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February 28th, 2014
What would you do besides IT Bot Berlin (25 comments)
The Syrian girl with the thick lips lox (6)
is hubble's retardation getting worse? Morons P. Berlin (1)
Canadians on Tap l m (9)
Microsoft is adorable df (10)
Assad Has Not Crushed the Rebels lox (8)
AARP xampl9 (Windows Phone) (28)
This winter df (23)
Occupy Crimea Quant (27)
Mt gox files for bankruptcy Bot Berlin (25)
MtGox files for bankruptcy protection Quant (13)
February 27th, 2014
Stock Market is Honest C. McGhee (15)
Science is Truth Shylock (52)
Emmy Eats Israel Israeli (1)
Can you develop on a tablet? NPR (23)
Oh. Canada. Shylock (0)
She's toast Quant (25)
WhatsApp architecture followup Trog (22)
The best part of Hong Kong Michael B (7)
February 26th, 2014
Feed my denial on aging Michael B (41)
Arizona and Brewer Bot Berlin (37)
RIP in Bill Hicks Ed Wood (1)
ראם C. McGhee (14)
Reddit AMAs df (8)
DC is a weird city WildRiver (22)
Cos Play meets Real Life C. McGhee (8)
How is it like living in the city? Is it worth it? Trev (34)
Here Comes Science the great purple (27)
Used cars vs. New cars, which do you prefer buying? dev (25)
Investing vs paying off debt Thompson (18)
Best tires for pothole ridden roads Tom (9)
To pay for college at a top private university, would you xampl9 (Windows Phone) (17)
Best in-person development classes? NPR (7)
Well off do goodie global tourist Bot Berlin (30)
Company spam Bill42x (4)
February 25th, 2014
CASE tools df (14)
my daughter is a geek eek (58)
how to buy chinese stock C. McGhee (3)
ArnoldC - for giggles Trog (1)
On Windows and nodejs Rick Tang on Nexus S (25)
Hardware companies ... Apple is ... the best at software Rick Tang on Nexus S (5)
bitcoin Bot Berlin (19)
February 24th, 2014
Ukrainians demand right to keep and bear arms C. McGhee (21)
hottest video ever Bot Baden-Württemberg (7)
my big fat greek function, day 2? Walter (3)
Disney World now $99 per person xampl9 (3)
WhatsApp:: The Numbers ... Did Facebook overpay? PigPen (20)
Your Most Memorable BUG Blunt Blitz (25)
What is the MOST Fascinating Part of Software Development? Blunt Blitz (20)
US House of Cards Season 2 (Spoilers) Shylock (10)
Onion article I could write from reading CoT Michael B (1)
February 23rd, 2014
So what happened to muppet? Wayne (29)
How does Gavin Orsay track Doug Stamper's phone? Shylock (7)
I want to bitch-slap the software manager and all the people... WildRiver (59)
my big fat greek function, day 1 C. McGhee (43)
youtube link Rich Tsang (4)
Ukraine df (16)
muppet will come back soon Dr. Horrorwitz (12)
Apple is really shitting the bed with OSX Mavericks df (18)
Gaming the BBC, or BBC algo broken PigPen (12)
killer function C. McGhee (39)
February 22nd, 2014
Have you uninstalled whatsApp yet? ShyK (10)
more on the apple ssl bug Rich Tsang (3)
auguust 2006 Cot Historian (22)
Incredible bug df (71)
Facebook shut down WhatsApp Quant (11)
Ragnarok Somebody (4)
Going to Asia! NPR (34)
Wanna gamble on outcome of Ukranian revolt? Dr. Horrorwitz (47)
February 21st, 2014
if you kidnap someone off the street for a day Bot Berlin (11)
USSR flag disintegrated after 411 days in space Dr. Horrorwitz (27)
Where do women in their 20s get all this money to travel? Vince (17)
Anyone is learning or have done JavaScript and its frameworks? WildRiver (32)
Has anyone tried living in a condo? Tom (26)
Who are better lovers?  Dutch women or German women? WildRiver (23)
Dr. Horrowitz, talk to me about your medical device! WildRiver (9)
Horrorwitz went to Tokyo Quant (39)
