Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

January 31st, 2014
fun in a war C. McGhee (3 comments)
cool presentation Bot Baden-Württemberg (1)
in love Scott (35)
Christie's friend going to betray him? Bot Baden-Württemberg (2)
Ask CoT: Amanda Knox conviction in Italy? Bored Bystander (22)
C. McGhee, I can hack! Michael B (13)
I notice the trend about this too. WildRiver (17)
I almost died and nobody asked... Bot Berlin (11)
Race is a social construct Shylock (11)
prime fallout, or boon? C. McGhee (3)
4 Years Shylock (30)
To celebrate Friday, I've found a rare candid photo of STH muppet (10)
Another one Quant (0)
Why regulating banks and hedge funds is not enough Quant (34)
Guilty of being American Quant (11)
January 30th, 2014
some retirement tips Frank (36)
Sisyphus, move over Shylock (19)
Jack Reacher brone (16)
good news at last C. McGhee (2)
The process of getting a job in software today. WildRiver (50)
How can I reset my blah password lemonhead (14)
Republicans: We have ideas too xampl9 (Windows Phone) (6)
hotel blocks mastercard for 2 weeks eek (13)
US police officer believes in demons Quant (1)
Korean's idea of live porn C. McGhee (11)
So the company says we can't dismiss them from our lawsuit Legion (8)
January 29th, 2014
the banner Friday (2)
"Wherever and Whenever" C. McGhee (6)
Leg warmers and break dancing xampl9 (2)
fun day at the beach C. McGhee (6)
Ender's Game (spoilers) Kenny the Robot (4)
wildcat break in Scott (12)
More glamour shots for Quant muppet (7)
Alpha House xampl9 (24)
Snowden nominated to Nobel Peace Prize Quant (29)
Is there something like 99designs for industrial designers? Dr. Horrorwitz (6)
Obama at Costco xampl9 (Windows Phone) (9)
"maybe you'd have less heart problems if you lost some weight" Michael B (2)
Hacker News has taken a shit over the past few months C. McGhee (30)
Dude wrapped my head too tight muppet (10)
Sitting, standing, or walking: What’s the best way to work Mike (10)
Anyone here use F#? Home Despot (5)
Quick, somebody spoonfeed me some applesauce muppet (43)
Let them eat cakes Quant (7)
Programmer thrown from top of bank building Ducknald Don (29)
January 28th, 2014
COT Most Likely To Be A Bot Frank (9)
cite? hn reporter (10)
snowden reddit reporter (8)
$10 an hour [ state of the union thread] zed (11)
OK, so here's episode 1 of the podcast I've been working on muppet (20)
My friends are going crazy one by one Tumor Humor (23)
Mitt on Mitt Walter (5)
religious nutters after Katy Perry? Ted (9)
Apple AirPort C. McGhee (3)
linux admins now make more $$$ than java devs? dave (6)
Now I know I've suffered permanent brain damage muppet (9)
LinkedIn is becoming another CraigsList Rednatsyb Derob (8)
I have a root cause analysis conference call in 2 minutes muppet (12)
Is Hubble a crybaby? Walter (3)
Conference Sponsorship? hoyza (19)
good laser printer for mac? hoyza (11)
I put the Hubble bot thing on the sidebar muppet (8)
Sci-Fi fascination with red-heads xampl9 (23)
Tax-Funded Creationism Education SaveTheHubble (13)
Speaking of Communists Shylock (2)
We will drive them to the airport Colm (4)
January 27th, 2014
Question for the board Frank (15)
Sherlock Holmes is a poor detective, and bad at logic. Legion (19)
buffett's billions / hn retards Bot Baden-Württemberg (16)
International Employer of the Year le mo (1)
The Gervais Principle hoyza (8)
Frog breakfast trollop (5)
Google buys MindPixel for $575 million C. McGhee (27)
State of the Union! WildRiver (6)
Stephen Hawking shows how scientists often forget how to science Philo (51)
what makes Christie so special, anyhow? hoyza (11)
Taking responsibility .... it's cultural PigPen (20)
