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March 31st, 2006
Good April Fools Pranks? M (14 comments)
B. W. M (9)
Heavenly food for the poor man Bot Berlin (13)
Guy Kawasaki on Forbes Ryan (16)
/.'s new look example (6)
Building your own .NET compiler sharkfish (8)
ADSI (1)
Anyone else OCD? Planet Funk (13)
holy crap batman Planet Funk (0)
30s Rick Tsang (9)
I had a phone interview with a company in London today Funny Bunny (17)
Cows don't have udders trollop (6)
WTF? on that guy's blog... I am Jack's elitist eleoma (2)
retirement B.L.N.K.R. (19)
Aaron Funny Bunny (0)
Thunderpussy is on a rampage (.)(.) <-- look, boobies (3)
Wanna make Firefox go crazy? Funny Bunny (2)
What are you doing now Funny Bunny (12)
I think I'll get a Palm thunderpussy (4)
die sperm.  DIE! thunderpussy (5)
oooh me so Hhhhhorny! thunderpussy (1)
Today's video chuckle: Kenny (5)
I love Google Desktop. Masiosare (4)
Whole Foods xampl (14)
Forbesy on scripting.com B.L.N.K.R. (1)
I imagined sharkfish (5)
McKinstry still manages to creep me out muppet (12)
Zug strikes again! Mat Hall (2)
Totally non-non-non-non-non heinous! Mat Hall (0)
OK, I hate BT again... a cynic writes... (3)
blendTrans in IE Locutus of Borg (3)
April Aubade Locutus of Borg (9)
March 30th, 2006
How little we understand about IQ sharkfish (41)
Interesting site Bot Berlin (20)
context sensitive help for a web app sharkfish (13)
necromancer's depature B.L.N.K.R. (5)
FGA sharkfish (9)
OOoooooh! Let's all kick NASA... Funny Bunny (11)
Names door hitting ass on way out (14)
My feet stink Funny Bunny (16)
interesting post on corn as fuel son of parnas (16)
Google's regrouped competitor Rick Tsang (19)
Google to sell another $2 billion in shares. B.L.N.K.R. (3)
Forbesy in on the front page of Digg sharkfish (15)
Oblivion kicks ass muppet (0)
Fear the Network Administrator. JD (11)
My kinda cat sharkfish (12)
What is a "late model car"? Anonymous Moron (25)
Have you ever muppet (17)
Companies shooting themselves in the foot, Volume 4 muppet (3)
Quote of the week... a cynic writes... (5)
What's the difference between the Iraq War and the Vietnam War? muppet (2)
top ten tips on becoming a rockstar programmer B.L.N.K.R. (16)
Amazon gets it wrong. Again. Moron (10)
Covers of songs that shouldn't have been done example (10)
Strange Psychology revealed by Oblivion muppet (19)
Iraqi Invasion, a Text Misadventure muppet (6)
Look I can do ASCII art too [8^)]  Locutus of Borg (8)
Baller's brilliant Rick Tsang (3)
UK Apprentice (spoiler if you didn't see yesterday's show) Moron (5)
Worst movie ever updated. Bot Berlin (9)
Sharkfish isn't alone... Lostacular (8)
CSS, this is prolly a stupid question..... FullNameRequired (3)
Please Help Me Sexual Harrasment Panda (1)
CSS image/text drag n drop recommentations? FullNameRequired (1)
My important ethical decision: should I get espresso machine? son of parnas (14)
March 29th, 2006
Black White (.)(.) <-- look, eyeballs (3)
Crazy black people sharkfish (10)
Where are my private delicious links? Dichotomy (3)
I have a Superiority Complex Dichotomy (16)
Canadian inferiority complex Dan Denman (10)
ALT + N (.)(.) <-- look, boobies (6)
arrived at the dentist... FullNameRequired (7)
Republican Lobbyist Jack Abramoff gets 5 year. B.L.N.K.R. (1)
Forum sugestions Funny Bunny (10)
hehe now i understand OOP! Masiosare (15)
Microsoft lunacy of the day Ian Boys (3)
Most important ethical decision in my life Rick Tsang (40)
I am not a graphic designer... Planet Funk (11)
IE BLOG Masiosare (13)
Locutus GreaseMonkey v1.1 Locutus of Borg (4)
goddamn crappy software Dana (9)
SQL server upgrade hooped my stored procedure! Almost H. Anonymous (23)
Fantasy or Sci Fi novel recommendations? Kenny (22)
Fascinating interveiw with Theo DeRadt on FOSS LinuxOrBust (10)
piggy dress up sharkfish (2)
AAAAAAAAAGH! Mat Hall (13)
Eclipse example (16)
Dear religious people, (17)
Ruby on Rails Aaron F Stanton (21)
yeah, some samaritan muppet (15)
YES, DUH! muppet (5)
All Safari users FullNameRequired (0)
im home again and.... FullNameRequired (4)
For the fish, read Freakonomics, Chicago spin Bot Berlin (7)
I just want to say that Moron (4)
No one is safe Bot Berlin (1)
Amazon UI refactored: great data, but help the scroll-challenged Bot Berlin (5)
Two Questions force_assert((i++)++ == ++(++i)) (8)
UK Accent foo bar (41)
Forgotten Movies Jason T. (47)
March 28th, 2006
damn firefox sharkfish (14)
French demo Mr Blank (6)
Why didn't anyone tell me (4)
Oblivion Mods (.)(.) <-- lk bbs (0)
Done adult education? Bot Berlin (6)
CADT Funny Bunny (4)
World's Cutest Babies (well, 2-yr-olds) Ward (23)
javascript. choke me. sharkfish (12)
AHAHAHAHAHAH! Funny Bunny (1)
Pieces of culture I simply love Funny Bunny (12)
CSS layout Aaron F Stanton (7)
holy hell is the rule of law just that fragile? B.L.N.K.R. (5)
GreaseMonkey for CoT released Locutus of Borg (18)
Xen or VMWare Funny Bunny (2)
Microsoft's self-referential search... Mat Hall (3) B.L.N.K.R. (4)
Racist Bitch II Funny Bunny (14)
Potentially Rick Tsang (39)
Bookstores for IT books frustrate me LinuxOrBust (7)
Trying to catch Sathyaish's frame of mind Locutus of Borg (1)
The Truth Sathyaish Chakravarthy (38)
Nothing to do? Masiosare (4)
I am TERRIBLY materialistic and muppet (13)
I'm not materialistic, but... sharkfish (19)
Solaris Moron (14)
LMFAO - Tuttle, OK muppet (2)
Crazy white man sharkfish (35)
Digital Cameras -- whats good now? hehehe (19)
Comic strip referral trollop (20)
This sounds like a fantastic idea, to me muppet (17)
GDI+ Mat Hall (14)
Working on Greasemonkey/Trixie script for CoT Locutus of Borg (19)
New IE bugs Moron (5)
The things you have to do to say "Hello World!" in assembly LinuxOrBust (3)
