Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

March 31st, 2009
is there a 3D game that sharkfish (9 comments)
Bye all you Dan Denman (24)
is this Conficker virus thing a joke? sharkfish (6)
April Fools Joke Bot Berlin (4)
I'm working with nice people! LeftWingPharisee (14)
Conspiracy theories aside, why is US History education Rick Tang (29)
coding is not my bottleneck whistle (1)
Well, just in case Wayne will just shut this site off Rick Tang (15)
We never learned about William Walker in history class Michael B (iPhone) (9)
uh. ummm. uhhh. sharkfish (13)
Oh man. Lucky Dube was killed xampl (3)
What racist posts against Chinese can I make? Rick Tang (4)
When do you think you'll buy your next computer? Rick Tang (6)
Russell Peters Ward (1)
A big hand for the moderators bon vivant (15)
Dear whistle Ward (5)
What if everyone was a moderator? Sin-Wat (4)
Python dev group sharkfish (6)
Mandarin Chinese programmer communities Lombrado (4)
Jesus sucks Bot Berlin (14)
Such the bad a*! top of the delete list Bot Berlin (2)
New mod rule? JoC (35)
South Park is the funniest sh*t Bot Berlin (8)
Dear Erik, whistle (0)
Deleted Erik Springelkamp (44)
ok, Im done whistle (1)
Stock Market is rising SaveTheHubble (13)
Dear ward, whistle (2)
Dear clay, whistle (7)
Your plants can now "Twitter" sharkfish (5)
why the fuck was this deleted? whistle (14)
How can Sun mismanage MySQL this badly? Rick Tang (8)
Stop deleting my posts for no reason, dickholes muppet (11)
Encarta is dead. Long live Wikipedia! Bluebeard (3)
Moment of clarity methods Michael B (6)
Rick (or anyone that can) JoC (14)
And thus it begins Bot Berlin (16)
refinancing the great purple (11)
March 30th, 2009
Developers should know English? xampl (66)
Friendly SPAM. Dell sells cheap monitor Lombrado (4)
become an expert sharkfish - bberry (33)
Chinese sperm bank (SFW, kindof) Dr. Horrorwitz (19)
Arab Leaders Unite (26)
Sucks to be a stupid pirate Clay Dowling (5)
If you say you aren't a racist Bot Berlin (20)
Goin' to see the big dog Mongo (4)
1K€ LeMonde (19)
人 means "human being" in Chinese Rick Tang (6)
For STH; Bush and Religion, he loves you too Bot Berlin (1)
breakfast cereals argv[0] (20)
bed frames the great purple (27)
Scotland overrun by congenital stupidity? Clay Dowling (16)
I think you are all... Bot Berlin (11)
Re: Where to find sub-contractors? Bored Bystander (21)
The hive part II, everyone is dumb Bot Berlin (12)
Bush, biggest Achievements Bot Berlin (9)
found on my company fridge sharkfish (15)
What new stuff is going to DISRUPT the world as we know it today Sandman (25)
Bill Maher's Real Time = Best show on TV Bot Berlin (6)
Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck Bot Berlin (3)
OK, this is slanted news Bot Berlin (3)
There you go, interesting software development work Bot Berlin (4)
What is/was George Bush doing? Bot Berlin (0)
March 29th, 2009
Rick Wagoner to step down xampl (14)
Extaordinary people Fan boy (10)
Part of the Hive Bot Berlin (13)
Do you watch CNN? Bot Berlin (24)
Software Development Has Become Repetitive and Boring Stu (15)
Janeane Garofalo Bot Berlin (26)
The hive Bot Berlin (9)
Windows 7 beta xampl (6)
so sales for iphone app number 2 have... whistle (9)
"How do you prevent the natural urges to desire ... whistle (8)
back at work after the weekend and... whistle (0)
I WON! whistle (6)
Does it mean anything sharkfish (7)
Definition of insanity: Gerald Hoppy (4)
these are pretty interesting for a while whistle (0)
all dead? (5)
March 28th, 2009
why is it that I have a job programming sharkfish (25)
ponytails vs. haircuts sharkfish (17)
itgrunt.com Bored Bystander (7)
bye cot bob (7)
3k to play - Part 2.0 DecisionScientist (3)
Slumdog Millionaire Nikos-winter (11)
good story from another forum bob (2)
I am in fact stalking you all right now. Bot Berlin (4)
my thoughts on everyone here bob (20)
I don't post here that much at all Bot Berlin (13)
Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) talks about work and sheep castration Ward (4)
my mom sharkfish (7)
a defense of scribd previously discussed on cot (3)
cot census 2 cot census (16)
interesting botnet article Ed (2)
people who post cot census (12)
Holy Crap.  I rock the Side Bar. bob (7)
Anybody watched "Mad Men"? trollop (4)
For some reason Gerald Hoppy (4)
No stinking iPhone for me! Ward (11)
my fav from engrish.com (2)
3k to play sharkfish (9)
No one is deleting posts because of their content Ward (24)
damn.  Can't be more of a bull's eye than this sharkfish (9)
March 27th, 2009
Fun with my daughter and a camera Clay Dowling (11)
Is argv? Bot Berlin (6)
"I'm upside down" Fan boy (7)
fruitshow feature loser out (2)
Africa Bot Berlin (16)
why are the mods randomly deleting diseased prostitutes threads? whistle (17)
If your post gets deleted... Almost Anon (25)
