Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

January 31st, 2009
Political Office :) (3 comments)
Why is this bad? Bot Berlin (3)
How Many Gay Lovers Does Joel Have Per Week? Bostitch (36)
I miss drinking the great purple (25)
no IRA deduction if you make $$$ and are covered by a 401k? bob (4)
Gerald Hoppy (0)
What side projects are you working on? Bot Berlin (11)
Mahmood Abbas US and Israel's puppet in Palestine JacqueMehOff (1)
Are you still in Bellvue, Sa^H^Hjings? Ward (1)
Ukrainian women? xampl (10)
Has google/youtube made music torrents and cds obsolete Bot Berlin (4)
Obama's friendly attitude to Iran Rick Tang (9)
George Obama = Billy Carter Consultant (8)
I settled on FreeBSD Michael B (4)
White powder Gerald Hoppy (8)
Wikipedia on Jodie Marsh wikipedia (8)
Happy Birthday, Aaron. jings (8)
bad item in the house bill economisto (6)
Don't look for conspiracy. JOSer (8)
google - this site may hard your computer - hog wild evil dude (5)
Love is like a Heat Wave redux... trollop (0)
Tony Childs and Adam Green (Love Is Like A Heat Wave) trollop (0)
College and Cheating Sharkfish's other lover...I wish (17)
$2 trillion more needed for banker bailout Consultant (9)
January 30th, 2009
Teenage genius takes 23 A-levels in a single year (independent.c (6)
what can I do with this? bob (4)
letting work go anon (4)
I've been drinking sharkfish (6)
cops in minnesota murder witness in police brutality case bob (2)
do all these fuckers cheat & steal? bob (2)
honestly gentleman bob (1)
an inappropriate question bob (0)
fair question bob (0)
Media's influence on Sci-Fi xampl (2)
Ive just proposed that sharky be banned from JoS for her.. whistle (6)
That is interesting, black republican chairman Bot Berlin (6)
Israel stealing land from the palestinians whistle (2)
Does 'buy American' mean 'buy North American?' John Aitken (5)
Dead shopping malls xampl (3)
Never wear sweat pants in a cold office Bot Berlin (7)
Classic sharkfish Rick Tang (8)
This guy is a legend what are you reading for? (5)
Awesome tile grout Clay Dowling (5)
School Accuses Teen of Hexing Teacher Mongo (28)
Recent TV ratings Bot Berlin (8)
You thought your first day at work was bad? Consultant (9)
How About All Those Layoffs! (19)
Kind of surprised JoC (5)
An Example of How Dumb Things are Alread at Joel's BoS Pedro & a beer...or two (4)
My perspective on the JoS forum lockdown Bored Bystander (33)
Good bye Daddy Not blank (7)
January 29th, 2009
How much carbon does MS put in the air? LeftWingPharisee (6)
********* RICK'S WALL ***************** Rick Tang (3)
I created an account for trolling jos bob (5)
I'm clearly too stupid to use Vista Michael B (19)
Let's try again Rick Tang (1)
Stephen Jones JacqueMehOff (11)
Open Day at Joel's / Free Nosh trollop (2)
Blagojevich impeached xampl (15)
Goodbye JoelOnSoftware JoS Regular (5)
Licensing Lawyers Analyst (4)
Noooo, Google! JoC (8)
Joel board now a closed shop Cowboy Coder (21)
Hi Wayne, is FruitShow 0.6 Rick Tang (4)
A New Steel Curtain Rick Tang (19)
Gourmet food...not! bon vivant (8)
Jet / Excel import in SQL Server df (13)
Version control at the new job xampl (11)
AppleCare sharkfish (19)
Adaptive firewalls Michael B (14)
Bank of America is now allowing two-factor authentication muppet (12)
BACON! JoC (22)
Billy Powell dead xampl (6)
Here's the eulogy *I* want muppet (9)
Putin lorb (17)
Dating a Banker Anonymous Consultant (12)
January 28th, 2009
boo fucking hoo bob (3)
I bet this guy is great at parties bob (2)
who are the freaks who go to joel's open house bob (5)
********* BOB'S WALL ***************** bob (7)
Dear whistle, this is neither Twitter nor Facebook Rick Tang (3)
