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January 31st, 2010
corruption of the decaying US CC (13 comments)
Revenge is a dish best written cold trollop (2)
colm in thailand f (2)
crazy ass Dubai sharkfish (32)
Obama the Play by Play guy Ward (2)
Happy birthday, Aaron! Water Cooler v2 (7)
Amazon is evil Likely longer (25)
Ward is a terrible guy Likely longer (15)
Baptists Caught Trafficking Children in Haiti!!!! CC (1)
January 30th, 2010
Soldiers use tear gas against starving Haitians CC (13)
IQ and race again CC (34)
Japanese meet up to thank the Americans Bot Berlin (6)
Questions for Colm on the Japanese Young People Bot Berlin (10)
rice distro is "blood sport" in haiti CC (6)
CoT gmail account? xampl (iPhone) (2)
Obama finds 20 billion cuts Bot Berlin (2)
ABC News' Person of the Week  - Steve Jobs Bored Bystander (6)
Health and stastitics Bot Berlin - No Opinions (14)
boss asked me for a list of projects that I've done Gus (34)
Hitler's angry reaction to the iPad Full name (2)
Obama handled the Republicans with ease and aplomb sharkfish (1)
this kinda freaked me out a bit sharkfish (3)
SUBJ1 Billy the Fish (5)
Congress: "Secret Banking Conspiracy is Real" CC (2)
the job sierra (7)
"We don't know how to make a $500 computer that's not a piece of Likely longer (2)
For sexually frustrated CoT'ters Bluebeard (17)
OMG. how politics *should* be done argv[0] (14)
Adobe pulls out the ..err.. big guns against the iPad Wayne (14)
January 29th, 2010
Social Tips for Geeks Fan boy (12)
Jury duty summons. Again. Fan boy (15)
haitian emergency airlifts have stopped CC (6)
aid workers seen drinking during free time CC (11)
Space is big. Aaron (13)
Being an Apple fan boy is fun Likely Longer (3)
washed my keyboard today sharkfish (21)
money laundering sharkfish (7)
Daddy house 35 posts Likely Longer (3)
Zef Side... South African white trash satire... Bluebeard (2)
Google vs Apple Likely Longer (4)
Whole eggs Water Cooler v2 (25)
Twice the evil! Bluebeard (4)
Senate majority Likely Longer (2)
Wow.  Really? Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (18)
Native Windows DotNet Interop Attila (0)
Definition of bullshit Billy the Fish (2)
what they said about the iPod 9 years ago sharkfish (52)
Healthcare plan may be dead or in coma Bot Berlin - No Opinions (11)
Spam new filter seems to be working well Wayne (2)
January 28th, 2010
I left my garage door open. Fan boy (8)
Dan Denman is on facebook!!!! Tony (4)
Are you a household or single person that makes more than 125k? Bot Berlin - No Opinions (52)
being on top is too much work sharkfish (2)
someone way  more awesome than me sharkfish (7)
Are we in a gold bubble? sharkfish (17)
People earning more than me sharkfish (30)
Linux destroying Windows market share Bot Berlin - No Opinions (16)
I know what the iPad reminds me of xampl (iPhone) (11)
US is free!! Likely Longer (5)
twitter in the news again argv[0] (2)
"Flash is obsolete" say Apple fanboys CC (13)
what happened to the USB update thread? sharkfish (8)
Illegal for women to have small breasts or orgasms CC (21)
Sun.com redirects to Oracle.com Likely Longer (5)
Oracle is hiring Likely Longer (8)
I got an award today. Bot Berlin - No Opinions (3)
RegEx: Negate a list of literals Sathyaish Chakravarthy (34)
The boat ROLLED OVER SaveTheHubble (51)
Where is that pussy that is wsv? Billy the Fish (2)
An analysis of the words Obama used in the SOTU A. A. Hatt (3)
Supply & demand's a bitch sometimes Colm (11)
consequences of higher copays CC (22)
2 hours left xampl (iPhone) (10)
We have a gang of dinosaurs to kill Aaron (9)
