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March 31st, 2008
sailboat friday (18 comments)
refusing to fuck on the first date... fuckfuckfuck (16)
he world's largest prison -- Gaza by Ralph Nader Dan Denman (9)
Netflix Sucks son of parnas (2)
Well, shrug Bot Berlin (9)
Yet another absurdly priced 80's CD xampl (4)
Is the "credit crisis" a ploy to give the fed more control? son of parnas (17)
I need a reason to get a chumby son of parnas (5)
Guess the Elements Boston Legal (9)
Amazon is pulling a microsoft son of parnas (4)
Anybody notice anything recently about reddit Bot (6)
Lost SoP but kept Muppet? Rick Tang (13)
For a second encore, Molly shredded an 850 page novel today muppet (15)
What Every American Should Know About the Middle East Lombrado (15)
Software Piracy is a good thing Kenny (10)
URL rewriting in ASP+IIS Kenny (3)
Heh heh. The BBC is three small letters away from the truth bon vivant (2)
"And you got ROBBED?  What are you, a fucking grandmother?" worldsSmallestViolin (16)
Christmas presents man on the stair (9)
The only station I even listen to in the car anymore muppet (21)
CBeebies Ritchie Swann (6)
Somebody reheated their lunch in the microwave xampl (6)
Screw Joel, Screw IE, screw javascript DOM Bot (5)
Theft stories Ward (8)
Good article for the C++ lovers in the crowd. Clay Dowling (21)
Philo, Wayne, Mark, JoC, man, others... df (7)
Muppet, Wayne...others, did you see King of Kong? Bot (2)
Source code merges xampl (7)
Wayne, C64 games on Wii muppet (3)
This morning Molly ate a chunk of chocolate muppet (18)
Is this where "Crazy on Tap" came from? historian (5)
9yrs exp and still not satisfied. Peter (6)
Cheating on your SO.. AnonymousBastard (12)
March 30th, 2008
money friday/sararyman (32)
what will future civilizations think of us? stupid? wise? (2)
life in america got my gun (18)
Bluebeard - how's the currency trading <EOM> (0)
enron - fake trading floor Houston Calling (1)
we wuz robbed worldsSmallestViolin (21)
White American women have a certain look Bluebeard (5)
Wicked, from smart to turning tricks Bot Berlin (8)
A compelling argument for the essential freedom of p2p muppet (1)
Clinton campaign $8.7M in debt, Obama campaign $625k in debt Philo (16)
Data mining Bot Berlin (6)
Bush to give military power to Federal Reserve Board Boston Legal (6)
Obama still a muslim? Why won't he convert? Boston Legal (11)
Bush Admin Cronies Sue Katrina Victims Boston Legal (0)
Lotto winners shouldn't end up like this guy Bluebeard (13)
Closures in C++ Boston Legal (13)
Joost = spyware ? Ward (5)
March 29th, 2008
why would anyone ever want sharkfish (11)
Ummm... Cory Foy (9)
stuff white people like - david sedaris - in the comments Evil Sneevel (1)
joost Evil Sneevel (2)
Updated Star Trek Classic Ward (16)
time to go dark sharkfish (3)
Iraq LORB (26)
21 (the movie) xampl (9)
177 subscribers to http://reddit.com/r/Crazy_On_Tap/ Kenny (3)
600 grams = 1.32277357 pounds the dog will live! (4)
European Wiis can play C64 games in virtual console!! muppet (3)
Free will is an illusion Kenny (22)
sharky - straight men in SF? Philo (11)
drop sharkfish (20)
nursing is hot sharkfish (6)
how am I supposed to fix this? sharkfish (14)
playing with python worldsSmallestViolin (11)
CoT Haiku worldsSmallestViolin (7)
I would just like to offer feminists everywhere my heartfelt... worldsSmallestViolin (9)
Fester took his pills today Michael B (5)
Getting Mrs. Clinton Lombrado (12)
Another airplane incident for muppet to worry about Ward (5)
Mozzarella causing CANCER Michael B (7)
March 28th, 2008
I think paul graham is starting to attack his critics Bot Berlin (5)
wtf?  since when is "the dog dead yet?" a post worthy of... worldsSmallestViolin (34)
Molly is fine for now muppet (8)
met a radio-control car geek sharkfish (11)
There must be more sharkfish (24)
my business law class would be exciting Michael B (6)
Dear CoT New Comers... worldsSmallestViolin (13)
Geek vs Jock Rick Tang (6)
Molly ate a whole onion muppet (8)
Is Ezani the new Brice Richard? Trollicious (11)
feeling dis-eased sharkfish (7)
maybe it's me. Or maybe it's just web dev. sharkfish (5)
vet sharkfish (21)
f*k arrays sharkfish (11)
The downward slide continues at JOS Clay Dowling (6)
Dear Hubble muppet (18)
Worst JoC (2)
Wish list for a language Aaron (53)
Gmail hax0red? muppet (30)
UK and France relation Patrick (20)
Time to move to New Zealand? Boston Legal (12)
Is it possible to validate English grammar? Michael B (43)
March 27th, 2008
OK you nuclear physicists, why aren't we using Thorium already? trollop (11)
A list of religions Rick Tang (9)
sharky, Amanda Fitch is your girl friday/sararyman (3)
Ok, so who sent Clay away? Bot (11)
Why did God give us toenails? trollop (4)
Ouch, a mean C++ rant Bot (87)
God as a geometric proof Grant (2)
This is the way to win the war against radica; Islam/Muslim Bot (11)
"But to me, everything, evolved or not, is from, the great purple (13)
What happens to Christianity if we discover intelligent aliens? Wayne (25)
Appearances of Designs Rick Tang (5)
Car mechanics; dealing comfortably with the untrustworthy Michael B (22)
Carla Bruni bon vivant (8)
What's wrong with God directed Evolution? SaveTheHubble (73)
Clinton calls for $12.5 billion in worker training xampl (12)
