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January 31st, 2012
Hey, WsV, have I got a shirt for you SaveTheHubble (3 comments)
Orcas shouldn't be slaves Quant (33)
What is love? Io (14)
Firefix ESR! Rick from Nexus S (0)
Ready to feel old? xampl9 (11)
Quitting COT forever Michael B (20)
Really cool JoC (0)
Vegan bodybuilders getting jacked Michael B (16)
DHS analyzing web posts of all US visitors Idiot (15)
Romney praised for religious equality vote Idiot (3)
Russian probe investigation xampl9 (17)
Legal Analysis JoC (19)
Idiot less is more (11)
At what age is a developer considered "OLD"? Kenny (32)
Hey! Anybody want to buy some robots? SaveTheHubble (2)
Chicken pox, drug overdoses, and your sanitary pedestal muppet (12)
"...think big data analysis is really that interesting?" line noise (16)
Anyone else get no sick time?  How does that work? Somebody (39)
Joking around with the IT director Geek (14)
January 30th, 2012
LEGO Universe - RIP df (3)
Egyptian Islamic fundamentalists take all americans hostage Idiot (3)
Do any of you do side work in addition to your FT gig? dude (24)
Expertise and Initiative df (93)
I know you're all old farts, but get Saint's Row 3 muppet (15)
Observations on the Resurgence of VBA Brice Richard (25)
"Across the Universe" is the only musical I've ever seen muppet (15)
I came back from a month in India Holy Crap (13)
As predicted, the ending of Chuck sucked muppet (12)
January 29th, 2012
Anti Canadianism is a new anti Americanism Tim (10)
What's the preferred hash? Idiot (18)
tv industry piracy Idiot (2)
engineers over 28 can't get hired Idiot (15)
Can you get your own place in NY? Bot Berlin (12)
Salon: Mitt plans to replace US government with Mormon Theocracy Idiot (1)
Javascript for lulz Troglodyte (0)
df Michael B (2)
So. Who are we going to invade with these tanks? Peter (15)
How I got thousands of incoming links and got PR5 Dr. Horrorwitz (54)
Dr. H, do you know about AGEs? Michael B (19)
How to handle poor working conditions Idiot (10)
japan revived sierra (10)
January 28th, 2012
Quitting regular coffee intake, six month recap Michael B (88)
Really big user forum worth billions Bot Berlin (1)
Global warming letter Idiot (29)
Do 2x developers really exist? Idiot (28)
catty inane comments now available @ hacker news line noise (1)
Newt: "Affairs make me real, unlike Mormon Mitt the lizard" Idiot (4)
Give your opinion on this MILF's legs please Dr. Horrorwitz (14)
Where can I find all exceptions to the ccTLD rules Dr. Horrorwitz (3)
I bought a bread maker Dr. Horrorwitz (27)
How I got rid of my coffee addiction Dr. Horrorwitz (8)
0mq df (4)
January 27th, 2012
Mitt forgot about some overseas accounts Idiot (4)
For when things seem a bit slow at work trollop (0)
"Aren't people naturally talented at stuff?" line noise (23)
Photo websites that aren't Picasa or Flickr Colm (19)
I sound more and more like sharkfish Rick from Nexus S (4)
The Blue Marble s7h_black (4)
Political Light Bulb JoC (18)
Might want to grow up a little bit Bot Berlin (10)
Facebook IP predictions Kenny (6)
Promises Rick from Nexus S (9)
My chair is slowly killing me Wayne (26)
Any bets that Nintendo will fuck this up Wayne (2)
The RICH Economy Robert Anton Wilson (14)
programming seems literally unteachable Wayne (55)
Fan boy's Human Resources Idiot (7)
"Curated" Bored Bystander (20)
