Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

February 29th, 2008
trying not to use globals in c++ sharkfish (41 comments)
back to blah? Mr. Blank (25)
Tanker contract Black Panther (1)
feminist does the math on 'date rape' basque (24)
Israeli minister warns of Holocaust for Palestinians Dan Denman (3)
Young people have to go through these things sharkfish (7)
try/catch in C++ sharkfish (27)
Friday afternoon fun, fix ubuntu Bot (3)
Time To Abolish Software Patents? son of parnas (2)
XmlSpy df (5)
omifuckinggod I hate this man worldsSmallestViolin (3)
Lunar Drill Robot tested SaveTheHubble (5)
WTF! KayJay (0)
Repost, but hey... Dickson (7)
Beautiful Advertising Campaign Clay Dowling (8)
F*ing banana link causing slowness Cheers (22)
We Are The Ones, Obama Song, by will.i.am Lombrado (0)
Impeach wsv as Moderator! Impeachment Now! (1)
worldsSmallestViolin For Moderator! grass roots (2)
went to the doctor the great purple (15)
Good Iron Man Preview SaveTheHubble (3)
Dear all, Walter Elias (83% retired) (10)
"You still there baby? I think it's getting hard now." worldsSmallestViolin (3)
steroids! sharkfish (5)
Dear Muppet, worldsSmallestViolin (2)
windows friday (5)
Dear wSV - muppet (semi-retired) (0)
Dear Muppet, worldsSmallestViolin (0)
XNA, how do I start building stuff with it? muppet (semi-retired) (8)
Dear wSV muppet (semi-retired) (0)
I have dsl! worldsSmallestViolin (0)
Dear Muppet worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Why did the young man go west? son of parnas (19)
Called out a second time Bot (4)
Sadly I will not be able to do my part for the economy son of parnas (6)
Dear wSV muppet (semi-retired) (2)
Harry withdrawn from Afghanistan man on the stair (10)
Happy leap day! xampl (3)
Box Wars trollop (1)
I searched CoT for: arg! (0)
More airline pilot posts for muppet Ward (4)
just a thought friday (3)
All cops are retarded by definition Boston Legal (5)
I decided to piss off overseas trollop (1)
February 28th, 2008
Joel is recycling Brown Coat (6)
iraqi tv is the earth flat? (6)
gmail says "Still working…" trying to Send (1)
1 in 100 Americans behind bars A Philosopher of Sorts (7)
We are better off without William Buckley Dan Denman (2)
Stir trollop (1)
Man with pants around ankles can't run as fast trollop (1)
Please take your meds sharkfish (25)
sharkfish vs bot/Colm; Dickson vs STH Dickson (7)
My cat has morning breath. sharkfish (5)
Bot you are a stone idiot. sharkfish (22)
Real Microsoft Customers are  Dell, HP, etc son of parnas (21)
Drudge, we want Prince Harry to die. Bot (9)
Test your moral consistency: Latimer free on parole Ward (44)
I need a portable (freeware) offline browser Andrew James (10)
Gee, I Wonder Why I have a Problem With Them son of parnas (13)
Your favorite navigation style? son of parnas (4)
Chat excerpt because I'm too lazy to reformat this muppet (semi-retired) (39)
Return of national 55mph speed limit? xampl (23)
SHERRI SHEPHERD is the retarded "Flat Earth" cuntbag muppet (semi-retired) (9)
I'm listening to Dr. Laura on internet radio Picasso (9)
So one of my main goals for Disney this time muppet (semi-retired) (26)
Election too much discussion around racism, right-wing, Israel.. Lombrado (0)
fortune -s  computers man on the stair (2)
Yay Desperately seeking spawn (1)
"He's playing Catan online and absentmindedly said, "oof" worldsSmallestViolin (9)
I was just going through the archives and I felt a little... worldsSmallestViolin (7)
three unintuitive but very effective ways of studying son of parnas (10)
February 27th, 2008
OMFG somebody please help me sharkfish (18)
FPS, cartoon style sharkfish (29)
Defference between programming at home and at work Clay Dowling (9)
Things to worry about LeftWingPharisee (4)
w00t Kepala Kelapa (8)
Lack of sleep, stared into space for 30 minutes Bot (3)
See, I still don't understand Not enthused about facials (6)
treating addicts sharkfish (17)
Lazy developer response Bot (5)
CodeBlocks yells back at me. sharkfish (11)
Perspective Splicing df (9)
the bad thing about tracking my cycle the great purple (17)
Clearcase xampl (9)
It is NOT ok worldsSmallestViolin (13)
how easy is it to accidentally kill someone? sharkfish (18)
database valuation? worldsSmallestViolin (18)
my god, its full of stars! arg! (0)
I accidentally made my PC disappear into thin air Picasso (3)
C++ memory leak sharkfish (28)
guilty of at least one of these sharkfish (16)
ah, that's better sharkfish (3)
Hey Sharky, I love you, lady, but you know muppet (semi-retired) (16)
Hey all you woman haters! sharkfish (13)
The View sharkfish (23)
"Win" is muppet (semi-retired) (5)
Get 'em while they're hot! man on the stair (2)
Can you dance? Mr. Blank (5)
Nasa's "Constellation" manned spaceflight concept video SaveTheHubble (12)
