Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

February 28th, 2009
Flash of Genius sharkfish (6 comments)
FireFox Mu (4)
porn bob (3)
homeless former upper-class, in Tokyo sharkfish (10)
fuck the police reckless life (2)
HHGG, "The Complete Radio Series" SaveTheHubble (1)
my SO called me "autistic" today sharkfish (13)
you need this in your life sharkfish (1)
Lego magazine xampl (2)
could I be sued sharkfish (24)
Robbers with munchies xampl (0)
Whatever happened to... Gerald Hoppy (5)
Rhianna is back with Chris Brown Bot Berlin (19)
Why politicians get away with shit like this: 'cos some people don't have maps (6)
February 27th, 2009
i fell asleep and woke up to sharkfish (2)
Hillary transfers ownership of US to China Consultant (9)
The one and only JacqueMehOff (13)
Windfall profits - economists with no clue Consultant (72)
Carrying around an iPhone in Japan would make you look pretty... Freud (4)
dear wayne, whistle (4)
Recessions kick ass Michael B (iPhone) (15)
And thus it begins Bot Berlin (0)
Feedback requested for website Bill42x (22)
Dear Moderators whistle (4)
Who doesn't love watermelon? Consultant (40)
wales/france (redux) eek-o-tourist (5)
Hold Physical Gold or Exchange Traded Gold? RepublicanDepressionSurvivor (37)
Jindal's story was true Consultant (13)
Dock compared to Taskbar el (3)
What's the difference between Moshe (5)
Twitter clients recreate the browser wars whistle (10)
The title alone makes it worth it Aaron (6)
Life and Fate Erik Springelkamp (3)
The Next Big Thing! ZodiacCoder (50)
Scala used for twitter message queues Bot Berlin (12)
Obama to end the war by ...staying there a really long time Bot Berlin (22)
Here's a pretty good definition of "butthurt" muppet (10)
CEO overlap between RTC and current crisis? xampl on his iPhone (7)
Hill Street Blues Gerald Hoppy (14)
Saw Dark Knight muppet (31)
Hot physicists Gerald Hoppy (5)
And that is the end of this company Bot Berlin (37)
Safari 4, for real Consultant (12)
Jindal and Bot Consultant (3)
Why Don Knuth can't do work? Prime Programming Stud (10)
If you just up and moved, could people track you down? Ward (10)
More XML! More transparency in the stock markets... Peter (6)
February 26th, 2009
Black in America VashirNu (2)
If you murdered someone with the same exact name as you Michael B (13)
Who should receive the COT award for Joe Montesani (4)
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my partner for the... Michael B (iPhone) (6)
PG on COT ed (6)
safari 4? discuss! (9)
someone should tell aaronsw, you're not a reddit cofounder a__h__ (7)
I beg to differ trollop (0)
Susan Rice Tim (4)
AHA and the Emperor's New Clothes Freud (4)
Disaster Recovery xampl (9)
Bush in Calgery JacqueMehOff (11)
Intelligence, Education, Practical Work Bot Berlin (25)
I am continuing MindPixel's work Bot Berlin (13)
Berlin 1, Sharkfish 1 on diet Bot Berlin (11)
The sky is falling on the druge report Bot Berlin (9)
Ever think LeftWingPharisee (6)
Susanne Alt Erik Springelkamp (5)
I think I have a learning disability Michael B (6)
Hey! Masiosare (4)
question for mods sharkfish - blackberry (13)
Things I would rewrite, set 1 Bot Berlin (18)
Do they tap maple trees in Oz/NZ? LeftWingPharisee (30)
Anyone know a source for this? Clouseau (11)
things I hate about the yoof eek-o-tourist (5)
wales/france eek-o-tourist (16)
Recruiter who were on $100/hr out of work Clouseau (24)
song question for all the old soul boys & girls eek-o-tourist (6)
Aw Jeez, Denise trollop (6)
February 25th, 2009
Hospital might not let "octomom" take kids home... Peter (11)
Things I hate about old fogies sharkfish (37)
Furmeister sharkfish (8)
Things I hate about programmers sharkfish (10)
asshole fuck mark pilgrim (1)
Little pricks on JoS ___ (12)
bobby jindal's response, 30 rock argv[0] (13)
nature is crazy argv[0] (6)
neopolitan ice cream sharkfish (17)
clojure  + couch db for a new site ed (0)
saving $700,000 ed (11)
sushi sharkfish (46)
Ask CoT: If you had a space ship, what would you call it? Peter (25)
On stats and data Bot Berlin (6)
i have a constructor sharkfish - blackberry (23)
interesting idea... argv[0] (7)
We got the numbers back on our ultrasound/blood test combo muppet (5)
Space song Consultant (5)
Another book study.  Ruby sucks Bot Berlin (10)
Guatanamo play pen Consultant (0)
So, how about this song? Gerald Hoppy (4)
Another round... JoC (9)
Interesting article with tips on Web Apps Freud (0)
How about this song? bon vivant (23)
Japanese exports drop 46% Clouseau (22)
Interesting Writer's Web Site Ward (1)
Met with a nursing advisor yesterday muppet (26)