There is a crane drilling a 5 foot wide, 20 foot deep hole muppet (15)
Traits of a good PM Kenny (25)
It is a fair point (abortion) df (18)
The games afoot Fan boy (7)
For the job this company wants me to take the Voight-Kampf test Leon (29)
Oh my God muppet (33)
January 26th, 2012
Apple is invading the enterprises! Rick from Nexus S (0)
1.3 million of Nokia Windows phone sold Rick from Nexus S (6)
Intel buys patents from RealNetworks Rick from Nexus S (2)
"Sorry, we need someone local" xampl9 (13)
Car racing Kenny (6)
ACTA Idiot (1)
A Thoughtful Critique of Ron Paul Shylock (36)
A colleague sat down and had a heart-to-heart talk with me Home Despot (32)
Russian protestors Idiot (1)
Pho is awesome Canned Gods Inc. (11)
OS X Lion what are you reading for? (0)
With .002% of the voting in, reddit.com argues in favor muppet (23)
Buffy Fan boy (13)
Gross margins xampl9 (17)
xymon what are you reading for? (3)
Programming is too hard for me. I might as well give up. Rick on Nexus S (12)
QOTD JoC (4)
January 25th, 2012
Tehcnicalities Rick from Nexus S (0)
Rick and Rich line noise (8)
Self-deportation - Hilarious df (9)
Westboro interview Idiot (32)
Rick from Nexus S Kenny (17)
ask not what your country can do for you;ask what you can do for Rick from Nexus S (8)
Why would you want a rep as a hard worker in this industry? . (17)
RIM up Kenny (7)
Omnipercipience Michael B (27)
Fairness is NOT taking from those who "do" and giving it.... Jim (83)
Obama has given up? Fan boy (20)
Apple profits df (33)
Movie: In Time Kenny (5)
SOTU transcript Michael B (7)
January 24th, 2012
hoyza Michael B (3)
Yet another reason why Informatica sucks Shylock (5)
State of the Union speech xampl9 (16)
Pelosi On Gingrich: "There is something I know" Bored Bystander (5)
Just for the record -- women ARE being treated unfairly Rick from Nexus S (7)
Megaupload's users who lost data MobyDobie (15)
Luckily I am not using Gmail Rick from Nexus S (13)
Ambition xampl9 (1)
Say I want to become a HTML5 developer Rick from Nexus S (11)
Ubuntu Unity's new global menu Idiot (5)
Mildly amusing NoSQL whinge Troglodyte (10)
Co-workers who insinuate that you don't... (part 2) . (26)
How to build a rep as a hard worker Kenny (17)
AAPL df (14)
Romney the Tax Avoider Quant (26)
Average tech salary now above $100,000 Idiot (12)
January 23rd, 2012
That Chuck article down there muppet (13)
Suffer from debilitating migraines? Michael B (5)
Izzy got hold of my eye patch muppet (8)
Two more studies coming out this week about psilocybin mushrooms Michael B (5)
Udacity Idiot (5)
New RIM CEO Rick from Nexus S (28)
Best comments about Canada Rich Tsang (17)
COT bug: Error when searching "s u c k s" Rich Tsang (3)
Co-workers who insinuate that you don't pull your weight . (51)
Microsoft df (2)
Coworker's car xampl (iPhone) (4)
TSA detains Senator Rand Paul Somebody (49)
If you're curious about plant-based diets and health Michael B (16)
Is Crohn's much more prevalent than I thought Michael B (11)
After MegaUpload, now Filesonic is down Lee (11)
January 22nd, 2012
joint venture sierra (5)
Izzy sliced my cornea with her fingernail muppet (25)
neverlikeditanyway.com - evil? Morons (2)
Trolling is not something only humans do... Peter (2)
The Agile cult Idiot (12)
FBI's access to private Megaupload emails Idiot (5)
The Guardian writes about Ron Paul! Quant (26)
should computer programmers cannibalize their relatives? Idiot (24)