Street Fighter 4 intro best intro Bot Berlin (0)
Fox News is awesome, CNN slips to third Bot Berlin (9)
This place will censor itself away Erik Springelkamp (28)
I now understand Twitter sharkfish - bberry (4)
Company Restaurant Erik Springelkamp (7)
Afghanistan lorb (36)
Freedom Tower renamed World Trade Center, leased to Communists Diseased Prostitute (9)
Funny: Microsoft still pushes for VB6 upgrade after a decade Rick Tsang (9)
UN: Criticism of government is a human rights violation Diseased Prostitute (1)
Cardiff, Wales, vacation destination Diseased Prostitute (12)
Americans have helped to popularize Sushi and Sashimi Lombrado (14)
Your dream rock concert xampl on his iPhone (3)
Unfortunate pic of Michelle Obama LeftWingPharisee (42)
Broke, athlete style Patrick (15)
Wah. Are we all bigots in disguise? Rick Tang (16)
Trojan.Daonol Ward (13)
March 26th, 2009
The Crisis is All the Fault of White People Evil Whitie w/ Blue Eyez-OH NO! (19)
Dismembering your father Diseased Prostitute (12)
Ask CoT:: Anyone here run a business Tapiwa (16)
changed my gym sharkfish (12)
what do you think of "Flo" on the Progressive commercials? sharkfish (15)
Obama: screw you, Internet Colm (17)
Tsang vs Tang Diseased Prostitute (2)
Worker mobility xampl (13)
Web developer channeling Vince the ShamWow/SlapChop guy sharkfish (3)
Lincoln LeftWingPharisee (45)
somebody get me a language sharkfish (19)
0xABADBABE sharkfish (3)
What do people with Management degrees do? ? (10)
"I'm set in my ways Sin-Wat (7)
National PMS Alert Index is Current 1. Do not panic. (6)
"its not fair" whistle (1)
SQL Cursors, what are they for?  Do you even need them in TSQL? muppet (42)
Dildolicious Gerald Hoppy (0)
Google - is this new? Gerald Hoppy (11)
DNA tests might be too sensitive Diseased Prostitute (5)
How long did it take you to get used to contact lenses? Pete Garden (13)
Just like the Communists LeftWingPharisee (6)
Men & Women : weight differences xampl on his iPhone (7)
Someone at the Postal Service has apparently stolen my books muppet (11)
omg, AOL at a geek conf! sharkfish (2)
Going green JoC (2)
No more memory foam for me! Fan boy (7)
Obama Internetside Chats JoC (6)
Web censorship and other things explained: Old fart (5)
Son of Parnas muppet (22)
xampl and others do not understand Tapiwa (75)
This looks like fun LeftWingPharisee (5)
I got a job! LeftWingPharisee (24)
A little navel gazing sharkfish (12)
March 25th, 2009
aaron is basically an asshole and a piece of shit bob (15)
IBM hasn't gotten the message xampl (24)
Language advice Aaron (19)
Disruptive Technologies for programming You want me to fail? (36)
my card sharkfish (16)
"I Want Obama to Fail" is official Republican policy now Clay Dowling (14)
Qt vs wxWidgets Clay Dowling (17)
lorb, is this how the job search is going? sharkfish (10)
"jump the shark" is now passe sharkfish (4)
cremation or burial sharkfish (20)
Illinois Gov wants to raise income tax xampl on his iPhone (21)
keeping up sharkfish (20)
Does Stallman smoke crack? JoC (13)
Deport Canadian xampl on his iPhone (13)
Google Spreadsheet charts are static once published? Pete Garden (1)
an executive VP of AIG quits lorb (41)
Excel chart question Phil (3)
Republican's on board with Presidential Failure Clay Dowling (3)
Failblog JoC (3)
Password confirmation in wireless connect Fan boy (3)
Waltz with Bashir what are you reading for? (2)
Tempers Flare as Recession Creeps into Tech Industry Lombrado (15)
One of our customers made the news Clay Dowling (13)
OCR software recommendations? John Aitken (12)
Google Code vs. GitHub questions Pete Garden (probably possibly) (5)
US Navy builds cold fusion reactor Diseased Prostitute (1)
Maybe Bobby Jidal was right Bot Berlin (14)
New quark discovered! Gerald Hoppy (5)
Why are web designers so ignorant of human nature? Gerald Hoppy (13)
There must be a way to include newline in the subject. How??? Rick Tang (7)
I'm gonna get fat! Ward (4)
this can't be real sharkfish (5)
March 24th, 2009
Tata Nano Necrotic Goatse (14)
I'm still employed Fan boy (3)
lose 30% of revenue to apple on every refund? iphone dever (6)
laughing so hard sharkfish (4)
This one's a real loser. Rick Tang (15)
there's an occasional gem and witticism that makes LOL LOL LOL bob (7)
bigger bed sharkfish (25)
Can't we get along Rick Tang (13)
One good thing about middle age LeftWingPharisee (9)
drugs in schools why should we click that link? (2)
To My Imposter bob (20)
What's wrong with Chinese Democratic Movements? Rick Tang (6)
maybe df was wrong sharkfish (10)
he makes money selling games he wrote sharkfish (10)
What's wrong with bob? Rick Tang (4)
What's right with Groovy? Rick Tang (6)
What's wrong with Java. Rick Tang (15)
bob is so intense. sharkfish (7)
I love some European cultures sharkfish (46)
