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March 31st, 2018
Romanian women begging in the middle of 6 lane highway This does not compute (6 comments)
A zoophile on Noah's ark (indie movie script) Io (14)
Zuckerberg's trash is hard to steal Dave Cullen (7)
If we think cars can be autonomous, why not planes? Inga Bostad (5)
Tesla crash update Robi Mert (6)
Do mobile phones give you cancer? Rafael Sabatini (14)
March 30th, 2018
Cheap customers Io (32)
NK situation Bob Baden (2)
California Exodus xampl9 (2)
Did liberals call for war? Well, they are gonna get it. DrNo (12)
Employee salary to 1099 hourly rate conversion Johnny Ekstrom (6)
Self Driving Cars - Is anybody thinking about the consequences? Phil Y (12)
Garmin 360° camera review and how to use YouTubeBot (9)
SpaceX - Launching in 10 minutes Go Musk (12)
Windows 10 - What's it doing? Rafael Sabatini (2)
warning: this coffee causes cancer Reality Check (5)
Robot Car deaths are normal says Toyota CEO Reality Check (8)
Magic Leap finally delivers? Inga Bostad (1)
The teenager sentenced to 241 years in prison BeebBot (6)
Asking about citizenship on the census Robi Mert (11)
Are social media companies 'public' platforms? Robi Mert (2)
Geneva Motor Show YouTubeBot (4)
SpaceX - Next launch in 6 hours - 14:13 UTC Go Musk (1)
Become a nomad Robi Mert (6)
Group assaults Police Officers, steals radio and taser! Io (3)
MyFitnessPal has been hacked Inga Bostad (3)
March 29th, 2018
UN forces retreat from the Yalu xampl9 (3)
How nostalgia is exploited by media xampl9 (6)
I need answer from gun control people! DrNo (12)
IBM layoffs (again) xampl9 (3)
New Thinkpad - looks good Dave Cullen (6)
Udemy are having an Easter sale. Benjamin Franklin (5)
Kindle erotica now censored due to FOSTA NewsBot (3)
Signs you're offering too little money xampl9 (Moto phone) (18)
Apple adds privacy options BeebBot (1)
FSK, game development is so risky. DrNo (13)
Xampl9 and NPR, how are you guys keep being productive? DrNo (11)
Xampl9, are you going to this event? Maybe we can meet up. DrNo (5)
Tommy Robinson banned from Twitter BeebBot (19)
SJWs at Berkeley want to abolish exams Rafael Sabatini (1)
Who is right and who is wrong regarding Amazon vs Trump? DrNo (3)
Maxine Waters is promising ‘reparations’ to blacks Woz (19)
Is the university business model dead? Benjamin Franklin (6)
The kiss of Poseidon Io (3)
Uber settles Woz (10)
Too early for light field technology? Rafael Sabatini (1)
iPhone battery health and throttling in iOS 11.3 Inga Bostad (2)
Fake news? Go to jail for 10 years Woz (3)
Tesla doing for cars what Spacex has done for rockets Go Musk (1)
March 28th, 2018
South Africa crowd yells cheat ,ndo (2)
ZOMG Jesus looks like the locals in every church you visit ,ndo (6)
Man Marries Single Mom With 2 Kids, Has A Kid 4 kids from 4 different men! (19)
According to Tim Cook, there shouldn't be unemployed programmer. DrNo (16)
(((Zuckerberg))) is a pimp and you are his prostitutes. DrNo (2)
According to this guy who claimed to be AI researcher. DrNo (1)
Finally, you can retire early? DrNo (2)
RC, you have been elected to be the mayor of this city. Please DrNo (0)
Julian Assange has been cut off from the internet BeebBot (3)
Man has 'world's worst' super-gonorrhoea BeebBot (0)
Apple says Amazon and Facebook are fuckers. DrNo (1)
Jeff Bezos isn't laughing now. He should tell Washington Post DrNo (1)
Muslim states have lower productivity Paris Hilton (16)
when I ask what's your company product/service, they don't DrNo (7)
John Sonmez (Simple Programmer) is still feeling down YouTubeBot (11)
Has anyone use ember js? DrNo (20)
So much for the PhD's Chunga (9)
Kim Jong Un is clearly terrified Mogg (7)
A rival for GoT? Mogg (0)
RIP - Victor Kalashnikov The Grim Reaper ™ (3)
SpaceX - Next launch delayed until Friday Go Musk (1)
Blackberry Q4 revenue Paris Hilton (6)
