Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

January 31st, 2013
The Internet Today df (5 comments)
Funeral Service for Dan Idiot (6)
Syria Idiot (2)
Oh the Onion! Tommy B (0)
corporation as psychopath lemonhead (22)
intent the ethicist (4)
religious people suck, part 9 R. (46)
personal finance R. (27)
Canned Diet Coke ($4.00) R. (7)
Librarians are Copyright Pirates Idiot (0)
i had some ayahuasca EXXPO (5)
We provide round the clock support trollop (6)
Cocaine in your Coca-Cola Bot Berlin (8)
Democratic Science Idiot (14)
Who'd you do business with? Io (26)
Dans farewell party Gil (21)
Why I'm posting here Io (9)
Great collection of essays Io (2)
January 30th, 2013
Are you blind? Fan boy (9)
There are stupid people in this world Shylock, really not Denman (6)
This is a good back and forth, Republican vs Democrat Bot Berlin (12)
Would have been a bad time to be taking a leak trollop (2)
audible LOL. reddit reporter (0)
burning bridges lemonhead (11)
Women in their 30s are INSATIABLE Michael B (11)
If this weed delivery service were any more pro Michael B (7)
Are you OK with ALL weapons? Bot Berlin (19)
Do you have any web browsing rules to stay offline? Web browser (7)
gun control works in chicago Idiot (4)
How many English words do you know? Leaf (13)
A Republican actually does something good in Washington Shylock, really not Denman (2)
Israel Bombs Syrian Convoy - Now word on Corgo Morons (7)
Who'd'a thought? Shylock, really not Denman (6)
You muthafuckers need some Jesus in your life PigPen (2)
Extreme surfer Garrett McNamara catches massive 30m wave in Naza less is more (4)
January 29th, 2013
oh fuck you SaveTheHubble, Fuck you hard lemonhead (11)
Top 10 moving destinations Bot Berlin (12)
Carmen Ortiz's screw up for this week Idiot (2)
YouTube will start charging for access Idiot (6)
Hello COT people Dr. Sean (7)
The Ethiopian cashier Dan (10)
Lawyers are scum, old people are morons muppet (62)
No more cursive handwriting xampl9 (8)
If I were a betting man... Kenny (10)
The point of the finance post anon for this one (32)
"The naivete of the average redditor can be occasionally" xampl9 (12)
Israel eugenics Quant (32)
Catholics:: A foetus is a person ... right from conception PigPen (18)
Indian IT guys makes world record in online sprinting codeNinja (0)
Giving up, parking cash in brokerage account Michael B (10)
Help keep Dan's posting on Syria deleted Dr. Horrorwitz (11)
China's good intentions towards the US Dr. Horrorwitz (3)
Tell me about your hobbies right now Michael B (42)
The war in Syria (C) Dan (1)
Xp -> ? Bill42x (14)
You're just too shitty to enjoy things. R. (8)
Why real pros call hookers PigPen (1)
Poll: lurkers, what's the attraction? less is more (19)
CIA go home Idiot (2)
January 28th, 2013
Do you think Aaron Swartz voted for Obama Purple Rain (1)
Stop asserting your jewness less is more (11)
Brominated vegetable oil Idiot (8)
Sandy Hook father: "Politicians abusing children's death" Idiot (1)
Good but sad news Dr. Horrorwitz (23)
what am I doing wrong (financial stuff) anon for this one (59)
Poll: how old are you? Michael B (26)
Professional Griefers Michael B (9)
1.6 billion Muslims, 2 Nobel price winners forThis.Anon (13)
"how much to develop an iapp?" Idiot (6)
Questions for Java guys Shylock, really not Denman (27)
Best smartphone for displaying web apps? . (10)
January 27th, 2013
FUCK THIS WAR reddit reporter (4)