Rubik's Cube LORB (2)
Glad you're posting again xampl (1)
ok, I get it. sharkfish (24)
4 Texas cities see top growth. Bot (18)
Parking Ticket Nuttiness Clay Dowling (8)
Odds of my suddenly having cancer on any given day: 30% ? muppet (15)
Zohar Chris (4)
OK so we're fucked muppet (12)
Dow crashing worldsSmallestViolin (45)
sterilise the poor! worldsSmallestViolin (49)
::sigh:: I really miss being... worldsSmallestViolin (3)
CoT Love List grass roots (3)
COT hate list Uncle pussy (20)
Tried to join a gym today... Michael B (6)
March 26th, 2008
It's too late for a 40-year-old to go to vet school, isn't it? sharkfish (27)
intensity! sharkfish (7)
the internet just makes life better lkwpidft (1)
Ultimate CoT recognition worldsSmallestViolin (1)
Laplace, Lagrange, Legendre, Lebesgue Rick Tang (13)
Do you need an arch enemy? unibrow (8)
Letter to the Great Purple's mom Treppenwitz (5)
"If things have the appearance of design, how can you tell... worldsSmallestViolin (59)
Why machines are important...and how it relates to space life Bot Berlin (6)
Developers can't test Bot (13)
Great purple is a wise-one Bot (25)
"I am interested in why you think you are right?" worldsSmallestViolin (3)
I hear jingalala jingalala ™ (4)
so, how do the japanese learn their sexual... worldsSmallestViolin (21)
my indian shopkeeper is... worldsSmallestViolin (8)
I keep composing speeches the great purple (48)
I will bookmark this thread sharkfish (7)
okay, so in Japan sharkfish (25)
Multifunction duplex color laser - choices? Abstract Typist (4)
Com with .NET sharkfish (3)
The Police Proximity Bubble Traffic Cluster df (13)
What an idiotic person he/she must be jingalala jingalala ™ (6)
Fraggle Rock xampl (13)
"Mis-spoke"? Uh, sure. man on the stair (11)
March 25th, 2008
why for all the bullshit on COT, I like muppet best zed (15)
cocaine ba (25)
Richard Stallman and his reading the web from email Bot Berlin (16)
OK, here's one for the sidebar Treppenwitz (0)
If Tarzan was going to school Rick Tang (17)
first appearance of the 'masturbates furiously' meme? worldsSmallestViolin (6)
Bot is wrong again, about drudge Bot Berlin (2)
Calling oracle ppl... I got a weird thing JoC (10)
muppet was right the great purple (13)
Airlines can mistreat you at will xampl (12)
Muppet makes it to the Space Station SaveTheHubble (11)
You were right sharkfish (68)
Brice Richards LORB (12)
Hubble, modifying the filename to break the img link?  Really? muppet (35)
Get a new computer before June 30th, 2008 Rick Tang (4)
Re: Picture of Bot SaveTheHubble (13)
Take it down Senator David Crockett (8)
My home office Bot Berlin (4)
I keep forgetting to pay my bills Bot (6)
Colm muppet (7)
To smart developer, create a framework that covers all web dev Bot (2)
Win32 library dependencies xampl (14)
LOLPols Clay Dowling (5)
The most amusing thing about dating/singles sites muppet (6)
Drudge most visited news site Bot (29)
Expelled the great purple (5)
Hillary robs 8yr old JoC (3)
I wondered man on the stair (3)
crazyontap.codaris.com Patrick (5)
March 24th, 2008
Your Fortune Awaits Ed Pistol (1)
Darn you VMWare! Cory Foy (0)
I'm upset and I don't know why sharkfish (38)
WHAT.  THE.  FUCK.  (NSFW!!!!) muppet (10)
interesting forum worldsSmallestViolin (1)
Is it me, or has JoS gone to shit? Bot Berlin (9)
thats an act of raw courage worldsSmallestViolin (3)
confronting Republicans and war "supporters" arg! (8)
I have turned on the fasten seatbelt sign... arg! (24)
Rick Rolling df (14)
botlist weekend DVD movie review Bot (8)
case of the blahs sharkfish (6)
Please donate to World Zionist Organisation Dan Denman (3)
Why it pays to be a math geek xampl (10)
US military passes 4,000 death toll in Iraq Dan Denman (10)
I saw Peter Jackson's King Kong last night Ms. worldsSmallestViolin (11)
friends at work the great purple (9)
Belief - Terri Schiavo df (5)
Hey FogBugz users, I have a question sharkfish (5)
Another lame-o entry in the title bar Treppenwitz (5)
Reverse racism Michael B (7)
competition the great purple (3)
Hehe... (and not so hehe) JoC (2)
On bullying Treppenwitz (17)
What is your song for today? LeMonDe (10)
2 girls and a cup Jesus is my buddy (5)
David Simon on why america is FINISHED Dan Denman (6)
Going backwards on roads Peter (5)
March 23rd, 2008
The poor and the rich get the shittiest value from their cars Michael B (13)
navy guess worker (6)
What can a Canadian do ... Rick Tang (13)
Crazy Idea: One of Two: RTLinux + servo motors + camera = robot Bot Berlin (11)
Pissing off the world, one country at a time Bot (26)
I saw Wayne remove the bannas in the library with the candlestic JOSer (5)
Dear muppet, (3)
"Kids should NOT run and scream indoors, period. " worldsSmallestViolin (14)
Racism Dan Denman (26)
not sure she established world peace oboY (0)
perusal wake up (0)
TOPIC: Introduction to MPI Distributed Programming on OSX OboX (5)
Sansa c140 (sharkfish, this is for you) Clay Dowling (2)
bad writing crapper (2)
barack v. clinton - 5 minutes bob 2.0 (4)
Desire to save money trumps caring about the environment treppenwitz (14)
youtube video quality $$$$ no sense (2)
Happy Zombie Jesus Day!! Michael B (2)
Annoying kid behaviors xampl (8)
funny obama photo footballer (0)
Christ is Risen is a bunch of BS gogg (3)
