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January 31st, 2011
Is this a hard concept to understand? Bob (12 comments)
The weather (not again) ... trollop (2)
This is incredible anon (4)
I-40 closing xampl (1)
torrents eek (2)
What an amazing amount of hubris? Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (8)
Stupid Chinese Vaxen (3)
Threewords.me Vaxen (1)
Sooo... Black Swan... any good? Bluebeard (8)
Cute girl on the a train what are you reading for? (2)
Small fire at the office xampl (iPhone) (11)
Where's weevil? Bluebeard (17)
Never sign up for free webmail your plain name as the addy muppet (12)
I went to a job interview MobyDobie (6)
slow sites eek (13)
Teabagger Terror Plot in Detroit! Idiot (8)
January 30th, 2011
He doesn't seem like a bad leader Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (5)
Purple Dildos in the News Idiot (24)
January 29th, 2011
Pass this test to apply! Idiot (4)
What is internet, anyway? xampl (9)
January 28th, 2011
Something for typical CoT users to line up for Bored Bystander (8)
New research: Facebook makes you miserable Bluebeard (7)
Ah yes, hypocrisy... FrakBuccaneer (4)
Japanese pensioners shoplifting matches teenagers Serverside Troglodyte (3)
"Young Adult" books xampl (iPhone) (12)
Egypt what are you readying for? (63)
The turgidity of Internet opinion df (37)
Battlestar Galactica: The Plan muppet (7)
Io less is more (1)
Vanessa-Mae... Bluebeard (5)
In Japan, Social Security is optional (sort of) Idiot (4)
Is Lying Justified to Get a Job in This Economy? f^2 (32)
January 27th, 2011
Republican Roadmap for America Idiot (9)
Would you fuck Soledad O'brian? ! (5)
US must accept responsibility for GFC, says government report less is more (19)
Nature in the strangest places... not CC (2)
Surely some mistake? Q (3)
Less is more Io (2)
Ha, beautiful Serverside Troglodyte (6)
I made this one up myself JoC (7)
Social Security 2037 cbmc64 (25)
What's the fastest you ever got a new job? xampl (iPhone) (13)
Telescope spots 'oldest galaxy' yet seen less is more (6)
January 26th, 2011
<img style="display:none;" onload="logged_in_to_gmail()" Vaxen (4)
Ew! Q (8)
The Web Consultant lorb (37)
If Visual Studio had achievements JoC (2)
What's up with the job market? hoyza (47)
Working with the Democrats Just. Won't. Work. the great purple (44)
A question about your pants muppet (14)
Dear retailers/car dealerships/service industry muppet (8)
Youse Noo Yoikers trollop (0)
Amateur astrologer discovers new constellation less is more (1)
Facebook knows way too much about me MobyDobie (9)
Sexism in football MobyDobie (19)
Blimey, more memory advances Serverside Troglodyte (0)
Question for iPod Nano owners Palmer Eldritch (13)
January 25th, 2011
It's Tuesday xampl (3)
Jesse Ventura Sues TSA in Pat-Down Smackdown less is more (7)
OK, so: Battlestar Galactica joins the ranks of decent TV sci-fi muppet (31)
QA xampl (iPhone) (5)
Tunisia, Tunisia what are you reading for? (20)
Office odors xampl (iPhone) (1)
Volkswagen! Volkswagen! Volkswagen! Serverside Troglodyte (8)
Bumpersticker seen today xampl (iPhone) (2)
University claims ownership of all undergrad IP Idiot (28)
Crazy On Tap is lame THX 1138 (14)
Hyundai! Hyundai! Hyundai! Kenny (11)
Demon Souls - best game I have ever played Bot Crazy Fag. (14)
Oh God, so hungry!!! muppet (5)
Taco Bell: No beef Fan boy (22)
The World is sinking into the sea SaveTheHubble (22)
When bored, dig up a ghost or two... Bluebeard (4)
Logical Fallacies reposted Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (10)
Meet the new top lawyer in the US Idiot (15)
January 24th, 2011
Eat this ... trollop (4)
