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February 28th, 2007
A&E's "Intervention" sharkfish (8 comments)
I thought cheap Mexicans sharkfish (8)
OH FUCK worldsSmallestViolin (25)
What have you done to lower your carbon? Ward (17)
still working .self (4)
imprinting sharkfish (18)
CSI: NY .self (10)
Scott Ritter's interview: Why Americans are full of shit Dan Denman (3)
Democrats new slogan Dan Denman (4)
I won.  Hired. LinuxOrBust (27)
Tyler Cowen on Carbon Credits zed (9)
jesus bot zestyZuchini (10)
Al Gore's fight for global warming and 400,000 dead in Darfur Bot Berlin (9)
Did I win? DF (27)
I was thinking of getting a cat or dog... Bot Berlin (10)
Sushi just triumphantly strode into the kitchen to announce muppet (9)
Stupid password requirements no label (2)
AMerrickanGirl is totally right Rick, try writing better English (22)
(.)(.) and _here_ are a... zestyZuchini (0)
<!< >!>  see, now _this_ is an attempt to ... zestyZuchini (13)
Light Bulbs Banned in Australia Practical Economist (11)
Ubuntu site sucks in internet explorer Bot Berlin (4)
< zestyZuchini (16)
<! .. !> zestyZuchini (1)
What SAT scores is acquired of each one LeMeringue (9)
If I were a rich man... Ward (7)
CoT Poll:  What does carbon neutral mean and how does it... zestyZuchini (32)
Smokin' Aces! Smoke 'em good! Iwan (2)
Are you using the rss function of the forum? Iwan (12)
Something good!!! Bot Berlin (5)
Is Dateline's to catch a predator a little bit of baiting Bot Berlin (8)
watch this... LeMonde (7)
Hollywood blockbuster. Cho Chweet. 92.5 (CoT Regular) (1)
This however.. Mikael Bergkvist (8)
Stupid Attacks Rick, try writing better English (17)
LeMonda, why don't you post one of you silly bubbles? bon vivant (2)
Honor Students xampl (2)
Punching mom in the face muppet (7)
Buying air muppet (6)
Incovenient Truth about Al Gore Burner (39)
I hope... Bot Berlin (15)
Buying a blog Mikael Bergkvist (16)
Gore & Hypocrisy AKA attack the source and not the facts DF (65)
My favorite dishes (0)
Hmmmmm JoC (0)
Relative sizes xampl (4)
Ok, not going the strip club again Bot Berlin (36)
how long does this Jos Meta thread live? (1)
money for GOP & terror (5)
O Bluebeard (1)
SPY : bouncing back? economista (4)
I see you're trying to launch a missile el (2)
Is it good to mention that you're applying because... Anonimus (6)
bush funds al queda related islamic terrorist groups zestyZuchini (2)
Jesus, why didn't you bastards warn me? zestyZuchini (17)
Joel on Software Bluebeard (7)
i watched this again hello. (1)
Why buy the pig sharkfish (2)
Where did Clay go? Ward (6)
AIPAC Michael (1)
No boobs.  Just cats. sharkfish (6)
It's official: adults stupider than 5th graders. son of parnas (11)
I just had sex with sharkfish (3)
February 27th, 2007
I'm afraid to use the feed. hello. (4)
The Inverse Power of Praise Senthilnathan N.S. (11)
THE NEW LOOK -- ROXXX! Stephen Jones is a poor second! (1)
The worst way to eat noodles (9)
your estimate of (3)
I just had sex with sharkfish (9)
OMIGOD!?!?!?!? worldsSmallestViolin (2)
Think I want to go to a strip club, tonight Bot Berlin (6)
banality of this forum (6)
What does anyone know about Win32 GUI programming? LinuxOrBust (11)
Motorola Razr phone sharkfish (15)
new sidebar rocks! FD (4)
Anything interesting for the next ubuntu? Bot Berlin (0)
How to improve unstable connection to my laptop? Noobie McNoob (9)
Linux Or Bust -- can you recommend any chess sites. m (10)
how is Vista working out? m (7)
Help! This board needs an off-topic (38) Trolly Spolly (1)
Why this place is so attractive Rick Zeng/Tseng (24)
hail storm hello. (0)
CoT: even worse as a chatroom zed (2)
Best ajax chat widget? son of parnas (7)
barcelona or manhattan hello. (19)
please don't cum on the windshield Jesus (3)
whoa. on the new job board ads troll spollsky (6)
What CoT has in common with baboons. parnas like links (2)
Have we gone too far? Remote control pigeons... son of parnas (4)
. Bluebeard (1)
Shanti Shanti ~~~x (2)
buy the dips?  Down down 500 economista (9)
I fucking hate Windows for a Server... Wayne (31)
Happy drugs sold here! LinuxOrBust (1)
How to make a steak son of parnas (7)
Thundering heaps of turds! VS2003 sucks bon vivant (4)
CoT as a caricaturized mangina? के. जे. (3)
Girls see a future blighted by sex bias and pressure to be thin son of parnas (17)
Men would eat Aaron F Stanton (2)
Women wouldn't be bitches if sharkfish (7)
CoT Web Statistics for Feb Wayne (15)
BBC predicts WTC7 collapse by 20 minutes zestyZuchini (29)
US tearing over Iraqi unions worldsSmallestViolin (1)
7 Reasons To Nuke The USA son of parnas (19)
9% sell off in China's market son of parnas (4)
Genes can make a 20 point difference in IQ son of parnas (8)
Depression as a survival tool? son of parnas (7)
Question about CoT LeMonde (3)
stopped out : proof that god exists bob (6)
Crystal Reports XI is a woeful pile of shit muppet (13)
CSS/HTML. Positioning text. (100+85)/2 (12)
Can I just settle the matter once and for all for everyone? Bluebeard (22)
Those of you who have a Channel 9 account jingalala jingalala ™ (2)
this is great! $-- (5)
Gaaarrrgggghhh!!! Bastard NBC!!! bon vivant (9)
Election in Europe? Anon (5)
Cheney going? Michael (24)
February 26th, 2007
I want to be BOTTOM! trollop (1)
Am I nuts? sharkfish (6)
new phrase sharkfish (3)
This is just _one_ reason kids are fun... zestyZuchini (15)
great depression caused by the fed? economista (6)
Evolutionists versus Creationists Mikael Bergkvist (16)
Ron Paul For President zestyZuchini (10)
CoT disk usage... LeMonde (10)
US now funding Al Qaeda affiliates, to prepare for war on Iran (0)
