RIP Philo

January 31st, 2018
Missile alert person fired Legion (11 comments)
What do you do when technology marches on? Legion (14)
I was hacked #metoo $#$AAA (26)
Feedback on - It's shit. FSK (36)
Company metrics xampl9 (4)
Where the fuck is everyone at today? President of the Brice Fan Club (23)
Lookittamoon....! tablet trollop (4)
January 30th, 2018
Yo Mup, welcome back!  Are you still retired? President of the Brice Fan Club (1)
War is good for the economy Reality Check (6)
Dow down 400 pts xampl9 (6)
Academy Awards: Pedo love fest? Reality Check (5)
If you’re not prospering now, something’s wrong Mike (21)
Found a cross-site scripting attack on CoT Wabi-sabi (10)
safest countries for women worldwide Reality Check (2)
Amish in Switzerland Reality Check (4)
January 29th, 2018
Transparency vs Deep State New Nick 4 U (1)
hoyZa, do you have any recommendation on buying own health YourFriendAgain (2)
More on Wall Street trading cheat. YourFriendAgain (7)
Libertarian Star Trek xampl9 (2)
Renting an apartment sans employment xampl9 (24)
ex CIA agent gone rogue Reality Check (0)
The flu season xampl9 (5)
Check out this thing I've been working on Wabi-sabi (Michael B) (13)
"NYT is a White Supremacist newspaper" Reality Check (4)
Any of you have experience working with sociopaths? . (19)
Trump approval ratings with Black Americans has doubled. DJ Tweet (12)
The Best Code Ethan D. (7)
January 28th, 2018
Where the Fitbits ARE - Oh REALLY? trollop (1)
Professional Facebook censor reflects: hell is other people ^xFrCM6k)Z"87Dn" (3)
climate asdfasd (9)
I wonder what this was all about (2017) fasdfasd (5)
Wow the global varroa mite problem for honey bees might be over ,ndo (7)
poltiical fashion spe (3)
NFL super bowl New Nick 4 U (10)
Common tricks verbal bully Jordan Peterson New Nick 4 U (2)
What is your idea of a "good" job in this field?  Ever find one? dude (7)
Why does government need to set this rate? New Nick 4 U (5)
IKEA owner dies xampl9 (19)
aws anyone? friday (1)
January 27th, 2018
R&D and GDP New Nick 4 U (0)
Paying for things with your ring ,ndo (1)
RIP Paul Bocuse Traveller (0)
rare appearance of the Dutch intelligence agency AIVD Q (0)
Are database certifications worth it? Mike (6)
Amazon stock price is 1,400 per share! YourFriendAgain (9)
January 26th, 2018
Any gamers here?  If so, what do you think of the PS4? Tom (8)
Vince McMahon to re-open the XFL in 2020 Mike (7)
Would you guys work for an Indian manager? dude (21)
Scott Adams: Cathy Newman was tricked into hallucinations ^xFrCM6k)Z"87Dn" (2)
iPhone6 Podcast problems Grumpy Old Git (0)
Trump has halted the dollar’s slide Dienel Chavez (0)
And YET YET YET another crypto currency exchange... MobyDobie (8)
SpaceX - Falcon Heavy launch 'in a week or so' Go Musk (7)
NSA no longer has honesty as a core value Rafael Sabatini (7)
Drug smuggling moron to be released Zaq (1)
Cuckolding is good for you Paris Hilton (16)
Russia, Russia, Russia BeebBot (4)
January 25th, 2018
Tuck Frump! Reality Check (6)
Wabi did you take that job New Nick 4 U (4)
Presidential throne on offer trollop (6)
6 Pack Abs guy RPN (6)
FBI secret society asssdddffgb (5)
Trump almost fired Mueller? X (2)
I found something I want to buy when I win the lottery xampl9 (12)
Casey Neistat splits from CNN Paris Hilton (1)
Why are Trumpologists standing by their man? ^xFrCM6k)Z"87Dn" (13)
Pentagon to buy alpha planes OPTI (6)
You cannot rebuild civilization using someone else's babies xampl9 (7)
Is mup the poster child of the resentful American underclass? ^xFrCM6k)Z"87Dn" (6)
Lotti, I didn't know you guys have gas field. YourFriend (6)
Who fakes FCC comments? asssdddffgb (3)
Trump Testimony New Nick 4 U (2)
