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February 29th, 2012
sql server partitioning sierra (2 comments)
Popcorn anybody? trollop (2)
Windows 8 on ARM not Metro only... Wayne (12)
Monkey Davy Jones dies xampl9 (11)
Improve my horrible horrible SQL? Kenny (43)
French government seizes owneship of all IP Idiot (3)
BBC Scared to report honestly on Muslimns Morons (3)
To be sure, it's Tuesday trollop (7)
Thoughts on this scenario in the office RunningChicken (6)
Putting CoT on DHS watch list Bot Berlin (11)
February 28th, 2012
Something up with Steam? df (4)
brown eyed handsome man eek (2)
Hehe, perspective from Dr H's world Troglodyte (4)
Angelina Jolie leg Io (9)
Bot for President Canned Gods Inc. (2)
SSDs df (18)
Stupid printer Fan boy (7)
Enterprise Software Bot Berlin (14)
Loki swallowed a string, or something muppet (33)
If I could make jewelry a bit faster muppet (13)
Obama loves banker money Idiot (3)
Database vs File System vs Hybrid: Use Cases? Z (11)
No comment Some dude on the 'net (1)
February 27th, 2012
The Verge df (4)
Stephen Hawking regular at sex club Dr. Horrorwitz (12)
Database but not a database, updatable Bot Berlin (47)
Cars, toyota Bot Berlin (20)
Great employees not good enough Idiot (8)
Obama doing good job prosecuting spies against america Idiot (2)
download speed eek (12)
My SIM card has been Holocausted Dr. Horrorwitz (7)
The City Wok guy Offers His Freeware Anonymous Coward (5)
More on our old old application... xampl9 (2)
How a PC guys tests a smartphone Quant (16)
The very first item I ever listed muppet (8)
Newspapers.. Wayne (14)
February 26th, 2012
new leaks out Idiot (16)
other people CRAzY enough to put everything in files oh paul oh paul you so fine!!! (18)
Is it Tuesday yet? Ron Jeremy for President (9)
Movie review: The Gray Io (21)
My cunning DB plan didn't work Dr. Horrorwitz (48)
fleshlight Dr. Horrorwitz (2)
django eek (4)
February 25th, 2012
This is what I found on my daughter's room door today sierra (19)
Israel being spiteful and vindicative Idiot (7)
Still not able to find a good managed dedicated server Dr. Horrorwitz (23)
Insane bug in Win7 Dr. Horrorwitz (55)
CIA: Iran has no nuclear weapons ambitions Idiot (6)
Well, it probably won't make me rich muppet (16)
Usability of car door locks Idiot (16)
February 24th, 2012
Turkey and the F35 df (2)
Facebook bordering on bankruptcy Idiot (5)
What would you say in the circumstances? trollop (17)
paper pushing the great purple (8)
Could God ever exist? Bot Berlin (28)
Do you have time for learning at work? Io (8)
Republican supports gay marriage after meeting gays Idiot (6)
Google Cloud Print df (30)
Minecraft - biggest independent developer success ever? df (50)
Faulty-cable FTL Neutrino experiment SaveTheHubble (5)
Fuck IE8 sideways. Canned Gods Inc. (9)
the foreigners are taking our jobs Idiot (47)
Usability analysis in restaurant software Idiot (15)
February 23rd, 2012
"We should annihilate Iran" Idiot (9)
Life After Software Developmen​t? dude (6)
Awful awful code xampl9 (9)
koran burning Idiot (9)
Hoyza's Software Inspections article tweeted by Yourdon Honu (10)
intelligent design colouring book eek (2)
Quants responsible for global economic collapse Idiot (39)
February 22nd, 2012
13,800 sales muppet (24)
I got my shipment of assorted watch parts muppet (8)
Job Opportunity trollop (3)
toddler sleep, again the great purple (12)
An enlightened court in my area Bored Bystander (6)
Iran Io (11)
Should I switch jobs?  Part 2 dot (13)
In Israel, Arab-Jewish dating is more than just frowned upon RIP Whitney (3)
In the future... Wayne (39)
One of the folks at the company is leaving xampl9 (4)
The Playstation Vita df (25)
Long live the recession! Quant (23)
Tesco decides chattel slavery not a good PR move after all Colm (6)
Humans are naturally nice Colm (11)
Added 7 more new items to the shop, doubling the variety muppet (6)
February 21st, 2012
Microsoft's new Google ad Idiot (78)
Getting a gig after a year on side project via nueve (6)
Tuesday boobies Bluebeard (8)
dedication and compassion of teachers Idiot (2)
What are your goals? Dr. Horrorwitz (41)
how to improve the net Idiot (21)
Living in Mexico is so scary right now Lee (29)
February 20th, 2012
I'm sorry Muppet Fan boy (8)
High gas prices are Obama's fault xampl (iPhone) (21)
PMP the great purple (9)
Any night owls here who hate getting up in the morning? Chris (12)
Star Wars I xampl (iPhone) (15)
Should I switch jobs? dot (23)
UK army wants to evacuate britons in Greece Dr. Horrorwitz (11)