Proof that size does matter Gabriel Oak (5)
March 27th, 2018
Bootstrapped Forum Softwater Developer (5)
Iritu Liberal Moron Watch Mr. Green (4)
Roseanne Season 10 Reality Check (9)
Pumping cast iron xampl9 (8)
Do you know who supports Russia? You are in for a surpise. DrNo (1)
What did I learn about Quant trading? One single answer. DrNo (6)
Waymo announcement xampl9 (15)
Shyp closes down Gabriel Oak (11)
Cultural differences Io (6)
Apache Spark, Storm, and Hadoop. DrNo (9)
Hubble replacement delayed Mrs. Merton (4)
Who bit Beyonce? Mrs. Merton (0)
I'm taking a vote. Who do you think is the US enemy? DrNo (27)
Apple is introducing new low price iPad for education. DrNo (10)
Public service announcing for stock traders. Read all the blogs. DrNo (0)
RIP - Stéphane Audran (Babette's Feast) The Grim Reaper ™ (1)
Texas v PR Bonded (6)
Wow the schadenfreude ,ndo (3)
Floppy Diskette Almost Anonymous (11)
March 26th, 2018
Dumb shit conservacucks Rew (6)
Trumps Lawyer owns ... taxi medallions Jones (0)
The FBI under Mueller/Comey totally discredited Gabriel Oak (2)
Dutch landscapes Lotti Fuehrscheim (10)
Silicon Valley: The Untold Story Mrs. Merton (8)
Guess the EU are getting fed up with Google Benjamin Franklin (2)
Is this guy saying trading with other people's money? DrNo (8)
SpaceX - Next launch is Thursday @ 14:19 UTC Go Musk (4)
Prez Trump is good. You need to scroll down and read all about DrNo (6)
China Treating North Carolina Like 3rd world country? Bon Appetit (13)
Incredible drone Hamish Macbeth (3)
I'm tired of "NO CAN'T DO" attidude on here! What do you have to DrNo (9)
Pareto principle at Reddit Paris Hilton (3)
Have you declared your Bitcoin profits? Benjamin Franklin (3)
A car vending machine Rafael Sabatini (0)
How long after rolling it out did your SaaS product start making SaaS'er (15)
Skype censorship! Benjamin Franklin (5)
There was a march in Birmingham on Saturday of over 5,000 people BeebBot (2)
Silicon Valley Season 5 Reality Check (3)
March 25th, 2018
stormy daniels .. had sex with him once conservacuck (33)
house intel commission investigation was weak sauce ..........! (1)
Io, you should test your trading algo with this one. Y (6)
Fsk, is this one any valuable? Y (5)
Car drives into group of children in Glasgow BeebBot (5)
What does the cat like to eat? xampl9 (1)
The future of computing is so bright! Io, Fsk, and anyone else. Y (15)
Coding assessment xampl9 (14)
tweet damma gun control Bob Baden (3)
The Bored hypothesis: Trump is great Bob Baden (12)
Krugman Says TAX CUTS AREN'T WORKING Slight Wonk (7)
Fox news beats up Steven Mnuchin Bob Baden (1)
straight talk from Santorum craggie (0)
I prefer Apple over ((Facebook)) Y (18)
1.6 billion and counting on the wall mexico was going to pay for Bob Baden (9)
IBM age discrimination IT guy (54)
UK will be 'bold' ! Benjamin Franklin (9)
Did Zuckerberg just destroy his future political career? Paris Hilton (10)
Poor student destroys entire orthodontic industry overnight Paris Hilton (1)
Excellent strategy for getting a job Sargon (not) of Akkad (1)
US "cyberhacking" accusations against Iran Reality Check (12)
Why is the Left in favour of immigration? Sargon (not) of Akkad (16)
Is the Kalergi plan being implemented? Douglas Murray (1)
Startups for $10k Benjamin Franklin (11)
American vs. French kids and ADHD Benjamin Franklin (6)
Gun Jesus is moving to PornHub! BeebBot (6)
March 24th, 2018
Choice of software stack matters - A LOT (S)elections have consequences (7)
lin alg package Wannabeee Quant (15)
Stormy Daniels Your Racist Non Woke Friend (17)
Can't un-see it xampl9 (6)
RIP - Debbie Lee Carrington (the midget in Total Recall) The Grim Reaper ™ (3)
How safe is all electric vehicle? MachineLearning (35)
BBC biased reporting as usual BeebBot (0)
AWS for HTML Walter (3)
anti gun marches Gunner G (11)
Crazy guy hacks his car door open chime! Douglas Murray (0)
