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February 28th, 2006
I want to be a painter... JD (4 comments)
Boston Legal - who sang the song that was at the end? Notorious (3)
This is impossible Ian Boys (9)
Fred on Everything example (4)
A word worse than the "C" word sharkfish (44)
The RSS feeds on Google Homepage muppet (3)
Learn Russian Ward (4)
I don't own any computer language books... Almost H. Anonymous (49)
Looks kinda stupid with the iPod sticking out on top... Almost H. Anonymous (13)
Weirdness muppet (3)
Settle down, Hartigan Cталь Большеогромнович (6)
One a day, in three years I'll learn Rick Tang (20)
Topics fall off the page too soon Ian Boys (9)
Another Google slide Rick Tang (9)
Apple (mis-)marketing Ian Boys (26)
Speaking of macs ::droooool:: John Haren (10)
new Mac Mini example (68)
How do you pronounce Cтальное Большоеогромн Ian Boys (12)
India vs England. Who will win ? necro (12)
RSS is the unix pipe of the web blanker (22)
Now that muppet owns his home... Almost H. Anonymous (4)
My business plan Cтальное Большоеогромноеoвич (17)
The War on Terror includes a domestic War on Liberals son of parnas (14)
Looooooooooooool Masiosare (0)
survey Survey sez (5)
Some asshole stole my lunch Dana (51)
Dear XYZ necro (6)
LOL! From a sig line Steel McLargeHuge (1)
Poll - regulars only need reply muppet (53)
31. What's with people enquiring about laptop cases ? necro (30)
POLL: Dennis is obsessed with muppet Rick Tang (30)
Suddenly I can post again from the normal site muppet (1)
I am beginning to dislike the GMail + Firefox combo necro (13)
hmm the codaris post form works muppet (0)
CSS is such a pain Dennis Forbes (17)
Jeeze, slow day at work, muppet? John Haren (4)
Am I blocked ? necro (5)
Or maybe Bin Laden understands reverse psychology works on muppet posting anonymously, you whores (2)
Hmm if I use an anonymizer, I get the post form muppet (6)
If I went through and deleted all threads but mine muppet (13)
Have I exhausted you all, then? muppet (9)
Dear Everybody muppet (3)
Cat dies of bird flu muppet (9)
OMG Google is on fire. Masiosare (4)
I've just received yet another email from an HR Asst Director muppet (11)
Office antics sharkfish (41)
POLL: Is muppet's banana obsession evidence of his teeny pecker? sharkfish (9)
Errr.... don't use BlogSpot's "Next Blog" button at work. muppet (13)
Why have I not had crushed bananas on toast within memory? muppet (45)
Wha .... ? Why is JoS known as our Daddy's house ? necromancer (5)
So they're letting me do job interviews... Kenny (11)
Poll - is Sharkfish really upset about not having a penis? muppet (12)
I know it's a sickness, but muppet (27)
A failed project muppet (3)
So I got some odd looks at the pharmacy yesterday muppet (44)
My penis and I are bored muppet (3)
The plastic spoons they provide in the cafeteria here muppet (34)
Why the obsession with having a link on the page to Joel? muppet (29)
Necromancer is not the new muppet muppet (15)
Is MarkTAW still here? Mat Hall (8)
Iraqis say "thanks for getting rid of Saddam... Moron (3)
Web 2.1? Mat Hall (5)
Let us quit posting ... a2800276 (20)
Let's resuscitate JoS necromancer (19)
Let us test it on a dot-matrix printer necromancer (14)
Wheeze!! Let's have some asset management necromancer (0)
Miser or Eco-conscious ? necromancer (7)
What's the best way to get rid of hacker? Almost H. Anonymous (4)
Doh! necromancer (10)
iframe and drop shadow sharkfish (13)
February 27th, 2006
Dan Brown of Da Vinci Code being sued for plagiarism sharkfish (23)
Find pretty girl (10)
Apprentice buzzword bingo Steel McLargeHuge (10)
Heh.  I know someone on The Apprentice sharkfish (4)
What if Microsoft designed the iPod packaging? example (6)
Oh I so don't feel like working... Almost H. Anonymous (3)
well that was creepy muppet (1)
So then I told him muppet (4)
My neck is making crumbling noises when I turn my head muppet (5)
You will eat tags and you will LIKE THEM! sharkfish (21)
Child Porn (Poll) who really cares.... FullNameRequired (6)
Ah, good - my kids will be safe now. Steel McLargeHuge (19)
Oh BTW, the Geico gecko Ian Boys (3)
Ms Maureen O'Dowd trollop (1)
To Mat FullNameRequired (4)
GMail, I curse thee! Mat Hall (7)
So I'm on some sort of bone-building drug muppet (15)
I for one think that moderators should get a banana icon muppet (10)
Roll 2d6 for save ... example (3)
Reuters is all over my shit :) Flasher T (8)
All hail your new overlords... err... moderators... Almost H. Anonymous (8)
CoT feature request: Karma system Bot Berlin (22)
Memory redux Bot Berlin (6)
How old is CoT ? necromancer (5)
Only if it had been true at some other time.  So far as I can re FullNameRequired (12)
blank poster for moderator necromancer (1)
sharkfish for moderator (11)
Rick Tang for moderator. (0)
John Haren for moderator FullNameRequired (21)
The icons beneath the post make things look crowded, I think muppet (17)
Google Censorship in China Stephen Jones (10)
You know what we need. (6)
Holy WTF? What are all those icons? Notorious (53)
I have a stupid 2 hour staff meeting in 30 minutes muppet (12)
Simon Says (10)
Quote of the week... a cynic writes... (7)
In the interest of continuity. Cornholio (13)
Would you hire an employee (21)
New debate tactic... Steel McLargeHuge (24)
AHA - When will you appoint moderators? muppet (47)
Ridicule me John Haren (8)
My blogs are getting slammed by a misbehaving bot muppet (18)
Tomorrow morning Jacob (9)
More TV trash necromancer (5)
My fucking tax return was rejected muppet (16)
My Moderator Dream Team (15)
The upside to the flu pandemic Moron (2)
Why was the link to Whatever happend to Whatever happened to.. muppet (2)
The Hilarious Mexican Police ,..., (3)
What's with the icon... el (5)
"Oh by the way, the dailies didn't run on the 17th... muppet (15)
