Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

March 31st, 2011
Are there other topics we could reasonably discuss? Ward (9 comments)
opinions on firefox 4? dave (5)
I've run out forums to waste my time Vaxen (6)
Should trollop believe what we say? Vaxen (2)
Samsung Spyware a false positive First Post! (10)
Reactors 1 to 4 now declared beyond hope First Post! (3)
Marriages between people of different faiths Vaxen (68)
One other "benefit" of religion to me Ward (4)
The Gibberish Virus Spreads / Bodysnatchers df (4)
Real C/C++ 64bit issues Serverside Troglodyte (5)
Sony Entertainment layoffs xampl9 (7)
CEO has innapropriate relations w/Elephant JoC (16)
thanks everyone the great purple (24)
Modular construction xampl9 (7)
What's good about religion? Ward (61)
March 30th, 2011
Mad Max 4 trollop (12)
Wow. 20 years audit of Google. Vaxen (12)
How do people come to and not leave Vaxen (5)
Free eBook if you download IE9! Vaxen (1)
Python vs Closure Vaxen (2)
Google's +1's Vaxen (0)
Samsung is in trouble now... Lurker Indeed (25)
How do people come to not have faith Vaxen (29)
Like a White Christmas in Australia Moneychanger Wannabee (6)
Google should buy RIM. Vaxen (1)
Fringe JoC (11)
"Miracles" hoyza (53)
How do people come to have faith? Ward (45)
Good programming interview questions Kenny (24)
These Arabs aren't rioting rightwingnutjob (4)
LOL... from Codeproject newsletter JoC (9)
Being a vegetarian is now punishable by 30 years in prison Colm (47)
Xcode's source Idiot (20)
March 29th, 2011
cheap chinese laptop, fucking amazing dave (10)
Software access point on W7? dave (4)
Why has Obama to kick out Gaddafi? Vaxen (18)
Remote Desktop for Mac xampl (5)
OMG! Radiation! Ward (4)
"programming is a tiny % of the work that needs to get done." Bored Bystander (10)
Toolmaking Idiot (12)
Poor kid.  A genius at 12.  Now what? SaveTheHubble (12)
Ward, sorry about spreading misinformation about you Vaxen (10)
Java vs C++ execution speed Io (43)
Bill Gates should invest in this space plane company Ward (3)
Why aren't we invading Syria? Moneychanger Wannabee (11)
SSL Cert Companies df (13)
How many rockstar programmer freaks are out there Bot (31)
Is Idiot really weevil? Bluebeard (14)
Captain Trips found in population xampl9 (5)
Palestinians:If UN recognizes Israel's right to exist,we attack Colm (25)
Obama orders BP criticisms gagged Idiot (6)
Cockup Britain Idiot (33)
what I really think about you assholes Idiot (35)
March 28th, 2011
There needs to be a "delete Idiot" campaign Ward (38)
Astonishing waste of time... Dark Side of The Moon 8 bit remake Bluebeard (2)
Gayness is biological! Vaxen (1)
NY Time's paywall - pricing fail Bored Bystander (8)
Anyone know how to reflect a spreadsheet in the row/column...? Bobby. (5)
Can someone write this social networking app? Moneychanger Wannabee (3)
"If you're not a wolf, you're a lamb" Vaxen (15)
Kasich again the great purple (2)
Firefox 4 the winner! Vaxen (3)
Why i hate C++ Io (37)
"Accurate maps of reality help you make good decisions" xampl (13)
What's the difference between 99% and 100% faith? SaveTheHubble (57)
Everybody has faith in something SaveTheHubble (162)
When is a religion valid? xampl (72)
radiation in ocean not from plant Idiot (5)
Buffett: "Facebook and Twitter investors are suckers" Idiot (16)
Great employees Rick (8)
March 27th, 2011
The girls of Sucker Punch Phil (7)
This guy is hilarious Bot Berlin (4)
I don't usually pop Bot Berlin (17)