Ubuntu 10.10 lorb (4)
Yes, I live in NYC, and yes this is real. Morons (10)
Brother of Harry Potter Star Jailed for Attacking Her less is more (15)
I love C df (55)
GM! GM! GM! Vaxen (11)
Jack LaLanne dead not CC (8)
What's the frequency, Kenneth? muppet (3)
Moving back to the sticks... Bluebeard (11)
5 below today muppet (32)
Top paying companies... a better list than "best to work for" Bluebeard (23)
An early Tuesday present muppet (9)
January 23rd, 2011
Packers vs Steelers less is more (6)
Sick Ward (8)
Updated tank photos muppet (10)
Getting a deal Ward (8)
classic job search zed (4)
Teabaggers getting weird in Arizona Idiot (3)
Fresh underpants please Serverside Troglodyte (12)
Weird friend of a prospective job applicant Palmer Eldritch (8)
January 22nd, 2011
Computer trading & the flash-crash xampl (13)
Utterly useless trivia I just have to share... Bluebeard (21)
MSNBC Olbermann Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (5)
January 21st, 2011
oh, fuck me obermann zed (2)
Facebook continued Vaxen (5)
Terrorists need a good nights sleep, too xampl (1)
APPL runs out of steam Vaxen (7)
Dental milling machine xampl (iPhone) (2)
January 20th, 2011
AppStore xampl (15)
Attn lorb! Peter (10)
EC2 for your dev machine xampl (6)
Unfortunate domain #2467 JoC (0)
127 arrested in largest Mafia roundup SaveTheHubble (6)
first cavity ever: novocaine or no novocaine? the great purple (19)
people upset by what goes on in abortion offices Analyst (28)
Golden Globes 2011 Ricky Gervais' Opening Monologue Fan boy (24)
Weird Dreams Fan boy (10)
22 vs 5 Vaxen (9)
January 19th, 2011
Parental Trauma Stress Disorder!!! Vaxen (0)
Facebook again Vaxen (13)
Natalie Portman pregnant cbmc64 (10)
Wow! 20 reqs per seconds!!! Vaxen (2)
STH's health care bill repealed in House Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (15)
Getting old sucks Ward (5)
Awesome troll on Joel's forum Ward (14)
Wow... JoC (7)
WOOHOO!! muppet (8)
This happened in the town next to mine, where I used to live muppet (2)
Scrum Bot Crazy (15)
An Officer fallen and human shields df (21)
Increasingly more spam on this forum Io (17)
Tron: Legacy less is more (6)
Is facebook inane? Ugly Crusty Dumbass (8)
Only 0.3% run the lastest Android. Vaxen (3)
January 18th, 2011
what's a degree of probability? cbmc64 (9)
Zoolander Ugly Crusty Dumbass (1)
Now a felony to use false identity on facebook Barack Hussein Obama (for real) (7)
Lethargy and getting things done Ward (7)
Crazy crosswind landing attempts Bluebeard (3)
Wintel is dead. Long live the king. xampl (iPhone) (11)
Stuxnet df (10)
Death Penalty MobyDobie (54)
The 26 points of Facebook what are you readying for? (2)
Scientists warn California could be struck by winter ‘supersto lorb (2)
January 17th, 2011
For Bot :) Vaxen (8)
PSA muppet (11)
Steve Balmer Vaxen (13)
Prediction: APPL price tomorrow evening Vaxen (26)
Republicans about to betray Tea Partiers xampl (iPhone) (13)
How to overcome lethargy? Ward (24)
What is up with the silver market? hoyza (20)
a friend got a new digital camera the great purple (11)
Partial crown xampl (iPhone) (7)
Packers beat Steelers in Super Bowl less is more (9)
Which country are you afraid more in war - Russia or China ? Catfish (20)
Parents are pushing me to get a Master's degree Rod (15)
January 16th, 2011
DSL service disconnected Fan boy (28)
Theme restaurants xampl (iPhone) (1)
A funny thing happened on the way to Armageddon... JoC (2)
Tasteless CNN article! JoC (6)
Why people are poor part 2 Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (44)
Arizona Shooting getting Crazee Idiot (13)
January 15th, 2011
