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March 31st, 2005
EU countries poorer than most US states Rick Tsang (36 comments)
What is an activist judge? Aaron F Stanton (87)
So, muppet, still have a job? iWonder (14)
Unexpected impact Eric Debois (5)
Speakers for a laptop in a medium sized room lookingForLaptopSpeakers (18)
See, some Americans do know how rediculous we are Jared M. (1)
Hey neat. Every last one of my websites is down. muppet (0)
Breaking news: Shiavo has died. Kenny's back (34)
You know you've been working on SNMP too much Aaron F Stanton (7)
Ender's Game MarkTAW (31)
saddam hussein better at feeding children than US FullNameRequired (17)
March 30th, 2005
Free copy of REALBasic -- last few days AllanL5 (3)
Should Kofi Annan resign? Rick Tsang (3)
Muppet, is this your book? Steve-O (6)
Longshot: MojoWorld 3 Pro, anybody ever use this? muppet (1)
Books on Office Politics Alex K (13)
Know any middle age people still living with they're parents? what the (15)
A (slightly) better way to waste time... Almost Anonymous (11)
Well, I emailed the HR rep for an appointment muppet (13)
Cognitive Dissonance, Interior Dialogue WoodenTongue (41)
March 29th, 2005
Dark Side of Oz example (1)
Humans damaging earth *really* badly FullNameRequired (27)
I received an email from my director this afternoon muppet (41)
God as the sovereign source of law, liberty, or government son of parnas (30)
Women's lib responsible for school shootings Philo (104)
Playlists on MP3 player Miles Archer (6)
I'm a .net dummy, get me out of here Baloney (5)
Half Term Cheddar Gorge Simon Lucy (29)
I have decided that my next mission in life muppet (29)
March 28th, 2005
Hate that AP feature Raise both your hands (26)
Would Jeff Bush be a good President? Rick Tsang (24)
Saddam Hussein Josh (4)
OK what the crap, Java is giving me an aneurysm muppet (26)
Making ?off more exciting in 60 seconds starting NOW Jonathan (11)
One certain thing about Terri Schiavo case (7)
March 27th, 2005
Do you think Firefox can win a significant share of the market? Philo (38)
Tom DeLay his Killed Father and is a Trial Lawyer Lover son of parnas (39)
iPodding seriously damages your chances of getting laid. Flasher T (6)
Sigh, post got deleted in main forum Damien Katz (8)
March 26th, 2005
Proper Saturday night family television has returned... a cynic writes... (11)
Satans image seen on Turtle that survived the fire Karthik (8)
Chapter 14 is up on soulsofglass.com muppet (1)
Crazy Asian Lady muppet (38)
What you learnt in University Rick Tsang (25)
March 25th, 2005
United States has interests around the globe... Another poster... (25)
Money and wealth Christopher Wells (50)
What is the motiviation of military recruits? Tayssir John Gabbour (26)
If Schiavo gets kept alive Broccolli (38)
Republicans vs Democrats Rick Tsang (22)
Finger Food Miles Archer (8)
More Liberal "Free Speech" Godless Visigoth (81)
Terri Schiavo Legal Question Yoey (10)
I wonder if the kid will kill "dad" in his sleep around 13 yrs muppet (8)
Happy Good Friday to everyone. Flasher T (9)
Leech Man has been cursing at his monitor all week muppet (7)
March 24th, 2005
This is bullshit Dan Denman (50)
Unpopular Beliefs in the Classroom Jason (32)
PSP Somebody (9)
RealBasic 5.5 Free Offer AllanL5 (11)
Patriot Act Used to Indict in Laser Incident (12)
What are you listening too... Jeff Barton (30)
For those in peril underground... Simon Lucy (4)
Schiavo case - why the religious right are so involved Actively Disengaged (45)
204, 10, 7, and the Senate AllanL5 (12)
Apprentice, UK style. Simon Lucy (5)
As a child... Another Poster... (20)
March 23rd, 2005
Tender Crisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch: Sign of the Apocalypse? Disturbed (32)
A happy bouncing boy! Dennis Forbes (22)
Dr Watson "Post Mortem" Debugger Karthik (11)
Steroids filling shoes in a shoeless sport Simon Lucy (0)
Windows - folder properties and size on disk Berlin Brown (19)