Get with the web, please Internet user since 1990 (13)
January 24th, 2018
Secret Society inside the FBI New Nick 4 U (8)
Tariffs New Nick 4 U (23)
Deep Fakes -- The true power of machine learning Almost Anonymous (8)
H1B New Nick 4 U (4)
When employers ask why you want to change jobs . (28)
The main theme for business in 2018 and going forward? BingBong (4)
SpaceX - Falcon Heavy - Whoah dude! Go Musk (2)
Assange is ill? Paris Hilton (1)
age of first programming Reality Check (17)
You don’t mess with Grumpy Cat BeebBot (0)
milkshake duck tockley (0)
Hookup with a third party unsuccessful for baby crazy lesbians Tristan (4)
Steve Yegge has quit Google Paris Hilton (28)
Muppet - workshy tosser, or the most workshy of all tossers? X (4)
This year's movie season just got better Calgon (2)
Interesting analysis of cryptocurrency YouTubeBot (0)
Try to buy VLO 80ish or lower. BingBong (2)
Do sex robots normalize rape? Reality Check (11)
The state of Illinois is losing population. Fuck Obama and BingBong (3)
Wanna quick gamble? BingBong (0)
Stock trade of the week. You can catch this at lower price. BingBong (5)
Web Ninja Required.....what do you think of this job ad? Mike (23)
Electric boats Lotti Fuehrscheim (4)
Botox makes even camels prettier Paris Hilton (6)
Impossible Burgers Grumpy Old Git (3)
Immigration asssdddffgb (0)
Larry Nasser asssdddffgb (0)
January 23rd, 2018
Cory Foy - pompous ass, or the most pompous of all asses? mup (7)
Ursula K. Le Guin passes Calgon (3)
RIP - Tinky Winky - Update The Grim Reaper ™ (2)
Thinking about starting an IT services business Clyde (21)
RIP - Mary Lee Woods (Sir Tim Berners-Lee's mum) The Grim Reaper ™ (1)
All this shagging has to stop immediately BeebBot (1)
Is "SyFy" Still Around? Libtard Troll Piece... Bored Bystander (24)
Poll - Most voters agree with Trump - End Chain Migration Paris Hilton (2)
Interesting. Someone told the authority about him? BingBong (17)
CoTers failed. BingBong (9)
Swedish #MeToo activist refused to report daughters abuse Sanity for Sweden (4)
Annual CoT survey... BingBong (25)
BBC desperately trying to downplay knife crime statistics BeebBot (9)
UK Government to ban the BBC? BeebBot (1)
Jordan Peterson analyses his own interview with Cathy Newman YouTubeBot (12)
Britbox - I just signed up for this. It is cheaper than Netflix. BingBong (10)
Downside to Amazon Go stores? xampl9 (4)
Jeremy Corbyn is a racist Rafael Sabatini (4)
FBI lose a couple of texts Zaq (5)
Intel - what a bunch of useless wankers Zaq (2)
Watch out for those pesky Amish BeebBot (2)
What happened in tech over the years? dude (16)
January 22nd, 2018
All you need to know about modern women. Jack (35)
Police union slashes number of ‘get out of jail free’ cards New Nick 4 U (3)
25 years ago - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine premiered xampl9 (19)
Cher said: BingBong (11)
He's dead, Jim (4)
Median house price to median income ratio ,ndo (12)
Beware the 'Deacon of Death' BeebBot (1)
Current TV technology. BingBong (40)
Trump's tax cut effect. BingBong (16)
China Has Banned Hip-Hop Culture and Tattoos From TV Shows President of the Brice Fan Club (27)
Dreamers .. Shutdown ending soon asssdddffgb (10)
Company is offering free LinkedIn learning, is it a trap? Joe (22)
What a bunch of SHIT threads posted here this morning ? (4)
Iranian embassy terrorist lives in a free London flat. Zaq (0)
Iota cryptocurrency seeds - high technology blockchain solution MobyDobie (3)
Kalanick bails before Uber crashes Rafael Sabatini (1)
In McDonald's ask for a receipt Rafael Sabatini (10)
Does anyone know "TensorFlow"? Lumpy On Trap (4)
‘The pursuit of happiness is a pointless goal’ JP (3)