What revolution .. cheap dates FTW PigPen (25)
Why no revolution in the US? Shylock (44)
Random street view xampl9 (Windows Phone) (4)
Madeleine McCann Anon (13)
Sitting at work, having more head-rushes/seizures/whatever muppet (41)
Google lobbying Republicans now Colm (4)
Pudding df (12)
"Damn, this planet is beautiful" Michael B (10)
Canada Marmite ban story was a hoax Michael B (4)
January 26th, 2014
so she did lose her job Bot Baden-Württemberg (0)
That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse. Bot Baden-Württemberg (12)
Government: Guards may be responsible for half of prison sex ass Bot Baden-Württemberg (1)
HSBC crash crash chras Bot Baden-Württemberg (19)
SERIOUSLY COT Bot Baden-Württemberg (17)
and here comes a shameless promotion Friday (0)
question about dice manufacturing Bot Baden-Württemberg (2)
Server for software dev Cod Boy (20)
golf with a twist Bot Berlin (3)
on the $$$ value of your old t-shirts Bot Berlin (5)
wow eek (1)
(dogecoin) Bot Baden-Württemberg (8)
Broncos of Denver & Seahawks of Seattle Bot Berlin (6)
public schools really into jesus C. McGhee (6)
Who remembers when Arlen Specter wasn't conservative enough? reddit reporter (3)
1250 page book using only one word Bot Berlin (12)
So, I live in London now Michael B (49)
January 25th, 2014
hacker clones new MacPro advance of release C. McGhee (1)
“erect and he kept his legs together” Ed Wood (9)
Blocking Baidu Spider Metal Ümlaut (3)
Blocking Baidu Spider Metal Ümlaut (1)
black business owner C. McGhee (21)
worth it to pay taxes? C. McGhee (62)
here's a scary thought Ed Wood (6)
unmanned combat Ed Wood (19)
inviting a white guy to a chinese ping pong tournament C. McGhee (5)
Betas xampl9 (5)
user interface visual fail album C. McGhee (10)
Fruit Show regex doesn't support https csmattryder (1)
bropages: man pages with just examples Ed Wood (8)
for weekends when you fancy getting away from it all eek (2)
thou pickle-herring in the puppet-show of nonsense ... eek (0)
January 24th, 2014
Rocksmith 2014 muppet (5)
Medicaid expansion Bot Berlin (5)
BBC: as rich as banks Quant (18)
RNC primary Bot Berlin (3)
Who's John Dean? Shylock (6)
Facebook: like a disease Quant (3)
This means WAR Quant (13)
It was 10 below zero last night and I see a spider?! Mr. Anderson (8)
It my lucky day bim (12)
should developers be tortured and murdered? C. McGhee (6)
Good analysis of Microsoft Shylock (22)
now THAT'S a good question ... ! eek (81)
more chinese boy/girl drama C. McGhee (3)
How long would it take to learn MAC? Legion (26)
January 23rd, 2014
Justin Bieber Observer (11)
linux 8 logitch (4)
don't be evil Frank (48)
My 3 year old said, Let's play football Daddy Shylock (25)
perfect venue for next series of "The Voice" eek (0)
Internet technician I strongly disagree! (10)
virtual server hosting WildRiver (6)
AAAAHHH!!! Dr. Horrorwitz (0)
Fake London Underground Signs SaveTheHubble (0)
Good cause Shylock (9)
Justin Bieber busted xampl9 (Windows Phone) (9)
Chris McKinstry, RIP xampl9 (Windows Phone) (6)
Climate change denial tactics Colm (28)
More LSD suicides Michael B (13)
January 22nd, 2014
Traded in my acoustic for this muppet (3)
C++ code at bottom of phishing email QADude (2)
dating profile C. McGhee (11)
One more thing on C# GetHashcode implementations xampl9 (Windows Phone) (0)
Cop molests boy, prosecutor buddy declines to prosecute C. McGhee (9)
No reading last night. Dr. Horrorwitz (4)
84 yr old gets cop beat down in NY after jaywalking C. McGhee (12)
Be the life of the party df (2)
No practicing the guitar last night muppet (7)
I'd leave it in Quant (14)
Ukraine xampl9 (Windows Phone) (42)
