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January 31st, 2015
OCD and anxiety Friday (14 comments)
Buddha says Bot Berlin (5)
Illegal search? Perl Kid (5)
Started using Uber Bot Berlin (7)
The Imitation Game xampl9 (10)
Ice breaker df (1)
Naked Short Selling Super Bowl Tickets FSK (16)
The end of the Tea Party in Aus Smoke Cup (8)
Polish Farmers vs Big US Corp: 1-0 Quant (2)
No wonder they won't get any decent jobs after graduation Quant (23)
shrinking middle class n/a (2)
Hot Mess Ascending Bored Bystander (9)
muppet and all the drama Friday (1)
January 30th, 2015
McNuggets xampl9 (3)
The Shining df (11)
Logic Bombs At Work FSK (3)
not funny n/a (8)
Dutch Jews and slave trade Quant (12)
Warning - this is just drama - WildRiver (32)
Pulling the bandaid off, slowly Shylock (11)
Apache Cordova and Visual studio for cross platform WildRiver (22)
If you need a laugh today Shylock (44)
Whatever happened to Heather Brooke? xampl9 (1)
hozier, take me to church Friday (10)
January 29th, 2015
what do you think is going to happen/be achieved Friday (11)
fuck the police Bot Berlin (12)
what the hell, France.. Craggie (2)
Hey Wayne, why did you block all vpns? tutu (5)
emotional support pigs n/a (14)
Fuck ~ (30)
Book club xampl9 (13)
Awesome (Credit Card Analysis for insider trading) df (29)
So working in a university sucks? Mike (8)
Weather in Arizona Legion (4)
Very good article about Russia Quant (23)
Any non-insane people left? Join me on this new forum Michael B (23)
January 28th, 2015
Sooo, I watched The Interview. Friday (4)
Do-it-yourself Rectal Prolapse Bored Bystander (1)
This is scary on so many levels Shylock (8)
Constitution Improvements Shylock (68)
What do you use Apple's products for? WildRiver (21)
Charles Townes passes xampl9 (6)
Back to the Future - cars xampl9 (4)
That point in a job... ~ (27)
January 27th, 2015
What the hell? Bot Baden (16)
Shaimaa al-Sabbagh Bot Berlin (0)
Apple df (23)
Part-time gigs (moonlighting) and "malpractice" insurance ANON (15)
Interstellar df (5)
GOP bullshitters Bot Berlin (13)
The Interview: breadcrumbs of gayness Bored Bystander (2)
According to planning, within budget. Lodewijk (11)
The US is a democracy. Right. Shylock (10)
Social capitalism Lodewijk (5)
Sadie's MS (2)
It's very hard to debug other people's code. Shylock (3)
Youtube Bill42x (2)
Trust vs. Interesting Discussions Shylock (3)
Elevator pitch for COT cyber-defense proposal Michael B (63)
Cars witout drivers Lodewijk (40)
Job advice for someone trying to get back into development NPR (19)
Any ideas? Shylock (36)
Wayne banned me! Michael B (smartphone) (36)
find a good woman n++ (9)
January 26th, 2015
Shylock didn't delete any cyberterrorist posts n++ (48)
Fuck the police Lizard (19)
So, this is how this board ends Shylock (51)
posts that cyberterrorist shylock doesn't want u 2 see n++ (6)
Please do not doxx anyone on this site Wayne (12)
cyberterrorism != spamming n++ (15)
Genius hacker spams forum!!! Wick (1)
forget about this place for a while. really actually eek (10)
Real: This doesn't look good. SaveTheHubble (55)
SQL Server Analysis Services xampl9 (10)
Original Content: Is the EFF a terrorist organization? n++ (16)
How much do you have to make, to be in top 1%? SaveTheHubble (11)
The spammer is back n++ (6)
A relic from the past Leaf (9)
If you like hardcore C and history.. Trog (12)
Most Spam is gone.  Thanks. SaveTheHubble (9)
January 25th, 2015
IBM layoffs n++ (33)
Looks like Dr. H might actually be able to take this board down, Shylock (14)
Spam, spam, spam, spam, lovely spam... SaveTheHubble (59)
We're being spammed SaveTheHubble (8)
That bot has a problem with line-ends. Lodewijk (10)
Turkish officials saying Mossad behind Hebdo killing n/a (4)
ACLU Bot Berlin (6)
No really, don't be evil Trog (5)
January 24th, 2015
I finished my first-ever Python script/app Wayne (23)
Edge-cases and it is all about me in Americ Bot Berlin (25)
vb6 gotcha Wick (1)
More 80's retro synth xampl9 (25)