Why is it that LeftWingPharisee (12)
My pony tail is on the shelf, drying out muppet (20)
If you need brain surgery JoC (3)
Crazyontap, 29 posts, in 1 day Rick Tang (3)
Outsmart Mother Nature LeftWingPharisee (1)
America, is what it is, we are lucky Bot Berlin (13)
Best book ever, Mark Levin Liberty and Tyranny Bot Berlin (7)
I am willing to trade muppet with Rick Tang (7)
I saw the sweetest thing this morning sharkfish (8)
2700 power bill whistle (2)
Why MIT switched from Scheme to Python Almost Anon (6)
COBOL V4 (31)
Anna Netrebko, opera babe LeftWingPharisee (10)
Road to CoT Tapiwa (18)
Python D (6)
Tell me if this sounds familiar Clay Dowling (3)
How would you implement a CSS/Javascript validator... Bot Berlin (10)
So I went for a job interview today... what are you reading for? (8)
Solution to wayne's problem with the site Colm (33)
oof the great purple (9)
"Is this what Wayne's goal for the site is?" Wayne (37)
Colm, is this one of your buds sharkfish (12)
minor irritation sharkfish (27)
Being a Douche on Fox News has consequences Clay Dowling (32)
Clojure mascot Bot Berlin (1)
trouble with OO paradigm is ... (or why java sucks, pt 2) eek-o-tourist (33)
holy crap eek-o-tourist (6)
Links of the day... Peter (3)
ableton eek-o-tourist (6)
China suggests switch from dollar Clouseau (12)
Database transactions xampl on his iPhone (27)
OK seriously, I know it's generally accepted that CoT sucks now muppet (33)
AIG bonusses eek-o-tourist (9)
"Don't drive Mummy's Chevvy" trollop (4)
H1-B's Have to Go Good Luck (2)
Mainframes (45)
March 23rd, 2009
My cat Bot Berlin (5)
how <pre>tentious argv[0] (1)
Really?<b>Cool! Rick Tang (2)
ibm = crushing innovation nyitmes has the scoop (6)
MSFT's not the only monopoly in town LeftWingPharisee (2)
JP Morgan to use $25 billion bailout for luxury jet fleet Jamie Dimon (1)
Larry shopping for a Red Hat to wear? xampl (2)
lorb  how are you doing? bob (7)
Fart on the bus xampl (3)
I figure the JOS forum will be officially dead by Via Nueve (2)
The only differences between a PC and a Mac C.E/O/I/F.O (2)
My website is being pinged every 20 minutes underSeige (8)
It's 2009, and your mom still sucks (3)
It's 2009 Gerald Hoppy (4)
Parking: I just did this SaveTheHubble (5)
Im looking for a source of public domain japanese gakaku music.. whistle (10)
BBC's Ashes to Ashes Clay Dowling (2)
Where to find developers Gerald Hoppy (14)
It is 2009, CoT still sucks Bot Berlin (19)
It's 2009, paper stapler still sucks Now that's progress (6)
Time 100 people of 2009 el (2)
It's 2009 and VGA/SVGA still fucking sucks muppet (4)
It's 2009 and css/web whatever still sucks Angry Designer (46)
Marketz r up xampl on his iPhone (2)
PaniPoni Dash! muppet (6)
My fifteen minutes of LOLCat Fame Clay Dowling (7)
AIG Bonuses JoC (25)
Fox commentators dissing Canadian Armed Forces Clay Dowling (4)
Chemtrails Clay Dowling (10)
Goofy behind the wheel xampl (0)
Realistic Economic Models ? (17)
What is a Solutions Engineer? ? (8)
insane physicists manage to photograph a photon Diseased Prostitute (4)
Green Tea Discuss! (9)
March 22nd, 2009
You can only find this stuff on twitter Bot Berlin (4)
Emma Heming vs Ayelet Zurer material boy (5)
The Economy and Reinventing Yourself Discuss... (6)
Joel Spoelsky is a Gay? (18)
The developer put up illegal corrugated plastic "New Home" signs muppet (8)
JK Rowling is a pervert Bisexual Bob (4)
Interesting story on AIG Peter (15)
Washington Mutual sues FDIC Peter (6)
from 750K to pizza delivery kkc (11)
If MS' pushing of IE was illegal... Gerald Hoppy (8)
My wife's driving Fan boy (7)
March 21st, 2009
Insane video game montage Michael B (2)
Kirk's chair xampl (2)
Moore's law is slacking Michael B (26)
Chairdance with me Michael B (5)
Chicago values pushed on companies Bot Berlin (5)
in particular conflicker C analysis kkc (0)
ummm, thanks, but no thanks kookoo for animals (3)
horrid realization sharkfish (12)
tony "scala" morris lives? (2)
scribd Gerald Hoppy (4)
Republicans want to audit the Fed Bot Berlin (3)
OMFG, what am I doing on reddit Bot Berlin (6)
Post a review of your country Dr. Horrorwitz (10)
Post a picture of your desk Dr. Horrorwitz (12)
I like bowling. Rick Tang (3)
Well, I got a new job Bot Berlin (6)
Installing new Linux OS lorb (34)
IBM and Sun lorb (9)
Google bogged down with insufferable Aspergers Dweebs Diseased Prostitute (12)
March 20th, 2009
Where is Mix-09 day 03 recording? SeeSharp (2)
turn ur stress lvls down arg (4)
My new job -- I did what "Couldn't be done" Fan boy (10)
Child Labor at the White House (6)
Interesting game coming up next month Peter (1)
"The Very Hungry Caterpillar"? Rick Tang (7)
Islamic polygamy Michael B (11)
Partial Birth Abortion Rick Tang (7)
The role of MS Access in company Reporting Systems? Via Nueve (3)
How's your bowling skill, my friends? Freud (4)