Heathcare.gov Bot Berlin (5)
Christie's days are numbered Shylock (15)
J-Lo gets schooled ... eek (36)
muppet eek (4)
January 21st, 2014
DHS clamping down on movie pirating C. McGhee (9)
Great article from my favorite science site... Shylock (10)
How "The Hobbit" might have been written xampl9 (6)
Joshua Black: Barack Obama should be executed for war crimes reddit reporter (22)
looking for ideas for my next guest meal loop (15)
Alcohol (or whatever) makes you Jamaican df (5)
Converting Word to Excel Shylock (13)
black folk acting up C. McGhee (1)
Complete Works of Shakespeare les mors (2)
Ender's Game les mors (9)
After lifelong coding, I quit about a month ago Bot Berlin (18)
k-cup versus t-disc df (15)
I read two more chapters in my book Dr. Horrorwitz (12)
Company Wiki Count Tall (7)
I learned two more chords last night, but I don't think muppet (33)
We've been sold Quant (21)
Happy Birthday D&D Shylock (9)
Threatened with a lawsuit for a negative review Quant (11)
January 20th, 2014
Looking for a spouse that shares your hobbies? xampl9 (31)
It's so cute that Canada tries SO hard to be relevant Observer (78)
You’re Eight Times More Likely to be Killed by a Police Office Frank (0)
Christie as ultimate whistle blower Bot Berlin (5)
Wow, this is pretty brutal Wayne (23)
Joint Retirement/MBA thread. Awesomez! long time lurker (19)
2014 project Bot Berlin (6)
Farage on biology Quant (9)
App makers!  What do you guys think about this? WildRiver (16)
I learned to play two chords on the guitar last night muppet (15)
That probably hurts df (2)
Run, Forest, RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNN Bluebeard (2)
BBC says war is cool Quant (20)
Retire at 30, just live off less... a fuckton less... Bluebeard (30)
January 19th, 2014
By BILL AND MELINDA GATES programmer ed (24)
Basic income Ed Wood (2)
interaction of the moment C. McGhee (3)
Quant's masters Walter (11)
Ultimate Warrior to be inducted into WWE Hall of Fame this year Hulk Hogan (5)
McGhee made a meme Colm (0)
follow your passion debunked C. McGhee (33)
Why in the world would anyone write this code? Shylock (31)
Wolf of Wall Street review df (12)
January 18th, 2014
routine mole removal now costs $25,000 in USA C. McGhee (23)
5 reasons my dog is a lazy worthless millenial Colm (12)
How do you find happiness working in this field? 32 years old (38)
What is it with Americans and personal space? Q (18)
Bill Murray AMA les mors (2)
Actually saw a Tesla tonight Shylock (11)
great question.  how to defend developer power against mgmt? udud (49)
popular sites I don't get C. McGhee (24)
death of expertise udud (2)
Google's market cap df (2)
operator == override in c# xampl9 (9)
purely functional red-black delete udud (0)
Free copy of The Last of Us (PS3) anyone? Trog (3)
Ohio killer's execution takes almost 25 minutes Ducknald Don (21)
Penis cam catches women on the tube gawking Michael B (6)
Windows 3.1/8086 emulator in javascript C. McGhee (1)
January 17th, 2014
something for trollop to get off on Walter (50)
11-year-old girl accidentally shot by her father Walter (9)
bitcoin Walter (1)
HN idiots Walter (1)
daily nfl news:this feature needs to be DAILY Walter (2)
underemployed stats for degreed young adults C. McGhee (26)
definitely a troll.. fidelio (1)
99 Days until Disney muppet (6)
This honestly couldn't sound any more butthurt Colm (46)
Interruptions Bluebeard (1)
Norton actually came in useful! Shylock (13)
trollop Bot Berlin (16)
Renewable and other energy sources MobyDobie (36)
Obama caves and agrees to pretend to curb NSA powers Colm (8)
dateless girl writes book C. McGhee (23)
January 16th, 2014