Who does cot agree with? Bot Berlin (7)
Cognitive conservatives Michael B (17)
When prophecy fails: a documented case of cognitive dissonance Michael B (14)
Coding Style Pet Peeve - Evaluate A String As A Function FSK (22)
January 23rd, 2015
miss universe national costumes Matchu (20)
Flash drive glory holes Bored Bystander (22)
Dating in Antarctica n/a (22)
Those of you who post from work Frank (19)
Attention Disney (Land and World) fans! WildRiver (8)
Just got lectured by the boss ~ (89)
What colors do you like to wear? Code Monkey (27)
Chris McKinstry, RIP xampl9 (26)
Ugh. ~ (32)
The problem with making a living at art Michael B (17)
Doomsday clock moved to 3 minutes Bill42x (15)
January 22nd, 2015
significant whitespace John (14)
The History of 404 NPR (5)
Dan Pena Quantum Leap seminar - Review Boo Hoo (1)
I resurrected my blog and found this story I wrote 15 years ago H (5)
16 Things df (9)
The Big Scam Lodewijk (8)
anyone in ontario missing a large white dog? n/a (12)
Which musical instrument do you play? WildRiver (18)
Being bored with your career Vince (26)
Anyone been to Dan Pena Quantum Leap seminar? Rise to the Top (17)
So today, on "Fuck you and your Mother" ~ (50)
"I don't have to tell you about the torture chamber" n/a (3)
I hate Shylock (40)
vintage hifi for kicks eek (10)
Web Scale df (4)
OpenOffice df (8)
So there is work for KDB after all Shylock (12)
The plain packaging virus might spread in 2016 Stink Cup (13)
sample test question n/a (17)
January 21st, 2015
Form 8965 Regular Poster (10)
addiction, connection eek (24)
Dangerous cowboy Poke Cup (8)
Haha argv (3)
google glass n/a (10)
hands up don't shoot n/a (21)
Second disease since smallpox nearly eradicated Michael B (11)
Obama trade deal WildRiver (5)
Obama wants free community college for people to learn "coding" WildRiver (7)
Does PHP still suck? NPR (45)
Dry stir-fry beef xampl9 (15)
Why does Microsoft fail at the little things? df (28)
Canadian dollar plummeting df (16)
personal copiers n/a (21)
Hollywood, whodunits PigPen (5)
Big Trouble in Little China xampl9 (2)
January 20th, 2015
Tech must be hot right now Legion (25)
FSK Job Interview Question FSK (49)
[Hot Dog Slap] xampl9 (2)
Debugging Javascript, wtf? Bored Bystander (8)
State of the Union 2015 n/a (57)
ObamaCare making $$ selling private medical data n/a (7)
The Verge "Superbowl Ad" df (1)
AirAsia df (6)
Illinois can now demand the social media passwords of students xampl9 (10)
Eric Garner memorial burns down SaveTheHubble (7)
will you bloody americans ... eek (6)
Hit by a piece of metal debris from a contractor's truck ~ (17)
Joel cashes in... Bill42x (24)
A masterpiece of the craft Shylock (5)
Apparently, Antarctica has enough mass to exert gravitational Pack Cup (33)
Dan Pena Clearing Liquid (14)
January 19th, 2015
Df.  Two great nfl games this weekend Craggie (2)
Reading and talking on the phone while driving?? Pgph 2 BBC (0)
some nice old photos eek (1)
Disaster software project df (11)
Why is uber so special? Bot Berlin (35)
Every meet someone with an obviously fake accent? Kenny the Robot (17)
Question for Canadians: Shylock (23)
White van speaker scam teardown xampl9 (69)
NSA and Sony n/a (5)
performance advantages of massive parallel clusters n/a (28)
January 18th, 2015
I think I've identified a problem that new developers have xampl9 (38)
3d software eek (4)
Weird df (0)
Bulletproof coffee, anyone? Lee (10)
did you guys see "American Sniper"? beige (32)
The pope BBC (24)
Yet another stack Shylock (4)
Reddit drama in progress BBC (8)
I figured out why Laphroig is so good Shylock (32)
Twinkies , celery and protein BBC (45)
How do JIT compiled runtimes *actually* work? Michael B (17)
Good news on the women front NPR (26)
What is the hardest challenge for starting a SW business The Business Outlet (9)
common core example question n/a (9)
what can we conclude from this n/a (5)
January 17th, 2015
retiring aka fuck everybody Friday (20)
The Man in the High Castle xampl9 (1)