Ad Clicks Have Always Been Bogus son of parnas (8)
You know, you don't have to live this way son of parnas (4)
Can haz lol copz Tapiwa (0)
The Economy is Fine Clay Dowling (14)
Freaky Serial Killer Moment Clay Dowling (4)
Question: 30-inch screens Abstract Typist (18)
Is it just me Tapiwa (10)
So I'm leaving Microsoft... Cory Foy (11)
February 26th, 2008
Obsessed much, ya maggots? nark (3)
Question 18+ Trying to be polite (11)
What would happen Obamamonics (4)
Kids from the middle class are lazy Dickson (34)
ANOTHER Brice Richard sighting Brown Coat (7)
Someone to admire sharkfish (9)
svn was so 2007, welcome git Bot (12)
"enlightened" white people sharkfish (16)
If you don't know your rights xampl (2)
Poor Timing of Farts Kenny (2)
evading uncomfortable questions the great purple (40)
Opportunity to make tools/language decisions at company Bot (49)
Things a Man Should Never Do in the Company of a Woman xampl (13)
weird obsession friday (16)
From today,I'll call myself Dickson - formerly known as Rick (4)
7 days Ricky (13)
Work just 6 hours a day son of parnas (4)
Just store everything as properties son of parnas (13)
It only seems like a lot of snow sharkfish (1)
CoT lag can be fixed sharkfish (16)
Cable signal freezing sharkfish (6)
Child lepers in Ghana make great photo ops! muppet (semi-retired) (13)
transgender and IT profession sharkfish (32)
Another gem from Mr Richard hsbc (22)
Our plane got hit by lightning! Cory Foy (29)
Pakistan hacked YouTube sharkfish (15)
Hummm, yummm. trollop (1)
Starting to like Clinton more on her foreign policies Bot (10)
abstract thinking sharkfish (37)
The not dodgy disco thread man on the stair (5)
Happy birthday Johnny Cash Tapiwa (5)
"is programming easier now"... sharkfish (9)
sounds neat: Lego Universe MMO sharkfish (0)
I wonder if weasels would find kiwis tasty?" This answer is: yes Ward (8)
making conference calls seem cool sharkfish (5)
I am momentarily fascinated by two unrelated items sharkfish (3)
For muppet: how pilots think and why _I_ avoid flying Ward (6)
Blinded by the light Brown Coat (6)
Can you suck yourself? Boston Legal (6)
units: useful unix tool Boston Legal (5)
February 25th, 2008
learn a domain faster by... sharkfish (21)
social networking has to stop. sharkfish (5)
"You're the reason why I have no friends!!" sharkfish (13)
I just want to say that sharkfish (3)
SharpDevelop vs. Visual Studio Express sharkfish (13)
just. dammit! sharkfish (8)
Everyone should come to Disney World! Cory Foy (5)
shame on you barack obama friday (0)
OK ... What!?! PNII (22)
How should I use my bonus? Ricky (21)
Is it ok to encourage tips as a programmer? Picasso (3)
Human chain in Gaza Dan Denman (19)
recaptcha?  2 words? you have GOT to be kidding? worldsSmallestViolin (12)
"wSV didn't do anything to bring it down" worldsSmallestViolin (1)
php page shared by multiple domains (wayne?) worldsSmallestViolin (6)
I think I am going to be a little sick Bot (23)
Emacs is a magical tool Bot (2)
Programming used to be much much harder xampl (20)
STH, have you used the yahoo engine Bot (6)
Python runs on is based on perl Bot (17)
Poll: Civility in CoT Ricky (27)
NYT bias against evangelicals Boston Legal (28)
"Covenant of non-disparagement" Cory Foy (17)
migrating mysql database that has SHA encrypted passwords? Bluebeard (6)
Why is it that with two months to go until my vacation muppet (semi-retired) (16)
Linkedin Picasso (3)
It's Quiet.  Too Quiet. SaveTheHubble (14)
Is muppet back, because sharkfish is gone Bot (3)
Watched "Meteor" with Sean Connery yesterday muppet (semi-retired) (5)
I called and made 16 dinner and lunch reservations last Thursday muppet (semi-retired) (10)
HD-DVD Lives Again df (10)
October Surprise Clay Dowling (11)
With the writer's strike over, SNL came back muppet (semi-retired) (3)
can you say JOS echo chamber? funny (0)
Why this place brings out the worst of people Ricky (8)
February 24th, 2008
How to select a Wet Nurse Boston Legal (2)
Bot, you said piece of shit sharkfish (7)
Cautionary tale this week Ricky (6)
Never Back Down sharkfish (22)
oscars anyone friday (9)
police = bad Ed Mc (7)
single worst video on youtube Ed Mc (0)
threesomes anon for this one (9)
mark pilgirm is a jerk hate pilgirm (7)
nice comment from reddit i can't quit you COT (0)
Microsoft gives up on HD (4)
At the movies son of parnas (5)
Rendention = Really Good Bot Berlin (4)
ralph fucking nader arg! (14)
Sex Crimes & Taliban Mentality Boston Legal (17)
move or suffer one more year? sharkfish (18)
just ignore it sharkfish (4)
coding style sharkfish (30)
Why doesn't it matter if mccain did anything wrong? son of parnas (17)
Isaac Asimov’s Profession son of parnas (4)
Pulled an all-nighter Bot Berlin (5)
February 23rd, 2008
Complexity Economics - Theory of Pie Lombrado (0)