LOL  stalking my customers is FUN worldsSmallestViolin (3)
Christ is Risen From the Dead Rick Tang (14)
ジスス friday/sararyman (0)
March 22nd, 2008
How much noise are kids allowed to make? - in an apartment bob (13)
Zed Shaw, factorcon in NYC Bot (2)
ashamed to pay my taxes bob (5)
nsfw fd (2)
finding good programmers sharkfish (28)
blu-ray bargins fd (2)
Alphabetical sort bias Michael B (2)
don't cut the trees (reddit) aksdl (0)
University Libraries Bot (14)
philo is a sheep whichever way the wind blows (21)
Really smart, funny people on reddit Betsy Ross (4)
metal splinters from canned food LORB (13)
Paul Grahams latest essay LORB (3)
signed X-box kid gets satisfaction loopey (4)
Papaya seeds for male birth control? Michael B (4)
from the hilary fringe dNCer (0)
of all the .NET game programming books out there Luis R (10)
Is Jack Lalanne ever going to die? Michael B (5)
I was so much better when I understood this fact sharkfish (10)
If I had to do the same, again... worldsSmallestViolin (2)
DEAR AMY Concerned in Louisiana (10)
The sorry state of Mossad Dan Denman (6)
March 21st, 2008
Japan has a rich history Bot (3)
Does apple change your computing experience? Bot (13)
My new hobby Bot (7)
grey goose friday (2)
Stuff White People Like df (1)
I missed you guys... LeMonDe (1)
who wrote rm? your thoughts? (20)
Americans really are stupid sharkfish (6)
The internet is the greatest Michael B (2)
stupidity of apple worldsSmallestViolin (3)
nice sermon worldsSmallestViolin (4)
The non-technical manager, who learns to write a perl script Luis R (21)
chirstmas truce reader (0)
Tinfoil Haberdasherie may be appropriate Clay Dowling (3)
indian phone support @ fog creek Luis R (21)
To this comment, do you naturally assume muppet has a white wife Bot (39)
What is good friday? Bot (19)
Repost D... Luis Rajezi (0)
C++ as an act of rebellion Clay Dowling (6)
the thread in the sidebar guess worker (0)
things muppet can spend money on Welcome back CoTter (4)
English is bogus Michael B (32)
Obama's latest comment on race LORB (36)
I have two children the great purple (50)
Is this bad C++? Cory Foy (9)
okay, wtf sharkfish (11)
March 20th, 2008
Random thought; programs that write programs Bot Berlin (7)
Obama speech wasn't all that Senator David Crockett (8)
The most complicated thing that humans have ever built Wayne (20)
New toy arrived today... Wayne (14)
When will we stop using BMI charts already? Michael B (6)
March Madness Memphis Belle (3)
Another person wSV could defend for Rick Tang (0)
Hilarious JoC (0)
open source email parser? sharkfish (11)
Halo 3 muppet (14)
America needs another political party xampl (9)
Life Insurance muppet (26)
Is "1 in 3" the same as "2 to 1 against"? muppet (13)
Don't understand how McCain could be this far ahead in the polls Bot (4)
Why do ugly whores get business? muppet (27)
Is it just me? man on the stair (7)
Merry Christmas! man on the stair (0)
The first rule of Pillow Fight Club Tapiwa (5)
Happy Cow says happy cow (1)
Surprised nobody posted this muppet (2)
locker room types Michael B (6)
wow.  20/20 special.  people are racist as fuck. worldsSmallestViolin (14)
oh my fucking christ. more stupid joel interpretations. worldsSmallestViolin (15)
good christ, obama makes hillary and mccain look like... worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Wahay! Woot! Halleluja! bon vivant (5)
March 19th, 2008
Gained 15 pounds in six months Michael B (23)
Stupid software Nameless (1)
clever me, I bypassed wayne's repeat post blocker worldsSmallestViolin (10)
ok, just this once, obama is getting my vote worldsSmallestViolin (4)
ok, just this once, obama is getting my vote worldsSmallestViolin (3)
My thesis topic, named entity recognition Bot Berlin (4)
florida and michigan (9)
Stuff white people like: smart black guys like Uche Ogbuji Bot Berlin (3)
I think I am abused google Bot Berlin (9)
Wright's letter to the NYT's Jodi Kantor Lombrado (5)
it's snowing again the great purple (10)
Without the internet, life would be a hollow shell xampl (2)
Experiment with Joost's live TV Colm (5)
Obama pledges to end the war xampl (14)
FINALLY muppet (6)
MySQL/PHP weirdness muppet (19)
c# switch() JoC (25)
The title bar sucks treppenwitz (4)
OMG this blog is hilarious!!!1! Repost Dildo (3)
Lynndie England: Still Confirming Stereotypes Clay Dowling (24)
The text of Obama's speech the great purple (28)
In case you've ever wondered muppet (17)
CoT and the "Courtesy Sniff" Cory Foy (20)
More show and tell; well this is mine Bot Berlin (25)
Stuff white people like Stephen Jones (10)
March 18th, 2008
I was bored, I sent this out; movie on CoT Bot Berlin (7)
Voila! JoC (20)
I'm dead. Arthur C. Clarke (9)
Cory brings a downhome aww shucks niceness to this forum bad dude (12)
Mark Pilgrim: released the MBDF virus bad dude (1)
Mark Pilgrim:  Most Incoherent Blogger On The Internet? worldsSmallestViolin (6)
capitalism: horrible performance big bonus son of parnas (6)
Explaining how our card works Cory Foy (33)
For thost that have to know; top anime list on Amazon Bot Berlin (2)
Sathy alive and well Tapiwa (5)
Muppet, then and now ... a trip thru the archives treppenwitz (14)
Gary Gyax makes XKCD xampl (2)
Breaking Bad series finale muppet (2)
Executive functions/system Rick Tang (2)