Not so quick on Sandy Hook.. Dr. Horrorwitz (3)
The best part about bitcoins... Colm (58)
February 20th, 2014
Back To School xampl9 (2)
Anyone here ever use R? Shylock (21)
Maybe he could go by Richard? df (2)
Brice, do you consider yourself a technical expert? Jack (90)
Absolutely Amazed at the Stupidity of COT Comments Brice Richard (33)
Tips for Japanese in the US Shylock (8)
Shocking news: banks REFUSE to launder drug money Quant (12)
WhatsApp df (10)
Microsoft dropped stack and rank Legion (12)
Dear doctor COT, what was wrong with me? Legion (12)
blast from the past: "Facebook will never buy WhatsApp" C. McGhee (1)
Tesla confirms Apple purchase C. McGhee (0)
shamless plug Friday (0)
February 19th, 2014
DISNEY COUNT: unknown number of days Bot Berlin (4)
New Air NZ safety video xampl9 (1)
Sandy Hook wasn't even false flag, it was totally faked C. McGhee (9)
WTF is Whatsapp C. McGhee (48)
get the facts about vietnam C. McGhee (18)
Laziness and low productivity at all time highs Colm (9)
Are they really "Indians"? Gunzo (7)
I'm on the record to say that I won't vote for Hillary Clinton! WildRiver (12)
Words on the street that... WildRiver (27)
God adds ads xampl9 (Windows Phone) (0)
Pandora adds ads xampl9 (Windows Phone) (0)
Blair advised Brooks before arrest Quant (23)
Is the new Lego movie a threat to democracy, freedom and Murica? Colm (7)
February 18th, 2014
lost child in desert C. McGhee (7)
hijacked plane news C. McGhee (7)
VC talks about massive engineer shortage C. McGhee (35)
Poor doggie Quant (1)
Street language Quant (0)
So everybody wants to be a programmer these days Lurker (57)
Putin won't take US imperialism in Ukraine Dr. Horrorwitz (11)
CoT under DDOS attack? Dr. Horrorwitz (1)
Banker jumped off JP Morgan building just now Brice Richard (37)
Any particular reason why I shouldn't get this phone? Colm (10)
February 17th, 2014
I'm so jealous xampl9 (1)
bridghazi 18 new subpoenas Bot Berlin (2)
hn wtf  #4546 Frank (10)
2 cars in one! xampl9 (2)
Military nears holy grail: Pizza that lasts 3 years Gunzo (4)
You can't touch this Legion (11)
PYTHON BASE 6 LIBS RELEASED (version 1) programmer ed (17)
merkels "hack proof" phone Frank (11)
cyber criminal Frank (8)
new car Friday (19)
Thank you for the music ^H^H^H^H^H taxes PigPen (5)
Colm vs United Nations on North Korea Quant (13)
Paul Thurrot declares Windows 8.1 an irredeemable fuck-up Bluebeard (14)
On every TV show: IT guy/programmer is a fat, ugly nerd Home Despot (24)
Do you get paid in emojis? l m (0)
Giving co-workers a free education: Part 2 . (46)
February 16th, 2014
swiffer commerical Ed Wood (5)
nice first chart Walter (3)
Star Trek Continues, Episode 2 xampl9 (30)
Apple to pivot, start building automobiles C. McGhee (21)
Emma Stone... B0T 3ERL1N (1)
Flat file vs. messaging vs. web services Shylock (23)
teen girl serial killer! C. McGhee (11)
upsert/mysql/postgress/nosql whoa (11)
Imagine creating a date function library for these calendars Shylock (11)
multidomain email eek (5)
tidbit? reddit reporter (26)
February 15th, 2014
some trials become big media events....some do not reddit reporter (4)
You guys still play video games? Former Gamer (17)
Do your relatives call you to fix their computer? Code Monkey (21)
Introducing new languages.. Trog (34)
Bitcoin malleability attack Droid Dutch (11)
Can we ban tobacco already? Michael B (35)
get your heads around this piece of mathematical craziness. eek (3)
cap or limit on itemized deducations Zest for Life! (5)
Flipping my home, how to invest my massive profits? NPR (58)
SLOC is the worst metric? Michael B (55)