Faking the Moon Landing Not Possible in 1969. MS (15)
Dr. Moshe's wife stalks James Lasdun R. (4)
So while I'm in the Philippines... Leaf (5)
Ortiz to Motel Owner: I'll be back DEW (8)
part of the problem cot school for trolls! (9)
Ryan Dunn Wikipedian (8)
how the rich protect t Craggie (0)
You are rich and have a bad moral compass Bot Berlin (14)
blast from the past: Krugman in 2002 Idiot (6)
January 26th, 2013
Deletion war imbeciles Idiot (10)
The war in Syria Dan (12)
fuck you Lodewijk lemonhead (13)
Christians in the Middle East Dan (21)
A daily dose of diet Dan (2)
weekend fun EXXPO (4)
Dr h == Van Koskesh Ganz (2)
It is incredibly hard to make friends in Europe reddit reporter (20)
Global warming, how much scientists disagree Bluebeard (8)
Suicide rates in the US Army Io (5)
Special thanks to Dr. Horrorwitz Ganz (3)
Aaron is on drudge now Bot Berlin (0)
FB now requiring state ID to access account Useful Idiot (9)
A daily dose of diet Dan (1)
The Killer App hoyza (2)
January 25th, 2013
Threads all blue Q (9)
travesty go misuse a different word, jerk (0)
Deficit Hawks Down Practical Economist (2)
Estonia Sings Blues Practical Economist (7)
Swartz didn't face jail time Bot Berlin (3)
The AR-15 strikes again!!! (kinda) Crisis of Salad (1)
Motel owner defeats Ortiz Idiot (9)
Internet Marketing Secret Society Fail Bored Bystander (10)
I have a brilliant plan the great purple (4)
Now this is odd Shylock, really not Denman (2)
Executives not hearing the word "No". CircusAttraction (8)
APPL df (17)
Cloward-Piven strategy NPR (7)
Swiss also want their gold back from the US Dr. Horrorwitz (7)
Iranian nuke plant blown up!! Dr. Horrorwitz (26)
Threesome fail Michael B (25)
Looks like gun control ain't gonna happen Shylock, really not Denman (2)
Vegetarians get impatient, resort to more shock imagery muppet (14)
leftist crisis - whole foods run by american nazi party Idiot (6)
January 24th, 2013
<xs:annotation> is not enough Shylock, really not Denman (4)
I sort of missed the open relationships thread muppet (28)
Unlocking phones may be illegal Bot Berlin (12)
First pr0n ever... Shylock, really not Denman (18)
Here we go Bot Berlin (2)
Now they go after hippies Quant (11)
Best pans (for cooking) Bill42x (21)
Java fan boy Shylock, really not Denman (7)
A daily dose of diet Dan (11)
Top 10 Internet Speeds less is more (24)
Ortiz sought to squash activism Idiot (2)
January 23rd, 2013
Io's favourite blogger is a ragequitter fan of df (7)
WTF does this say? Idiot (12)
food allergies Wikipedian (0)
common sense gun law Idiot (4)
CoT scoops! Dr. I (8)
Dr. H Moshe van koskesh (7)
Mind Pixel 2 xampl9 (4)
Religious Thinking Voltaire's Dog (20)
Anyone playing with this yet? Bot Berlin (8)
What's your opinion on open relationships? Michael B (35)
Fun with anonymous email Idiot (2)
this speaks volumes.. Morons (1)
Idiot over at Inc.com PigPen (20)
Finger rule for job offer quality Io (10)
Skype. Is. Freaking. Awesome. Rick Tang on Nexus S (2)
Cruise for President, or Scientology acceptance redux PigPen (9)
January 22nd, 2013
JSTOR: "Aaron had the right to download the articles" Idiot (11)
New School Precautions Idiot (5)
An after elections Shawarma Dan (21)
That NASA ISS coding challenge df (42)
Fatness Michael B (77)
Anyone own a rice cooker? Joe (19)
774 Lodewijk. (2)
Managing small IT group in a small business-good job or shitty? Joe (12)
Off to Bruges, tomorrow... Kenny (8)