trying to find a good ISP here in NZ worldsSmallestViolin (9)
Japan-->Super Mega Mega High Ultra Speed Internet sharkfish (10)
so I googled worldsSmallestDick nark (2)
Electron Caught On Film For The First Time son of parnas (12)
I just googled my name worldsSmallestViolin (16)
Bukowski on work sharkfish (5)
comment in stdio joesph (5)
Hardcore music for the people. down with the flow Bot (aka the Laughing Man) (3)
man in grocery store sharkfish (19)
The real reason why the rich see America’s problems differentl Lombrado (4)
scoble the goofball Robert Buff (0)
Paul Simon Dan Denman (15)
JOS meet Son LOL (47)
Nazis in space? xampl (3)
nice summary of the state of the art Bluebeard (0)
Republican Attack Ad Kasey (1)
Sexy Dress Robert Buff (5)
Anyone use grails? son of parnas (11)
pizza case Robert Buff (0)
Luggage recommendation Jimmy Jones (9)
Awoooooo! wolfman on the stair (1)
750,000 americans are terrorists Boston Legal (7)
bash fib bob (3)
HD DVD: It's official bob (7)
I am banana what did Rick mean (7)
meghan mccain hottie nark (0)
Missing fiancee was never in the state, even xampl (9)
I hate it when they say games are violent Bot (aka the Laughing Man) (2)
Doughnuts on 2nd floor xampl (5)
In C# I would like son of parnas (9)
February 22nd, 2008
Why no political films Boston Legal (9)
What happened to Dan Denman (3)
You suck at Photoshop xampl (1)
stupid people - everywhere nark (4)
Perfect job for me Bot (3)
School won't hold me back G*DDMMIT Bot (1)
(Real, so far, quite likely) Last Posts Ricky (2)
taking offense the great purple (19)
P=NP JoC (15)
Would you tell your friend his girlfriend is cheating? sharkfish (20)
New Girl Cory Foy (7)
If you have everything Daryl (30)
Coincidence and Karma Bot (11)
My XBOX 360 muppet (semi-retired) (20)
Should I worry or rejoice? JoC (8)
best language for launching processes Bot (14)
sharkfish, TDD solves the problem of debugging sessions Bot (1)
dinner, Black History Month sharkfish (8)
New new age cds are $5 - $6 Bot (4)
Acceptance tests should have 100ish Coverage son of parnas (20)
javascript anyone? friday (9)
Uses for Erlang xampl (12)
Vocabulary failure Abstract Typist (7)
This can't be good the voice of reason (4)
I remember a year or so after I had started dating ms wSV... worldsSmallestViolin (13)
Turkey vs Iraq trollop (4)
pushing the complexity around worldsSmallestViolin (8)
"wSV is a turnip" worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Dear BlueBeard, worldsSmallestViolin (9)
Spent the day at hospital worldsSmallestViolin (12)
interestingly enough, that is what bush has done. worldsSmallestViolin (6)
can't hide from the truth arg! (2)
February 21st, 2008
the "surge" didn't work arg! (5)
Tonight I am going to read Ricky (8)
CNN debates (5)
Interview with HD DVD player owner Steven Johnson guess worker (1)
I'm thinking of selling my own ebook on Amazon.com Picasso (3)
Sam Cooke, Soul Deep trollop (6)
Muppet like question to purple?  Why the kid? Bot (21)
Have I become a Banana? Ricky (19)
contest sharkfish (1)
I did something kind to spite someone today sharkfish (12)
Look at that, key-value server Bot (8)
Son of parnas; might be right, Makefile pretty good, over ant Bot (4)
The only article with Obama bias that is any good so far sharkfish (1)
Computer Science/Engineering? Ricky (0)
We are going to do this sharkfish (0)
Bulk Data Loader Update Clay Dowling (0)
Satellite Shot SaveTheHubble (12)
MacBook Air xampl (26)
Which stage are you in? Ricky (12)
the definitive answer on whether cats have feelings sharkfish (48)
From IT Dept to IT Company Nu Green (11)
London .NET Devs what are you reading for? (2)
Vista, Mac OS and Photoshop most popular books son of parnas (7)
Brice Richard sightings Tapiwa (11)
Yet Another Reason to Hate Pair Programming son of parnas (14)
The McCain scandal LORB (2)
When is flu-time in Australia and NZ? LORB (13)
February 20th, 2008
Hehehehehehehehe trollop (2)
Looks like girls likes to share and boys don't! sharkfish (15)
Software pet peeve Bot (aka the Laughing Man) (0)
Korean man steals hot dog Boston Legal (7)
Obama Sees Gamers as Underachievers Lombrado (15)
My vocabulary is better than yours Brown Coat (19)
When Are You Gonna Come Down? trollop (0)
What sort of person buys an Xbox360 when they're short on money? Ward (23)
Michelle Obama for president sharkfish (12)
For the name-changing cat(person) who was interested in AI Bot (4)
Symantec is looking for you, Bot xampl (1)
Brooke Langton vs Lena Headey Patrick (5)
Tax the fat amongst us? xampl (13)
Only in America: Retired Teacher Reveals He Was Illiterate Until Dan Denman (2)
How to slap old ladies Tapiwa (6)
Looking at reddit Bot (31)
Instinctive reactions sharkfish (5)
Please think of the environment before printing this email. sharkfish (6)
