackerdegree sharkfish (5)
What self do you present in the digital world? son of parnas (16)
Amazing quote from a seminar Steel McLargeHuge:emigrant (12)
Bangladesh el (7)
Going to immigration rally, will bring back pictures Bot Berlin (38)
Why creationism is wrong and evolution is right a cynic writes... (4)
A blog post Plus ça change (6)
Whatta gwahn? Mat Hall (3)
Everything you think about our education system and more Bot Berlin (16)
April 9th, 2006
Biker war in Ontario ,..., (7)
quest for cheap ebook sharkfish (27)
NSFW - hypnotic (2)
Want to understand France and the french? Funny Bunny (11)
water is life son of parnas (8)
turning off "special" browser page printing? son of parnas (2)
Look, boobies [√] Don't You Forget About Me (3)
:) :) [√] Don't You Forget About Me (13)
Can't run ASP.NET v1.1 on my IIS Sathyaish Chakravarthy (12)
Kurds stir up Turkey blinker (1)
Ron Brown scandal - is this for real? blinker (8)
Iran agreed to international sourcing? Plus ça change (2)
Is fishy, comrade. trollop (9)
Just accept the fact that Dan Denman (6)
April 8th, 2006
BWAHAHAHA! كولم (8)
Good web game Bot Berlin (6)
The Crying of Lot 49 xampl (4)
lets buy some music blinky (9)
Like, oh my god [√] Don't You Forget About Me (4)
Yay!  Impeach Bush! sharkfish (5)
Is google maps on the fritz? (7)
Linux Desktop shortcomings LinuxOrBust (22)
The Niggering of Cynthia McKinney sharkfish (38)
School & workplace shootings - would defense training help? Philo (51)
Under desk cable tray? Philo (1)
Just in time for Easter! (NSFW) Almost H. Anonymous (4)
Some Music Random New Nickname (11)
Not So Irreducibly Complex After All son of parnas (8)
Goldfish synchronized swimming sharkfish (1)
Wal-Mart Bank xampl (11)
Anyone got any stuck pixels? Mat Hall (6)
Chaos = Order son of parnas (8)
what constitutes rape? FullNameRequired (17)
People will still get Vista Bot Berlin (15)
April 7th, 2006
fox news blinks (6)
:) sharkfish (14)
G-Talk Avatars (0)
Wake-up call Funny Bunny (3)
manufacturing in decline? blinker (5)
Why? كولم (8)
you've spent 15 years in a dead end job, blinker (2)
because there are 1000 million coding standards blinker (1)
economy zooooooooming blinker (2)
any release of information was "in the public interest" blinker (3)
Regarding G - Have you ever intentionally got yourself fired? o_o (11)
SFW - If you work in the delivery room o_o (9)
It turns out what are you reading for? (9)
Isn't it irritating force_assert((i++)++ == ++(++i)) (13)
Windows on Mac redux Mat Hall (5)
Crazy on Tap, how did you do the the searching? Bot Berlin (3)
The "Founders" Dan Denman (43)
Not on the Radio - Something Different Jason T. (4)
April 6th, 2006
depends on what the definition of leaked is.... blinks (2)
Cutest pet pics xampl (17)
kitten auth sharkfish (5)
Bush at 53%...........disapproval daily kos (8)
Deadline Approaches: Best Software 2 JM (1)
The saga of G, a bad employee A mean boss who feels better now (25)
Oh, the burden! sharkfish (8)
Piss Beer Bot Berlin (10)
Volunteer Amputees Funny Bunny (14)
GreaseMonkey script for CoT updated Locutus of Borg (6)
What is the definition of "melee" sharkfish (10)
Does this mean we will pay more for internet access? sharkfish (14)
SPOLED: Libby: Bush Authorized Plamegate Leak son of parnas (19)
Leech Man has become Milton muppet (5)
SPOILER WARNING!  The Last Lost Episode son of parnas (25)
I'm about as green as you can get, but muppet (27)
Someone here enquired about Eiffel libre Plus ça change (3)
What are Windows Sharepoint Services? Water Cooler v2 (6)
The drought... Mat Hall (26)
Mark Cuban Dan Denman (6)
Dan Denman Dan Denman (10)
To Ricardo Masiosare (2)
April 5th, 2006
HELP.Things to consider when cooperating with Outsider Marketer? ISVer (1)
"I’ve met women who enjoy it" Brine Da Puma (12)
Soledad O'Brien Steel McLargeHuge (10)
Now *this* is classic Steel McLargeHuge (20)
When the operation doesn't go so well xampl (8)
Author Kinzer Charts 'Century of Regime Change' son of parnas (1)
No Java Cert post today Funny Bunny (7)
I was fired Funny Bunny (20)
S-FAG sharkfish (12)
Champions League Locutus of Borg (33)
Does anyone else see this as simply a tactic muppet (5)
How many bands can you spot? M (21)
Daniel Dennet Interview on Religion son of parnas (20)
SFW ThunderCock (10)
LMFAO this is really, really wrong but still begrudgingly funny muppet (0)
Windows on Apple Hardware BigJigger (29)
Last weekend it was 70F and I put down new grass seed muppet (23)
If u train hard, you'll not only be hard, you'll be hard to beat Believe in you, I (0)