New form of Jihad Jokowi (3)
Stackoverflow blog post on private offices Wick (12)
Where do you get your Tech news? CoT 4 Life! (9)
Cosby wasn't even in the same state n/a (17)
Question about software distibution business The Business Outlet (5)
France considers it's options BBC (19)
The Formula One of the consumer electronics inustry is Clock Cup (3)
AMERICA Michael B (3)
first 3d print project eek (14)
January 16th, 2015
Brice is dead meme Hoyza (12)
Grass fed #holier Michael B (54)
Too bad Brice is dead Shylock (23)
Yo, anyone here tried that Rogaine stuff? anon (13)
Winter coats.... Mike (9)
Had another "chat" about evil databases which "store" things... ~ (10)
Hiking df (21)
restoration job eek (25)
tuition reimbursement - go back to school? . (27)
Sensible stuff on drug prices Shylock (6)
In my first interview for the job I'm trying to get ~ (5)
SpaceX - rocket recovery df (8)
Is PaulGraham the new Big Daddy? hoyZa (48)
Hey Quant, is this sort of what you do? Bluebeard (5)
nice electronic music Your friend LeMonde (1)
January 15th, 2015
"What should I do?" Legion (20)
Departmental silos employee (4)
Heat wave 1976, British Pathe News Wick (13)
Radio Shack brone (10)
Professional development on your skills and your co-workers WildRiver (15)
A walk a day may keep early death away . (8)
What percentage of your work environments have been toxic? Lance (54)
All the employees are at a company meeting xampl9 (6)
Here's a way to make coin Shylock (21)
Don't like being challenged at work with words employee (11)
Cold Fusion ~ (12)
Wooo! Top rated post! xampl9 (1)
Exchange rate risk is a bitch Quant (4)
Some polite criticism of a certain religion Hunkey Punkey (0)
by "freedom of speech" ... eek (37)
Yet another stupid FBI sting operation Bill42x (2)
January 14th, 2015
Economics Shylock (14)
hubble and shylock can't help themselves Nuke Cup (5)
Wanderers Wick (2)
Mormon teacher sex case n/a (28)
Dieudonné arrested in France n/a (16)
"The majority of oil bags are found in South America." The Original LH (15)
January 13th, 2015
So which alumni of JoS/BoS do you guys *respect*? Bored Bystander (36)
Escape from New York remake likely xampl9 (11)
professor robs bank as part of art project n/a (7)
Sucking dicks is pretty weird when you think about it Michael B (18)
top taxi driver names n/a (12)
The newest new new thing Shylock (32)
Apache Software Foundation WildRiver (2)
thinking of switching careers n/a (8)
January 12th, 2015
The original iPhone xampl9 (13)
The Ultimate Computer xampl9 (4)
Why didn't BoS/JoS cross the chasm from mISV to current stuff? Bored Bystander (20)
good to see ... eek (7)
I'm thinking about starting a cupcake business... WildRiver (12)
Joe Sacco on that Paris thing Michael B (36)
Detroit auto show xampl9 (11)
I wanna move to Australia Shylock (19)
Speaking While Female df (19)
Thinking about starting a business... dude (32)
$1.97  ... for super xampl9 (19)
PayPal Woes hoyZa (3)
I feel dumber speaking than writing Michael B (17)
Je suis Dr Horrorwitz Quant (9)
Defenders of the freedom of speech arrive in Paris Quant (16)
January 11th, 2015
wicresoft Friday (6)
Microsoft starting to get it gear, now Balmer is gone xampl9 (10)
Probation for attempted kidnapping?? Matchoo (23)
Mean Female Senators Ruin Male Senator Nudie Pool Michael B (20)
Should interns be charged for references? n/a (16)
motivated by prestigious projects ching chong (11)
January 10th, 2015
When was the last time you were CONSUMED by a project? Michael B (26)
Technical interviewer - inputs? Markowitch (52)
I'm gonna live forever... NPR (9)
How did Joel get to be so successful anyway? Mister Ed (20)
Falcon sea landing n/a (8)
I'm not "smart" enough to work for Google Legion (20)
Not going to answer this xampl9 (1)
Bored Bystander and BoS Wick (29)
wondering, need feedback Scott (16)
January 9th, 2015
Looks like Bored Bystander WAS hellbanned from BOS Big Ed (25)
supermax prison Wick (15)
Which encryption method that will create shortest string? WildRiver (17)