On cutting bread, rice, pasta, and potatoes out of my diet probably possibly (6)
Kick-ass soap bubbles over London Clay Dowling (7)
guess THIS song sharkfish (5)
I know how I'm voting in 2012 Aaron (3)
Speaking of babies muppet (34)
Last night I dreamt muppet (15)
what is the name of this song? eek-o-tourist (6)
What can one use this 'server' for? Freud (11)
My new diet.  I am speaking Japanese Bot Berlin (7)
From Twitter Bot Berlin (9)
Bot Review: Heroes is better than BSG Bot Berlin (9)
Erase my Grandfather's Name at Yad Vashem Tim (7)
Philo jings (9)
What Other Boards/Communities do You Frequent? ! (13)
February 24th, 2009
A good Jazz tune Fan boy (7)
My new job -- C# Fan boy (12)
I am so lucky! Fan boy (3)
Obama's speech sharkfish (8)
Voice Recognition Remote Control? Fan boy (4)
Modern song that starts with a C Bot Berlin (27)
for "fan boy" and "guess worker" argv[0] (11)
Hey Sharkfish, this one's for you Sin-Wat (1)
obama argv[0] (73)
Chinese TV Ward (7)
20 Inch Wide screen monitor Freud (4)
now we know why the TechCrunch dude got spit on sharkfish (1)
so what's YOUR pimp name? sharkfish (9)
100gig harddrive Bot Berlin (9)
I am sorry, SVN is still useful Bot Berlin (24)
Tora! Tora! Tora! Ward (8)
Anybody still watching Lost? Clay Dowling (9)
Steal! Steal! Steal! Clay Dowling (0)
Buy! Buy! Buy! Tsird (5)
Sell! Sell! Sell! Drist (0)
Is being honest, easier in real life? Bot Berlin (4)
Just bought a king size memory foam bed yesterday muppet (19)
Housewives Gerald Hoppy (10)
was (not was) eek-o-tourist (3)
When we multitask, we get stupid. Fan boy (34)
Conspiracy df (12)
Watching attack picture: You must pay victim! Dr. Horrorwitz (13)
10 sextillion per cent Consultant (6)
Stock Brokers vs. Economists $10.8 Trillion in National Debt (16)
Peopleware Consultant (10)
February 23rd, 2009
rumor: aig to report 60 BILLION dollar loss next week (52)
Another project Bot Berlin (5)
Which groups of people do you belong to? Joe Montesani (16)
"Mystery" job contacts Bored Bystander (26)
yes the tropicana redesign sucks ass ed (8)
I will have this. sharkfish (15)
got my ss card replacement sharkfish (11)
Fractal desktop backgrounds xampl (3)
in case you thought European women are the "answer" sharkfish (22)
Commie Homo-loving Sons of Guns Clay Dowling (4)
Not that remarkable JoC (12)
Bush Depression (13)
No more monkeys Clay Dowling (26)
Have it all Erik Springelkamp (0)
Can anyone show me Freud (10)
Poor Microsoft Freud (14)
The economy and greenhouse gases df (9)
best case for legalizing drugs sharkfish (10)
How to deal with lunatic conspiracy theories? LeftWingPharisee (30)
Where's my thread? Clay Dowling (5)
"Pure reason is a disease" eek-o-tourist (23)
This is why Westboro Baptist Church folks are douchebags Clay Dowling (30)
Yelp manipulates reviews to extort from businesses not one of you (9)
Computers and Ethics (7)
February 22nd, 2009
Don't know this got started Bot Berlin (6)
Kinky business trollop (6)
CitiBank owns what? OOPS! (15)
I really enjoyed fanboy's posts guess worker (4)
"phallic references" sharkfish (3)
Factor, Metric bounds versus image bounds Bot Berlin (3)
Old fogies like Fanboy sharkfish (17)
The $700 Billion in bail-out money xampl (9)
let them eat cake argv[0] (0)
Fields Similar to Programming Wondering (12)
Star Trek Voyager xampl (0)
Oscar bets (I know you don't care about the Oscars - bet anyway) sharkfish (24)
hey.. don't worry  be happy guess worker (1)
I will forever shut up about Jews, Holocaust etc. Dr. Horrorwitz (68)
Fanboy, Guessworker, how old are you? Tapiwa (35)
the credit crisis: the cartoon! Colm (13)
Uh... uh... uh... uh... uh... Gerald Hoppy (5)
bailout money line item Consultant (12)
good article about Ledger sharkfish (5)
Chartist, I like that. Bot Berlin (3)
$5 foot long, again sharkfish (18)
Religulous sharkfish (73)
mankiw slammed by delong guess worker (5)
Oh, what a surprise Gerald Hoppy (5)
Apple rules Freud (7)
FireFly is pretty good. whistle (11)
Overcoming Bias Bot Berlin (1)
Adult Yuppie Frat Boys Bot Berlin (8)
What is wrong with this Bot Berlin (4)
February 21st, 2009
xampl - "I spent the afternoon working on my project." whistle (8)
My new job - Internet usage Fan boy (37)
Only programmers are CoT Bot Berlin (22)
Chris Rock - 2004 sharkfish (7)
How many are boycotting the iphone or other crappy gadgets Bot Berlin (7)
Hiring programmers should be like pro-sports. lorb (19)
joel on nytimes.com partner=permalink works? (17)
Watching Heroes Bot Berlin (16)
stallman acting like a jackass playing with his food bob (0)
Why would anybody delete this post? Erik Springelkamp (7)