January 21st, 2018
Australians and New Zealanders, please answer these questions. BingBong (18)
How long do you keep your car? BingBong (11)
The economy is safe this year. Watch out in 2019. BingBong (1)
#maga asssdddffgb (15)
Ghana asssdddffgb (12)
Iran protests asssdddffgb (0)
Dot, you have Stockholm Syndrome.  Do you know what that is? Ghost of WildRiver (18)
The left is objectively worse than the right YouTubeBot (6)
Chuck Schumer voted for the wall in 2006! BingBong (3)
Tide Pods Plm (10)
BLM - This is a weird one BeebBot (6)
What do y'all think of my new website venture? ^xFrCM6k)Z"87Dn" (2)
January 20th, 2018
The dollar is losing value. Thank you Trump! Johnny Ekstrom (7)
Women's March Reality Check (8)
Tether prints more USD than the US government MobyDobie (8)
Working in a small company vs. a large company..which is better? corporate guy (18)
Ed Sheeran - stupid fucker BeebBot (10)
PHP server with 2 scripts VPN for ALL (4)
Interesting take on failed rape cases. BeebBot (5)
Friendly fore tablet trollop (2)
Sterling Moss is still alive! The Grim Reaper (2)
The US government needs a good shutdown. DacaIsKaka (9)
Amazon hq2 finalists asssdddffgb (11)
NSA deleted surveillance data it pledged to preserve politico (0)
January 19th, 2018
Is carbon capture and sequestration viable? Paris Hilton (4)
I see muppet's gone mad again Plm (5)
Why the Left hates Jordan Peterson ^xFrCM6k)Z"87Dn" (8)
shutdowns are part of the Republican brand. BxB (2)
Help me out here Legion (4)
FBI investigating whether Russian money went to NRA to help Trum poltico (1)
all aboard the Trump Train Reality Check (1)
The government will shut down at midnight if a spending bill doe poltico (1)
What’s the difference between a switch & a dispatch table? $++ (8)
Is FISA unconstitutional? Styx (4)
Should downs foetuses be aborted? BeebBot (33)
Script for a new Rambo movie since Hubble said Rambo is old. AlFranken (12)
Bil Gates is a nice man! AlFranken (3)
Node.js module has been stealing credit cards for years Wabi-sabi (9)
Do you still believe in gun control? AlFranken (10)
Diamond Elite Gold Super-Plus status xampl9 (Moto phone) (5)
That other kernel developer asshole that's right all of the time Wabi-sabi (6)
Cozine is not in prison after taking other people money??? AlFranken (12)
Isn't it in Britain, you have to pay TV tax? AlFranken (37)
Amazon Prime - bait and switch! AlFranken (6)
"Open source" comes to generic drugs manufacturing. AlFranken (1)
I lost the battle.  Should I go over the boss's head? . (33)
Is Portland still Portlandia? RPN (11)
1-1/2-space wide parking spaces for women ,ndo (6)
The BBC - a state news agency at work BeebBot (9)
Those crazy Canadians ,ndo (3)
Robot narrates documentary ,ndo (1)
Yet another rape case fails, but only after ruining his life. BeebBot (10)
January 18th, 2018
Bill Gates's daughter grows up. AlFranken (5)
CNN interviews with Democrat voters Reality Check (0)
Jordan Peterson for the win YouTubeBot (25)
The IT Crowd remake trollop (13)
So what is the cost for maintenance of this house? AlFranken (7)
RIP - Peter Mayle The Grim Reaper (2)
Frederieke Lotti Fuehrscheim (0)
NPR, how do you figure out tax on your REITs? AlFranken (6)
WoW gold is more valuable than the Venezuelan Bolivar xampl9 (4)
Can you guys explain something to me? AlFranken (10)
US Gov shutdown xampl9 (Moto phone) (6)
How can I filter out Salviati (6)
January 17th, 2018
And now your political entertainment instead of stocks trading. AlFranken (1)
AlFranken: What do you think of this mobile home REIT? RPN (10)
I support Prez Trump with this DACA deal. Y (1)
brining back cash asdfgh (6)
Happy early Thursday to RC! AlFranken (0)