February 19th, 2012
Basketball anyone? sierra (17)
Can't believe JoC (9)
Greasing your CPU for cooler and tastier performance ... trollop (5)
How the hell to get access to remote shares in Win7 Dr. Horrorwitz (26)
TSA scanners xampl (iPhone) (1)
Iranian war ships crossing suez canal for what fucking reason sierra (20)
February 18th, 2012
Canada has become Israel's little bitch Stephen Harper = eco terrorist (3)
australian college ad Idiot (5)
Story of the year Dr. Horrorwitz (33)
"a massive, sustained air campaign needed" on Iran Idiot (9)
February 17th, 2012
I learned how to take better shots of my shop items muppet (31)
fun project with toy trucks Idiot (12)
Getting lonely at work now... Somebody (8)
February 16th, 2012
Stoopid Web Site Question Bored Bystander (9)
F# Rick from Nexus S (10)
I know no-one cares about Access 2003 at all except its mother trollop (1)
Laptop shooting guy xampl9 (21)
new antisemitic group: Israel Idiot (1)
America is not RACIST!!! Bot Berlin (24)
Scam Sham df (22)
Does anyone have an MBA?  Is it still worth it? . (16)
Address comparison patented. Troglodyte (24)
Iran xampl9 (15)
Considering applying for an IT Manager position Scott (10)
What is going on with Australia? Shylock (53)
I'm managing 2,000+ hits daily on my etsy store muppet (37)
The power of accurate data Shylock (9)
Cops unilaterally use public funds for private concern muppet (1)
update your notes - global warming is now "climate science" Idiot (7)
Who has better lawyers Rick on Nexus S (0)
I hate working with stupid people Fan boy (10)
February 15th, 2012
Is the 401K a scam? . (8)
Bill Gates becomes Dr. Evil Idiot (14)
FBI might shutdown the Internet on March 8 Bluebeard (3)
Weight loss tip Denman keeps spamming my aliases (9)
Noone saw this coming .. Morons (2)
Question for the Bored Bystander . (35)
When your project list shrinks,is it time to look for a new job? crazy (18)
Political Action Figures xampl9 (2)
What happened here? Morons (2)
Chicken Nuggets are a food group, right? xampl9 (21)
February 14th, 2012
Amazing job advert brone (12)
Left Wing Media takes Paul seriously Denman keeps spamming my aliases (3)
Farthest from civilization possible in the US Idiot (6)
Scientology's child slave labor camps Idiot (4)
RSA broken Idiot (0)
Upgrading MacBook hard drive PigPen (26)
Dealing with uncooperative vendor . for this (11)
Do you want to be sexually objectified? Rick on Nexus S (7)
Dealing With an Overly-Restrictive Intellectual Property Policy? . (30)
Nuts > Playboy The Graduate (4)
What was dating in your mid teens like? RIP Whitney (7)
Tuesday Boobies xampl9 (11)
Obama calling for more H1B visas Blablabla (3)
american psycho Idiot (15)
Retina display confusion Bill42x (23)
Obama shutting down Mars program Idiot (17)
Iran planning terror attack against NYC Idiot (6)
February 13th, 2012
I had an entire tube of ceramic glue explode in my hand muppet (8)
Forwards is backwards? Q (2)
The Jeremy Lin show Kenny (1)
Home NAS Kenny (12)
So, SaveTheHubble muppet (23)
So I built my first PC Kenny (18)
Pro-Paul Post by Krugman Denman keeps spamming my aliases (10)
Would you marry again? Lee (26)
So, any geeks in the room? muppet (10)
I'm pretty disappointed in all of you muppet (17)
Napolitano fired for supporting Paul Idiot (20)
February 12th, 2012
shut down CP rogue site "reddit" Idiot (4)
Low energy nuclear reactions seem to be heating up... RIP Whitney (1)
should child porn be legalized? Idiot (37)
Interpol is the KGB of the rich Idiot (1)
Tips on how to deal with bad management. Matchu (1)
Multinational employed hundreds of paid disinfo agents Dr. Horrorwitz (10)
Get a life, Dan Rick on Nexus S (18)
Hubble, are you out of a job now? Wayne (2)
February 11th, 2012
Whitney Houston dies, aged 48 RIP Whitney (1)
What pays better front-end or back-end web programming? X (7)
Airy Labs Idiot (2)
Your programming methodology ? (28)
If attacked Downsize THIS (19)
did you hear about the soft hearted prostitute? Idiot (1)
ZUSUK Downsize THIS (3)
Co-workers who worry more about what everyone else is doing.... Dean (3)
Iran's new pathetic tricks sierra (19)
Insecure boss sierra (6)
February 10th, 2012
Kim Jong Un assassinated? MobyDobie (7)
More funky java Bot Berlin (3)
Iran threatening the US! Idiot (3)
How do I get myself to stop thinking about work? Craig (16)
Very Strange Linux Distro Bored Bystander (7)
Terminator drones come home Idiot (10)
You don't own your notes Idiot (21)
muppet and others with toddlers the great purple (29)
Stupid stupid website PigPen (9)