Integrity Rick Tang (11)
The Celts sharkfish (10)
this is gold sharkfish (7)
If I were a doctor xampl (5)
Paid holiday tomorrow LeMonde (1)
build a new Craigslist? sharkfish (10)
Setting up in NYC what are you reading for? (4)
Is twitter really just public email Bot Berlin (1)
short day today the great purple (6)
Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate Rick Tang (7)
Techcrunch founder spit on by conference attendee sharkfish (13)
itunes (0)
Feces-flinging defendent xampl (1)
House nicks DTV delay xampl (10)
The Onion's Been Here: Aaron (4)
Chevy Volt: Not Happening Clay Dowling (9)
Mac gcc question sharkfish (11)
Interesting test for Obama JoC (12)
Large data breach at Hartland Peter (16)
How to adjust my screen LeftWingPharisee (16)
For muppet AlmostAnon (3)
OMFG Bot Berlin (3)
Great state of Conn Bot Berlin (6)
this is dedicated to Bot sharkfish (27)
$%@#%^#%! sharkfish (5)
January 27th, 2009
I kinda feel sorry for Blagojevich sharkfish (13)
Citigroup embarrassed into dropping plane purchase sharkfish (6)
On geithner (facts) bob (3)
would the kid version of you sharkfish (11)
If I was white, I wouldn't be so stupid Bot Berlin (9)
buddhism 101 bob (16)
Argv, I love you Bot Berlin (9)
Are there any popular lisp apps Bot Berlin (9)
taunting df with more Sullenberger sharkfish (5)
Ron Paul a little corned, but good responses Bot Berlin (4)
do not share your personal information bob (5)
Yeaaaahhh sharkfish (1)
it is official sharkfish - blackberry (11)
Prove your expertise, Consultant Rick Tang (39)
"I haven't failed at any project, since I have been programming" whistle (7)
Gartner Reports Rick Tang (3)
stackoverflow is awesome Bot Berlin (49)
I wonder how long Bot Berlin (27)
Tim Geithner, Treasury Secretary Consultant (31)
Trooper Dave thanks you xampl (3)
DTV conversion delayed xampl (7)
Famous people borned in the Year of the Ox Rick Tang (7)
Corprate private jets US only phenomenon? Rick Tang (5)
Moderator deleted a sharkish post about me, wtf Bot Berlin (11)
ok this is funny, I promise sharkfish (3)
Bot, a personal question sharkfish (6)
MySQL question muppet (26)
Prediction on US infrastructure projects Michael B (7)
Went to the main DMV office today muppet (13)
LOL forum post on coding JoC (2)
If U Seek Amy? what's the double entendre? (14)
in other news eek-o-tourist (9)
Jessica Simpson, wtf Bot Berlin (16)
January 26th, 2009
Sharkfish personal question, on race Bot Berlin (19)
Bruce Eckel spruces up Lombrado (4)
At the Apple Store sharkfish (6)
did not realize the "no gay stuff mutual jerk off" was so big bob (7)
wheee!!!! the sky is falling!!!!! sharkfish (3)
I guess I need really rethink the, rich are just successful meme Bot Berlin (13)
"...you're too ignorant to 'get' my irony/satire" sharkfish (10)
Wow, Bot Berlin (19)
Do you own any portable MP3 players? Rick Tang (15)
Write a flash slideshow with flex Bot Berlin (3)
Food poisoning Ward (11)
Citigroup using bailout to buy foreign made corporate jet Consultant (19)
Google's experimental search engine Cowboy Coder (0)
No more new clothes! Rick Tang (2)
This is awesome Bot Berlin (1)
Watched Sicko last week, what did you American's think of it? AlmostAnon (26)
No surprises here: No Case Files Exist For Gitmo Detainees AlmostAnon (9)
Merrill Lynch exec to pay back decorating costs xampl (6)
video montage the great purple (0)
Specific uses, decisions for static type langs vs dynamic langs Bot Berlin (11)
I was beaten by software Bot Berlin (5)
恭喜發財 Ward (3)
Happy Birthday, Locotus of Borg! jingy (4)
January 25th, 2009
Gin and tonic trollop (5)
brothel revenue ed k (5)