Happy Wed to RC! AlFranken (0)
How hard is it to become CFO of any company? AlFranken (3)
my portal T.B.D's Glue On Glue (5)
NPR, is it time to buy REIT stocks since they are beaten up AlFranken (8)
Time to get the Gov out of business regulation. AlFranken (8)
I have a list of stocks where I rotate in term of trading. AlFranken (9)
Cartoon about copyright to get sued for breach of copyright BeebBot (4)
Most of us can't retire. AlFranken (8)
Lotti is right about hydrogen fuel? AlFranken (12)
CoT is being Spammed, apparently SaveTheHubble (8)
Remember when I suggested Apple build more headquarters xampl9 (9)
Ut oh, Telsa will be in trouble for sure. AlFranken (13)
So what do you say? Do we have the US gov shut down this weekend AlFranken (2)
Wabi has been bragging. Can we all brag? What can you brag? AlFranken (1)
Gentlemen, rev your engine! AlFranken (8)
Which TV channel give you 24/7 news with no opinion? AlFranken (12)
Interesting green energy discussions. AlFranken (13)
4 in 10 Republicans consider accurate news stories ... libtard_uk (5)
Is Uber just a criminal enterprise now? Zap (10)
A world without Ruseman/ Wayne M / Somebody Lose the Ruse! (3)
Marcel de Graaf nails it YouTubeBot (1)
What do you think of NuoDb? Johnny Ekstrom (15)
I want them from anywhere... Donald Trump (17)
Worried about rape accusations? - We have an app for that Zap (4)
January 16th, 2018
extremely shitty "nukes coming!" menu design Reality Check (13)
I think Wabi should take some jobs just for fun like in the show Y (17)
Jared Kushner is a proud cuckold? Conservatism is mental disease (1)
Sodium benzoate and Potassium sorbate. I keep seeing these in Y (4)
stocks doing great! Reality Check (11)
What will BTC be at by Sunday at midnight? Simulacrum (7)
Illinois, you need to recall your senator! AlFranken (22)
Ann Coulter should be an honorary CoT mod Wabi-sabi (11)
Ethnicity in historical dramas Grumpy Old Git (18)
Margaret Atwood nails it Grumpy Old Git (0)
The Axis powers make the best cars ^xFrCM6k)Z"87Dn" (9)
Another book you should read. AlFranken (12)
Tell me about Britain. Where is the best place to live? AlFranken (9)
Frenzied knife attack in hospital Zaq (5)
Will Tesla survive? AlFranken (37)
A model immigrant. AlFranken (8)
Bitcoin advantage: be  your own banker MobyDobie (2)
Spectre/Meltdown patch out today (KB4056892) Zaq (0)
Serious business advice #2 Io (11)
China HATES The Last Jedi Reality Check (21)
January 15th, 2018
We need to wipe out some of the nasty people in NYC. Y (2)
Be a lion in your life! Y (7)
Shithole hearing BxB (7)
Those pesky Amish caught lying again BeebBot (0)
Fuck! BeebBot (9)
Roland Rat is innocent! BeebBot (3)
Disabling air bag Wabi-sabi (31)
For those of you who took my suggestion of buying XOM. AlFranken (3)
Legal pot BxB (5)
Opinion on cryptocurrency. AlFranken (2)
Eric Trump also a liar Salvatore Freek (1)
Quant and FSK: you guys could have come up with something like AlFranken (7)
Wabi and other CoT members who want to invest but don't want AlFranken (1)
When is failure to disclose 'not failure to disclose' ? BeebBot (1)
The FBI told MLK to kill himself B X B (0)
RIP - Dolores O'Riordan (The Cranberries) - dead at 46! The Grim Reaper ™ (10)
Serious business advice Io (46)
Bad idea to target software development jobs after age 35? dude (24)
Don’t put anyone outside your heart cbhg (1)
Remember Chernobyl? AlFranken (0)
You would think we have better technology for ship sailing? AlFranken (0)
Tesco slashes value of Clubcard points Grumpy Old Git (10)
January 14th, 2018
Nigerian guy: "It's true that Nigeria is a shithole" Reality Check (8)
interesting med treatment: 'orgasm shot' Reality Check (10)