Chinese banking xampl (5)
technology: love it for its unpredictability strawberry snowflake (2)
Please stop asking whether Master/Phd in CS pays off Rick Zeng/Tseng (10)
I've developed a way... ~~~x (9)
The tax man is watching Rick Zeng/Tseng (4)
The Clay Aiken's Diet DF (16)
What laptop to buy? jingalala jingalala ™ (26)
a new ghengis khan? strawberry snowflake (2)
Damned TSA Ward on a treo 700p (22)
Sharepoint {} (1)
No talking to atheists revisited ipmal (51)
Oscar Thread son of parnas (21)
February 25th, 2007
The ongoing powerpoint situation worldsSmallestViolin (8)
For yourfuture reference... worldsSmallestViolin (11)
HEY, EVERYONE! worldsSmallestViolin (6)
I believe that this is what happens when the wrong person is LinuxOrBust (5)
Monday Afternoon Death Threat worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Los Alamos developers bio weapon detector (3)
Collation Results:  Sneak Preview zestyZuchini (3)
wow, envy me.  I am... zestyZuchini (10)
seems there has been quite an epidemic of emails sent... zestyZuchini (8)
"I can't believe some idiot claiming to be zestyZuchini..." zestyZuchini (4)
We're probably going to see more of this xampl (13)
I dont get it.  whats in it for microsoft zestyZuchini (31)
Why should discovering Jesus' tomb matter? son of parnas (17)
Hey zZ, did you go off the deep end ipmal (9)
im rather disappointed in you CoTters... zestyZuchini (7)
So How do I Get invited to Blah? ShyK (3)
Oh my word...poor kid bon vivant (0)
February 24th, 2007
Spot the aberrence. trollop (24)
What Vista could have been sharkfish (11)
Bots can evolve to deceive. son of parnas (2)
Know of any good security consultants for web stuff? son of parnas (2)
Speaking of two year olds sharkfish (5)
USPS sharkfish (13)
Sharky - Seth McFarlane on Dane Cook Philo (2)
Cheney: No Consensus Global Warnming Caused by Man son of parnas (11)
Who own CoT? LeMonde (21)
Where the wild singles are. just me (8)
Bought yours yet? trollop (1)
CoT survey LeMonde (11)
"Corporations are governments." trollop (20)
GODDAMN IT zestyZuchini (1)
why is everyone using torture these days? zestyZuchini (15)
Go ahead, fire away... Your friend, Danno (4)
anyone still up considering writing a class or drinking a glass .self (0)
February 23rd, 2007
The VPOTUS' Teeth trollop (1)
I finally did it. sharkfish (31)
PHP frameworks LeMonde (2)
What is wrong with you people sharkfish (22)
Ok, who is ward and who is wayne Bot Berlin (7)
Rick the troll Wayne (8)
White and nerdy, and yet doesn't look half bad Bot Berlin (5)
Interesting Analysis zestyZuchini (4)
Feeling hungry?  Yummy KFC. Mmmmmmmmmmmm Taco Bell. (8)
God, I would love to get a job request from a non-tech company Bot Berlin (11)
So this man kept bears in a cage... bon vivant (6)
CoT Feature request zestyZuchini (13)
Why Idiocracy could potentially be considered a documentary Bot Berlin (7)
Your daily dose of Mazzy Star LinuxOrBust (2)
Who else isn't getting any work done? Wayne (6)
People really like it when god says kill. son of parnas (1)
trace crutchfield hello. (2)
vbs question JoC (5)
Why Blah sucks, no posts in 5 hours.. Wayne (75)
Monster Message Boards LinuxOrBust (5)
No talking to atheists Rick Zeng/Tseng (51)
Latest NASA Clone Shuttle SaveTheHubble (3)
British upgrade search for bin Laden (4)
OLTP Monitor for .NET? xampl (0)
blogs are catching up sharkfish (14)
Is muppet more respected now Bot Berlin (11)
I'm freaking out again. Pic... sharkfish (13)
Linux haters, you are going to have a field day w/this one LinuxOrBust (21)
Spot the asshole! (4)
What the hell is he looking at? Mikael Bergkvist (4)
um this is freaking me out sharkfish (10)
someone is a crappy moderator bob (61)
passey: my bf has a 150 IQ bob (7)
more bad news for the pessimist strawberry snowflake (13)
Nintendo Wii: What the fuck? muppet (22)
Hooked on a Feeling Ward (12)
February 22nd, 2007
math books online bob (2)
I don't have one regular federali (3)
Best drink ever for after work Bot Berlin (8)
Run away! Run away! xampl (2)
How can the Universe be born of a vacuum? son of parnas (16)
English word of day: Royale with cheese. LeMonder (4)
LeMonde rule.... Let LeMonde run this forum. LeMonde Supporter (14)
bring back the stupid bring back lemonde threads zed (7)
Controlling my Anger DF (21)
Medieval Islamic patterns: Penrose, eat your heart out son of parnas (4)
A bit of nostalgia and some oddball prophecy from circa '86 Bluebeard (2)
microwaving tea bags the great purple (40)
Google Office vs Microsoft Office son of parnas (10)
First Turing Award to a woman Rick Zeng/Tseng (2)
Startup Claims 100-Gbit/s  TCP/IP offload engine son of parnas (2)
Freak dancing and dancing in general Bot Berlin (32)
Scrotums on Trial AMerrickanGirl (9)
bush approval moves up politico (3)
A deconstruction of the War Slides son of parnas (0)
housing co toll brothers profit falls (crappy moderation?) investorama (1)
That's one ugly bird! (1)
Kiwi Kuddles trollop (3)
Boobies xampl (4)
forbes inspired to write about .........SLOC! zed (7)
.NET Equivalant of Java ClassLoader class jingalala jingalala ™ (9)
Australian Culture and Unsolicited Parenting Advice no label (8)
American Idol Thread son of parnas (1)
February 21st, 2007
heh.  proof gun bans work. worldsSmallestViolin (7)
So if Iran attack, you would be better off Shahram in San Diego (26)
interesting look worldsSmallestViolin (9)
What an ass xampl (10)
heh.  nice rant. worldsSmallestViolin (4)
bringing out the good in humanity worldsSmallestViolin (1)
women as equity analysts bob (0)
oh for... worldsSmallestViolin (3)
DF: needs anger management classes asshole (3)