This bottle of Gatorade muppet (12)
Contracting -- worth the hassle? Mat Hall (29)
Hehe, good luck boss necromancer (11)
Why moderation? Plus c’est la même chose (5)
41 items left ..... necromancer (14)
should I buy a mobile phone? necromancer (6)
Please review this article of mine necromancer (25)
Can't you be left unattended for 2 days... a2800276 (7)
FruitShow 0.3 beta released to CoT Almost H. Anonymous (17)
Call for Moderators! Almost H. Anonymous (40)
Time for some updates I think. necromancer (21)
Male or female ? Single ? necromancer (5)
More ideas from people on crack (3)
February 26th, 2006
The IT Crowd g (9)
Stricken Steel McLargeHuge (0)
French, Spanish, Italian, Latin American.. Danny D (19)
Checking into the Hilton... Steel McLargeHuge (8)
Did you see that guy? (3)
Lower responsibilities but higher salary wah (6)
I like living in a city with only white Christians...... FullNameRequired (3)
UnPimp your ride! Kenny (9)
A random sampling of CoT Cornholio (3)
Octavia Butler sharkfish (5)
End of the Road for Unskilled Work in US Cornholio (2)
Now we know why man prefer blondes Funny Bunny (15)
3 stages of Iraq War (5)
Earphones كول (5)
Lower Oil Prices and Congress Comes After You son of parnas (10)
Slate 60 (3)
When racism and isolationism is acceptable ,..., (56)
Barney Fife, R.I.P. John Haren (2)
CoT is a ghost town necromancer (14)
Meditation Makes You Thicker son of parnas (1)
Casshern Mat Hall (4)
I hate the remote control necromancer (7)
Fun With Google Groups Suggest - (8)
They can do amazing crap with computers. (5)
How computers work. Plus ça change (2)
February 25th, 2006
Basic Buddhism Bot Berlin (13)
Zelda Four Swords muppet (3)
119 people have been killed in Iraq since Wednesday (16)
"Crackberry" ,..., (7)
Wait a minute... John Haren (8)
Damn, Rosetta Stone doesn't have Estonian... John Haren (5)
Battlestar Galactica - sweet video game mod (0)
dirty mind sharkfish (8)
Discussion on DataModule and RAD on a Delphi board The world needs looseness?! (0)
something i fear sharkfish (29)
Wow. Just Wow, dammit! sharkfish (6)
Slow ! Kasey (4)
I pray for a better America necromancer (8)
AHA, how dare you? Bot Berlin (3)
Umm, was there something to smile about ? necromancer (4)
P.S. Mom and Dad this is Chasey muppet (12)
LOL. Qbasic troll gets new life!!! Re-using Old Trolls That Work -- Brillant! (11)
Holding it together (2)
Iraqi coutner example - its not religion FullNameRequired (6)
Very nice story on Sathy's homepage Funny Bunny (11)
incompetence (2)
Bird flu Funny Bunny (1)
Boom, boom, boom, boom, gonna shoot you right down! trollop (0)
Huh, the Tallinn girl is kinda cute... John Haren (18)
Found a lump in my armpit. (9)
My computer has stopped singing.... FullNameRequired (2)
so whats happened to MarkTAW and Philo? FullNameRequired (4)
February 24th, 2006
fuck, fuck, fuck a duck, screw a kangaroo muppet (11)
How do you build one of these things without anyone knowing? (7)
Water is weird. Friday Night Geek (2)
Muppet, this should interest you Funny Bunny (4)
New Opera Version Funny Bunny (0)
Anyone up for a game of chess? Friday Night Geek (1)
A Sudanese man has been forced to take a goat as his "wife" (8)
DOMAIN + [ctrl][enter] or www.DOMAIN.com [enter] (3)
Microsoft is Evil part II (4)
Ah, so there are nut jobs in Britain too... John Haren (6)
Defense contractor Mitchell Wade: GUILTY (0)
Working from home rules... sixtyten (16)
Ring and run Kasey (31)
That time of the week when people stop posting and dont browse necromancer (5)
coincidence? Kasey (13)
I win! Almost H. Anonymous (13)
Family wealth changes little example (4)
Kasey, you lost all of your money Bot Berlin (2)
Was this the cause of muppet's boasting? a cynic writes... (8)
I just got a case of dot scopes for all my lazertag guns muppet (12)
Google Finance to launch? Kasey (3)
The Atheist Ethicist AllanL5 (30)
Well my first one was insta-filtered, but the second muppet (35)
Murders in Mexico - Incredulous Claims ,..., (1)
So how do we solve this ? necromancer (4)
Opinionistas is high comedy muppet (8)
TAW is famous jz (14)
A cultural milestone for our time muppet (5)
I thought I'd already encountered the very depths of stupidity Mat Hall (10)
My new job title is . . . necromancer (3)
Word is stupid. Mat Hall (8)
Reddit? Voted it? necromancer (3)
Music Thread Jason T. (14)
Thoughts on the N-word... Almost H. Anonymous (1)
Windows (Mobile) developers: how to capture key presses Almost H. Anonymous (10)
Safe to hit pop up? XYZZY (4)
Longevity of Internet Agent Searches Jason T. (0)
Since I'm so far behind, I've decided to (5)
February 23rd, 2006
All the people are just stupid. Masiosare (38)
Alexadex Dennis Forbes (0)
eMule sharkfish (13)
Nerdly sharkfish (0)
delete from x inner join y on (a = b) inner join z on (c = d) muppet (10)
One less reason to watch American Idol S&M God (3)
CSS based word processor? FullNameRequired (19)
Finding ideas and people to invest in (NOT how to launder money) FullNameRequired (7)
Oh crap, it's Thursday... John Haren (13)
Envy me, for... (0)
The paper coding caper muppet (9)
Lame, a copycat muppet (4)
Porn on the go كولم (4)
I dont know if this is original, but it's too funny necromancer (0)
Thank you for your interest in Google Page Creator! Kasey (5)
Moving Some Developer Dude (21)
With love, anything is possible necromancer (11)
::CHOKE:: muppet (19)
Did it make it? muppet (42)
I ought to submit this to dailywtf example (11)
Dear Friend muppet (15)
geez, more feed readers than site visitors. necromancer (1)
Larry Niven trollop (11)
Envy me, for I have switched jobs. necromancer (19)
So what's this Plaxo shit I keep getting emails about? muppet (7)
Naughty boys, Google! Moron (9)