Mars needs Women Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (3)
Poll shows rising levels of stupidity in the US el (22)
Who hear has had a Vasectomy? Wayne (10)
Colm, how are you liking the pollution here in HK Palmer Eldritch (12)
New spam protection Wayne (4)
January 27th, 2010
My text analysis of the state of union with code Bot Berlin - No Opinions (33)
Bush 2008 State of the Union, for comparison Bot Berlin - No Opinions (2)
republican bob mcdonnel state of the union response open thread argv[0] (9)
State of the Union Chamber Attendees Brice Richard (10)
SOTU f (16)
Millions to lose unemployment Bot Berlin - No Opinions (4)
Thank you graphics and media software Bot Berlin - No Opinions (0)
What do you think? Bot Berlin - No Opinions (3)
Womble? Hobbit? Teletubby? Wombat? trollop (2)
John & Elizabeth Edwards to Separate Brice Richard (8)
more on health care the great purple (47)
Oracle servers will be build-to-order Likely Longer (0)
How much did you spend on your chair? Kenny (22)
What a great state of the union speech Bot Berlin - No Opinions (14)
I made a mistake today sharkfish (24)
Free online course from O'Reilly: Developing Android Application Full name (3)
On-going Targeted Attacks Against US Military Contractors Full name (2)
boom bust careers CC (8)
Software for logging / tracking application launches etc. Palmer Eldritch (4)
Apple fanatics df (58)
They are giving it to Geithner Bot Berlin - No Opinions (13)
Exciting/Dangerous Things Done Before 17? Mongo (16)
Representative Joe Wilson says xampl (iPhone) (6)
Animal Cruelty again df (21)
Hot Teen Girls Breaking Solo Circumnavigation Records CC (40)
And we can't hear the aliens for the same reason (maybe) Billy the Fish (7)
Waterboarding - it's just for fun Aaron (3)
Don't get arrested, Aaron! Wayne (10)
January 26th, 2010
Chinese women rule! Likely longer (5)
lingerie latte shop CC (7)
looters save man CC (7)
geek conversations sharkfish (23)
oh, yeah sharkfish (14)
Apple Tablet Likely Longer (18)
How does it take $4 million to redesign a website? Wayne (45)
dammit sharkfish (4)
So, Zangor says Brice is a troll... Bluebeard (11)
"Pumping Woes - Disgusting Post" thread deleted, why? Spaceloid (14)
Catholic priests and the internet Likely Longer (0)
Why do some people never grow up? Likely Longer (1)
econ rap Colm (1)
good news - more abortions CC (37)
Pumping Woes - Disgusting Post Brice Richard (33)
pumping woes the great purple (20)
I know I'm an old fart, but Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (1)
The weirdness that is religion Bluebeard (3)
I just don't get twitter Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (12)
The buggers have blocked everything Water Cooler v2 (23)
Heroes Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (23)
Poor Sathy Crisis of Salad (2)
January 25th, 2010
Puppy Cam! F. U. Cotter (5)
What happened to chicken breasts? Ward (4)
bad words in the dictionary? CC (12)
The Star Beast Ward (4)
health care bill - dropping preexisting conditions clause CC (6)
She has crashed three cars in three years xampl (iPhone) (28)
Performance Review Bot Berlin (13)
Goodbye, cruel world! Billy the Fish (7)
how bad is a 45 minute commute in a car? dude (21)
art and sex sharkfish (4)
female bowler beat male ass sharkfish (38)
Cosmopolitican Magazine Likely Longer (12)
Olympics excitement (or not) Ward (20)
cables for cheap the great purple (4)
Google Web Toolkit ASDF (10)
4 year anniversary of Crazy on Tap! Almost H. Anonymous (8)
Linux on general computer Likely longer (12)
Atlanta, gayest city Bot Berlin - No Opinions (4)
January 24th, 2010
Marines in Haiti "indefinitely" CC (5)