This is interesting information Bot Berlin (6)
Paying for College Q (27)
AIG files lawsuit against US taxpayers - demands money Diseased Prostitute (6)
NCAA brackets xampl on his iPhone (5)
Science explains aggressive blacks and deceptive icelanders Diseased Prostitute (8)
Proof Steve Ballmer has never met muppet... Almost Anon (5)
AIG prepares to defend itself against rioters Diseased Prostitute (6)
Obamas f-ck with the racists heads Clouseau (5)
Canadian Cops had enough of a-hole driver Clay Dowling (4)
Not all internet nuts are harmless Clay Dowling (4)
Microsoft the Patent Troll df (2)
I like this one Bot Berlin (9)
Aaron, the pointy-haired Aaron (1)
Good things that Bush did: Bot Berlin (21)
Is Prostitution Unethical? Diseased Prostitute (46)
Bot's Boss Blows Billions on Bling Diseased Prostitute (1)
Zip Codes (11)
Austrian Economics Bot Berlin (12)
Argv Bot Berlin (3)
Are the last 3 numbers on a credit card, near a signature Bot Berlin (6)
What do you think about the Fair Tax? Bot Berlin (12)
George Bush Bot Berlin (11)
March 19th, 2009
Anyone have a family member with stroke induced brain damage? :-( (10)
obama on jay leno argv[0] (32)
"Daniel" - Bat For Lashes (Natasha Khan) probably possibly (4)
mars rover in a puddle lander (25)
What is the cheapest reputable domain registrar --- Necrotic Goatse (3)
Chrome, IE8, Firefox Freud (3)
Is most violent crime/murder societies fault? Bot Berlin (8)
Breaking Bad Bot Berlin (4)
What is the right way to dry curtains? Diseased Prostitute (8)
The AGI Tax . (6)
User interface, download Bot Berlin (28)
The Great Zuccini Diseased Prostitute (7)
Bush ruins world economy Bot Berlin (3)
Snap Bot Berlin (5)
AIDS experts: Pope is right, condoms don't reduce spread Diseased Prostitute (23)
Interfaces and Semantics ? (9)
Democrats like Bonuses Bot Berlin (9)
Would you use memcache to replace property files Bot Berlin (6)
My American Dream sharkfish - bberry (9)
My new Macs came, along with my 22" Samsung Syncmaster WS muppet (20)
LWP, question on 13 principles of faith Mountain_Dewd (23)
A hero of the Austrian Navy trollop (12)
Trouble from Y(4140) Diseased Prostitute (3)
Building new desktop machine lorb (2)
Natasha Richardson lorb (18)
City vs. burbs sharkfish (27)
Ammo is Drying Up! Constitution (16)
March 18th, 2009
Jesus looked like Osama bin Laden Michael B (25)
trollop, good call on This Perfect Day Michael B (5)
"Arrest George Bush!" Freud (1)
Now I'm not crazy trollop (4)
Rough Cuts / Early Access Editions / Beta books probably possibly (2)
Canadian Healthcare df (23)
what is so hard to understand sharkfish - bberry (34)
And don't say I'm desperate - I'm not. probably possibly (6)
Vibration while driving on highways Michael B (21)
oOOOO, BURNING BAD Bot Berlin (0)
George Bush president while fed pumps trillion into economy Bot Berlin (0)
what's with bot and the bush did it kick today? bob (14)
obama's town hall meeting argv[0] (4)
Bush keeps Blackwater in Iraq Bot Berlin (4)
Reverse racism, Black vs White Bot Berlin (1)
Things that make you go, "Wow!" SaveTheHubble (6)
So, now the hospitals are screwed Clouseau (6)
Yo, religious dudes Michael B (66)
AIG CEO: AIG executives are shafting the taxpayer Diseased Prostitute (6)
We will never overcome Michael B (32)
here's a gift, from me sharkfish (19)
G_d only gave men enough blood LeftWingPharisee (16)
IBM making offer to buy Sun Lombrado (21)
Bush and Obama receive AIG bonuses Bot Berlin (5)
If the economy turns out way better than expected Bot Berlin (13)
gator wrestling eek-o-tourist (1)
New Clear Ads trollop (2)
Obama, as predicated, is a bigger fuck-up JacqueMehOff (17)
I wonder who actually structured the AIG bailout contract lorb (4)
Microsoft Dude's Big Album Release Diseased Prostitute (2)
I have had this dream (or similar) Almost Anon (14)
Sharky! Don't fly - look how many planes there are Ward (5)
March 17th, 2009
boob reduction sharkfish (13)
Office 2007 on Ubuntu/Wine sharkfish (11)
when the replacement doesn't last sharkfish (2)
One thing you need to know about Oz Chip Butty (2)
Sharky! Don't Drive! (or at least be vewwwy careful) Peter (15)
Kids do something cool. Peter (4)
Caution sign Full name (1)
Congressman Ron Paul to star in gay Sex Comedy romp Diseased Prostitute (1)
"Follow me on twitter" Freud (5)
Gotta love statistics Bot Berlin (2)
I read the news today, oh boy[1] Bacon Butt (13)
Collective Intelligence Freud (9)
Authentication Chip JoC (5)
Yay! We are cool again! Freud (10)
These people should be shot Freud (0)
AIG's response lorb (6)
Bill to tax TARP bonuses at 100% Diseased Prostitute (25)
Retention bonuses to no-longer retained employees Michael B (7)
How to legally kill your spouse or business partner Diseased Prostitute (33)
Credit card processing from PHP Clay Dowling (10)