That's so unfair! Mogg (0)
Tesla slowly getting it right Go Musk (2)
BBC massive fail BeebBot (1)
Man vs. mouse Benjamin Franklin (2)
If you have to build some web app, which stack would you use DrNo (23)
Scott Adams totally loses it over Anderson Cooper Royal Flash (12)
Winx sets a world record for Group One flat wins ,ndo (1)
March 23rd, 2018
Trump's Trade War xampl9 (3)
Scramjet: The Engine That Will Take Humanity Beyond Mach 10 IT guy (11)
Io, here is my stock trading performance. DrNo (23)
Random HN spot brone (3)
FSK Io (9)
This is so cool. We need one that fly from NYC to Vietnam. DrNo (2)
Mayors compete for Amazon HQ2 xampl9 (0)
Is the internet fucked? Alan Dershowitz (17)
Massive corruption in the British Police BeebBot (1)
RIP - Charles Lazarus (founder, Toys 'R' Us) The Grim Reaper ™ (0)
Water harvesting that might really work Royal Flash (3)
Holy Fuck. Bolton steps up. trollop (14)
March 22nd, 2018
Looks like Neelix Dodged a Bullet Bored Bystander (17)
uber car cam video released Reality Check (8)
big fight at IHOP Reality Check (4)
Io, your language, ... Lotti Fuehrscheim (6)
Having issues? Io - what are you going to do? (0)
Kapálás Io (7)
Alone Io (2)
Let go, America! DrNo (15)
SpaceX damaging the ionosphere? Benjamin Franklin (0)
Stem cells cure alcoholism! Benjamin Franklin (0)
Retiring early Io (27)
Teresa May warns the EU about Russia Royal Flash (0)
Wow, blacks invented everything! YouTubeBot (13)
Would certs help? IT guy (49)
Boris the Buffoon Rafael Sabatini (0)
Cross the Atlantic in a kayak! Royal Flash (1)
Good Resume Examples? Thanks (22)
Referendum Lotti Fuehrscheim (21)
RIP - Bozo the Clown The Grim Reaper ™ (2)
More ads coming on YouTube Mrs. Merton (1)
MSM is dying BeebBot (5)
March 21st, 2018
Attachment... Anon for this (10)
Working spaces - what's next? This is too f*ing much (11)
Reddit admins cleaning house again xampl9 (9)
An old fashioned, rustic, traditional CoT thread Bored Bystander (13)
uber death not so typical robot killing Reality Check (0)
I have a confession to make.  I'm a shitty programmer. anon (92)
My job situation. DrNo (3)
BBC Newsight broadcast led to Syrian air strike on hospital BeebBot (1)
UK Freedom BeebBot (5)
Chinese Wine Benjamin Franklin (1)
Build your own powerwall Benjamin Franklin (9)
Austin bomber dead Mrs. Merton (52)
Police lying Alan Dershowitz (1)
Hacking your neighbour's wifi Alan Dershowitz (4)
Yet more processor security holes (AMD) Rafael Sabatini (0)
Wind power goes subsidy free Mrs. Merton (0)
March 20th, 2018
CoT thoughts ... ? Jones (38)
MSM Jones (1)
I knew it. Minnesota and its politically correct police program. DrNo (18)
CEO of Cambridge Analytica suspended Mrs. Merton (4)
RIP - Katie Boyle The Grim Reaper ™ (0)
Is technology double-edged sword? DrNo (1)
Lesson for any coward or wannabe cops DrNo (3)
Debugging Behind the Iron Curtain Io (3)
Poppies already? Mrs. Merton (1)
Intel smart glasses YouTubeBot (0)
Do the Saudis want the bomb? NewsBot (0)
Cool video about font design YouTubeBot (0)
Count Dakuka verdict any moment Royal Flash (21)
Fifth Texas package explosion Jones (6)
Promising battery technology NewsBot (1)
RIP - Sudan, the last remaining male northern white rhinoceros The Grim Reaper ™ (4)
Sierra Leone denies any use of blockchain in elections MobyDobie (0)
Medical thermometers Io (7)
March 19th, 2018
Check check, nobody Lotti Fuehrscheim (6)
Brennan tweet instantly destroys all CIA credibility Royal Flash (7)
Tommy Robinson detained on way to Calais Royal Flash (9)
100Tb SSDs Royal Flash (6)
Euribor-rigging Benjamin Franklin (0)
Cambridge Analytica Secret filming reveals election tricks Benjamin Franklin (1)
Cuck Zuck should stop playing God. It is only social media. DrNo (2)
How can a website test your sight without using lenses? Mrs. Merton (2)
First autonomous car death? Alan Dershowitz (9)
What happens to Britain??? DrNo (9)