The parents aren't always to blame... Wayne (13)
Drink More Make More son of parnas (7)
LeMonde was cool, without him this forum is dead. DoD (3)
concert for me! the great purple (14)
Google, what have ye done; Bot Berlin (4)
The Exciting Game of Career Girls Wayne (9)
Barcelona - Liverpool LIVE Locutus of Borg (10)
What you can do when you are single Rick Zeng/Tseng (0)
Y-Combinator, plus cross-posting this LinuxOrBust (23)
This is how I won my first computer muppet (8)
I made a Matlab clone using Python and C++, but .. Mr. Software (2)
It's thanks to Dad that girls are more cautious than boys son of parnas (12)
Brain's liquid state machine architecture is Turing complete son of parnas (5)
y-commbinator news bob (4)
When George Takei speaks... son of parnas (9)
Question about car loans AMerrickanGirl (59)
Afterfancy private schools, is college anticlimactic? son of parnas (23)
My ex girlfriend JoC (29)
Need unlimited subdomains; recommendations? respectful lurker (6)
February getting you down bucko? son of parnas (8)
subprime morgage companies investorama (18)
Is CoT Dying? AMerrickanGirl (26)
I am back in a new form... LeMonde Ghost (12)
I think Le Monde has a point, there must be a bug in Fruitshow zestyZuchini (9)
Another picture of Guliani in drag leaks out (6)
February 20th, 2007
I don't care what wSV/zZ says... Ward (2)
amazing.  all roads lead to rome I guess. worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Soccer thread - Liverpool Barca Anon (5)
The Little Match Girl Wayne (11)
google new hires (9)
holy shit this is cool worldsSmallestViolin (6)
hear the war drums, feel the beat... worldsSmallestViolin (5)
Petition: Bring LeMonde Back !!! Bored To Death (9)
Biotech stock Rick Zeng/Tseng (17)
DF: so bored he can't resist replying asshole (0)
S&P investor (3)
wow, nice nice discussion on problems with multithreaded.. worldsSmallestViolin (14)
interesting php framework worldsSmallestViolin (4)
twitter.  wtf? worldsSmallestViolin (3)
airline tickets bob (26)
does this work? troll spolsky (4)
Hey Hubble JoC (8)
You are trying to protect Iran, aren't you? son of parnas (6)
Ahhhh jack's is anon for this, sort of (2)
I can't program all day Bot Berlin (11)
The plans for the death star are in my DNA. son of parnas (2)
Why is vinegar a good cleaner? son of parnas (53)
Frustration Vent JoC (5)
NC House Speaker uses Alford Plea xampl (1)
help! in trouble (19)
Can you imagine being stranged on a runway for 8 hours? son of parnas (18)
ProxyServer magic, question Bot Berlin (14)
Giant Space Cocks (3)
Flaming goes main stream son of parnas (12)
Help jingalala jingalala ™ (3)
What is this? (100+85)/2 (2)
gun shopping in pakistan hello. (0)
What are Obama's chances in reality? Bluebeard (27)
February 19th, 2007
nice argument worldsSmallestViolin (15)
Good bye all ... LeMonde (17)
BBC: US 'Iran attack plans' revealed (37)
why did you block me? LeMonde (5)
Drive failure rates xampl (8)
Positive feedback loop? trollop (3)
I dont care _what_ ward says... zestyZuchini (18)
Maybe global warming is caused by alien invaders? Kenny (8)
bush the glorious zestyZuchini (8)
Millionaire ... receptionist xampl (10)
Books are like SO OUT no label (4)
Shovelglove? xampl (0)
Rddt: You are alone on an uninhabited island and you have to Kenny (7)
Stupid communists - child porn Please (32)
happy holidays strawberry snowflake (5)
God it's a beautiful day today LinuxOrBust (13)
Complaint (meta) JoC (0)
Arab and Muslim not ready for democracy? son of parnas (11)
These Fools are Our Leaders son of parnas (6)
McCain goes totally to shit zestyZuchini (11)
Small world fractal networks in the brain son of parnas (8)
Wait for Sharkfish' next utterance, lose your job LinuxOrBust (7)
Fog Creek == Moon River bob (0)
Good Morning. Masiosare (3)
Creating a blog Mikael Bergkvist (12)
Mysterious cot behaviour a2800276 (5)
My heart just broke (16)
Religion of despair ipmal (9)
Hey, I made asshole of the year! Locutus of Borg (6)
"And now it is time for a break man on the stair (5)
Pigs Rick Zeng/Tseng (7)
Idiocracy possibly maybe (1)
I've always wanted to know... Paul Brown (24)
February 18th, 2007
good idea .self (8)
Another reason why genocidal Israel Ahmad Al Rassam (17)
I dont understand why... worldsSmallestViolin (8)
The Unix Divide LinuxOrBust (16)
good enough for its own topic: evolution of depression strawberry snowflake (9)
Dating causes programmer problems. LinuxOrBust (14)
CoT idea comes to life "smarter than a 5th grader" Bot Berlin (4)
We all want more son of parnas (18)
CoT questionnaire of the day... LeMonde (4)
I might buy some land here zestyZuchini (3)
silly, selfish spoilt little brat commits suicide zestyZuchini (9)
Forum Quality sharkfish (18)
Why people are broke xampl (13)
Bible on the desk xampl (13)
linux phone cppman (1)
Inside Man sharkfish (9)
Why I don't particular enjoy DF zed (12)
Quiz: what's wrong with this scientific study? strawberry snowflake (8)
Pulitzer prizer winner, seems smart, but a hardcore christian Bot Berlin (4)
Are you highly accomplished? You choker! son of parnas (3)
Why top level names are pointless. son of parnas (7)
Curious, buddhist teachings Bot Berlin (30)
interesting.  LOC average? zestyZuchini (15)
Dating in LA LinuxOrBust (24)
February 17th, 2007
Step 1: Intelligent Design, Step 2: Geocentrism, Step 3: ??? (5)
I've been thinking Dan Denman (5)
Real Cargo Cult RM (4)
but is it small enough for LeMonde? AMerrickanGirl (7)
Wii have fun xampl (4)
See, another reason the war on drugs is silly Bot Berlin (6)
I wonder if I have an illness` zestyZuchini (8)
Terrorism of the most worse kind zestyZuchini (2)