March 27th, 2006
30,000 to 26 million people iraq; some stats Bot Berlin (17)
V for Vendetta (spoilers) Dennis Forbes (15)
Oh fuck yeah muppet (5)
Is this where we find out whether trollop (3)
Hey guys BigJigger (3)
Did I understand all of this? Rick Tsang (4)
Contract derailed Funny Bunny (31)
"Don't publish that," (13)
I hate insurance companies example (3)
Oblivion is the best fucking PC game ever made muppet (18)
Philosophical blathering Michael B (58)
Quantum Mechanics Michael B (12)
Manure Manager Ward (4)
"The start date for the military campaign was now penciled in" (16)
I'm back from vacation... John Haren (23)
Do you hate deals? Bot Berlin (14)
Rejection Letter by Sathy Sathy loves Muppet (7)
Can we Sathyaish Chakravarthy (27)
I just wanna say that sharkfish (6)
Tuttle/CentOS Flasher T (3)
Do you smoke? oxff (18)
Are PDF files Moron (11)
HIGH larious muppet (9)
I am thinking Sathyaish Chakravarthy (18)
No wonder they are all Muslim LinuxOrBust (12)
Why there is no comic book like Tintin or Asterix anymore? Anon (11)
March 26th, 2006
Trip to NewYork Bot Berlin (10)
Marriage is for white people. B.L.N.K.R. (4)
Why does all forum software look the same? son of parnas (16)
Upgraded to 1 megabit. Yay! Now a joke... Lostacular (5)
BBW xampl (14)
When it drizzles.. (7)
we're all going to die (really) FullNameRequired (20)
I haven't mentioned how swell I am in a while Troll Spolsky (16)
What is the GOP? Funny Bunny (10)
http://www.google.com/searchhistor y/?hl=en (.)(.) <-- lk, bbs (51)
This weekend in Iraq B.L.N.K.R. (12)
Jennifer Aniston update blnkr (18)
March 25th, 2006
FYI, Alan Dershowitz Dan Denman (12)
Your thoughts? blnkr (7)
work-for-hire? blanker (13)
3 more days... FullNameRequired (7)
barbara bush you scumfuck blanker (13)
from DADDY'S HOUSE blanker (3)
Asian Fetish Mark (56)
php and RC4 encryption FullNameRequired (1)
Anybody use nutch. Bot Berlin (1)
Black White Mark (23)
Why are we in Afghanistan, again? LinuxOrBust (7)
No barriers, low costs = no profits sharkfish (7)
Dear Abby Simon Lucy (7)
PHP people scarce? sharkfish (13)
MiniMsft exposè Lostacular (1)
V for Vendetta Kenny (12)
Ahh, friday nights and nobody is posting... Almost H. Anonymous (22)
Mark's Law (.)(.) <-- look, boobies (8)
March 24th, 2006
Wow (.)(.) <-- look, boobies (4)
the guy should give the 5K back. blanker (2)
Kenin and ?off archive FullNameRequired (2)
Is this for real sharkfish (14)
This would be a cool addition to COT or not (33)
Muppet, the rolemodel Rock Hardbuns (7)
GW Bush above the law blanker (11)
has my post shown up on JoS? FullNameRequired (16)
Math Prize and Rick Tsang (8)
Aargh! Freya is pretty Real boobies! (11)
To whom defies CTRL-Scrollwheel I am Jack's elitist eleoma (9)
frequently heard on ?cot blanker (6)
someone asked about Jim Cramer once blanker (2)
What am I? FullNameRequired (9)
this happened? blanker (22)
VEX Hardware half-price AllanL5 (0)
Business problem at Oracle Rick Tsang (6)
Peppermint Oil Capsules sixtyten (9)
Here we fucking go.  Mat Hall will love this. muppet (14)
Worst website navigation ever? Mat Hall (3)
Oh for me grog, for me jolly jolly grog! Moron (1)
Preved Flasher T (9)
Marketwatch game Moron (8)
Casual Friday I am Jack's elitist eleoma (19)
Jesus Christ muppet (10)
Speaking of South Park I am Jack's elitist eleoma (12)
Found this online, liked it muppet (6)
Nambla?? Mr. Wumpus (16)
Good god... Mat Hall (35)
Muppet is a doofus in real life, Chapter 99 muppet (18)
Oh man, minutes of entertainment value!! muppet (10)
Chief frog hops it Moron (1)
One of these pictures is not like the others... Don't ask... (5)
laptop computer recommendations Some random guy (23)
Fucking ISP Mat Hall (1)
I become homicidal when people try to reason with me. (.)(.) <-- look, boobies (2)
FUCK!! FUCK!! (6)
Where's the ?off archive? Almost H. Anonymous (12)
March 23rd, 2006
Primetime (.)(.) <-- look, boobies (5)
Distributed search sharkfish (4)
Ward:  Pompous fuckhead. sharkfish (26)
Beware, cheaters sharkfish (3)
Shattered Images PNII (53)
LMFAO at Fark headline muppet (1)
prevent text selection? sharkfish (16)
Sathy got me thinking about employers LinuxOrBust (5)
Unfriendly reminder... BigJigger (1)
At daddy house: I hate Linux fools Rick Tsang (12)
Angel (TV series) example (17)
Lostacular LinuxOrBust (5)
Microsoft Shares Your Pain Silly Me (0)
Good idea..  filter virus from the blood! Almost H. Anonymous (2)
Meet a black person sharkfish (6)
Hackpology sharkfish (18)
3... Sathyaish Chakravarthy (3)
Ugh. I ate a double cheeseburger. sharkfish (23)
Labelling Behaviours (West) vs. Acceptance (East) Sathyaish Chakravarthy (48)
The Daily Show on Statistics I am Jack's mini moron (11)
muhahahahaha muppet (1)
Suck it, South Dakota Jacob (2)
This is complete crap muppet (9)
People are fucking disgusting, part II muppet (8)
Don't buy a Sony Vaio كولم (22)
Head boy demoted muppet (18)
Oh, the joys of home ownership muppet (10)
Ice skating WTF Flasher T (2)
Cheese danishes wash my toenails muppet (5)
geekcorps - anyone here have any experience with them? (9)
PIG of the day Locutus of Borg (6)
Who will... Please tell tell me now (4)
WTF? Flasher T (7)
Internet Forums Jason T. (15)
Dating Races Jason T. (33)
Why do iPods have to be so 'Pretty' Jason T. (4)
Bank goes bankrupt. What do you do? (.)(.) <-- look, boobies (14)
For the love of God (5)
March 22nd, 2006
Man did not rescue child for fear of 'pervert' slur... Almost H. Anonymous (41)
Internet problem Alam (27)
People are fucking disgusting, and other newsflashes muppet (28)
Sharepoint question! Almost H. Anonymous (5)
developer work group FullNameRequired (15)