Julian Assange got fat and has a beard now Dr. Horrorwitz (12)
February 14th, 2014
ED-209 stop-motion xampl9 (0)
some HN quality Bot Berlin (15)
Trolling Bot Berlin (3)
House of Cards Season 2 df (6)
Hey Brice, how would I license your Base5 encryption code? Jack (39)
Happy Valentine Day to all of you! WildRiver (14)
Programmed use of the copy/paste buffer Shylock (29)
An example of nerd who doesn't have street-smart skill. WildRiver (15)
Website theft Frank (2)
Has anyone here tried freelancing while holding down a FT job? Code Monkey (15)
Disney 66 days B0t Berlin (3)
LSD Kenny the Robot (16)
Cassandra vs mongo db B0t Berlin (31)
That #4 dead banker worked on the same project as dead banker #3 Dr. Horrorwitz (5)
Those elitist tech people Quant (16)
olympic tour! C. McGhee (0)
How much pot does it take to hallucinate? Flower (10)
February 13th, 2014
why do we pretend it's about great developers blah Bot Berlin (11)
67 DAYS UNTIL DISNEY  (manual) Bot Berlin (3)
How I Ended Up In Solitary After Calling 911 For Help Bot Berlin (7)
Software development is not something I can do for more than 40 dude (5)
Modern culture represents the triumph of form over substance Harley Davidson (6)
"Very sorry I lost your $2.7 million" C. McGhee (4)
Where A Pox on Both Houses is apt Shylock (4)
"Too much walking in this job" xampl9 (Windows Phone) (4)
4th young banker dies Dr. Horrorwitz (2)
What is the best way to prepare for one of these positions? not yet 40 (10)
America... Bill42x (11)
Why are HR people so lazy? dot (16)
Scotland ... will they stay or will they go? PigPen (33)
How to illustrate an article about bankers' pay Quant (14)
actually Dale Hansen is awesome. eek (5)
No no no, I'm awesome. Canned Gods Inc. (3)
this is too. eek (8)
and so is this. eek (2)
this is awesome eek (1)
John McAfee is awesome Michael B (17)
test post Today's Headlines (1)
Venezuela C. McGhee (0)
Why doesn't Brice Richard ever respond to Bored Bystander? Jack (16)
Ive invented a new encryption algorithm worldsSmallestViolin (13)
February 12th, 2014
can we get the motherfucking DISNEY counter back up? Bot Berlin (16)
healthcare.gov Bot Berlin (1)
COT? Dr. Horrorwitz (12)
What Larry Summers Said? Bot Baden-Württemberg (5)
Ideas Converted to Non-Distributed Applications Brice Richard (16)
The Iceman Cometh ... eek (1)
74 rooms at $129 C. McGhee (9)
Silly Amazon hoyza (4)
Let's Take A Vote.... Brice Richard (25)
history of jaywalking eek (25)
The IT Crowd Bored Bystander (12)
To the Accountant that wants to be a Programmer Ex-Programmer (16)
Work is bad for you Glen (11)
Do you plan to change jobs this year? Mike (14)
This is Why I Will NEVER Submit an App to the iStore... Brice Richard (36)
Major difference between London and NYC Michael B (7)
are girls just not built for math? C. McGhee (81)
teacher rape C. McGhee (19)
February 11th, 2014
Obamacare : soak the rich Frank (23)
The Latest Job Scam Shylock (11)
Clever Chicken Dr. Horrorwitz (12)
Working in Silicon Valley WildRiver (10)
What happens to SharkFish? WildRiver (12)
study proves existence of insiders who control world C. McGhee (102)
Actual Email I got hoyza (9)
Shirley Temple died at 85 Edi (6)
flappy bird, the psychological deconstruction C. McGhee (13)
Stop protesting and striking you impoverished bastards! Bluebeard (0)
flappy bird, the inteview C. McGhee (17)
Are market economies actually efficient? Michael B (21)
February 10th, 2014
Term Limits? Hoover served as director of the FBI for 48 years. Bot Baden-Württemberg (11)
kill kill kill C. McGhee (9)
CoT's Dems to be pro-NSA starting NOW C. McGhee (10)