Hmm, didn't I say this would happen. Bot Berlin (6)
What's really going on with AIG, etc. Ward (37)
Iran's nuclear power plant Diseased Prostitute (9)
SSDs df (1)
Happy St Patrick's Day CoT Tapiwa (33)
They've ruined Wowio muppet (7)
Canada's science minister doesn't believe in evolution Mongo (23)
Couldn't resist Sold out (0)
Only reason Bot Berlin (2)
study proves using email drops iq TEN points Diseased Prostitute (12)
this is freaking me out sharkfish (7)
March 16th, 2009
so why don't I feel this way anymore sharkfish (8)
spontaneity sharkfish (9)
Are there tornados in Australia? LeftWingPharisee (9)
Bacardi 151 Aaron (17)
Where Did The First Bailout Money Go?  It's Starting To Leak Out Discuss! (9)
AIG bonus money will be withheld from AIG trollop (3)
dammit dammit dammit sharkfish (13)
Gatorade is essential in extreme sports trollop (1)
Who is with me; evolution and freedom for private businesses Bot Berlin (13)
It's a good thing xampl (0)
What's the name of that site? Amnesiac (4)
Re-write VB6 apps Freud (15)
Would you have sex with her? Diseased Prostitute (10)
AIG Bonuses bon vivant (34)
Installed LPGL Qt 4.5 Freud (11)
Cry for help Bot Berlin (5)
Democrats own the white house and both houses of the Congress Freud (13)
Just in case you missed these... SaveTheHubble (1)
Mac is cute Bot Berlin (15)
old people sharkfish (10)
A guilty pleasure, just in time for Lent :) Bored Bystander (0)
AIG will NOT get $165 million in bonuses Diseased Prostitute (22)
I went out with this girl or her sister Diseased Prostitute (13)
IT governance Just saying (5)
Lots of Jars? what are you reading for? (10)
Linux heads, how can I X remote into my machine Bot Berlin (10)
Einstein didn't know beans Fan boy (1)
CDS Pricing will become open source glitch (3)
american vs french car discuss! (22)
Latest Southpark Diseased Prostitute (5)
Too Big to Fail (34)
March 15th, 2009
CoT, two days, 41 posts Freud (9)
brilliant expression sharkfish (8)
Is it wise to drive into D.C.? df (42)
Well, this is will give the Religous Right Bot Berlin (11)
He makes an interesting point Bot Berlin (2)
Space Shuttle Launch Cory Foy (7)
Debian Redux - I drank the koolaid Tapiwa (13)
Fish Oil Discuss! (14)
economy is suffering from shortage of demand econominister (11)
THIS is music bitches Tim (2)
Quote from Ben-Gurion about Palestinians Tim (10)
HOLY FUCK! whistle (10)
a new way to roll sharkfish (10)
It is a prelude to a revolution Erik Springelkamp (2)
Complex Manifesto, new meme maybe Diseased Prostitute (7)
Not to be left behind by the Chinese xampl (3)
Pennsylvania kicks you when you're down xampl (4)
Nature makes me happy Michael B (6)
totally not understanding bob (6)
Economist likes those batteries too Diseased Prostitute (10)
Culture Erik Springelkamp (18)
the latest daily show the great purple (6)
offset the mortgage with two rentals bob (4)
yeah it's bad bob (3)
ECO Erik Springelkamp (2)
flying standby sucks sharkfish - bberry (13)
good mornin' baby boo! sharkfish - bberry (5)
Chris Brown was justified Sean Connery (1)
Apple embarks on "Screw Customer" pla whistle (7)
facebook (1)
AIG execs pay selves $165 million in bonuses Diseased Prostitute (17)
March 14th, 2009
mall gangstas sharkfish - bberry (9)
Drving Debian 5 Tapiwa (14)
Watchmen xampl (6)
The JOS forum is tiny now! lorb (11)
I guess, FUCK YOU, Dr Mortiz guffer (5)
Alcohol Gerald Hoppy (12)
i used to think marrying sharkfish - bberry (16)
shoot me now sharkfish - bberry (7)
A MAN pleaded guilty guffer (5)
How to run a web forum circle jerk media mindset (3)
I agree pending table is the way to go. circle jerk media mindset (0)
Anybody using Microsoft App-V? trollop (2)
March 13th, 2009
on being alone in this biz sharkfish - bberry (23)
communism didn't work Colm (14)
In praise of slotted soffits trollop (2)
advice please sharkfish - bberry (9)
The House of Orange Erik Springelkamp (11)
Breaking Bad xampl (2)
America Erik Springelkamp (11)
Belgium Erik Springelkamp (11)
I saw Milk Bot Berlin (26)
Thank you, Wayne Freud (11)
/usr/bin$ sudo rm -R * df (14)
Contracting on The Side Loomino (12)
Canandian "Tax" for ISP Freud (10)
Scala and Haskell both suck Bot Berlin (3)
"Part Time Contracting Gig" answer Bored Bystander (14)
You know you're really bored/avoiding work when you engage in... Almost Anon (9)
Kutiman el (0)
Bored Bystander rumor Fan boy (9)
Hardware requirements df (1)
Was the Netherlands lucky to have lost its empire? LeftWingPharisee (13)
Probability question xampl on his iPhone (8)
What's the difference between conspiracy and propaganda? SaveTheHubble (28)
Flasher T sighting in Estonia Oren (7)
There's a website for everything! Almost Anon (4)
Using a Pen Name to Write . (5)
March 12th, 2009
I paid $60 Anon for this (11)
older men have kids with lower IQs sharkfish - bberry (18)
best tech speaker? sharkfish - bberry (17)