Who will have more views? xampl (3)
Now even the BBC is doing it bon vivant (19)
Why so many odd balls in CS? Drexel (8)
Well, now we know where drug-resistent bacteria come from xampl (3)
who is tr5? bob (4)
starting to like Biden a little bit bob (1)
this is a real nice tutorial on ragel + ruby ed k (5)
does anyone know the answer to this? ed k (4)
Another idea: xhtml/css/javascript compiler Bot Berlin (7)
good ready position by the Secret Service guy on the right ed k (3)
If programming languages were religions... Bluebeard (4)
joel idiots move into hacker news ed k (12)
Hamas: The Black Knight LeftWingPharisee (64)
Transportation/jobs bill lorb (1)
Reason #10 not to read Slashdot is.... lorb (1)
cool cool cool lost who I was (0)
January 24th, 2009
Raytheon lobbyist to be Deputy Secretary of Defense Consultant (21)
israelis helped rescue that lady in columbia but are too modest to take credi (31)
I'm torn on this one sharkfish (11)
Obama advisor: new jobs will not be for white males Consultant (5)
those girls we thought were too skinny in high school Post high school reunion (2)
"You are probably right muppet, but wow, I never saw... whistle (3)
The pawn shop was hoppin' today xampl (2)
50. She has committed each episode of The Brady Bunch to memory. mishe (1)
Debating wireless internet Bot Berlin (3)
watching Ben Stein's "Expelled" sharkfish (25)
Feminist Studies Consultant (34)
Obama declares war on US ally Pakistan Consultant (6)
joke thread enjoy! (2)
biden/mankiw fuck the repub scum water boy (1)
Anyone know about Cuban cigars? what are you reading for? (9)
Air Traffic Worldwide Erik Springelkamp (2)
Who attracts the ladies more in college: EE or CS student? Patrick (9)
January 23rd, 2009
Thing my stepson doesn't know Clay Dowling (11)
Why games are awesome: Portal song Bot Berlin (2)
How to pick a language Bot Berlin (4)
Programming could be fun Lombrado (1)
If you ever even suspect you might have lost your cellphone... John Aitken (7)
targeted minority commercials sharkfish (9)
Fox News:  Something to consider sharkfish (3)
Canada is a great place for immigrants Glitch (8)
what historical male figure sharkfish (15)
Bush released al qaeda #2 terrorist Consultant (2)
economic crisis strikes brothels bob (11)
I was having the perfect day, when sharkfish (8)
Locutus, man, relax bob (3)
Fuck, I hate it when clients... Kenny (3)
Do you find programming fun? Bot Berlin (7)
Where can I get a suit like this? Gerald Hoppy (4)
Why the obsession LeftWingPharisee (13)
Obama df (8)
Dear Aaron whistle (3)
When colo goes bad... not one of you (4)
Coverage on the BBC News World Radio Service muppet (22)
Gotta love the Brits LeftWingPharisee (10)
Did you get a CS degree? Bot Berlin (41)
today's cake the great purple (3)
Terabyte optical disks coming - blu-ray obsolete Consultant (9)
New College Grads Begging on Streets Consultant (37)
Free Open Source Squeeze Consultant (3)
whistle... Aaron (18)
UDP access attempts Stephen Jones (8)
January 22nd, 2009
What do you use for text editing on Windows? Michael B (51)
Anyone see "Punisher: War Zone"? probably possibly (2)
I'm fed up sharkfish (23)
NASA moon RV xampl (3)
Lisp utilities Bot Berlin (38)
64 billion deficits over 2 years! Rick Tang (2)
argv[0] has taken over muppet Rick Tang (16)
msft bob (1)
piece of shit mods bob (12)
See, mainframes/cobol aren't so bad. Bot Berlin (13)
the genius behind 20% time bob (11)
Is it possible that Obama won because Michael B (16)
Gitmo Closing bob (8)
Am I the only one who hates Xobni? bon vivant (1)
zap! whistle (2)
Now we know what muppet is up to Some Other Guy (6)