m pesa Bot Baden-Württemberg (1)
hn bullshit on traits of successful people Bot Baden-Württemberg (15)
Goth Girls xampl9 (1)
FYI Managers: People Don’t Want to Work at Home NPR (32)
It's not even blue Shylock (4)
OMG Superbowl ticket for $12,500 df (4)
Bunny Birther JoC (1)
live demo C. McGhee (3)
80s - the Golden Age of cinema sci-fi? Quant (12)
Bill Gates doing an IAMA Dr. Horrorwitz (15)
Suppose you needed a job quickly... Bored Bystander (16)
This is a generic answer to "Should I get a CS degree?" WildRiver (2)
The need to make a profit is itself an inefficiency Colm (33)
The MBA Bubble: Why Getting an MBA Degree Is a Bad Idea Mike (1)
Should I fo for a second BS degree or MS program? Accountant (36)
coffee art project C. McGhee (16)
February 9th, 2014
WSJ editorial on immigration Bot Baden-Württemberg (45)
Google Glasses--the Beta Version Shylock (1)
For Many Older Americans, an Entrepreneurial Path Bot Baden-Württemberg (9)
Flappy Bird Scandal! C. McGhee (1)
Dear REcord Companies Bot Baden-Württemberg (9)
Robocop Quant (17)
So muppet and McGhee control this site during the week... Jack (18)
Neutron repulsion powers the sun, not fusion Dr. Horrorwitz (6)
MIT: Rossi's eCat is REAL Dr. Horrorwitz (36)
Worse than comic sans Michael B (2)
Republican long game Ed Wood (5)
Win 8 does not renew DHCP connection after router reboot Legion (20)
Must. Crush. Capitalism Michael B (16)
More Ham l m (1)
February 8th, 2014
We need a break about jobs and other depressing stuffs: WildRiver (7)
Lily Cole Bot Baden-Württemberg (15)
Edward Snowden has received eight public nominations for the 201 Bot Baden-Württemberg (14)
List of threads not about trollop Bot Baden-Württemberg (6)
new to this board trollopi (7)
Interval training Fatboy Slim (4)
Job search sites? WildRiver (59)
BITBOT.  OFFERING MY DIRTY SOCKS. Bot Baden-Württemberg (5)
Flappy Bird guy: to hell with all this! C. McGhee (15)
Absolutely hilarious (Bitcoin ponzi thing) df (9)
bitcoin / mt gox  / $680 per BTC Bot Baden-Württemberg (21)
The Onion: America's Finest Marxist News Source Colm (26)
Four family members dead in apparent Ohio triple murder-suicide trollopy (8)
net netrality Bot Baden-Württemberg (9)
causes of death Bot Baden-Württemberg (4)
STH is right: Chicken little. Only 30 percent monitored Legion (8)
4th financial CEO "suicided" Dr. Horrorwitz (21)
fascinating reading eek (2)
What makes something a third place Michael B (3)
February 7th, 2014
Who will win the pool on when Muppet be back? Leaf (12)
Fitness regiment df (3)
Revisiting an old JoS Based Rant - the death of mISV Bored Bystander (9)
nice article on real world programming C. McGhee (3)
I need a Hero SaveTheHubble (13)
Is Muppet taking us to Disney? WildRiver (5)
Did Al Gore invent the Internet? zed (9)
How to fix this country and global economy? WildRiver (15)
So since I'm apparently a sideshow of Hubble quality muppet (7)
This is why IT/software is such a frustrating field to work in Duke (28)
How did you get to this site? WildRiver (27)
Racism and xenophobia Quant (36)
Oceans warming at a rate of 12 Hiroshima bombs per second Dr. Horrorwitz (3)
For those of you not native English speakers Shylock (39)
Sick of google trying to trick me into using my real name wick (1)
Boss of govt. coding initiative can't code Quant (49)
bitcoin withdrawls C. McGhee (5)
Horrorwitz - syringes Bluebeard (16)
Spock has COPD Bored Bystander (4)
February 6th, 2014
So .net and sql skills are only valuable in a big city? .net dude (12)
keeping it simple C. McGhee (10)
Millennials and Open Source Zommies (9)