Fuck I hate that every domain is taken... Almost H. Anonymous (9)
Happy St. Patty's Day! ___ (3)
Well I got my W2 and did my 2001 taxes muppet (9)
Who is this woman? Locutus of Borg (14)
CoT summary FullNameRequired (5)
joel reddit.com Bot Berlin (0)
Muppet's contact info example (20)
Workplace safety example (8)
Oh that crazy Joel muppet (7)
More GI Joe PSA Hilarity muppet (11)
Daddy's house google bomb... Almost H. Anonymous (15)
Heh (.)(.) <-- look, boobies (12)
The Prodigy Flasher T (5)
This is what I have to work with around here muppet (5)
WTF kind of referral spam is this? muppet (4)
Atheists less corrupt son of parnas (64)
I don't understand Tabs son of parnas (9)
V for Vendetta, redux AllanL5 (9)
Spore Flasher T (13)
Happy B'day Capt. Kirk AllanL5 (14)
Zero cross training + key people on vacation = muppet (19)
I want to be him FullNameRequired (22)
SCREW YOU, YOU FUCKING MORONS! (.)(.) <-- look, boobies (3)
Did I miss anything? Mat Hall (8)
So what is he saying? RESULTS Locutus of Porc (12)
I hope their eyeballs boil in blood FullNameRequired (4)
How do you talk to your pets? sharkfish (18)
Sigh.  Code that hurts. sharkfish (4)
Cockring Dan Denman (5)
March 21st, 2006
Brilliant Ideas for Aaron (.)(.) <-- look, boobies (12)
Afghanistan vs Religion... Peter (5)
Dont know if google is trying as hard. Bot Berlin (12)
Are Interests Rates Going to Keep Rising? son of parnas (5)
dilute? heretic familiarize as scandalize, My Spam (1)
When I tell you that I love you... Fab 4 (1)
Shameless plug, botverse 0.1.2 Bot Berlin (6)
Bankrupt the GOP Rick Tsang (8)
Aaron - How can you... FullNameRequired (10)
So what is he saying? Locutus of Borg (24)
If you want to hear a variety of (British) accents... Ian Boys (1)
Polygamy sharkfish (25)
Comcast ad on TV Ian Boys (2)
Shameless Plug Aaron F Stanton (52)
Hero كولم (3)
Relevant to the discussion I was having with FNR the other day muppet (0)
Bush To Cleveland: ‘Anybody Work Here In This Town?’ son of parnas (6)
Lord <yournamehere> what are you reading for? (5)
Google Finance Jacob (5)
The Joel Reddit V2.0 Masiosare (4)
Insurgent prison brake LinuxOrBust (40)
IP enabled network security cameras muppet (3)
The Joel Reddit (11)
My computer died Dana (4)
When is an inventory surge Simon Lucy (14)
Dead Tuesday muppet (10)
noitaripsnI Yhtravarkahc Hsiayhtas (4)
It seems as though my company has started blocking Firefox muppet (16)
"Computer games help convicts cope" Moron (0)
Happy birthday!!! Geert-Jan Thomas (14)
March 20th, 2006
When O When will COT source be released? Rednatsyb Derob (6)
OMG OMG OMG NSFW Masiosare (7)
who has been persecuting sathyaish? FullNameRequired (7)
The Official Death Threats Thread The Administration (3)
Damn you!  Now I'm horny. sharkfish (21)
I'm taking Colm's advice.. Locutus (0)
Has FNR become Locutus? AllanL5 (14)
Issuing death threats is against forum policy, thankyou Stephen Jones (1)
anyone know how to use vcal? son of parnas (2)
Year 2000 Rick Tsang (17)
I drew a pig Dana (19)
CLIPS I am Jack's artificial acronym (6)
Flickr gif's broke? sharkfish (15)
I, for one, welcome to our new Xenu Overlord Masiosare (43)
Snopes knowingly publishes false information forThis.Anon (9)
Comcast bandwidth at extreeme speeds BigJigger (15)
Guess who's back hammering my sites today? muppet (9)
Requesting a copy of the .COM zone ,..., (1)
Hang the bitch and then burn the corpse muppet (7)
Cigna would be happy to get my 2001 W2 right out to me... muppet (6)
annoying use of hover links son of parnas (3)
Where did I see this (warning: not off topic) Moron (3)
Is every single damn word in the dictionary a domain already? a2800276 (14)
Projects by langauge Sathyaish Chakravarthy (1)
7 months, two days until Disney muppet (13)
OSX far less secure than Windows? كولم (3)
eBay to the extreme Bot Berlin (3)
I had to cancel the dentist. FullNameRequired (14)
Soo....what drives the price of a stock? Bot Berlin (10)
The fight against contraception begins... Almost H. Anonymous (15)
Beware of CoTing... Almost H. Anonymous (21)
March 19th, 2006
Im sorry colm. FullNameRequired (4)
I want to be dominated. Dom, sub, either role is fine with me FullNameRequired (38)
spooky sharkfish (26)
Ethanol sharkfish (30)
Carolina coming home example (0)
Who will watch the watchers? FullNameRequired (33)
UI paradigms, or whatever Funny Bunny (4)
Anyone familliar with Ultimate++ Rock Hardbuns (9)
Tee hee Creepy old fucky bastard (4)
3D desktops Funny Bunny (19)
For those (2) who care (greasemonkey script) Masiosare (2)
This will mess with your brain? Bot Berlin (4)
Hehe كولم (0)
Screen real estate Funny Bunny (8)
smoking in Calabasas sharkfish (19)
Spot the inconsistency Colm (in internet cafe) (41)
The new movie, "V for Vendetta" AllanL5 (10)
Irony example (14)
new talking points: islam is the problem son of parnas (21)
This greasemonkey script removes the dateheaders (Sorry AHA) Geert-Jan Thomas (0)
Wipe Funny Bunny (7)
I don't like the date headers muppet (10)
Bit blowy up North. trollop (1)
FruitShow / CoT Update Almost H. Anonymous (26)
March 18th, 2006
best game is a live game sharkfish (2)
CoT Flickr account Funny Bunny (13)
ok.  This freaked me out. sharkfish (10)
Funny Bunny's Linux Adventures Funny Bunny (22)
American theorcracy Dan Denman (8)
Virtual Stock Exchange - Final Standings (8)
atheism on the rise son of parnas (7)
Down, out Geert-Jan Thomas (4)
A special place is reserved... Flasher T (4)
Cool:  Accent archive sharkfish (5)
Paris Riots sharkfish (17)
Kubunto Funny Bunny (20)
come on, theres got to be soemone out there...? FullNameRequired (5)
my teeth hurt, but... FullNameRequired (4)
New Entry Suggestions for the IPC Sathyaish Chakravarthy (5)