French couple allegedly murdered nanny then burned body BeebBot (1)
Thank you, Social media. We now know a lot more about Michael DrNo (1)
Shatner interviews Walter Koenig xampl9 (3)
Does Twitter shadow-ban? Mrs. Merton (1)
Social media companies are oppressors. DrNo (1)
Don't forget Google. DrNo (0)
Per Kim Dotcom DrNo (3)
Per Edward Snowden. DrNo (3)
Turkish police seize radioactive Californium element in Ankara NewsBot (3)
Interesting study on race vs. outcome Alan Dershowitz (8)
Merkel attacked! BeebBot (12)
Doctors make money from opioids Benjamin Franklin (1)
Find out why the CIA hated the magazine CounterSpy Benjamin Franklin (0)
The effect of autonomous cars on city sprawl Rafael Sabatini (0)
March 18th, 2018
“The media” Jones (4)
Why SACD didn't take off xampl9 (7)
this cambridge university project is a bunch of shit Jones (5)
lost decade Practical Economist (1)
Putin wins election xampl9 (11)
thanks for sharing your choice of espresso machine with all HN HN reporter (5)
Tonight's music xampl9 (3)
Jordan Peterson how narsacisit manipulation you Jones (2)
Lol #2 Io (2)
lol ,ndo (0)
Rape in the UK vs. Kazakhstan BeebBot (10)
Japanese work culture Io (8)
Think more deeply than you’re being asked to Jones (5)
bridge voice mail Reality Check (20)
Primer on Early Humans Jones (0)
Tommy Robinson speech at Speaker's Corner Rafael Sabatini (11)
Did Comey lie under oath to Congress? Royal Flash (1)
Rape in Åland Rafael Sabatini (2)
One for Lodewijk: The Fall of the Roman Empire Io (14)
Boys, don't use tea tree oil on those zits! BeebBot (1)
When kissing snakes, don't let them bite you. Rafael Sabatini (0)
Stack Overflow culture analysis Benjamin Franklin (10)
How do you spell fuchsia? Benjamin Franklin (2)
Cool pics! Benjamin Franklin (0)
America's Binge-Drinking Problem Io (9)
March 17th, 2018
Goddamn build systems Io (15)
Another debt-loaded company goes down xampl9 (9)
When are Russian sanctions not Russian sanctions? CNN Bot (2)
Uncrackable crook comms shut down ,ndo (5)
March 16th, 2018
New Chinese system restricts rights based on up/downvotes Reality Check (6)
Obama North Korea Fox News Jones (10)
Hmm, what disease does Hillary have? She broke her wrist falling DrNo (8)
Diversity in the film 'Mary Magdalene' Barry Norman's Ghost (6)
Putin calls Theresa May xampl9 (2)
Russian spy attack is just another Iraq WMD scam Alan Dershowitz (3)
Death Wish (movie review) Io (8)
Humans fucked Denisovans Royal Flash (5)
Give Rihanna a slap! Armchair Lawyer (1)
Has another company compromised iPhone security? Armchair Lawyer (1)
Hey Io, look at this! Benjamin Franklin (4)
Blockchain in elections! Benjamin Franklin (1)
March 15th, 2018
Steve Mnuchin baller Jones (1)
What do you think DrNo? Seems crazy! Jones (1)
Don jr divorce Jones (3)
Come on UK, you should buy natural gas from the US. DrNo (4)
OMG, who are the civil engineers that built this bridge? DrNo (18)
F.lux for better sleep? Armchair Lawyer (4)
The riskiest stock trading. Anyone wants to buy 1,500 shares DrNo (4)
theranos! hoyZa (12)
Becoming a freelance or gig worker. DrNo (7)
I can't wait to buy this book. DrNo (3)
Danry Vasquez beating girlfriend in stadium Reality Check (0)
Has Democracy Failed? Reality Check (10)
Russian traitor vs 1,000s of raped girls BeebBot (3)
Yesterday was ‘Steak and Blowjob’ day Armchair Lawyer (16)
Why isn't the iPad a universal teaching tool? Rafael Sabatini (10)
Idiots Io (6)
Is calling someone a 'globalist' a racist slur? Mrs. Merton (9)
Cool slow-mo video of see-thru Wankel engine YouTubeBot (9)
iPhone touch positioning locus changed? Alan Dershowitz (1)
Could the attack on Russian spy Sergei Skripal be a false flag? Tinfoil Hat (4)
March 14th, 2018
Geoffrey is dead xampl9 (15)
United Airlines Murders Dog FSK (5)
It is amazing that I am the most hated person per Legion, DrNo (17)
Equifax exec charged with insider trading Armchair Lawyer (5)