Clojure Lisp used on large health application Bot Berlin (11)
Assembler Linux Porn Bot Berlin (10)
Suing people when it makes no economic sense. not one of you (43)
Obama's new Limosine xampl (8)
While in the short term, it would be nice for the economy muppet (35)
Another appreciation for eclipse, swt, clojure lisp Bot Berlin (24)
Microsoft cuts df (29)
Worlds fattest countries xampl (12)
"I hope he fails" sharkfish - blackberry (43)
Happy birthday Aaron (13)
One wonders muppet (25)
A Police Caution trollop (10)
So, we had an ultrasound muppet (6)
Lawyers can't drink. trollop (2)
Sigh. I opened this site with IE7 and bingle, bongle ... trollop (4)
facebook UI eek-o-tourist (4)
The absolute last word on the Hudson River ditching Gerald Hoppy (3)
Really last word on the Hudson River ditching Ward (10)
January 21st, 2009
colm argv[0] (67)
Beta male syndrome on reddit. Bot Berlin (11)
people I hate (ongoing series) bob (1)
welcome to respect for law (2)
Wayne, how many of us are visiting crazyontap with Rick Tang (20)
Supply and Demand trollop (2)
open, honest government whistle (1)
Modern American Bar Experience Bot Berlin (2)
Public Domain "bob" bob (7)
Cache timeout on the CoT logo? xampl (0)
I have 98% of a job xampl (11)
Closing Guitmo Detention Camp Rick Tang (3)
"if I am going die, I may as well die as a gentleman" Gerald Hoppy (7)
i want Colm (16)
Tim Bray's "Inauguration" Lombrado (6)
Clay, going to need help this week. Bot Berlin (13)
Hey Wayne muppet (5)
Upscale hotel Ward (48)
A Question of Ethics df (23)
What is the legal term? JoC (34)
PlentyOfFish guy blog eek-o-tourist (24)
"George W. Bush left his country with a... whistle (25)
Educational trollop (1)
Standalone win32 unix tools? Bot Berlin (13)
January 20th, 2009
List of top 100 software engg books of all time sharkfish (7)
Why floss, reason 371 sharkfish (4)
SomethingPositive on "The Poem" SaveTheHubble (5)
sweetcode bob (3)
citibank $2.80 bob (6)
joel's floorplan bob (10)
I just found out I'm gonna get sharkfish (16)
Any ActiveDirectory & IIS experts here? xampl (5)
Sure must help if your Dad can make guitars trollop (1)
Wow, are they determined, or what. SaveTheHubble (8)
Michael B, can you whip up a SQL parser in lisp Bot Berlin (22)
My new place muppet (4)
Post perf review Bot Berlin (12)
my whole team the great purple (14)
What would you do if your teenage daughters/sons Rick Tang (25)
aahhhh, the view of the 20-something sharkfish (8)
Joel's boning up to start monetizing his forums? Michael B (10)
CNN is totally hammered muppet (14)
Okay, I give up: lack of air pollution adds to climate change Gerald Hoppy (7)
iPhone vs. Windows Mobile xampl (8)
Goodbye and good riddance Sin-Wat (12)
Funny, Bush had high and poor approval Bot Berlin (17)
The snow is here xampl (19)
@ttention Bot! functional programming Gerald Hoppy (8)
Unemployment getting even worse? :-( (30)
More people went to... ward on a treo 700p (3)
Inkheart ward on a treo 700p (1)
January 19th, 2009
How do you do this emacs feature in other editors? Michael B (16)
LOL  wiping who off the map? whistle (7)
ching ching! whistle (7)
what if weed made you smarter sharkfish (18)
Another thing about the Hudson River Landing... whistle (4)
obama houses bob (4)
nice engineers lose their jobs sharkfish (5)
You can't be my friend if... sharkfish (28)
Another word on the Hudson River Landing bob (6)
This should be the last word on Hudson River landing Ward (2)
List of Things SaveTheHubble thinks about Cot bob (4)
Handling Joel's Latest Insanity... (10)
A little something for my many detractors bob (12)
Entire day on Emacs, Day 1 sharkfish (30)
Zed Shaw rocks bob (6)