Due Diligence trollop (3)
I will not tell my father trollop (9)
Life on Mars Bored Bystander (14)
Need a PC-based iPhone Development Kit! ... (15)
Anyone using web2py? Tapiwa (1)
the cry of the incompetent programmer whistle (37)
Going rural Michael B (32)
Appearing Busy at Work TiredFromWorkingVeryLate (8)
After 20 years of sex... Gerald Hoppy (14)
Animal Husbandry?  but thats DIRTY. whistle (3)
Cheerful: nuts with dirty bombs Clay Dowling (10)
Drunk Deer on roads Clay Dowling (3)
"Stop the tumor that is..." LeftWingPharisee (10)
New AMC series JoC (11)
music tuition FAIL .... eek-o-tourist (9)
'Castle' review Fan boy (2)
You Git fans need to chill el (6)
Hersch: Cheney ran Assassination Squad Dr. Horrorwitz (11)
Race to Witch Mountain Ward (8)
RWH a Jolt Awards finalist?  Did any of the judges read it? probably possibly (3)
Rockband online store blows. Fan boy (1)
What is with the "Blackberry" or "iPhone" sig line? Fan boy (from big home Dell PC) (9)
you know its time for a break when... whistle (10)
March 11th, 2009
the unicorns are.. whistle (4)
Freedom is just an addiction right? Michael B (iPhone) (14)
electric car breakthrough Diseased Prostitute (26)
BBC on nudity Tapiwa (11)
Insanity? LeftWingPharisee (8)
Mozy girl xampl on his iPhone (7)
ranty? It's economics fuckface (4)
economics ecodog (24)
Jewish lobby 3 United States 0 Tim (4)
The Netherlands: Respect! LeftWingPharisee (3)
I need a search engine for tunes buzzing round my head... bon vivant (4)
Unix experts Freud (12)
If you want to follow the drama Bot Berlin (11)
Best thread-hijacking, evah! LeftWingPharisee (26)
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Utah in the news a lot lately Diseased Prostitute (6)
Embarassment JoC (10)
Why are Europeans so arrogant? Freud (23)
Google Maps is equivalent to yelling fire JoC (11)
if I go into the itunes app store and order the games by... whistle (6)
I like to get to work early.. whistle (5)
Thriving Under Stress and Other Management Speak Discuss... (4)
Chas Freeman chased away by Israël lobby Erik Springelkamp (73)
Saved movie Diseased Prostitute (2)
Sucks to have a moron as one of your star cops Clay Dowling (1)
Dealing with Psycho Competitor Cowboy Coder (10)
Partial conversations overheard xampl on his iPhone (0)
Disintermediation trollop (1)
Chrysler: their cars blow Clay Dowling (27)
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Party down with the Rabbis... LeftWingPharisee (2)
Stop washing your feet in the company sink!!! . (11)
Flash and Javascript out of control Diseased Prostitute (8)
Chuck Norris goes batshit insane. Peter (15)
read more code (6)
Software Engineer to VP of Development dusk (3)
Can we talk about Iceland now? Zurt! (2)
March 10th, 2009
<pre>estonia! argv[0] (9)
estonia argv[0] (12)
what the flip is wrong with posting about estonia? LoudFart (3)
More H1Bs not welcome at BofA xampl (5)
Rush Limbaugh Converts to Judaism LeftWingPharisee (13)
Attn. emacs users! Gerald Hoppy (2)
Does Saudi Arabia media run stories on how barbaric and inhumane Michael B (15)
Illegal Mingling in Saudi Arabia Diseased Prostitute (3)
When did O'Reilly switch to newsprint instead of normal paper? probably possibly (6)
Only fanboys get away with calling something not crap Bot Berlin (11)
Hit a deer this morning Clay Dowling (59)
Technicalities.... JoC (11)
Advantage of Ubuntu Linux Bot Berlin (7)
Goodbye to glib gurus and their gobbledegook Bluebeard (7)
News At Nine:  Markets may not be 100% efficient whistle (2)
mike rowe *rocks* whistle (4)
March 9th, 2009
work for the RNC?  web design taco bell (7)
My new job -- Life in a cubicle again Fan boy (12)
Would you go to prison for 10 years for 10 million bucks? bob (15)
CoT Theme Song ThemeSong (2)
Bot's review of Watchmen Bot Berlin (16)
Cops find drugs at Phish concert xampl (1)
y'all are gonna be put down by smurfs Colm (21)
Don't blackmail anyone for more than it costs Tapiwa (8)
Talk about verbal diarrhea Kenny (26)
No more music videos for UK viewers Tapiwa (11)
Can you get a new job in 24 hours? Your regular JoS feed (5)
what is it with christians that they make whistle (15)
Barbie inspired by gag gift Clay Dowling (12)
Laxative Lady xampl on his iPhone (9)
I think I've figured out what happened to those NFL players lorb (35)
Recession takes a bite into crime JoC (8)
You may well scoff, but this bloke's a hero trollop (19)
wolfram eek-o-tourist (18)
for what I am about to do, may the lord make me truly sorry.. whistle (7)
One good thing about stack overflow Bot Berlin (2)
Responding to argv Bot Berlin (7)
Useful information, instant noodle review Bot Berlin (8)
March 8th, 2009
A new Star Trek trailer is out xampl (21)
Awesomest Business Card Ever Clay Dowling (9)
Anyone Know .NET Remoting Very Well? Help!  .NET Noob (6)