Japan updated, 10 million times radiation levels Bot Berlin (15)
problem with color.com Idiot (3)
Industries ranked by profitability Idiot (2)
Death March Me, myself and I (16)
March 26th, 2011
Men unite fuckin' A man (19)
Startup CEO: Why we don’t hire .NET programmers Rich Tsang (45)
So we ordered Sarah a new bed a month ago muppet (16)
Argumentative fallacy Bot Berlin (25)
Serious question.. really Somebody (4)
March 25th, 2011
Google paying fresh grads no exp $150,000 Idiot (20)
Britons arrest judge in court Idiot (8)
Scott Walker to Defy Court Order MS (5)
Comparison shopping for US wireless phone service? dave (3)
Harper was pounded hard in the ass Just Sayin' (3)
What is the point of the Apache group? Bot Berlin (1)
Vermont passes single payer Kenny (13)
Lovely Vaxen (4)
My ex-wife sent me a Facebook Friend Request Moneychanger Wannabee (15)
The departures continue xampl (33)
So what ARE Steve Jobs' faults...? Bluebeard (18)
A supercomputer of 1700 Playstation 3s! Vaxen (4)
Again, for Bot Vaxen (37)
Another thing I'd like to have a Zillion dollars for Ward (6)
SciFi recommendation: Tony Rothman Ward (3)
Captain Obvious Vaxen (0)
I hate Will Ferrell. Fan boy (12)
March 24th, 2011
WikiLook not enough less is more (0)
win7 context menus JoC (1)
Selectavision - a 1964 video disc Idiot (8)
Music Io (17)
Color Vaxen (8)
Are we turning into a third world country Bot Berlin (28)
What do you guys think of ereaders? Chuck (11)
What do you think? JoC (4)
Ever drink while on the job? Io (11)
Screw RIM JoC (12)
My computer is giving me grief....what is happening? Chuck (17)
AP writing feel good terrorist stories? cbmc64 (1)
job fair today the great purple (13)
fire drill the great purple (25)
Really quite interesting NoSQL <=> SQL article Serverside Troglodyte (23)
Duke Nukem Forever JoC (10)
Alienation of Affection xampl9 (2)
Fruit Flies redux FrakBuccaneer (2)
WikiLook less is more (2)
March 23rd, 2011
muppet, you're falling behind Q (9)
Reality Shows - Mighty Ships Ward (1)
Boxee == dogshit dave (4)
Crysis 2 == nice dave (12)
If I had a zillion dollars Ward (25)
New Egypt leadership radical islamic Idiot (14)
Israel kills 12 protestors in mosque Moneychanger Wannabee (8)
Oracle discontinues development on Itanium Vaxen (5)
Castro Resigns SaveTheHubble (11)
So when are we going to impeach this scumbag? Ides of March (47)
Japan has a new hero Bluebeard (20)
OK WTF Chinese Hotel? muppet (13)
Imprecise speech .... (14)
How difficult is it to install a dishwasher? Chuck (15)
fixing dim LCD monitors? dave (10)
RIP Liz Taylor .... (15)
Reporting on technology df (2)
What the fuck muppet (6)
Not that I'm a huge fan of Huge Chavez muppet (6)
First they came for the donoughts (donuts),.... MobyDobie (28)
In the 80s, people would be afraid it was laced with LSD muppet (6)
Sonic Drive-In muppet (16)
This is why Al Jazeera is shit. MobyDobie (23)
Obama undermines US security - again rightwingnutjob (10)
What would you do? Moneychanger Wannabee (21)
What's wrong with reality shows Ward (5)
Freebies! Ward (2)
US censorship of Libya story Idiot (3)
The stories behind the story Palmer Eldritch (4)
DHS arresting Nissan Skyline owners Idiot (6)
Canadians defect to Malta, refuse to bomb hospital Idiot (11)
Would you take a management job? . for this (25)
March 22nd, 2011
Chewing Fan boy (7)
Fixed a 13 1/2 year old C code bug today. Fan boy (14)
Happy 80th Birthday, William Shatner! Vaxen (2)