Iranian Centrifuge Worm analyzed Idiot (17)
An interesting experiment Somebody (9)
Crappy keyboards xampl (iPhone) (10)
Good External Hard Drive? more (14)
Is Penny Trunk a Chinese Girlfriend? Idiot (15)
Things real people don't say about advertizing Serverside Troglodyte (4)
Everyone chill the fuck down, I got this Some dude on the 'net (0)
Convert VHS tapes to digital Fan boy (7)
January 14th, 2011
Does anyone else still use calculators? Ward (26)
Caprica Bored Bystander (2)
AAPL approaching $350 xampl (iPhone) (2)
Fog Creek Software Bluebeard (14)
Paid for Softare development is frustrating Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (18)
New perfume: smell of money Io (7)
January 13th, 2011
Shopping list of stuff to make SF series eek (21)
Illinois raising taxes xampl (26)
Rich Dad, Poor Dad Fan boy (30)
President Obama Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (17)
How would you graph the level of randomness of a Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (4)
Do you think the shooting was a one off? Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (20)
Snow kills the south Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (2)
January 12th, 2011
Galactica again eek (12)
Drunk cowboys arrested for DUI xampl (8)
Awkward xampl (15)
And you thought SNOW was destructive to cars SaveTheHubble (15)
New router xampl (23)
About mouse nursing FrakBuccaneer (6)
With the tax rates, the same I gave my money to charity Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (2)
I thought about turning gay... MobyDobie (6)
GenerationYers?  And why some people are poor Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (6)
Sword fail Ward (2)
January 11th, 2011
Saw Inception less is more (9)
Rush Limbaugh, blamed for Oklahoma and Tuscon Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (24)
iPhone on Verizon - what's the big deal? Chinese (11)
Woo hoo!  We're number one! SaveTheHubble (11)
Chinese stealth fighter flight xampl (iPhone) (6)
Blue Dragon Wonton soup MobyDobie (23)
Chewbacca muppet (10)
IT certifications vs. MBA Rod (21)
Tuesday, even hotter chick, hispanic? Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (9)
Is it Tuesday yet? Ward (3)
study shows software development worst career Idiot (5)
BCS College football championship lorb (10)
Stack Overflow: Idiots who won't answer questions Fan boy (12)
January 10th, 2011
Non-stop AZ shooting coverage Ward (6)
Did I miss anything? Ward (2)
You should want a social safety net even if you despise the poor Palmer Eldritch (13)
Real problem in America... Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (24)
Ultimate troll Idiot (4)
Westboro Cult df (31)
Tom Delay gets 3 years xampl (iPhone) (8)
Dell Sucks df (3)
Arizona and Guns Idiot (21)
Who needs ChromeOS? df (13)
Dangling the junk in changerooms df (40)
Eh, Battlestar Galactica is pretty OK muppet (14)
Spandex xampl (iPhone) (6)
Media accounts df (27)
LOL muppet (1)
Anyone see Shameless last night? not CC (10)
Solve the greenhouse gas problem & obesity epidemic at a stroke MobyDobie (5)
There's been some rain.. trollop (2)
Obama has gone Bush Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (15)
January 9th, 2011
abortion celebration party for jesus girl Idiot (5)
Increasing cost, reducing quality Q (4)
shooter was an athiest... Morons (10)
Another developer commits suicide Bluebeard (29)
received job offer in email Idiot (13)
Don't look JS it's more fish muppet (3)
Hard to leave Netflix? xampl (5)
Arizona Democrat shot by extremist SaveTheHubble (8)
CSS sucks Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (9)
January 8th, 2011
Invasion of the Bee Girls xampl (9)