bobby jindal putting on a show for the base ed (4)
Tzipora Menache: "We control stupid Americans." Tom (12)
lorb goes from "random nick" to "lets meet" in 5 posts... ed (6)
Script library for text viewer application Bot Berlin (28)
Teddy Roosevelt with his kids sharkfish (4)
the guy who gave my email addy as his own sharkfish (2)
Michael B, your wife sharkfish (20)
Up swing in activity here? Not blank (4)
Last time the DJIA was this low was lorb (5)
Art Bell rides again! (15)
My new job Fan boy (15)
February 20th, 2009
The H1-B Problem ItsComing (31)
samsung omnia macbook (7)
I knew this when I was 4 years old and it PISSED ME OFF. COTTer (4)
SCALEX7 lorb (9)
TARP ban on h1b COTTer (15)
what the fck? JOS pirates COT? COTTer (4)
Small Town Coffee Shop Clay Dowling (8)
what is your domain? sharkfish - blackberry (26)
Trees over there Consultant (24)
Saab bankrupt xampl (16)
umm bob (4)
A programming question (because I no longer use JoS) Learning .NET (9)
What, exactly, *is* the reach around? whistle (6)
A repost dildo Clay Dowling (0)
TiVo fucking blows muppet (22)
Usability analysis: registration fails Consultant (10)
In the name of consistency and fairness I would just like to.. whistle (12)
Dexter's sister Gerald Hoppy (2)
Unemployment, SF California and more Bot Berlin (6)
HP cuts everybody's salary Clouseau (26)
Citi may go below $2, buy now Bot Berlin (5)
economic crisis tops terror thanks philo (16)
What's the stock market pricing algorithm? Michael B (29)
Mods: no deletions of anti-gay comments? Freud (46)
February 19th, 2009
pay your neighbor's mortgage? sharkfish (3)
I may be a millionaire but I this sort of thing still hurts. i this whateever, i'm quitting.. (9)
Nuff said Bot Berlin (6)
Big box retailers as places with UPCs instead of solutions Michael B (11)
who gave the world goatse.cx? !NSFW! (2)
Anybody has experience writing addin for Reporting Service 2005 Rick Tsang (3)
suave iranian boys bomb 'em (16)
Wife said she's thinking of going to school for CS Michael B (32)
Mega company - Walmart Bot Berlin (4)
Why don't you make CoT's Special Forum to Replace JoS? Fake Joel Spolsky (19)
Hitler 'stache sharkfish (5)
What if women can't orgasm? Michael B (51)
Healthcare in TN JoC (11)
is it just me or is this surreal sharkfish (7)
From the Society for the Study of the Blindingly Obvious: Clay Dowling (12)
fuck. not another one. Colm (38)
Can someone else paraphrase Freud (2)
I turned the tree frogs on last night while I sat down to muppet (14)
If you love something, set it free muppet (0)
Canadians living near the border df (4)
whistle, I'm sorry Aaron (3)
Social Collapse Best Practices (Peter could have written it) Sin-Wat (21)
facebook usability eek-o-tourist (3)
Cat agrees to EULA Dr. Horrorwitz (4)
health insurance after being laid off? sharkfish (21)
February 18th, 2009
add this to the list sharkfish (7)
fuck. Swastika time. sharkfish (30)
Professor: Your default grade is a C sharkfish (34)
Digital Transition Update Consultant (13)
oh the irony sharkfish (5)
ah yes. Monkey comparisons already. sharkfish (34)
site interesting (1)
obsessed with fashion? he's just a thief moral compass (11)
Speaking to college seniors xampl (14)
drunk people sharkfish - blackberry (6)
Cardboard boxes xampl (3)
another hard day sharkfish - blackberry (20)
MFC question sharkfish (21)
the pro-lifers win in north dakota whistle (25)
rick chapman returns whistle (3)
nyc pigs suck freedom monkey (14)
michael & homework bot sorry, but true (1)
Why is it that 9 times out of 10 F U Cotter (13)
Kara DioGuardi Anoop dogg (0)
Mark Zuckerberg's explanation of the changed Facebook ToS Freud (4)
It was deleted! Something was deleted! Gerald Hoppy (23)
stealing sharkfish (0)
Obama opposes fairness doctrine Bot Berlin (6)
this guy nails it sharkfish (10)
Damned Liberal-biased reality strikes again muppet (17)
I ate a sharkfish (4)
circulating the office sharkfish (8)
UK: illegal to record police? sharkfish - blackberry (4)
angry women sharkfish - blackberry (16)
White and Blue - Kerri Simpson trollop (0)
Whatever happened to liquid nitrogen cars? LeftWingPharisee (30)
cheap credit fuel college tuition bubble ___ ______ _________ (15)
funny to learn most people can't program should take 5 minutes? (8)
Low introductory rate credit cards anon (12)
H1-Bs be afraid.  Be very afraid! PlayBall!!! (24)
Let's talk about Tom Ward (3)
Who's good at parsing html? Peter (19)
Getting sued over forum content Forum Owner (20)
February 17th, 2009
OK. JoS now sucks. What about BoS? 73 (4)
Maybe they are doing this wrong Bot Berlin (7)
recovery.gov the bailout (15)