Won't you be at least a little embarrassed if you are Chinese? Vaxen (18)
Firefox 4! Vaxen (30)
Mars Needs Moms -- review SaveTheHubble (1)
3D this, 3D that. Vaxen (13)
OH MY GOD WHY??! muppet (8)
Libyan Rebels Condemn Western Intervention MobyDobie (12)
Limitless -- review SaveTheHubble (3)
Lincoln Lawyer review SaveTheHubble (1)
Google will show you Ads in Android if you not opt out Rich Tsang (0)
Chuck muppet (16)
eBay CEO gets 22% raise xampl9 (1)
LOIC (or other load tester) xampl9 (1)
While funny, this is still theft by deception muppet (2)
If you ask me, this is an argument AGAINST car seats muppet (62)
Tuesday! xampl (5)
Another Damned Jewish Plot: Will open the gates of hell MobyDobie (8)
Radiation chart Bluebeard (0)
Applestore application: cures the gay disease Io (13)
Japanese Girls | (6)
March 21st, 2011
Taco Bell 50% price hike Idiot (11)
Julian Assange: Houseguest Que Idiota (6)
5 years 1 month and 26 days of crazyontap! Que Idiota (6)
6 years 4 months 18 days of crazyontap Que Idiota (9)
Five years of Twitter Vaxen (0)
Living In The Atomic Age: Remember These Images? Que Idiota (3)
The danger of radiation in Japan Que Idiota (4)
Six months of nonstop daylight Vaxen (10)
new product: The Telephone Idiot (1)
Despicable Me Bluebeard (1)
Yemenis overthrow government Idiot (5)
Gaddaffi should be ousted, not dead. Vaxen (9)
Ha, I love Fark sometimes. muppet (1)
Arab League Demands End to Libyan Attrocities MobyDobie (57)
Bless our troops Patriot (16)
March 20th, 2011
Man arreted for using gold as currency Que Idiota (1)
Minnesota outlaws cash. Que Idiota (22)
Strange web issues df (5)
crazontap.xxx Vaxen (3)
Is Agile Right for Every Project? Question (16)
5 shares on Facebook, that's it? Wayne (2)
Ron Paul on Libyan attack Bot Berlin (4)
Canada set to invade Libya! . (7)
Why isn't Idiot reporting on the nuclear disaster? Ward (4)
hilarious complaint about hiring Idiot (30)
can we get a little more sophisticated here again sierra (7)
March 19th, 2011
OnStar? Fan boy (18)
e-commerce isn't hard xampl (5)
How the hell can US government fire on Libya Bot Berlin (14)
Yes, Please MrWhaleBlubber (5)
Oh My God The French Imperialists Are Attacking Lybia! Stop the French! (12)
Java Media Framework Io (1)
Thankyou for the Rescue Dogs Japan (9)
NATO shoots down Anti-Qaddafi fighter Idiot (5)
Statuses of the reactors less is more (3)
Fallout has reached California Idiot (6)
March 18th, 2011
I think the U.N. should go back and vote lorb (7)
Yemen massacres Idiot (6)
What would you do? (tv show) Idiot (6)
Time to move out of California xampl (4)
why the japanese had to run a power line 50 cent (6)
UK to ban offensive jokes about tragedies (e.g. Japan) MobyDobie (3)
Norwegian Students score above US in Science Idiot (4)
New CGI video on Japanese Reactors SaveTheHubble (3)
Judge blocks implementation of Wisconsin Law SaveTheHubble (0)
Yes, please muppet (12)
So he's a war Prime Minister MobyDobie (6)
Culture plays a role in meltdown xampl (33)
Where are the robots? df (28)
Anybody have a nook and an iPhone with the nook app? muppet (5)
A New UN df (7)
US Southern Redneck White Trash Patriotism MobyDobie (53)
That sneaky dastardly Colonel... provokes us even more MobyDobie (21)
Radical Islamists in Libya = our fault MobyDobie (28)
Educational videos Ward (7)
March 17th, 2011
UN clears US war against Libya Idiot (23)
My favourite tsunami aftermath picture Ward (13)
More excuses? Vaxen (4)
Another expert says the reactor is melting down Ward (21)