January 21st, 2012
BSA investigations? Bored Bystander (22)
Milt, Rick, now Newt trollop (5)
Good article by Joel on SOPA Idiot (16)
Paul Zukofsky cranky line noise (7)
Interesting take on parking line noise (3)
Michael & Hubble - you guys were right Idiot (1)
Most beautiful morning ever Miles (5)
more programmers sentenced to death for programming Idiot (11)
Telling it like it is Michael B (6)
Third doctor anecdote Michael B (5)
Goodby "Chuck" SaveTheHubble (8)
chuck chucker (0)
Did Hollywood literally kill anyone Rick from Nexus S (6)
UK threatens to jail lobbyists. Trade Unions object PigPen (0)
anyone like this sierra (8)
January 20th, 2012
War 2.1 PigPen (7)
No Ads, No Google Juice CircusAttraction (1)
OMG! I used a stored procedure! Shylock (8)
Latest version of Fruitshow PigPen (5)
Megaupload going down MobyDobie (37)
What a waste of talent Rick from Nexus S (15)
anti-poaching conspiracy - getting specific Idiot (0)
Would you do porn for $1 million Idiot (10)
Anyone in the New York City Area?  Meetup? hoyza (8)
Flashmob tradies trollop (10)
The nightmare of fully managed dedicated hosting Dr. Horrorwitz (17)
Tuesday belated Idiot (11)
January 19th, 2012
Miles, sorry to delete some of your posts, Michael B (11)
Mid-life kickers trollop (1)
GOOG buy opportunity Rick from Nexus S (8)
War 2.0 PigPen (5)
PG line noise (9)
Am I wrong to think Michael B is too clever for himself Rick from Nexus S (11)
Apple textbooks Rick from Nexus S (11)
S.O.S. JoC (8)
Open Marriage! Social Conservatives! Republicans! Rick from Nexus S (10)
Am I wrong to expect doctors to know things? Michael B (38)
Domocrats going down the drain over SOPA/PIPA Canned Gods Inc. (2)
Question about Oracle SQL*Plus WTF Troglodyte with sore head (15)
Setting boundaries with co-workers . for this (9)
Content site? hoyza (42)
Looking like SOPA is dead Fan boy (5)
Americans - how do you feel about the mortgage rate? Kenny (31)
Maddox - the only one who gets it df (7)
This had to happen sooner or later Quant (3)
I want to marry a millionaire PigPen (31)
How could SOPA be technically implemented anyway? Bluebeard (11)
"Free" smartphones comparison Rick on Nexus S (5)
January 18th, 2012
Ten Scientific and Technological Visionaries Michael B (12)
CoT must get this feature Wayne! (8)
theoatmeal.com blackout Fan boy (4)
This is actually surprising Shylock (6)
Democrats love SOPA Wayne! (20)
I'd like to protest about SOPA MobyDobie (4)
Engineering - the degree for success Idiot (6)
[CENSORED] df (4)
Apache license xampl9 (9)
How long is 12 hours for reddit Bot Berlin (14)
A few drips from a spout JoC (5)
Strange noise Attila (4)
So... JoC (3)
Blackout lulz Canned Gods Inc. (18)
What is your typing speed. Matchu (34)
Double space after periods Kenny (36)
Seattle gets 6" of snow SaveTheHubble (7)
Wikipedia weaseled out muppet (34)
For Attila trollop (4)
Wikipedia goes black for the next 24 hours Miles (10)
Quick, Sans serif fonts on CoT! Bored Bystander (9)
January 17th, 2012
Why SOPA/PIPA will hurt CoT Kenny (15)
Romney's total tax liability: 15% Idiot (11)
Immortality just around the corner PigPen (7)
Bye bye Jerry PigPen (9)
no boobies today? PigPen (21)
NAM - MYO - HO - REN - GE - KYO CircusAttraction (7)
Roma Nova trollop (0)
The problem with the GOP el (4)
5 hundred-thousand signatures needed? Okay, here's a million. MS (1)
Awesome JoC (12)