I love when really rich people throw unions under the bus. son of parnas (29)
Check it out... Anonymous Asshat (0)
Today on Slashdot LinuxOrBust (6)
Sad Flasher SAD no more (1)
The Gods of Programming Language Karma... Paul Brown (7)
this topic is about porn strawberry snowflake (8)
Variation on Sharky's YouTube idea Mountain_Dewd (4)
You know what bothers me? Me (1)
peeves: walled-garden profl/scientific journals possibly maybe (10)
February 16th, 2007
Linux Convention LinuxOrBust (3)
So much more mesmerizing than leekspin muppet (10)
YouTube idea sharkfish (9)
can't.  stop.  watching. muppet (6)
Another peeve of mine sharkfish (1)
Something bothers me... sharkfish (2)
Those damned Jews and their evil science plot! One of the last human males (0)
Beware of MySpace sharkfish (6)
Day of Exaggeration Rick Zeng/Tseng (3)
The trolling has gotten so ubiquitous here LinuxOrBust (5)
Best city for jobs xampl (2)
Is being green really about feeling morally superior (+ racist)? (5)
Windows Home Server backup xampl (1)
Hillary Probably the most hated democratic, but will probablywin Bot Berlin (1)
Poor strawberry snowflake ... LeMonde (0)
English word of the day LeMonde (1)
So how much does it take to file a patent. Bot Berlin (8)
The problem with deleting meta moderation topics is... zestyZuchini (7)
I just finished reading a book. LeMonde (5)
New moderation policy LeMonde (16)
surge votes politico (3)
Dear Sharkfish zestyZuchini (27)
Click to summon ~~~x (1)
Neato JoC (0)
office banter sharkfish (13)
splendid isolation madame volmarz (10)
I've made a vow o no longer make fun of others Frontliner (9)
hot for 84 year old MerylStreepLookAlike (3)
Everytime I see my ex/gf's picture on MySpace, I get nostalgic.. Ah damn (14)
I am considering a new nick... zestyZuchini (2)
US vs China: White Collar Crime (0)
Do the Nigerians want my email address now? LinuxOrBust (2)
Non PC joke xampl (7)
my programmatically inclined nephew is... worldsSmallesztViolin (3)
10 reasons to date a lesbo sharkfish (23)
15 minutes to overcome a lifetime of racial stereotyping ~~~x (31)
Character of a Happy Life jingalala jingalala ™ (10)
Open Source (Application) Idea - Public Web Application Spec Bot Berlin (12)
Do you have hairy forearms? sharkfish (44)
a pipedream? strawberry snowflake (0)
Latest Craze JoC (16)
I Got Trouble son of parnas (0)
OMG, how embarrassing xampl (5)
Scheduling amusement Clay Dowling (29)
Absence, Hear thou my Protestation jingalala jingalala ™ (2)
Heart over head in decisions son of parnas (6)
Where does everybody go in the morning? strawberry snowflake (5)
i am the ruler of my kingdom Nescio (0)
Can Google Hear Aaron Stanton? possibly maybe (4)
WTF is the actual point of a Segway... Bluebeard (6)
Do No Evil ~~~x (6)
Better English Words for the Day Ward (12)
Another reason not to move to Alabama ~~~x (9)
US v. China sharkfish (9)
February 15th, 2007
Where does everybody go at night? sharkfish (18)
holy orgasms Batman sharkfish (15)
Daylight Savings Time Practical Economist (10)
Poll: Who would you prefer handle your "cash" transactions? trollop (3)
What the sharkfish (8)
eh-eh-eh-em: My Theory (not about the Brontosaurus) Ward (27)
praise effort not intelligence (raise your kids right!) punker (12)
Teen girl career choices follow TV shows xampl (5)
When was the last time you... LeMonde (11)
Friday Morning Death Threat worldsSmallesztViolin (16)
Ron Paul For President worldsSmallesztViolin (8)
holy shit.  israel government notices that the lebanon invasion worldsSmallesztViolin (33)
I like peanut butter Practical Danger Economist (10)
English word of the day LeMonde (14)
Looks like we're about to bomb the fucking towelheads Charlie Brown (4)
Feels like: -18 F strawberry snowflake (2)
Time Hardaway Hates Gay People son of parnas (12)
OMG OMG I WANT IT I WANT IT! sharkfish (16)
If cat's always land on their feet, what about zero gee? SaveTheHubble (10)
English word of the day: 'lek' strawberry snowflake (1)
WinXP and wireless, please explain this. Locutus of Borg (7)
English word of the day LeMonde (15)
Vulture funds: trollop (3)
Medical child abuse? AMerrickanGirl (15)
Gay for a day AMerrickanGirl (31)
To the citizens of the United States of America: John Cleese (9)
negotiation bastard Qs (8)
Worst Place to be a Child Practical Economist (21)
The answers you have been asking for Locutus of Borg (0)
dogs and emotions II just me (and myself) (3) 's down, check it out, quickly full name (7)
February 14th, 2007
anyone still up considering writing a class or two full name (6)
hate to get on the bandwagon, but sharkfish (31)
USA vs China Rick Zeng/Tseng (18)
PC vs Mac Clay Dowling (16)
The US is now the most hated country Masiosare (48)
My SO sharkfish (14)
"Im here to violate your privacy" worldsSmallestViolin (3)
Bad link on CoT home page? bon vivant (3)
Pose nude for a B? son of parnas (21)
Deadlines is deadlines... Peter (4)
Unable to post Please, Mods, Let Me Post Again! (7)
For sharkfish, reimplement some of the stuff here Bot Berlin (8)
Nobody post to the last LorB thread... ~~~x (4)
wSV got moderated so fast it made my head spin Locutus of Borg (9)
Happy Valentine's Day! Dan Denman (5)
Attention everyone: sharkfish (4)
DRM again Rick Zeng/Tseng (1)
Ask me a question Locutus of Borg (26)
Why do any references to CoT get nuked on JoS? Bluebeard (24)
This is rather facinating.. Wayne (AHA) (23)
office banter sharkfish (7)
Gods Perfect Banana worldsSmallestViolin (14)
William Shockley LinuxOrBust (9)
Catapult competition Ward (6)
How bad? JoC (7)
Computer Science Book in Java Bot Berlin (1)
Thank you God! I got a "pair-programming" partner ..! The Lucky Guy (19)