Turning any sequence of data into a pictogram df (15)
Maybe these kids are just psychopaths sharkfish (82)
Why do we invest so much time/energy in the political process Michael B (15)
Whoa JoC (5)
If it weren't for the rebuilding in Iraq xampl (9)
Digging a deeper hole in Utah Brown Coat (14)
Jack Thompson is such JoC (0)
Old C64 game - help? muppet (semi-retired) (12)
90 Day Jane was an "art piece" Cory Foy (4)
AI is the red-headed stepdaughter of computer science Bluebeard (4)
How to recognize a Freemason duke (10)
DEAR AMY Initially Challenged (7)
what the fuck do chinese... worldsSmallestViolin (11)
People I want to reach back in history and... sharkfish (9)
Gone baby gone - part comedy, part detective story, all weird Bot (aka the Laughing Man) (4)
February 19th, 2008
scripting languages suck sharkfish (14)
Mr. Deeds Ward (3)
Sarkozy ex mossad agent? Dan Denman (6)
slow day bob (2)
Dodi Al Fayed Patrick (8)
Since muppet isn't here JoC (2)
From Haaretz: Israel's creation made Palestinians victim Dan Denman (15)
For the AI geeks; all of wikipedia data in a machine format Bot (1)
Quick what does this code do. Bot (13)
Wal-Mart ... doctors? xampl (7)
Firefox is web Bot (2)
Joel wrong again Colm (30)
Are the food companies, especially 'fast' responsible? Bot (39)
oh, my. worldsSmallestViolin (7)
Chocolate Surprise! JoC (2)
Adoption Ricky (11)
Yup, that Corsicana water is special... JoC (4)
Cable cuts in Middle East df (4)
trying for a baby update: we have an egg the great purple (14)
Windows makes you older Cory Foy (2)
For gorsake, stop laughing -. this is serious trollop (4)
UN General Assembly Resolution 3379 Dan Denman (5)
Don't know why they use my street for roadblocks Bot (aka the Laughing Man) (5)
Vantage Point Ward on a Treo 700p (4)
Gentlemen, start your tin foil hats! Peter (9)
February 18th, 2008
No, Bot LORB (41)
I am Jack's lack of accomplishment Bot (aka the Laughing Man) (4)
Should I try a really simple captcha? Wayne (22)
The Nines Boston Legal (3)
Oh. bob (4)
not seen this gmail error before bob (3)
What should I read next? Michael B (9)
NYC friday (7)
Sigh. Ricky (8)
Australian jobs xampl (11)
I need some help with this line of code Ajay Kupta (28)
Word trollop (8)
Wikileaks (Rikki, don't lose that number) trollop (3)
vote progressive bob (6)
like watching a neo nazi march in montgomery bob (3)
divorce laws the great purple (60)
Having had multiple affairs - I was so happy to see this blog Mr. Rogers (3)
If, while in town a man happens to meet a woman who is engaged Colm (5)
I may go and write a review Bot (aka the Laughing Man) (1)
It's time to decide son of parnas (12)
yuk yuk sharkfish (9)
CoLinux and andLinux sharkfish (16)
innocent man killed by state of texas? bob (19)
life begins at forty son of parnas (9)
the one where allan bashed someone guess worker (8)
Sorry, Gmail still sucks son of parnas (25)
Department of Homeland Security - Baby Killers! Peter (4)
Obama's journey xampl (2)
ASK AMY Mom in Iowa (14)
Last post man on the stair (8)
"Refute it.  Give real reasons." worldsSmallestViolin (21)
Ouch, oooo, bummer Bot (aka the Laughing Man) (6)
You bet I would implant this son of parnas (6)
Sharky should've watched Knight Rider Philo (12)
There are none so blind as those who will not see son of parnas (4)
February 17th, 2008
Blind CoT posters? bon vivant (1)
What are your thoughts on AI Bot (aka the Laughing Man) (22)
Added captchas to CoT Wayne (21)
Hoi!! An 8char captcha trollop (6)
Captcha xampl (9)
ah, the Danes sharkfish (15)
Embedding Binary Data Clay Dowling (2)
Eddie Izzard has CoT in a nutshell bon vivant (0)
Kosovo independance Ward (9)
I don't get stories like this Colm (9)
Red Lobster Advertising Failure Boston Legal (18)
Self serving bullshit of the week worldsSmallestViolin (24)
Free advice sharkfish (5)
Can we ignore Obama's blackness for a minute Michael B (21)
Cops that Steal and do Drugs Boston Legal (2)
Where else in the US could such a "sport" grow son of parnas (20)
I wish I could say I don't enjoy this, but I do son of parnas (6)
The volume of my testicles Michael B (12)
KT Tunstall - an abusive woman - according to the lyrics Robert (4)
Does anyone care to know sharkfish (27)
Is it possible to be a fat but cool geek ? Obese according the BMI chart (6)
Lets be honest, PG is pissed Bot (17)
I'm in love (16)
February 16th, 2008
Police recovered my car anon (26)
Long delayed Iranian oil bourse to open this weekend. Peter (2)
Wow, YouTube has really gone downhill Boston Legal (3)
Camera security for apartment Bot (5)
Toshiba to Give Up on HD DVD, End Format War: Source Dr. Freud (4)
my influence sharkfish (10)
Wayne, Ward and others Ricky (1)
confession Ricky (6)
Taps for HD DVD as Wal-Mart Backs Blu-ray nark (17)