Strange MSN behaviour Mat Hall (2)
Any way to find cause of undelivered email Philip Dickerson (4)
The new 'VEX' robot AllanL5 (2)
ECC vs Non-ECC RAM Nathan (7)
War in Iraq Still Going On? .NET guy (19)
Now here's something I could definitely use muppet (23)
wikipedia domain expired!! DJ (13)
Pro-Life! States-Rights! Republicans split AllanL5 (37)
OS/X available for Intel AndyUK (26)
You know what? I can see both sides of this muppet (51)
Static making the pants stick to the legs vain dude (20)
Wise Words from the far Orient don't make any sense I don't get it (13)
Coordinators — can we take over the world and reign with e Tayssir John Gabbour (5)
Leather pants (6)
March 22nd, 2005
Ebay ... can you trust it? (12)
seems this high school massacre kid was a neo-nazi name withheld out of cowardice (14)
If you were wondering where personal accountability has gone muppet (61)
OK so when is someone going to come liberate the US from muppet (8)
Guns don't kill people, crazed students with guns kill people. AllanL5 (14)
Taking the bible literally John Q Tester (62)
Read this article, and then read the Jeb Bush quote at the end muppet (40)
Work sucks, what to do jz (67)
Good grief muppet (74)
Automatic sale vs Planned sale stockboy (3)
when will american get tired of this gun-shit? Jacky (36)
Do you believe in astrology? Another poster... (23)
March 21st, 2005
Senator says Terry gets a last appeal... Philo (18)
what if you never own your own home/apartment? Jacky (16)
Crashing CFUNITED I could tell you, but then... (0)
I can now proclaim with some confidence muppet (27)
The 'miracle' of Dunkirk (June 1940) Karthik (18)
anything useful for the web, in Lisp? fuckinSlave (6)
oh my. I need a new job I am so damn bored. fuckinSlave (33)
I find this funny, computer access Berlin Brown (3)
Screwed my credit Dummy (8)
Memory Rick Tang (14)
Strategy Boutique strikes again Flasher T (11)
Announcement muppet (5)
★Libertarianism: A political philosophy for the under 16 c Great Expectorations (17)
Liberals Embrace Diversity and Cherish Free Speech... Godless Visigoth (27)
Funny Dennis Forbes (5)
Create tarballs and/or gzips with PHP? muppet (3)
Power tools trollop (11)
OK, so over the weekend... muppet (39)
Archos Gmini 400 Flasher T (1)
HELP!!! My TIVO Machine thinks I'm gay! puppet (8)
Stupid microcephalic creationists strike again misanthrope (38)
March 20th, 2005
Any good internship search websites Alex K (0)
Bush knows what's important Philo (10)
★ POLL: Leave Terry Schiavo off the tube or put her back o Great Expectorations (69)
FogCreek's hardcore language of the future Li-fan Chen (3)
Best Window Open Sun Shining Glad I'm alive driving song? _ (12)
Happy with my Smoothwall Li-fan Chen (0)
Photo.net is genius! Li-fan Chen (9)
Jane Fonda: A man made me do it. It wasn't my fault! (18)
March 19th, 2005
Be fucking proud you stupid Americans I should stop fingering American girls (8)
America needs a Third Way Ian Boys (13)
Pat Buchanan interviews Ralph Nader on conservatism Tayssir John Gabbour (2)
People really bug me Mindless complaint (4)
Sexual predators ,..., (37)
Prof. Miller's In-class Assignment for Wednesday. MarkTAW (8)
Poll: Political Ideology & FOSS Advocacy Cowboy coder (25)
While America is going bankrupt... Dennis Forbes (11)
Gahhh, aliens on the loose Bored Bystander (5)
Propaganda: America's Fastest Growth Industry Under Bush Great Expectorations (14)
Americans are stupid. hoser (22)
Poll: For Indians working in large organizations Sathyaish Chakravarthy (3)
When nobody wants to pay for software, who will write it? FullNameRequired (30)
March 18th, 2005
Isabella restuarant Anon (0)
Registrar stability Dennis Forbes (8)
Rate my new business idea rupert (5)
For muppet ronk! (1)
Here's my theory about people on the Internet rupert (6)
"Why pay for the cow when the milk is free?" (22)
Why do so many Americans vote against their own best interests? Great Expectorations (42)