Terrorist should get more than just suspension Mountain_Dewd (2)
Anyone ever rim/get rimmed? Michael B (14)
Vaccines Crisis of Salad (1)
Gun Shooting in India Not an Idiot (0)
Society and flippant trends - We never learn. It's just cycles df (25)
Elections in Israel Dan (19)
Dancing bananas Old timer (3)
Don't talk to your wife for a week PigPen (6)
The beast is so monstrous it will devour us all. weev (0)
alternate history Time Traveller (11)
January 21st, 2013
India rape case was false accusation Idiot (4)
Dennis Rodman wikipedian (3)
80% of published chemistry findings are false Idiot (41)
what are you a fan of? lemonhead (14)
KAtyFye:What really caused Aaron Swartz's suicide? reddit reporter (7)
'Horrific' New Mexico shooting leaves 5 dead; gunbot (1)
Indianapolis Gun Show Shooting: Man Accidentally Injures Himself gunbot (1)
Ohio Gun Show Shooting gunbot (4)
NC gun show shooting xampl9 (iPhone) (2)
Idiot on drinking Bot Berlin (14)
Well, I'll be Shylock, not Denman (8)
A basic crawler in honor of Aaron Swartz Bot Berlin (39)
Revenge Porn? Idiot (9)
Ortiz: "we plan to arrest more hackers, not fewer" Idiot (1)
Atari making headlines Idiot (7)
And when you're done, analyze this df (7)
Analyze This, Freudians Mëtäl Ümläüt (9)
I didn't know that today was a holiday Shylock (16)
Mega cracked in less than 24 hrs Idiot (0)
Study of CoT members shows we are heartless Idiot (7)
To all you Atheist… Morons (22)
Machete order less is more (2)
Prometheus MobyDobie (4)
Rapper Wasalu Muhammad Jaco arrested for terrorism Idiot (13)
AR-15! AR-15! AR-15! AR-15! AR-15! Crisis of Salad (9)
seen on the subway Idiot (9)
Do you use antivirus? Leaf (11)
Idiot on Tap less is more (6)
Carmen Ortiz - war criminal Idiot (5)
China-Japan war still on for this year Idiot (10)
do not call attention to security flaws Idiot (0)
more old teachers marrying under age students Idiot (4)
January 20th, 2013
terrorist cell caught - good work feds Idiot (12)
Swartz was a major wikileaks source Idiot (4)
Aaron Swartz is guilty, guilty, guilty Bot Berlin (4)
this is lorb 2008 CoT historian (5)
depressed daily reddit reporter (hn beat) (0)
a pretty big difference reddit geek (0)
BC schools insourcing Idiot (6)
graphene super capacitor eek (0)
Clothes are just so wrong. Fan boy (12)
Zero dark thirty interview Bill42x (8)
get rid of social security/medicare Idiot (18)
true? PG knows best? (6)
incentives work Pay the kid $10 bucks to be in (2)
made me smile 22 hours of energy, god help me (0)
How long is a generation? fuck it all (9)
obama is a bad manger (op ed today's net) lemonhead (1)
I am old and don't understand this Megaupload thing Bot Berlin (10)
who are we witch hunting? Tyler (59)
Zero Dark Thiry Revew Tyler (4)
Interesting Bot Berlin (1)
January 19th, 2013
thread to support Bot in his quest to do Hubble's job R (3)
interesting chemistry experiment Idiot (10)
NASA cheaping out on contracts Idiot (12)
Jerk xampl9 (4)
gun appreciation day FI (10)
Carmen Ortiz stealing businesses Idiot (7)
Notable the way the want to give him a beating at the end there Former programmer (0)
Zero Dark Thirty xampl9 (26)
UK judge thinks James Bond was a real MI6 agent Quant (8)
Is Scientology a scam, or is it a scam? Fan boy (11)
#1 hottest asian model looks like a plain white girl` reddit reporter (8)
Unhappy people form a risk to our society Basus (10)
Lie of the Year Idiot (2)
Career advancement Io (16)