New York gets a Software Engineering High School SaveTheHubble (42)
Let me apologize again xampl9 (19)
Samsung and RIM df (17)
Bunch of whiners Bot Berlin (47)
Anyone else notice an increase in passive aggressive behavior? . for this (12)
:: Horror :: xampl9 (8)
Reminder: cheer up Michael B (9)
Not all drones are bad SaveTheHubble (4)
Raspberry Pi $25 Linux board Production SaveTheHubble (14)
Code Review worldsSmallestViolin (7)
So not looking forward to this meeting tomorrow trollop (9)
That looks fun Michael B (1)
The last time I ommmmmed Michael B (0)
January 16th, 2012
So I changed my mind about being a manager... Somebody (15)
LOL JoC (2)
A good frickin' keyboard JoC (19)
My blog post JoC (33)
Coming storm JoC (0)
OTOH... JoC (12)
Neighbour df (33)
Buddhism df (15)
Superbowl df (12)
Owning nothing means freedom Idiot (38)
Those Japanese are crazy SaveTheHubble (8)
That's a really nice Volcano you got there... SaveTheHubble (4)
They call him Flipper! Flipper! Faster than... boom. SaveTheHubble (11)
How would you prefer to die? s7h_black (19)
Porfirio Rubirosa LeMonde (6)
January 15th, 2012
Drug Use in startups Idiot (20)
NASA: eCat is real and we're patenting it Dr. Horrorwitz (59)
itunes 10 eek (5)
Unbelievable JoC (9)
recipes from the great depression worldsSmallestViolin (2)
unix find/rename question eek (8)
January 14th, 2012
SWTOR storyline xampl9 (7)
So is Brock Lesnar retired from UFC for good? Goldberg (4)
The Glory of Love...this gave me a chuckle... Blackbeard (5)
Hilarious obaque website MobyDobie (10)
Israel hates america Idiot (13)
The Manual of Love... this gave me a chuckle... Bluebeard (11)
gmail/google want my mobile phone number worldsSmallestViolin (0)
Your bullying boss may be slowly killing you . (10)
"Black Tech Entrepreneurs are Uppity Negroes" - USDOJ Idiot (23)
some people remain sitting to wipe after a shit worldsSmallestViolin (22)
January 13th, 2012
$5.1m at 99c each PigPen (12)
congress is pulling out again, preparing themselves for a worldsSmallestViolin (2)
what exactly is morality? the great purple (25)
Solitude and Creativity Idiot (8)
Wit and self-amusement JoC (8)
Apple joins Fair Labor Association xampl9 (5)
Cancel my previous Feature request Rick from Nexus S (5)
The Case for a 21-Hour Work Week crazy (23)
Is it time to switch jobs and/or careers? anon for this (11)
Question for Canadian Software Developers regarding taxes Dumbo (23)
Choplifter HD (PC) df (4)
Normative Relativism JoC (70)
Google busted. In Kenya. Being very evil PigPen (8)
Izzy climbed up in my lap last night before bed muppet (21)
value of education Idiot (19)
Dan -> Kirk mutation... Bluebeard (2)
So I was moved to a quiet location in the office and.... . for this (31)
AWS FTW worldsSmallestViolon (2)
goldman sachs elevator twitter worldsSmallestViolon (2)
just peed in the sink at work. worldsSmallestViolon (10)
bankers greatest hits Idiot (0)
January 12th, 2012
promotion the great purple (13)
STH on total clarity worldsSmallestViolin (3)
Turkey Burger Fan boy (10)
"Let's turn the cock black" less is more (3)
haha line noise (1)
So tonight at dinner muppet (13)
Intel Rick from Nexus S (13)
wait SOPA line noise (3)
b-trees Rick from Nexus S (11)
For MB el (2)
Don't you find it ridiculous, accusing Romney of too capitlistic Rick from Nexus S (3)
Just checking Michael B (25)
Question at people with kids Michael B (23)