Why vote only once? xampl (1)
Crazy post of today: Survival of black Americans depends on... Bot Berlin - No Opinions (26)
craigslist is great for getting rid of stuff sharkfish (4)
quizzing your customer sharkfish (5)
The subj1 spam xampl (iPhone) (5)
bin Laden behind Detroit bombing CC (16)
Friend tells me there is no long term future in the IT field .. (8)
Enable USB drive/port on Windows XP/2003 Water Cooler v2 (7)
hurt locker sierra (3)
Fucking hell I don't know what to do with my time... Wayne (18)
January 23rd, 2010
internet businesses for sale sharkfish (4)
Bring vs. take Fan boy (17)
Idiotic economists idea for dealing with information overload Stephen Jones (18)
Nauseous vs. Nauseated Fan boy (24)
Police apprehend black youth CC (6)
Obama has major gun executives arrested CC (5)
Live sex in a movie Bot Berlin - No Opinions (24)
Dammit, my bot has so many tweets Bot Berlin - No Opinions (1)
girl with no vagina gives birth CC (5)
Daddy's House: He's Rediscovered Stovepiping. SaveTheHubble (12)
Supreme Court Corporate Bribing Decision & Obama CC (10)
barely on the radar sharkfish (17)
Movie: The Book Of Eli SaveTheHubble (1)
$40,000 dowsing stick to detect bombs "doesn't work" Q (24)
district 9 tired sierra (2)
January 22nd, 2010
Blu-ray maker puts $500 player inside and resells for $3,500! Wayne (25)
Caprica tonight Bot Berlin - No Opinions (0)
N00b getting shafted on pay over on JoS Bored Bystander (26)
An honest cop Full name (4)
America Sucks Bot Berlin - No Opinion (9)
Ripple Rock Ward (1)
From Reddit, more about our crappy legal system Bot Berlin - No Opinion (5)
Ron Paul worried about occupation of Haiti Bot Berlin - No Opinion (7)
Vice President Biden: Hot Air Into Nothingness Brice Richard (2)
dead effin' laptop argv[0] (7)
Mother of the year award goes to: Deckard (43)
How long do we give Scott Brown to fix America? CC (4)
The Place for Politics df (5)
Zangor the crazy muppet sharkfish (8)
Quake relief: The culture of now v. the real world xampl (iPhone) (3)
hey Brice eek (23)
A man who knows what he wants. LH (1)
I am sick Fan boy (7)
Free online examination/test software Water Cooler v2 (16)
Happy Birthday Sharky! Flasher T (14)
January 21st, 2010
Is there anyway to make a case for US invading another nation Bot Berlin - No Opinions (17)
Gotta hate El Niño Q (6)
Rockyou.com password breach xampl (11)
continuing education and these fucking team projects sharkfish (18)
Pic of Haitian airport xampl (9)
WTF? Chrome installs under Documents and Settings? Ward (13)
Side-effect of wiping my computer Ward (10)
Hitler Reacts to Scott Brown winning elections Full name (3)
Science is cool Full name (0)
For cricket tragics only trollop (1)
fantastic empirical study on profile photos CC (9)
"Again"? Aaron (3)
Cindy McCain, poster-girl for gay marriage Spaceloid (3)
No more Sun Likely Longer (5)
God bless Paul Volcker Spaceloid (6)
Firefox 3.6 Wayne (6)
female to male on reddit sharkfish (8)
I guess it depends on how you define "risk" sharkfish (21)
Airline Security Idiocy Morons (15)
You are confident, have good credit,etc. - who would marry you? sharkfish (37)
LOL, ur fat. FrakBuccaneer (12)
Supreme Court: bend over, all! CC (17)
Once again, Kiwis lead the way trollop (17)
Laptop docking stations xampl (iPhone) (12)
Mass Effect 2, Trailer...greatest scifi epic ever? Bot Berlin - No Opinions (3)
Hey sharky, you missed out on the iPhone gold rush... Wayne (7)
January 20th, 2010
Ha! Aaron (6)
2010 goals: make what arg! makes f (22)
Another work/career post–ignore if you have ignored my previou dumbo (14)
One more blog to follow. Likely Longer (0)