i disagree reddit reporter (3)
Flu season xampl9 (11)
Manhattan Middle Class Former programmer (17)
Turks, Kurds, Iraq Lodewijk. (7)
Threaded sucks Fan boy (20)
Django chick bullshit PigPen (14)
Fox tossing Bill42x (1)
Obongocare costing firms money Idiot (15)
January 18th, 2013
the day I tried to kill myself reddit reporter (2)
copyright topic fakebook (7)
Throw the bums out "Who am I, and why am I here?" (12)
tip for mac users Idiot (4)
Hostages in Algeria and the War in Mali Lodewijk (3)
Hey dads PigPen (25)
Amsterdam is nice... Kenny (7)
we have a heart beat!!! the great purple (15)
6 minutes of Phil Liggett less is more (2)
The dog did it. brone (6)
C# + Mono Rick Tang on Nexus S (10)
Armstrong admits doping Idiot (33)
kill them with kindness ... eek (28)
January 17th, 2013
44.2C less is more (8)
Teacher arrested and found guilty for porn popup Randy (15)
Truly incredible that in their own son's obit they blame others Tom Dolan loves his wife? (10)
Best Valentine's Day Cards, ever. Shylock, not Denman (4)
A daily dose of diet Dan (9)
Fresh Arab food Dan (1)
What's the most you would commute for a job? Mike (25)
Ron Paul on the Morton Downey Jr. show in the late 80s Mike (2)
All guns banned effective March 2013 Idiot (7)
Computers are still too fucking slow Michael B (22)
"Girls want you to listen, not solve their problems" Michael B (24)
a full morning of work less is more (3)
Everything you need to make a Time Machine. Morons (4)
Bug in one's soup Io (4)
Flew Former godless programmer (21)
Muslim Patrol (UK) MobyDobie (27)
Latest News from the Democratic Secular Revolution MobyDobie (13)
Hey Ozzies, check this out Shylock, not Denman (7)
Concentration of wealth Bill42x (19)
Trespassing Idiot (2)
tinnitus eek (5)
German gold being repatriated... Bill42x (5)
Judgement of Paris, 2013 Idiot (29)
Prosecutor has husband attack family of dead kid Idiot (1)
January 16th, 2013
Hire this bloke? trollop (1)
All natural 100% organic medicine Bored Bystander (5)
HTML 5 localStorage xampl9 (0)
FlatbatteryLiner grounded el (1)
I hate XML Shylock, not Denman (32)
Which one of you was it? Quant (4)
car renting compared to programmer interviews Idiot (14)
should changing Your MAC address be a felony? Idiot (5)
Tax increases in odd woodcut illustrations Bluebeard (12)
And the mouse police never sleeps... Bluebeard (14)
These people can't exist df (8)
US software developer outsourced his work to China so he could.. Mike (20)
Why don't you make more money? Michael B (22)
What is stealing? Idiot (22)
Zamboni @ Google trollop (4)
January 15th, 2013
how to be a winner Idiot (9)
Congress: "The Government Killed Swartz" Idiot (12)
the ridiculous worldview of edw519 hey you simpleton (8)
Ortiz Petition Idiot (8)
Ping Stubble (on NASA spacesuit tech) Dr. Horrorwitz (30)
WalMart to hire veterans xampl9 (3)
Armstrong's so-called "apology" df (16)
Tuesday Bot Berlin (12)
Ok so you do have to switch jobs to get a raise The OP (25)
Brilliant SpaceX Rocket Engine SaveTheHubble (10)
What would you be doing if you had a million dollars? Michael B (23)
Fastest way/app to convert video files PatD (4)
Feature request: own threads Michael B (28)
terms of service - are they laws without review? Scott (12)
Dealing with a pushy headhunter Scott (51)
Change your furnace filter Fan boy (22)
MIT library access Idiot (8)
January 14th, 2013
How to break flow Idiot (16)
Make shit up L (2)