fucksticks tri-curious George (7)
There have been cases of "lemonde" faking...but LeMonde (4)
The administration is completely, and dangerously delusional. son of parnas (5)
One month from now Aaron F Stanton (12)
dogs and emotions just me (24)
PlayStationary No Sony, No Sony, No (3)
snow plow! strawberry snowflake (11)
Irony xampl (9)
Beautiful Colm (60)
"Important Issues" jingalala jingalala ™ (0)
Valentine cards Scott (8)
So ms wSV and myself remain at an absolute deadlock... worldsSmallestViolin (24)
There are too many fake posts at the moment worldsSmallestViolin (15)
Startups are racist Bot Berlin (1)
pulling the keys out of my keyboard sharkfish (28)
Am I overreacting, or does Taylor Swift sharkfish (2)
It's hard out here for a shrimp sharkfish (6)
February 13th, 2007
I just got really lucky sharkfish (4)
books on negoitation cppman (15)
Better question sharkfish (24)
Who would you bi curious George (53)
Be prepared AMerrickanGirl (6)
As happy as ever Rick Zeng/Tseng (2)
The Maltese Falcon Clay Dowling (3)
It's your money trollop (3)
Sting sharkfish (7)
whine sharkfish (4)
English Word Of The Day LeMonde (17)
Cheatneutral son of parnas (1)
who knew one could catch pedantism? strawberry snowflake (6)
sadly, this is NOT the world's worst commercial sharkfish (1)
Mail hosting for domains miserable old git on the stair (14)
Good post on learning... son of parnas (15)
lifeblogging: why aren't you doing it? strawberry snowflake (26)
porn/beauty at the forefront of technology yet again strawberry snowflake (12)
Dealing with Assholes I Hate Assholes (4)
One Bad Apple Spoils the Team son of parnas (8)
Iran Has Become a Company Wide Initiative son of parnas (4)
I am an opensource contributor Bot Berlin (13)
remember when the internet was strawberry snowflake (3)
BTW, I found a job AMerrickanGirl (21)
Applicants per job listed LinuxOrBust (5)
She's sixteen, she's beautiful and she's ... AMerrickanGirl (37)
Let's build nuclear reactors and get rich as a reward {} (12)
I made it to the title bar! Locutus of Borg (3)
February 12th, 2007
Fancy a parachute jump One of the last human males (1)
I had a deram about Joel last night. worldsSmallestViolin (4)
OMFG hotmail vs outlook worldsSmallestViolin (8)
Okay, I think I am getting bombarded now LinuxOrBust (7)
"Check out teenage girls without feeling guilty. " worldsSmallestViolin (13)
Tuesday Afternoon Death Thread worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Bruce Schneier on Microsofts DRM worldsSmallestViolin (13)
English word of the day - Review LeMonde (4)
New uses for LEDs xampl (13)
The Police Reunion Tour Mr. Blank (1)
TV Over PC Flopped son of parnas (5)
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Latest doublethink from Iraq One of the last human males (7)
Wow, this is insanity... Wayne (AHA) (39)
salad just me (8)
Am I White? son of parnas (16)
What can't you do now that you could do when you were young Rick Zeng/Tseng (27)
Tricky interview questions? Rick Zeng/Tseng (6)
The end of humanity Masiosare (28)
Heh! LinuxOrBust (3)
Some brains are optimized to be smart and go crazy son of parnas (14)
teaching music to kids $-- (10)
What can you do now that you couldn't do when you were young. LinuxOrBust (11)
Are you this kid? Intelligent but fearful? son of parnas (5)
You guys are not being very entertainful today LinuxOrBust (4)
Average Looking Disembodied Heads Found More Attractive son of parnas (0)
ponting $-- (3)
There's a saying in football man on the stair (7)
Linux Expo day 2 LinuxOrBust (4)
English word of the day man on the stair (8)
Girls on top Secret admirer (2)
developer conferences Just Asking (8)
On time, on budget Sunlounge lizard (1)
February 11th, 2007
Microsoft Works and bugfree software (0)
Me Two Way out kitty (2)
Bizness az uzual Tubby Muffin Party (1)
Monday Morning Death Threat worldsSmallestViolin (3)
"I get my intelligent, witty conversation at other forums." worldsSmallestViolin (8)
most boring conversation ever` worldsSmallestViolin (18)
Norah Jones - mediocre? sharkfish (5)
Ireland vs France Mr. Blank (5)
my grandfather died the great purple (15)
Why we can't win in Iraq Clay Dowling (22)
How bad is To Catch a Predator for the legal system? sharkfish (14)
I didn't realize this was universal sharkfish (12)
Docter Robert trollop (1)
Who's voting for the honky? (1)
interesting article on apples DRM worldsSmallestViolin (1)
English word of the day LeMonde (7)
When unlimited doesn't mean unlimited AMerrickanGirl (13)
I have a PHD... I wrote software millions use... but... LeMonde (15)
Really New Math son of parnas (3)
Civilizations come and go xampl (15)
Blog Tag son of parnas (2)
Tired of Thunderbird always going to 100% CPU son of parnas (3)
cricket $-- (4)
nice guide to smart pointers cppman (10)
tried to create a new infogami site hey, heyhey (0)
February 10th, 2007
Looked at Amazon shopping cart Mr Mistopheles (2)
Could somoene pull out Dan's batteries? LinuxOrBust (3)
Day 1 of So Cal Linux Expo - ScaleX 5 LinuxOrBust (12)
The Build-a-War Workshop: THIS IS AMERICA MORONS Dan Denman (1)
sourceforge/eclipse/java game framework worldsSmallestViolin (7)
Worf is hot! sharkfish (3)
Obese nation Dan Denman (25)
Positive Discrimination Paul Brown (11)
Is a tactile touch screen possible? Paul Brown (2)
Zune Phone coming soon (Philo) worldsSmallestViolin (5)
jesus people, if its good enough for me to work on a sunday... worldsSmallestViolin (19)
emmett till movie hello. (1)
it never stops surprising me how much a sick child can disrupt.. worldsSmallestViolin (4)
Colms quote on the sidebar.. worldsSmallestViolin (3)
