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March 31st, 2013
CoT tv recommendation: Jericho Bot Berlin (31 comments)
At last a cure for baldness! Idiot (1)
The best stock market buy signal Evah! Shylock, Denman's a twit (17)
tl;dr. For COT? Asseby (6)
N. Korea: "Nukes part of our culture" Idiot (8)
High-speed internet in the US xampl9 (9)
Does Ken Thompson know C? Quant (22)
SWAT raid - for growing tomatoes ... eek (9)
Defend Internet freedom on a corporate dime Quant (6)
March 30th, 2013
Ion Thruster Dr. Horrorwitz (2)
The Euro is the Gold Standard, minus the shiny rocks Shylock, Denman's a twit (3)
Is this a sexist comment? Dr. Horrorwitz (14)
Chris Dorner rewards will not be paid Idiot (3)
nice music EXXPO (0)
nice music EXXPO (1)
March 29th, 2013
Bad ass engineering Idiot (11)
nice to be rich & creative (via reddit) Dr. Horrorwitz (2)
the battle is essentially corporate vs. citizen Dr. Horrorwitz (1)
Pot Dealer in UK Gets Sentenced to Write 10-Page Essay Dr. Horrorwitz (8)
"Education is the New Abortion" Idiot (1)
WW II Bot Baden-Württemberg (33)
Testing Bot Berlin (10)
favorite bit lemonhead (1)
metafilter lemonhead (0)
the literalist programmers attempt communication lemonhead (4)
the pope lemonhead (13)
becaue people magazine is that big accomplishment ...... lemonhead (5)
So much for Buddhism Shylock, Denman's a twit (21)
Austin isn't the place to be right now xampl9 (iPhone) (14)
Growing up .. $$$$ Richie Rich Asseby (3)
Bomb-Bomb-Bombama Asseby (4)
Attack that Killed Bees Asseby (5)
HOA SaaS software xampl9 (iPhone) (9)
Tech Conferences featuring interpretive dance Idiot (6)
Blessed Police Io (10)
Cyprus case study Idiot (15)
Again, who's the wise guy here? Bored Bystander (3)
March 28th, 2013
pope kisses foot of islamic terrorist Idiot (5)
Groningen makes it into the news Shylock, Denman's a twit (3)
Recommended blogging software? possibly prospective blogger (4)
no name of the bully? .R (13)
Being indispensible vs. coding yourself out of a job Jim (13)
TSA Hall of Fame Legion (1)
March 27th, 2013
Daddy's new article Legion (33)
PaleoFX NPR (12)
too bad this guy didn't co-found reddit Asseby (8)
C11 Idiot (11)
startup groupies and wantrepreneurs Idiot (23)
Only in South Carolina xampl9 (iPhone) (0)
Latest condinghorror article - Why Ruby? Io (3)
America's Health Care Costs, Compared SaveTheHubble (8)
Most programmers are fucking losers. dude (36)
March 26th, 2013
Formula for productivity less is more (19)
No Tuesday boobies? "Who am I, and why am I here?" (2)
More HOA drama xampl9 (17)
great photo photobot (5)
Poor are getting richer Rockafeller (10)
Simple Tax Idiot (12)
Constantly changing feature requirements Kenny (38)
Internet dating gurus NPR (16)
movement the great purple (21)
Follow-up on "conundrum" NPR (23)
March 25th, 2013
hey mike, thanks for sharing before it scroollls away.... (15)
reddit lemonhead (5)
NRA robo-calling families and friends of the Newtown victims? lemonhead (7)
Dutch banks refusing to deliver physical Dr. Horrorwitz (9)
Found someone running Fruitshow xampl9 (iPhone) (10)
Is ageism really an issue in IT or overblown? Jim (43)
Snow Day! SaveTheHubble (17)
March 24th, 2013
Cyprus trollop (44)
a little update from the birthplace of the arab spring reddit reporter (13)
who uses postgres? .R (21)
cot UI improvement .R (36)
Embedded programmers suck Io (37)
Geeks in city gov Assignment B (8)
Quant, Io Assignment B (19)
Time to shut down the Internet Quant (8)
March 23rd, 2013
The Dark Side of the Moon xampl9 (8)