I've given up on seti@home Leaf (14)
Thing about smart people Bot Berlin (10)
134 Countries Shylock (21)
China: Luxury clubs ordered to close Colm (20)
So the wife wants to go back to school Sid (42)
How did you pay for college? geek (27)
Your daily NFL news df (8)
COT slighted Legion (24)
Man jailed for Google+ invite Colm (2)
So, I'm probably dying. That will probably cheer some of you up muppet (30)
Israeli Miley Cyrus Orit's manager, North America (3)
January 15th, 2014
Efficient market hypothesis Colm (13)
Snowden staying busy C. McGhee (6)
I'm not sure about this explanation Bot Berlin (10)
The penny just dropped les mors (7)
Guardian nails it! Huntington Beach (34)
Interesting battery news Shylock (8)
Excellent example of faking it until you make it Shylock (2)
Taleb. Retire std dev Bot Berlin (2)
Wrap your laptop in tin foil... Shylock (9)
The Constant Intrusion of Your Personal Time Milton (2)
Doing business with relatives Jim (31)
Maths, if you've not seen it already. trollop (0)
Luminosity df (2)
Bluetooth LE df (4)
January 14th, 2014
yay, few people actually like my k-pop ama Friday (3)
female lone ranger inaccuracies Whitefeather (5)
Can we just legalize drugs already? C. McGhee (2)
oklahoma reddit reporter (0)
Christie Bot Berlin (1)
The Clinton Death Pool Philo (20)
1 Thing You Can't Change About Women mess is lore (5)
10 Things You Can't Change About A Women Brice Richard (11)
Let talk about retirement! WildRiver (30)
Good to know Quant's paying his way... Shylock (21)
Trust your policeman Quant (18)
An expensive photo shoot Quant (9)
java question C. McGhee (20)
Reality check: The house you own does not actually belong to you Tom (9)
Black suit, Brown shoes xampl9 (Windows Phone) (29)
Would it be worth it to buy a condo closer to work? Jim (32)
I have always hated Oracle database WildRiver (5)
Student loan debt. Ouch! Ed Wood (23)
I'm not a huge Christie fan to begin with muppet (13)
every thing is for young people fishbone (2)
Pigpen reads the tabloid to feel superior Bot Berlin (17)
Them there's fightin' words PigPen (3)
This is why I don't wear a coat to the club PigPen (13)
January 13th, 2014
2014 project: R vs Python Bot Berlin (8)
healthcare.gov Bot Berlin (7)
Captagon: the amphetamine fuelling Syria's civil war legum (2)
to Shylock (the real one) Israeli (1)
Old American TV shows from th 70's Israeli (3)
OK, one more thing about Christie Shylock (2)
Can we just legalize drugs already? Shylock (8)
Old Iraeli TV (70's) Israeli (16)
Nest Bot Berlin (5)
Anyone for tennis? trollop (3)
Human observation df (8)
respect eek (6)
banned from /r/feminism muppet (24)
Comedian and Actor Menachem Zilberman Passes Away Israeli (6)
Mayor of Jersey also target of Christie's bullying? Bot Berlin (2)
another reason to hate Apple eek (18)
Michael Bay can't work without a teleprompter... Wayne (12)
January 12th, 2014
Hillary scandal C. McGhee (0)
wish us luck Friday (20)
malware author argues with "customers" C. McGhee (5)
motive in the bridgegazi scandal Bot Berlin (1)
I got unauthorized charge on credit card. WildRiver (21)
Easy-to-configure Static Web & Reverse Proxy Server in Go Bot Berlin (2)
Pick the right wife! Bluebeard (29)
christy Bot Berlin (2)
at least you're better than north korea Bot Berlin (1)
iOS7 stupidities. brone (13)
January 11th, 2014
poorest county in America Walter (10)
What it's like to be hoolahoop.. Wayne (7)
let'say it's 1998 Friday (2)
lovesong of j alfred cot poet laurete (0)
Impeachment for Christie? Frank (8)
10 minutes....became.....2 hours  [bridgegate] udud (6)
checking in Barack Obama (8)
Do you believe in love at first sight? BEatles (0)
hn michaelwinters (11)