vulgarians of the world, unite! John Haren (2)
March 17th, 2006
Trying to find sharkfish (22)
US evangelicals warn Republicans Dan Denman (8)
Just installed Ubuntu on my laptop Funny Bunny (3)
Who am I? Funny Bunny (8)
What are we like? Bill Bailey (4)
Squiggle is Colm FullNameRequired (18)
Web Interfaces Funny Bunny (4)
Ha Ha Ha Ha HA, MS competes with IBM Rick Tsang (21)
Devastated Planet Funk (7)
Usability of Daddy's house thread was deleted Rick Tsang (3)
Secblog - Geotag-based photos via flash Plus ça change (7)
Is it me? كولم (21)
Zen is Boring Dennis Forbes (34)
Mexico! Mexico! Masiosare (9)
Out of curiosity... Tayssir John Gabbour (20)
Hit & Run nathan (50)
AllanL5 is Encycopedia Brown muppet (6)
Pig Gallery online! Flasher T (14)
Happy St.Patrick's Day!! Ricardo Antunes da Costa (39)
Frightening el (8)
Gotta love censorship and the FCC Bot Berlin (6)
As promised, a sad one Geert-Jan Thomas (7)
Devil at work (1)
Freeze-dry Sathyaish Chakravarthy (12)
The things that make me giggle the most... Silly Me (1)
Timely Steel McLargeHuge (2)
March 16th, 2006
Boston legal Dan Denman (12)
Java developer salary around the world Lostacular (1)
Yahoo complies with censorship order trollop (3)
suicide notes. FullNameRequired (8)
I just realized who sharky reminds me of Steel McLargeHuge (1)
Trivandrum (India) Mongo (6)
Primetime (4)
Revisiting suicide sharkfish (12)
You  might be stuck with your spouse longer than you think sharkfish (12)
Everythings are for sale Rick Tsang (1)
Canada Dennis Forbes (20)
Don't miss this: "Scaling Rails" Lostacular (11)
ROTFLMFAO muppet (3)
JXTA port to C# sharkfish (10)
yeah! why not?! (1)
I hate these guys Smug McLargeHuge (12)
Gmail Loader Funny Bunny (2)
Pussy Wiggle Stomp Funny Bunny (0)
Remember when Philo used to write like this? Funny Bunny (13)
Boring Vancouver Rick Tsang (2)
Open Source Project Funny Bunny (2)
Mandrake founder fired Rick Tsang (3)
Hot or not BigJigger (15)
I was just kidding sharkfish (25)
This is funny Bot Berlin (1)
Now playing: John Fogerty, Premonition (Live) Geert-Jan Thomas (6)
It Looks Like Google's Buying Sun After All Dennis Forbes (5)
pronouncing Tychae nathan (8)
Spammer email 'from' names Mail Delivery Subsystem (7)
Mat Hall's next appartment... Almost H. Anonymous (7)
Is the US offshoring defense systems? sharkfish (17)
This price is a mistake, right? sharkfish (10)
Hidden messages. Plus ça change (3)
We've almost won!  Just a few more bombs! muppet (5)
The most overloaded noise to content webpage Dennis Forbes (2)
What do you eat for breakfast? sharkfish (30)
Hey pig, piggy, pig, pig, pig. I am Jack's Piggy Port (11)
Poseidon looks good example (4)
This is awesome muppet (17)
Oh come on that's on purpose muppet (3)
Russell may not have gone to such lengths.. Plus ça change (0)
Jericho prison raid Flasher T (53)
Google Homepage - WTF? muppet (5)
Is it just me muppet (15)
If you want to be like me Geert-Jan Thomas (0)
FOSS vs. MS LinuxOrBust (30)
If only Chris were alive to see this... Mat Hall (17)
one too many ideas... FullNameRequired (9)
my teeth hurt FullNameRequired (18)
Prize Winning Pig Geert-Jan Thomas (6)
Forum error for older topics Geert-Jan Thomas (3)
Pigs in the pipeline Geert-Jan Thomas (10)
fun iraq war quotes son of parnas (10)
32 million idiots voted on idol son of parnas (6)
Funny moment on Jay Leno (.)(.) <-- look, boobies (7)
March 15th, 2006
WAS: OK come on now somebody's pulling my leg Sathyaish Chakravarthy (0)
No existe el dia internacional del hombre. sharkfish (5)
Black/White sharkfish (23)
The Ethos Effect Steel McLargeHuge (14)
Ban Dan Denman! sharkfish (10)
Only the stars will speak for us sharkfish (2)
What would a hippie do? Bot Berlin (4)
Anti war activist Dan Denman (7)
Piggy Piggy ay-o... Steel McLargeHuge (1)
Bush's approval on handling terrorism was at 42 percent (5)
Gawker Stalker sharkfish (3)
I frigging hate the frigging PDF file format muppet (24)
Oh look! Funny Bunny (1)
SXIP 2.0  LID  OPENId Dennis Forbes (3)
Im a little worried about Steel McLargeHuge.... FullNameRequired (11)
No celebration for... Masiosare (1)
Things you guys owe me Steel McLargeHuge (17)
Spend one night in a library yesterday Rick Tsang (8)
Brontosaurus Announces the End of Major Evolutionionary Change Mongo (8)
I love corporate filters... Jacob (3)
Whoops example (4)
Dr. Who This Friday AllanL5 (22)
Would you pardon Bush? Steel McLargeHuge (28)
Finnaly, some valid^H^H^H^H^Hvindication. Evil Cracker (14)
Gay Racist Sexist (&other completely inappropriate) Jokes Thread (.)(.) (14)
Crazy on Tap: Twice as successful as ?off (.)(.) (3)
Anyone use Eiffel Plus ça change (3)
Forum Bug (.)(.) (20)
Pig? Steel McLargeHuge (3)
Wedding Plans muppet (58)
We do not torture. (38)
So, you think he'll actually be hired by Google now? Flasher T (9)
The slashdotification of CoT (22)
Can someone with Opera look at this muppet (26)
Can't find the "What would make .Net cool" thread Aaron F Stanton (37)
London III Funny Bunny (18)
Everything wrong with J2EE jz (7)
Is there a good *nix LiveCD for Dell laptops? muppet (7)
Any new groups similar to Oasis? Plus ça change (9)
LOL muppet (8)
::snicker:: muppet (21)
IMAP vs POP3 Cool Dad (7)
Hah, that's awesome. Flasher T (4)
I have a new nick HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA (4)
Oh isn't *that* special... Steel McLargeHuge (1)
Oh baby you're the only thing in this whole world Steel McLargeHuge (7)
Deleting legal names Simon Lucy (29)
Wear a Casio, go to jail. Flasher T (12)
How big is Type O Negative? The Poster Formerly Known as HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA (10)
March 14th, 2006