Um. Is this good marketing or bad? MarkTAW (7)
How many of you have a "hit" out on you by the Mob? (5)
"Why pay for Office when OpenOffice is free?" Philo (39)
How many people hate you? Name withheld out of cowardice (16)
My name is not Janie Porsche Kent (15)
If women get menapause .... (7)
VB6 EOL and MSDN Aaron F Stanton (4)
Ever get in trouble Berlin Brown (1)
iTunes de-DRMed Flasher T (8)
Would you pay $70 for a good word processor? Philo (52)
Why do people stereotype & vote:do we really stand for truth. Another poster... (6)
March 17th, 2005
Oh hey goood job idiot muppet (18)
BBC has solution to Social Security example (11)
Civilized Society Rick Tang (4)
Here's why America has been so out of synch with the world Great Expectorations (62)
har har Bored Bystander (5)
The three 'individuals' 'we' 'hold in considerable regard' - KayJay (8)
Has anyone ever earned a dollar as an Amazon affiliate? puppet (11)
Historians will look upon this era as the... Great Expectorations (17)
Chapter 13 is up on soulsofglass.com muppet (7)
Excellent essay about life as work Dennis Forbes (21)
Wrong-impression words Dennis Forbes (28)
Congress has Solved ALL Problems Vital to America! Godless Visigoth (25)
Made Fresh: Arrives Fresh MarkTAW (11)
Happy St. Patrick's day! Flasher T (11)
Weird Question: Can i keep travelling for 2000$/Month? Karthik (22)
March 16th, 2005
Democrats and Republians: God Help Us All Great Expectorations (5)
The highway was jammed with broken down heros on a last chance Christopher Moltisanti (10)
Who can name all the letters of the alphabet without looking? Great Expectorations (23)
Dick Cheney is laughing all the way to the bank crumpet (17)
CII meeting at the UK patent office Peter Ibbotson (4)
Feminist faculty try to force Summers to step down Lies of Society (36)
Who can name all the states without looking? (27)
Trans Fats (5)
Why I hate rap music lumberjack (33)
odor fighting insoles (4)
IT and Estimates JD (25)
You're BACK! AllanL5 (9)
Has anyone else had trouble connecting to the forums... a cynic writes... (7)
I think she is so beatiful Aslan (15)
Click that and I'll tell you what you'll buy next... Simon Lucy (21)
March 15th, 2005
Israel and WMD Dan Denman (16)
The Office, US style Philo (26)
What ever happened to family television? muppet (45)
Why I am going to stop trusting BBC news reporting Ian Boys (27)
Now that we have an option (20)
Senior Citizens and Highway Driving JD (19)
I've been wondering about the cost effectiveness of counterfeit muppet (46)
Old Joel Post AS (2)
March 14th, 2005
Anyone else here using webtv? webtv man (2)
If only we had this tool back in the war! Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda (28)
we need meta-moderators to keep the moderators honest FullNameRequired (13)
Joel needs to wake up Sriddhavasta Chomnipurinam (26)
I'm Impressed Eric Debois (15)
Mara Salvatrucha Andre (1)
I don't think muppet is honest enough for Mod duties (0 comments) (15)
Learning Guitar JD (25)
Michael Jackson, incredibly, will be acquitted Great Expectorations (18)
Are laptops worth it for personal use? (21)
Muppet steps down himself? Rick Tang (17)
Goodnight Google, Your Monopoly is About to End Great Expectorations (10)
Great product if you fly a lot Great Expectorations (7)
gmail interface gripe muppet (6)
White Penius People Oppressors Bring Back "Races" powergrrl (30)
Papercasting Kent (11)
Reign of terror downgraded to light shower of unease... a cynic writes... (12)
March 13th, 2005
Why be Good? Aaron F Stanton (45)
New Offtopic Forum Rules Kevin Federline (0)
Software Development As A House Dennis Forbes (2)
Do you have all the time you need? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (19)
New Offtopic Forum Rules puppet (20)
Two months after election, there is still no gubmint strumpet (9)
Thread gone AWOL? Doug (4)
just read this tidbit... FullNameRequired (4)
Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance FullNameRequired (32)