Scott Brown's nude photo controversy CC (7)
more haitians shot like dogs CC (15)
Micro SD cards xampl (iPhone) (16)
Return of the Cybermen xampl (iPhone) (2)
Defensive Patents df (2)
Nokia N900 eek (30)
Get some plastic surgery, argv Aaron (3)
DAY ONE: as an ass-raping fuck-everyone-i-got-mine republican argv[0] (24)
ding ding ding! my new new New Year's resolution sharkfish (7)
Republicans = More AIG-like Bailouts! . (5)
japanese weirdness via reddit CC (4)
capitalist vs... argv[0] (18)
Is it OK to murder innocent people? CC (33)
January 19th, 2010
is obama supposed to salute? CC (9)
SCOTT BROWN WINS... Morons (60)
Scott Brown wins in Mass Bot Berlin - No Opinions (1)
buying a franchise sharkfish (50)
Official Election Thread Morons (9)
work disincentives sharkfish (16)
Heidi Montag pre/post-op: your opinion Palmer Eldritch (10)
Even better youtube trick Who was that masked man? (4)
Computer stolen lorb (35)
No wants or desires Bot Berlin - No Opinion (7)
I lose sharkfish (20)
Tea Party Popularity Poll CC (9)
Cruises a Black thing? Biggus Dickus (28)
Kraft to buy Cadbury Billy the Fish (4)
your car hi-fi roodberry (28)
1.2T XML file ASDF (19)
NYT trying to tickle our schadenfreude w/re to lawyers ... Palmer Eldritch (19)
January 18th, 2010
just send money, bitches sharkfish (16)
shooting of haitians continues CC (2)
official prediction f (6)
G$$gle finally recognizes MLK day sharkfish (10)
Welcome CC the philospher Bot Berlin - No Opinions (9)
caste issues and non-arranged marriages in india CC (15)
Remembering MLK </America> (2)
Brown supporters call "people?" Nazis Bot Berlin - No Opinions (30)
UN troops gunning down starving haitian crowds CC (34)
French lodge complaints over US Haiti military occupation CC (9)
mint chocolate low fat 3 musketeers! CC (2)
Bible written 4 centuries earlier than thought Morons (10)
for mup: Raj Patel, "the value of nothing" argv[0] (11)
Omegale, wtf Bot Berlin - No Opinions (6)
What are you listening to right now? Full name (9)
Who's working today (here in the States)? Full name (13)
tipping sharkfish (93)
Backup Rule trollop (1)
I've stopped using my desktop calculator. CC (5)
Dog pranks human Full name (11)
January 17th, 2010
What do you think about this song Bot Berlin - No Opinions (10)
half-way through Ingloriuos Basterds sharkfish (21)
A short cougar documentary trollop (3)
The 40 hour work week ? (44)
Now *this* is a cool table xampl (14)
barbie dolls are picky CC (19)
Google search hint: Chinese people Rick Tsang (3)
Inkjet Printers df (19)
Cheap trick with Firefox and youtube Bot Berlin - No Opinions (9)
Things to Come trollop (3)
coco argv[0] (7)
January 16th, 2010
20 Sexually Confused Animals Animals Gone Wild (2)
US military seizes power in Haiti CC (13)
a rant about women sharkfish (11)
whois hacked sharkfish (5)
Na'vi sex video sharkfish (1)
Martin Luther King, well spoken Bot Berlin - No Opinions (1)
Julie and Julia df (6)
Big Screen TVs? OhYeeeea! (7)
Just give me a mop Fan boy (22)
Let's put the UN in charge of things CC (9)
Problem running Iomega Desktop Hard Drive on Windows XP SP3 Water Cooler v2 (11)
More evidence that our courts are crazy Bot Berlin - No Opinions (13)
looks like google hasn't got around to lifting that censor f (2)
fuckittohell, type long CC (17)
To my good friend Pat Satan (2)
Linen Pinstripe White Jacket - what goes with it? forThis.Anon (8)
The good news is... CC (5)
depression sierra tired of mist (22)
January 15th, 2010
Where are the Blacks? ? (10)
CC is an idiot Likely Longer (4)
Johnson & Johnson Expands Tylenol Recall Full name (0)