"Hi, I'm a big fat nerd." The Poster Formerly Known as HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA (5)
For muppet "When and how to use internet image formats" The Poster Formerly Known as HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA (10)
Hey Philo, soul patch on American Idol sharkfish (2)
Boston Legal Bot Berlin (13)
N word in the sidebar sharkfish (8)
American Idol sharkfish (11)
I'm prejudiced sharkfish (1)
For the poster or two that was looking forward to it muppet (4)
Sharkfish is a demonstration that Rick Tsang (22)
Earnings in the UK Funny Bunny (26)
What Linux distro would you use? Funny Bunny (15)
whoops and you had to ask? (3)
Java is the new Cobol Funny Bunny (15)
Is this true? Funny Bunny (4)
Bitch about Google, bitch about Microsoft, No bitch about Sony? Almost H. Anonymous (11)
Muppet meets Condi example (5)
OK come on now somebody's pulling my leg muppet (11)
Flying pig example (0)
My office mates remind me that today is Steak and sharkfish (9)
This is hilarious كولم (0)
What's up with Household Recycling in So. Cal. LinuxOrBust (6)
THEY should not do that I am Jack's slippery slope sled (13)
I've been looking for this all my life (NSFW) Moron (7)
French really SuXORS! big time! a2800276 (7)
AHA: files coming to sf.net? BigJigger (3)
w00t, Dan Denman is back! John Haren (2)
WordPress is swell, BUT muppet (9)
Dear ladies, Plus ça change (3)
REGEX/REGEXP R T3H SUXX0RS.  Example inside sharkfish (65)
I love this silly stuff sharkfish (3)
Happy Pi Day! Jacob (7)
Killer app idea Flasher T (15)
Anyone know any good byte-oriented diff algorithms? Mat Hall (12)
As ye sow, so shall ye reap... Mat Hall (46)
My work PC is behaving very strangely... Mat Hall (14)
Image -> Divs Dennis Forbes (7)
Kathryn Harris' boobs:  real or fake? Dana (15)
Why do so, SO many blog authors muppet (14)
Linux is not Windows LinuxOrBust (4)
You have made my day! Geert-Jan Thomas (3)
And again with Windows Live Mat Hall (5)
I was watching one of my daughters discover object persistence FullNameRequired (6)
Moussaoui probably going to escape.. FullNameRequired (16)
my teeth hurt. FullNameRequired (13)
For Philo Aaron F Stanton (7)
BODIES the Exhibition Mark (6)
March 13th, 2006
muppet - SoG Plus ça change (21)
Office banter sharkfish (16)
Google isn't forever Dennis Forbes (12)
OMG he's killed Chef trollop (6)
Meditation / Buddhism Philosophy Part II Dennis Forbes (8)
now that everyone is on the net son of parnas (3)
Gotta love when Dan Denman (12)
WTF is it with "and it has to look exactly like this"? Steel McLargeHuge (7)
The Apprentice Steel McLargeHuge (10)
bald & a soul patch Steel McLargeHuge (16)
headache from hell sharkfish (6)
I feel validated sharkfish (57)
A disturbing number of piggies... Steel McLargeHuge (1)
All right you defenders of dial-up muppet (13)
Comic drawing program. Masiosare (2)
CSS gurus muppet (15)
Borrowing against the free value of your home jz (16)
I owuld like to nominate Geert-Jan Thomas as CoT... FullNameRequired (6)
Almost got taken out by an H2 today. Flasher T (7)
Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes Jacob (5)
Passport, Web Service and dotNet. Rick Tsang (2)
The owner of this website wrote a thesis on GUIs muppet (7)
so Ive solved the toothache for a while :) FullNameRequired (6)
Jim Cramer example (5)
BOOOOOORING muppet (11)
Retire in ten years or enjoy yourself now? Flasher T (27)
What's it for women? Plus ça change (1)
Mark Warner for President (no, really!) Dana (10)
Republican Dictionary Dana (6)
A Bush Alarm: Urging U.S. to Shun Isolationism Dana (8)
Taking a break. Kasey (6)
80 killed in Iraq bomb blasts, mortar attacks (8)
Meditation / Buddhism and Developers Dennis Forbes (16)
Is there something special I need to do in Photoshop muppet (5)
CoT is suddenly fux0red muppet (5)
Souls of Glass is getting a facelift muppet (18)
Damned Microsoft Windows muppet (5)
Milosevic's death might have been escape attempt Moron (3)
A Personal Statement On The Issue of Moderation... a cynic writes... (12)
When pigs are flying... Geert-Jan Thomas (14)
Holy inflation muppet (5)
This is so fucking typical of this administration muppet (4)
Windows Live again Mat Hall (5)
Current deletion count on the main page (first 70 posts) muppet (20)
Good grief Mat Hall (7)
Google Pixel (6)
Give it a rest, Flasher, nobody thinks you're clever. Flasher is unimaginative and boring. (6)
Just so you know... Steel McLargeHuge (0)
March 12th, 2006
Ubuntu <!--not messing with formatting--> (2)
Gabbly <!--not messing with formatting--> (10)
Six Nations Rugby Mr Blank (5)
F1 Mr Blank (1)
some nyc tech companies Kasey (0)
James Doohan's son outbid on wax statue of Scotty son of parnas (2)
why you are not the CEO. Kasey (8)
need a CSS/XHTML genius muppet (5)
so the dentist is out for a while... FullNameRequired (7)
republicans finally notice some of the problems with bush FullNameRequired (9)
Pig for the weekend Geert-Jan Thomas (7)
Denman, I know you're reading this. Geert-Jan Thomas (4)
Suddenly... Steel McLargeHuge (8)
Is Flasher T the worst moderator in the history of ?off/CoT? I'm just wondering. (57)
I'm a despicable swine! Mat Hall (12)
ulos," Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold called on the Senate to pub (5)
Chicks dig guys that are queer... muppet (6)
toothache - its the cold air FullNameRequired (10)
Lightweight browser recommendation? Moron (15)
ectopia broken? FullNameRequired (9)
wtf?    origami - 2 or 3 hour battery life FullNameRequired (10)
does anyone here know much about.... FullNameRequired (0)
So what's it worth Simon Lucy (7)
Best of Jimmy Kimmel's Unnecessary Censorship. (2)
Brokeback Mountain in 30 Seconds (0)
March 11th, 2006