The world that Wayne M / Ruseman / Somebody gave us Lose the Ruse! (0)
Should a guy worth £60m have to pay half to divorce? Katushka (19)
James Cameron Would've Shown 'No Mercy' to Stunt Coordinator Acc kfjdlakljkljsfdslfkjsdlka (5)
James Woods Conservatism is mental disease (21)
James Webb telescope is so cool. I can't wait to see the results AlFranken (14)
Why some human beings are nasty people even though we know that AlFranken (12)
"shithole" David Perdue says "FAKE NEWS" ___X___ (4)
Summarizing United States today Io (10)
Cellular solutions Io (6)
Trey Gowdy asdfsa (1)
fed nowcast : 2017 4Q GDP  3.9% ___X___ (0)
January 13th, 2018
Chris McKinstry on HN today asd (8)
Daddy new post HNR (8)
Episode 1 Pravin Lal (2)
Pete Hoekstra Lotti Fuehrscheim (9)
The Economy _____X_____ (2)
What do you guys think of network and sysadmin jobs? dude (15)
World Bank vs ... Chile? R (5)
What's wrong in stating salary expectations? Io (34)
January 12th, 2018
Send Melania back to her shithole country ^xFrCM6k)Z"87Dn" (6)
The two guys who bought XOM per my suggestion made money right? AlFranken (3)
Trump on FISA DJ Trump (2)
Mint worker busted when dealer sells stolen bar back to mint ,ndo (2)
Buying a Lamborghini from a prostitute xampl9 (7)
Trump Lawyer Arranged $130,000 for Adult-Film Star’s Silence MS (13)
Melania Trump Conservatism is mental disease (6)
It's time to ask Shylock, Wabi, and Hubble to move to Norway. AlFranken (8)
Is calling a shithole a shithole racist? Zaperoony (29)
Shitholes are everywhere especially if you are in a Black AlFranken (6)
Neither Obama or Clinton can do this. What's a bunch of shithole AlFranken (14)
Lovely quote on why the old US Embassy in the UK wasn't freehold Grumpy Old Git (0)
So this company wants me to take a technical test to get the job Los Pepes (26)
Trump aims at Obama, hits Bush as London state visit cancelled trollop (8)
Kanye for president library_uk (0)
January 11th, 2018
Christie no tunnel, billions for Bezos vbnn (1)
Mario Batali apology vbnn (0)
Trump has proven that a country can function without a leader ^xFrCM6k)Z"87Dn" (20)
gorilla or not gorilla Reality Check (4)
spontaneous human combustion Reality Check (2)
shithole countries vbnn (44)
When Canada legalises marijuana Tristan (2)
Eric Greitens vbnn (3)
The Vikings don't need to go plundering anymmore! AlFranken (0)
Orion Serenade Lotti Fuehrscheim (0)
So, I pulled a date out of my gut Shylock (14)
Venezuela is becoming a wierd country. AlFranken (7)
Aussie flu is killing people BeebBot (11)
Saved by the ancient martial art of Ecky Thump BeebBot (1)
antivirus question i think Wick (2)
Good job, Peurto Rico! AlFranken (2)
Jared Kushner and Israel Yoda (5)
RIP - 'Fast' Eddie Clarke The Grim Reaper ™ (0)
Hollyweird is so stupid and arrogrant. If you want sex, you AlFranken (7)
Scott Adams should be an honorary CoT mod Wabi-sabi (27)
Psycho the rapist Io (0)
Yo Hubble and Wabi, why do you keep ignoring AlFranken President of the Brice Fan Club (7)
Moneygram Stock MobyDobie (0)
Trump's Netherlands ambassador struggles Q (15)
January 10th, 2018
Fusion GPS mmmmmujm (1)
WASHINGTON —- tnafghuj (5)
Legally binding contract for sex... MobyDobie (8)
Kodak Stock MobyDobie (8)
If purchasing tickets for Miami conference on bitcoin... MobyDobie (3)
Coming to a 7-11 near you...OK, Hubble. Put down that hotdog! AlFranken (2)
RC, are you in this list? AlFranken (0)
Hubble, check out this list and see how your company is doing. AlFranken (0)
I am wishing for NYC to lose electrical power and gasoline for AlFranken (7)
If you're a bigamist, don't go on TV! BeebBot (3)
Wabi, do you have the answer to this? AlFranken (13)