Cgo??? Vaxen (2)
iPad: The microwave oven of computing Vaxen (1)
Language Io (15)
What does Japan, and Charlie Sheen have in common? lorb (8)
The reason for making money Io (4)
Butchering a simple concept Io (6)
Skyshine Idiot (1)
Nutters just love a crisis Bluebeard (4)
Famous last words Vaxen (5)
After the Gold Rush Io (16)
the ipad is a piece of shit Bot Burlyne (6)
Women and children evacuated but Japanese husbands stayed behind muppet (20)
It must be International Irony Day -- China demands transparency muppet (4)
People are so weak Bot Burlyne (8)
Chinese people panic buying salt and soy sauce Palmer Eldritch (4)
One prince is as good as another MobyDobie (6)
Obama planning bombing of Libya Idiot (41)
Japanese reactors have finally blown up! Ward (16)
KI business booming xampl (0)
March 16th, 2011
Oh, oh Fan boy (7)
Reactors 5&6 overheating Idiot (9)
What makes Japanese people tick? MobyDobie (6)
Visa enters person-to-person payment arena xampl (9)
Is there no subject that isn't in a Wikileaks cable? Wayne (3)
Strange things seen on the road today Ward (2)
Damnit! They still haven't melted down. Ward (10)
Social Engineering Idiot (11)
Bank Parasites with 4000% interest Idiot (23)
Bingo Card Guy now a NYT columnist Idiot (5)
Safety by Energy Source Idiot (8)
Global Warming Vote Idiot (0)
"Twitter is down, thank you." brone (9)
CIA Agent Released in Pakistan SaveTheHubble (8)
reactor workers return for final suicide mission Idiot (8)
cheapest usable android tablet? dave (10)
Interesting way of comparing nuclear vs. oil danger Moneychanger Wannabee (26)
Something unexpected about an ex-colleague xampl (9)
An oldie, but a goodie muppet (4)
Helicopters unable to drop water over Japan’s nuclear reactor lorb (8)
Loyal Dog after tsunami Idiot (6)
If you only worked 2 days a week... Bobby. (12)
Rumsfeld Idiot (14)
Laid Idiot (0)
Japan v Africa password (7)
I'm going to bed Ward (2)
When you have to take a dump in the middle of a meal... . for this (11)
Memos, and the idiots who reply to them Fan boy (19)
Asians in the Library Idiot (28)
"Would you jump off a bridge if your friends told you to?" Idiot (11)
March 15th, 2011
The 10 Worst Gilbert Gottfried Tsunami Jokes Wayne (9)
Nuke plant abandoned - unsafe for humans Idiot (6)
Japanese evacuees lorb (40)
Video Antidote Peter (4)
Hm. Is eBay going down the drain? Vaxen (5)
Linkin founder tips Vaxen tweets (5)
Don't dissent on StackOverflow Ward (15)
More on twitter Vaxen tweets (4)
More sensible nuclear disaster reporting Ward (9)
Wind Power disaster! Ward (5)
Additional job requirements, you might die Bot Berlin (8)
Cot members don't get twitter, but you get CoT? Bot Berlin (12)
2.19TB Vaxen tweets (8)
Security Improvement Idiot (5)
Who here uses twitter and why? Wayne (16)
Sigh. Once a geek, always a geek. Vaxen (6)
I'm _hoping_ there's fallout Ward (2)
Russians plan to blow up their own reactors Ward (1)
I'm back from lunch, why haven't the damned reactors melted yet? Ward (2)
The Arab Lobby Moneychanger Wannabee (7)
Microsoft sucks at mobile Vaxen (20)
Run on Potassium Iodide xampl (iPhone) (13)
Soundtrack for the "The Social Network" Bluebeard (4)
Clear as mud: Netflix is the leader at 60%, but Vaxen (0)
Traffic Level Patterns Ward (8)
Sensible comments on spent fuel in Japan Ward (0)
Conflict of interests! Vaxen (2)
Japan building new reactors Ward (1)
Motorola and Nokia hit 52-week lows df (16)
This picture made me cry muppet (7)