Finding ideas and people to invest in FullNameRequired (21)
Zen and the art of quantum interrogation KayJay (4)
Looking for a new job! Mat Hall (19)
Top 30 Joel Spolsky facts are up. Flasher T (9)
Web 2.0 covered by patent FullNameRequired (12)
Eric Sink on ISV's LinuxOrBust (1)
February 22nd, 2006
Fed Budget as % of GDP fcukers (4)
the top 10% "very happy" people (7)
How is that for Non-Evil Bot Berlin (17)
Bush on Ports LinuxOrBust (8)
Maybe we can tiptoe out of Iraq now LinuxOrBust (1)
I need a Gantt algorithm sharkfish (5)
Are programmers cowards?  or IOW.... LinuxOrBust (11)
My new work shirt muppet (8)
Joel is Using Pigeons ___ (11)
Important. Please read necromancer (10)
About F**k'in time.  PHP sucks article Bot Berlin (9)
Knicks Obtain Francis in Deal With Orlando Hapless Knicks Fan (0)
Working in France Funny Bunny (8)
Good ftp app for OS X w/ GUI? muppet (6)
My cock, a pictorial muppet (4)
"We need some moderation in here!" (5)
Holocaust deniers are weird, but not as weird as bring in da punk (1)
Rick Tang *is* a bot John Haren (5)
BigJigger wants to fight... (2)
Need a New w2k3 Licence to run under vmware? son of parnas (2)
FullNameRequired wants to fight... BigJigger (12)
Olympic Ice Figure Skaters are *hot* FullNameRequired (5)
Iraq war going well FullNameRequired (9)
Game Politics Rick Tang (18)
Musicians just say no to Hummer example (10)
Vista is coming! Marco (55)
PHP is one of my preferred tools or my little secret? Y/N - Poll Nero (28)
some progress necro (0)
new laptop necro (13)
Thanks Kasey Bot Berlin (11)
Joel and Paul Graham invented the internet Dennis Forbes (10)
Do you ever reminisce about missed opportunities with women? Kenny (11)
Fudged Resumes example (16)
The Apprentice Dennis Forbes (1)
Envy me, 4 simple rules Dinosaur Jr. (0)
Stock exchange site is sucking Bot Berlin (4)
No more Top Gun... Steel McLargeHuge (19)
Envy me, for I have a huge cock muppet (26)
My dear friends Sathyaish Chakravarthy (15)
I just found out that . . . necromancer (17)
The Skype killer is out? necromancer (6)
Could this happen here in America? Real ID Act bachaixiu (2)
What's wrong with hiring a Middle Eastern company to (24)
Psychological test Ryan (37)
February 21st, 2006
Amerikan Idle: Karaoke for the Masses (16)
condom story (17)
Which Olympian... Citius-Altius-Fortius (6)
Bot Berlin? Kasey (8)
Perl has taught me some things about how OO works. LinuxOrBust (55)
Breast size correlates with grades? example (10)
A beast like this Masiosare (13)
Could be cool... Mat Hall (1)
Won't let me quit. Bot Berlin (13)
Wow. Flasher T (12)
Buying a home's not a great investment? bring in da punk (56)
Got my springs Flasher T (10)
Top 30 Joel Spolsky Facts (95)
At least Clinton's donors got a night in the Lincoln Bedroom Mahathir (1)
TRW Automotive (4)
WordPress Documentation muppet (12)
poor choice of words John Haren (3)
Envy me, for I have succeeded muppet (54)
Olympics coverage is such a farce LinuxOrBust (17)
BigJigger-report on Antonio's Quick Lunch John Haren (2)
Holy crap regular (39)
I'm making Kasey my financial advisor (8)
Give this place a break. Go to JoS necromancer (14)
Homeland Security In Maryland AllanL5 (0)
some random quotes from my father Some random dude (21)
W2 Laws Uncle Sam Owes Me, And I Want It Now! (9)
Terruh Alert Moron (2)
Cyclical Weight, Women, and Relationships ___ (36)
These instructions make me wince muppet (9)
This thread is not about poop muppet (18)
question for you Crazy Mo' Fo' (1)
Heh, this is not voodoo magic necromancer (0)
come on, *someone* is out there.... FullNameRequired (13)
sick baby watch FullNameRequired (14)
Best way to get VS .Net 2003 Enterprise Architect necromancer (14)
I feel better now necromancer (1)
dns got screwed again Moron (0)
Never mix ammonia with chlorine bleach Rick Tang (40)
Eyelid twitchies Steel McLargeHuge (10)
Anyone here use S or R language? sharkfish (4)
February 20th, 2006
For those who own RadioSack Kasey (18)
If I were a punk kid sharkfish (4)
The road to greater productivity muppet (7)
hee hee funny word of the day: titivate John Haren (1)
Work rant, job offers and loyalty (long post) Anon this time, just in case. (16)
how many here are programmers? FullNameRequired (30)
House (14)
Europe changes mind, embraces censorship FullNameRequired (22)
Bribe Menu Kasey (6)
Brando is gonna be in the new Superman movie?? (2)
Today's Winners & Losers (16)
I missed out on this one Funny Bunny (48)
Posting through SSL Funny Bunny (4)
Progress in Canada Rick Tang (6)
XP challenge sharkfish (15)
dirty sanchez sharkfish (10)
Can you be blackmailed? Rick Tang (11)
Anyone use xwiki? son of parnas (1)
Newbies rule! (1)
London London Calling (17)
Effect of 21st Century Isolationism? Steel McLargeHuge (31)
Opera Voice Synthesis Dennis Forbes (2)
Virtual Stock Exchange Steel McLargeHuge (23)
President's Day ,..., (13)
I think I'm slipping back into depression necromancer (9)
Management Baby, That's where the $$$$ is Lenny (16)
Iran shares US love of Stupidity Lenny (12)
Vista is Going to RRRRRULE! MiniMSFT (15)
Get me some retroactive forgiveness. Lenny (4)
Sleeping position on your office chair/desk (8)
February 19th, 2006
I just found another bug. Masiosare (7)
Private and Confidential.  Please get back to me FullNameRequired (4)
Speaking of birthdays sharkfish (26)
How much time on the blog? Bot Berlin (6)
After Neoconservatism By FRANCIS FUKUYAMA Kasey (15)
Martial Arts anon (18)
Writing in Spanish AllanL5 (9)
Bird flue in France, Iran and India. Lenny (37)
buh-bye Steel McLargeHuge (1)
the word 'sex' has never been used in this forum FullNameRequired (9)
Ryan deleted my comment (38)
Should I go to China? Funny Bunny (20)
El Hacer De Joel Spolsky Bueno FullNameRequired (7)
Objetos de la iglesia católica a las historietas FullNameRequired (1)