Let's talk about Ward Tom (3)
follow up to the little coding challenge coder Z (26)
Estonia the biggest exporter of human body parts? Tom (8)
what am I striving for, again? sharkfish (13)
I don't understand the outrage, here sharkfish (8)
dammit I wish I were smarter sharkfish (16)
Another self observation (black women) Bot Berlin (35)
This is why it is hard to work with 'smart' people Bot Berlin (4)
32 topics in 10 days Rick Tang (1)
Does anyone not see the irony with the banks Bot Berlin (8)
Surprising what people view on the internet Peeking Tom (9)
ZedShaw in realtime Bot Berlin (0)
Called out haskell Bot Berlin (28)
What do I need to know Gerald Hoppy (2)
Cool cat Clay Dowling (10)
ontologies Anonymous Dev (2)
Harvard Narcissists killed Wall Street sharkfish (6)
Computer Book Sales. Bot Berlin (31)
Thoughts on CS degree Bot Berlin (39)
OK, now I am worried Bot Berlin (1)
Gym memberships xampl on his iPhone (2)
programming is hazardous to your health sharkfish (7)
US security chief: next we fight the americans Consultant (11)
Molecular Biology / Virology df (24)
for sharky Colm (12)
Parkour Clay Dowling (8)
They are among us Gerald Hoppy (7)
Let's talk about Rick some more Ward (7)
JoS thread about registration killing the forum probably possibly (17)
Nexus Gloating ward on a treo 700p (10)
I am a proud owner of... Bot Berlin (7)
February 16th, 2009
little programming challege coder z (23)
Improve this playlist, my coding/thinking mix Bot Berlin (2)
How do you read and respond to YouTube comments... bon vivant (7)
Slow day ... Rick Tang (5)
I don't find Peter Winn convincing why should it work? (4)
I left the tree frogs running for four hours muppet (9)
How do you start your day? probably possibly (20)
world's largest exported with no domestic market fuck the chinese (4)
well i guess my situation ain't so bad wall street jobber (4)
will Flasher still be an arrogant prat? colm has shares in joost! (4)
Trying to Move Up During a Bad Recession LT (12)
go to jail for barry bonds? barry bonds' is my hero* (1)
a thought bob (3)
This chick is awesome Clay Dowling (22)
How long does it take a moderators ego to swell? what's the point? (6)
Catchy tune bon vivant (1)
blog post on the wall of the whitney museum what's the point? (16)
In my ongoing campaign to drive my wife crazy muppet (12)
Northwest Airlines evil for giving away food Clay Dowling (17)
Twitter is a better CoT Bot Berlin (7)
Maybe he should have put the word text in quotes to be clear... Rick Tang (4)
The truth that cannot be said bon vivant (0)
Best president list, according to Historians. Bot Berlin (11)
george will lying sack of shit bob (14)
meaner than anyone else on COT bob (5)
difference between KNOWING and TALKING SHIT bob (9)
009340234353 bob (11)
you guys are gloomy bob (7)
I think the MS retail shops make sense bob (31)
Why would you counterfeit money? JoC (2)
Could not resist a pot shot at Ann Coulter Clay Dowling (5)
Nigerians bill Utah $2.5M, Utah pays then says, wait, what? Consultant (7)
And you thought Americans were gun happy Stephen Jones (8)
welsh rugby river taff (3)
Inner waistband holster for Glock 27? Dr. Horrorwitz (18)
I think the desktop should be free lorb (42)
I think it is a bold move, with MS Bot Berlin (12)
I am addicted to being an asshole on the internet Consultant (9)
February 15th, 2009
Music/mixing folks muppet (10)
to the fuckers who want every link explained ___ ___ _____ (9)
The GOP df (29)
OK, here is more of my 'text' viewer Bot Berlin (13)
I'm in a good mood Dr. Horrorwitz (4)
so pissed off at not getting promoted guess worker (23)
got my refund from the feds. bob (19)
Details for the Stimulus Bill Bot Berlin (17)
Falun Gong protestors Ward (14)
Moreover, Lisp has actually thrived on changes. wow (13)
death van - "a sign that china promotes human rights now" wow (5)
Linus - Genius At Work whistle (11)
Destruction of the South Central Farmera whistle (11)
State revenue down - time to decriminalize pot? xampl (19)
Speed skating Ward (2)
the best lesbian hookup site.. macbook (1)
Russian Schoolgirl Uniforms Consultant (16)
Native Americans need to stop drinking so much! Juan Columbus (7)
Depressed people are just more realistic Consultant (17)
Digital Rabbit Ears whistle (4)
Demeaning words/phrases Freakestan (15)
February 14th, 2009
Hop on the Dole Consultant (19)
Added water in meat bon vivant (5)
JavaFX has 100million installs Bot Berlin (5)
How's Your Job and the Economy Going? ItsTheEconomyStupid (14)
Vanessa Amorosi and Ash Naylor get off on a cloud trollop (5)
New Music xampl (1)
WalMart xampl (6)