So I'm drinking in a big way... blankish (24)
Forgive me, COT, for I have pedanted... Kenny (3)
Suggestion to Bot xampl (1)
joel on software: asshole? Cike Moon (10)
bob:  comedic genius whistle (2)
My coworkers didn't get this comic Clay Dowling (27)
plenty of fish dude in inc magazine bob (14)
It's predicted to snow xampl (12)
why taxes suck whistle (34)
who should leave RICK or DF? please vote (14)
Londoners what are you reading for? (10)
CLAIM: If this law is upheld, it will end every message board. (20)
someone I know died last week the great purple (16)
not sure how the bottom of the plane got so f'ed up fuck df (59)
Chomsky on Gaza Colm (41)
cool bob (2)
china bad lady bob (1)
From one of Peter's links JoC (3)
Daddy wants all discussion group posters to register Not blank (10)
2 1/2 years worth of holiday whistle (7)
January 18th, 2009
Thanks Clojure (a Lisp dialect) Bot Berlin (26)
Security as a career Michael B (6)
friedman booker t (4)
Are you spending money everyday? Bot Berlin (30)
Fap to this dark hottie Bot Berlin (17)
Inflation at historical lows Happy Days (11)
Chesley Sullenberger Bluebeard (6)
MSBuild or NAnt? xampl (6)
anyone got the PECL HTTP dll? what are you reading for? (0)
read for the exit row, strong man? attention to detail (17)
economist on bush baxer (7)
How does your life compare to those you went to high school with (13)
How do you feel about F#, Rick? Michael B (2)
the traditional..anyone still up in the eastr zone macbook (1)
January 17th, 2009
he'll "make no impact" sharkfish (16)
remember when colm used to tell us how his shares were going to simon had a girls name (19)
one guy once posted every letter of the alphabet losers (9)
Circuit City liquidation sale anyone? Patrick (4)
hey, wayne, some kind of reasonable max length on the post... whistle (12)
Paul Blart: Mall Security Guard xampl (4)
is bluebeard still currency trading? o (2)
although df thinks the river landing was nothing special df is shit (16)
could mozart have written faster with this yours (9)
I guess this kind of CEO is why Hulu is kicking the shit yours (1)
random events in life yours (4)
What is a hero? Not blank (15)
Your favorite programming language sucks.  Including Lisp. Michael B (38)
January 16th, 2009
Bot's Ubuntu hijinx Cowboy Coder (2)
What are the personal habits of a good programmer? Bot Berlin (13)
Fruit Show feature? bon vivant (18)
best anti-Bush quote, EVAR sharkfish (8)
Nausicaa, of the Valley of the Wind SaveTheHubble (7)
I feel so guilty right now sharkfish (9)
I'm really gonna learn emacs now sharkfish (24)
why PHP "won" sharkfish (25)
pundits merciless on "W" sharkfish (14)
"Netscape Enterprise Server" Open Sourced Rick Tang (3)
CrazyOnTap should be renamed Rick Tang (6)
Interesting thing to think about... Bot Berlin (9)
u.s. corporate tax cheats argv[0] (0)
Testing! AlmostAnon (9)
another visual studio 2008 question the great purple (3)
Troubles SaveTheHubble (15)
The atheist bus xampl (51)
Job for YC xampl (12)
Update: Don't say anything bad about Ubuntu! AlmostAnon (14)
Call me today YC LeftWingPharisee (10)
did your parents censor what you read as a kid? the great purple (11)
Thank you Gerald Hoppy (9)
holy shit, a voice of intelligence speaks... whistle (1)
My first iPhone app's sales not one of you (7)
Homeless women Michael B (8)
January 15th, 2009
Berlin's homeless shelter Consultant (2)
Who will commit suicide first? Rick Tang (33)
It's the beginning of the end for hacker news... AlmostAnon (2)
By the time you read this... lorb (7)
*blink* JoC (2)
Israelis shell UN compound xampl (32)
Who's in NYC? xampl (11)
shivering sharkfish (29)