míreme, Im español de discurso FullNameRequired (11)
How do you know your computer is spyware/virus free? (7)
Dennett is the sort of rationalist who gives reason a bad name bring in da punk (5)
Botnets sharkfish (3)
How many things can you do at once? sharkfish (16)
curling sharkfish (18)
Bug en crazy on tap Masiosare (9)
Browser statistics for CoT Funny Bunny (4)
Rights and interests Flasher T (2)
Fixing passwords Bot Berlin (12)
People who like nuts in their brownies sharkfish (25)
"in the opinion of many" Steel McLargeHuge (6)
AHA, might as well go all the way Bot Berlin (9)
McCain off the reservation. Kasey (1)
Fungible Flasher T (2)
Official Language Of CoT FullNameRequired (17)
Search is broken. Flasher T (19)
Flasher - Chris McKinstry FullNameRequired (13)
Just noticed. Stargate at CoT? Plus ça change (0)
Genealogies Jason T. (1)
FruitShow 0.2 beta released to CoT Almost H. Anonymous (12)
G I V E    M E    A    B R E A K (10)
The Decline and Fall of Europe Almost H. Anonymous (21)
February 18th, 2006
Mad TV (3)
Me need algebra? Or, if a sheep could speak. Mongo (18)
personal programming projects Nosey Parker (19)
Hey!  Ray Bradbury is promoting an L.A. Monorail! AllanL5 (9)
The Crazy On Tap Stock Trading Challenge (20)
Duke for 10. Kasey (0)
He dicho. Masiosare (13)
Anime Con Steel McLargeHuge:Do Evil (6)
Philo, can you please explain how you move your VM arround? son of parnas (7)
I like your tongue, when it slips necromancer (17)
A common fantasy world Flasher T (8)
DeWine R-OH. Kasey (4)
Holly Shit! They're coming! Funny Bunny (6)
Awesome - scamming the scammer necromancer (2)
Discovering trading sharkfish (27)
does searching work? son of parnas (15)
House Steel McLargeHuge (7)
America and Geography Plus ça change (34)
999 nmi Rock Hardbuns (0)
998 Plus ça change (2)
௯௯௭ Plus ça change (27)
You guys are pathetic Steel McLargeHuge (16)
I feel... Yo Yo Yo (7)
Sidebar Plus ça change (1)
ICE SKATERS!!! Steel McLargeHuge (3)
How do you deal with your flaws? Bot Berlin (25)
February 17th, 2006
Some complaints MiniMSFT (10)
Who *hasn't* ever stayed late? Steel McLargeHuge (14)
ned lamont Lemmy K (0)
Nancy O'Dell Steel McLargeHuge (10)
Google and DOJ Steel McLargeHuge (10)
"My Family" Ian Boys (1)
Why do famous people, marry other famous people. Bot Berlin (7)
Japanese battle bizarre trend of internet suicides Lenny (9)
"Man in Line of Fire Expresses Sorrow for Cheney's Troubles" Rednatsyb Derob (7)
Dear Fellow Pawns; The poster formerly known as Jesus H. Crackbaby (2)
Retirement Age example (18)
Finally, some structure. Flasher T (9)
Acts of War Reasonable Presumption (12)
Republican Congress - good times! Lemmy Kilmister (4)
comments return to washington post Lemmy Kilmister (3)
Seeking donation, Web 2.0 way. JD (7)
Since AHA might not want me posting on his forum anymore Pootie Tang (4)
Naked Simon Lucy (8)
errrrrr wha? muppet (7)
Enough with the ethical debates already John Haren (38)
Legality as the Base Moral Standard son of parnas (7)
That's it. No more fiction trash necromancer (7)
Real life Goatse.cx Rednatsyb Derob (3)
Ali Baba and the 40 theives dotnot (23)
Can anyone here cook? a2800276 (27)
Please sponsor a VS 2005 Team System necromancer (6)
HR can be great, developers can be grouchy dotnot (11)
20/20 Hindsight Dennis Forbes (9)
Cricket el (7)
moral sense test Kasey (9)
I hereby dub Kasey Pootie Tang (0)
Since Kevin might not want me posting on his blog anymore muppet (29)
What Happened? Pootie Tang (5)
Why Joel Canned ?off Dennis Forbes (10)
Estonia's third gold Mr. Wumpus (4)
HeHe, FNR is going to be agitated again Rick Tang (1)
Google promotes Suicide Simon Lucy (8)
Take 4 iceblock sticks... FullNameRequired (2)
A few words from God Planet Funk (4)
this looks like fun FullNameRequired (3)
February 16th, 2006
Seriously, what are people thinking? Steel McLargeHuge (8)
Kasey has a new nick FullNameRequired (0)
I miss Dan Denman. Poon Tang (10)
Only 53 to go. Poon Tang (2)
Are we permanently considered psychopaths? Rick Tang (42)
Help is available for people who are prone to suicide Rick Tang (9)
Ban Philo and Muppet FullNameRequired (3)
Ban John Haren FullNameRequired (6)
NEVER again... FullNameRequired (5)
Well, you can kiss my productivity goodbye... John Haren (0)
Explain to me again... Steel McLargeHuge (3)
Ban Aaron F Stanton FullNameRequired (14)
ok, Ive had a decent sleep and now Ive forgotten.... FullNameRequired (30)
A different take on RTS Planet Funk (3)
Quoting a classic... Masiosare (1)
Nazis and Child Pornography ___ (47)
Aaron F. Stanton PhD is not getting laid!!!!! The poster formerly known as Jesus H. Crackbaby (9)
Oh yeah, it's Thursay. BigJigger (3)
Richy Waffle Robot Wisdom (4)
News flash on guys, for women. LinuxOrBust (9)
?off archives update Kevin (9)
Tragic Loss... a2800276 (37)
How much of reality are we willing to forfeit? BigJigger (54)
Which song is that? necromancer (4)
The McKinstry threads are up. Flasher T (13)
Flesh-eating cell-phone zombies (spoilers) example (8)
I seem to have gotten my penis lodged in my toaster Dr. Richy Waffle (19)
You are all insignificant.  My group is much more important Dr. Richy Wallace (8)
"Suicides are contagious among the mentally unstable." muppet (22)
Wow, it's gotten assholey in here muppet (10)
If you have such an open mind Kasey (25)
Best writing about software development. Ever. Period. a2800276 (13)
What is the world coming to? (2)
Damn it. (2)
Ryan Park muppet (7)
Great idea. (1)
so does anyone actually *want* to host these threads? FullNameRequired (17)
Estonia's *second* medal! Flasher T (6)
It is this attempt to make things safe, to make life safe,... FullNameRequired (28)
Get a top degree from a top school, (3)
The rectal examination (3)