Survey time: are judges noble? Michael B (21)
BoS tyranny Scott (12)
Is washington dc south, east?, north Bot Berlin (20)
Awesome office funny JoC (3)
Speech therapist says Izzy is caught up to normal verbally muppet (23)
great article eek (5)
Is the desktop PC dying out? Palmer Eldritch (15)
January 11th, 2012
COT Feature request Rick on Nexus S (5)
Columbus Fan boy (44)
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Michael B (17)
Laptop battery life, etc. Fan boy (1)
HN is not bad for non hot-button topics Rick from Nexus S (0)
Ministerial exceptions? Rick from Nexus S (7)
Necessity JoC (3)
Romney vs Paul donations Idiot (9)
Haha... JoC (13)
Why Republican Candidates Appear Crazy the great purple (7)
Ex girlfriend is now a porn star Scrappy (43)
Did Scott Adams lose his voice? jings (6)
"Mitt Romney, the soul of American capitalism in the flesh" Rick on Nexus S (3)
Last night I was changing Izzy's diaper muppet (11)
Michael Gove Speech what are you reading for? (7)
Photogenic/videogenic Ron Paul supporter Palmer Eldritch (7)
A question for BB jings (29)
Just sayin' jings (7)
January 10th, 2012
THIS is why PCs suck xampl9 (28)
You're about to be made obsolete. . (11)
Huntsman psychopath Idiot (9)
Starbucks Clover JoC (7)
Tuesday boobies PigPen (12)
Has anyone ever... JoC (41)
writing a screenplay vs. writing software Joe (40)
Do you prefer sushi or burrito? s7h_black (27)
Medical costs Idiot (68)
Ron Paul wants to control Idiot (1)
$250k to find a wife? PigPen (53)
Stop whining you little bitches Bluebeard (1)
Big Data--Paradigm Buster Shylock (15)
Downton Abbey Fan boy (3)
January 9th, 2012
Dear 'Ron Jeremy for President' Michael B (2)
Joy quiz Michael B (7)
Romney's power trip Idiot (6)
When you trip the PMS switch Shylock (14)
interesting 2 : dubstep defined line noise (5)
interesting 1 line noise (0)
My foot JoC (6)
Suspicious package xampl9 (5)
did you guys know about the Scala function name situation? Idiot (46)
Skype problems xampl9 (3)
Climate Change and Sunspots Attila (10)
American robots better than Jap ones, who knew Idiot (14)
Romney is the choice Idiot (5)
January 8th, 2012
forgive me to repost, but sierra (5)
No winter but no one is talking about global warming Bot Berlin (13)
Afraid to smile Michael B (14)
What is the plan? Idiot (11)
We live in a horrible decadent society MobyDobie (7)
With apologies to Feynman in advance Michael B (24)
The only thing that infuriates me Michael B (31)
Romney's offshore banking accounts Idiot (2)
Major Bloomberg is one of the Terrorists! Rick on Nexus S (4)
Do we have a Martin here? PigPen (16)
Other worlds Troglodyte (13)
January 7th, 2012
US government seeking to censor twitter accounts Idiot (10)
AC/DC vs The Wiggles in Australia :-0 (9)
Under promise over deliver or realistic promise and deliver LeMonde (10)
Why people who diet get fatter over the longer term less is more (25)
I'm hiding in the closet the great purple (15)
Ron Paul can't win Bot Berlin (5)
Man bites dog Shylock (3)
"Help the body heal itself" Michael B (3)
Can you become an extrovert? How? Michael B (7)
Is it better to be the smartest guy in a group of mediocre ppl.. ? (24)
Anyone lose interest in video games as you got older? dude (34)
Mitt Romney cares about America Idiot (7)
Niche restaurants xampl (iPhone) (8)
January 6th, 2012
Microsoft patents avoiding black people Idiot (7)