Stimulus Package Explained (Q&A) some economics for you (0)
widely agreed upon some economics for you (6)
the rich run the country guess worker (4)
flocking simulation written i c whistle (2)
gloomy future goldbug (0)
man I hate my coworkers guess worker (15)
GM declares Chapter 11 on Tuesday? xampl (14)
Voluntary Cuckoldry Consultant (15)
Ask CoT:  What's the best index or mutual fund ? sharkfish (8)
brought to you by smart babes sharkfish (3)
some judges really ARE corrupt sharkfish (3)
my alter ego is a mean old man sharkfish (2)
Blackwater is so totally a changed company! Peter (5)
sharkfish (20)
Some Lakota Facts Consultant (28)
moneyball for basketball michael lewis was here (1)
Job ad to run into the ground and ridicule Bored Bystander (21)
Dear nutcases Michael B (15)
Sounds like an Onion story, but isn't... Peter (2)
COT POLL:stimulus? are food stamps good stimulus? gallup.com (3)
US making same financial mistakes that Japan made in the 1990s Sin-Wat (8)
Registration obviously helping at JoS xampl (5)
big web site you've never heard of wo (8)
Another Stimulus Bill coming Consultant (24)
metacafe rewards what the (0)
Windows Internals Question Michael B (8)
Prison term for whistling Consultant (10)
Nailed it Gerald Hoppy (4)
You don't appreciate how good you got it Consultant (2)
Another article Horrorwitz will find interesting Consultant (24)
Twitter is a real social network Bot Berlin (9)
turns out bush loved science all along, and increased funding... whistle (3)
February 13th, 2009
Kentucky poor sharkfish (15)
forensic files episode sharkfish (4)
Warning:  Visiting This Site May Harm Your Computer whistle (7)
the world is full of weirdo Tsanggger (1)
Estonians and incest Josh (10)
this is NOT true sharkfish (3)
Sick 4 times this winter Tom (11)
The cute thing about twitter is that.. whistle (15)
latest science hysteria: ice shelf doom Consultant (16)
1 click = $2? bob (9)
I'm an idiot sharkfish (3)
social networks and me sharkfish (3)
the stimulus should be large bob (3)
Marijuana testicular cancer link Rick Tang (14)
87.8% jock pure Rick Tang (9)
Does smart equate to being able to see the simple things Bot Berlin (18)
So I went to the federal building sharkfish (36)
Israel law to kidnap foreign citizens Rick Tang (7)
Microsoft to open retail stores xampl on his iPhone (8)
Someone does not like the header Rick Tang (20)
BART shooting Michael B (22)
Wall street article Consultant (5)
Postman disciplined for refusing to trudge through snow drift Consultant (7)
Recession/Depression so why are the H1-Bs still here? Say No to H1-Bs (9)
Jobs for everyone? Rick Tang (9)
great depression macbook (15)
February 12th, 2009
My first critique of Obama Change I can believe in (16)
google it... bob (4)
Star-Trek inspired corset xampl (9)
NAACP Image Awards - black people licking each other's boots sharkfish (13)
Coffee Caffeine lorb (6)
Bad news, good news xampl (5)
My email response to a recruiter. Bot Berlin (13)
Another crazy idea: open source PS2 game in Common Lisp Bot Berlin (6)
Is AMD dead? Rick Tang (12)
Miss Horrorwitz' opinion about CoT Dr. Horrorwitz (24)
Google Tasks looks pretty useful Kenny (1)
Borderline JoC (5)
"He does not discriminate in calling most everybody here stupid" whistle (19)
debtor's prison?  cockroaches? sharkfish (2)
resources exist to be consumed the great purple (5)
Awesome Aaron (3)
Would you drink Gooseberry Cow Piss Soda? Consultant (5)
This sums up Horrorwitz nicely Colm (73)
Uh oh...Britain declares war on the Netherlands bon vivant (25)
Vaccine doesn't cause Autism Clay Dowling (10)
Talmud LeftWingPharisee (12)
I was bad Clay Dowling (11)
and now... rolcats Bluebeard (8)
Horrowitz will like this article Consultant (50)
Cornify feature request Ward (3)
"Failure is Success" - Obama Consultant (21)
February 11th, 2009
faith based governance argv[0] (19)
The new Lily Allen album probably possibly (9)
"stupid dot-head" Rick Tang (5)
The new 'Buy American' Rick Tang (16)
Firefox will forever block images from Cornify.org Rick Tang (6)
80/20 or Rick Tang (0)
Cornify!! Kepala Kelapa (1)
which is better sharkfish (33)
VMWare made a lot of money in 2008 Rick Tang (4)
Bot, Lorb Rick Tang (6)
ironing saris the great purple (18)
Was this a good way to spend stimulus money? Bot Berlin (10)
We'll be back - WITH FRIENDS! Bluebeard (3)
All lawyers must die Consultant (12)
Best Job Ad Evar Consultant (19)
Does cornify work on your PDA/phone? ward on a treo 700p (3)
Pretending your Horrorwitz to a psychiatrist el (11)
Rice Weevils Ward (11)
From -15C last week LeftWingPharisee (5)