More on the Healthcare Allocation Officers df (8)
Izzy is stressing me out muppet (11)
All 6 of the reactors have now blown up Morons (1)
All 5 of the reactors have now blown up Morons (0)
ALERT! Japanese reactors still not melted down Ward (10)
Daylight Savings + Baby = AUUUGGHHH muppet (7)
Canberra, where I lived, is the capital of Australia. trollop (1)
backup generator power connection trouble explained Idiot (23)
spent fuel storage on fire - worse than Chernobyl now Idiot (6)
Iain M Banks, Surface Detail less is more (1)
All 4 of the reactors have now blown up Idiot (5)
Wisconsin continues to operate under one-party rule. MS (16)
March 14th, 2011
All 3 reactors have now blown up Idiot (15)
Avatar Fan boy (13)
What are the best drugs for recreational use? Bot Berlin (11)
Early for Tuesday xampl (5)
The SmallTalk Jobs are coming in Bot Berlin (2)
Best movie spaceships xampl (16)
Guy Gavriel Kay otra (1)
Buying computer stuff makes me feel old dave (5)
Saudi uses Tsunami news as cover Idiot (0)
Bought expensive shoes Bot Berlin (14)
270 foot deep breakwater Idiot (30)
US interference caused nuke plant problems Idiot (7)
Obama: Fallout levels in US will not be high Idiot (3)
Progesterone price hike Idiot (15)
Good time to buy uranium stocks Kenny (2)
Still nothing from Obama on Lybia.. Morons (18)
The King's Speech xampl (27)
yawn Morons (3)
Submarines during a tsunami Moneychanger Wannabee (6)
goddammit, wayne worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Why are laundromats so common in the US? Bobby. (36)
iPad 2 sold out - 500,000 units sold first day Idiot (20)
CoT is the best! Ward (1)
Aliens invade Japan Ward (1)
March 13th, 2011
more reactors exploding Idiot (15)
CoT has ruined me for any other discussion forum muppet (14)
Do people actually use .NET for serious web sites? ??? (39)
"Index was outside the bounds of the array" Wayne (6)
TIL that TIL = "Today I Learned" Peter (2)
Japan is my fault Will Wright (4)
TIL that Leslie Neilson was xampl (iPhone) (8)
english teacher in japan posts comprehensive nuke analysis Idiot (13)
Volcano hits Japan Idiot (2)
Obama fires Crowley for speaking truth about Manning Idiot (4)
fallout to hit california coast in 6 days Idiot (15)
C.J. Cherryh Ward (4)
Haha! Harper's accountability! Just Sayin' (4)
Administer bank account, family trust as beneficiary? Fan boy (10)
March 12th, 2011
SQLite's lack of ALTER TABLE support is ridiculous Wayne (18)
Version Control scenario less is more (17)
Second nuke plant may melt down Fan boy (6)
Why does Ra hate Japan? Idiot (1)
Class Namer brone (7)
Joel and Jeff have a new community-building technique Ward (5)
W7 remote desktop is really good dave (2)
Gulf Coast is poisoned and contaminated Idiot (4)
Chinese hikers on the Appalachian Trail xampl (1)
Faith in Japanese Engineering Idiot (17)
Cringely again, this time on nuke plants Idiot (11)
March 11th, 2011
Orson Scott Card Fan boy (14)
Earthquake survival Fan boy (11)
what would you do if sierra (14)
Pentagon: "Al Qaeda caused US housing collapse" Idiot (1)
Excessive complexity you shouldn't be using. xampl (3)
Stupid GPS Ward (6)
'winning' tatoo lorb (1)
Gangraped 11 yr old "knew what she was doing" Idiot (13)
Stupid earthquake reporting Ward (4)
Why no ads here? Vaxen (2)
Cr-48 Vaxen (4)
Earthquake lorb-ish (7)
Javascript as a teaching language Serverside Troglodyte (8)
Been saying that awhile... JoC (19)
Brazen or stupid? Honu (7)