BBC trying to bury story of people banned entry to UK BeebBot (2)
Theranos - Holmes, and Balwani Charged with Fraud Mrs. Merton (5)
Typical lunch Io (17)
Equifax, the death of a thousand cuts Armchair Lawyer (1)
Strong work ethic critical to success xampl9 (12)
RIP - Jim Bowen (Bullseye) The Grim Reaper ™ (0)
YouTube TV Price Rise Alan Dershowitz (0)
Our New CIA Director Reality Check (4)
Apple now offering crazy trade-ins if you buy an iPhone-X Alan Dershowitz (11)
What's Musk up to next? Go Musk (0)
New Raspberry Pi looks good Alan Dershowitz (23)
Pro-Tip - Don't put dogs in overhead lockers BeebBot (0)
RIP Steven Hawkins Io (1)
BBC desperate to kill the Telford abuse story BeebBot (10)
BBC mis-reporting on 'gender gap' again BeebBot (0)
March 13th, 2018
Before you buy a new laptop, do one thing... Tristan (15)
Hawking's dead Tristan (5)
Conor Lamb v  Rick Saccone Mog (2)
Ikea: fun killer xampl9 (2)
Donald Trump is only a messenger. Why do people think he is DrNo (7)
Hispanics to be the majority in California in 2 years Alan Dershowitz (1)
Juicero founder pivots to 'Raw' water Alan Dershowitz (5)
Tesla model 3 about to reach 10,000 cars produced? Go Musk (0)
I'm totally confused. Who is Zaq, Q, and X? DrNo (8)
Hillary keeps falling down? Is she having health issue bigly? DrNo (2)
Another Russian in exile bites the dust Vladimir Putin (3)
Embedded links to third party content deemed illegal. MS (10)
StackOverflow Annual Developer Survey Big Daddy (8)
Tillerson is out! Mrs. Merton (13)
UN claims Facebook complicit in "genocide" Reality Check (5)
It's official - no collusion Zaq (9)
Coming soon to a router near you Tinfoil Hat (0)
Are you uderpaid? Alan Dershowitz (1)
The aliens are out there Tinfoil Hat (3)
National Geographic apologises for racist Mrs. Merton (5)
Who will save Stan Lee? Mrs. Merton (4)
Theresa May warns Russia Vladimir Putin (2)
RIP - Siegfried Rauch (eponymous German in films) The Grim Reaper ™ (0)
SpaceX - Mars test flights next year Go Musk (2)
Nando's wants sole rights to Portuguese chicken logos BeebBot (3)
Most Midterm Challengers are CIA agents Reality Check (3)
Hillary in India Reality Check (6)
March 12th, 2018
Trump notches worst deficit since Great Recession MAGA BITCHES (7)
Does anyone use Twitter in this shithole? Bored Bystander (7)
new round of PC purges at reddit Reality Check (5)
Explosions in Austin? X (8)
Only the BBC could consider this 'news' BeebBot (0)
Porn filter delayed BeebBot (3)
Haha Trump sold out America to desperately try to win Penn Simulacrum (6)
Do you believe this story? DrNo (1)
Industrial Engineer is like Software Engineer, right? DrNo (10)
Bruno Mars accused of cultural appropriation Alan Dershowitz (9)
Thing2, Welcome to CoT hell. Where is Thing1? DrNo (4)
What's special about this house? xampl9 (10)
Lauren Southern banned from entering UK Reality Check (5)
chinese public that hated star wars also hates black panther Reality Check (9)
SimpleProgrammer guy is quiting and handing over to his business DrNo (22)
Is Zaq actually Wabi in disguise? ????? (0)
Where did the regulars go? ???? (5)
COT: 2004-2018 ???? (0)
This forum is officially dead ???? (1)
So apparently Zaq has mod privileges ???? (0)
ZAQ is the reason this forum is circling the drain ?? (0)
Zaq, we can play this game all fucking day ?? (0)
No wonder this forum is on its last legs ?? (0)
Zaq, got anything better to do than delete posts? ?? (0)
That troll Zaq is DESTROYING this forum ?? (0)