anyone use aftershave? Idiot (9)
I often do this .R (1)
From now on, the only way out is gold for the PIIGS Dr. Horrorwitz (11)
good things about soviet occupation .R (6)
Gun owner arrested in NY Idiot (19)
source of the $ sign.  with a little Ayn Ryan bonus Dollar Stan (5)
Product naming case study Idiot (2)
Olympus Has Fallen -- Review SaveTheHubble (19)
March 22nd, 2013
How much should one be making after 15 years experience? . (39)
Spring is almost here xampl9 (9)
the reason we have so much Hubble lately?  internal NASA memo! .R (3)
fuck you EXXPO (3)
House of Lies EXXPO (6)
And then there was one xampl9 (iPhone) (5)
Crowdsourced Video Surveillance df (7)
ME diplomacy Shylock, Denman's a twit (5)
Muppet got laid off? SaveTheHubble (4)
Hubble got laid off? muppet (6)
This will not end well Shylock, Denman's a twit (12)
add urgency Honu (8)
iPad ease of use Idiot (2)
15 million dollars for a Wordpress website Bluebeard (13)
The top hit on Google for "The Omega Project" is... muppet (1)
PyCon Adria Tempest Part II SaveTheHubble (14)
FedEx delivered to wrong house Legion (2)
March 21st, 2013
Hackers/Illegal Downloaders are "Terrorists" Idiot (1)
Jonathan Ive: iOS must be more like Windows 8 Idiot (10)
A real conundrum NPR (21)
Michelle Bachman -- at it again SaveTheHubble (5)
A star has gone dark xampl9 (iPhone) (5)
Assembly line workers Io (20)
How much vacation time do you have and is it enough? dude (24)
Solar-Cell Manufacturers closing everywhere SaveTheHubble (5)
Declassified NSA documents SaveTheHubble (0)
Anyone have one of those treadmill desks? Clyde (5)
How to Hide Things In Cars SaveTheHubble (12)
Fascinating story of Gorilla-Glass SaveTheHubble (6)
i have a new record EXXPO (3)
Unforeseen side effect of legalization Shylock, Denman's a twit (7)
We have had the weirdest day today in politics less is more (21)
parable of the engineer without facebook or linkedin Idiot (2)
how big is your dongle? Wee Willy Richardson (10)
March 20th, 2013
internet drama du jour !  w/ popcorn Assignment B (79)
Do you talk to the person next to you on a plane? Assignment B (10)
"Well then Obama Shouldn't have drawn a red line." Assignment B (8)
"Great" languages Kenny (18)
If Linux is so great... SaveTheHubble (11)
If Forth is so great... SaveTheHubble (9)
If Lisp is so great... Io (27)
Cyprus should just keep it all Kenny (30)
Syria Crosses Obama'a Red Line.. Let's see what he does about it Morons (14)
Identify Alan Bates film Bill42x (1)
March 19th, 2013
Fuck the police #422. NYC edition Assignment B (0)
"the largest private property theft" revisited Bot Baden-Württemberg (2)
Dan Quayle lemonhead (1)
Latest on the birth certificate forgery NPR (29)
The real villain of the Iraq War Shylock, Denman's a twit (11)
Fish muppet (3)
What I think will happen with Cyprus Dr. Horrorwitz (43)
Supreme Court: First Sale Doctrine Upheld Idiot (3)
Michelle Shocked hates fags! Bluebeard (13)
MySQL Cluster xampl9 (iPhone) (11)
Satan (anti-Christ) finally identified - by the history channel MobyDobie (10)
March 18th, 2013
Speed dating? NPR (39)
more cyprus nyt reader (21)
3D printouts - coming to a range near you trollop (7)
More stupid climate deniers MobyDobie (11)
Old boss again tries recruiting me AGAIN Clyde (16)
Recruiter asks for referrals NPR (9)
Idea for a search engine Kenny (14)
Hey papertards! Dr. Horrorwitz (10)
HOA proxy xampl9 (iPhone) (8)
overcoming the trauma of rape Idiot (2)
Misleading bug reports Io (6)
The long tail df (12)
March 17th, 2013
Cyprus continued Bot Nicosia (21)