is this too close sharkfish (4)
billionaires have 60% sons than non-billionaires sharkfish (4)
The coffee girl Dust Remover (10)
I Triple Dog Dare You Clay Dowling (1)
is this a good TV? bob (8)
Pardon me while I xampl (1)
Almost every last one of you muppet (31)
fix-it professions sharkfish (21)
and now, something different sharkfish (9)
YaleChick, homeless, taking advice YaleChick (101)
Bot might get the boot Bot Berlin (14)
no grains in Japan sharkfish (20)
intellisense has improved the great purple (15)
life on mars argv[0] (6)
I want this dude's PC muppet (7)
The Curse of the Green Scorpion trollop (1)
For the Obama administration, the door to the do-nothing option whistle (3)
Supreme court - probable cause/warrants no longer needed Consultant (8)
Who wants to help replace craigslist? AlmostAnon (14)
sharky, this might interest you whistle (0)
January 14th, 2009
Less than a week Aaron (11)
WANT Aaron (2)
Have you heard this song before? James (2)
In other censorship news Aaron (20)
You have your own software company... Bot Berlin (23)
"Write down thoughts if in a group or meeting, then pick only 2 Rick Tang (2)
Steve Jobs df (4)
"Make a list of what you want to accomplish each day, then pick Rick Tang (6)
Woman's life ruined by Linux distro - Dell to blame Consultant (28)
Graphene - interesting Clouseau (12)
The kids with Nazi names xampl (7)
Hey Ward John Aitken (1)
Higgs: Hell coming to US in 2009 Consultant (18)
Did you guys know amazon keeps a list of all sites you visit? Consultant (11)
humor break: craigs list pranks Consultant (1)
Milken:  still a billionaire sharkfish (3)
Steve "The worst is over" Forbes Clouseau (2)
Excellent explanation of economic downturn Sin-Wat (9)
Bush quotes JoC (3)
Best and Worst Jobs Ward (4)
yay!  qt is going lgpl whistle (14)
One problem with lisp is refactoring Bot Berlin (30)
America 2009 Bot Berlin (15)
January 13th, 2009
What does Joel Spolsky thinkg of Gaza? ... (8)
Richard Haass, Richard Holbrooke & Dennis Ross Consultant (9)
If I had a kid, I'd want him to sharkfish (10)
this is excellent news for education sharkfish (11)
email from my mother sharkfish (6)
penis thinkers sharkfish (5)
excellent comedic rant on frameworks sharkfish (3)
"Make a specific place to leave your keys, when you come home." Rick Tang (12)
honest movie posters sharkfish (3)
Dishonest pirates? What about the Pirate Code of Honor? Consultant (2)
yes look shiny! (7)
Corporate video/web/desktop sharing/conferencing df (7)
Home Schooling Clay Dowling (6)
Ann Coulter gets kicked in the balls Clay Dowling (20)
Colleges became girly Rick Tang (12)
The joys of using a well built app Kenny (4)
Even though I'm currently unemployed LeftWingPharisee (17)
For our resident cake fetishist :) Clouseau (10)
CoT, meet The Future! JoC (19)
Retard parents afraid of vaccination Clay Dowling (56)
There were no Hamas rockets during the cease fire Colm (26)
jon stewart on gaza Colm (1)
Property Prices to fall by 80 Clouseau (14)
The internet is a beautiful thing.. whistle (1)
dear wayne... whistle (24)
FUCK YES whistle (6)
A statement of the obvious whistle (26)
Another idea, follow the money Bot Berlin (1)
January 12th, 2009
Olmert brags that Bush is his puppet Consultant (16)
24 and TV in general Bot Berlin (14)
minimalist minnie driver (23)
producer or consumer hashrocker (5)
Are mangos better than Gaza? LeftWingPharisee (14)
Job Vacancy trollop (1)
Mangos LeftWingPharisee (30)
Eggnog LeftWingPharisee (12)
Who's this guy??? Rick Tang (2)
How many days would it take you to make a dating site? Consultant (32)
Photographer on CNN sharkfish (2)