Geckos and Van Der Waals sharkfish (8)
Doomsday vault design unveiled son of parnas (10)
Only fools are enslaved by time and space son of parnas (4)
Bot, you fucking Republican sharkfish (7)
Microsoft implementing DRM not because they are being forced to. worldsSmallestViolin (2)
This is why I HATE Republicans, past and present sharkfish (15)
Takeout Philo (25)
Putin Erik Springelkamp (9)
I want one of these signs trollop (1)
woohoo! there go some more constitutional safeguards worldsSmallestViolin (5)
netflix prize worldsSmallestViolin (0)
Hey Wayne... __monty__ (2)
the focus on what people say instead of what they actually do... Ms. worldsSmallestViolin (3)
ANA - hot or not? Practical Economist (4)
children in india: still starving Practical Economist (8)
Special Report (NSFW) Just Saying (3)
February 9th, 2007
Free speech? sure as long as you don't piss off Avi (8)
anna nicole smith renounces atheism on death bed! antony flew (1)'s official, the emergency is OVER. trollop (0)
do women atheists hate computers more than men? Linda (3)
How will we ever know when computers have sentience? Kenny (8)
do women atheists hate anna nicole smith more than men? hello. (4)
New revelation on Anna Nichole LinuxOrBust (9)
Do women atheists hate Christians more than men? Bot Berlin (9)
woohooo, now Im starting to feel stressed because Im not being.. worldsSmallestViolin (4)
I really need more news websites worldsSmallestViolin (6)
Are all women in the office? Bot Berlin (8)
Microsoft DRM - I think this slashdot monkey nailed it worldsSmallestViolin (17)
im not getting _any_ work done today. worldsSmallestViolin (3)
How was the fishing, Clay? Ward (4)
Awesome JoC (5)
Dns question Masiosare (2)
What's wrong with wSV? SaveTheHubble (15)
Homer Hickam (October Sky) opinion on NASA Astronauts SaveTheHubble (12)
is it possible for a cat sharkfish (45)
So seriously Ward muppet (22)
Dear Mr Hubble worldsSmallestViolin (2)
You know what I like about this site? Termpurpedic Underwear User #90 (1)
Bot Berlin sharkfish (21)
Dear Mr Hubble worldsSmallestViolin (16)
ridiculous question sharkfish (25)
MS Office Live LinuxOrBust (5)
Have the spammers killed Simon? Lurk Machine (5)
Spreading cheer JoC (2)
Anyone have a gmail invite? Crazy on Tappper (2)
Ideas you like JoC (4)
House of a Thousand Daggers JoC (4)
For Anna Mare Nubium (8)
Moderators you like Masiosare (20)
amazon customer service is neat! $-- (13)
Bourdain does Nigella, Sandra Lee and quite a few others trollop (6)
Inane edicts you like. ~~~x (18)
"not only do they do a great job of dehumanizing the enemy... worldsSmallestViolin (0)
ways my life is improving... worldsSmallestViolin (29)
No more "x you like" posts Ward (16)
functional alcoholics you like hello. (14)
ubuntu release candidates you like hello. (3)
Similes by national figures (1)
cheech and chong characters you like hello. (6)
morbidly obese people you like hello. (9)
blind people you like hello. (6)
February 8th, 2007
Ubuntu is fine for family use Ward (15)
Canadian You Like (13)
Moslem you like? Patrick (4)
Bathroom etiquette Bot Berlin (5)
Support the troops Avi (6)
Chinese you like Rick Zeng/Tseng (16)
another video of that minority report style touchscreen hello. (7)
worrying about globalization and climate change strawberry snowflake (2)
interesting, the russian analyst believes the US is trying worldsSmallestViolin (5)
Any reason why a perfectly good tape drive sharkfish (16)
Otolaryngologist visit #2 sharkfish (10)
Apple Philo? Rick Zeng/Tseng (17)
iran: embark on a policy of unconditional dialogue and sanctions son of parnas (6)
PC attacks Mac sharkfish (7)
Slurp up the jizzle - what is it? LeMonde (21)
More Dr. Bussard and fusion Ward (11)
contract work and SOFTWARE LICENSE Joe X (4)
Anna Nicole Smith dead? Ryan (42)
Adobe Philo? Ryan (6)
Who has a 21-page CV? Practical Economist (22)
Health care around the world, explained AMerrickanGirl (18)
Hyper about hypertext son of parnas (5)
striving towards mediocrity hello. (4)
fantasy of the moment sharkfish (41)
Fox News Equivalant arg! (0)
Writer turns down Hustler article AMerrickanGirl (26)
Geek film favorites sharkfish (10)
What's the next war after Iran? son of parnas (13)
I'm worried that children will believe we evolved from monkeys son of parnas (7)
Software company reverses off-shoring xampl (20)
So much for airport security AMerrickanGirl (73)
the muppet rule: $-- (28)
The Aaron rule: LinuxOrBust (66)
Newbies:  how did you find CrazyOnTap? AMerrickanGirl (24)
hate speech prohibition on Cot? bob (14)
Who in their right mind sends 363 tonnes of cash into a war zone man on the stair (10)
did Wayne ever get the electrocuting stove fixed? bob (1)
a dark secret hello. (10)
flame war bob (7)
Goys that I like. Me (2)
Waiting Makes You Want the Same Rat son of parnas (2)
February 7th, 2007
Jews I like: Avi (37)
fashion police! what a bunch of idiots! (2)
Wallace's favorite TV show xampl (2)
Ladies of Fashion House Mr. Blank (5)
Is there something stronger than caffeine LinuxOrBust (21)
Will you still eat breakfast.. Mr. Blank (4)
British Columbians. Be alert! Rick Zeng/Tseng (2)
Funny job description Still LOL (5)
Watch FoxNews - right now - talking about articulate Bot Berlin (1)
Linksys WRT54G and MS PPTP Kepala Kelapa (5)
Who needs God... Wayne (AHA) (5)
johnny carson  was better than jay leno is LeMonde (2)
Don't you  hate it when sharkfish (7)
Spice it up. trollop (2)
What does "Soak Up The Sun" means? LeMonde (17)
English word of the day: 'incroyable' strawberry snowflake (10)
Semi-not so good, but practical idea (email source control) Bot Berlin (9)