Agile Bluebeard (1)
Now would be a good time to brush up on your Richter Scale Bluebeard (7)
13 feet Tsunami! Vaxen (14)
music laptop eek (6)
MS and others Just Sayin' (2)
March 10th, 2011
How come we missed this one? Vaxen (6)
Stupid things done to cars and trucks Fan boy (8)
"angling for an invitation to a YC lunch" Vaxen (0)
Billionares WTF Vaxen (2)
Wisconsin is now a single-party police-state. MS (13)
Question to DEVS of FruitShow User (15)
Google is also innovative Vaxen (1)
Has Microsoft given up on mixed types of graphs in Excel? Bobby. (5)
df in denial Vaxen (13)
Know anyone who went back to school full time and rebooted... . (4)
Worth the Money JoC (3)
CHinese Government demands reincarnation Idiot (13)
Nokia is very disfunctional organization Wayne (8)
BASIC interpreter needed for iPad xampl (71)
income growth since 1964 Idiot (36)
March 9th, 2011
facebook flirt anon for this (15)
Stupid Joel and his bragging Morons (11)
recycling glass saves the environment Idiot (8)
Peace in the Middle East Moneychanger Wannabee (6)
Voyager outside the solar system Idiot (16)
Which one of you guys was contracted to develop this? Bored Bystander (11)
Now THAT is a snack room SaveTheHubble (17)
UK TV is ruthless! df (2)
Anybody on here knowledgeable at all about buying wheelchairs? muppet (17)
Finally, a George Will article I can agree with SaveTheHubble (4)
60 year old bird!? lorb (9)
What is an appropriate gift... Bobby. (10)
Charlie Sheen's descent into madness Bobby. (25)
For Idiot Moneychanger Wannabee (6)
March 8th, 2011
Oooh!  Aaaah!  Stickers! Ward (5)
For STH Idiot (8)
identiweb stuff pisses me Idiot (11)
Cool new thing Ward (4)
I got a brand new light fixture for my aquarium muppet (9)
Firefly Idiot (27)
Nokia sells QT Wayne (8)
software developers more valuable than thought Idiot (11)
Most stupid article EVAR Vaxen (10)
What ever happened to Aaron? Ward (4)
Aqua Sand df (4)
Solid state disks aren't good when it comes to data recovery Bobby. (7)
Just overheard my Director telling a consultant muppet (9)
Apple keyboard rendered in pure CSS (allegedly) Serverside Troglodyte (7)
But.. supply and demand is the foundation of capitalism muppet (15)
It is all...Java Rambert (9)
OK, look, the law here was clearly out of line, BUT muppet (5)
Maybe we should replace "Beating a Dead Horse" muppet (3)
Punch bag part 2 MobyDobie (17)
The State of Version Control Wayne (16)
Whatever happened to Clay Dowling? muppet (17)
Appliances / Modern Living df (18)
"Windows worst thing for computers since Bestial Porn" Idiot (6)
Well, I think I prefer Crystal Reports muppet (1)
Rango is excellent SaveTheHubble (26)
Ajustment Bureau was just OK muppet (21)
Kids in the Hall were the best ever df (1)
I put in a facilities request the great purple (12)
Overheard at the office 5 xampl (7)
pension shortfalls due to housing bubble collapse the great purple (10)
I need to quit a project because of all the red tape Home Despot (11)
Breakfast tacos xampl (6)
firefox/chrome switchtabs eek (3)
Tuesday! Ward (23)
Validation Engineering Don't Make the Mistake I Did :-( (24)
March 7th, 2011
My investment portfolio Ward (9)
New type of airline seating for toddlers MobyDobie (11)
Xampl's desk looks messy Vaxen (7)
Proximity card question Bored Bystander (13)
This lady asked me for a free copy of MS Office Vaxen (27)
The Bravest Woman in Mexico Runs away. Morons (8)
NY Times Society Page expands its scope Moneychanger Wannabee (3)
