Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

February 28th, 2011
Google Chrome MSI Vaxen (4 comments)
Libyan Civil War Moneychanger Wannabee (23)
Next rebellion? xampl (11)
Another thought on Libya MobyDobie (16)
Healthcare Allocation Officers df (27)
Happy Tuesday muppet (12)
Power PC is dead xampl (63)
Curses! Bluebeard (3)
Buffalaxed Io (7)
February 27th, 2011
Obama helping out Qaddafi Idiot (7)
How do you taxes work on investments Bot Berlin (20)
WI Potests MS (46)
Windows 7 Media Center dave (2)
US hypocrites worse than Josef Mengele Idiot (11)
RE: "I am no longer a programmer....looking for career advice" Nate (11)
Libyans decide on mercy for mercenaries and loyalists Idiot (14)
Fox News President to be indicted for Obstruction of Justice Idiot (1)
OS X Lion a visual example of Versions what are you reading for? (11)
OS X Lion given to security researchers what are you reading for? (2)
February 26th, 2011
Adopt a Terrorist - new evangelical fad Idiot (4)
"Qaddhafi you Jew!" Moneychanger Wannabee (7)
name of this design pattern Idiot (10)
Buffett the speculator Quant (13)
Croatia public demonstrates against corrupt dictatorship Idiot (3)
Fraud at LA Community College District dave (0)
Egypt is a military dictatorship again Idiot (18)
Cameron Diaz loves porn... Bluebeard (7)
should US invade Libya Idiot (31)
Sex and Women are Cheap Idiot (17)
Obama renews patriot act Colm (8)
Manga Guide to Databases and Quantum Mechanics Idiot (6)
February 25th, 2011
If you are bored, unreal development kit Bot Berlin (4)
GPS system will be destroyed Ward (1)
I can't believe it Vaxen (3)
$2.8 million just doesn't go as far as it used to... Ward (18)
10,000 contacts are enough for everyone Vaxen (0)
Hook, line and suckers (Adobe marketing model) trollop (6)
dell optiplex eek (2)
My laptop could not boot up!?# Vaxen (6)
Riots in Iraq SaveTheHubble (12)
Next investment hoyza (9)
Fun - french Star Wars Io (0)
Is writing batch processes unmanly? Moneychanger Wannabee (19)
Thanks for fixing COT connection issues Fan boy (3)
Jobs in Libya MobyDobie (10)
2-½ Men has rest of season cancelled xampl (13)
IPad 2 preview what are you reading for? (2)
Last Discovery launch, I don't get it? Bluebeard (12)
oil prices to rise dramatically Idiot (8)
Peace at last trollop (1)
February 24th, 2011
We Dare game Idiot (4)
Qaddafi's theory Idiot (11)
why gold is better that swiss deposits Idiot (8)
New Calculator Ward (6)
Where is Mubarak? xampl (iPhone) (15)
C++ is painful, part 2 the great purple (26)
Just received a bonus of 3300 (After tax) Vaxen (18)
The fight began! Vaxen (10)
"I'll stick around" Vaxen (4)
guy files lien against bank property Idiot (6)
Wow.  Fuck these guys. muppet (5)
I am no longer a programmer....looking for career advice Chuck (20)
OS X Lion's new system wide version control Idiot (24)
OS X Lion eliminates scrollbars Idiot (29)
Obama asks banks to pay off principal Kenny (29)
CoT'er survives quake Ward (1)
assange to be extradited Idiot (27)
This guy really says it as it is, on the MiddleEast lorb (2)
13 yr olds with grenade launchers Idiot (7)
tragedy - NZ quake will affect insurance company profits Idiot (7)
February 23rd, 2011
Morons on bikes Ward (7)
Great line from Modern Family Moneychanger Wannabee (0)
Sinuses, Ears & Swimming MobyDobie (11)
Big Bang Theory xampl (5)
linking error the great purple (8)
So I've been watching live pictures from Benghazi... MobyDobie (14)
"Archer" is running out of steam muppet (2)
This is cool Serverside Troglodyte (3)
Iz is still not talking muppet (28)
unconditional parenting the great purple (85)
OK so Sarah wants a loft bed muppet (25)
Visa sent me a fraud alert email on my way to work this morning muppet (17)
Oh Jesus muppet (10)
Home prices fall 4.1%, near 2009 lows Bubba (38)
February 22nd, 2011