English word of the day LeMonde (12)
Spoken Chinese bon vivant (26)
Mars ad man on the stair (11)
Predictability JoC (3)
Olbermann on Bush Speech. Masiosare (11)
Your intelligence is the function of the society you live in sharkfish (34)
I want to moderate Rick Zeng/Tseng (1)
Chicks go wild over guys who have Vista on their PC Lou Ferrigno (11)
Snowflakes? Aaron F Stanton (8)
What determines font sizes in viewed email? son of parnas (7)
Being a Little Shit is in the Genes son of parnas (21)
Seeks to avoid criticism worldsSmallestViolin (20)
apple refusing to sell drmless music worldsSmallestViolin (1)
I'm not CEO material trollop (28)
Reflexology Mr. Blank (2)
curb your enthiusiasm $-- (7)
Colm is no fan of Mumbai *least favorite places thread* (3)
Colm has a stalker Stalker (3)
Colm just makes this shit up? salad eater (3)
Colm has a broken heart? *sniff* (7)
white castle valentine 2006 (8)
Prada before sex sharkfish (4)
February 6th, 2007
This is funny in a sick way LinuxOrBust (5)
"19" Mikael Bergkvist (2)
important question (sharkfish, please ignore) hello. (22)
dr. jeckyll and mr. hyde tries to buy a bus pass hello. (13)
English word of the day LeMonde (11)
Japan's Fire Balloons DF (4)
where can i get some sharkfish (6)
Question about bill oreilly... LeMonde (4)
I need corroboration here sharkfish (3)
Intimacy sharkfish (31)
Black guy smoking, what in the world Bot Berlin (14)
1 in every 32 U.S. adults behind bars, on probation or on parole son of parnas (20)
Deus Online Comic son of parnas (0)
test sharkfish1 (12)
getting excited about potentially becoming born again hello. (8)
steve jobs blog post on DRM. hello. (22)
Contract or full time? AMerrickanGirl (50)
Europe, part 2 strawberry snowflake (9)
I figured out how we can give reparations to blacks Hey it's something (6)
articulate - the word that just keeps giving worldsSmallestViolin (8)
The CoT top 100 Sci-Fi novels Ward (26)
Well, that expalins it then ... PNII (1)
I am healthy, but I have pizza face Bot Berlin (24)
How to teach multiplication? son of parnas (22)
Hey Sharky! Philo (24)
Time to pull Fox's License son of parnas (4)
Rex America? bob (13)
DID HE DO IT TO US ON PURPOSE? son of parnas (5)
WSV will be delighted to learn trollop (1)
Uncomfortable, but safest AMerrickanGirl (13)
Ricky Gervais Meets Larry David watch me! (0)
vista is dog poo roger (12)
Iran holds US responsible for kidnapped envoy's safety. politico (8)
The Astronaut Thing Practical Economist (18)
Apple takes a bite out of Beatles Practical Economist (8)
Shock: People Lie on Dating Sites son of parnas (14)
Break on Through son of parnas (5)
February 5th, 2007
Brit Hume, Lou Dobbs, Tucker Carlson lying shits! news at 11 (4)
scenes at the gym sharkfish (26)
banned for potentially spoofing yourself! world's smallest zed (1)
Botism? Rick Zeng/Tseng (2)
We need some programmer motivation posts LinuxOrBust (10)
'We' is pre-1984 strawberry snowflake (1)
Troll or no troll?  Previous John Smith Posts Ward (15)
Boycotts muppet (25)
Moving on! John Smith (10)
Sidebar needs to be updated LinuxOrBust (3)
Seekin a portable version of windows vista for disk onkey :) worldsSmallestDick (1)
mods sharkfish(myIP blocked u idiots) (36)
Poor muppet! Kenny (6)
Not so funny Bot Berlin (7)
Comet Between Fireworks and Lightning son of parnas (3)
hi guys LeMonde (3)
I used to date this gymnast. Couldn't resist (4)
The Drive for Iraq son of parnas (2)
I went looking for a Homer Simpson pic, and sharkfish (7)
utf8 rendering problems are a bitch $-- (1)
How much of social retardedness sharkfish (12)
I hate LeMonde. Die... Die... Die... worldsSmallestDick (6)
Cleqarly there's only one solution man on the stair (9)
There's a "Featured Female Entrepreneur of the Week" son of parnas (6)
Finding voices in the static son of parnas (16)
leaving on account of squareness? hello. (28)
Is this racism? Ward (31)
article on US vs. European culture (via reddit) $-- (13)
Apache vs. IIS -- cool picture Wayne (AHA) (6)
project euler (1)
I just had to scrape an inch of global warming off my windshield I Have Issues (0)
Indian American article on wikipedia zed (12)
ethics and engineering/technology $-- (27)
Similar to being called articulate the great purple (17)
My morning routine is getting od. It's been a year now. Popeye (8)
"Anything you say may be taken down... man on the stair (0)
"I hate Macs" man on the stair (28)
iranian democracy politico (9)
"Idiocracy's" Hand-Job Lattes Cumming True In the Present Day Mike Judge (2)
February 4th, 2007
clarification:  BOT VOTED FOR KERRY worldsSmallestViolin (4)
don't be evil (copyright again) aka mark cuban wants your porn jason (17)
clarification:  Bot did NOT vote republican worldsSmallestViolin (5)
CoT Poll:  Bush Voters worldsSmallestViolin (16)
I apologize Bot Berlin (12)
The story of my life Bot Berlin (6)
I had a great time last night - funny as hell! Baby Tyson (2)
so, remind me...why isn't iran allowed to have nuclear weapons? worldsSmallestViolin (29)
Why do guys think they're sooooo hot... Ms. worldsSmallestViolin (9)
*Surprisingly Articulate* for an Evangelical Christian no label (13)
Tony Dungy, SUCK MY ASS. sharkfish (14)
Indianapolis - never been there? Bot Berlin (8)
Represed memories. Are they for shnizzle? strawberry snowflake (7)
ok, but where is the evidence? worldsSmallestViolin (11)
wtf wayne?  mr 'im too wimpy to actually delete something' worldsSmallestViolin (5)
Saddam died like a man worldsSmallestViolin (20)
Who can help me with .httpaccess ? JackyMool (1)
I was just watching a movie today that had that black guy from.. worldsSmallestViolin (11)