Anyone have a link to Wabi's forum? ? (4)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 ? (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 ? (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 ? (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 ? (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 ? (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 Q (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 Q (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 Q (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 Q (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 Q (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 Q (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 Q (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 Q (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 Q (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 Q (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 Q (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 Q (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 Q (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 Q (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 Q (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 Q (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 Q (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 Q (0)
Hey Zaq, you got all day?  I do! Qaz (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 Qaz (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 Qaz (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 Qaz (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 Qaz (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 Qaz (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 Qaz (0)
So now Zaq's sock puppet account is thing2 Qaz (0)
Censoring anti-censorship. Thing2 (0)
NYT journalists lie so much they don't know they're doing it. Alan Dershowitz (1)
RIP - Givenchy The Grim Reaper ™ (0)
Truth slowly emerging about Muslim rape gangs Thing2 (6)
Nobel for Rodman? Alan Dershowitz (1)
Today's Google Doodle xampl9 (0)
BBC goes for totally misleading headline yet again BeebBot (0)
Slack going downhill fast Thing2 (0)
Wendy Davis, a lesson to all men Thing2 (7)
RIP - Ken Dodd The Grim Reaper ™ (3)
March 11th, 2018
Iritu on CoT drinking a lot (3)
Film critics’ endless virtue signalling overqualified (4)
Thing2 Legion (8)
Paul Allen finds lost WW2 carrier BeebBot (1)
The BBC feminist agenda reaches insane levels BeebBot (5)
Batteries for the win Thing2 (7)
Great article on IQ and related issues. Thing2 (32)
It's an electric cargo ship Rafael Sabatini (3)
It's flat I tell you Alan Dershowitz (11)
Trump: "Death Penalty for all drug dealers" Reality Check (9)
March 10th, 2018
Putin: "Shylock hacked US election machines, not me" Reality Check (2)
What is the best way to get a job that you are overqualified for overqualified (39)
at 1 minute mark Zakkkk (3)
Prez Trump is great according to the Pew research! DrNo (29)
Soros bought Texas Ali Bongo (5)
Amazing what happens when you restrict H1bs Mogg (2)
Weird censorship on YouTube Mogg (17)
Herbal medicine can kill you DataBot (0)
Russian spy family madness BeebBot (2)
Get those creative juices flowing Thing2 (0)
March 9th, 2018
Dear Putin Fool Child (2)
devil trump deports innocent latina momma Reality Check (1)
second Trump pardon, and I agree Reality Check (4)
interesting new ice cream flavor Reality Check (3)
Is this story bullshit? DrNo (4)
True or false with this advice? DrNo (5)
USB cables - Not so universal any more xampl9 (23)
They really need the hyperloop Go Musk (6)
Shkreli gets 7 years Ali Bongo (21)
NYT editors are morons BeebBot (2)
RIP - Sir John Sulston The Grim Reaper ™ (1)
This forum has turned to SHIT.  How can we save it? President of the Brice Fan Club (37)
Need to find a dev niche with the following characteristics RPN (14)
Blockchain Mogg (0)
We're all gonna die! Mogg (3)
Uber to return to Finland Thing2 (4)
If the robots don't get your job, the super-chimps will Thing2 (17)
I just got a job where I feel way underqualified Chunga (6)
Why do people have to make things so complicated? Joe (8)
March 8th, 2018
Gateway tunnel NYC kid (4)
They're coming for your teen's jobs xampl9 (8)
Trump makes peace with North Korea X (23)