Chris Rock asks for killing white women Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (1)
Arizona recently repealed its concealed weapons law... What could possibly go wrong? (32)
Should Arizona purchasers pay sales tax? Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (8)
Diagnosing the problem with politics Politics Watch (56)
Tip of the week: Ctrl-enter in browser address bar Fan boy (6)
Best band, ever!! Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (2)
Shhhhh JoC (0)
January 7th, 2011
Stating the obvious: Television cant't ever compete with novels Ward (10)
Salt JoC (5)
Cool optical illusion Wayne (5)
Gotta dance! LOL Bluebeard (2)
Schengen shit Io (17)
Hot when they shouldn't be 2 Phil (8)
Are we deleting and flushing arbitrarily again, Hubble? muppet (8)
Somebody got upset what are you readying for? (10)
Looks a lot like an F-22 Raptor... China's 5th gen fighter Bluebeard (28)
Pilsner & VM latency trollop (16)
Government investment/socialism. Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (10)
Muppet, you need more sleep. Fan boy (4)
Heard on Sean Hannity Fan boy (6)
January 6th, 2011
Need a laugh?  Watch this old review of Star Wars Fan boy (7)
Impressive: Microsoft has Office and printers working on ARM Wayne (10)
I don't know how you "low carb" people do it Tom (13)
Is this for real? JoC (5)
Up and coming "good" companies are full of themselves, period. Bored Bystander (24)
Fucking seriously? muppet (13)
Another one leaves xampl (iPhone) (10)
Elizabeth Edwards' will xampl (iPhone) (9)
Battlestar Galactica muppet (51)
Irritable bowel syndrome lorb (1)
Hot when they shouldn't be MobyDobie (28)
Homeless man with radio voice Io (2)
5th Test, day 5 less is more (8)
It's 1995 for IT workers all over again... Bluebeard (25)
January 5th, 2011
File splitter xampl (9)
Don't care about the product xampl (2)
day 4 eek (21)
more fish muppet (10)
Penelope Trunk's latest blog post hoyza (6)
That sinking feeling xampl (iPhone) (9)
A funny thing happened when I quit... Somebody (23)
What happened to the American Dream? hoyza (17)
muppet and fan boy, what's up your arse?? less is more (2)
Handy hints about losing weight Mark (37)
January 4th, 2011
Google search everything Fan boy (17)
How long should the an Xbox 360 last for? Bob (9)
What do you think about my new screen name Douched Cunt The Second (3)
day 3 eek (19)
Begin to get slow at programming Rick Tang (2)
Any Halo players here Female Coder (11)
What happened to the Linux developer hype of a few years ago? Bob (9)
Mass Effect 2 JoC (7)
Nook Color Flasher T (7)
Sign me up muppet (9)
National Anthem Otong Lennon (9)
Dead Birds and Fish in Arkansas Bored Bystander (20)
January 3rd, 2011
I'm glad I didn't kill him. Fan boy (6)
Cancel screen saver Fan boy (5)
A muppet of muppet! Wayne (8)
Why the CityTime project went off the rails... dave (6)
Heat does not shrink clothes lorb (7)
V Some dude on the 'net (9)
This is so disgusting not CC (34)
BMI fucking Experts MobyDobie (11)
For those of you with weight loss resolutions muppet (6)
Mooncascade/Sprint48 Flasher T (9)
5th test day 1 eek (9)
January 2nd, 2011
IDL and COM Help Needed New to IDL and COM (10)
two cracking "rehab" covers ... eek (15)
Any suggestions for pointing devices? not CC (21)
hifi shelves eek (7)
Actors of the year 2010 Bot is a Moron Trolling (6)
Happy New Year Bot is a moron fag (CoT speak) (0)
January 1st, 2011
Rick Tang Fan boy (3)
CoT is mobile friendly, but... Q (12)
Radetzky March Attila (5)
Xbox 360 vs PS3 Bob (8)
Should I tell my workmate I know she's a lesbian? Andrew (8)
Making a sword Ward (3)
happy new sierra (5)