Picture dump Picbot (7)
Ounce of cure Bot Baden-Württemberg (2)
Silence Bot Baden-Württemberg (9)
Google Graveyard Morons (3)
Facebook a CIA op NPR (8)
So when's the rampant inflation coming? Shylock, Denman's a twit (63)
Wasting bread Io (6)
Good political blog seed files for crawler Bot Berlin (1)
new pope plans to sell off church's riches and give to poor Idiot (9)
March 16th, 2013
Google xampl9 (6)
whoops (romainia) reddit reporter (8)
Elbonian Labor Camps Idiot (2)
cypriots go for the cash nyt reader (41)
pdfs to print to bound book lemonhead (3)
What happened after the cartoon ended? SaveTheHubble (2)
The war in Syria Dan (7)
I'm in a bit of a quandary Das Reboot (26)
Why you should disable comments Idiot (10)
Obama's $2 billion bailout for Tesla motors Idiot (2)
March 15th, 2013
Recovering my data NPR (8)
Another Armed Gunman saves woman's life from attacker Idiot (3)
Sexually abused by Wife Morons (6)
Used Transmission Electron Microscope Dr. Horrorwitz (27)
Oil df (14)
OK, I laughed more than once at this muppet (10)
The lowest difficulty setting xampl9 (iPhone) (23)
So, did this really happen? Anybody here want to defend this? muppet (29)
When are we going to start executing climate deniers? MobyDobie (26)
Operation Earnest Voice Idiot (3)
March 14th, 2013
don't startups ever welch on investors? lemonhead (8)
guy runs 4 minute mile, now charged with killing his wife nyt reader (3)
DRM success Scott (7)
Sorting interviews trollop (22)
When will the Jews stop persecuting this saintly man MobyDobie (3)
Returning to Java NPR (4)
What is that game that is supposed to be the best Bot Berlin (8)
Scorpion Bite! Scott (21)
Parenting df (20)
Worst day on CoT in weeks muppet (12)
Muslim threats against a restaurant Dan (9)
And now I gotta debug XMLSpy Shylock, Denman's a twit (6)
NASA Making Plutonium Again SaveTheHubble (2)
Over thinking it Assignment B (6)
The war in Syria Dan (3)
How Software Companies Die, by Orson Scott Card Io (22)
boredom:  hardness the power of attention lemonhead (5)
March 13th, 2013
my diet Bot Baden-Württemberg (8)
Digital health at SXSW NPR (2)
You must have a Masters Degree to Qualify for Obama Care Morons (4)
would love to grab coffee. (dropped pronoun) lemonhead (3)
Obamacare revolt Bot Berlin (15)
New Pope Somebody (19)
The Oatmeal: on Making Things SaveTheHubble (1)
corporate bullshit Honu (9)
Maybe one or two of you will appreciate this muppet (12)
Bullshit Bingo Io (7)
Oz, The Great And Powerful, redux SaveTheHubble (4)
Forum seems to have bot-banned me muppet (11)
And I thought I would just do ONE cycle of anabolic steroids .. Home Despot (12)
I'm going to start a new Mexican Cartel called "Los Gringos" Home Despot (7)
Too bad for you who bought Gold Legion (21)
March 12th, 2013
Disney World Wayne (19)
Have you lived with roommates? Bot Berlin (29)
story lemonhead (5)
Hitler likely to have Jewish roots Quant (11)
Ancient Mars could have supported life SaveTheHubble (7)
Ahmadinejad should not have hugged Chavez's mother Sidebar!!!!!!!!! (5)
nic is gone! but the show continues? Dick (0)
Robert Bakker, on Fossils and religion SaveTheHubble (0)
A daily dose of diet Dan (15)
Steve Yegge "Languages" blog-rant SaveTheHubble (10)
Interesting Posting SaveTheHubble (14)
Democrats against drone assassinations Idiot (19)
Last Jew of Vinnitsa Idiot (1)
Photo Dump photobot (1)
March 11th, 2013
Atlanta: Detroit of the South NPR (2)
Rights Sidebar!!!!!!!!! (10)
MBA Question: to stay in IT or get out of IT? CircusAttraction (12)
space aliens found in meteorite again Idiot (9)