Irish Postal Service Reality Check (8)
Assistance from CoTers DrNo (13)
That weird guy who killed a woman on his submarine BeebBot (17)
Stolen Oscar BeebBot (12)
Fringe benefits ... tablet trollop (1)
Blockchain in photography Mogg (2)
Tim Cook is the Donald Trump of the music industry Mogg (3)
Narcolepsy Thing2 (1)
They've found Amelia Earhart! Thing2 (9)
March 7th, 2018
Why steel tariffs failed when Bush was president Zakkkk (8)
He asked if they were nice?  Big fucking deal.. small talk X (13)
what Stormy Daniels arbitration are these people talking about? Savage Bee (15)
need more feminist game designers Reality Check (5)
Take your pills xampl9 (7)
Will Magic Leap ever release anything? Ali Bongo (12)
England has a security problem. Solve it, mates! DrNo (1)
Interesting Tesla/Musk pay deal Go Musk (6)
WTF does this Trumpism mean? Simulacrum (10)
NYT admits Trump was right about Sweden NewsBot (5)
NME to stop printed edition BeebBot (2)
Namecheap hacked? Mogg (0)
FBI paid Geek Squad informants Mogg (3)
Five patients made 8,303 emergency calls in a year BeebBot (4)
Being single is good for you Thing2 (3)
Cool car Thing2 (1)
March 6th, 2018
Is the Grim Reaper dead? ,ndo (3)
Howard the Duck ... in 70mm xampl9 (7)
Lock Her Up! Savage Bee (12)
Elaine Chao: Trump Personally Pushed to Kill Major NYC Project NYC Kid (9)
Which Korea Matz (5)
Google working for DoD now Han Solo (2)
Hmmm, EU likes tariff after all. DrNo (11)
Balkan feud disrupts European clocks Lotti Fuehrscheim (9)
Is Google dead? Eric Ries (13)
Poll shows people think the iPhone X is too expensive Eric Ries (9)
Boss is leaving and we're about to be short handed again . (27)
Chris Rock Tamborine - other good stand up comedy recommendation Clown (3)
Is Lego dead? Thing2 (23)
Is Silicon Valley dead? Thing2 (4)
Canada destroyed families for 25 years using junk science Thing2 (3)
RIP - Russell Solomon (founder, Tower Records) The Grim Reaper ™ (3)
Oscars Mogg (3)
NRA to start executing left-wing journalists Yoda (9)
What do you guys think of this contracating company? Tom (10)
March 5th, 2018
Steel and Aluminum tariff brought out so many libtards and DrNo (16)
90% unemployment in 20 years BeebBot (17)
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Italy swings right in the face of massive immigration problems Alan Dershowitz (15)
RIP - Major Charles Emerson Winchester III from M*A*S*H The Grim Reaper ™ (8)
March 4th, 2018
Academy Award final results Reality Check (4)
Red Sparrow goes old school Tristan (12)
Reality Check Fan Club Bored Bystander (7)
If a teacher manages to take down a gunman, how would ,ndo (11)
Government funds for new startups Io (10)
Merkel admits no-areas exist in Germany Thing2 (22)
RIP - Roger Bannister (first sub-4-minute mile) The Grim Reaper ™ (1)
March 3rd, 2018
In the Netherlands... Io (1)
bill O reilly -- MADDDD!! law dawg (6)
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Nothing wrong with changing your mind Libertarian Larry (3)
Oh, and Winx wins her 23rd consecutive race ,ndo (3)
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Dementia Io (26)
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SpaceX - Next launch Tue-6-Mar @ 05:33 GMT Go Musk (0)
Wolfram on AI YouTubeBot (0)
I'm tired of different programming languages. Can we have one Y (18)
March 2nd, 2018
You guys are trying, but this board is pure shit now Blow me, Q (34)
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Russian - latin mafia Io (2)
Trump's globalist advisors? Israeli again? They are everywhere. DrNo (5)
Democrats are saying Jared Kushner is one bad Jew! DrNo (6)
Yo, libtards. Explain this to me. Obama didn't want to do it. DrNo (5)
Trump calls senators on their fear of the NRA! Alan Dershowitz (4)
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March 1st, 2018
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