"I just need some time, a year or two I think, I'm not sure" John Smith (36)
Applications now being accepted for the position of.: worldsSmallestViolin (24)
wtf?  where is the thread where dana suggests men need... worldsSmallestViolin (6)
Halftime show xampl (2)
seekin a portable PDF editor... LeMonde (5)
48 is the new 38 sharkfish (5)
okay this made me chuckle sharkfish (2)
Don't comment on this if you are... LeMonde (4)
Mailing list..any good one? Patrick (0)
Oh that's freaky, I thought Devon Hester would need LinuxOrBust (8)
Programmers write code to learn worldsSmallestViolin (6)
What is your favorite music or performer? LeMonde (1)
Chicago on game day, 3PM sharkfish (8)
actresses too young for the roles, sigh strawberry snowflake (3)
Latest racist Disney movie - Peter Pan Ward (10)
LOOK EVERYONE!  FREAKS! worldsSmallestViolin (9)
Search and rescue goes 2.0 son of parnas (5)
McCain on the highway to hell AMerrickanGirl (11)
maxoderm, vazomyne sharkfish (2)
Will women rule the world? son of parnas (15)
Don't bother commenting on this if you are under 35 sharkfish (44)
So the Microsoft guy came to my house to take away XP PostitGuy (7)
Why the mission in Iraq is doomed xampl (7)
butov's follies wtf (5)
The Venice Project - Differentiators 92.5 (CoT Regular) (4)
People full of shit. freddy fact check (9)
I don't like what some Dem candidates are doing LinuxOrBust (12)
Texas to be even more like Texas in the future son of parnas (0)
Bionic Arn is Reality, Queue 6 Million Dollar Man Music son of parnas (7)
Tabletop tangible user interface no label (1)
February 3rd, 2007
manpussy sharkfish (7)
shave for a job? name withheld, Georgia (10)
Ann Coulter on L&O Philo (3)
future Karl Roves (gasp!) spooked (11)
Sunni-Shiite Split in U.S. Is Widened by Iraq’s Shadow born in the USA! (6)
China (2)
With Perl (Slashdotted) LinuxOrBust (1)
remember the floppy? sharkfish (14)
This one is for Shark (Vista pain) LinuxOrBust (7)
Microsoft: Let's move on and steal the Java language (!Philo) son of parnas (5)
Seek .NET SDK help files only install. LeMonde (6)
Say it's not so: McDonalds Coffee Better than Starbucks! son of parnas (9)
Software is hard son of parnas (4)
Global Warming: It's the humans stupid. son of parnas (2)
1984: the Battle of the Giants Mr. Blank (4)
CoT regular here - Need help. 92.5 (8)
don't be evil jason (13)
career planning is time wasted the Coach (9)
dear microsft, give me a million dollars prillo loves you (6)
Tang (7)
Programming contract work:  Tips on protecting yourself AMerrickanGirl (7)
Terror free oil? man on the staur (3)
I go to school with the dancing banana guy Ryan (4)
Irony: No Fly Zones Esablished with Planes son of parnas (9)
February 2nd, 2007
Don't even think about Vista Aero in VMWare sharkfish (6)
One good thing about Bush Joseph Wilson (5)
Saudi Arabian Citizens shipping money to Iraq (1)
Paris Hilton is racist (but she is dumb) Bot Berlin (13)
CBOE sharkfish (10)
unexpected Windows video issue sharkfish (31)
Mexico's house of representatives website, google hacked. Masiosare (2)
So fess up - how many of you would gladly "do" Paula Abdul? Unnghhh (17)
I saw Stever Ballmer today Unnghhh (5)
All cats look like Hitler Ward (4)
Philo (or the SharePoint knowledgeable) JoC (2)
My creativity (?) at work Ward (9)
LOL on Vista worldsSmallestViolin (10)
Water on Fire के. जे. (0)
Groundhog Day Aaron F Stanton (15)
What if they gave a photo op, and nobody cared? AMerrickanGirl (13)
sadder my thoughts in a moment (23)
Chess LinuxOrBust (8)
I put the dancing banana on our intranet Ryan (7)
Let me mess with your head bon vivant (19)
Joe Biden LinuxOrBust (7)
Laid off means "there's no more work for you to do." bon vivant (10)
February 1st, 2007
Praise me. sharkfish (18)
My SO is predicting the Apocalypse sharkfish (24)
Who is the real world Damien Thorne???? (3)
Moderators LinuxOrBust (7)
Tsang Bots polical beliefs reconcile it with gay hate, ya? (20)
Molly Ivins, RIP AMerrickanGirl (6)
Man, that's insane, my neighbors bulldog LinuxOrBust (8)
CoT roleplaying - CoT Inc. Bot Berlin (4)
new business idea worldsSmallestViolin (3)
so who else here has ever gotten fired? AMerrickanGirl (71)
you know you're a real geek when you can... worldsSmallestViolin (3)
My hard drive disk is containing stuff!!! hello. (Incoherent Foreigner) (11)
Dot.Net LeMonde (22)
For trying to combine MS and Linux LinuxOrBust (9)
ADHD discussion on JoS Rick Zeng/Tseng (9)
I tried to help a guy out OwlFace (13)
10 person orgy sharkfish (28)
LOL  Microsoft advises users to turn off their speakers in Vista worldsSmallestViolin (10)
Ad hoax suspects make mockery of situation Wayne (AHA) (33)
I saw a fify year old woman in thigh high boots today 3 Minute Camper (10)
Not electing Al Gore = Biggest mistake in American history? Kenny (26)
RackSpace no label (7)
How easy is it for a Westerner to get an IT job in China? Two Post Hitter (34)
T. V. Signals के. जे. (18)
Personal savings negative again. xampl (58)
Opposites Attract son of parnas (16)
What's up with moderation? a2800276 (22)
Please explain this sentence jingalala jingalala ™ (10)
partner at Y combinator jessica (2)
safety valve dollars davis (4)
McCain - sack of shit? politico (10)
Burst of splinter groups stiffens challenge for US politico (2)
Senators Unite On Challenge to Bush's Troop Plan politico (10) sdk from v1 to v2 (to v3?) LeMonde (11)
world economy/demographics stats (via reddit) $-- (5)
Has an atom ever been split? के. जे. (24)
Wow JoC (0)
K&R eBook jingalala jingalala ™ (6)
The British Library jingalala jingalala ™ (6)
Man to swim Amazon man on the stair (6)