How to spend a lot of money trying to go to Mars SaveTheHubble (10)
How to not go to Mars like a timid baby Idiot (2)
How do you clean the wax out of your ears? Kenny (25)
1.6 billion bullets Idiot (5)
Flooding! Flooding! SaveTheHubble (2)
Programming is terrible Lurker Indeed (7)
Funny of the day Bored Bystander (1)
So long and thanks for all the fish muppet (8)
US now has worst health care system world wide Idiot (41)
March 10th, 2013
How to fund a manned mission to Mars? Quant (30)
Drug to help people live to 150 Bot Baden-Württemberg (5)
ERIN CALLAN Craggie (1)
map ....R! (2)
please don't send Thank You emails ....R! (14)
Allergies or cold NPR (5)
Vatican announces new xampl9 (iPhone) (1)
Guns per capita Io (15)
TIL of snottites less is more (1)
March 9th, 2013
christian war propaganda Idiot (8)
religious people are stupid, but not humorless ....R! (1)
Sorry kid.  I regret it Bot Baden-Württemberg (1)
Sistine chimney installed xampl9 (1)
So true.  Power corrupts & defends itself Bot Baden-Württemberg (4)
6 year hostage in Iran Bot Baden-Württemberg (1)
Why would I care? Sidebar!!!!!!!!! (4)
Mark Mothersbaugh less is more (2)
apparently nine years old Bot Baden-Württemberg (1)
How fast do you guys type? Kenny (19)
Shoes Quant (20)
Naive Old Physicist Fooled by Drug Cartel Idiot (9)
Tuesday Makeover Tips Idiot (5)
Java safety Idiot (9)
Watching TV/Movies through streaming Bot Baden-Württemberg (9)
March 8th, 2013
From my intray ... savvy marketing or desperation? Christine (11)
What Android Application do you want to create? Bot Baden-Württemberg (7)
How to make your own energy dome less is more (1)
Stupid idea, bad result Bot Baden-Württemberg (11)
Failed projects Bot Baden-Württemberg (13)
Tuning Performance with Method-R hoyza (15)
Does anyone like authentic mexican food? Bot Berlin (22)
CNN vs STH Sidebar!!!!!!!!! (7)
I might start looking for a job again xampl9 (iPhone) (12)
What makes better managers? Logitech (4)
March 7th, 2013
"Maybe that is it." Fan boy (8)
Oz The Great & Powerful xampl9 (11)
whoa rfreak (1)
Dr H, we are after you... Gil (15)
All saudi royalty are diplomats? Idiot (7)
China invents zero-lag Internet Dr. Horrorwitz (3)
Want to fight? df (2)
Combing your hair Phil (13)
University Io (20)
MIS consider buying data from Dr H crawler Gil (2)
My crawler Dr. Horrorwitz (54)
Problem Solving 101 Idiot (17)
March 6th, 2013
"I think I got a bad one." Fan boy (26)
Heard from the old employer xampl9 (19)
Rand Paul is filibustering Obama shit Real Bot (22)
Zionist rats attack Irans captial Dan (4)
Is the Chinese political system... Bill42x (15)
Agile? I think not... Shylock, Denman's a twit (18)
This is... NOT! Io (13)
Mega Force military miniature toys from the 1990s muppet (10)
The war in Syria Dan (2)
Interesting alternative to captcha LH (9)
wacky wednesday the great purple (8)
Idiot - Tumblr example wayrf? (work) (6)
PSA - manufacturers' return rates. trollop (8)
Amazon Prime is pretty awesome Bot Baden-Württemberg (2)
March 5th, 2013
Enjoy Your Snow SaveTheHubble (10)
CoT on watch Bot Baden-Württemberg (1)
I'm back!!!!! .R (16)
CIA attack on Chavez succeeds, RIP Idiot (29)
I am Dan Dan Captive (10)
Leaving CoT Forever Idiot (12)
Leaving CoT forever. R. (6)
What do you think about cheap wine? Bot Baden-Württemberg (43)
credit e-trading in java R. (12)
Ron Paul Bot Baden-Württemberg (2)
The chocolate ration has been increased. muppet (21)
Bot's take on relocation Bot Baden-Württemberg (26)
Investing based upon emotions df (8)