Happy Wed to RC! AlFranken (1)
I don't approve of this. I kinda feel bad for the guy. AlFranken (3)
Poor Oprah! I just realized something: she looks like shit AlFranken (14)
Bundy case gets dismissed Zaq (6)
SpaceX ZUMA payload allegedly lost Wabi-sabi (18)
Why science careers suck Io (32)
what is the term for wellter (8)
British army recruitment aims for the feels BeebBot (5)
CES 2018 Plm (2)
More on kodak ico MobyDobie (1)
January 9th, 2018
Was Scott Adams shadow banned? Q (26)
Bannon has left Breitbart How soon they forget (3)
Your cough remedy secret coughing now (14)
Sapient pearwood is here! Zaq (0)
Almost all US jobs created since 2005 are temporary The Gig Economy (10)
Antacid question for Usians Shylock (13)
Catherine Deneuve Lotti Fuehrscheim (12)
This is something nice Shylock (11)
Hydrogen Lotti Fuehrscheim (19)
Io, what does 60K buy in Romania? AlFranken (3)
Democrat in NYC? Business as usual. AlFranken (0)
Snow in the Sahara Zaq (0)
Worse than Idiocracy Wabi-sabi (3)
Kodak find a use for blockchain? Zaq (5)
Bezos now richest person in history xampl9 (13)
Meta comment about Dot's Threads Bored Bystander (23)
Another situation!  Boss claims I left him hanging . (10)
Happy Tuesday to RC. AlFranken (2)
CIA dirty deed. AlFranken (4)
Daily Mail not politically correct enough for Virgin Trains BeebBot (2)
RIP Moody Blues singer Ray Thomas The Grim Reaper (2)
Global warming making turtles female Nature Watch (4)
What's up with my new co-worker?  Does he have a hidden agenda? . (18)
Seed-to-seed wheat in Qwert (1)
January 8th, 2018
Admire suing Google Qwert (15)
liar dsads? (9)
globes 19 million C (1)
Hey boss, remember those bolts you asked me to remove? xampl9 (11)
Back story on Meltdown and Soectre Legion (2)
Naked Short Selling Football Tickets FSK (10)
Found a risk-free way to make money from crypto MobyDobie (4)
Oprah to run for president 2020 ,ndo (42)
canadian healthcare Reality Check (8)
Priest found guilty of 'spiritual abuse' Zaq (2)
Pedo ring found at Magic: The Gathering Plm (11)
200,000 Salvadorans to be deported BeebBot (20)
Anyone wants to work on new electronics invention? Here is your AlFranken (2)
Great European strategy? Right, right, Lotti? AlFranken (1)
During the dinosaurs period, humans like creatures weren't AlFranken (18)
Coolest monkey? Plm (3)
Plagiarism - Lana Del Ray vs. Radiohead YouTubeBot (9)
It's those Amish again BeebBot (4)
More on the Node.js ecosystem Wabi-sabi (5)
Earthquake Lotti Fuehrscheim (6)
Aussie flu is coming! BeebBot (3)
Exciting new ICO brone (17)
January 7th, 2018
Presidential Mornings X (8)
Space Center Houston xampl9 (9)
SpaceX Zuma launch in 10 minutes Go Musk (4)
New crypto coins of the way up - DentaCoin MobyDobie (9)
Frantic back-pedalling by Sloppy Steve BeebBot (4)
Inequality : book zazazazazaooojkk (12)
Golden Globes tonight Zaq (9)
Roy Moore Accuser’s Home Burns Down, Arson Task Force Investig oooooooojkk (7)
There is no hierarchy of abuse ^xFrCM6k)Z"87Dn" (1)
Devin Nunes - update oooooooojkk (0)
Nut job posting on Nextdoor RPN (18)
Swedish man dies after picking up hand grenade BeebBot (15)
#POTUSVSG Zaq (13)
RIP - Jerry Van Dyke The Grim Reaper (2)
Count the blinks! Tristan (2)
January 6th, 2018
Come on Eileen Nostalgic (2)
Remnick on Trump Reader (5)
Gotta love that 2nd Amendment Shylock (17)
Masturbation for the win Shylock (1)
On Bannon voookhh (14)
Pakistan B X B (18)
Who is behind Iran protests B X B (24)
Sarah Silverman Bob X Baden (8)
Dick size - politically correct denomination Io (5)
What's wrong with Bob Baden a.k.a. X? Why is he always so angry? RPN (6)
WildRiver got caught spreading shit on a plane RPN (13)