Secret Service after Aaron Swartz Idiot (5)
New Endangered Species Shylock, not Denman (7)
Anyone use private banks? Michael B (31)
Orin Kerr and Mr. Hyde Idiot (1)
Tears in heaven Shylock (0)
All you gotta do... df (2)
adsense console ... eek (1)
Get them started early xampl9 (0)
Autistic kids wait 3 years for therapy in Canada Rich Tsang (21)
Magazine Subscriptions hoyza (16)
Knight-Wallace Fellowshop hoyza (13)
My 32-bit crawler again Dr. Horrorwitz (89)
Non-free papers due to US-strategic interests? Dr. Horrorwitz (5)
Steve Jobs died of AIDS Dr. Horrorwitz (16)
Want to liberate data? df (19)
Two More ways to live independent hoyza (14)
nausea the great purple (10)
Golden Globes xampl9 (1)
Where's Aaroon now? Joel on Software (8)
Idiot, why did Aaron kill himself? Bot Berlin (14)
Anon mad at MIT Idiot (2)
Questions about job interviews . (13)
I am surprised Aaron got caught Bot Berlin (16)
Threads all blue - bug or feature? Leaf (12)
Obama plans to use US Army to disarm citizens Idiot (7)
Idiot, can you get me all the documents from these sites Bot Berlin (6)
January 13th, 2013
is Auernheimer guilty? R. (1)
What's the longest you've spent in a flying tin can? Leaf (16)
Do you think Aaron was guilty? Bot Berlin (72)
Anyone want to explain this coin thing to my lazy ass? Crisis of Salad (24)
Swartz's last tweet Idiot (4)
Dinner plans for tonight xampl9 (7)
possession R. (0)
prime of life R. (8)
aaron at comdex (2002) R. (4)
Pictures of summer Shylock, not Denman (6)
Gun Violence Kenny (31)
interesting piece on Aaron eek (0)
January 12th, 2013
You can forget that Woody Allen can be funny Shylock, not Denman (8)
49.6C in Moomba less is more (3)
My favourite drink is.. df (22)
Assange commits suicide Idiot (8)
AP Interview: George P. Bush weighing run in Texas Yeah, right (2)
Obama ranks higher than Clinton Bot Berlin (4)
RIP smart bitch Bot Berlin (27)
The second half of the chessboard what are you reading for? (12)
For Your Eyes Only, Idiot less is more (5)
shylock deleting spam again Idiot (11)
unexpected geek suicide Idiot (5)
culturally aware geek site Idiot (7)
January 11th, 2013
Googling make yu stupid? Fan boy (12)
Guns not good for self-defense Shylock, not Denman (9)
What do you live for? Michael B (24)
Plagiarism df (5)
Signing bonus xampl9 (6)
You are all women PigPen (9)
Perks for developers Idiot (27)
Zurb Acquires Forrst Idiot (7)
Bullshit Rick Tang on Nexus S (2)
Cancelling a job interiew dot (17)
January 10th, 2013
Violence rates in Europe Idiot (23)
That woman who shot the intruder in her attic Crisis of Salad (8)
Congress less popular than cockroaches el (8)
6% of the calories in breast milk are from protein Michael B (3)
Alcohol intoxication facilitates creative problem solving Michael B (8)
Global Warming pictures Shylock (13)
How do you encourage a good idea in software development? Bot Berlin (7)
the meme where math isn't necessary Idiot (22)
Al Gore's tax plan Michael B (24)
IANAL Kenny (6)
I am an Regular on COT, AMA Morons (10)
I drink a lot, AMA Bot Berlin (26)
I am a Coffee/Tea Addict. AMAA. Idiot (16)
I've done a lot of drugs, AMA Michael B (94)
Anyone bang their head into a wall, just to bang your head? SaveTheHubble (5)
Anyone go on interviews just to go on interviews? dot (34)
January 9th, 2013
Are you against legalizing weed? Michael B (28)
Boardgame shake-up trollop (8)
i miss breathing the great purple (9)
Dear divorcees Michael B (24)