Word of the Day Flasher T (10)
Best burger and best map web site Ward (21)
f-ing make sharkfish (11)
USB HDD Anon (3)
April 4th, 2006
Make a million bucks sharkfish (10)
How much  $ would it take for you to leave your job? sharkfish (8)
Where's muppet? Ward (8)
How does this end? Blinks (6)
Modern Marvels:  Containers sharkfish (12)
"Brilliant!" Oy vey (3)
webdav on mac os x FullNameRequired (1)
IT: Microsoft Says Recovery From Malware Becoming Impossible Doom's day (3)
Will humans still need God/gods? Just curious (22)
Second chapter of the Java certification Funny Bunny (5)
it's snowing, it's snowing. Brine Da Puma (2)
I invented the sattelite and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. Funny Bunny (9)
Guantanonaonanona bay offends our values? lets CHANGE OUR VALUES FullNameRequired (3)
Hi5 Funny Bunny (4)
Update on my skanky feet. Funny Bunny (1)
I dont know what to say.... FullNameRequired (8)
I am a lazy fuck and deserve to die Funny Bunny (12)
Fixing "blown out" highlights in image files? Rednatsyb Derob (6)
Free windows sharkfish (8)
Dammit.  IT stuff bugs me to no end. sharkfish (11)
I'm chopping my feet this weekend Funny Bunny (3)
Wal-Mart to Offer Help Near Urban Stores Blinks (4)
swapping motherboard sharkfish (12)
Cockroaches Have a Democracy son of parnas (2)
Problem gambling Rick Tsang (2)
If you're lonely... Sathyaish Chakravarthy (12)
RSS in Firefox? xampl (2)
Gameboy sharkfish (6)
Anyone remember this carol? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (37)
Easily offended Rick Tsang (14)
Dan Denman Sathyaish Chakravarthy (2)
Sathy != Sathyaish Chakravarthy Sathyaish Chakravarthy (9)
Anyone know anything about Load Testing software? Jacob (5)
More on retirement xampl (20)
I care, Dan Denman sharkfish (23)
OK I'll ask Locutus of Borg (5)
That XOR thing... Mat Hall (10)
Dreamy Pig Locutus of Borg (5)
Good God... a cynic writes... (9)
Goerge Bush For Next President? Someone Out There (13)
Operation Save The Kittens Mr. Wumpus (2)
More Forbesy sightings... Mat Hall (7)
Cutest Dog in the world Planet Funk (1)
Critics please Planet Funk (8)
STUPID PaintShop Pro 9 Planet Funk (11)
Sure, there is worse out there I am Jack's OMG WTF (6)
April 3rd, 2006
THAT's IT, NO MORE PRICE CUTS says MS trollop (4)
fun for the bored sharkfish (3)
Stupid tree frogs muppet (4)
Hello Aunties and Uncles (Cute Baby Photos) Asya (8)
Boo-yah James J. Cramer (1)
Oh gawd....guts busting... o_o (4)
I need peer pressure to do this Funny Bunny (7)
My name is... Luca (4)
new part time job FullNameRequired (10)
pig withdrawal FullNameRequired (1)
"lonely neediness" Dan Denman (12)
new business niche sharkfish (12)
Holy crap Masiosare (5)
Name that application Funny Bunny (2)
Netbeans Funny Bunny (1)
Do you love George W. Bush? Someone (6)
Where to download Triumph of the Nerds? Bush (9)
Why Political Parties Suck #666 son of parnas (11)
I spoke to "mom" muppet (3)
A priest, an imam, and a rabbi walk into a bar jokemonkey (2)
What is  it psychologist psychiatrist? Bot Germany (6)
15000 layer Photoshop image sharkfish (7)
What makes one educated sharkfish (11)
My daughter's mom muppet (60)
day off sharkfish (10)
Good free mp3 download site? xampl (10)
WTF? Mat Hall (6)
FruitShow on Rails? Andrew Cherry (23)
What's the going rate... Mat Hall (6)
Will this NOT improve oxff (12)
Alcatel-Lucent Merger Anon (9)
Actually Rick Tsang (23)
Ectopia belly up? Locutus of Borg (3)
I have decided not to focus on my career. Bot Berlin (7)
I think its fairly obvious that kevin is... FullNameRequired (16)
April 2nd, 2006
You're an idiot, but google shouldn't click the DELETE PAGE LINK Blinker (was B.L.N.K.R.,was Bl.. (10)
File sharing programs Funny Bunny (15)
Project Wars - Why IT projects fail and how you can improve them Funny Bunny (9)
I want more money...ideas? Rock Hardbuns (12)
speaking of Hitler sharkfish (12)
Tapiwa: your *Hitler relatives* thread on JOS was deleted Just curious (7)
Who's your daddy? Kim IL Sung (3)
Fox TV Lineup Bot Berlin (6)
Where can I download FruitShow code? Willy (30)
Ive found a way to dull the pain so I can sleep.... FullNameRequired (8)
When you think about it, love is just another search problem. Google Romance (9)
April 1st, 2006
Picker upper for the weekend. Bot Berlin (2)
cock don't fit sharkfish (4)
All American douchbag Dan Denman (7)
More "us" vs. "them" Philo (11)
More statistics on Tap Funny Bunny (8)
I need a challenge Funny Bunny (9)
Chicago (.)(.) <-- look, boobies (30)
Whats the meaning of April's fool? Funny Bunny (19)