What a collection of closed minds Philo (45)
Ryan Park: Req for a copy of original "Whatever Happened to ..." possibly maybe (16)
Dear FullNameRequired (34)
Who's the biggest moron on CoT? (9)
Resume editing Regular poster (1)
between 1984 and 1987 (14)
February 15th, 2006
Fame, immortality, and Joel sharkfish (24)
I believe in creationism No Name Required (6)
Leaving because I don't like working? Bot Berlin (7)
scary fogcreek stalker. Kasey (1)
good times Kasey (0)
Ryan park caved? XYZZY (102)
Are you relaxed? Bot Berlin (10)
A few articles from eeTimes Ward (2)
McKinstry post Born Seeker (9)
The new definition of "responsible" John Haren (16)
Where have I read this before? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (24)
haw haw, Lucent! sharkfish (5)
Well, somebody smashed our mailbox muppet (12)
Bravo ! Way to go ! necromancer (4)
Any Windows Explorer Experts around? a2800276 (12)
How I would've fixed Star Wars 1, 2, & 3 Steel McLargeHuge (10)
Don't panic! Don't panic! Moron (14)
Statistics NG beta a2800276 (11)
Should I be insulted? Dana (30)
New Orleans ,..., (9)
Hummer H3 commercial (Three Bears) Flasher T (2)
Flamed by Eric Geert-Jan Thomas (22)
Secret Santa feedback Flasher T (9)
So, for Valentine's day muppet (15)
First LazerTag outing is March 18th, here in CT, by the way :) muppet (6)
muppet a big girls blouse! FullNameRequired (9)
crying baby watch FullNameRequired (31)
Shit fucking dirty ducks in ham salad with a side of pimentos muppet (7)
North Dakota: Genius country. Flasher T (3)
If you met a space alian and ... The poster formerly known as a2800276 (3)
February 14th, 2006
If you met a serial killer and The poster formerly known as Jesus H. Crackbaby (13)
What a load of crap. The poster formerly known as Jesus H. Crackbaby (0)
Drugs are bad, M'Kay The poster formerly known as Jesus H. Crackbaby (16)
Oracle now owns MySQL and SleepyCat DB sharkfish (13)
American Idol rant sharkfish (14)
Cold Ketchup is weird The poster formerly known as Jesus H. Crackbaby (12)
Dumb Questions The poster formerly known as Jesus H. Crackbaby (16)
If we put our combined posting effort into creating a "blog".... The poster formerly known as Jesus H. Crackbaby (17)
Cheney’s Got A Gun NRAsmith (2)
Server problems *should* be fixed. Almost H. Anonymous (0)
Anyone go to slashdot anymore? Almost H. Anonymous (52)
Ah, found it. Flasher T (2)
winpooch Moron (2)
Aww we dont have people providing these services here necromancer (1)
11 hours to go if you want to rid yourselves of muppet muppet (9)
(Linux) Does anyone know how to remove select messages... Almost H. Anonymous (6)
LOL, a Chuck Norris widget from Yahoo! necromancer (0)
new role in the asylum necromancer (2)
codaris a2800276 (4)
Donations wanted necromancer (8)
This place goes down more often than a cheap whore muppet (12)
hehe muppet (0)
Dear GoDaddy and other fuckstick service providers: muppet (7)
So I got Christina a bear holding a heart muppet (0)
So Mat did you need the timemachine? PeterI (16)
Happy Valentine's Day (SWF) a2800276 (9)
Bedsitter people look back in lament (0)
How do we make this place more SWF? Rick Tang (6)
Official Cheney Hunting Joke Thread Born Seeker (1)
Repubs are happier. Future rich religious married republican with kids. (20)
Stupid customers Steel McLargeHuge (10)
February 13th, 2006
Yeah, so I'm going to start drilling myself on the MCATs muppet (9)
critique my php code FullNameRequired (34)
wtf.  I hate code like this sharkfish (65)
House again Steel McLargeHuge (2)
Oh God.  So some upstairs plumbing went 'wrong' and caused... Almost H. Anonymous (4)
What is it with "clearing transactions" for stocks? Steel McLargeHuge (4)
A Truly Canadian Apology to the USA (Courtesy of Rick Mercer) (13)
Goddamn loud computer fan... Almost H. Anonymous (13)
Poo (4)
Hot water tank update... Almost H. Anonymous (3)
What pisses me off about Opera Funny Bunny (6)
Focus Group The poster formerly known as Jesus H. Crackbaby (11)
Long names are really getting... FullNameRequired (13)
I suck at the HTML Jacob (14)
WTF? IE is a real piece of crap. The poster formerly known as Jesus H. Crackbaby (6)
The fatal flaw in Mac keyboards muppet (17)
Basic Instinct 2 The poster formerly known as Jesus H. Crackbaby (2)
Corporate parties rock. Flasher T (4)
?CoT should show... The poster formerly known as Jesus H. Crackbaby. (0)
How do we make this place more NSFW? The poster formerly known as Jesus H. Crackbaby. (11)
I get no credit for all my great ideas The poster formerly known as Jesus H. Crackbaby. (10)
What can we do to make this place more SFW? The poster formerly known as Jesus H. Crackbaby. (24)
errrr muppet (22)
Also, you losers have until tomorrow at midnight muppet (17)
Twenty dollars for a bloody piece of cardstock muppet (23)
Seen at a nearby bakery necromancer (2)
Quick, someone invent a time machine! Mat Hall (28)
Well now apparently I'm getting heavy-breathing calls from muppet (34)
****  !!! More breaking news on Michelle Kwan !!! **** John Haren [DANCING BANANA ANIMATED .GIF] (1)
They're kidding with this shit, right? muppet (6)
Whoa - spaced out coworker Steel McLargeHuge (16)
Stocks - GOOG Eric Debois (21)
After my experience with ebay resellers stealing LTAG equipment muppet (16)
Zoot is still Zoot Zoot (14)
Google what's up? (3)
Thank Goodness muppet (5)
Disabling email from the site... Almost H. Anonymous (7)
The Real Cause of Flame Wars son of parnas (10)
New Honda ad. Flasher T (4)
Our Claim to Fame? Salmon Lucy:: (8)
Content Free Posts Salmon Lucy (2)
Wiki entry KayJay (8)
Pulp Fiction - A blatant copy off teh interwebs. KayJay (0)
Content free Sundays Simon Lucy (4)
More log goodness. Flasher T (8)
This is becoming more and more NSFW Rick Tang (6)