2012 COT's asshat nominees are: Kirk (5)
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - I Love Rock N Roll line noise (1)
In the long term, Microsoft & Dell are in trouble xampl9 (19)
Is anyone here on call 24/7? . (27)
Racist newsletters campaign masterminded by Newt Idiot (2)
Ron Paul - correct on 100% of predictions Idiot (28)
You hate happiness if you don't eat spicy food Michael B (19)
Finance that candidate Idiot (5)
Transparent society Michael B (23)
Romney mentally unstable Idiot (32)
When will it be a proper freeze? df (35)
Circumcised at 33 df (23)
2012 death pool PigPen (15)
quora magic line noise (4)
January 5th, 2012
correction: Santorum won Iowa, is in lead Idiot (2)
It took me well into my 30s to think this is important Bot Berlin (5)
Coler E-Readers Review in Consumer Reports Fan boy (5)
New Hampshire Idiot (5)
havent heard anything from rossi lately MS (11)
I'm going to reprogram you with a very large axe xampl9 (0)
Ron Paul is that guy that is crazy Bot Berlin (13)
Bert Rutin is stoopid Climate Change Is Real (19)
Selling Michael B on swtor JoC (4)
Izzy almost made me cry muppet (16)
Obama Spits on the Constituion for his own political Gains.. Morons (13)
This reminds me of "Born in East LA" Peter (1)
latest firefox: how do I find leechblock lockdown? the great purple (7)
SOPA Bot Berlin (7)
Romney vs Obama Bot Berlin (11)
How to benchmark different PC's running Windows and Linux? Wayne! (6)
January 4th, 2012
Santorum vs Romney Idiot (31)
every web discussion about interview questions everywhere Idiot (46)
If single-user operating systems is your hobby Rick from Nexus S (0)
Obama: the best president under the circumstances Kenny (23)
Stephen Lawrence Murderers MobyDobie (14)
What some competition can do for the public schools Shylock (17)
let's play a game Idiot (8)
Building a web app vs. Microsoft Access web guy (35)
OK physics nerds muppet (44)
Nobody knows shit about weight loss Michael B (55)
Kindle Fire muppet (34)
Violent head shaking before sleeping head shaker in sleeper (23)
January 3rd, 2012
Worst president ever? Fan boy (23)
Cost of Tutors in NYC Idiot (9)
Is SWTOR worth getting a new computer over? Bot Berlin (22)
Water Attila (13)
Holy crap Troglodyte (9)
Ron Paul is, by far, the most interesting POTUS candidate Shylock (37)
It's time to admit defeat Shylock (25)
SWTOR JoC (15)
Movite: Warrior Kenny (2)
The US Now Energy Independent Morons (8)
Boxers df (8)
January 2nd, 2012
I wrote this on the most beautiful day of my life Michael B (12)
whispers in the dark domain line noise (2)
Mr. Rogers is my personal hero Michael B (14)
Brice's Dance Club Track Bored Bystander (7)
WAR Michael B (50)
Krugman's latest brilliance Idiot (43)
Tuesday arrives early xampl9 (7)
Are the Kardashians worse than Hitler? Idiot (5)
Poor timothy worked for slashdot on the New Year weekend Rick Tang (0)
Wait wait wait Michael B (23)
For what it is worth Bot Berlin (6)
January 1st, 2012
Quora sucks Rick Tang (2)
Learn Hinglish at McDonalds Idiot (0)
How does the crazy on tap subreddit have 222 subscribers? Wayne! (18)
New Year resolutions Rick from Nexus B (6)
Crazy Air Force Lady muppet (16)
toothless 53 yr old prostitute loves her work Idiot (4)
Beautiful Cultural practices of rural india Idiot (0)
teacher pay Idiot (23)
Organ Attila (2)
war on drugs WTF line noise (7)
HAPPY NEW YEAR Michael B (8)