Informal drivers survey: generous to stingy Andi Surya (15)
Old but still funny scouring the net (0)
s and McDonalds Inquiring Minds Want To Know (6)
March 12th, 2005
I used to know how to spec a PC Li-fan Chen (13)
Now I understand the whole vehicle thing Cory Foy (7)
It's called "Starving the Beast" Great Expectorations (27)
Dear US Taxpayer, your credit card has been declined Dennis Forbes (24)
Wikipedia Dennis Forbes (13)
Right up Sponge Bob trollop (2)
March 11th, 2005
A v-chip for computation Li-fan Chen (11)
Symptom of Enterprise suckishness? Philo (14)
we're detaining Irqi children.. FullNameRequired (20)
Dave Allen, R.I.P. Ian Boys (4)
Drug czar? DJ (13)
Hate Rick Tang Steve-O (6)
Dinosaur bones are not real strumpet (7)
Forbes Billionaires List Rick Tang (10)
Hate the young-earth creationist Rick Tang (5)
Conventional Cheddar Simon Lucy (8)
Do they make cough medicine addictive on purpose? (10)
Cheddar Aaron F Stanton (31)
Spider-Man vs Darth Vader Grand Moff Tarkin (25)
In an Interview for college admission and job Another posters... (19)
Why non-Americans don't count Christopher Wells (32)
Looking for these books Sathyaish Chakravarthy (9)
Anybody? Anyone? Nigel (16)
Avoid Dreamhost muppet (6)
Today was my first lecture Sathyaish Chakravarthy (21)
If you tolerate this your children will be next... a cynic writes... (37)
March 10th, 2005
Question to the mods: Lies of Society (15)
Think I got a case against Costco Cowboy coder (11)
random thoughts hoser (6)
"What are you, some kind of retarded monkey?" Rick Tang (8)
Bush Rocks! (9)
take away muppet's green check zed (35)
Free Advice: Was somebody listening? Jim Rankin (16)
this wouldn't surprise me muppet (10)
Verbs I would like Simon Lucy (25)
compiler newbie (10)
Has anyone here got experience with osx2x? muppet (5)
Cooling fan recommendation for Home Theater System NYCCoder (19)
Have we a problem here? trollop (19)
"10 Things I Have Learned" MarkTAW (9)
Blind Justice, Did anyone see it? Steve-O (16)
Hotter Than a Rooster on Viagra (Dan Rather Farewell) Steve-O (27)
March 9th, 2005
People don't imitate things they see in the media. Kyralessa (8)
Where do you want to live? Rick Tang (23)
Canadian Halo 2 Championship Dood (0)
Good TV shows never last. Flasher T (21)
For John Cleese Fans bionicroach (10)
Drudge Report strangeness Doug (19)
Noise-reduction questions Li-fan Chen (3)
Not exactly brilliant, but still interesting nonetheless muppet (9)
Does height matter? Just Wondering :) (7)
How young and how old will you go? Just Wondering :) (10)
Perhaps Joel can comment? Aaron F Stanton (13)
Anyone here play settlers of catan? Sheep Port (11)
Why is it so common in N. America to use the middle initial? Yes Aaron I'm looking at you ;-) (26)
March 8th, 2005
Challenge to break into Server JD (6)
Decent hotels in Stockholm, Sweden for Business Trip Prakash S (3)
How male or female are you? son of parnas (16)
Bush administration against unilateral action FullNameRequired (11)
Anyone been to a "swinger's" party? (9)
I accidently went out with a 16 yr old. (24)
Hate the person with asthma Rick Tang (27)
Trying to get off the McDonalds addiction (32)
Demanding proof of Payment JD (18)
Many thought Martin Luther King was a destructive maniac Rick Tang (8)
a common message board theme that drives me nuts (14)
Avian Flu Healthy for now ... (8)
What is american food? (25)
Listening to music at work FREE me (16)
One of the 50 stupidest things I've ever read: Lies of Society (35)
what was this camera man thinking? LOL (5)
Anybody else experiencing the Google rollercoaster? atomicroach (1)
Google AdWords, when to? Berlin Brown (9)
The 3-yr old talk has got to stop! Potise (8)
New criminal offences... a cynic writes... (10)
Here you go, Bush voters muppet (53)
mysql query to xml via php? FullNameRequired (1)
heh...springtime in the middle east? FullNameRequired (2)
March 7th, 2005