Simple accounting software Ward (5)
What did you say to famous people you've met? Ward channeling StH (17)
girl on boy wrestling Idiot (7)
Big bittorrent downloads - update Ward (11)
A different take on the John Edwards thing hoyza (12)
Supernatural on sale on amazon.ca today Kenny (9)
Boat hostages dead xampl (19)
ChristChurch NZ Vaxen (29)
Old Heinlein books Ward (44)
Value of Ivy League degree Idiot (20)
Bachelor episode 8 Idiot (5)
February 21st, 2011
Is it bad to be late for Grade 1? Ward (33)
Adding on online help to an app Bored Bystander (2)
Ford RS200 "Evolution" auction SaveTheHubble (12)
Now that Qaddhafi's on his way out Moneychanger Wannabee (18)
Tunisia debating whether to become oppressive Sharia state Idiot (16)
So I was right about the Pakistan shooting Idiot (16)
Should I see a doctor? Starting to get concerned (15)
traumatic drive in the great purple (16)
"Unknown" is a pretty good movie SaveTheHubble (4)
New VP of Engineering starts today xampl (9)
It should would be interesting Bot Berlin (10)
unintended pregnancy Don't do evil (1)
Missouri's child labor controversy Idiot (21)
COT still has connection problems for me. Fan boy (23)
February 20th, 2011
The classiest part about Java... Wayne (7)
Neighbor douche xampl (11)
Product review - Swingline 747 Stapler Q (7)
Egypt Supports Wisconsin SaveTheHubble (3)
How many have you opted for the tank at Alcor? Tank fish (20)
Jobs buys tank at Alor . (11)
February 19th, 2011
The Social Network df (17)
College Football! Idiot (4)
Still pretty after all these years..Jennifer Beals Phil (3)
Have you used C#? Fan boy (31)
February 18th, 2011
Obama applies Israeli lube and bends over Bobby. (11)
Do you think that the Gini coefficient is related to climate? Bobby. (7)
Bahrain video Idiot (26)
WTF? Chrome Apps? Ward (1)
If I had a billion dollars, Ward (11)
C++ is painful the great purple (36)
Turning down a Job offer.. Morons (29)
Amazon UK sux trollop (10)
What.  The.  Fuck. muppet (22)
$50 of vistaprint for $10 - coupon hoyza (0)
Online movies and TV series Io (9)
The god of washing machines Bluebeard (24)
Interesting business proposal Peter (8)
February 17th, 2011
Amazon gift certificates - anyone have codes stolen? Bored Bystander (14)
Better than Watson Bot Crazy Nut Troll (3)
Debt collector calls xampl (9)
Jobless claims rise 25,000 last week dude (12)
Does SOA always mean row by agonizing row? Moneychanger Wannabee (24)
My boss is feuding with his boss....how should I handle? . for this (17)
The new lifehacker layout fucking blows muppet (5)
iPhone killer xampl (2)
Neat article muppet (2)
Tuesday!!! muppet (3)
What the hell sort of a news photo is this? muppet (2)
Drivers' Licenses in the US xampl (16)
Jeopardy Ward (17)
on the sorts of books and interests for free time Idiot (22)
February 16th, 2011
Borders sucks, see you later Bot Berlin (17)
Inbound mail to the USA has gone insane Q (35)
Downloading huge files w/ Bittorrent Ward (8)
Obama demands Republicans spend more xampl (6)
Buy this knucklehead's property Bored Bystander (7)
Sorry to be a scumbag what are you reading for? (14)
"Most of us are entitled to free public health care but..." 94/83/66kg (3)
XML in .Net rant (again) xampl (13)
Anyone here a native francophone? Moneychanger Wannabee (32)
Travel tip: Holiday Inn points club Ward (1)
Average wait time is going up... Ward (4)
Ken Jennings is pretty funny. Wayne (2)
Borders enters Chapter-11 bankruptcy xampl (22)
Cairo "Freedom Fighters'. Morons (17)
Mubarak the murderer Idiot (10)
Why is there really a demand for these photos? muppet (5)
Apple's selling water now SaveTheHubble (21)
People in Michigan are a little uptight muppet (20)
I am your father... Bluebeard (8)
It's Tuesday, and you know what that means xampl (6)
Yep, they are still savages lorb (13)
You can't have sex anywhere these days Bot Berlin (14)