odd how people don't practice self-preservation sharkfish (14)
Wayne, you need to give us SOMETHING Likely Longer (12)
China's acts of war against the US CC (16)
Can't wait for the Law and Order: SVU episode sharkfish (5)
embedded C engineers can't pass basic C quiz sharkfish (33)
fandango $1 ticket prize sharkfish (1)
Open letter from Rockstar wives sharkfish (16)
Whah. Facebook has 350 million of users. Likely Longer (3)
Chinese are stupid Likely Longer (6)
Google group is dead Likely Longer (11)
Only three companies admitting being hacked by Chinese Likely Longer (4)
My Closing sharkfish (8)
Bing gaining marketshare Likely Longer (0)
A commercial I saw JoC (10)
Chinese police having nothing to do Likely Longer (5)
Tom Green is hilarious CC (5)
I guess I am the only one that thought Conan sucked CC (31)
A Mathematician’s Apology Full name (6)
How to be happy: Go to church (or somewhere) Fan boy (17)
Over the air HDTV reception xampl (iPhone) (12)
Its officel Morons (10)
7 topics on Daddy house Likely longer (9)
January 14th, 2010
plug PC f (5)
This is the poster in my coworkers cubicle Bot Berlin - No Opinions (38)
The Madness of Crowds and an Internet Delusion Bot Berlin - No Opinions (20)
xampl was right sharkfish (40)
Lawyers have no humor Likely Longer (0)
Let's make healthcare more expensive xampl (18)
Will rich US take over Haiti for the time being? Bot Berlin - No Opinion (9)
Kindle in classroom Likely Longer (4)
Denver Public Schools lunch menu: Fried chicken, collard greens Full name (19)
Doomsday clock set back xampl (7)
3D is coming to home Likely Longer (5)
visit to a bar in my city sharkfish (14)
800,000 police officers in USA xampl (11)
Has anyone seen Bluebeard recently? Billy the Fish (6)
How to be happy: Hang in there Fan boy (3)
Yahoo: Obama plan = "to Woo" Morons (23)
The question is Billy the Fish (9)
Am I the only one here? Billy the Fish (9)
I am Billy the Fish (9)
January 13th, 2010
Teh Beaver sharkfish (6)
any improvement in IT job market so far this year? dave (2)
the curse of AI? sharkfish (8)
why men have nipples sharkfish (4)
Va. middle school cancels mock U.N. debate on Taliban Full name (10)
Why have never heard of this before?!? Wayne (10)
Tuesday Morons (1)
My new future neighbor sharkfish (7)
Being poor killed the Haitians, not the quake Bot Berlin - No Opinion (62)
Another evil silly pig: Steven Harper Likely Longer (0)
my name sharkfish (24)
A democracy of netbooks Likely Longer (7)
Your day Palmer Eldritch (14)
FBI works for corporations, not the people CC (2)
Muslims are evil Billy the Fish (6)
How to be happy: Little Things Fan boy (7)
Ruth Underwood - then and now trollop (3)
Iranian nuclear scientist Assasinated Morons (12)
If I were the boss Bot Berlin - No Opinions (2)
Fat Bottomed Girls Billy the Fish (13)
Interesting but depressing blog Ward (5)
wow, three women sharkfish (6)
Monsanto pays researcher $1500/day to say products are safe CC (2)
Can you have sex with thirteen thousand women? CC (8)
Bomber's Visa revoked CC (2)
Throw race card Fan boy (4)
January 12th, 2010
you know, I know it sharkfish (69)
U-Verse vs. Road-Runner xampl (7)
American Idol sharkfish (3)
Guess what I get to do tonight... Wayne (14)
Google and China (wow) Wayne (24)
Haiti Earthquake el (4)
Java df (7)
Maggie Gyllenhaal's rapid aging CC (11)
ex guatanomo guard seeks peace CC (2)
Today's music to code by xampl (iPhone) (28)
The problem with smoking xampl (iPhone) (8)
Writing testable code in object oriented languages Bot Berlin - No Opinion (2)
swine flue revealed as scam by big pharma to make $ CC (5)