GnuChess code lorb (9)
My Tribe Lombrado (8)
Would You Be Embarrassed to Have Government Job? (15)
Fed interest rate gyrations 3 years after (3)
I won a chess tournament yesterday lorb (20)
In Soviet Russia, your food stalks you sharkfish (10)
Cuban Women Bot Berlin (12)
New hobby Bot Berlin (10)
Watchmen Happy person (11)
Crying in your sleep? Happy person (6)
Where Is Everyone???? Abs (11)
Pineapple Express Diseased Prostitute (17)
March 7th, 2009
Would you let Joel Spolsky The other Joel (12)
"Can't be asked" Ward (9)
On the accusation of stalking bob (28)
Sign. bob is right. Freud (9)
ward a liar? ed (4)
man, thats gonna suck once everyone is using it.. whistle (9)
I am boring Freud (6)
2d graphics engine ed (12)
My next hello world application Bot Berlin (8)
The earlier thread on this subject was deleted. goods and services (7)
Oops, we almost killed billions of people.... Peter (3)
probably you guys are too young to have loved Starflight goods and services (2)
Any thoughs about Alan Greenspan? 3 years after (10)
Any thoughs about Jim Rogers? 3 years after (4)
Any fans of Peter Schiff here? 3 years after (8)
I am the first CoT'r with a Ph.D. Bluebeard (9)
When Are You Too Old... Discuss! (5)
Cadbury Cream Eggs Fan boy (7)
How Japan's Biggest BBS Keeps Things Simple smashdot (5)
Wayne, the server times are screwed up whistle (14)
Why Joel is Notable Diseased Prostitute (4)
woman calls 911 for help, police take her to jail, rape her pigs in the us of a (2)
What time is it now? Gerald Hoppy (7)
what is the salary?  that's all coder X (1)
Attack of the Fan Boys Joel sucks cock (7)
Gregory Whitten on Joel Spolsky... Bill42x (18)
XP as religion whistle (4)
Pricilla is dead Diseased Prostitute (23)
Are you a Citizen of... Discuss! (27)
Yes I'd like 2 McGangBangs and a McWhitey to go sharkfish (23)
Stripping personhood from corporations whistle (27)
IE 6 Mobile whistle (1)
March 6th, 2009
Iceland, "I give you nine months. Your banks are dead." Lombrado (19)
gaming the system sharkfish (4)
Saw religious from Bill Maher Bot Berlin (7)
bingo card creator? goods and services (12)
My all time record Funky Cold Medina (6)
California & Florida responsible for economic meltdown Pricilla (1)
When coworkers send you screenshots (5)
das Ende ist nahe xampl (3)
Service Economy? Bread and Circuses (20)
Yahoo's home page looks like a tabloid Bread and Circuses (5)
Is There a Good Database Engine for... Boude (6)
Skydiving Michael B (15)
ok why can't I post Bot Berlin (6)
What time is it now? Freud (6)
Oh, how I've missed you all! Ward (6)
Values that are at odds df (3)
Using ajax for error reporting Bot Berlin (4)
Ward is a perfectionist Freud (0)
Rick Tang will die Rick Tang (3)
My new hobby for the day muppet (12)
See, twitter matters Bot Berlin (0)
forbes on atwood Colm (6)
Finally my electric car is ready Tabloid (5)
compression via evolutionary algorithms whistle (8)
git rocks whistle (4)
H1-Bs and Obama (7)
March 5th, 2009
facebook macbook (6)
Bye, bye TV Bot Berlin (8)
There's something so hucksterish about mISVs Michael B (13)
BlogRolling sucks Ward (6)
caramel colored sugar water is now considered "natural" fwaat (7)
Lucky escape Tapiwa (2)
pepper spray from U.S. border guard Tom (12)
JoelOnSoftware Forum is Dying? Anon for this (36)
Don't clap, just throw money, you fuckers. philosophy of employment (2)
Why didn't AIG declare bankruptcy instead? why is this worse? (15)
Bye bye Craigslist Freud (23)
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Greenspun's recovery plan df (21)
The march of progress Clouseau (6)
Who's the boss? An Indian descent Lombrado (7)
GM a step closer to the brink Clouseau (11)
Maritime Accidents Ward (6)
Yes, please muppet (25)
Dumbing Down my HTML Clay Dowling (34)
Yelp and negative reviews df (5)
My new job -- Scrum Fan boy (22)
Stewart on Obama's ruining the economy JoC (14)
How big is your company? JoC (18)
NEW YORK 1, DOCTOR 0 Michael B (5)
The insanity of Credit Default Swaps Clouseau (11)
Did Everyone Go To Bed Or R U Busy Looking 4 Work? Monsta (0)
If I Get Laid Off ! (0)
March 4th, 2009
High Tech Layoffs! JP (15)
wall street programmer was an idiot fucking losers get fucking rich (3)
dems: obama  repubs: rush sorry Philo you fucking suck (5)
Wouldn't the truly smart Bot Berlin (16)
I was polled! LeftWingPharisee (4)
Good, human readable article on FP Michael B (12)
is the src for this avail? or similar util? (3)
What tricks/tips do you use that help with your programming Bot Berlin (40)
End of Open Source is near! Freud (4)
Cygwin is great Bot Berlin (1)
Worst kind of managers Bot Berlin (3)
Economy Worsened, Outlook 'Poor' Layoffs Ahead 4 You? (11)
Cologne crash Erik Springelkamp (4)
oh for fox sake (Amsterdam crash) Tabloid (16)
ok, so my second iphone application was released... whistle (19)