Embracing Rejection walter (11)
Swiss trip Lee (2)
Anime that isn't for children? Clay Dowling (59)
my face has become refined worldsSmallestViolin (5)
Warren Buffet's Father and the gold standard JoC (47)
Time for a NEW New York Governor? xampl (11)
Oh good grief muppet (5)
Development requires a lot of energy theSmallestTree (2)
I just got demoted Bot Berlin (25)
Must of been a good night son of parnas (30)
Stuff White People Like Michael B (14)
On being an "inspiration" sharkfish (17)
Expensive BigDog Tapiwa (9)
My forum pumped out 96GB of bandwidth last month muppet (9)
Fu Bar xampl (1)
Can you catch a cold through IMs? Sniffles (7)
CEO Salaries xampl (9)
Cory, good luck with your new job Bot Berlin (8)
Bot, I realized that everyone is entitled to their IT fantasy LORB (3)
Sharky, baby muppet (19)
the margins are narrowing worldsSmallestViolin (9)
Cute cartoons trollop (4)
tuatara sex worldsSmallestViolin (3)
sharkfish is an inspiration! Rick Tang (11)
March 17th, 2008
Crab Barrel? worldsSmallestViolin (16)
Book Review COT is Cory's blog now (19)
Started m'new job today Cory Foy (9)
Rick doesn't like Bot Rick is actually cool (26)
vb6 --> (.)(.) (4)
Wow, which of you weeping vaginas wrote THAT sidebar? muppet (25)
Google: DoubleClick Employees Must Re-Apply For Their Own Jobs son of parnas (18)
Bot Berlin, I am done with you Rick Tang (31)
Sharkfish is a good role model... Wayne (20)
This is quality US health care son of parnas (9)
Sharkfish codes, the rest of you are posers Bot Berlin (32)
Bill Kristol vs Smeagol, you decide son of parnas (2)
People: The Gold Standard is Stupid son of parnas (20)
Nice Cassini Picture son of parnas (5)
Bebo sold for $850m Tapiwa (5)
it explode! sharkfish (52)
What is forgiveness? Cheers (21)
Switzerland to sign huge Iran gas deal Lombrado (12)
The candidates don't understand economics Philo (5)
My Pee is Green son of parnas (10)
Bear Sterns again LORB (27)
'tis the season sharkfish (8)
Rant -- Contact Method df (1)
If I could draw JoC (6)
Welcome to Detroit, Have a Nice Day Clay Dowling (2)
I an become poo worldsSmallestViolin (16)
Worlds of Warcraft -- the problem with MMORPGs df (14)
Women... man on the stair (0)
Happy St. Patrick's Day! SaveTheHubble (5)
I tried to quit Bot Berlin (21)
Molly update muppet (12)
So the banks and money aren't worth much anymore Bot Berlin (8)
Vista killed my hard drive xampl (12)
How would you describe CoT anon for now (14)
VB3 xampl (7)
Nationalism Colm (3)
Oh Amazon, how I love thee muppet (16)
Mother load -> lode ? Abstract Typist (9)
"Even Norbit got a nomination... __monty__ (0)
chars sharkfish (16)
Is getting a degree worth it? Michael B (23)
Eh, whatzzzup Dok? trollop (2)
David Mamet: I am not longer a brain dead liberal, I am Dan Denman (0)
March 16th, 2008
favorite youtube series? worldsSmallestViolin (6)
Yay! You now have a congressman who knows how to Rick Tang (1)
jesus.  where are the stories on this by the US media? worldsSmallestViolin (5)
Sorry, sharkfish, might scare you more Rick Tang (5)
Why a conservative lending policy pays big Clay Dowling (16)
Good music Ghost (1)
Win $10k if you can prove evolution by naming transitional form sharkfish (41)
Thought this time it may be different... Bluebeard (26)
diarrhea.  going to the toilet is like turning on a tap. worldsSmallestViolin (8)
Here is what I want in a language sharkfish (14)
Do I dare upload my C++ game code for a review? sharkfish (14)
CoT'er mentality sharkfish (4)
Are we living in a golden age? xampl (16)
the way it goes in iraq Senator David Crockett (9)
The thing about CoT... worldsSmallestViolin (12)
so I got ajax/modrewrite/php proxy working worldsSmallestViolin (1)
When I see those candid pics on the front page of JOS LORB (3)
Conservative vs Authoritarian Full name (27)
Breaking up M$, breaking up the USA Full name (11)
Denman wins! man on the stair (1)
Matchbox Car Ramp Racing - odd results worldsSmallestViolin (7)
Damn. Random Observer slices and dices Bot sharkfish (7)
c++ strlen sharkfish (33)
March 15th, 2008
World's greatest software companies Colm (5)
A Red Day, A CoT Day, A Day In Which Colm And Tapiwa... worldsSmallestViolin (13)
sex with.  a sibling. sharkfish (18)
Tornado in Atlanta xampl (1)
Another win for capitalist health care Michael B (19)
Anything like subreddit with revenue sharing? son of parnas (0)
More math and learning Rick Tang (13)
Got a new bed! Michael B (5)
Tanks in Lhasa politico (2)
Senator Clinton attracts the haters Philo (0)
CoT is like a bus stop bon vivant (1)
Hey muppet Tapiwa (5)
More about algebra ... treppenwitz (8)
"Loving your children is like narcissism with a warped mirror." worldsSmallestViolin (0)
ajax/post proxy with cookie support worldsSmallestViolin (2)
alright you brilliant scum sharkfish (11)
security hole worldsSmallestViolin (1)
Why is the average of 30mph and 60mph ! 45php son of parnas (11)
Wait for the mass hysteria when... Michael B (6)
if mccain wins friday/sararyman (7)
March 14th, 2008
You want to die... Mr. Blank (6)
watching ocean's 13 friday/sararyman (6)
go congress nice (2)
most erotic thing every posted to cot? stooo (4)
Sharkish, were you the one who Rick Tang (2)
well, I'm moving forward sharkfish (6)
Illegal to work on porn sites? Senator David Crockett (7)