The developer's first house was sold for full (ripoff) price Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (7)
Try this Aaron (16)
Corrected economic stats xampl (iPhone) (1)
OK honestly, can someone explain capitalism to me? Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (79)
The eye writer, great technology Bot Berlin - No Opinions (0)
How to be happy: Commitment Fan boy (80)
UK email trouble lands businessman in prison CC (9)
Do give me that money CC (4)
Dollhouse Wayne (5)
Don't give me that money Fan boy (26)
Heros Fan boy (10)
Castle Fan boy (10)
January 11th, 2010
Java vs C comparison Bot Berlin - No Opinions (26)
Morons Depressed After Watching Blue Smurf Movie Bored Bystander (8)
talk to the Ren and Stimpy creator sharkfish (1)
I love how busy gyms are in January Fan boy (8)
Comic summarises feelings about passwords trollop (9)
comic summarizes your feelings about printers CC (10)
XKCD proves saving energy won't help global warming Fan boy (4)
750 words on hacker news. Bot Berlin - No Opinions (4)
passive aggressive SSIDs sharkfish (15)
corporate employees who advance are vacant and supine CC (5)
"Avatar" promotes enviromentalism xampl (iPhone) (8)
@aol.com Likely Longer (13)
sarah effin' palin argv[0] (31)
commercial airline pilots now make $15-$20,000. CC (33)
facebook founder: "privacy is not an option" CC (15)
leaving IT or becoming self employed Cliff (9)
how to be less introverted Cliff (9)
project management training Cliff (10)
Soda fountains contained fecal bacteria, study found Full name (11)
Finally! sharkfish (19)
Ex-governor Blagojevich: 'I'm blacker than Barack Obama' Full name (3)
Hey you immigrants: being poor is not the same as being black sharkfish (16)
syncml eek (3)
Chuck Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (10)
If it's a rectangle, it's a relation ASDF (4)
OOXML spec is a 4 ft tall stack when printed CC (7)
Singles are lonely Likely longer (8)
Slashdot has a Zed Shaw rant from two years ago. Likely longer (6)
Double glazing trollop (4)
January 10th, 2010
Palm sdk sharkfish (5)
Libertarian, taut-skinned cavemen Palmer Eldritch (6)
ammunition for those of you against homeschooling CC (5)
having other duties besides programming Cliff (20)
df is interested in column-oriented databases f (16)
Lead banned in childrens toys, Cadmium as substitute CC (5)
threats to power: college admissions sharkfish (7)
religion and women sharkfish (21)
More UK knife news CC (9)
Earthquake in California Likely longer (1)
January 9th, 2010
no sql sierra mist (84)
My wish comes true, Oliver Stone to put Hitler in context Bot Berlin (12)
Master's degree (for my SO) sharkfish (42)
The things you see sometimes xampl (iPhone) (1)
Immersive Media Flash Demos Last Name (1)
Damn - why isn't this available in North America? Q (17)
Running a business out of your home xampl (iPhone) (4)
should i get my eyeballs tattooed? crazy as fuck (14)
January 8th, 2010
pirating sharkfish (21)
toast toasts toast sharkfish (19)
Flying xampl (iPhone) (14)
stable, long term Likely Longer (4)
USB injury? Fan boy (14)
Is this the future of mobile computing interfaces? Kenny (4)
Hacker Job Fair sharkfish (1)
Starman Jones Ward (4)
gay marriage and property ownership Bengal Tiger (9)
damnit stackoverflow brone (11)
Hard to believe SaveTheHubble (4)
what do you bring to your real estate closing? sharkfish (18)
stable, long term relationships sharkfish (38)
watch this sharkfish (3)
condo appraisal sharkfish (39)
Apparently Outlook 2007 is 'broken by design' Q (5)
disparaging on-line education sharkfish (19)
my baby is growing up the great purple (12)
Please stop lumping me in with "IT" sharkfish (32)