Winter Lotti Fuehrscheim (5)
Pilots get paid more than waitresses - who knew? BeebBot (0)
Trump sets a record M (1)
January 5th, 2018
health care costs hmhmhmh (2)
Killing off Wasabi hmhmhmh (9)
you shouldn't diagnose people, but heck let me diagnose some hmhmhmh (4)
GOP goes after Dossier guy X (2)
Presidential diet X (6)
Clean solar? X (5)
Solar lights pt 2 Reality Check (7)
immune to spectre Reality Check (5)
Better check your insurance policy xampl9 (6)
OK, you guys need to fess up. Which one of you have tried acid? AlFranken (2)
Free Young X5 review Io (15)
You want to diagnose mental illness??? Try this one. AlFranken (7)
bbbbbo, own a few of these and sell them when price goes up. AlFranken (1)
What sound engineers really do Io (8)
Finally, a robot to fetch you a beer soon? AlFranken (0)
Trump very possibly mentally ill ^xFrCM6k)Z"87Dn" (21)
Wabi, why don't you buy land and start growing some maryjane? AlFranken (11)
Stock tip: XOM for Global Warming believers. AlFranken (9)
Macy’s : buy now, Al? bbbbbo (8)
Women socialized not to think about themselves Wabi-sabi (11)
Historic Stock Market! Simulacrum (3)
How to uninstall corporate spyware from iPhone? RPN (12)
Security holes Spectre and Meltdown Plm (19)
January 4th, 2018
Penis whitening laser procedure goes viral in Thailand Wabi-sabi (4)
more Bannon hmhmhmh (1)
New 5th richest man in the world MobyDobie (21)
PSA: hypermiling for insane fuel efficiency gainz Wabi-sabi (33)
RIP - Batfink The Grim Reaper (0)
Zuckerberg to fix facebook BeebBot (4)
Another stock tip: Natural Gas exporter symbol LNG AlFranken (7)
For those who complains there is no stock is one AlFranken (7)
Murder at the Parsonage NewsBot (0)
the button game Reality Check (6)
Luvvies to wear black for Golden Globes NewsBot (1)
New book out Shylock (17)
Jury nullification applied to jobs Zaq (7)
To the dot guy below, you better obey your corporate masters! Ex-Corporate Stooge (2)
Manafort sues the special prosecutor Wabi-sabi (6)
Another predator let out BeebBot (1)
Io, let me ask you about your investment accument. AlFranken (7)
So, I accidentally speculated on Bitcoin and made $34k Wabi-sabi (30)
An idea for a website... What is your opinion? Lumpy (4)
January 3rd, 2018
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Basic Income - Trust Fund FSK (17)
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Top 5 companies with cash held overseas AlFranken (3)
New book on Trump BeebBot (0)
We need to end DACA like the Jews ending illegal immigration. AlFranken (4)
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Apple has 300 billion dollars in cash and investment. AlFranken (12)
The Big Short by Michael Lewis. AlFranken (7)
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Canadian Prime Minister is just plain stupid. AlFranken (5)
Standings in Ireland, 1 dead, 2 injured BeebBot (3)
Seaplane crash in Oz Zaq (4)
Triple murderer confesses BeebBot (2)
Man charged over Finsbury Park murder Zaq (0)
Intel security patch could slow it by up to 30% Grumpy Old Git (15)
January 2nd, 2018
Commercial Aviation DJT tweet (8)
RC could be right. Salviati (6)
Deadly 'raw water' ought to be banned xampl9 (18)
Perspective on Iran, from an Iranian Shylock (17)
Idiot CEO Link FSK (7)
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Employer is trying to take advantage of me AGAIN . (103)
Hey RC, having some issues with your fridge parts Mountain_Dewd (1)
Basic income already exists Io (12)
January 1st, 2018
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u.isNinja()? NaN (Not a Ninja) (4)
What was the CEOs mistake? Q (52)
KSP update Wabi-sabi (1)
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