Pretending you're crazy to a psychiatrist Dr. Horrorwitz (17)
If you could make 25 grand/month with an illegal site.. Dr. Horrorwitz (18)
Bankers testifying before Congress xampl on his iPhone (1)
This is how I meditate these days muppet (21)
Several married coworkers of mine... Bot Berlin (2)
Stupid Pizza Posting Dr. Horrorwitz (50)
India not getting the whole 'Tourist Destination' thing. Clay Dowling (40)
I give in Rick Tang (26)
I feel vindicated LeftWingPharisee (8)
A R-- by any other name Clouseau (4)
I got git working with subversion whistle (8)
Suicide blog (30 Days To Death) Dr. Horrorwitz (14)
Tech Gurus That are Actually Idiots (5)
Question for Bot (19)
February 10th, 2009
Bot lorb (10)
$99 iPhone whistle (6)
114 BILLION DOLLARS IN 2008 Tim O'Brian (8)
New computer desk xampl on his iPhone (7)
Dark money trollop (16)
Paul Graham on Identity Bot Berlin (3)
this was not what I thought it was going to be about sharkfish (4)
Might need a couple of these. Bot Berlin (4)
seriously now sharkfish (25)
why is it that focused effort sharkfish (17)
3 whole Republicans sharkfish (13)
What is a simple file uploading I can do for ubuntu/apache Bot Berlin (7)
web hooks whistle (3)
continuous deployment whistle (8)
People I hate on CoT... Bot Berlin (24)
Don't read this JoC (5)
music from obama inaugaration ... eek-o-tourist (1)
Any API to hook into the C#/.NET debugger? EK (2)
I am going old school, getting a PS2 Bot Berlin (10)
Mouse scroll wheel on the tab bar... Kenny (0)
Stimulus Bill establishes police state Cowboy Coder (12)
kindle2, what do you think? Bot Berlin (8)
Are netbooks becoming a scam? df (8)
good book on how to provide good solution / proposal? Lee (5)
Why are the darkly garbed soldiers in this photo muppet (6)
flow analogy: dreaming Consultant (0)
Stock market still crashing after 3 months Consultant (8)
obama takens over where bush left off whistle (6)
LOL! muppet (2)
keanu says "whoa" sharkfish (4)
fuck the CCTV Colm (6)
girls in bars in india eek-o-tourist (7)
178 anonymous slandering trolls mass-sued Dr. Horrorwitz (48)
WalMart is a cool company to work for Consultant (14)
Brit politics el (4)
The coolness of Google Books Clay Dowling (6)
Cool must-have device for 2009 Consultant (6)
US Banks are Insolvent, say economists Consultant (9)
Famous programmers (of one man projects) Bot Berlin (5)
Child prostitution and pornography in Estonia JacqueMehOff (2)
Job losses in current recission, current chart Bot Berlin (15)
Hardball with Chris Matthews v. Mark Williams sharkfish (4)
February 9th, 2009
cuz anchorpeople swearing is funny sharkfish (3)
Jessica Simpson, what happens next Bot Berlin (22)
New synonym for "Indian" anything (6)
The president's answering questions? On TV? WTF! Michael B (20)
dating question anonomous romancer (22)
grep this but not that Cowboy Coder (7)
the new Sudoku sharkfish (4)
Crisis 'more serious than 1930s' Gerald Hoppy (16)
Fog Creek lorb (15)
slimblade mouse sharkfish (7)
What is a whippersnqpper? Gerald Hoppy (5)
Clay:  "  I'm getting more reliable income providing hosting... whistle (11)
this kind of thing perplexes me Colm (3)
a book I want sharkfish (2)
"Why don't Indians produce packaged software?" Bored Bystander (23)
StH no longer needed Clouseau (4)
Nasty slapping noise heard in Latvia Clouseau (5)
So my daughter got in trouble last week at school muppet (53)
losing email from dead people sharkfish (3)
We had a mandatory meeting this morning. Mountain_Dewd (0)
The Plumbing Hoax JoC (12)
temporary job the great purple (30)
help me find sharkfish (7)
Woz to be on Dancing With the Stars sharkfish (4)
that's right. Gen X is right on sharkfish (9)
Obama's Sainthood Clay Dowling (3)
Did Oracle Ever Execute the Rumored Layoffs? Quartz (0)
heh.  Aaron's 0.99c is now worth a cool... whistle (3)
February 8th, 2009
anyone's watching grammys macbook (7)
Are there Good Advanced Grammar Checkers? AnEngrTryingToWriteBetter (12)
Cheap Mac Options? MindCrime (10)
Education and Economic Downturns 2.0 redreu (19)
Windows 7 Erik Springelkamp (20)
Obama likes tax cuts Bot Berlin (18)
The Krispy Kreme Challenge xampl (2)
Is Australia going to dry up and blow away? LeftWingPharisee (15)
The economy is getting much better Gerald Hoppy (7)
can anyone here imagine *not* doing this in 24 hours? whistle (1)
sweet dreams everybody macbook (2)
February 7th, 2009
bring back cornify (5)
from iphone back to blackberry whistle (1)
holy shit. whistle (10)
Sweet tooth? bon vivant (0)
store bought fish injected with water Consultant (7)
Oh noes, a golf club ... trollop (2)
Pet peeve about Chicago technical user groups sharkfish (2)