Top 10 Celebrity Photobombs Full name (6)
Chatty Kathies, social butterflies Full name (13)
It is official: I am an old fart Fan boy (11)
What is Your Non-Biological Legacy Brice Richard (25)
Where's MichaelB ?? Bluebeard (2)
Sometimes there's a much nicer explanation Billy the Fish (6)
Find the moronic Bot posts Bot Berlin (5)
dead sharkfish (7)
fuck all this teasing and foreplay sharkfish (11)
January 7th, 2010
cisco router software sharkfish (2)
US Attorney General Eric Holder CC (5)
Reddit: On EC2 and cloud computing at Reddit Traveller (4)
Ah, look his shoulder hurts Bot Berlin (8)
black folk stealing things CC (15)
Lovely STL discussion Likely Longer (8)
Scott on JoS is my new hee-ro Bored Bystander (4)
Al Gore: selling carbon credits made me a billionaire CC (5)
Progorguing Parlimaent again Likely Longer (5)
Did anyone read "The Wealth of Nations" Likely Longer (7)
People are pissed number 2 Bot Berlin (5)
Tabloid news of the day. Bot Berlin (5)
vanilla train is vanilla sharkfish (13)
January 6th, 2010
For Clay and muppet: real woodwork / log cabin building Ward (0)
Do we still have to adopt the gregorian calendar? Bot Berlin (38)
Nuclear radiation good for you Fan boy (7)
Bummed Palmer Eldritch (26)
for some of you, this is easy to do sharkfish (18)
I love the British Fan boy (7)
Modern Warfare 2 df (17)
en la punta de la lengua sharkfish (3)
Post about career-not a rant or seeking advise. Seeks informatio dumbo (26)
Androids are coming to AT&T Android! Android! Android! (9)
seems callous sharkfish (24)
Saudis believe in sorcery Aaron (14)
How much does it pay to look at nude scan of travellers? Likely Longer (9)
Lenses for digital SLRs Billy the Fish (12)
I had no idea of this, about Stargate: Universe sharkfish (16)
Crazy on tap Q (3)
just spoke to rob miller argv[0] (12)
Celebrity model railroading xampl (iPhone) (7)
Fox now has Imus xampl (iPhone) (2)
No eye tremors yesterday, but LOTS of teething Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (12)
Knocked Up Bluebeard (1)
Reddit Interview: Christopher Hitchens Bot Berlin (0)
Bot movie review: 1997 American Perfekt Bot Berlin (0)
January 5th, 2010
There's a small war going on way South trollop (6)
A pissed off guy with few ounces of explosives </America> (3)
Health care bill is fascism at its worst CC (12)
what is your favorite color ? COT psychologist (12)
continental airlines CEO foregoes annual salary argv[0] (4)
Amazing Canadian Programmer Salary Rick Tsang (6)
how to improve my work environment sharkfish (22)
credit card interest and a pissed off lawyer sharkfish (33)
Windows Azure released xampl (iPhone) (4)
Armond White sharkfish (6)
Snow and the Map what are you reading for? (6)
First parenting argument over the new kid Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (21)
Good News for Canadian Entrepreneurs Rick Tsang (11)
Elizabeth started having spasms in her eyes a few days ago Zangor, Prince of Mutilation (35)
FIN scan? SYN scan? What? Billy the Fish (15)
Picking on Google trollop (4)
France makes criticism illegal CC (7)
Feds murder black man in Las Vegas CC (6)
Why is Ben Bernanke Time Person of the Year? Bluebeard (4)
Think of the children! Billy the Fish (8)
Retard at Daddy's Tiny House Fan boy (4)
January 4th, 2010
$200 tablet computer. Vaporware, or will it be real? CC (13)
Another Avatar thread Aaron (19)
"The Rock" should be "The ROOK" sharkfish (3)
Tila Wifey Dead Bot Berlin (17)
what does a reply of "." mean? f (3)
Brice, are you gonna take that crap? Fan boy (7)
It is freezing, screw Al Gore Bot Berlin (20)
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