Frightening statistic Wayne (19)
Making a link across devices xampl (5)
"I don't know why people are so personally invested that... worldsSmallestViolin (40)
Oh yeah and the electric company is ripping off our whole muppet (23)
I Hated Algebra Too son of parnas (72)
On the plus side, Molly sure was happy to see me in the middle muppet (13)
Thing 2 is sleeping on the couch.. worldsSmallestViolin (15)
"Personally, I'd eat the arse out of a dead mole if it... worldsSmallestViolin (1)
for just a moment, I felt at peace with the world worldsSmallestViolin (11)
guns in america worldsSmallestViolin (13)
More universe-borne hatred for muppet muppet (63)
Moses Was Stoned Immaculate son of parnas (2)
Where does sewage from the Mid-West go? LORB (17)
Socialism wins! LORB (2)
I Love the Smell of Bail Outs in the Morning son of parnas (2)
Prototype Goggles Make Everyone Beautiful No Matter How Ugly son of parnas (9)
Will SkyNet Evolve from Casino Security Systems? son of parnas (3)
Google leaves the planet ttollop (6)
College CS curriculums - do they suck? Gill Bates (22)
ok, so the AJAX thing.. worldsSmallestViolin (8)
"If he is a bad moderator, he should be removed. " worldsSmallestViolin (1)
Talk to your kids about sex Stephen Jones (1)
Real life interferes with CoT Ward (7)
I've been up there ... trollop (0)
i think i need glasses finaly friday/sararyman (5)
March 13th, 2008
Stop saying that! that's an oxymoron: Been looking (0)
Big weekend JoC (9)
Oh hell, what a funny movie! Peter (0)
i find people don't have much to offer me plainview wannabe (26)
AARP xampl (6)
Who leaked the details of a CIA-Mossad plot against Iran? Dan Denman (3)
Americans are crazy Ms. worldsSmallestViolin (15)
ECMA 334/335 first editions Rick Tang (2)
affirmation sharkfish (16)
Obama's response to Clinton's email Philo (29)
Wayne, still not taking away Rick Tang (20)
Profanity affects PG movie ticket sales xampl (4)
So, what has happened to diesel prices? muppet (14)
Portrait of an Open Marriage Tapiwa (17)
SVN Hosting Recommendation? son of parnas (2)
Where's my damn electric car? son of parnas (9)
Trem da Alegria the great purple (0)
Time to go to grad school son of parnas (7)
P. ring goes international: England Lombrado (4)
Jesus Christ I hate Access, VBA, and by extension, Joel muppet (17)
It's a laydown misère dope would beat a dead mole trollop (3)
Two years on the toilet Tapiwa (7)
this Kristen (Ashley Alexandra Dupré) gal Kontol Tetek (8)
Wrong guy.  You want someone named Immanuel not Jesus. Mountain_Dewd (1)
So why is Tapiwa such an alcoholic? muppet (46)
Are you ever surprised that other people are surprised? LORB (11)
I fully support what these parents did muppet (6)
connecting laptop to speaker wirelessly Kontol Tetek (2)
WWW question JoC (10)
Carlyle Capital trollop (5)
Frying pans worldsSmallestViolin (9)
Code goes stale 5 seconds after its written son of parnas (16)
March 12th, 2008
Iraq War 5 Years politico (2)
that disney counter is really depressing bob (1)
Terabyte storage xampl (9)
open source reddit clone bob (2)
Gimbal lock sharkfish (8)
The Blood Of JoC is Worth Bottling worldsSmallestViolin (3)
Crap Out of the Vending Machine son of parnas (11)
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tax rates in US higher than in socialist countries Senator David Crockett (17)
10 Downing St sent me an email Colm (8)
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Fizzy drinks contribute to carbon footprint? xampl (8)
oh yeah.  I feel your pain, ex-C++ man. sharkfish (27)
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Banking Privacy xampl (27)
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Was Ward Churchill right? Senator David Crockett (2)
FYI Sidney Schechtel (4)
Klan Robes for sale Senator David Crockett (2)
March 11th, 2008
Let Eliot Spitzer alone! Dan Denman (9)
Shamrock Shake df (5)
Ginger or Mary Ann? xampl (9)
"Luckily my voices speak in Ancient Greek and worldsSmallestViolin (5)
HOLY SHIT! Great Purple roundly abuses SoP worldsSmallestViolin (11)
for all you with daughters sharkfish (15)
How would any of you know sharkfish (12)
some things can never be excised sharkfish (9)
wow.  CoT is really... worldsSmallestViolin (10)
wow.  joel.reddit.com is really.. worldsSmallestViolin (0)
The Wire Spoilers JoC (1)
Why politicians do stupid things Rick Tang (17)
muppet, is this you? sharkfish (21)
uh, yeah. Because "reason" is the friend of the devil. sharkfish (8)
Muppet!!! Please stop!!! Rick Tang (7)
Classic ?JOS muppet (3)
I got Company JoC (1)
3 am phone call Philo (1)
laptop bagpags price comparison now and then Kontol (4)
Oh man this one starts slow but gets better muppet (6)
CoT/?off: obsessed with muppet for 3 years and counting muppet (2)
Wayne, January 2005 is missing from the archives muppet (5)
Joel quotes Eminem at muppet muppet (14)
Joel descends from the clouds muppet (0)
man, I've been slacking recently muppet (9)
"Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will... worldsSmallestViolin (10)
For all you hunt 'n peck weenies Bluebeard (32)
When did you become self aware? son of parnas (21)
Spy Book trollop (3)
38 m married one kid Curtis (39)
March 10th, 2008
random. How is this random_shuffle not f-ing shuffling@! sharkfish (31)