Frank Gallagher is really truly despicable PigPen (2)
Anyone with Facebook, look at this Bored Bystander (13)
So Mubble and Huppet are fighting again? Bored Bystander (5)
So Muppet and Hubble are fighting again? Jack (7)
TWTR down 20% Kenny the Robot (1)
Why South Korea is pro US Dr. Horrorwitz (19)
Disney? Legion (9)
It's bonus time! Quant (0)
Uh oh Quant (8)
February 5th, 2014
One thing that bugs me about CSI Legion (6)
Patience Full name (14)
bullshit on hn Bot Baden-Württemberg (4)
Jumbo jet made out of manila folders le mo (6)
Secesh, UK Style Shylock (5)
Bonus skill if you have this according to a job ad: WildRiver (24)
Australia: Epic Fail Shylock (11)
The problem of place in America Michael B (40)
Car parts cost xampl9 (Windows Phone) (24)
outsource that ... eek (2)
February 4th, 2014
Furniture Bet on Broncos C. McGhee (22)
Smalltalk Lives! Shylock (35)
64-bit ARM servers xampl9 (Windows Phone) (7)
Just liquidated my 401k xampl9 (Windows Phone) (24)
Wayne please ban Hubble muppet (31)
Thread for Hubble Bot Berlin (5)
Is Wealth Inequality Approaching a Tipping Point? Bot Berlin (4)
Microsoft's new CEO Satya Nadella (16)
Oh God, my sides muppet (9)
Satya@MS Pardon my english (6)
Poor New Jersey df (4)
Big NHS data lie Quant (0)
So, banks and their contact forms muppet (18)
Amanda Knox Ed Wood (4)
Magnet in Copper Tube SaveTheHubble (14)
Say bye-bye to taking this laptop on the plane Quant (24)
Silicon Valley "libertarian" billionaires Colm (24)
Any idea what this could be? Dr. Horrorwitz (16)
Actually I think this is good news Colm (11)
February 3rd, 2014
This F*cking Government Bored Bystander (6)
Bitcoiners Going to Jail for Money Laundering-Big Banks Walk reddit reporter (6)
So 80's it hurts xampl9 (8)
Bridgegate:  Bridget Kelley invokes 5th Bot Baden-Württemberg (4)
Massive layoff at Dell? xampl9 (16)
BRillance of Bored 3 Bot Baden-Württemberg (6)
irish folk being quaint C. McGhee (0)
how fast do you read? C. McGhee (8)
Do you need a lawyer? Wayne (3)
So does the software development field really suck? 20 something (79)
So, my entire family was offended by Goldy Blox muppet (4)
So what was the deal with that coin toss? muppet (10)
How to enjoy Dr Who ? Chong Li (9)
Yesterday midnight we got a call Dr. Horrorwitz (24)
This time my diets seems successful Dr. Horrorwitz (16)
Healthcare.gov Quant (12)
If he ever had a mistress or fucked a dog, we will know it soon Quant (0)
February 2nd, 2014
Cord cutting 2.0 Light Bulb Repairman (8)
Puppy Bowl Thread FishyFishyFish (1)
so Chris Christie wrote this crazy lettter Bot Berlin (1)
Cord cutting xampl9 (7)
Superbowl thread Frank (40)
top 1% infographic reddit reporter (19)
What does 12 mean? le mo (4)
gay bachelor show premieres C. McGhee (0)
full Snowden interview link C. McGhee (2)
Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead at 46 Bill42x (19)
Ask CoT: Avoiding Butthurt in Posts? Bored Bystander (20)
Another whistleblowing bankster suicided C. McGhee (8)
Woody Allen: another Hollywood perv? Quant (7)
We study rats in torture chambers and generalize for humans Michael B (26)
Why I hate software development! WildRiver (25)
The future of human evolution xampl9 (0)
February 1st, 2014
sugarcut lax aproach video Friday (0)
latest fad for drunk white girls at parties C. McGhee (4)
Mayor of New York City Frank (10)
good news for trollop reddit reporter (0)
reddit retard reddit reporter (1)
violin thefts reddit reporter (17)
retirement redux reddit reporter (1)
beer delivery by drone reddit reporter (2)
Third dead bankster in six days Michael B (12)