CoT BoardGame hoyza (18)
Thinking about applying for a management position muppet (24)
I was away sick that day less is more (2)
I'm feel so lonely Craggie (2)
Stimulating innovation Io (10)
What lies beneath Trog (2)
March 4th, 2013
once more this time with passion Craggie! Craggie (0)
mom took the kid off meds, "researchers" sweep in for credit Craggie (2)
mom took the kid off meds, "researchers" sweep in for credit Craggie (0)
When you make a mistake at work dude (10)
GoT boardgame Kenny (2)
north korea finds economic model Idiot (2)
Got a float and a massage NPR (3)
:) reddit reporter (0)
Pope Must Have Zero Tolerance on Sex Abuse: U.S. Cardinal R. (8)
My thoughts on capitalism and the US Constitution Bot Berlin (12)
Are there financial incentives for getting married? Bot Baden-Württemberg (4)
So Facebook isn't a charity after all df (5)
The war in Syria Dan (8)
Wealth Inequality in America MS (9)
Time to flush the patent system Shylock, Denman's a twit (1)
So, I beat Mass Effect 2, on to ME3 muppet (9)
Prisoners Of War Morons (5)
keeping multiple generations in the workforce happy the great purple (21)
Lottey winner posts AMA on reddit muppet (19)
Why SV is the next Detroit xampl9 (iPhone) (9)
Pictures from a developer's life Bluebeard (9)
Startups Io (7)
let me in! Idiot (0)
March 3rd, 2013
i don't get it reddit reporter (4)
Is this hypocrisy? Bot Baden-Württemberg (14)
Romney Bot Baden-Württemberg (13)
reddit reddit reporter (2)
religious people are stupid|evil|hypocritical, part 9000 R (10)
Terrorism a direct cause of feeling neglected forThis.Anon (9)
3 second interruption Fan boy (12)
Ow, My Balls! Scott (9)
How many is some? Headline News (3)
2-year old hears mom's voice for the first time DestroyTheHubble (1)
New Daft Punk album? xampl9 (0)
IDF transitions to Tavor Dan (6)
Wonder what beltway people will do now... Bored Bystander (18)
republicans learn cause & effect DestroyTheHubble (2)
facebook is out EXXPO (7)
This one 911 call Embodie everything wrong with our legal system Morons (7)
P vs NP after fresh coffee, calling CoT mathematicians Trog (51)
The war in Syria Dan (4)
The Holocene Just Got More Shocking Idiot (9)
Student punished for stopping crazed gunman Idiot (6)
March 2nd, 2013
That plastic thing that reseals bags of bread. Bot Baden-Württemberg (4)
Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course df (7)
The collected work of EXXPO Bot Baden-Württemberg (12)
"making the robbery the largest private property theft ever." Bot Baden-Württemberg (7)
The pear survey Dan (5)
"our CEO is awesome.  it's a little unreal. " great purple Bot Baden-Württemberg (10)
Presidetial family photos Bot Baden-Württemberg (0)
The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking Bot Baden-Württemberg (21)
Taste the Rainbow Bored Bystander (4)
The war in Syria Dan (7)
six and a half bottles of wine every night less is more (9)
cosmic ray issues Idiot (7)
March 1st, 2013
Why not horse meat? Bot Baden-Württemberg (24)
horsemeat in iceland Idiot (1)
Anyone Hang out On Warrior Forum? An experience with a WSO... Lurker Indeed #712 (32)
police lie lemonhead (10)
So the US government will have to budget Bot Baden-Württemberg (13)
And there it is Bot Baden-Württemberg (1)
NPR I like your recipe Dan (9)
I'm just letting everybody know muppet (12)
Immigration rules Io (24)
Spacex -another launch - damn, I missed it! Bill42x (13)
Messaging protocol Io (22)
Reddit is warping my values muppet (13)
P v NP df (108)
Here come sequesy cuts Kenny (16)
The Jewish canteen Io (7)