holy shit worldsSmallestViolin (2)
the collapse of the rule of law in america worldsSmallestViolin (4)
diversity often trumps ability son of parnas (12)
Dr No votes yes on contempt charges Boston Legal (1)
Can a black run a country? Boston Legal (17)
I want to buy gun for my son Loving father (27)
Air Review son of parnas (1)
good night everybody friday (1)
February 15th, 2008
I love these comparison articles Bot (6)
obama friday (4)
An actress whose first name is... (too sensitive/NSFW???) Lombrado (6)
Anyone want to go to Colombia? Cory Foy (5)
confession sharkfish (17)
Fun movie: The Call of Cthulhu. Peter (11)
SpaceMonger sharkfish (4)
Chalk another up for big pharma! JoC (9)
Google Streetview & catching a nooner xampl (3)
Does that come with extra foam? xampl (5)
The death of :-) son of parnas (8)
Monster Cheers (1)
"Isn't it cheaper to give everyone health coverage" Boston Legal (37)
Every now and then JoC (2)
Should I or would you use external services like Amazon's S3, QS Bot (6)
We need more outages son of parnas (5)
Mining Titan SaveTheHubble (26)
Grouchy and Pissed Off Clay Dowling (17)
My valentine's card LH (0)
Aspartame experiment Michael B (8)
Murdoch Turned Journalists into Bloggers son of parnas (11)
I read this as "tits" to Obama son of parnas (0)
I saw the Voodoo Priestess again this morning xampl (10)
Shark alarm trollop (2)
Sharkfish LORB (8)
Hitchens sticks it to the Christans on Hannity & Colmes Bluebeard (4)
Where I live Bluebeard (0)
CoT post of the week worldsSmallestViolin (6)
Valentines follow up Boston Legal (47)
February 14th, 2008
Some fucking asshole stole my car. anon (22)
You know your company is too big... Cory Foy (10)
Rocking out with C++ Clay Dowling (7)
How ordinary people think about Terrorism and Freedom Ricky (20)
Muppet's kindred spirit Student of life (1)
They have their tail in a vise & I'm holding a gas jet under it Lombrado (7)
Reagon and no-fault divorce Ricky (4)
Is there any food in the house? xampl (5)
Three strikes and you are out Ricky (0)
Unpoetic Moderators Ricky (4)
Muppet, muppet Ricky (0)
Every man has his own destiny: Bot (10)
So I bought a $400 Wacom pad, Photoshop, Painter, graphics card Picasso (17)
Bot stance; I am not part of the war against religion? Bot (65)
Space Wars Cheers (14)
Mandatary Reading for CoTers Ricky (7)
Here we go again Aaron (16)
It's ON!! sharkfish (15)
That time of the moon Nu Green (3)
Ever notice how when you make a doctor's appointment... Michael B (23)
"Hidden Requirements" Clay Dowling (9)
Why would the Clemens Hearing Break On Party Lines? son of parnas (6)
Anyone here used graphviz or similar? man on the stair (9)
TechCrunch df (10)
Broken Saints - best use of hacking in a series/movie Bot (3)
Gorilla Porn son of parnas (1)
unexpected effect of infertility the great purple (6)
I hate valentines day Boston Legal (52)
Ethiopians Boston Legal (2)
Love Will Tear Us Apart Bluebeard (1)
CoT lives on without muppet Bluebeard (4)
I am pleased with myself sharkfish (16)
February 13th, 2008
Any of you ever have a "hydrocele"? Michael B (9)
The muppet pool Ward (9)
What would we do if the sharkfish from beyond (12)
McCain: US must be allowed to torture w/o limits Boston Legal (26)
Poor Thai Teenagers Ricky (0)
Android Bluebeard (3)
Resolution: to read 100 books this year Michael B (14)
Obama Wins Potomac Primaries SaveTheHubble (16)
Roy Scheider Dies SaveTheHubble (3)
bot's coding rocks worldsSmallestViolin (9)
What I want xampl (5)
Huckabee has completely lost it Chuck Norris (3)
Bill & Hillary Secret Pack to Divorce if She's Not Elected son of parnas (13)
My side project Bot (3)
Java is still kicking butt Bot (9)
These are my real friends Bot (7)
The bananas are broken JoC (4)
Justice Scalia: US Constitution says Torture is OK Boston Legal (7)
soul of the sims worldsSmallestViolin (1)
Another hour of my life wasted sharkfish (5)
February 12th, 2008
Brandname in Chinese Ricky (7)
こんばんわ friday (6)
code snippets sharkfish (16)
My cat is all wound up xampl (9)
so, is it obama? friday (14)
Bad news for google? Ricky (3)
Livs search at Micosoft Canada Website Ricky (1)
sign me up! sharkfish (2)
What I would have to have to leave my job sharkfish (16)
This is grounds for divorce sharkfish (6)
whatever happened to PNII and $-- ? worldsSmallestViolin (2)
Office XML trollop (11)
reading comprehension sharkfish (6)
blind dates sharkfish (9)
update on the wSV for moderator campaign and mohammad is his prophet (13)
Trouble follows me JoC (16)
Bug report (attn Wayne) man on the stair (1)
What are some examples key/value servers Bot (21)
my Indian shopkeeper hasn't spoken a word to me since... worldsSmallestViolin (5)
Conspiracy Theories? Ricky (35)
It's amazing how people will write paragraphs explaining son of parnas (8)