Education and Economic Downturns ? (3)
If Obama fails... Bot Berlin (12)
17.5% unemployed, you believe that? Bot Berlin (12)
summary:  inside story of the mortgage business sharkfish (3)
Will you read books on your iPhone? sharkfish (5)
Get rid of #!@*!@#! cornify button! Dr. Horrorwitz (16)
Credit where it's due trollop (4)
noise sharkfish (14)
friday night macbook (7)
I don't hate Republican; I just don't want... Rick Tang (7)
Dark City == The Awesome Clay Dowling (10)
Phone strategy: Nokia vs Apple Python the victor artist (3)
Bacon trollop (6)
February 6th, 2009
One liners converted to java from clojure lisp Bot Berlin (5)
Dateline tonight sharkfish (9)
86% of repubs voted for this kenyes (2)
20 minutes with gates kenyes (14)
fyi kenyes (0)
Arg makes a pretty good point this post Bot Berlin (2)
Yeah, uh, howz that outsourcing working out for ya? lorb (5)
Learn about Iran Jacque (1)
math question sharkfish (13)
The JOS board lorb (5)
Cher is a moron or why I hate group think about other groups. Bot Berlin (62)
Hallelujah, there is hope! Erik Springelkamp (4)
Another website gets too big for it's own good AlmostAnon (0)
obama: change you can believe in Colm (30)
Salma Hayek = way kind of awesome Consultant (11)
2 grand to hang out with Joel? WTF? Tapiwa (9)
Getting aimed at Dr. Horrorwitz (15)
Story for Sharky Dr. Horrorwitz (16)
eBay arbitrage crazy business plan Michael B (10)
In all seriousness Colm (3)
Question for LWP (or anyone else knowing Jewish faith) Mountain_Dewd (14)
Cool, metadata to java objects with clojure Bot Berlin (2)
Sexist joke of the week Gerald Hoppy (2)
Oops LeftWingPharisee (5)
My daughter's discovered Dr. Who LeftWingPharisee (9)
Best way to commit suicide Dr. Horrorwitz on 64 GB cruncher (7)
Octuplet mom is hawt Sin-Wat (17)
Deer are stupid LeftWingPharisee (31)
Inner Life of the Cell (high quality) Dr. Horrorwitz (5)
Lemmings³ Dr. Horrorwitz (43)
Another bizarre sounding technical question (Windows) Gerald Hoppy (14)
February 5th, 2009
Taste my change, bitch! sharkfish (2)
I guess Etta James doesn't like Beyonce sharkfish (9)
moving of the cheese sharkfish (12)
hi tech home renovation? argv[0] (11)
man I fricking LOVE that button bob (4)
Mobile broadband recommendations? xampl (4)
if you don't give a shit about facebook, don't give a shit bob (0)
The College Hoax sharkfish (23)
Agency Says Hamas Took Aid Intended for Needy bob (9)
friends of Colm bob (2)
Wozniak is a freak and I love him Consultant (8)
A daguerreotype from 1846 Erik Springelkamp (3)
Milwaukee telegraph office at a barbecue - NO NEWS! James (4)
What would you do if you couldn't work in computers? Michael B (26)
Any aspell knowitalls in the house? Gerald Hoppy (4)
Captain has Last word on the Hudson River Landing el (1)
"IBM offers redundant staff jobs overseas" Bored Bystander (12)
Do I really need to show up for my lab practicals tonight? muppet (12)
No longer content with just your cell phone number muppet (4)
It's now -30C with the wind chill muppet (11)
FW: This job sucks and only an idiot will apply for it limey (29)
Tough guys discover they're not so tough Clay Dowling (27)
Airport security el (1)
Lightning could also strike the hospital muppet (3)
Hey, I'd watch this Sin-wat (6)
Another gem from LeftWingPharisee Colm (19)
-20C this morning muppet (14)
Are you scared yet? Gerald Hoppy (6)
Warm Winter lorb (12)
bring back i will do bananas Bluebeard (4)
What is that old school dance song Bot Berlin (1)
furry fantasies sharkfish (17)
February 4th, 2009
the worst thing about getting older sharkfish (8)
electronics and the cold sharkfish (8)
I unintentionally called a person old Bot Berlin (15)
you are not sexy sharkfish (8)
new feature needed for cornify whistle (5)
wtf?  who broke <blink>? whistle (1)
...and so it begins sharkfish (3)
the instructions for my Atomic watch sharkfish (2)
I'm having a manic episode sharkfish (4)
Thank you for the glorious cornify button bob (15)
Congratulations to COT! bob (9)
Instructions from China xampl on his iPhone (3)
wxWidgets, BOOST, and STL OperationPaperclip (5)
In Australia LeftWingPharisee (6)
Anybody want to twitter with me Bot Berlin (5)
you know you have been around men and the internet too long when sharkfish (3)
Should cops beat children senseless for bikes on sidewalks? Consultant (7)
Bill Gates didn't live in the Ghetto Bot Berlin (6)
I am so getting fired Bot Berlin (5)
Sunburned Lombrado (11)
promote by time stamp of initial posting? Forum Engineer (14)
One day behind Rick Tang (1)
the government wants banks to "lend again" the great purple (20)