Laptop is not good enough for social networking! Vaxen (60)
50k public sector on $100k pensions in CA .... (26)
Car got broken into... Wayne (20)
I owe the state of NC $1 xampl (7)
Toy Story 3 on the XBOX is great if you have a kid 8+ muppet (7)
Moral dilemma... Bobby. (6)
Does caffeine affect your mood? Bobby. (6)
Sick Beard dave (0)
I _liked_ the monospaced font... Ward (5)
What do you do with a degree in Human Development? ? (10)
March 6th, 2011
To Idiot for his constant Lies! Morons (7)
Banks steals account, no accountability Idiot (12)
Fuck you MobyDobie (30)
what is the purpose of the space station? Idiot (20)
prison rape stats - it's the guards not other inmates Idiot (7)
NASA Finds Alien Life! For real this time! Morons (10)
US learner driver plates brone (16)
Will code for food .... (15)
March 5th, 2011
Did I go completely colorblind? Moneychanger Wannabee (3)
Another online suicide xampl (10)
Paris Hilton's Cake update Idiot (2)
Two things caught my attention here Q (15)
Doing a Reagan on the teachers .... (21)
Anyone here ever been to prison? .... (9)
Lift what are you reading for? (3)
The face of voter fraud in the US Peter (4)
I was looking at wedding photos lately... Bobby. (16)
Busy, busy, busy. Fan boy (13)
Snow blower parts Fan boy (5)
Tower of Midnight Fan boy (8)
Auto correction is making me dumber. Fan boy (6)
March 4th, 2011
Okay seriously, I feel like I'm reading a newspaper THX 1138 (9)
Bad house for an earthquake Ward (5)
Recycle sortation Fan boy (23)
Cornify is TEH AWesome on the New Black and White Ward (3)
Is it me or is this site a lot snappier lately? THX 1138 (6)
Stackflow now use a lot Linux/NOSQL Rich Tsang (4)
Like a polyclad flatworm sucking the innards out of a snail JoC (channeling Bill and Ted) (5)
In Louisiana, castrated sex offender gets parole SaveTheHubble (5)
Meta: The header png is too big Vaxen (28)
Technology and Fashion Vaxen (2)
Rural Sourcing JoC (21)
IE 6 countdown (by Microsoft) Vaxen (4)
Here's a polyclad flatworm sucking the innards out of a snail muppet (8)
Product Promises .... (8)
Crickets in the news (no not that sort of cricket) trollop (1)
March 3rd, 2011
Happy Belated Tuesday xampl (3)
I R A Trader! Ward (4)
Gotta be a scam... JoC (10)
Annual review time xampl (iPhone) (12)
haha... JoC (2)
Ah, FedEx, fuck you muppet (21)
On upgrading OSes... JoC (16)
A sport I think we could all get into... Peter (3)
College Fucksaw demo goes awry Idiot (21)
Motorola Xoom review: "a huge disappointment" Wayne (10)
Where do you draw the line on helping relatives with their... . (13)
100 million iPhones shipped... Bobby. (9)
March 2nd, 2011
Free McDonald's coffee Ward (9)
Judge orders Charlie Sheen to stay in different century Bobby. (58)
iPad 2 Wayne (39)
Right to be a$%hole Vaxen (26)
You know, when they finally invent working cryogenics muppet (26)
How much vacation time do you get?  Do you use all of it? dude (21)
Being generous. Let them have what they want .... (22)
Does Hibernate typically produce lousy, slow SQL? Moneychanger Wannabee (11)
Teacher math .... (49)
Vostok 3KA-2 capsule for sale SaveTheHubble (0)
Texas rebellion xampl (8)
Punch bag MobyDobie (9)
Charlie Sheen Comments hoyza (2)
lost sales = theft Idiot (45)
Wisconsin Sheriff Pulled Deputies From Capitol MS (25)
Steve Jobs passed away at 8:40 PM.  Body taken to Alcor. SadMac (29)
Any DFW fan in the house? Just Sayin' (2)
March 1st, 2011
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