I am getting older Bot (12)
gaming getting dumbed down sharkfish (6)
Hmmm. Job market hot sharkfish (8)
"Global warming 'may save lives'" man on the stair (3)
Agree with Brice Brown Coat (10)
Retired Teacher Reveals He Was Illiterate Until Age 48 Lombrado (3)
OK all you religious believers, I have 2 questions for you Mountain_Dewd (8)
Muppet deleted spamm faster JoC (5)
Minutes of Meetings Tom (9)
Sharkey LORB (5)
wSV for moderator! II Bluebeard (1)
Way, way overdue, but sorry mate. trollop (6)
Edward Lazear LORB (5)
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Reading material (Chomsky, Ayn Rand, Orwell, Ron Paul) Bot (8)
Democracy doesn't work if... Michael B (22)
February 11th, 2008
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vagitarian ɥsıɟʞɹɐɥs (8)
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Rabbi Boteach is a gigantic idiot Dan Denman (0)
Using a cell phone Brown Coat (2)
This folks is American politics Bot (6)
29% hispanic. Bot (0)
Obama vs. the Phobocracy Lombrado (16)
24 years of Bushes and Clintons in the Whitehouse xampl (5)
Everyone under 35 sharkfish (25)
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Is 'nark' the new Muppet? SaveTheHubble (6)
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Liars are smart Bot (11)
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Dynamic languages not any more productive son of parnas (9)
Ate food created by god today? Bot (2)
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Office smells... a2800276 (7)
Dear SaveTheHubble worldsSmallestViolin (11)
Polaroid going the way of the buggy whip son of parnas (8)
"Potomac Primaries" Tuesday SaveTheHubble (10)
It may just be me mn on the stair (6)
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Sharky... JoC (11)
Mexicans Vs Blacks Redux inquiringMind (3)
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Shark did you see the Saw movies Boston Legal (3)
" as an atheist I feel life has no greater purpose" worldsSmallestViolin (8)
Wow Aaron (5)
For Clay Aaron (1)
February 10th, 2008
90 Day Jane ɥsıɟʞɹɐɥs (21)
McCain trying to please everybody Colm (8)
I am a hit on the haskell blogs Bot (7)
Pussy shoots trollop (2)
Foo Fighters ɥsıɟʞɹɐɥs (5)
Somebody forgot to tell ɥsıɟʞɹɐɥs (0)
I use the term god Bot (17)
Poetic mind-fuck; check out the 12 hours of Broken Saints Bot (2)
real life unit test examples worldsSmallestViolin (15)
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Scientology df (21)
Forget black holes in LHC, it may be much better duke (3)
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School is fucking awful Michael B (46)
liberals shoudl support bush basque (16)
Scala is so HOOOOTT Bot (2)
Hillary speech is turning me on Bot (5)
JoC - XNA ɥsıɟʞɹɐɥs (2)
Dear German Food I had for Dinner Last Night, Michael B (15)
To my new stalker, nark ɥsıɟʞɹɐɥs (14)
Obama-mania worse than Ron Paul-mania ɥsıɟʞɹɐɥs (9)
Scary numbers from the Federal Reserve Board Peter (5)
Colorado is bitch slapping us Dan Denman (4)
February 9th, 2008
On the homosexuality is weird thing ɥsıɟʞɹɐɥs (4)
Safari ɥsıɟʞɹɐɥs (6)
For all you people with kids ɥsıɟʞɹɐɥs (29)
If fish had our intellect ɥsıɟʞɹɐɥs (8)
796 super delegates henry (5)
Obama has a clean sweep today Bot (23)
So, what's wrong with agile techniques? Cory Foy (17)
What Israel really bombed in Syria? Colm (16)
wxFormBuilder is pretty good worldsSmallestViolin (5)
MicroHoo! xampl (4)
need free meshes in X format ɥsıɟʞɹɐɥs (0)
Anti war democrats worldsSmallestViolin (24)
What font is Joel using? Aaron (8)
wWidgets has got... worldsSmallestViolin (5)
Rick, are your real initials; J.H.? Bot (6)
kids and MTV ɥsıɟʞɹɐɥs (5)
Yahoo Rejects Microsoft Bid: Reports Lombrado (15)
Release something good firs then release often son of parnas (11)
Job Growth Where Bush Didn’t Want It Lombrado (17)
"Bottled water", straight from ... the tap Tap water rules, baby! (25)
M$ is not evil Bluebeard (16)
Stop Aaron (4)
Camera to Help provide better view while Revesing a Car ShyK (0)
February 8th, 2008
CNN sucks Bot (5)
M$ shop friday (9)
The wager on Muppet's return ... Crickets chirping (5)
I will not ɥsıɟʞɹɐɥs (1)
Bonnie and Clyde sharkfish (0)
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How do I get visual studio to see a new name space? son of parnas (4)
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Software Engineers 1 Code Monkeys 0 Bluebeard (5)
Who controls Wikipedia? Ricky (11)
This just can't be real Aaron (7)
Poor Yahoo and Google Ricky (4)
I'm trying to hate M$ sharkfish (15)
Writer's strike sharkfish (6)
Court rules CoT is OK Boston Legal (6)
Earth Hour df (8)
It's over, folks. I'm converting all my holdings to silver bars Captain C# (0)
I leave in ten days Aaron (6)
We are all the same, one race Bot (20)