I'm around zed (9)
wow the great purple (18)
what would happen to you if sharkfish (38)
sqlite and virtual tables worldsSmallestViolin (8)
Where not to stay if you visit The Alice Kthx Bai (2)
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game programming sharkfish (37)
Baking Cookies Clay Dowling (10)
We are too civil today. So... Rick Tang (36)
Tabletop Gaming Geekdom - GURPS Clay Dowling (12)
It is about time our government started to get involved Bot Berlin (incoherent) (2)
Buy a motorcycle, hit the road Clay Dowling (25)
If I were Mayor of NYC I would... Michael B (12)
It's definitely a red car day JoC (8)
Build your own bon vivant (10)
Proper Software Engineer Appreciation son of parnas (9)
C++ question sharkfish (30)
::sigh:: Another round of the "360 Review" came back today muppet (21)
Into the Wild the movie and my new thing Bot Berlin (19)
At the third stroke trollop (2)
Grow your own Peter (15)
wikipedian idiots worldsSmallestViolin (6)
Hamas is now bending Israel over Dan Denman (2)
March 9th, 2008
I witnessed white male rage sharkfish (21)
The Wire Dan Denman (4)
Obama myths sharkfish (3)
you Usama, I saw Osama Arnie Becker (4)
sexism is sexy Arnie Becker (7)
some white house dude wrote a book Arnie Becker (7)
Going to strip joint tonight Dan Denman (9)
this would be the end of my career sharkfish (21)
Hezbollah missiles could target Dimona Dan Denman (4)
Hey sharky - on Senator Clinton Philo (26)
Understanding Engineers Abstract Typist (2)
+1 Intellisense son of parnas (4)
Any experience with Born to Learn teaching method? son of parnas (11)
What does correlate with success if it's not intelligence? son of parnas (21)
Ex-Defense Official Assails Colleagues Over Run-Up to War Lombrado (8)
snow shoveling the great purple (7)
Don't forget... Father Thyme (2)
i love this game sharkfish (1)
wyclef jean friday (1)
so the real question is Dan Denman (9)
half baked theory/reflection sharkfish (42)
March 8th, 2008
believing in god = clinical mental retardation Dan Denman (1)
I'm angry I'm sad I'm. Not shocked. sharkfish (30)
I married an assassin smells like bs (7)
OT Politics Post on JoS Rick Tang (4)
Daylight Savings Time Starts Tonight SaveTheHubble (12)
The effect of drugs and alcohol on spiders Cory Foy (4)
hassert seat in IL competitive politico (D) (1)
Philo on Obama Obama 2008 (3)
Where do you sit on this? Think    [...] (18)
Where is Osama? xampl (3)
horton hears a who Ward on a Treo 700p (8)
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What do republicans hate science? son of parnas (15)
Interesting bits on the origin of life son of parnas (4)
Model of a 'home computer' LH (7)
Death wishlist Tapiwa (8)
I love this thread worldsSmallestViolin (1)
Lockharts Lament worldsSmallestViolin (2)
Student face consequence running Facebook Rick Tang (7)
Carlyle group crashing worldsSmallestViolin (1)
holy shit, the unions reawaken... worldsSmallestViolin (2)
ominous step in internet advertising worldsSmallestViolin (3)
first post today sharkfish (2)
March 7th, 2008
happy women's day all the girls friday (3)
Singin’ dollar dollar bill yall friday (0)
"It's no wonder everyone here is such a failure at life" worldsSmallestViolin (16)
Uncle Cory's tips for Logger Head Cory Foy (4)
Uncle Cory's tips for getting through the airport Cory Foy (17)
Who's the terrorist: Imad Moughniyeh or Bush by Chomsky Dan Denman (5)
Last post today DIE DIE DIE (2)
any classical music buffs here? the great purple (16)
Eight Israeli students killed Dan Denman (18)
Also, it's easy to get one over on the muppet muppet (10)
Raccoon living in the hollow tree in our yard muppet (12)
Armed student stops massacre by shooting assailant Boston Legal (11)
Internet and real life [Silly question] Dickson (42)
More air travel discussion (change of pace) Ward (5)
'It's no wonder everyone here is such a failure at life.' Bluebeard (2)
The current state of CoT W.B. "Already dead" Yeats (8)
Git servers and compiling code remotely Bot Berlin (29)
just to clarify the whole 'wishing people dead thing', worldsSmallestViolin (24)
"I've never defended Bush or his policies." worldsSmallestViolin (2)
If i was stupid rich... Kenny (1)
This looks pretty cool Aaron (0)
Here's something we haven't seen in government in a while Philo (6)
Best Damned Toy Review Evar! Clay Dowling (10)
loyalty to the state Boston Legal (23)
What a shithead liar you are.. Wayne (85)
I love you guys, as much as you can love internet forum wierdos sharkfish (12)
Code::Blocks and AutoVersioning Clay Dowling (0)
Half-man, half sea slug man on the stair (5)
Keep getting cold feet.  Anyone know of a good cure? Mountain_Dewd (20)
Ostensibly Contemptible Bitch, the great purple (12)
I'd just like to point out muppet (32)
Not news I guess but.. Abstract Typist (0)
Can haz straw man? Flasher T (9)
Correct spelling man on the stair (2)
one of the things I am going to do when Im stupidly rich... worldsSmallestViolin (13)
Jim Rankin!!!! worldsSmallestViolin (6)
4 years of CoT worldsSmallestViolin (17)
damn, we were funny worldsSmallestViolin (5)
[BoCoT] "Men are never friends. ... man on the stair (9)
wage slave vs entrepreneur worldsSmallestViolin (19)
its about content creation worldsSmallestViolin (2)
a web service I put up on my website around 4 months ago... worldsSmallestViolin (6)