Yet another dashboard Steel McLargeHuge (5)
Hardcore Metal Chick Jason T. (3)
The drier replaced, the washing machine leaks, and now... Almost H. Anonymous (1)
February 12th, 2006
Is it me or... The poster formerly known as Jesus H. Crackbaby (9)
....Yea, yea...hmm, WTF Bot Berlin (4)
I feel like testing my new moderator powers Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah [GREEN CHECKIE] (14)
This is my new nickname for life. The poster formerly known as Jesus H. Crackbaby (8)
hello? Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah [GREEN CHECKIE] (2)
J.H. Crackbaby, we hardly knew yee... Eric Debois (2)
wooo hooooo Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah [GREEN CHECKIE] (0)
Tivo time warps Steel McLargeHuge (0)
yay! Aaron F Stanton is a moderator Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (0)
Okay, who are the moderators? Jesus H. Crackbaby (3)
Feature request Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (5)
huh?  what happened to the test posts? Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (0)
Whoza! Near speed-of-light travel Eric Debois (2)
Mac/Intel ad Steel McLargeHuge (5)
Another Crazy driving vid Rock Hardbuns (3)
Microsoft's Desperation GamerBoyz (8)
Preventing double posts in a web forum Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (30)
What is it with experimentals and assholes? John Haren (1)
My New Nick Eric Debois (6)
A1 Racing anon (4)
Ouch, it's hot today Ian Boys (0)
The saddest thing: Wanna bes trying to tear down people Realist (23)
Crappy Non IT Jobs We've Had Mongo (11)
Business Apps Suck, now what. Bot Berlin (11)
This is my new nickame for life Jesus H. Crackbaby (2)
MST3K: name this episode John Haren (2)
The saddest thing: wanna be's branding themselves with Joelisms Dick Jackman the weatherman (8)
25 lines until my next refresh Kasey (4)
This NASA website is so terrible Ian Boys (4)
Let's all change our nicknames to something really gay sounding. John FitzPatrick (27)
Kanye West - Jamie Foxx Eyes on the Shotgun (0)
David Caruso out-Shatners Shatner Steel McLargeHuge (3)
3'+ now, and my camera is mortally wounded muppet (2)
Vice President Cheney shoots friend Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (9)
Okay, Thunderbird is crapping out on me. Notorious (7)
Massive problem with forum and firefox Stephen Jones (12)
over 2' of snow and still falling muppet (11)
Where is the Fourth Estate ? necromancer (3)
Real names no more Eric Debois (31)
not so on tap son of parnas (8)
Not so famous one-liners necromancer (0)
Catholics Against the Da Vinci Code == Muslims Agains Cartoons son of parnas (19)
Terminal Services + VMWare, technology too cool Bot Berlin (11)
Another secret forum Michael Moser (4)
Estonia's first medal Flasher T (0)
February 11th, 2006
What are you doing? Bot Berlin (21)
What a bunch of garbage, Procrastinate Article Bot Berlin (6)
Early feedback on Office 12 MG (32)
'Dissent Is the Highest Form of Patriotism' Kasey (6)
A wish for the designer of my laptop hard disk Mr. Powers (3)
Quien es mas macho? Philo (9)
Which has more mass? Anon (14)
"Why do you want to work here?" Philo (38)
So I bought my girlfriend a sweater for Valentines Kenny (11)
A swimming pool full of syrup. Notorious (5)
Forum feature request Philo (11)
An airplane and a conveyor belt. Ned (71)
Air pressure. Flasher T (14)
My online comic is coming along nicely. Notorious (8)
Postcards Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (5)
Gifting someone in US hitchhiker (4)
Does lighting a match in the bathroom really work? Gener1c V1agra (7)
February 10th, 2006
cartoon Ned (0)
LOL Gener1c V1agra (5)
Every fuckers got a green check now Ned (11)
Potential Excel Games That Could Look Like Work. Gener1c V1agra (15)
Weeds Ned (9)
This is hot Gener1c V1agra (4)
Mark Pilgrim wrote MBDF . (0)
Fired for Solitaire...  Stupid! Almost H. Anonymous (13)
J'avais un camarade Funny Bunny (9)
Is it safe Sathyaish Chakravarthy (11)
CSS/HTML hackers needed... Almost H. Anonymous (4)
budget surplus? nathan (10)
Fat virus Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (3)
FEMA - Michael Brown blames everyone else Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (3)
GlobalFlyer Around The World AllanL5 (3)
WTF? Car way out of place in neighborhood Bored Bystander (21)
AllanL5 and Rick Tang - seperated at birth? muppet (9)
VB Script = Confusing! Mat Hall (10)
More cartoons el (12)
How do we bring new people in? Funny Bunny (46)
Another suggestion for the forum that everyone will critize Funny Bunny (8)
So, I bought a car. Flasher T (11)
May I suggest Flasher T (4)
What is your favorite number? Bot Berlin (39)
How do you tempt a Yak? . (6)
Things actually said in court, word for word... (2)
February 9th, 2006
More Cartoon Concerns Jason T. (7)
Women with glasses John Haren (22)
5 people who need to get off their duff and do something. Kasey (13)
anyway it's really easy to dismiss someone's arguments muppet (27)
Brokeback Mountain ad - ROFL!!! Philo (7)
Entwistle sharkfish (16)
I am NOT needy. sharkfish (18)
The US Office Philo (13)
Simon should grow a pair Kasey (21)
The Official Beer of Fog Creek Software (3)
boredom relief sharkfish (22)
A who's who of ?off trolls Colm (25)
Well I now have to wear glasses full time, not just reading muppet (27)
Joel Pestered by VC's BigJigger (65)
Aaron F Stanton has a PHD? Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (17)
One thing to pick up from Bush's speech Colm (62)
Canadian's who voted for "change"... Almost H. Anonymous (14)
What is bung? Eric Debois (13)
war on terror is being won Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (5)
Statistics on Tap Geert-Jan Thomas (11)
Cool Toys for Geeks Ward (4)
Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever - as a series muppet (12)