Mexicans vs. Blacks sharkfish (19)
If Obama gets the nomination... xampl (9)
More sweetheart deals for war profiteers Peter (2)
Balls Michael B (13)
Artists you would most like to man on the stair (1)
James Dobson backs Huckabee LORB (19)
I Love Dubai, Home of the Free Boston Legal (9)
Ban on Perpetual Motion Finally Runs Out son of parnas (46)
February 7th, 2008
One OS to rule them all son of parnas (5)
I hate to admit it, but ... Jonesing for dysfunction (9)
Confession of an addict Addicted (11)
What do I need to image my drive? Bot (23)
Shuttle is Up! SaveTheHubble (9)
Does it matter that McCain has a year to campaign? Bot (9)
I dread Chinese New Year more with each passing year maybe possibly (10)
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video hardware question sharkfish (18)
There were no cameras back then Aaron (41)
Isn't risk management moot when we're talking about black holes? Michael B (16)
Why the government sometimes doesn't work and the market does Bot (15)
Cry baby, Romney to quit Bot (16)
About the Cable Cuts In The Middle East df (4)
Sharia law must come to Britain says archbishop Boston Legal (17)
MacBook Air Haters: Suck My Dick son of parnas (4)
Vagitarian Shirts Clay Dowling (9)
Miracle heat nonsense Brown Coat (1)
Yahoo CEO letter is all in lower case Boston Legal (15)
Reddit - The Gathering Place for Pedophiles Hatedit (0)
Secretly, I think Bush will be proven right one day LORB (27)
Anybody have any advice of saving "state" without session vars Bot (28)
I found out next crazy Cory Foy (3)
The Next Big Market son of parnas (12)
February 6th, 2008
The Selfish Gene Michael B (1)
McCain Friday (2)
2 cases of mineral water the sharkfish from beyond (11)
getting gayer! the sharkfish from beyond (14)
One of the reasons I am in love with the internet the sharkfish from beyond (2)
Before I die the sharkfish from beyond (8)
Women at the gym the sharkfish from beyond (6)
Tool for the man the sharkfish from beyond (4)
Paris Hilton look-alike on my train the sharkfish from beyond (7)
I wonder if this will burn down my building the sharkfish from beyond (9)
Crazy on Tap, Obama strategy, future primaries Bot (6)
I hate IE! Wayne (19)
how to properly train the Media? arg! (12)
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How do you put this in laymen's terms? Michael B (22)
Are you thrifty? xampl (49)
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Quantitative methods for selecting a candidate Michael B (3)
Triumph of marketing & packaging xampl (3)
sharkfish, you'll appreciate this bon vivant (3)
basic philosophical difficulty sharkfish (40)
Crappy Reporting Technology Clay Dowling (11)
McCain thread Boston Legal (26)
Cable number 5 Aaron (31)
Women talk all the f**king time Bot (10)
Is there a candidate that could unify the country? Mountain_Dewd (8)
It is too close, I stil predict a Hillary win Bot (12)
Worse than political sign wavers Brown Coat (14)
Paul with 16 delegates, McCain with 615 Bot (2)
Recreational viewing per tutti trollop (0)
Compulsory reading for sharky EnterpriseJanitor (1)
If Hillary wins... Bluebeard (10)
Why Hillary (most probably) win in California? Asian Contingent of COTers (14)
If Hilary becomes President Ricky (7)
February 5th, 2008
How did Huckaboo win so many states? Captain C# (10)
Obama victory speech still Michael B (7)
Gnumeric - A Powerful and Light Spreadsheet Program Lombrado (1)
Live map visualization of voting Dan D (8)
That's the Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia... SaveTheHubble (2)
I'm feeling the great purple (16)
Breaking: Shock voting in Georgia; black voters vote for.... Bot (5)
I just found 14K the wife knows nothing about Fleeting moments of Freedom (30)
If you haven't voted yet... Joel? (3)
I love 6 am flights. They are my friend Cory Foy (2)
How deep have you gone? son of parnas (3)
Parents don't know what their kids do online Ricky (16)
Tapped out JoC (5)
DotNetNuke sharkfish (3)
Yearly Sign Waving Traffic Jams son of parnas (2)
kids sharkfish (5)
Bob Greene sharkfish (19)
Oh, and while I'm at it, rgrep sucks too man on the stair (6)
Why search sucks for the average web user man on the stair (16)
My only comment about muppet; kind of needy and depedent. Bot (8)
Hillary is New England and Obama is the Giants son of parnas (5)
So, Wayne, what DID happen with Muppet? SaveTheHubble (4)
Wheelbarrows man on the stair (3)
This is not Hotel California Locutus of Borg (1)
Around the world in 8 hours (more or less) man on the stair (6)
sweating in cold Asian in Europe (8)
Engineering unemployment Analyst (3)
The muppet pool Ward (12)
Giant Dildo News Boston Legal (1)
I am voting for Obama Bot (34)
Do you and your spouse work? Michael B (5)
February 4th, 2008
Muppet is gone... Brown Coat (10)