Depressing Less son of parnas (0)
How do you develop an alcohol problem? Michael B (17)
new computer sharkfish (13)
March 6th, 2008
More mixed airline safety messages for muppet Ward (2)
IAEA to Dershowitz and the rest of goat Dan Denman (1)
Gaza conditions 'at 40-year low' Dan Denman (16)
What is it about art competitions? trollop (1)
This time my remission only lasted a month muppet (23)
I'm thinking of researching the process for making Molly Jesus Christ, Peckerhead (14)
Speaking of great dogs (1)
fuck me worldsSmallestViolin (9)
Rush Joshua (1)
Cool subprime explanation Boston Legal (4)
It's official sharkfish (4)
Mark Zuckerberg world's youngest billionaire xampl (3)
iphone vs andriod vs j2mee son of parnas (36)
thanks muppet the great purple (24)
Good Advice son of parnas (3)
Another Bush law that actually effects me Bot Berlin (34)
"wSV what do you have to say about me only ever coming here..." worldsSmallestViolin (1)
female techies as depicted in cinema and TV sharkfish (21)
In Free America You Can't Grow Fruits and Veg son of parnas (50)
Best of CoT sharkfish (26)
Muppet should do this... Wayne (5)
I find it hugely interesting that the only time a2800276 posts.. worldsSmallestViolin (17)
Denver Kepala Kelapa (9)
You know trollop Factory Farmed, Beakless Chicken (4)
Just so we're clear Philo (12)
The Golden Rule for Atheists Full name (19)
"snapping you out of your selfish, self-fulfilling little cloud" Wayne (60)
my husband encountered this on his way to work today the great purple (40)
It's quiet JoC (3)
muppet don't Bluebeard (22)
A thought provoking story hrzone (0)
Clarke and Dawe trollop (0)
Suhweet JoC (3)
I met a great dog yesterday Factory Farmed, Beakless Chicken (16)
Why do bars play such loud music? hrzone (15)
So I watched THX 1138 Factory Farmed, Beakless Chicken (8)
The Millionaire Matchmaker matching guys with escorts Picasso (1)
Soon to be compulsory at your workplace man on the stair (2)
wow.  first time ever I wished I owned a windows machine. worldsSmallestViolin (5)
My favorite Star Trek Voyager episodes sharkfish (14)
She should have won son of parnas (3)
March 5th, 2008
" i am a very happy depressed middle aged man with family" worldsSmallestViolin (3)
considering europe friday (8)
Perhaps Allan should move to Dan Denman (2)
this is my low point friday (3)
commercials friday (11)
My own body of work sharkfish (39)
another reason mccain should seek a medical attention friday (0)
ASP.NET MVC xampl (2)
RickRolling sharkfish (8)
Now we should revoke muppet moderator privilege Dickson (40)
So, wSV, I was wondering Treppenwitz (0)
twilight zone! sharkfish (21)
I just saw an ad for "The Moment of Truth" Jesus Christ, Peckerhead (6)
Boy, do I feel, um, old and unaccomplished sharkfish (11)
Treat the symptoms to solve the problem xampl (10)
wSV how may I beat you about the head today? Bluebeard (7)
How do I create a project under a solution in VS? son of parnas (7)
this place is actually quite civilized the great purple (12)
ah, well. I was never popular. sharkfish (11)
I want to meet the two Bobs Bot Berlin (11)
Why I'm not an atheist Colm (70)
Gold: $1,000/oz JoC (12)
Odd jobs JoC (6)
how can you tell the difference the great purple (78)
Can you be polite? JoC (4)
Muppet's Ex Wife is Eating Molly for Dinner (2)
Traineeship in S&M? man on the stair (10)
muppet, I feel left out Bluebeard (1)
Is this less offensive? Factory Farmed, Beakless Chicken (12)
Erlang, best networking language ever Bot Berlin (12)
You're so right. Fucking Muppet's Daughter (2)
I've decided that it's not fair to single out Allan Tapiwa's Dead Mom (9)
The first sign... JoC (5)
morning's irritation (rant) sharkfish (19)
Is this better? Allan's Mom (9)
Limmerick Database Clay Dowling (4)
Captchas are creating SkyNet Michael B (4)
Coolest thing I've seen in a while df (5)
In protest of all the ugly offending names Dickson (6)
Please, please, please change your handle, Muppet. SaveTheHubble (25)
Canadian citizenship - how hard is it to get? Jesus Eye-Socket-Fucking Christ (34)
Habit forming maintenance medications, what a concept! Jesus Eye-Socket-Fucking Christ (10)
Gang rape a woman, then post it on YouTube Bluebeard (1)
The people who lift their heads up... worldsSmallestViolin (7)
"The level of stupidity they dictate will be indicative of worldsSmallestViolin (3)
Scumbag Dickson (0)
How many days in a given week... maybe possibly (10)
I've worked the Brice Richards enigma out! Bluebeard (17)
4 day work week at 37 signals son of parnas (2)
March 4th, 2008
burlington vt friday (5)
the redditerari are scared sharkfish (5)
Matt Groening sharkfish (10)
Texting in India sharkfish (11)
cSharkySounds sharkfish (5)
Israel's Jewish critic - anti zionist Jews Dan Denman (41)
wrote a search engine Boston Legal (3)
Brice Richard takes credit for post-Katrina fuckups FEMA trailer trash (2)
At our shop Mary (5)
What can you teach sharkfish? Dickson (9)
Boobies xampl (3)
Should I have a beer? Bot Berlin (11)
I should change my name to sharkfish (3)
Another great Brice thread Ritchie Swann (6)
Clay Dowling - Zend Framework Bluebeard (1)
Crazy dream about the Middle East (7)
believe sharkfish (7)
the gum industrial complex sharkfish (7)