Richard Feder speaks Shylock (3)
why not give the guy his coat back? udud (5)
Aggregate household income in Manhattan in 2009 udud (2)
stories begin bm end udud (2)
Bridgegate Document Dump Frank (4)
sloppy thinking udud (8)
i don't know most of these references udud (1)
reddti udud (9)
stupid shit Philo says udud (2)
Israel's ex-PM Ariel Sharon Israeli (13)
January 10th, 2014
TGI Friday (0)
Target bungled foray into Canada Kenny the Robot (6)
Christie's not a bully Shylock (6)
awesome nsfw subreddit C. McGhee (5)
child support case study C. McGhee (7)
Unique offices df (27)
I think Chris Christie doesn't understand what this means Philo (27)
Movies: Out of the Furnace, Lone Survivor Kenny the Robot (6)
Ever catch someone at work talking smack behind your back? Tom (11)
Muppet isn't a voter? Legion (14)
TFS Friday (23)
January 9th, 2014
personality types of HN Psychoanalyst (3)
I posted a great take down of "the patriarchy" a while ago. Frank (7)
Good times past trollop (4)
those who DID NOT release documents, who betrayed their oath! Dr. Horrorwitz (4)
Omygod, it's awesome.... Americano Coffee (0)
"Ah Kin Smell the C**k on Yore Breath" Bored Bystander (3)
Given that our military is not exactly small muppet (20)
robot gets man arrested C. McGhee (30)
HN still down xampl9 (Windows Phone) (6)
Does your business card measure up? df (3)
So, my oldest came out as a lesbian muppet (66)
Horrorwitz? xampl9 (20)
January 8th, 2014
How people in Muslim countries prefer women to dress in public zed (9)
republicans Frank (2)
Russia, Mongolia, and Canada give 26 weeks maternity leave? Frank (12)
what prison will Chris Christie serve in? Bot Berlin (13)
Why don't we get wellness questions like this here? Bored Bystander (14)
TIL - Baby Mamma Drama PigPen (0)
Chris Christie's not going to be President Shylock (30)
Cairo may become part of new C++ standard Quant (10)
Mulally says "Hell No" xampl9 (Windows Phone) (15)
Taleb smackdown Shylock (29)
And then she stabbed him through the heart MobyDobie (0)
not even going to describe this one.. fidelio (13)
Bob Newhart's stand up comedy Philo (11)
The Rodmeister! Saluting an American Hero! (1)
January 7th, 2014
Sympathy vs. Empathy: Food for thought Bot Berlin (0)
Yahoo and security df (14)
tv Bot Berlin (4)
site stats C. McGhee (10)
increasing your score C. McGhee (6)
sidebar Walter (0)
Nokolisp Walter (15)
CEO of JP Morgan avoids jail Walter (15)
interesting heirarchy  of the US rich Walter (9)
Privacy? Walter (8)
Easy to use free/cheap video conferencing software? Quant (9)
Snowden's role models Shylock (1)
What browser & plugins do you use? Philo (9)
I am the real Bot Berlin Dr. Horrorwitz (3)
Never buy custom-made furniture on eBay Quant (21)
Just a note, somebody using my nick Bot Berlin (10)
Interesting link on graph databases Shylock (0)
hardcore trolling C. McGhee (27)
January 6th, 2014
Cambridge University and elitism Colm (46)
Nothing is stronger than friendship! xampl9 (1)
2014 project: Linear algebra Bot Berlin (13)
Snowbound: Is global warming a myth? df (79)
sex sent me to the ER C. McGhee (6)
terrorist attack in mexico C. McGhee (6)
Federal reserve equity? Wtf Bot Berlin (2)
Healthcare.gov Frank (0)
What is your say about rejecting a friend because of a defect needle (17)
Code on film Shylock (7)
It's the silly season trollop (2)
study finds time travelers don't wish to be found John Titor (2)
would you hire someone with an arrest record? C. McGhee (19)
Hacker News is down df (14)
Female oriented MMO xampl9 (Windows Phone) (17)
LG and WebOS df (7)
House of Cards Season 2 df (2)
"Why I no longer contribute to Stack Overflow" Shylock (39)