damned idiots sharkfish (30)
Can you swim? xampl on his iPhone (19)
Obama will cause a depression! df (47)
Would the sharks eat you, yeay or nay? lorb (20)
How's that gun ban working for you? Clay Dowling (33)
Our facility saves tens of dollars per year... Bot Berlin (11)
National Geographic star disk documentary sharkfish - blackberry (20)
Changing language and other alternative minimae Tapiwa (3)
Nutjob loose in Britain Clay Dowling (6)
Our facility saves tens of dollars per year muppet (10)
We've started collecting baby items muppet (10)
Interesting effect of mortgage securitization in US Clouseau (2)
Honda Freed LeMonde (18)
I've gone off sex Tapiwa (35)
Teach your children well. Ward (11)
Signs of an Economic Recovery! Yes We Can! (14)
Sylar of Heroes is a bad ass Bot Berlin (4)
stupid political move (open letter to rep. hoyer) argv[0] (1)
Hly fuck, it turns out it is all obama's fault whistle (4)
March 3rd, 2009
Zionists are sexy! hmm Moshe (3)
friends like these MS-13 (10)
DNS as sys admin widowmaker Michael B (22)
My smart bot Bot Berlin (4)
study proves marijuana does not make you stupid Pricilla (10)
Athletes and celebrities Full name (1)
great purple write file with encoding... booger (1)
The rest of the story Ward (4)
Their side of the story Tapiwa (11)
I'm going to bed now Gerald Hoppy (6)
Heston Blumenthal Gerald Hoppy (2)
spectacular wives and wonderful children Colm (10)
Lost at sea search called off lorb (7)
anniversary the great purple (9)
immigrants responsible for 52% of silicon valley businesses whistle (17)
How is babby... Gerald Hoppy (2)
How hard is it to get into plumbing anyway? Michael B (20)
"Why I won't do more than the minimum anymore" - commentary Bored Bystander (26)
Fairly scary article Tabloid (13)
Hey, if YOU have yellowed old equipment... SaveTheHubble (4)
Pricilla lorb (19)
"Sex patch" for women might not work Gerald Hoppy (21)
SAP HR systems on the web Gerald Hoppy (0)
It's -11C here now LeftWingPharisee (4)
Latest cricket score: seven all out Gerald Hoppy (4)
If Knuth is so smart, why does LaTex look like crap? Emperor has no clothes (14)
More Safari 4 annoyance Pricilla (3)
holy fuck, what an opportunity whistle (18)
kitties sharkfish (9)
bye sharkfish (22)
Your inalienable rights are now alienable privileges Pricilla (15)
Talk Radio and Financial News Blame Obama for The Economy (17)
March 2nd, 2009
3-eyed sharkfish (7)
Pornography is now mainstream Bread and Circuses (2)
rush limbaugh? seriously? argv[0] (39)
great purple your perl script (4)
Stupid filter is stupid Tapiwa (2)
How to fix the driving while talking on the phone LeftWingPharisee (14)
Steam df (10)
Why do you think Facebook and Twitter work? Bot Berlin (20)
God on Trial Tapiwa (14)
Make Love Not Porn Gerald Hoppy (7)
I got the DTV converter Pricilla (8)
Haskell's commercial support Bot Berlin (5)
this is also why my reddit karma is lower sharkfish (3)
Moon surface rocks Gerald Hoppy (9)
JoC, when do should we buy stocks?  Which ones? danny (7)
nude sculpting sharkfish (6)
I sacrificed my unicorn page to make this post... whistle (2)
Guess the bottom! JoC (12)
Twitter worths 500 million! Freud (9)
Buy! Buy! lorb (12)
Setting up verizon wireless for Ubuntu Bot Berlin (0)
On profit spending JoC (10)
Anyone notice cygwin issues Bot Berlin (4)
Eastbound and Down JoC (1)
Liv Tyler Clay Dowling (7)
crazyontap is worth $26,714 according to this calculator Bluebeard (7)
Microsoft Surface rocks whistle (13)
Consultant is gone Pricilla (8)
The Economy and Education V for... (13)
Garden?  Small farm? AlienInvaders (25)
Fucking BBC, doesn't understand what the first w in www means! Almost Anon (21)
March 1st, 2009
I am drunk, Moshe (3)
HD df (6)
saudi coming to its senses politico (1)
What are good general spices that are low in sodium Bot Berlin (12)
living below your means. for free. argv[0] (24)
hey f you worthless piece of shit bob (3)
anyone know how to write openoffice macros? the great purple (16)
Apple Rumor Alert MacDude (9)
Best Javascript/HTML DOM book(s)? xampl (4)
clojure bob (29)
Jesus Bot Berlin (20)
Javascript duck Consultant (11)
Is this is the end of the world Bot Berlin (10)
didn't cory foy pot here? rubist (4)
They have found the location of eden whistle (11)
Is Michelle Obama a Moshe (27)
normal genitalia sharkfish (12)
got a raise? bob (5)
mopping floors, cleaning urinals sharkfish (10)
Bathing the cat xampl (6)
Clint Eastwood sharkfish (6)
the future of web apps rss reader in 7 minutes (13)
After-market logic board cottage industries Michael B (iPhone) (12)
So I made my first sale Via Nueve (7)
Time to take on debt? xampl (15)
Marijuana is now legal Consultant (4)
CoT getting as slow and borring as JoS? . (4)
the next logical step is.. whistle (5)
The most fun I have Fan boy (2)
High Tech Job Market (8)