Clothed in Punky Brewster's donated clothing after an earthquake Palmer Eldritch (13)
How did you celebrate Valentine's Day? Palmer Eldritch (13)
Valentine's cards Fan boy (3)
February 15th, 2011
HBGary break in analyzed Idiot (2)
A new SoC takes the crown df (5)
Apple is batshit insane df (45)
Dell buys AMD? xampl (4)
huge demand for engineering grads Idiot (8)
10 most romantic cities LH (6)
Fruit Show is recommended for Tiny Community. THX 1138 (15)
Now this is scary Moneychanger Wannabee (3)
Nokia Plans - Do keep up what are you readying for? (5)
What are you spending/saving habits? Water Cooler v2 (29)
China in trouble? Interesting... (5)
Military Security firms developing rootkits Idiot (2)
tonight's Jeopardy Idiot (31)
February 14th, 2011
new 747 flight tested at 738mph Idiot (11)
endgame: Iran? Phil (10)
The people on Stack overflow believe the Stupidest Things Morons (15)
Overheard at work #4 xampl (5)
Mars trip simulation crew halfway through their journey NZ'er (12)
Iphone on COT Bill42x (9)
Just switched to a new phone plan. Flasher T (5)
valentine's day is not good for my waistline the great purple (12)
California Governor flies Coach SaveTheHubble (30)
Dogs must be banned from public places! MobyDobie (8)
Ghonim on being a Cyber revolutionary Idiot (8)
OSWars, what do you want OSWarFighter (23)
zip's encryption isn't all that secretive Idiot (17)
February 13th, 2011
One I'd go see. trollop (0)
Where to take my career... FeelingLost (19)
Elance search criteria Io (9)
Ideas are free Io (11)
Filming Porn in Public Park Idiot (5)
Is it safe to say that Just Sayin' (14)
on a positive note sierra (1)
Conflict Acid Guru (5)
Mug shots xampl (5)
February 12th, 2011
1 million foreclosures in 2010 Idiot (18)
American Single Mom involved in Terrorist attacks against banks Idiot (8)
Why the world keeps talking about "arrogant Yankees" Quant (18)
Bill likes the Purple Dildo Idiot (2)
February 11th, 2011
can't get over this song sierra (9)
More re: Nikon vs. Canon Ward (17)
Nokia Employees Protest!!! Vaxen (6)
Overheard at work 3 xampl (iPhone) (7)
Second to last sentence is the punch line muppet (2)
How do I buy the domain I want if it is already registered Water Cooler v2 (14)
Mubarak resigns Consensus (4)
Fix The Deficit SaveTheHubble (6)
1948 Cars Of Tomorrow SaveTheHubble (6)
Don't jump the turnstiles in Chicago!! muppet (21)
Is Steve Jobs Dead Yet? AppleDapple (6)
Nokia Windows Phone! Vaxen (9)
Now that software and computers have become commodity products TheRealWorld (6)
Nikon vs. Canon Ward (8)
February 10th, 2011
Would you be upset if something like this happened to you? Just Sayin' (28)
What's the deal with the US interfering with Egypt's affairs? Q (28)
toddler humor the great purple (6)
Excessive employee to cusomer ratio df (1)
Free biscuit Just Sayin' (12)
I hate insurance companies the great purple (22)
Free Biscuit Free-for-All Wayne (19)
I've been making the mistake lately muppet (3)
Wow, by this logic, the United States should have muppet (21)
it's 2 degrees fahrenheit outside the great purple (12)
Sending shirtless photos and then resigns! Vaxen (10)
February 9th, 2011
How much do you know about sex? Q (8)
Slowness connecting to COT Fan boy (12)
Global Cyberwar continues Idiot (6)
Free Biscuit Free-for-All Ward (14)
Star wars home movies SaveTheHubble (4)
Intelligent questions for climate scientists Moneychanger Wannabee (43)
6 wrecks on way to work xampl (4)
Now that's funny muppet (0)
Strange, this article doesn't APPEAR to be in Op/Ed muppet (3)
California URLS hoyza (7)
February 8th, 2011
Would you vote for Just Sayin' (22)
leaving usa sierra (23)
Do you dare to date these women? You can't HANDLE the truth! (4)
Married guys - what would you do if you became single? Bob (26)
Absolutely hilarious df (4)