My bosses fall under all these categories necromancer (8)
The walrus eats cheese doodles if he's out of jam on rye muppet (16)
Chuch Norris reads a couple jokes on Best Damn Sports Show LinuxOrBust (21)
Cool looking toy Aaron F Stanton (16)
National chicken-with-the-head-cut-off day example (10)
The party of fiscal responsibility Kasey (2)
LMFAO!!! muppet (2)
It was only a matter of time... Mat Hall (13)
Nintendo DS Simon Lucy (18)
sociopath? Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (12)
Far too less noise! Anon Forever (8)
Second Life Escorts Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (0)
Who, besides me, likes the idea that these posts perish after LinuxOrBust (6)
I enjoy "Abu" 's posting name Bored Bystander (8)
February 8th, 2006
Windows is for deployment. Linux is for development. Deals (11)
6 year old suspended for sexual harassment Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (10)
Oil Free Sweden Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (6)
Where is Mat? Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (5)
Bring threaded messages back! Funny Bunny (32)
So how many lines of code should you write LinuxOrBust (12)
Would you sue over a spelling bee? Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (4)
Blogs Essential For MicroISVs Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (7)
The best thing about this nick... Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (12)
Search thingy Funny Bunny (6)
Daniel Dennett is a smart guy... Almost H. Anonymous (23)
How about holocaust cartoons? Rick Tang (31)
US agrees with Iran... Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (6)
Those muslims are hackers! Rick Tang (3)
TAW green checky no more (14)
The newest excuse.. "The Patriot Act made me do it!" Almost H. Anonymous (1)
S A M Rick Tang (7)
Wisconsin seeks to become the un-Kansas (54)
VMWare workstation question sharkfish (2)
javascript multiline comments in ffx bring out da punk (2)
Bush Urges End to Cartoon Violence muppet (8)
And now, here's sports... John Haren (3)
maybe one reason muslims riot and we don't... John Haren (18)
More chuck norris posts! PangoX (3)
What do you guys know about marketing? Aaron F Stanton (21)
Happy Birthday! (Some numbers, please) a2800276 (26)
just so you blokes have someting to think about trollop (5)
Brokeback Mountain:  Does it deserve a Best Picture nomination? Dana (30)
A Young Bush Appointee Resigns His Post at NASA Kasey (15)
I may be slightly obsessed muppet (15)
Heh, never noticed that before muppet (12)
Virtual Line In/Out In Search Of... (5)
Campaign with me Eric Debois (39)
Caricature row. A new twist. KayJay (4)
More protest banners Flasher T (8)
Exler on Muslims Flasher T (2)
February 7th, 2006
Can someone please tell these people Notorious (7)
YES!!! Philo (12)
nukedenmark.com They're Coming! (8)
investing/trading APIs sharkfish (20)
those muslims are insane Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (12)
Bye bye, SGI SAN Mikey (6)
"DidJaGetIt" Sick Of It! (12)
Sidebar collage submissions. necromancer (4)
New US Army masks to protect from Airborne fragments Funny Bunny (5)
I wonder if muppet is working in my "office" with me necromancer (11)
Ship of Fools muppet (19)
New Opera Release Funny Bunny (22)
Cooking an Egg via Cell Phone AllanL5 (8)
Intelligence test Flasher T (45)
Stupid Lazer Tag club bastards muppet (8)
Which blog software did this board originate from? LinuxOrBust (9)
Auto-refresh Some Random Dude (6)
boring forum software functionality question. Or CONSPIRICY? John Aitken (7)
Why reddit and digg wont guarantee a traffic upsurge necromancer (4)
The need to be needed KayJay (7)
No really - is it me? Vroomfondel (9)
February 6th, 2006
Sharepoint is Awesome! Philo (9)
Hey, how come not me? sharkfish (33)
Notable numbers sharkfish (31)
Outrage over cartoons explained? (conspiracy) Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (3)
We need this here. Aaron F Stanton (31)
I know who I want to be our next President Philo (8)
Now we know why movies suck sharkfish (13)
How long did you work there? Kasey (8)
bugtracker part deux Funny Bunny (6)
Dirty Vikings. How dare you? Funny Bunny (10)
bugtracker sharkfish (24)
I resigned again.... Bot (15)
"nobody would dare to attack" Rick Tang (6)
RSS Reader Rick Tang (5)
What's the polite way of saying... feck off ? (16)
one thing the republicans learned from the attacks on Clinton Kasey (4)
Read 47 Customer Reviews... muppet (4)
Volunteering my time to help the forum Some Random Dude (9)
Bush's Budget ,..., (20)
Why VB programmers will never take over the world example (12)
Limp Superbowl Philo (26)
Wow, LazerTag is a lot more complicated now muppet (28)
60 Minutes interview with Aubrey de Grey, Ph.D. (Cambridge Unive HANGANG (6)
Post via SSH Some Random Dude (12)
Galactica Reloaded Flasher T (12)
I'm bored... time for a revamp. Lost deal (4)
Who wants to have their 5 minutes of fame? Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (7)
Buy Danish Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (24)
February 5th, 2006
Galactica Notorious (16)
What the hell happened to MarkTAW? Some Random Dude (12)
The Danish Cartoons Colm (49)
Big Bang vs Big Barf necromancer (41)
Someone's afraid at MSFT or it's ad agency necromancer (7)
I wish I was a lesbian Philo (8)
hacking java Kasey (7)
New hope for muppet (2)
Interesting map KayJay (3)
February 4th, 2006
Is he justified? Jason T. (32)
google death penalty for bmw.de Kasey (1)
No Poo Posts (3)
Why can't FTP programs figure out whether or not a file is ASCII Notorious (14)
# シャトー訪問記 … 優雅さと強さを引き継ぐ ر ب على نطاق واسع وتعليق التطبيق الطو (7)
This is fucking hilarious muppet (6)
Curse of the Were-Rabbit based on true story! Ian Boys (5)