Forgiveness PigPen (25)
She's a great mom PigPen (11)
Don't Pull Your Love Shylock (12)
Who should go on the platinum coin? Shylock (14)
For STH (Bible Scholar does ama on reddit) lemonballs (2)
Plastic shopping bags xampl9 (4)
Keystroke counter xampl9 (15)
Will Sony still be around in 2015? PigPen (2)
Just put that out there Bot Berlin (3)
Legalization of pot and the south Bot Berlin (12)
January 8th, 2013
MAKING THE CLAIM.....VBA Is the New COBOL Brice Richard (69)
foofy drinks for fags Idiot (2)
Sperm Donor Forced Child Support Morons (6)
For the libertarians, alex jones goes nuts Bot Berlin (3)
Is your name on here? Bot Berlin (13)
Visio 2013 df (6)
The Tower of Kalla Lodewijk. (5)
Turning the tables on the SO-JO relationship advice question Michael B (40)
Linode vs Slicehost vs Bhost Bot Berlin (14)
Dealing with recruiters and headhunters Scott (33)
hero android update eek (5)
Al Roker: 'I pooped my pants' at the White House Mike (5)
What is the average salary for a software developer? . (43)
Obama nominates alleged torturer to head CIA Quant (10)
Prog. Is Terr. SaveTheHubble (6)
Real life trolling can be dangerous. lemonballs (7)
Interesting people that Ben Wing had met. lemonballs (7)
How to make love lemonballs (0)
geek exam eek (1)
kidnappers demand jobs Idiot (0)
Gambler beats the house Bluebeard (2)
California State Vehicle Code Section 470 & 522 Idiot (13)
study says porn is a good career choice for hot women Idiot (20)
Warning for Attiller lemonballs (1)
Dude gets caught and is in trouble for jacking off. lemonballs (31)
Australia posts hottest day on record less is more (20)
January 7th, 2013
AIG sues US taxpayers Idiot (9)
Anyone watching the mandingo fights? Bot Berlin (9)
15 lakh is about 30K USD lemonhead (0)
1968 Ford Mustang 428 Cobra Jet lemonhead (3)
“Etaoin srhldcu” lemonhead (8)
Great post! lemonhead (3)
schemaless lemonhead (10)
schemaless lemonhead (1)
end of work lemonhead (2)
List of Comapnies by Revenue lemonhead (0)
internet witch hunt lemonhead (1)
Finale air date May 14, 1998 lemonhead (5)
NASA discovers 461 new planet candidates in search for another E lemonhead (3)
french revolution lemonhead (0)
THE WRONG ... ARTERY? lemonhead (3)
APPLE stock vs GOLD lemonhead (1)
couch to 5K lemonhead (2)
linux 1.0 lemonhead (2)
Electric cars must play engine noises through speakers Idiot (10)
joke lemonhead (2)
russians are so dumb lemonhead (9)
power of negative thinking lemonhead (0)
number 1 slot on reddit lemonhead (6)
Obama to Boehner : 'We don't have a spending problem.' Morons (6)
my new job EXXPO (3)
Welcome back Michael B Bot Berlin (7)
Hey Dr. H Michael B (20)
Very bright CFL bulbs brone (4)
Professor studies excessive game play syndrome Idiot (8)
When your doctor says total cholesterol 200 is good Michael B (6)
White People problems Shylock (9)
You there: fuck off. what are you reading for? (2)
Which job would you take? Beavis (22)
I'm free! Freeee! xampl9 (27)
New tank muppet (14)
Crowdsourced corporate takeovers? Michael B (12)
kitchen at tech company Idiot (42)
Interview today NPR (30)
Dems Fighting to Allow welfare $$ use on Strippers Morons (26)
FB is $28.76 Bluebeard (3)
Anti-GMO activist recants Flasher T (13)
John Carpenter's The Thing Crisis of Salad (11)
bring diversity to tech Idiot (4)
January 6th, 2013
Insurance rates going up Idiot (15)
best selling home laptop of 2013: Linux Idiot (4)