Limitations of bittorrent Ward (1)
The computer as a communication device - 1968 article Bluebeard (5)
Facebook Anti-schadenfreude JoC (1)
How to do CRUD in C#/.NET? Wayne (9)
Our state is now hotly debating whether alcohol sales should muppet (25)
Firefox addin for simulating slow connection? xampl (8)
less than half NY students above average Idiot (9)
If you could go on a helicopter ride... Bob (18)
Boeing's Outsourcing strategy Idiot (9)
New Car Feature Idiot (18)
February 7th, 2011
vCJD test may be coming xampl (3)
Any DNS experts here? xampl (19)
Katy Perry Tuesday preview Ward (7)
Build a better mouse trap Idiot (1)
Working in an office with people who distract you . for this (16)
Observations of the deep south Bot Crazy Fag. (13)
I liked the commercial with the monkeys muppet (8)
Microsoft doesn't understand the cloud df (26)
Negotiating xampl (11)
Never Buy a Honda Again ShyK (10)
Sirius/XM app disappeared off my iPhone this morning?? muppet (7)
February 6th, 2011
Superbowl xampl (24)
Egypt switcharoo Idiot (22)
Multiculturalism has failed Io (84)
Sydney heatwave ends less is more (6)
February 5th, 2011
New Orleans lost 1/3 of population xampl (12)
Better aquarium lighting = true to life fish colors in video muppet (9)
4th Video of the UFO over the temple Mount shows up.. Morons (2)
Icebergs in Lake Michigan - where is your global warming now? Idiot (6)
A vital News Update muppet (5)
Republicans stop anti-asteroid bill SaveTheHubble (7)
Should stupid people be banned from breeding? Idiot (13)
Do you live in California? Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (8)
Guys, what is your limit for the weight of a dating partner? Bob (21)
Event Queue Io (17)
Best Book on Calculus or Diffy Q? Hello (6)
February 4th, 2011
Proof that homeopathy works MobyDobie (8)
David Stockman on Republicans Moneychanger Wannabee (3)
Unfortunate comapany names Fan boy (7)
I don't understand this compulsion muppet (26)
Snow gets *real* xampl (iPhone) (16)
Textbook money making scheme df (4)
Turns out that Danish cartoonist really was sort of an asshole muppet (26)
Caprica was actually pretty good, taken as a whole season muppet (10)
US Defense Spending Ward (10)
Original Bladerunner Ward (12)
Flying over LA Ward (16)
What is the next Microsoft Dynamics? ShowMeThe$$$ (6)
Another reason to visit NYC Fan boy (16)
February 3rd, 2011
License required to Engineer in North Carolina Idiot (32)
I am an uncle tom Bot Crazy Fag. (4)
How to deal with the "longest without sex" issue FrakBuccaneer (2)
favicon, complicated update to go live Idiot (11)
Completely fucked up apartment prices Io (17)
The 4 Hour Body df (12)
New trend in company naming xampl (iPhone) (4)
Celebrities - Who Needs Em? (Honeycomb/ Cee Lo) df (3)
What's the longest you've gone without sex... Bob (14)
Good use for no-fly list Idiot (1)
Red Gate will be charging $35 for .NET Reflector trollop (9)
February 2nd, 2011
Whats up with the non-government entities (NGO)s? hoyza (5)
Ground Hog Day SaveTheHubble (25)
Is the Great Recession over? xampl (iPhone) (20)
Funny comic lorb (1)
USA vanishes from outside view ... trollop (11)
February 1st, 2011
Cheese Ritz Ward (2)
300kmh winds expected trollop (19)
Comcast beta testing IPv6 xampl (1)
Idiot lost two months of code Fan boy (24)
A nice, smooth, peaty Scotch Moneychanger Wannabee (14)
Code Rush xampl (0)
I'm radioactive! Ward (16)
Hey kids, Calcium Chloride + Water is an exothermic reaction!! muppet (6)
Caprica seems to have been ruined by Syfy-llis muppet (5)
Is it just me, or is it mostly right-leaning types muppet (62)
LOL What a load of crap muppet (3)
Still love this site muppet (2)
This IRS filing delay for itemizers this year muppet (3)
What is wrong with Drupal? FrakBuccaneer (2)
Number of topics in January Vaxen (2)
So much for online backup Ward (19)