What Blocked the Tunnelling Machine SaveTheHubble (12)
Indian "microsoft technicians"... eek (10)
The Hobbit (Smaug edition) xampl9 (9)
Heavy Fuel Quant (6)
Best song titles evar! PigPen (0)
January 5th, 2014
reddit has declared an arms embargo against Pakistan reddit reporter (2)
On being slow C. McGhee (14)
bam! inspire me jack (7)
Please comment on the comments Imagur reporter (5)
Wifi router end of story Lost Router (2)
Colm is/was married????!???!!????!!!!! ?cot historian (6)
Very little discussion about the parade Bot Berlin (0)
I don't get it Bot Berlin (6)
Ok, dude, you're way off base Bot Berlin (5)
My friends went to see Tater Tots in capitol cinema Gumby (1)
Good throughout but I LOVE that cat picture Bot Berlin (0)
Rand Paul: "Snowden has committed crimes against US" C. McGhee (9)
Guys... a router question... Lost Router (13)
more lessons for corporate slaves reddit reporter (12)
man vs nature C. McGhee (9)
night Bot Berlin (1)
blow me away with some music suggestions avaliable online Friday (13)
2014 project:  R lm Bot Berlin (1)
January 4th, 2014
2014 project:  ggplot2 Bot Berlin (6)
2014 project:  linear models & optimization Bot Berlin (48)
Good HN post on competition in search Frank (22)
Donald Trump evicts widow Frank (14)
Uk govt spends 45% of GDP ? Frank (9)
cost of college education C. McGhee (23)
Microsoft Help C. McGhee (2)
Bizarre deal brone (5)
Only the 2nd happiest place on earth MobyDobie (39)
You're just like pedophiles MobyDobie (6)
the show must go on Friday (3)
January 3rd, 2014
day trading Friday (19)
Hacked Quant (13)
Obama approval down 10 pts in 2013 Frank (3)
Henderson high school + PD + DA Frank (4)
My 7 things King George (11)
Barbecuing in January Shylock (7)
UK economy recovered 2nd half of 2013? Practical Economist (11)
How history will be taught to the next generation... hehe Bluebeard (0)
Outsourcing - hoist by their own petard. Philo (16)
People who CC management when there is a glitch Code Monkey (15)
Comedy, Sex and The Blue Numbers les is ore (1)
They're making it Quant (20)
Healthcare.gov Frank (13)
Programming skills can be a ticket to upward mobility Mike (16)
Trying to read what ASP.NET MVC is all about Chuck (32)
Cultural selection Rick Tang on Nexus 7 (1)
January 2nd, 2014
Stack Exchange Password trollop (21)
I'm pretty sure I've run into some of them Colm (6)
Ken Langone Ed Wood (22)
NSFW in this context is Dogs a euphemism? 007 (2)
NSFW everything can be funny 007 (2)
What does Manitoba have in common with Mars Shylock (20)
get up! it's time to go to school. mother (0)
http://bechdeltest.com/ Dr. Horrorwitz (0)
S&P 500 2013 total return 32.4% Frank (6)
Generic All Purpose Women's Magazine Bored Bystander (1)
I am an old woman fishbone (7)
yeah eek (2)
Hey Doc, are you an amazon author PigPen (3)
Be better people in 2014, CoT hipsters and navel gazers... Bluebeard (17)
In a meeting earlier xampl9 (Windows Phone) (6)
It's always rape MobyDobie (55)
New coworker Frank (0)
No - *BAD* project manager. Put down the phone. Philo (19)
114 Days until Disney muppet (6)
levitating small objects with sound waves. eek (4)
this fidelio (5)
January 1st, 2014
2014, bloody one... Friday (2)
undelete my post C. McGhee (21)
very nice AMA over on reddit C. McGhee (7)
Affordable Care Act is a pro-insurance-industry plan reddit reporter (21)
trolley problem da philosopher (7)
blackfish docu dan (2)
neat skill, but maybe change your approach? programmer ed (4)
Building explodes in downtown Minneapolis newsbot (0)
Rich wasted judge sentences herself to cushy rehab C. McGhee (10)
Rossi has competition! df (1)
benjamin netanyahu Dr. Horrorwitz (22)