Damned cool cake Clay Dowling (7)
Did Madoff have an insider xampl (10)
Chair Construction Clay Dowling (0)
Holy crap... JoC (3)
I never was a fan of wiki either Bot Berlin (9)
He does great until... Aaron (3)
I checked my email Gerald Hoppy (1)
January 11th, 2009
"Raghead" Rick Tang (11)
bowling night  (NSFW) my god america is stoopid (8)
Will Obama hire Jack Bauer for Homeland Security Bot Berlin (7)
What's your life worth in the US? Michael B (6)
Directive x51 - 24 hrs to countdown Dr. Horrorwitz (8)
bush denied israeli bombs to attack iranian nukes no war.org (1)
Ward, check your email Ward (1)
bob, check your mail ed k (1)
wayne, check your email.. whistle (0)
Let me tell you about the stars baby... Michael B (4)
Is now a good time to leave for a startup? xampl (19)
Amsterdam Declaration (12)
US making money selling nukes to Iran Consultant (13)
Clarkson crucified for saying electric cars are crap Consultant (8)
Semitic Anti? (5)
So, you know you're committed, I think muppet (3)
Persian Let's bomb those guys (12)
Why I *care* about Gaza I'm *not* a moslem (18)
January 10th, 2009
Why I don't care about Gaza Consultant (15)
Solving Zimbabwe's inflation problems! Consultant (9)
IT specialist $36,000/year Lisa Blake (10)
Design challenge trollop (5)
consultant did you buy a farm in kansas? trolly mc troll (27)
gupta should not be surgeon general trolly mc troll (11)
I predict trolly mc troll (8)
Quick, write something bad about China! Colm (21)
IOUSA on CNN now xampl (6)
Logic Puzzle Generator Consultant (0)
wikipedia on df, philo, and ward bob (6)
things that make you go hmmm insanely math (5)
Don't Blame Me! Ward (4)
butt cut sharkfish (12)
joel fan boys insanely math (6)
January 9th, 2009
Who said 'You can't sell bullets if they're not fired"? trollop (2)
more fat girl drama Consultant (13)
man, I really want to learn to speak persian whistle (13)
I, for one, salute our new overlord SaveTheHubble (14)
Burger King brillant bob (0)
how long till my portfolio comes back? bob (8)
job creation during bush presidency bob (0)
For Great Purple:  on Cesarean sections Sin-wat (5)
Prefer to work with racists Rick Tang (8)
what could possibly go wrong argv[0] (29)
Ireland lost 5 percent of GDP Rick Tang (9)
It has been a while Bot Berlin (5)
How could you build that flash photo viewer Bot Berlin (0)
Time to leave CoT? Dr. Horrorwitz (15)
What weapon is this? df (19)
To the Chinese, Korean and Indian coworkers Bot Berlin (11)
what to expect the great purple (26)
I think Bot Berlin (2)
Market Research LeftWingPharisee (19)
Another business idea Bot Berlin (15)
Repeat of 1918 flu pandemic? xampl (24)
Blagojevich impeached xampl (7)
What the fuck is "mod" with relation to fashion? muppet (14)
CIA did nothing illegal xampl (4)
BART shooting video Consultant (66)
Furniture making Clay Dowling (7)
Are new Israel vs. Gaza topics banned for now? LeftWingPharisee (5)
Saw this quote Aaron (2)
UFO abducts turbine blade Dr. Horrorwitz (51)
Nice Weather Today Dr. Horrorwitz (1)
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January 8th, 2009
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January 7th, 2009
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January 6th, 2009
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January 5th, 2009
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January 4th, 2009
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January 3rd, 2009
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January 2nd, 2009
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January 1st, 2009
WTF jings (2)
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