It's all a house of cards, folks the sharkfish from beyond (12)
A quick detour through YouTube bon vivant (0)
Bot the sharkfish from beyond (1)
I ranted at someone the sharkfish from beyond (12)
You seem to have a problem with roughly 3/4 of the human race the sharkfish from beyond (12)
Follow Chinese dollars Dan D (11)
Software Engineering Ricky (17)
Lifehacker Australia interviews Linus Torvalds Lombrado (4)
Decent areas in South East London duke (15)
Are fractions absolute or obsolete? bon vivant (2)
Great business idea Bot (2)
How many digits of e do you know? Ward (6)
how many digits of pi do you know off by heart? worldsSmallestViolin (13)
Representing fractions accurately xampl (15)
If muppet's gone, can wSV be a moderator again? Ward (8)
CoT, I wish I knew how to quit you! sharkfish (13)
"I dont like most of you" - Sharky worldsSmallestViolin (7)
LoB - Best Pig Drawer worldsSmallestViolin (3)
"I don't like most of you", but Ricky (20)
Business Idea - Tissue Paper Boxes for Stereotypical Male df (14)
I am Real - Very Real Brice Richard (19)
Are fractions absolete? son of parnas (37)
I've decided. sharkfish (18)
labor saving devices and total labor the great purple (9)
I didn't see this coming Friday (2)
1st Annual CoT Awards Oscar (21)
I really like The Jam man on the stair (1)
Good morning Anonymous Asshat (4)
Ash Wednesday Ward (6)
Hypothetical economy Aaron (23)
February 3rd, 2008
6 am flights suck Cory Foy (4)
Breaking: Manning DNA to be used in super-humans Bot (2)
You know you're getting old when .. The Old Guy (8)
A few people make a lot of money if NYG wins Bot (8)
Tom Petty on wikipedia sharkfish (24)
The Man From Earth sharkfish (10)
Nice barrier to entry sharkfish (4)
NSFW - Gross - SuperBowl What kind of sociopath does that (4)
Coin tosses are dumb Bot (6)
Declaration of Independence on FoxSports Super Bowl sharkfish (4)
No ships in cable incident? :-O Didn't see that coming! Boston Legal (25)
now playing sharkfish (0)
Google Shows it is Petualant and Childish son of parnas (6)
I guess Bluebeard (3)
I'm Calling It son of parnas (10)
Happiness is... xampl (5)
i wonder what my SO means by this sharkfish (11)
Muppet DON'T GOOOOOOO!!! sharkfish (8)
Animals Troubled (20)
Eclipse vs Netbeans for Midlets son of parnas (2)
World peace - the solution man on the stair (12)
Depressed Anon (3)
_This_ is geeky Ward (2)
the thing about being hung like a donkey is... worldsSmallestViolin (9)
Universal constant? man on the stair (16)
OMIGOD, I have a new ambition worldsSmallestViolin (4)
"These same banks have multigenerational loans in many " worldsSmallestViolin (2)
February 2nd, 2008
How come Captain Kirk LeftWingPharisee (2)
Some funny movie trailers LORB (0)
IBM India fires 700 xampl (3)
Laptop art xampl (2)
Feed my Munchausen Syndrome muppet (6)
Do you usually swallow your mouthwash ? Mr. Blank (3)
Waiting to be sued by Apple xampl (8)
Disgusting Aaron (7)
wxFormBuilder Clay Dowling (11)
The Story so far SaveTheHubble (23)
That other one worked out so well... JoC (1)
BBC: 'The rest of the world' JoC (0)
We're going through what Japan went through the great purple (7)
Lost 4 episode 1 Mr. Blank (2)
Spew to Win son of parnas (5)
Walking with Dinosaurs Ward (0)
February 1st, 2008
supposedly deleted threads Ward on a Treo 700p (6)
Karma Bot (3)
scoble = so fucking dumb A. Flew (1)
Michael B being censored for making muppet cry Film at 11 (1)
Mental asylums: Untapped labor pools? (or, if I were Google...) Michael B (5)
STH Antony Flew (0)
muppet, we need you Michael B (4)
I just put a permanent scratch in my brand new, expensive lenses muppet (9)
Gasol to Lakers, wohooo Mr. Blank (3)
If i had kids sharkfish (9)
Damn, damn, damn; I f**ked up bad. really bad Antony Flew (14)
my day Friday (1)
How long can you do IT? sharkfish (5)
I want to make love to sharkfish (14)
Ban Bot Berlin Ricky (2)
It's OK 2B Gay duke (0)
Lent Clay Dowling (12)
Paul's Manifesto Boston Legal (4)
Sushi was adopted this afternoon muppet (9)
How do you know if you are working hard or not? Bot (8)
I love this idea Bot (0)
Oh God, Don't Clip Your Nails at Work son of parnas (16)
Someone's cutting undersea cables... Michael B (24)
Which of these books would you read / work your way through? maybe possibly (8)
the mortgage saga continues sharkfish (29)
visual studio should know more about enums son of parnas (37)
Snow Clay Dowling (11)
Hey Bot JoC (2)
People... sharkfish (17)
Molly is dying muppet (30)
Microsoft’s Letter to Yahoo Lombrado (7)
John Pickle the great purple (20)
$44.6 billion dollars for Yahoo LORB (14)
MS has bid for Yahoo! man on the stair (20)
Police Abuse with a twist Boston Legal (6)
Proposition Joe.. Mr. Blank (7)
joel.reddit.com ,..., (6)
psych evaluation of candidates Boston Legal (8)