Super Bowl on Tape Delay Cory Foy (9)
My dad started a company before I did. Bot Berlin (6)
I found this ad library interesting. necromancer (0)
This place is missing Muppet's enthusiasm necromancer (2)
ManUtd vs Fulham FC necromancer (5)
Who's deskbound? Who's not? Philo (22)
Forum bug Philo (11)
Nigerian scammers uncovered necromancer (7)
Philo, please tell MSN necromancer (7)
Banana a2800276 (6)
Google replaces the Internet with the Googlenet Kasey (17)
Town car? trollop (1)
Three men rowing. KayJay (6)
AHA and muppet KayJay (7)
Hey! Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib KayJay (4)
TOPIC: "Book of Daniel cancelled" won't load Geert-Jan Thomas (8)
Programming practices LinuxOrBust (28)
This place is closing down Almost H. Anonymous (13)
Where is the outrage people? Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (10)
How do you find Dave Pollard's blog? Senthilnathan N.S. (4)
February 3rd, 2006
Book of Daniel cancelled Philo (9)
The story of my life Bot Berlin (0)
Colt45D Billy Dee (0)
Tasteless Jokes Thread Morons on Tap (8)
USB limits? Philo (10)
Bullet points, or bullet holes? I am Jack's dynamic danger (7)
This Place Sucks The Trolls are Runnin the Asylum (10)
McKinstry's body stuck in Chile Don Bayomi (26)
MLP The MLP Troll (3)
Stop changing your Full Name Rick Tang (11)
"It's certainly not going to last two years..." sixtyten (4)
Superbowl predictions example (19)
For an encore they form a masturbation circle muppet (3)
Attention, workplace whores John Haren (6)
How I missed a chance to take a holiday necromancer (2)
Why do managers really seem to Not Get It? Philo (21)
I have second thoughts about Google Adsense. necromancer (2)
Not Safe For Work - Window Shopping The NSFW Troll (19)
Test if this is like joel's Hi. Do you see my name? (10)
Sadly, I couldn't fit in the sequined red dress this morning muppet (4)
HMS Daring Flasher T (25)
Workplace attention whores muppet (33)
AHA - Part of the reason I haven't touched the code muppet (16)
n-tier applications (for muppet & others) necromancer (0)
Forms based authentication and ASP .Net webservices necromancer (5)
Can someone explain what's this about ? especially Simon necromancer (33)
muppet is jealous necromancer (6)
Is blogger down? necromancer (2)
COT not as good at ?Off yet oo (27)
muppet's gonna like this necromancer (0)
I'm giving you all a 4... Almost H. Anonymous (2)
Ouch... Almost H. Anonymous (15)
Disturbing emails LinuxOrBust (6)
February 2nd, 2006
Eric Sink...I actually read his blog Bot Berlin (11)
Bones Philo (7)
MarkTAW Requiem Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (0)
UK government welcomes global warming Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (7)
This is even better... sixtyten (1)
OK, who's messin' with DNS? Ian Boys (11)
LOL sixtyten (6)
Crack sixtyten (9)
MarkTAW stew - recipe Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (16)
I'm back MarkTAW (38)
Is it better to appease China or not do business there at all? Almost H. Anonymous (20)
Darth Vader beat Chuck Norris necromancer (2)
The legend of Chuck Norris necromancer (6)
female facial hair sharkfish (16)
Waiterrant has become boring as shit muppet (21)
Groan! necromancer (4)
GEICO gecko sharkfish (27)
Nextel beeps example (6)
Joel's back end. Geert-Jan Thomas (7)
I love watching American Idol Kenny (32)
To the jerks who go around calling it "Faux News" muppet (23)
If only a "loser pays" system would actually work muppet (41)
Newbie to veteran Philo (6)
So those 6 lb firelogs they sell at Wal*Mart for $2.50 muppet (12)
Muppet's Newly Annual Most Boring Poster awards muppet (6)
Look ma... no wings! Flasher T (1)
Oh Fucking Hell just let me off this planet already muppet (8)
Chuck Norris (7)
Lord, Heal this little dog, she's so precious muppet (19)
RAZR Geert-Jan Thomas (14)
Things that go beep in the night XYZZY (14)
That phrase "Jump the Shark", again LinuxOrBust (1)
An addition to the Optimus keyboard. Flasher T (0)
Iran and Nuclear Power Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (11)
February 1st, 2006
Should we cremate MarkTAW? or just bury his body in the sand? Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (3)
Where should we hold MarkTAWs funeral? Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (25)
andy rutledge redesigns google sharkfish (17)
amazon now takes me to a plog when I log in son of parnas (2)
Enron emails. Bot Berlin (4)
CoT needs a blog Berlin Brown (12)
MILF lurker (12)
Ectopia Some Random Dude (18)
Tokin' burnout post Marley's ghost (8)
Token burnout post Some Random Dude (4)
Ann Coulter -- in the news AllanL5 (14)
Joke or Truth? Rick Tang (2)
The Sharkfish fan club LinuxOrBust (44)
Who watched Bush's State of the Union address? Dana (39)
anyone want to be a sugardaddy? Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (3)
Currently gawking at necromancer (1)
Masturbation material for Philo muppet (16)
body fat analyzers bring in da punk (15)
Hehe - not quite as good as the Narnia rap muppet (3)
Gah, I managed to avoid my PPD test for a month muppet (17)
Vineet - brain damaged human, or especially smart seal? muppet (12)
Whoa muppet (6)
Website hit counters are weird necromancer (9)
Where was the problem ? necromancer (0)
I'll have my cruiser in Eve Online by tonight muppet (13)
How was the sleep test ? necromancer (5)
I've decided to be sober (or be amongst sober comments) ;-) Vineet Reynolds (8)
It's February 1st, so you jerks have less than two weeks muppet (26)
OK what exactly is an 'n-tiered' application? muppet (20)
Generic Topic Original Poster (10)
Women are bitches... Mat Hall (53)
mass killer had psychological problems Abu al-Qasim Muhammad H Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib (1)