copy of ID card in the car? eek (85)
Why do people say Legion (14)
Good advice for about every other COT thread Legion (20)
Meanwhile, in the moderate Islamic World PigPen (6)
Et il y a une autre... Shylock (0)
Russia says drivers must not have 'sex disorders' Ducknald Don (19)
Another explanation of Paris shooting Quant (9)
LOL at PigPen acting like he's some kind of a tough guy anon (9)
January 8th, 2015
Amazon / Duds df (13)
Finance Michael B (32)
A Teenager’s View on Social Media Quant (8)
Website construction Lodewijk (12)
Why do people need to have multiple aliases?  Explain... WildRiver (18)
The Big Nazi Lodewijk (28)
Do you tell coworkers if you are going out of town on vacation? Fred (19)
What do you think of Las Vegas? Joe (24)
I feel the Earth, move, under my feet Shylock (0)
-12C does funny things to saline Shylock (3)
Are you kidding me, brone? Michael B (1)
Parisians smokes ching chong (0)
Seriously Quant? ~ (11)
Bill C feeling the love in Canada. PigPen (3)
Ken White co-founder of Fastspring - same Ken White of JoS? Bored Bystander (6)
January 7th, 2015
family versus friends Friday (17)
Where are they now? xampl9 (1)
$1.79 per gallon Legion (41)
What did they hope to accomplish? Shylock (27)
French authorities arrest three suspects-Guardian Wick (13)
Indeed similar Quant (9)
Andy Brice on the front page of Hacker news Wick (19)
Sushi for lunch xampl9 (15)
If you like music and Jeroen Bosch Lodewijk (3)
So I made a post about the Bored Bystander on the BOS forum Ed Wood (21)
Religion showing its face Lodewijk (18)
Who deleted the Paris shooting topic? Quant (19)
January 6th, 2015
Socialized healthcare! WildRiver (23)
Broadchurch Wick (5)
social software study Scott (13)
Deep Freeze: with snow! SaveTheHubble (3)
Dolpin culture Quant (8)
"Entrepreneur" xampl9 (23)
Tuesday (NSFW) gif Matchu (4)
Universal healthcare is cheap Quant (43)
Docker! hoyZa (3)
What is the top 1%? hoyZa (47)
What happened to Voyager II Crank Cup (8)
Time vs Money redux PigPen (14)
Toyota opening its fuel cell technology patents Tank Cup (2)
Guess white, guesss male, guess christian guess right. PigPen (5)
Illegal to be a child in this country Legion (23)
January 5th, 2015
Eat more Ovaltine Legion (7)
Postgresql is driving me insane Wick (36)
Personal weight-loss goal 2015 hoyZa (30)
New Space-X launch to ISS SaveTheHubble (19)
great book for people interested in audio eek (2)
statistics question n/a (36)
January 4th, 2015
Bad movies xampl9 (26)
United States imprisons less people than previous year Michael B (12)
Oh Bitcoin. brone (8)
What are your career goals for the new year? Joe (24)
Daughter and her kid moving back in anon (30)
Freeze is coming! NPR (24)
Sadistic Sunday programming puzzle Michael B (32)
It's a miracle Shylock on a phone (5)
SQL joins cheatsheet Michael B (25)
Affluence could be the end of humanity Leaf (12)
Superheroes Friday (0)
Do you have a work wife/hubby? can't remember my usual handle (11)
January 3rd, 2015
What techniques do you have to save time? dude (21)
Question for hoyza and others dude (15)
So close to humans Quant (49)
Source code to friutshow? Hoyza (5)
Ascension Island crab - update Quant (15)
dating much younger woman scrooge (28)
January 2nd, 2015
Definition of Ironic hoyZa (10)
Live. Die. Repeat.  Edge Of Tomorrow SaveTheHubble (26)
Inconsiderate Legion (44)
Is a bartender a viable career in the USA? "George" (12)
What does Batman say when you divide my 0? xampl9 (Windows Phone) (12)
anti-apocolypse eek (14)
RIP Mario Shylock (5)
Time is more important than money. .. (8)
how would you handle apocalypse Friday (55)
January 1st, 2015
The Day Job as extended warranty hoyZa (47)
Hitler's secret nuclear weapons plant found n/a (19)
Traditional New Year's meals xampl9 (12)
Last joke of 2014 Michael B (5)
population growth coherent analyst (6)
NYE from Venna. Laptop trollop (4)
How rich people solve problems ? (7)
Feelgood topc to start the year with ? (6)