OLPC Mesh Network worldsSmallestViolin (0)
No William this month worldsSmallestViolin (1)
HMPH JoC (6)
Gary Gygax dead xampl (7)
trying for a baby update the great purple (9)
the pain-body sharkfish (13)
question about asp.net sharkfish (18)
Down with Competition! df (3)
Acute Social Withdrawal worldsSmallestViolin (7)
Will the person that wins tonight be the next president? Anon for this (8)
hey triple-dot! sharkfish (5)
hack da windoze! sharkfish (3)
TDD leads to an architectural meltdown around iteration three son of parnas (24)
No Good From War Lombrado (0)
my turn to vote the great purple (6)
For my darling muppet Bluebeard (4)
Do you like the mega-corporation? PetePaul (14)
Nah, I'm Done SaveTheHubble (5)
the stupid puppy throwing thing Boston Legal (23)
More airplane stuff Flasher T (18)
JOS posters LORB (7)
How To Not Be Offended worldsSmallestViolin (3)
happy worldsSmallestViolin (1)
Hey Bot sharkfish (11)
bah.  whorelore doesn't even have... worldsSmallestViolin (1)
Garth's bulge sharkfish (1)
c++ _lread sharkfish (17)
March 3rd, 2008
MIT blackjack team friday (7)
hillary on jon stewart right now friday (4)
How long could I stay from CoT Dickson (3)
three things sharkfish (15)
Have you all gone nuts? sharkfish (8)
STH wants me to tell you that Dickson (22)
Why Do I Like CoT? SaveTheHubble (7)
Clinton and Obama Showdown Dickson (1)
"All right then, get me a battleship." read it on reddit (3)
universal cuts hd dvd prices Fat fuck (7)
Well, Allan is back to delete things. Jesus Christ, Peckerhead (27)
In light of the facts, this is really sick.  Thanks a lot WSV Jesus Christ, Peckerhead (9)
nuts, im going to have to wait until I get home... worldsSmallestViolin (1)
Peanut conspiracy bon vivant (7)
I bought a lottery ticket xampl (5)
Office space defense Pete (4)
XNA, C# and computer science BotBerlin(Incoherent Ghost 2024) (12)
Ok, no long posts, only technology<software>, some politics BotBerlin(Incoherent Ghost 2024) (4)
he he he.  Im deleting code. worldsSmallestViolin (3)
Teaching Boys and Girls Separately son of parnas (16)
THESE are delete worthy material Dickson (3)
Hey muppet Flasher T (16)
man on the stair is scared. Wayne (5)
OK Allan, sweetie.  I'm headed hoome for the day. Jesus Eye-Socket-Fucking Christ (0)
FT yesterday on Obama/Clinton Abstract Typist (1)
what is in a name? worldsSmallestViolin (6)
I changed my nick Allan Jesus Eye-Socket-Fucking Christ (5)
*Grabs popcorn* Wayne (23)
Wayne, you need to remove Allan as moderator piss piss (2)
how is this allan? Jesus F Christ (2)
AllanL5, please go back on your meds piss piss (1)
Wayne and Allan, seriously, WTF? piss piss (11)
dear man on the stairs worldsSmallestViolin (20)
So I just got ripped off at the gas station today at lunch piss piss (13)
is that a little awkward?  let me bend over a little some more.. worldsSmallestViolin (4)
The evil of masturbation worldsSmallestViolin (19)
I propose a new consumer standard worldsSmallestViolin (5)
Working with a javascript library software vendor Bot (17)
So, Brice LORB (9)
The best way to stimulate the economy piss piss (11)
My new policy when shopping out my resume piss piss (8)
No wise man ever wished to be younger. son of parnas (6)
Chiming In... Brice Richard (7)
Smoke detectors df (30)
Jeff Healey is dead man on the stair (3)
Re: Sidebar JoC (6)
Peter JoC (2)
Happy Casimir Pulaski Day the great purple (6)
Ahmadinejad gets a parade, but bush sneaks in and out of Iraq. Peter (4)
Prey is one fucked up game piss piss (3)
Another Dan Denman (4)
Self - analysis; I won't lie, I was pissed Bot (Ghost in the Shell) (12)
Daddy is GAY! [ ]  ...    Think (15)
Robertson + Falwell now post to JoS (3)
March 2nd, 2008
healthcare crisis in the US is shameful arg! (8)
Zionist Collaboration With The Nazis Dan Denman (27)
last Tuesday's debate the great purple (27)
Hey Kid, Wanna Buy a Watch? Clay Dowling (21)
Remove the bullet Brown Coat (16)
You Know What's Stupid? Everything I Don't Understand Bot (3)
who is the 50 days person? Dr. Nark (0)
Denzel Washington is one of my favorite villians Bot (4)
For Muppet - more fun in the sky Treppenwitz (1)
The Indian Condom Song Treppenwitz (2)
Can you un-jew yourself? Dan Denman (7)
Prison for families Colm (6)
mission statements xampl (13)
Does idiotbegone work here? man on the stair (6)
Capitalism vs. Socialism Michael B (25)
The garden this year df (6)
CodeBlocks 8.02 Clay Dowling (2)
This is screwy economics trollop (5)
using eclipse again worldsSmallestViolin (10)
Zed Shaw on CIO.com and a factor plug Bot (Ghost in the Shell) (19)
March 1st, 2008
I just deleted a tad over 72,000 emails Cory Foy (5)
worst COTTISMs yours? (1)
NSFW loco (8)
google search error from the search box! (0)
What are the top sci-fi books out there Bot (Ghost in the Shell) (36)
CoT reading material Bot (Ghost in the Shell) (0)
More in jail now because of backlash against civil rights? sharkfish (9)
Don't read this sharkfish (1)
4 days in Switzerland, where to go? Lee (6)
it is time sharkfish (11)
Humanzee sharkfish (3)
A test for the CoT confused. Bot (Ghost in the Shell) (32)
A woman on women:  we really are dumber Treppenwitz (16)
Buying a new computer by noon tomorrow sharkfish (11)
Strange math and leap years Bot (Ghost in the Shell) (18)
Vancouver Specials Ward (6)