It's a sixth sense, I tell ya... Steel McLargeHuge (16)
bunglers over at CIA HQ Kasey (0)
FNR - all about the new Office UI Steel McLargeHuge (7)
I wrote my first rails app, took 10 minutes Bot Berlin (10)
What does gas smell like? (14)
Then I put my clothes on and went home. (8)
Tanks open source software FullNameRequired (8)
wouldn't you have done better to spend your time masturbating? (1)
This thread reserved for " " posting when he uses google maps Kasey (4)
does anyone actually use google maps (or the ms one) regularly? FullNameRequired (14)
How can MSFT get buzz, part 2 Steel McLargeHuge (48)
she got her camera back Kasey (15)
So what does it take for .Net to get mindshare? Steel McLargeHuge (50)
this is fantastically cool FullNameRequired (14)
Whaddya know, filesharing DOES help terrorists كولم (15)
Vanessa Marcil is my new obsession Steel McLargeHuge (9)
She said she never saw any sign of gang involvement from him Kasey (17)
Shock Absorber Flasher T (3)
Galactica Steel McLargeHuge (5)
Holy shit WordPress 2.x is awesome muppet (7)
Ecological niche adequately filled trollop (7)
Lara got a boob job (3)
toothache - night two. FullNameRequired (7)
Smokin'! muppet (26)
BitMe (11)
Internal Antisocial Monologue Mark (2)
Demerol + chest cold = holy fuck I'm dying muppet (9)
March 10th, 2006 (6)
"Why allow kite flying for even a brief period?" Kasey (5)
I would damage those responsible FullNameRequired (2)
Newly unemployed Aaron F Stanton (21)
Ring Tone Software Kasey (6)
Deal or No Deal (10)
Google have lost it كولم (4)
Will Joel make more money muppet (1)
Office banter sharkfish (7)
4 employees VS. Word Kasey (27)
The dangers of mixing painkillers FullNameRequired (9)
Funny Bunny's Survey Funny Bunny (13)
it's Friday Oh Me So Horney (6)
Google is going to buy Sun sharkfish (10)
Will Joel make more money Rick Tsang (13)
London II Funny Bunny (6)
Working my abs Mark (6)
It would be easier to care about my dropping rank in VSE Smug McLargeHuge (4)
This thread is Spiro's Thread Smug McLargeHuge (19)
Stop the excessive shopping and masturbation. Robert Paulsen (8)
The "religious text": anti-contractor attitude Rednatsyb Derob (31)
MICRO-ISV IDEA Michael B (6)
Bush at 37% blanker (8)
Hey, RSS gurus Smug McLargeHuge (11)
can you speak pig Latin Man (3)
people Sathyaish Chakravarthy (8)
no, seriously Sathyaish Chakravarthy (25)
all of you Sathyaish Chakravarthy (1)
Holy presence effect, Batman! Flasher T (11)
Lesbian obsession with furry things Geert-Jan Thomas (8)
US will stay out of Iraqi civil war FullNameRequired (2)
toothache FullNameRequired (18)
PSA:  Don't wear khakis when there's any possibility muppet (15)
I deleted your mom muppet (1)
hehe muppet (2)
I fucking hate the IRS muppet (17)
For sharkfish Moron (7)
Encouraged by Eric Dubois Geert-Jan Thomas (9)
If f(x) = g(f(x)) KayJay (9)
MarkTAW's masterpiece: "Why Businesses Fail" Rednatsyb Derob (43)
What other forums do you visit? muppette (4)
March 9th, 2006
happy tree friends John Haren (0)
IKEA product names, or taunts from Swedish seventh-graders? John Haren (9)
Im proud to say that with my help, CoT has reached a new FullNameRequired (8)
Can you access this URL? jesus muppette (9)
All these worlds are yours except Enceladus... Bored Bystander (3)
Microsoft Office - The Becoming FullNameRequired (36)
Spiro's Thread. (This time for real) Spiro (25)
Near as I can tell there are two kinds of deleted threads muppette (8)
Spiro's Thread. Spiro (20)
On my Ubuntu Laptop at ChocoLateCafe, Bitch. Bot Berlin from Cafe (6)
Knowledge workers of the world, dis-inhibit! bring out da punk (0)
Congratulate the Brits Rick Tsang (2)
Microsoft achieves new low in battery time FullNameRequired (14)
Iraq no longer a threat, Iran flexes its muscle FullNameRequired (2)
I am a coding god FullNameRequired (14)
most obsessed poster FullNameRequired (2)
most smug poster Spiro (13)
Trollop is a..... FullNameRequired (12)
Because it's fun كولم (5)
Flasher is a good moderator,and has *not* become a power crazed. FullNameRequired (18)
London Funny Bunny (8)
Wireless Access point recommendations? Steel McLargeHuge (2)
gadgets, spaced by usefulness Spiro (19)
MiniMsft posts MS salary info example (14)
fuck this guy Spiro (4)
The current topics on Slashdot are so unpleasing... Lostacular (3)
Moderation كولم (44)
Can't get enough of those pigs Geert-Jan Thomas (8)
G.O.P. Plan Would Allow Spying Without Warrants Ricardo Antunes da Costa (15)
In the Spolsky tradition of rehashing shit I've said before muppet (5)
Customers. Flasher T (12)
Phone company sales guy, I KEEL YOU!!! Zoot (12)
Drink beer, not milk Dana (16)
duck typing Spiro (3)
Open Office format LinuxOrBust (2)
Google love Dennis Forbes (112)
skin sharkfish (23)
Cool authentication system كولم (5)
Tomorrow Sathyaish Chakravarthy (11)
You're The Man Now Dog Sathyaish Chakravarthy (1)
Office Pirates ... yarr! Dana (14)
Yo! Sathyaish Chakravarthy (8)
It is so sad Spoel Jolsky (0)
Fish toothpaste is good for your prostrate health muppet (15)
Pietersen caught short Simon Lucy (4)
When I'm not posting here from work... a2800276 (6)
decrypting an encrypted file FullNameRequired (17)
Speaking of the iPod John Haren (7)
March 8th, 2006
If your server went down once a day would you replace it? muppette (5)
I can't help it - this is funny Steel McLargeHuge (11)
Love it or leave it. muppette (12)
International Women's Day Rick Tang (14)
fear of contracting HIV Stupid me (11)
the next level of reality sharkfish (18)
taliban spokesman enrolls at yale Sweet Cheeks (2)
Is google crawling legal? Bot Berlin (12)
Windows Live Search a Google beater? FullNameRequired (11)
Iraq Decending into Civil War? (8)