McAfee was CIA Idiot (5)
Group hug trollop (0)
my MBA EXXPO (1)
Google Plus kind of sucks Bot Berlin (11)
ok sportsfan (0)
Thoughts on the US Export Import Bank? R (6)
What do you think of this, Quant? Shylock, not Denman (28)
Are fundamentalists torturing their children for money in KY? Idiot (6)
Your tax Dollars at work Morons (26)
Unwarranted disappointments AKA First World Problems trollop (11)
MSDN, MS Action Partner etc costs trollop (2)
study shows that studies shouldn't allow criticism Idiot (20)
voted against sandy relief WTF (16)
Are corporations people? Idiot (15)
Benchmarks - how fast are modern FPUs? Scott (13)
January 5th, 2013
if google is so great WTF (7)
apawloski: just admit you got it wrong WTF (7)
Funny visual metaphor in BPO web site Mëtäl Ümläüt (7)
did we ever name the first decade of this century? R (17)
Question about software consulting Code Monkey (29)
Karma is a bitch Quant (3)
I may still have a job on Monday xampl9 (iPhone) (21)
It's a local tradition Quant (3)
democrats undo bloating republican government R (3)
2 hours for a phone screen? WTF (22)
office politics and toxic people . (3)
PC repair scam xampl9 (27)
Career advice Dr. Horrorwitz (9)
Assange's ass in jail where he belongs Dr. Horrorwitz (43)
Samsung Chromebook df (5)
Stop worrying about debt/GDP ratios Quant (23)
Amsterdam Kenny (19)
January 4th, 2013
Thinking of getting on MBA Idiot (4)
Dr Pepper EXXPO (3)
Who already uses Win8 daily? Patd (14)
I'm getting cable TV. Now what? Fan boy (13)
Office Space filming locations Bot Berlin (11)
Has anyone done side work while holding down a full time job? Clyde (21)
I don't know you can fail a DUI test as a pilot Bot Berlin (17)
Another NASA conspiracy Fan boy (6)
Car loans xampl9 (4)
Green tea: the most well-established health supplement? Michael B (18)
How long do you expect to live? Michael B (23)
Rape Culture in America Bot Berlin (4)
It's not rape, it's culture wayrf? (work) (12)
French cars French fries (35)
January 3rd, 2013
Ohio rape case video leaked Idiot (2)
Christmas come early PigPen (7)
Do you hate Javascript? NPR (12)
Building a new PC Somebody (23)
US has 4x more reported rapes than India Quant (23)
Beautiful example of bipartisan cooperation in Congress Quant (7)
Critical thinking - can it be taught? Io (59)
Fusion for Dummies Shylock (1)
Are you good at sex?  How do you know? Michael B (42)
Zero marginal effect Io (10)
Gerard Depardieu gets Russian citizenship Io (12)
24" screen - too big? Leaf (18)
New York Newspaper posts names/address of gun owners Fan boy (16)
January 2nd, 2013
new Google service for North Korea planned Idiot (2)
So, we got a free promo item in our new aquarium stand muppet (7)
Who here is on Twitter? Morons (19)
How Many People Have Been Killed by Guns Since Newtown? gunbot (9)
Boehner to NYC: drop dead lemonhead (12)
US Government spending Idiot (2)
Study finds Olympic medalists live 2.8 years longer Leaf (5)
401(k) contribution limits for 2013 xampl9 (4)
Government controls your house temperature in Canada Rich Tsang (26)
41:1 Morons (22)
Waiting for the Dentitian trollop (4)
January 1st, 2013
Programming is terrible Wayne (24)
Any merit in increasing the required number of deleters to 3? less is more (31)
Who will sponsor a couch surf for Bot Bot Berlin (7)
The war in Syria Dan (11)
Fiscal cliff and 400k Bot Berlin (18)
Getting a third party involved in recruitment Clyde (26)
2013 df (6)