European Constitution Fred (11)
Boss Swap Full name: (4)
Looking for a new position in NYC metro area ... Patrick (3)
French women don’t get fat Martin (21)
britain, england, united kingdom ? Akimbo (35)
Apple Airport Express Dennis Forbes (5)
Wireless Print Servers bionicroach (6)
Someone's been filing my attendance Sathyaish Chakravarthy (9)
"Hate the Left-Handed" Rick Tang (17)
Trusting Amazon, Google, et al Skeptical (20)
Monitor Resolution monitor problem (5)
Tips for filing Taxes in US JD (21)
Shocking revelations muppet (11)
What ever happened to vehicles just being mechanical? Cory Foy (7)
Just for fun: Bush's Hotmail account Your alter ego (2)
So, how many democrats... (32)
March 6th, 2005
Free Advice Part 2: Optimism Jim Rankin (17)
Media circus indeed Flasher T (4)
Gas price artificially high? 4461766532422E (22)
National Flag: Dare we wear? Another poster... (6)
Disturbing Philo (10)
Good calendar Dates are important (7)
March 5th, 2005
Hate The Gay Rick Tang (40)
forums discussion GIS and ecommerce Li-fan Chen (0)
issue with Windows XP Pro SP2 muppet (7)
There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so... Counterfactuals aren't enough (20)
How idiot can you get? JD (10)
OffTopic Forum - Link? B (9)
Finally, something useful from the United Nations! Jim Rankin (4)
you know, these "didn't stop at the checkpoint" stories muppet (35)
March 4th, 2005
Zoe Elizabeth Stanton Aaron F Stanton (21)
Free Advice for Democrats Jim Rankin (28)
Guilt and Punishment Sebastian (3)
The Day Dan Rather Lied Steve-O (37)
Anybody find this ironic? Ad overkill Berlin Brown (1)
US and UK Rick Tang (31)
We need some health guidelines in the office! (23)
php question muppet (12)
Red Herrings and doobies Dennis Forbes (23)
I just got a really neat (to me anyway) idea muppet (47)
Recommend a printer? Christopher Wells (8)
Enforcement of company web access policies Blushing (16)
March 3rd, 2005
The French Found Some Cujones Steve-O (26)
New Europe, Old Europe and Rick Tang (27)
Getting rid of a neighbor Kyralessa (52)
Taking office supplies home (10)
Tech recommendations I am Jack's qwerty queries (7)
Has anyone read Gung-Ho? I am Jack's lunch lit. (14)
Java applets Dennis Forbes (3)
Ray McGovern on the "f**king crazies". (0)
Decent USB 10 key pad for laptops bionicroach (2)
Automotive stratification ,..., (47)
Know any famous mainstream ex-porn people? Ross (12)
anonymizing myself for a porn gig Malcom McBoneswell (28)
March 2nd, 2005
China Wants "Transparent & Democratic" Control of the Internet! Godless Visigoth (28)
Any developers using "visual themes" in Windows? Alex (the other 99%) (11)
I just got invited to be a beta tester of one of these Hip-ster (14)
A letter to the editor that probably won't be printed... Dennis Forbes (27)
I won't be here much for a few days Aaron F Stanton (23)
Awesome muppet (67)
Michael jacksons innocence... FullNameRequired (50)
March 1st, 2005
Wind farms are eyesores? Philo (51)
Fiorina in the running as president of World Bank??? Anonymous coward (18)
RMS has girlfriend shock Simon Lucy (7)
'Insurgents' minor to US planners; nonviolent acts effective? Tayssir John Gabbour (48)
Whidbey bug, or am I being stupid? Mat Hall (4)
JoS meet in Manhattan? JD (8)
Office worker's anthem Flasher T (2)
So what can we do with the new Yahoo APIs? son of parnas (1)
Woo Hoo!!! Way to go Old Europe! Godless Visigoth (40)
That's *Sir* Bill Gates to you... Gibber (9)
Problem connecting to Internet Help (7)
best way to include google adds? son of parnas (10)
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius Dennis Forbes (4)
windows delete problem usually a lurker (4)
This place is a lot less interesting.. Rosco (11)
Why is Firefox 1.0 different depending on the day you downloaded muppet (19)
Pen's - where have all the good ballpoints gone? Crusty Admin (39)
Stories from people who've been there Hieronimus (7)
Hardest holiday I ever had... Another poster... (32)