Only 1 Premiership side in Champions League Mr. Blank (8)
Working set Rick Tsang (10)
doncha wish you could work here.  DONCHA!??!??!? sharkfish (23)
Alexa update FullNameRequired (9)
poor bugger FullNameRequired (4)
Changing domain password. Masiosare (8)
Joel's last article Funny Bunny (14)
google calendar Moron (17)
Remember that hot sales rep I talked about a while back? Steel McLargeHuge (4)
Is there some way I can count the number of refreshes... Almost H. Anonymous (6)
Michael Dell speaks about Linux -- part II (without muppet) Rick Tsang (26)
Good site on design Ward (2)
At any rate muppet (5)
I can't tell if... muppette (6)
Feature Request muppette (28)
I feel uncomfortable Masiosare (31)
Why would any merciful god allow this? muppet (4)
Would you make a good soldier? Kenny (34)
where's vineet? Moron (4)
Michael Dell speaks about Linux Lostacular (39)
Delay wins GOP primary Moron (15)
This is news? Moron (24)
When my broswer is minimised Moron (4)
Because I know you've all been worried muppet (3)
Just bought a "new" guitar... Mat Hall (25)
Natalie Portman WTF? Flasher T (8)
Think you're smart? FullNameRequired (11)
killer OS feature FullNameRequired (6)
My latest pig Geert-Jan Thomas (2)
ok, whom amongst you is using the alexa toolbar? FullNameRequired (18)
Abortion on demand... Ward (28)
GDI+ question sharkfish (2)
March 7th, 2006
Metal Gear Awesome (0)
Denny Crane (5)
Anything like sharepoint but for unix? Almost H. Anonymous (12)
Noisy IBM: "not going to use Windows Vista" Lostacular (72)
Rumsfeld embraces conspiracy theory FullNameRequired (11)
BustyLinux is a madman. FullNameRequired (10)
wow, what an asshole. FullNameRequired (127)
I have a new temporary nickname JoB (Joels Other Bitch) (35)
Eight years and layoff Anon (5)
Vista in six adjectives كولم (16)
H2G2 the film... a cynic writes... (25)
How's Aaron Rick Tsang (12)
Pointless (cuasi)meta discussion...  J.O.S Masiosare (13)
Pointless meta discussion...  request features! Almost H. Anonymous (18)
SNORE John Haren (23)
Anyone here play Subspace? Almost H. Anonymous (5)
Is someone Simon Lucy (6)
The stupidest MS-Office feature. a2800276 (11)
I am not doing well today كولم (6)
So some kid on another forum is telling me muppet (45)
Earth to Simon Moron (1)
It's purely medicinal dear... a cynic writes... (3)
An unpleasant thought... Mat Hall (4)
More comic book covers Flasher T (3)
Can someone explain what this Dilber strip means? Senthilnathan N.S. (18)
I dunno, but when you dumbly click on the old codearis link... LinuxOrBust (2)
Can anyone recommend a good JSP server host? John Haren (6)
Your buffalo wings were good, but... Steel McLargeHuge (15)
March 6th, 2006
What does "Galactica Actual" mean? son of parnas (8)
Fastow Trial LinuxOrBust (2)
Another random quote from my father Some random guy (1)
You know what would be fun LinuxOrBust (11)
How to draw a pig FullNameRequired (29)
draw a pig sharkfish (49)
Massive screwup on The Apprentice Steel McLargeHuge (22)
Sharkfish - "Crash" rebuttal Steel McLargeHuge (34)
Lumpenproletariat Rick Tsang (4)
Madonna gives Britney her energy Steel McLargeHuge (4)
Divine messages example (5)
London Underground Map is a design icon Ward (10)
once and for all I need an answer goddamn it.... FullNameRequired (11)
Gay cowboy pole muppet (6)
I like Chinese... I like Chinese... muppet (23)
whoa John Haren (9)
Is the dyson vacuum worth over $500? son of parnas (19)
Baltimore Rick Tsang (33)
The quote at the end made my day muppet (4)
for all you haters sharkfish (32)
Poll:  Redheads? muppet (31)
It's going to be a global epidemic كولم (21)
Why? WHY? muppet (45)
Life Altering Internet Cafes Dennis Forbes (14)
{Witty remark about my penis} muppet (24)
Forget your long term plans Moron (13)
I hate Mondays... Mat Hall (10)
1) Gmail - Bulk Deletion 2) Laptop Battery Status El tuyo without wax (8)
One more reason to hate the Hollywood elite Steel McLargeHuge (19)
Any new bands that impress you? (11)
March 5th, 2006
Part of a coup is making sure you have the army (4)
Curious quote on education and taxation Ian Boys (6)
How many Oscar Winners do you think... (0)
craigslist not libel for content y (4)
Jihad Jack Redux John Haren (4)
BRILLIANT! muppet (6)
what link are you'all using for the stock trading game? FullNameRequired (1)
Who has video of that cheerleader eating shit at the game? John Haren (6)
Epilogue Steel McLargeHuge (42)
Huh? (3)
Gay cowboy poll Flasher T (16)
Google Ad goodness Flasher T (1)
drooling sharkfish (6)
har de har sharkfish (2)
how axosoft sold $1.3 million of software in 3 days (4)
He axed for it... Kenny (10)
A crappy week in technology Steel McLargeHuge (17)
Fall Out Boy on SNL Steel McLargeHuge (2)
A match come alive? forThis.Anon (5)
OMG I just saw Audrey Tautou's boobies John Haren (8)
Freakin' Ikea rules. John Haren (9)
Domain name registration Water Cooler v2 (6)
Do black people just sing better naturally? (16)
March 4th, 2006
Steve Miller 1970 Erik Springelkamp (6)
The "OR" game (88)
dream sharkfish (15)
Alexa and joelonsoftware ___ (23)
Real Simpsons intro Masiosare (13)
Bill Frist you evil scumfuck Eric Debois (19)
McDonald's Game Masiosare (2)
Watch out CoTians... the US has sterilized morons in the past... Almost H. Anonymous (4)
I registerd this for you Crazy like a fox (1)
I shoulda been a lawyer. Eric Debois (6)
Science most famous photo. Masiosare (3)
Sending private mail... a2800276 (3)
Pointless and Troll Baiting (3)
that stockmarket site has been down for two days FullNameRequired (8)
odd - why was the thread about html in the subtitle deleted? FullNameRequired (45)
wow, this is kind of amazing FullNameRequired (3)
Second Life Moron (22)
crazyontap.codaris.com is down (5)