Boss treats me better than the other, is he playing politics? anonymous for this (7)
February 9th, 2012
Crazy Cat Lady xampl9 (10)
It turns out that I do have an ego. Fan boy (14)
With such a pretty wife, why you so angry? Bot Berlin (5)
Windows on ARM Rick from Nexus S (9)
Steve Jobs lied Idiot (18)
Heard in a code review today xampl9 (32)
Rich people owning stock taking out loans Kenny (28)
So I'm probably going on Remicade in a couple weeks muppet (20)
Immense CEO productivity gains Quant (35)
I think they should revert to sun worship Dr. Horrorwitz (7)
rental real estate: good investment or a trap? . (18)
February 8th, 2012
PigPen:How do you determine the how much you should pay in tax? Colm (33)
Groupon still posting losses Kenny (9)
Mountain lion attack xampl9 (12)
attack may be imminent Dr. Horrorwitz (13)
NASA Shuttle whistle-blower dies SaveTheHubble (6)
The first 10 years, you learn how to cut Shylock, not Denman (9)
The Virgin Father Wayne (4)
Should I stay or should I go? Joe (17)
Record heat in Svalbard Dr. Horrorwitz (4)
OneNote df (14)
Tu/Vous, Sie/Du, etc. Shylock, not Denman (22)
$900 trillion for my kids PigPen (9)
Is Motorola still relevant? xampl9 (6)
Say it: President Santorum Blablabla (9)
Tax rates never paid for any services PigPen (57)
Do you have earlobes? s7h_black (11)
February 7th, 2012
This can't be true...can it? Some dude on the 'net (3)
What does CoT think about Iran Dr. Horrorwitz (29)
Ron Paul status update Bot Berlin (15)
Last known WW-I surviver passes away xampl9 (4)
So how much of your webapp is back end server code? Bot Berlin (11)
Summary judgement Quant (20)
Made my first bread with the bread machine Dr. Horrorwitz (38)
India tells Britain to fuck off. PigPen (11)
Working in a rape court. Watching porn under judge's nose PigPen (3)
Tuesday boobies PigPen (6)
Jeff Atwood / CodingHorror df (56)
The Vampire Squid prefers Democrats Quant (3)
February 6th, 2012
The singularity Signal II hoyza (1)
Football df (14)
Is lurid porn copyrightable? Idiot (6)
Powerplant explosion in St. Petersberg Idiot (9)
Muppet, how is your eye? Fan boy (3)
Best invention in the last ten years Fan boy (9)
Favorite SuperBowl ad? xampl9 (7)
US changing visa rules to atrract the highly skilled. Matchu (71)
OkCupid is looking for developers! Matchu (6)
Yale discovers fungus that eats plastic! Matchu (23)
February 5th, 2012
So, who is playing? Fan boy (25)
With 8.7% market share, Apple has 75% of cell phone profits Wayne (5)
Weird site-down mystery Dr. Horrorwitz (8)
need music for a bike clip... Random Face (8)
Obama's peace prize to be rescinded Idiot (14)
February 4th, 2012
Interesting article about an actual handwaving consultant hoyza (14)
Dallas Police incident Idiot (19)
US citizen blocked from US entry Idiot (12)
February 3rd, 2012
have u heard about the Woody Harrelson ama sierra (8)
-20C in Odessa xampl9 (14)
FB "find out what they said about you"? Bored Bystander (1)
Romney's secret swiss accounts Idiot (7)
African American Students Idiot (51)
When your boss is in over his head Cliff (12)
Organizational Volatility is correlated to defects Idiot (5)
Friendly Reminder CircusAttraction (9)
NYC Now paying out more in Pensions and Benifts than salaries Morons (27)
Rethinking Software Inspections hoyza (33)
February 2nd, 2012
Cool another war in the coming months Bot Berlin (18)
Windows Phone will use the NT kernel? Rick from Nexus S (1)
Check out these quad rotors less is more (4)
Sugar Volsted Act MobyDoby (15)
Shellfish on matzo's MobyDoby (17)
In London next week. Troglodyte (7)
Former Survivor member sues Gingrich for using ‘Eye of the Tig Mike (3)
Republicans arresting journalists Idiot (15)
I saw "Take Me Home Tonight" last night on Netflix muppet (11)
Feds used custom viruses for Megaupload surveillance Idiot (1)
February 1st, 2012
STH, you need to check the hash Rick from Nexus S (0)
Holy Bad Taste, Batman Bored Bystander (0)
Facebook -- ONLY 3.7 billions in Revenue in 2011 Rick from Nexus S (2)
I think I have to quit my client Home Despot (21)
management, so far the great purple (23)
20C in the NE US Shylock, not Dan (42)
A self-guiding, laser designated bullet SaveTheHubble (13)
A man can have no greater delusion than this Orison Swett Marden (7)
Less is More vs Idiot (Global Warming) MobyDobie (61)
Awe, that's cute JoC (6)
Waking up with clogged sinuses dude (17)
Romney is done - stick a fork in him xampl9 (3)
India Nick (21)
#1 best selling author Idiot (11)
Found your old love now what do? fexmachine (9)
500 Nations Fan boy (11)