Not a bad job Bot Berlin (7)
wrong email addy sharkfish (6)
Sharky? muppet (19)
obama capping exec salaries sharkfish - blackberry (16)
This is rich LeftWingPharisee (20)
White people using Black English LeftWingPharisee (43)
bb's betrayal Consultant (7)
i want to make ... eek-o-tourist (15)
Kent Beck says "Joel is ignorant" Consultant (24)
Muppet For Moderator! whistle (5)
funny 'cause it's true argv[0] (14)
Is Rape OK under these circumstances? Muhammad Tartan (12)
George Noory SUCKS! Noory SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (2)
February 3rd, 2009
vote for moderation into oblivion: JacqueMehOff bob (9)
JoS posts are down - how about this board? (13)
Behind at work bob (10)
betrayed by a trusted friend bob (0)
Buy American Sin-wat] (9)
I'm sick of looking at tile Ward (6)
Answer to "Finding old J*** Article" Bored Bystander (1)
How was your day today? Bot Berlin (6)
Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo Consultant (3)
35 topics on Joel main Discussion board Rick Tang (19)
Germans demand Catholics apologize for Holocaust Consultant (13)
Reason 1033 why Linux sucks Rick Tang (5)
I guess I could try FreeBSD Bot Berlin (5)
Before Dan ruins it... Rick Tang (7)
There is probably no purpose in life. Erik Springelkamp (26)
Whistle: greased, eager, and prone to self sodomy. muppet (9)
brits and the irish Python the victor artist (21)
That'll be the day when you died Gerald Hoppy (9)
Muppet mod JoC (2)
the octuplet story the great purple (23)
mysterious spyware install baffled (15)
Wow, you guys deleted the "muppet for mod" thread? muppet (5)
I did like 99.9% of my tax return almost two weeks ago muppet (3)
is muppet really back as a mod? mu (1)
Nice Bot Berlin (0)
Pump primimg trollop (3)
Quicken is shit software AlmostAnon (7)
February 2nd, 2009
no flying cars, no retirement, no downtown hi-rise condo sharkfish (17)
now I know who Bot reminds me of sharkfish (9)
forensic reality shows sharkfish (4)
There must be more Peter than Rick Rick Tang (5)
Im developing a Adobe plugin in c++ Rick Twang (2)
Does "Life" have a purpose? Rick Tang (40)
Another shoe throwing incident Rick Tang (7)
SPOILER ALERT: On Gran Turino in "rummy's fall from grace" Rick Tang (3)
Anyone had experience inn developing Word AddIn? Rick Tsang (6)
rummy's fall from grace argv[0] (12)
muppet for mod! bob (13)
THIS guy destroys Linux Rick Tang (33)
heh.  Ive done this for real 3 times now. whistle (16)
not null whistle (4)
Michael Phelps (3)
I think this is the religous cult thing Bot Berlin (25)
palestinians firing rockets at israel again whistle (29)
lexing a negative number Cowboy Coder (7)
Google Safe Search stuck on.  Anybody else? muppet (3)
Do you know of large IT driven companies that act like small one Bot Berlin (22)
Mens room at the new job xampl on his iPhone (9)
Jesus, I am an idiot. dumb, dumb, dumb Bot Berlin (6)
"What do you mean, what are they.  All the code is there." Rick Tang (1)
Ugh, more layoffs Sin-Wat (4)
Any TIBCO devs or users here? Peter (6)
The story with it all... JoC (5)
Superbowl Nipples Gerald Hoppy (3)
Whistle's use of the tagline muppet (0)
So, isn't the inevitable end result of a system which muppet (9)
Apparently, winter is a disaster? Clay Dowling (21)
I'm sorry but it's pretty hilarious muppet (18)
Automotive Industry Developments Clay Dowling (3)
Dear Citizen of Gaza LeftWingPharisee (26)
Best song ever Bot Berlin (0)
The best blog ever Bot Berlin (1)
Trick question, can you add method bodies to a Java interface? Bot Berlin (23)
Making the Switch from Engineering to Management seekist (8)
February 1st, 2009
Great article by MJ Rosenberg about Israel's dark future JacqueMehOff (2)
How much Sr. Software Developers makes in Canada? Since I don't have a clue. (18)
not watching football macbook (13)
Night School and Working Full-Time Sleepless (4)
last word on the hudson river miracle humble pie (3)
Dear Bored Bystander... 2.0 Not Cable, but Know the Feeling (0)
I find it funnyt that we are obligated to watch superbowl Bot Berlin (16)
Dear Bored Bystander... whistle (0)
Snow in London tapiwa (15)
enjoy sharkfish (7)
¿sıɥʇ op oʇ ʇuɐʍ noʎ pןnoʍ ʎɥʍ tapiwa (17)
Muppet, where is that $20 BOA security feature Bot Berlin (1)
JacqueMehOff -- you went to a fogcreek open house? bob (2)
presidents email bob (2)
fogcreek-style video from hashrocket bob (3)
This guy destroyed Linux Bot Berlin (54)
Burned out Cable (6)
If I get this book published Bot Berlin (16)
women drivers Bluebeard (5)
Interesting Jimmy Carter interview JacqueMehOff (3)
Mac users, what do you think about textmate? Bot Berlin (5)