March 3rd, 2006
Feb Synopsis ... PNII (12)
Guananamotnomanantana bay torture FullNameRequired (12)
Trading sharkfish (50)
I <3 John Bolton John Haren (11)
History Channel sharkfish (27)
Jihad Jack sharkfish (1)
Kennedy on Katrina example (6)
I've figured out what's wrong with CoT n (2)
Clear your disk cache before murdering someone Funny Bunny (5)
NY has the best pervs n (10)
over my head I Love 'Lori' (0)
Oscar winners Rick Tsang (6)
Touched a nerve trollop (0)
Bode Miller Eric Debois (4)
Where'd all the bandwidth come from? Dennis Forbes (14)
Abstinence only sex-education Rick Tsang (13)
Project Management Primer Funny Bunny (2)
Who's more retarded muppet (12)
nukes for India: good, nukes for Iran: bad bring in da punk (19)
Don't have a cow, man: 30% more draw a blank on the Simpsons tha Stephen Jones (0)
um..Yak. Jacob (2)
"Sir, your November payment is late" Steel McLargeHuge (21)
So, what are the non-sucky states? bring in da punk (9)
Oh good, another dubious reason for search and/or seizure muppet (60)
Do Europeans give a damn about abortion? John Haren (28)
Frickin' lawyers... Mat Hall (4)
I've figured out what's wrong with CoT muppet (6)
Riddle me this example (11)
South Dakota:  another US state that sucks Dana (118)
Anders Hejlsberg coolest dude ever Kasey (11)
Did I read earlier muppet (12)
By the way, Spore is all about PROCEDURAL GENERATION muppet (14)
I wonder if the real problem is... FullNameRequired (25)
Creating Shareware LinuxOrBust (10)
YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! Fading Notion of Being (9)
Exclusive excuses Flasher T (1)
I've had it with this industry Moron (7)
The baby sleeps FullNameRequired (7)
Baby Watch FullNameRequired (9)
Where is he? NoNameRequired (12)
Feelings... Fading Notion of Being (1)
Joel's parties were more fun. Joie de Vivre (5)
Friday ist most certainly NOT "Post as Muppet Day" muppet (11)
will microsoft follow apple into the sound hardware market? FullNameRequired (4)
Have we discussed the ports deal? Steel McLargeHuge (19)
don't try this sharkfish (3)
Hmm, I know why people don't post Bot Berlin (25)
March 2nd, 2006
heh. entertaining sharkfish (3)
Dead Ian Boys (0)
Harry sharkfish (4)
Spore looks kewl muppet (8)
I was busy today... John Haren (8)
To AHAs wife FullNameRequired (9)
Friday is "Be Muppet Day" muppet (5)
possible godo reason for user registration FullNameRequired (3)
Somebody post something (7)
poetry Eric Debois (1)
New nickname. I wear assless chaps (1)
What does this mean? كولم (6)
stock up on candles FullNameRequired (1)
LOL  a client just asked me to... FullNameRequired (2)
I have an enormous dick muppet (4)
I have a small nit to pick Ward (2)
I think I'm going to be sick كولم (0)
I just took a huge sh*t Rock Hardbuns (1)
I like to chew dick... Ann Elk (7)
Feature suggestion for surreal thursdays FullNameRequired (7)
I have a new chick كولم (2)
Im changing my nick again FullNameRequired (4)
I have a new nick Dennis Forbes (10)
I have a new nick muppet (4)
Vote for no change muppet (18)
This Explains Our Texas Overloards son of parnas (1)
CoT goes insane... FullNameRequired (18)
For my wife on surrealist thursday... Almost H. Anonymous (17)
February Usages Statistics for Crazyontap Almost H. Anonymous (19)
POLL: User Registration? BigJigger (50)
BBC can't tell it's arse from a hole in the ground. a2800276 (11)
All this Meta talk about IP's and moderation is boring. Joie de Vivre (5)
As Simon has illustrated muppet (63)
You can rejoice. (23)
A bird? Joie de Vivre (5)
Never imply ownership of the dildo muppet (19)
If they dont like my name appearing here... necromancer (2)
The "Good God, stats_on_tap sucks" Topic a2800276 (19)
You all bore me muppet (2)
How Crazy Are We Really? The stats_on_tap Update. a2800276 (30)
If a prospective employer were to Flasher T (9)
WTF Google is down? muppet (7)
New subtitle? Geert-Jan Thomas (7)
The bluebird of self-delusional contentment puked in my shoes muppet (11)
Your phone is virused, give me all your money... Simon Lucy (2)
(Windows) UI question - What's the name of this 'pattern'? Moron (28)
BALLOON HATS! Almost H. Anonymous (3)
Slashdot goes Web 2.0... Almost H. Anonymous (11)
Have you put the spoiled eggs in my carryall? Ward (11)
Top 30 "Top 30" Facts (9)
March 1st, 2006
IT under Finance white chick (11)
I have two children FullNameRequired (1)
Does anyone know where I can find quicktime footage of Bush... FullNameRequired (2)
...Im alone on CoT... FullNameRequired (2)
wooohoooo, Dennis is plummeting in the listings... FullNameRequired (14)
Bush briefed prior to Katrina example (10)
ROTFLMFAO muppet (2)
Nice exchange on slashdot Rick Tang (3)
"Civil liberties do not mean much when you are dead," FullNameRequired (17)
FruitShow setup to do more than one forum? BigJigger (13)
Safari Online Books Rick Tang (2)
Post-Traumatic Apple Event Disorder Almost H. Anonymous (2)
Top 30 Japanese product slogans example (6)
Using 'soft' as an abbreviation of software Rock Hardbuns (18)
"Revolutionary inventions" Rick Tang (2)
Sloganizer Moron (11)
I have an interview! Mat Hall (21)
Ok, how do I resolve this ? necromancer (9)
oooooeeeeeoooooo muppet (5)
No, really - real soon now, we swear! Steel McLargeHuge (9)
I inhaled a little while ago muppet (28)
Recruiters: Yay or Nay? Bot Berlin (7)
Pity me, for I am... Parnell (5)
Maxed out credit jz (23)
'Top 30 Joel Spolsky facts' tops Google counting down to legal action (43)
I want this! Mat Hall (32)
Papa's spawns? Joie de Vivre (5)
Now there's a great salary... Mat Hall (20)
gumbo Hokey-Smoke! (1)
Some more Daddy's issues. Masiosare (3)
Holy crap - the system works? Cталь Большеогромнович (16)